Come Together

BY : FaroreRose
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The tree bark began to scratch at Goku's back as he sat slumped and defeated. - I guess I'm out of options- The party was the only thing that he had to look forward to, and now Goku wasn't even mobile. The family car was gone, but Son couldn't drive it anyway...Not in a way that was publicly acceptable (or even legal) enough to get him all the way into the city and to Bulma's place.

Goku slowly slid down onto his side, the back of his shirt slightly catching on the jagged bark of the tree, and landed lightly curled into a tight ball. He felt like a child when his tears started to leak out onto his face. A new emotion began to emerge.


How could this happen? After everything he had gone through. Should have he even came back from Otherworld at all? What was the point if this was to be the rest of his life? Weak and full of shame. Pondering on invisible impure thoughts.

No. He was still Goku. He clenched his fist and propped up on one arm. Getting through the worst of a battle was what he was best at. He wouldn't stop now. Now that he didn't have anything to lose.

That was right...he was still Goku. Just because he was weak didn't mean that he was powerless! He still knew everything that he had known before. Son sat all the way up, stood to his feet, and wiped away the tears from his eyes now shining a little brighter. -Maybe I am an idiot...- With a little grin, Goku placed two fingers between his brows. With a flicker, he was gone.

The birds decided that they had now seen enough...

Not but a moment later Goku flashed back into existence right in the middle of the Brief's yearly celebration, his eyes still red and puffy from the previous crying.

Krillin and Yamcha were standing next to a large party table in the shape of a horseshoe covered in delicious looking food. Pu'ar looked annoyed sitting next to Oolong listening to the same panty story for the fifth time that day. Everyone else was spread out quite evenly. Piccolo and Gohan were sitting under the large shade tree while Trunks ran in circles around them attempting to catch his newest gadget of a toy which was currently streaking through the air.

To the left of the yard was a rather large stage set up for what Goku thought was most likely a band or some kind of live show. Huge spotlights dangled down from metal beams above, ready to shine down upon the nights' entertainment.

Even Yajirobe was there huddled on the ground next to the stage munching on an oversized bag of potato chips.

The instant that Son appeared Bulma walked out from under the large canopy positioned at the front of the party space. The drink in her hand flew from her grasp, spilling all over Goku as he manifested in front of her. Everyone's eyes turned to Goku. “Dad!” Gohan yelled out over the crowd of miscellaneous servants and workers.

After wiping punch from his face, with his hand lightly scratching the back of his head, Goku smiled a classic Son grin as his friends laughed.

“Goku! Watch where you're popping up you blockhead!” Bulma put her hands on her hips and smiled at her childhood adventure buddy.

“Sorry, Bulma. It's not that easy ya know.” He looked nervously around the party yard.

Bulma cocked up one eyebrow, and then she realized what Son was looking for. Understanding filled her face. “Don't worry, Goku,” she said lovingly, “Go see Gohan. I know you two need to catch up.”

“Okay.” He smiled at his friend. “ Sorry again, and happy birthday.”

Goku darted off to see his son, damp grass squeaking slightly beneath his sneakers. Gohan had rarely seen his father in normal clothing. He smiled at the sight of the shoes.

“Nice entrance,” Goku's firstborn greeted him stepping away from the tree where he and Piccolo took shelter from the rapidly increasing heat of the day. Gohan pulled his father into a quick hug, “Nice duds too,” He snorted.

“Hey! You gave me these shoes!” Son pouted.

“Haha, Dad, I'm just not used to it is all.” Gohan could sense his father's low energy and knew that something wasn't quite right. Most of the other fighters probably sensed it as well as soon as Goku had arrived. They were all used to the massive and striking ki that Goku always gave off even when he was simply sitting still. “How have you been? I haven't talked to you se...” Gohan cut himself off.

“I'm okay, son! You know you don't have to worry about me. How is Goten? Is he here?” Goku put up his hands in defense wanting to reassure his son that everything was fine. The last thing he wanted to do was worry one of the people who he knew actually cared about him. Ever since Chichi left and took Goten with her, no one even bothered to come to check up on the Saiyan.

“Umm. No, Dad.” Gohan looked a bit awkward. “Mom...Mom wouldn't let him come.” Trunks stopped mid-stride at hearing Gohan.

“So Goten isn't coming?” Trunks frowned and kicked the ground. “But I wanted to show him my new glider! Goku! Call your wife and tell her that he has to be here! Goten has never missed a party at my house!” Trunks pointed his finger at Goku dramatically with one balled up little fist on his hip.

Son looked extremely awkward, the expression on his face reviling the fact that he had no idea what to say. “I...I..” He stuttered. “I'm sorry, but I just can't, Trunks.” Goku stood with his hands out in front of him again. Trunks didn't look amused but shoved his hands in his pocket and gave up anyway.

“Fiiiine...” He breathed and started to walk away but looked back over his shoulder. “I guess I will just go find mom and see if she needs anything. ..grown up parties are no fun without Goten here. See you later.”

“Sorry, Dad.” Gohan frowned a little. “But I'm really glad that you're here!”

A slight breeze caught in the air and drifted through the Saiyan worrier's hair causing his dark spikes to bend and sway. Goku could tell that Gohan was nervous about something. Did he know about Goku's current problem? If so why hadn't he come to check on him? He let the thoughts come and go in a split second.

“Don't worry about it, Gohan. Did your mother say why Goten couldn't come to the party?” His eyes darkened a little. Shame again. But for what this time?

“Not really....I'm sure she just didn't want to come herself. She....she knew you would be here..I mean...after everything.” Gohan sighed. “Dad, never even told me what happened...and mom won't say anything either.” He looked desperate. “What's going on? How long is this going to last? I don't mean to bring down the mood, but I have to know something. I haven't had the chance to talk to you between school and babysitting Goten an..”

“Why would you be babysitting Goten? Goku quickly held up his hand to cut him short. “Where is your mom? If she had to be somewhere he could have come to me. She knows that!” There was anger present in his tone. Goku actually angry was something that was a rare sight. Piccolo's ears perked as he listened his arms still crossed sitting cross-legged at the foot of the tree.

Son's fists were now clenched. He felt weak once again. It seemed as if getting too emotional was a drain on his stamina now. -What am I doing here? This was a bad idea. I should have just stayed home and tried to figure out what was going on with Nimbus...- He could tell Gohan was hiding something but decided not to push too much.

“Dad, I promise that I could help out if I knew what happened. I'm so sorry...Everything is going to be alright, but I honestly don't think you look that well. Are you eating?” Gohan, always calm. Always rational. His eyes pleaded with his father's. Goku couldn't help but to admit defeat in the presence of his son's unnatural aura. His fists gave way, and his shoulders relaxed.

“I'm sorry, Gohan. I'm alright...I just want to understand what's going on. Listen...” Goku put his hand on Gohan's shoulder. “Let's have some fun. I need to stop thinking for a while.” Gohan skeptically looked at the one man in the universe that he knew not to have any secrets. It was strange. What could have caused his mother to leave out of nowhere and take Goten with her? She had put up with almost everything anyone could think of over the years as Goku's wife. She had been to hell and back. What could the last straw have been? Something so terrible that his father had to keep it from him...

“We can talk about it later after the party dies down.” Son smiled a grin full of white teeth. Gohan could still see the dark circles under his eyes. ...If his dad could last until the party died down. From the way Goku's energy felt Gohan was sure that he could drop at any moment. Or maybe it was just such a drastic change from crazy strong to....normal?

Gohan smiled back and nodded. Piccolo decided to finally stand and greet his one-time enemy turned current friend. “Goku.” His scratchy voice rang out.

“Hey, Piccolo! How have you been?”

Piccolo cocked his brow. “I have been training, Goku. You haven't come out of hiding in so long that Gohan has had to be my only punching bag.” He smirked uncrossing his arms.

“Oh, yea?” Goku thought about sparing with Piccolo. He had not felt the desire in months. “What about Vegeta?” Speaking of Vegeta where was he? Goku couldn't feel his energy anywhere. Not even inside the house.

“Vegeta has gone into hiding as well. You haven't heard?” Piccolo chuckled.

“No. Is there something wrong with Vegeta?” Goku actually looked worried. The Saiyan prince was the only full blood of their kind left besides himself. Every time anything was ever going on with Vegeta, Goku had to know about it. Maybe it was just instinct from their alien race or something. He never gave it too much thought, but Goku did care for the prince. In fact, he had cared for him in a way ever since they first met.

“No.” Piccolo rolled his eyes. “Bulma won't tell anyone where he has been though. But he is supposed to be coming home today according to what I overheard Yamcha saying a moment ago.”

A small spark of happiness filled Goku's chest. So Vegeta was going to be there.

Off in the distance, the stagehands began carting props and boxes across the yard and behind two giant curtains. It seemed that the entertainment was going to be especially lively tonight. Mrs. Briefs could be seen directing two young men carting what seemed to be crates of alcohol towards the tiki bar. Oh yes, especially lively.

“Dad..” Goku looked back at Gohan, “Let's go find Bulma. Mr. Piccolo, do you want to come with us?”

Piccolo shrugged “No. I think I'll stay in the shade a bit longer.”

“Okay, suit yourself.” Gohan waved goodbye to his mentor, turned back to Goku, and started walking off in the direction of the big party tent. Without hesitation Son followed, looking forward to getting his mind off the fact that his youngest wasn't here with them.

The party tent was large enough to hold at least two hundred people. When it came to Bulma it was go big or go home. Strings of lights hung from the ceiling, and soft light blue ribbons were cascading down in loose ringlets. In the center of the tent sat a dance floor, a small twin to the one just outside. A DJ booth was positioned near the back while the rest of the area looked like a ballroom wonderland. Everything inside sparkled as if the air was laced with glitter and light. On closer inspection, Goku noticed that the material of the tent itself was not white but a pale satin gray; it fluttered then shimmered invitingly.

Bulma sat at one of the small round tables smoking a cigarette watching the waiters around her shuffle and run to set up for the catering. She ashed in the tray in front of her and rested her head on her hand, elbow bent placed upon the table. Goku thought that she almost looked bored. He guessed that every year must start to feel the same for her after a while. It did for him anyway.

“Hey, Bulma!” Gohan shuffled towards her eager to get away from Goku's awkward vibe. Maybe talking to the blue-haired woman would get his dad's mind off of everything. Gohan just wished that Goku would explain what had caused his mother to leave. His parents keeping secrets from him was defiantly annoying.

Bulma looked up from her ash try and quickly smashed out her cigarette to stand and hug Gohan. “Happy birthday!”

“Thanks, Gohan. I'm glad that you came. You too, Goku.” Bulma gave a chortle, “Oh and sorry about the punch earlier. You can just count it as my birthday present if you want.” This time she winked when she laughed.

Bulma always had a commanding air about her. She was confident and strong. She was also the smartest person that Goku had ever met. Surely he could confide in Bulma? Son wasn't sure how the other warriors would feel about discussing the subject with him...besides, he felt better talking about it with a woman for some reason.

“Okay! Deal!” Goku gave her thumbs up, once again letting himself relax. He was so on edge. “Why do you look so sad, Bulma? You shouldn't be moping on your birthday. Every other year you would be out there bossing everyone around.”

“Yea, Bulma? Why are you shut up in the tent before it's even finished?” Gohan chimed in.

“Well...It's beautiful. Don't you think?” She waved her hand around at the lights and fabric. “And I'm not sad! I'm just preoccupied.” Bulma crossed her arms. “It may be my Birthday, but before everything else, I am a scientist. There just so happens to be something very special that's about to happen, and I can't wait to observe it. I've been daydreaming all day.”

Goku had only seen Bulma give that look when she was a girl talking about her imaginary boyfriend. She must be excited then. “Well,” He raised his eyebrows. “What is it?” Then Goku felt it.

Finally, Vegeta had arrived.

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