Come Together

BY : FaroreRose
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The spaceship hummed through the vast blackness all around, carrying two Saiyan passengers, one who was just waking up, and the other already awake.

Goku felt nothing as they progressed further into the void toward their destination. A puddle of drool had formed on the counter around his arms and head. The wetness slicked the area between his elbows and the hard surface. With a smooth jerk, his arms slid down and out from under his cheek. Son sputtered awake, his face now fully covered in his own sleepy saliva.

-EEEWW. That's nasty! I was really out. . .-

He peeled his face away from the counter and wiggled over to the tiny sink to wash himself off. Crisp sensations rinsed over his skin and around his still sleepy eyes. A sharp pang of pain hit his upper stomach. Son remembered the whole reason he was in the kitchen in the first place. The now cold cup of noodles sat untouched. He rubbed over his gut and groaned.

- Yea, I don't think I care. . .-

He grabbed up the cup and discarded the paper covering. In just a few gulps, Goku had drunk down the cold silky noodles and broth. Licking his lips, he tossed the empty cup into a small oval-shaped hole in the wall labeled "Trash Compactor".

-Better than nothing. . .I feel so stiff. . .-

on the stool had been a mistake; Goku found his back singing with pain. Arms in the air, he tried to stretch out the kinks.

The past two days were a blur. Son tried his best to recall everything that had happened so far. Every hour seemed to be filled with sadness, confusion, and fear. Fear of his own new feelings, fear of the haunting heat that came out of nowhere, and the fear of what Vegeta said was going to happen to him. It was like a creature hidden around the corner. He knew he had to keep walking and eventually turn. Nothing was stopping it, and Son had decided that he was doomed.

He climbed back up the hatch and popped his spiky head out into the living room. The scent of the smaller Saiyan filled his lungs yet again. It was faint but potent. Goku's chest fluttered, and his knees weekend; his spine tingled. Heat rose up into his cheeks. He pressed his palm tightly to his chest.

Son lifted his nose to the smell and sniffed. Blood boiled and raced between his legs causing him to jump in surprise.


He flung his hands over his chubbing member in shame.

- I can't keep letting this happen! Vegeta said I was going to turn into a monster. . . But he smells. . . different now. . . it's just so nice-

Goku gulped and shivered.

- But would I really do those things to people? -

His face turned pale, and he felt even more guilty for enjoying Vegeta's scent. The true realization of how much danger Vegeta was putting himself in dawned. Goku bit his lip.

-Wou. . .Would I do that to Vegeta?-

Memory flooded through his mental damn, and Goku's eyes widened a little when he thought of his heat-driven dream.


He shook his head.

-I have to stop this! I won't let that happen!-

He wanted to cry again. He wanted to break down on the floor and curl up into a ball. If he gave in to it, maybe his spirit would fade away. It wasn't bad being dead. He could do that again, no problem. . .

-How am I going to do this for a whole month?. . .-

His bladder squirmed. The need to empty its contents took over. Son sniffed, hung his head, and started to make his way to the bathroom door, doing his best to ignore his companion's musk hanging lightly in the air. The pressure in his bladder was starting to increase; Goku scrambled into the bathroom and over to the toilet. He yanked down his shorts slightly and gave a sigh of relief. The pressure faded as he tilted his head back.

Steam drifted through the bathroom and over Goku's upturned nose. His ear pricked up, and he heard the sound of running water coming from behind. He yanked up his shorts as fast as he could and spun in place.

All around him, Vegeta's scent swirled. It hit him hard like a punch to the gut. Son's head became instantly fuzzy as his eyes adjusted to the white light of the bathroom and over to the shower door.

He felt his erection perk up again when the figure behind the cloudy glass reached up to lather soap into sharp spikes. He could see Vegeta's silhouette relaxing under the stream of hot water. Splashing sounds muffled Goku's gasp.

-Oh. . .Oh man. . .-

Vegeta's outline teased while he showered. Goku's gaze traveled down the blurred picture, eyes taking in all they could of the princes' curvy bottom and delicate waist. Heat rose up to paint his face, and his penis throbbed, hitting the seam of his shorts. Son stepped back and slapped his hand over his mouth to muffle a moan. He watched Vegeta turn his head.


His rough voice cut through the sounds of the shower.

“Are you in here? I'll be done in a second. Get the hell out.”

His tone was flat but not angry. Goku was thankful. Shakily, he answered.

“Ye...yea! Sorry, Vegeta!”

Son shot out of the bathroom and back into the passenger hold without waiting for a response. He leaned against the wall and listened to the hatch close itself. Heavy thumps beat against his chest, and the warrior breathed slowly trying to settle his nerves.

-Vegeta . . . -

He looked down at his member making a rather large tent in his shorts.

-This is really really bad. . .how am I going to get away from this when the ship is so small??? -

Deep down he knew that he wanted to rip down the shower door and wrap his hands around that small toned waist. Goku knew what Vegeta looked like. He had seen him plenty of times before, but this was different. The princes' outline seemed to flaunt itself over the warrior.

Son staggered over to the couch and flopped down with his legs spread wide apart. He closed his eyes and fought against the heat.

-Focus. . . -

His brows knitted, and he tried his best to think of clean air and an empty field. He imagined cool sensations. Ice cubes. . .winter snow. . .hugs from old ladies. . . Slowly, his erection dwindled.


A sigh escaped his lips, and the bathroom hatch slid open.

Vegeta stepped through the doorway clad in a loose blue t-shirt and training shorts. A towel was bunched at one end, clenched in his fist. Muscles flexed in his arm as he ruffled the cotton fabric through his hair above the back of his neck, drying away any leftover droplets of water that clung there. Goku gulped; he couldn't help but stare.

The prince turned his attention to his shipmate and wrinkled his nose.


Now, he sounded a bit angry.

Goku recoiled back into the couch cushions.


Vegeta only huffed and continued to dry his hair.

“If it's nothing then stop looking at me like that!”

He spoke quickly and assertively.

“You can sleep in the room tonight. We can take turns. As much as I hate it, this ship is too damn small; but it's the best we've got. My shit is under the bed. . .Don't fuck with it.”

His nose wrinkled even more deeply towards his forehead. Goku saw him clamp his fingers over his nostrils before he turned and briskly walked through the cockpit hatch.

The larger Saiyan looked after him and watched the door shut.

-What was that face for???-

Disgust filled Goku's heart. He wanted all of this to be over but was too afraid of the outcome. He didn't know how long he could take entertaining these feelings of despair and anguish. Things used to be so much simpler. He longed to fish and train, to spend his days walking through the forest gathering wood for his family. Those things seemed like they existed so long ago. They were unreachable, and Goku sunk back into his sadness, letting the cushions of the plush couch engulf his tired body.

-What about when this is over? Vegeta said that this would end. . . what happens when we get home?-

Goten's happy and smiling face came out of the blank spaces of his mind.

-I miss you, Goten. . . I'm going to come home. . . I promise.-

Still, confusion gathered like it had so many times in the past few days.

Vegeta inhaled the fresh-smelling air of the cockpit. He stepped over to the pilot's chair and plopped down, resting his feet on the control board and stretching his arms out and back, bent at the elbows to rest his head in his hands.

~ The whole ship is going to smell like a Saiyan rut hole before this is over with. . .what's up with him?. . .Well other than the usual stupidity. . . ~

The prince turned his attention to the screens overhead. One of them showed the outside of the ship. Stars and void zoomed past and between the corners of the display. The middle screen looked like a game of asteroid. It pictured a green outline image of the ship and its path through the system they were currently speeding through. The little cartoon ship moved quickly across a dotted line that weaved itself between galaxies and rogue planets. Vegeta was impressed by their speed.

~For a silly human, Bulma's father is good at what he does . . . I only wish it was big enough to train in . . .~

They had been aboard for a short time, but Vegeta could already feel himself becoming frustrated with an urge to use a specific gravity chamber that was behind on Earth. He knew he had rushed this.

~I . . .didn't have a choice. ~

Vegeta sighed and took his feet down. When he heard Goku in the bathroom, he had jumped a little in surprise, although he would never admit to it. Avoiding him this entire time was going to be impossible. The prince grumbled to himself in annoyance. He was here. Goku was here. May as well get used to it because it was his own fault. Eventually, they were going to have to communicate. He couldn't spend the entire trip not talking and hiding in separate rooms. . .

As if on cue, Vegeta heard the door open behind him.

~Damn it. . .~

It was like getting a brand new puppy who needed constant attention. He pushed down with one foot and spun his chair to face the other Saiyan, who now stood in the room. Vegeta was hit again with the smell of salty ocean waves.

It wasn't a bad smell at all. If it wasn't for the fact it was coming from an overly worked up and needy Kakarot, Vegeta would enjoy the scent. He shook away the thought and cringed inwardly toward himself.

Goku twiddled his fingers and looked hesitantly at Vegeta. He had been standing frozen, trying to build up the courage to speak. He couldn't get Vegeta's silhouette out of his head and looking at him now, that was all Goku could help but see. It struck him with fear and amazement. And his chest fluttered again.

The scents of the two men circled and melded together in the air of the cockpit. Goku held his breath.

“What is it, you fool?”

Son made a sour face.

“Hey, Vegeta! Why do you gotta call me names all the time!”

Vegeta laughed.

~Now he is pouting.~

“Because only fools come into a room unprepared. Stop staring at me. What do you want?”

His voice was cold, but Goku noticed a hint of something there. Amusement? The sound of the prince's laugh tickled Goku's ears. He looked down at his feet to hide his blush.

Goku stuttered.

"Iiit. . . it's just I . . . wanted to ask you a couple things. . .I don't understand, Vegeta. . .Why is all of this some big secret? I mean. . . it freaked me out . . .everything you said was gonna happen, but. . . you said all this is normal. . . why can't the other's know about it?"

He shuffled in place and tried to ignore the fuzzy feelings Vegeta's scent gave him. He didn't feel normal at all. Running away and keeping things from his friends and family wasn't normal. This horrible hot aching and longing feeling weren't normal. . . Slowly, he looked up through his bangs.

Vegeta took in Goku's state. The larger man was clearly embarrassed. He knew he was being an ass for no reason. At this point, it felt like a defense mechanism.

~I can't help it! His smell is everywhere and I'm stuck here! Why do I have to feel so sorry for him!?. . .I know I owe him an explanation. . . get it the hell over with. Obviously, this fool has to be told everything. . . he really has no idea~

“Sit down, Kakarot, you're making me nervous.”

Goku inched closer to the smaller man and sat down next to him in the co-pilot chair. He glanced over at the prince and noticed him wrinkling his nose again.

“Listen, Kakarot, I'm not trying to give you a history lesson here, but there is a reason Saiyans have been feared throughout the universe. . .”

Goku watched him pause briefly. Vegeta's eyes swayed to one side as he looked for the words to say.

“This. . . process. . . used to be the cause of a lot of that fear.”

Vegeta looked sternly at Goku. Pain hid in the corners of his eyes. Son saw it there, a stowaway in the prince's soul; it made him want to know.

Vegeta continued.

“Our race has always been proud. . .But not of this. That's why precautions were made. It is for Saiyans to deal with. . .no one else. No one needs to know anything.”

The memory of Nappa calling and reaching out for him surfaced. Vegeta strayed away from Goku's face, frowned, and focused on the faraway stars on one of the screens.

“We are the only ones left, Kakarot. . .This is the very last time that this is going to happen. . .Saiyans never spoke of this unless it was time too. And even then, it was. . . private.”

A dark shadow cast itself over his face. Goku watched him and wondered.

-Maybe . . . I don't want anyone to know. . .-

“I said that the process is normal, yes, but normal doesn't mean pleasant.”

Vegeta crossed his arms and leaned back into his chair. He didn't want everyone back on earth asking questions about anything about the situation. His knees relaxed and spread more apart as he leaned into the back of the chair.

imagination traced the lines of muscle going up Vegeta's thigh and disappearing under his shorts. Something that felt rather like a hiccup tangled and wedged itself behind his adam's apple.

“O. . . okay, Vegeta.”

He felt strange listening to Vegeta talk about some taboo that he had never even known about but was now being forced to live through. The whole thing seemed oddly personal.

“I think. . . I understand.”

What would he say to his friends and family if he decided to tell them the truth anyway? That he was going to heat up until he snapped and blindly rape anyone that he could catch?

-No. . .I don't want to think about it. . .I don't know what to do. . .-

Goku didn't know if this was making him feel any better or not. Vegeta was afraid of this. If anything he only felt more ashamed.

-But what about Vegeta?. . .this happened to him too. . .-


Vegeta tapped his fingers on his upper arm.

“We can come up with some stupid excuse as to why we left later. . .I'm. . .I'm asking you. Don't talk about this with anyone. . .”

Goku's nerves buzzed. Vegeta was asking him for a favor. This WAS personal. Just between the two of them. Vegeta was taking care of it. He was taking care of HIM, and it was their secret. The notion made Goku's entire body feel week.

“Ye...yea. No problem, Vegeta. We will figure it out.”

Vegeta. . .what happened to you?-

He couldn't bring himself to ask that question.

“Good, then we shouldn't have any problems. Do you have any more questions or are you done?”

The prince made the same face as before, scrunching up his nose and blowing out a short stream of air. Goku couldn't tell if he thought it was funny or not. When it came to Vegeta the line that separated comical and almost bloodthirsty was very thin.

“Yea,. . . why do you keep making that face?”

Vegeta grunted.

“What face?”

“You look like you think something is nasty.”

Vegeta just scoffed and laughed before looking back at Goku.

“Yea, you idiot. It's you! Your smell is becoming so damn intense that it's starting to be the only scent on this ship. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.”

Son was stunned, and his body threw itself back into his seat.



Goku loved the way Vegeta smelled. It drove him crazy, but it was wonderful and familiar. He hated to think that he smelled bad to him. The prince laughed again. His rough voice making Goku squirm. Warmth gathered in his lower stomach. He watched Vegeta's lips curve and curl up into a grin.

“No, you clown. You smell the same as always. It's just stronger right now because. . .you are obviously IN NEEED.”

Vegeta rolled his eyes. He couldn't believe he was having this conversation.

“I don't wanna talk about it, just FIX IT.”

Goku blinked and scratched at his cheek with his index finger.

-In need? Does he mean. . .-

“I don't know how.”

Vegeta sputtered.

~What the hell is wrong with this idiot!?~


Vegeta stood and ran his hand down his face.

~Good lord.~

Goku shrugged.

“ I don't know how to make my smell go down.”

The prince groaned.

"You can't be fucking serious, Kakarot. You are a Saiyan. When you require a mate you give off a stronger scent. You can just TAKE CARE OF IT. You know! BY YOURSELF!"

~He is so dense!~

Goku saw Vegeta's face turn a deep shade of red.


This was by far, the strangest conversation that Goku had ever had. What Vegeta was saying sounded so out of the ordinary and crazy. Son wasn't sure he wanted to ask any more questions.



He was restless now. His legs twitched by themselves, and his feet tapped the floor. Goku couldn't believe what he was hearing. The prince of all Saiyans was telling him to go jerk off.

-Wait. . . does Vegeta do that. . .-

Goku was stunned, his face the color of a beat.

Vegeta gave a grumpy growl.

~He has got to be kidding me! Is this oaf for real? HE HAS TWO CHILDREN!~

"For the love of God, Kakarot! GAH! Get over yourself. Don't act like a child. THAT'S NORMAL TOO!"

He turned and headed for the exit.

“I've had enough of talking about your bodily functions for one day. I'm going to get something to eat, and for fuck's sake don't follow me right now.”

With that, Vegeta strode out of the cockpit, heading in the direction of the kitchen hatch.

Goku watched the door close and tried to pull himself together. Vegeta had him flustered beyond repair. Just being around him put Goku in an awkward state of desire. But now it felt even more embarrassing.

He hung his head.

~Yea. . .normal. . . you wouldn't think it was normal if you knew. . . ~

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