Come Together

BY : FaroreRose
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The Z fighters all raised their eyebrows at Goku's explanation to Master Roshi. Bulma stood with her arms limp, not believing what she was hearing come out of Son's drunken mouth. Goku had always been painfully honest or unaware in the past but never THIS honest. Bulma was sure that if it wasn't for the alcohol running through his system, Goku would have most likely remained embarrassed and quiet about the entire situation.

Goku peered about the bar hazily, running his fingers through his hair. “I didn't think it was this big...of a deal. Is it ..HUCCUP!...bad?” He blinked a few times before taking another drink.

From behind him, Vegeta was thinking rapidly, all the while watching Son's hair bend and flow between his fingers. ~He doesn't know what he is talking about...What a fool.~ Vegeta wobbled forward, a strange look of anticipation in his eyes. ~He is a Saiyan. Does that mean?...Is he really that much of a child? This makes no sense...Earth has a moon. The change should have occurred years ago.~ He gulped, attempting to swallow the lump that had built up in his throat, placing his gloved hand on Goku's shoulder. ~This is a Saiyan matter...A matter of pride. He doesn't even know.~

Son turned around to meet his touch, letting Vegeta's scent waft over him once more. He was too close again. Goku still guzzled his beer while inspecting the man beside him. - What's that look for?-

“Vegeta, you look silly when you do that,” Goku cheesed.

There was a man who once again had no care in the world.

Vegeta followed through, “Hahaha! Kakarot, that's sad even for you! Your wife wasn't that ugly!” He let go of Goku and shook off the feeling of shame and anger that had washed over his senses. The prince once more took over behind the bar, determined to keep his composure. ~I have been defeated all of these years by a child, and I didn't even know it. . . What utter trash!~

Everyone was laughing again except Gohan who stood angrily with his arms crossed. Piccolo tried to hide his smirk. “I will see you later, Piccolo. I think I've had enough of this for one night. Tell Bulma I said, happy birthday again, but I'm a little out of place right now.” Piccolo nodded at him, and Gohan stepped out of the tiki hut and into the party yard to make his departure.

Goku didn't notice his son leaving; he was too busy laughing at his own expense watching Vegeta behind the bar. His heart lifted at Vegeta's joke. Maybe he was normal after all. Son had never thought Chichi was ugly, But he didn't necessarily find her attractive in any way either. He continued drinking beer after beer, never leaving his stool.

Vegeta was sure that if Goku were to try and stand that he would land face down in the pool of vomit that still festered beneath his feet. The shoes that Gohan had bought him were sure to be ruined.

The party went on into the early morning hours, not showing any signs of letting up. It had been so long since anyone had seen each other that it seemed as if no one wanted to go home. Empty beer cans and plastic shot glasses littered the floor threatening to trip the stumbling group as they laughed and danced around the hut. Piccolo was pretending to meditate in the corner of the room when in all reality he couldn't even see straight.

The air was thick with Bulma's cigarette smoke swirling in the dim lights hanging above the bar. It was making Goku feel like throwing up again. Vegeta noticed him periodically swallowing trying to get a hold on himself. ~ Ooh! For fuck's sake! Don't pass out on me, you bastard...I'm not done with you.~ Vegeta's eyes narrowed.

~ Kakarot, you have humiliated me for the last time! You will tell me why you have done this to yourself...why you have taken the possibility of victory against you away from me. . . You weak bastard. ~ The anger flooded up again in his chest.

“Kakarot...,” Vegeta poured himself another beer. ~What am I doing?~

This was the first time that Vegeta had let himself have any fun in the presence of the others. It would have shamed him to enjoy the company of such weaklings. But now he was light headed and drunk all thanks to his game with Kakarot.

His thoughts buzzed about his head, bumping into each other and mixing themselves up. Everything was becoming distorted around him. Everything other than Goku's face. His exuberance began to betray him, resulting in an unexpected level of intoxication.

~ Shameful. I need to sit down.~


“Yea! Vegeta! I'm right here.” Goku pouted into his mug, appearing slightly sick.

“...Kakarot,... don't do that. Come with me,” Vegeta waved his hand toward the back exit of the bar, a little side door in case of an emergency. Goku looked around. No one was paying any attention. They were all either too drunk to notice to two Saiyans slipping away or too drunk to care.

Goku and Vegeta walked side by side, occasionally bumping into one another, on their way around the back of the small building and towards the pathway up to the main house. “Vegeta, where are we going?” Goku padded along with his head hung low, hair swaying in the night breeze. “I don't...feel so good..Veg..” He stumbled.

“Kakarot, stand up. We need... .We need to talk. About your power level. Hahaha!” He grinned. “Kakarot! You foolish imbecile, what have you done?”

The pair took a seat behind one of the bushes lining the massive driveway. A fragile light issued from the small garden lamps scattered about the property; the glow it created bounced off of the shiny black specks of rock sewed into the gravel of the drive, creating a dark glitter sea. They both stared contently into the haze.

“I didn't do anything, Vegeta. I promise,” Goku looked at him pleadingly with eyes half open. “I wouldn' this to myself.” The look on his face was pained, and Vegeta noticed the luster leave his eyes. “I'm not myself.”

Vegeta began to mumble under his breath while digging in the pocket of his pants. He finally snatched out a hard case cigarette pack that was wedged deep in his tight jeans. The prince popped open the flip top and pulled out a lighter and what appeared to be a large hand-rolled cigarette. He put it to his lips. “You're full of shit, Kakarot.” He lit the end, and pulled in deeply, inhaling the smoke.

Goku watched him, wishing that Vegeta would believe him. - If I knew what was going on then would fix it...-

The smoke from the cigarette didn't bother him as Bulma's did. It was light with a nice earthy smell. It almost reminded him of the scent coming from the other Saiyan. As drunk as he was, Goku could still hone in on its sweetness. Son could easily pick it out of a crowd. All night it had been invading his senses, driving him somewhere deep between peace and madness.

Vegeta was still looking down at the grass when he spun the cigarette between his middle and index finger, jutted it out, and offered it to his sulking companion. Goku paused, looking over. Hesitantly, he reached out and took Vegeta's offer. “You know I don't smoke,” Goku rolled the lit cigarette back and forth over his palm, watching the feathers of smoke leak from its tip. Vegeta met his eyes blankly.

“It's not a cigarette, you idiot.”

“Then...what is it?”

Vegeta thought for a moment. ~ What a child. ~

“It's antidepressant.”

Goku pondered on the word. - Anti...depressant... I guess I have been depressed, but how did he know? - He put the joint to his lips, breathed in, and let the smoke roll down his windpipe. It filled his chest like a balloon, causing him to cough and sputter. Vegeta let out that strange giggle again.

After his episode was over, Goku noticed his muscles relaxing and his dizziness begin to disappear.

In the faint solitude behind the shrub, Goku felt as though the past few months had changed him beyond what he had thought possible. Never before had he been so concerned with his own emotions and what other's thought of him. His weakness was in body and in mind. Of all people, Vegeta had been the one to lift his spirits.

The sounds of the party carried over to the pair as they passed the joint back and forth, neither of them making a sound. Son's mind was drifting. He knew that sleep would feel wonderful, but the fear of the morning began to loom over him.

He did not want to return to his empty house, void of all life and sound. Right there at that moment, there was music and something that resembled happiness. Vegeta was even acting as though he was enjoying Goku's company for once, despite the jabs and jokes. What would life be like in the morning? He had no desire to train, or to fish, or to even eat for that matter. He thought that he wouldn't mind doing this with Vegeta again, though.

The antidepressant that they were sharing really was helping. Goku's heart felt lighter and lighter. He couldn't help himself from smiling while watching the tiny lights shimmer around them. Did Vegeta feel the same way?

The prince could tell that Goku was not lying. Something about the drunken way he strung his words made them ring true. Nothing made sense, and he couldn't think straight. After seeing Goku's plastered grin, Vegeta continued to giggle, a blush creeping onto his nose.

Then, the wind blew. It was a delicate breeze at first, but picked up, rustling the leaves of the bushes and scattered trees. A soft current came down, flowing like a river of air through Vegeta's hair, carrying his scent along with it.

Although Goku's eyes were closed, he could see Vegeta. The strong perfume was now hanging all around him. This is all he needed. Son breathed deeply; a strong desire to be closer to the musk began to take hold. - I have felt this before...- Slowly he passed the now tiny joint back to Vegeta. - When was it? - He dropped his hand gently onto the prince's. - Wait. -

It slowly began to emerge. The more he breathed, the more the fog lifted. Goku began to remember his dream. - This is...the same smell. - Despite his inebriation, he tried his best to focus on the memory.

/ / He could feel rubble biting into his knees, digging in deep as he pressed his body downward. A blinding radiance clung to his vision. Goku felt the heat of a summer day blazing down upon his back. Sweat dripped from his brow and exposed shoulders.

The scent was everywhere, so sweet that it was rage inducing. It wrapped its essence around his mind and began to squeeze. Spots still danced in his eyes, and he could not see his surroundings. Goku felt as if a formidable fever inside of him was reaching its peak. The heat under his skin was maddening. It had to be released. The scent squeezed his mind tighter.

He rocked back and forth, desperate to purge the swelter from his body. The pressure was overwhelming. Goku felt like a beast on the verge of thirsting to death; He was caged but wildly trying to dig his way out to the water beyond the bars. His hands clawed at the stone and dirt around him, reaching out for anything to grasp.

A swirl of deep pleasure and pain twisted around deep inside of Son's stomach. The spots littering his view began to pop with white light, and he could feel the incandescence pushing downward inside of him. Goku was snarling now, his lips raised above his teeth. He held his breath, willing the warmth further south into his core. The fever was close to breaking.

Then, his frantic hands found something soft. Goku twisted his fingers around its thin silkiness, tugging as he continued to rock. The Saiyan released his breath growling and moaning into the dusty air. The heat within him intensified as it clustered below his navel. It radiated with a mass of its own, pulsing, trying to escape. Goku rocked faster, digging gravel deeper into his knees; blood began to trickle onto the rocks.

When his throbbing lungs could no longer take it, he took a sharp inhale of breath. The musk wondered back up his nose to invade him once more. With the return of the scent, Goku felt the cooling sensation of his release.

His entire body shook with pleasure as he twisted the fine strands he held in his hands. Goku's muscles pulsed, and he lifted his head, moaning loudly. The blaze in his belly subsided, leaving behind a throbbing memory of its company. Son tried to inhale again. The smell was still there, but it was beginning to fade. He could feel the dust from battle still settling around him. It was a familiar sensation.

Color came into view for Goku as his sight returned to normal. His breathing was labored and ragged. He allowed his shoulders to relax as he looked down at his hands.

Tangled in his fingers was Vegeta's hair.

He laid beneath Goku on his stomach, clothes bloody and torn. His arms were stretched out next to him, palms facing upward; his head rested turned to the side. Blood pooled around his ears and mouth.

Goku was trembling. He fearfully released the other man's hair, moving his hands to reveal Vegeta's eyes. Son's face twisted with agony. He screamed filled with dread. Vegeta was dead.

- What have I done? - / /

Goku cried out in horror, squeezing Vegeta's hand. His eyes were wide with fear and disgust.

Vegeta shook his hand free. “ What's wrong with you, Kakarot?! Let go of me, you idiot!” The smile on his face was gone.

Quickly, Goku stumbled onto his knees planting his face in Vegeta's lap. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Vegeta lifted his hands in the air shouting down at the sobbing man who was muffling his cries with Vegeta's jeans.

Goku glanced upward tears flowing freely. “Vegeta...” Their eyes met again. Vegeta became quiet as he focused on the other Saiyan's face.

The wind blew again. They were so close now, and Vegeta's musk traveled up Goku's nose. He grimaced at how much he loved the smell. “Vegeta,...I will never hurt you.”

And with that promise, Son rolled off and away from Vegeta. His body heaved, and for the second time that night, he expelled the contents of his stomach onto the ground.

Vegeta still sat beside the shrub staring, tired and confused.

~ Kakarot... ~

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