Come Together

BY : FaroreRose
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Sometimes there is no beginning and end; somethings happen in a never-ending cycle. We find ourselves repeating the same thoughts, the same actions over and over again. Sadness is a pattern that exists woven in tiny circles on subconscious fabric. Those susceptible will cling to the cloth.

Goku stared up at the white popcorn ceiling. He was not completely sure what his body had just felt. Nothing that he had experienced with Chi-Chi had felt like that, and he was only by himself. His legs quivered a little as he let his hand go limp around his softening erection; semen began to dry around his fingers and around the base of his shaft.

Goku grimaced. He needed to clean up. Throwing the sheet off of himself, Son lazily rose from the bed. It was awkward trying not to make even more of a mess. The afternoon greeted him through the window, and Son looked around Vegeta's room. To the left of the bed, Goku spotted the laundry chute. Quickly he walked over and shoved the bundled up sheet inside, letting it fall down the hole. It made a rustling thud as it descended.

Goku looked down. His heart felt heavy; its beating quickened again while a lump formed in his throat. He stood still, his sullied hand held up in front of his chest. - I feel...I feel. Everything...-

It came as a large wave. Crashing against the shore of Goku's heart, it broke. Stiffly, he fell down to his knees, his body still upright. He didn't try to fight the tears. They fell, washing down onto his thighs. Goku was shattered, no longer knowing who he was. He felt more alien now than he ever did. His shoulders rose and fell with each shaky breath.

Everything was hitting all at once. The split from his wife, the growing need to see his children, and this new desperate feeling that was like fire. Sitting on the ground, Goku gagged. There was nothing left in his stomach to throw up. He was empty.

Going to the party was the worst idea Goku had in a long time. He felt even more vulnerable now than he did in his empty house. What was a man without his family? What was a man without people to protect? More importantly, what was Son Goku? He didn't feel much like a man anymore. It was apparent that he had no idea what was going on within his own life and his own mind. The mystery would remain until he died of boredom on an empty peaceful planet.

Goku lifted his head, defeated and ashamed. He had to find a bathroom. On the other side of the queen-sized bed, a door stood slightly ajar. Through the crack, Son could see what appeared to be a porcelain tub and shower. There was no time to completely wash up. He had to get out of Vegeta's room before he was caught, but his hand was in severe need of washing.

Shakily, Goku stood, wiping his face free of tears with the palm of his clean hand. The day was a sorrowful void that he had to fill. Most of it was already gone, wasted in Vegeta's bed. - I never thought I would end up in here... -

Goku had attempted, once, to enter the bedroom. It was a mistake that he never made again. He could remember Vegeta's fury. The prince came at him like an angry machine set to destroy. Ever since then, Goku wondered what he had to hide.

It looked like a plain bedroom. There wasn't any decoration or style to it at all. The walls were bare of pictures, and so was the writing desk. The only thing that stood out against the gray was a single glass ornament sitting atop the nightstand. It was a foggy glass orb resembling a heavy paperweight, just big enough to fit perfectly in the palm of Goku's hand. Son eyed it curiously, then turned his head to listen towards the door.

There was nothing. The hallways beyond the bedroom were silent. - I don't have time for this! - The orb wasn't that interesting anyway. Goku quickly made up his mind and headed for the bathroom dismissing the orb all together. Behind him, the fog inside the glass churned in small pulsing circles.

It was small for a C.C. Bathroom. One tiny sink stood alone attached to the white tile wall. The pipes on the underside were visible. There wasn't even a medicine cabinet. A toothbrush sat in its metallic holder while the toothpaste lay on the side of the sink. Towels were placed atop the toilet on a metal shelf. In the tub, there was a bottle of body wash accompanied by shampoo. Goku wondered what Vegeta looked like rinsing the suds from his hair. His lips formed a thin line, and he cut the image from his mind and turned on the sink with his clean hand. If he didn't watch it, Son would be breathing in dreams like air.

Washing his hands, Goku breathed in deeply. His body was no longer his own. It was some mysterious stranger come to play. There was no reasoning behind his thoughts or actions; everything was scrambled up inside of him. He could not tell one emotion from the next, and his skin itched and burned as if screaming out to be touched. Elbows bent, rubbing his upper arms, Goku stared himself down in the streaky mirror.

His eyes looked hollow, and his shoulders slumped. Son could not recognize himself. THUD! THUD! THUD! The sound came echoing from the hallway. Goku paused. - What am I still doing here...? - He dried his hands, wiping them on his shirt. - All I did last night was embarrass myself. -

He made a passing glance back at the mirror. - I look so tired... - The past month had not been kind. Son was sure now more than ever that he was losing weight. His eyes were dull, no longer glowing with childlike curiosity and fascination with the world around him. The world was now a never-ending burden that was reflecting back at him under the guise of his own face.

CLICK! Goku heard the doorknob turn.

His heart had time to beat once, and he quickly flashed his fingers to his forehead and was gone, leaving the shoes that Gohan had bought him behind.

When Son opened his eyes, he was standing in front of his house, his toes curling around the grass. The air was quiet, and the birds were gone from their nests.

Goku breathed in, and it felt clean. Vegeta's scent was nowhere to be found. The heat from under his skin diminished. He was alone. The isolation was off-putting compared to the environment of the previous night. Already he could feel the void creeping in on him from within his house. It beckoned for Goku to come inside and embrace the warmth of his bed. The desire to lay there in his own self-loathing and disgust was mounting. He walked towards the door with heavy weights on his feet, dragging him slowly from beneath.

What a daydream like feeling. There was an immense burden upon Son's shoulders. Its origins were mysterious, and it's ease seemed very far away. The only relief that could be found had to be within the deep chasm under his bed sheets. That is where he could throw down this rock.

The future could not come fast enough for Goku as he climbed the stairs to the room he had formerly shared with his wife. Time's passing would be a blessing. Let the world go on around him until everything upon it was dead and gone. Son would be free of the endless stretches of afternoons in solitude.

The bed stood in the middle of the room wrapped in crinkled sheets and sunlight. It called out to Goku who was standing in the doorway, eyes dancing across the inviting space. The jeans he wore quickly hit the floor as he abandoned them mid-stride on his way to falling into the embrace of a depression induced sleep. It was warm but coldly lonely. Vegeta's scent was gone, and without it, Goku's chest felt empty. His heart beat steady, silently yearning for the rapid pace of heated passion. With every breath, Son gradually drifted off to sleep desperately racing to erase the rest of the day.


In the kitchen of Capsule Corp. Vegeta stood at one of the huge counters with an arm full of breakfast ingredients. Three pounds of bacon, two links of sausage, a dozen eggs, pancake mix, and a gallon of milk were all balanced along his muscles. Vigorously, he began to work. No one was around, so it was the perfect opportunity for him to enjoy something alone.

His hands flew around the stove shuffling frying pans and rotating plates of fried eggs, meat, and pancakes along the counter. His face was peacefully focused as the sweet smell of breakfast in the evening wafted through the hallways.

Waking up next to Goku was not how he had expected today to go, but food would surely help the weird feeling go away. He would have to scrub his sheets after this. ~ Or burn them... ~ He closed his eyes, tipped his head back to sigh, and flipped another pancake. ~ The buffoon is going to smell this and come running any minute. ~

One eye opened. Vegeta frowned and looked over at the chrome clock that was hung above the toaster oven. It was already five in the afternoon. He had been sneaking around and cooking for a while now. The plates were beginning to stack pretty high.

~ There is no way I'm giving that idiot breakfast in bed, but he has to get out of there before one of the damn maids finds him... ~ Vegeta was not willing to give the staff anything talk about behind his back. He wasn't fond of hearing their gibberish, and he always got the feeling that they were discussing him.

It would be dark in a couple of hours, and Goku had not eaten anything since he threw all of his food up onto the ground. Vegeta looked at the stack of plates and rolled his eyes. ~ I guess I could wake him up... ~ Carefully he grabbed the dishes and balanced them gracefully on his arms.

To the right was two swing doors leading to a large but cozy dining room. Arms full, Vegeta tapped the door with his foot and strode inside. Within the room sat a rectangular table big enough to seat ten guests. It was a sturdy polished wood the color of fresh clay. The prince carefully placed the plates along it, making sure to spread each dish out evenly. It was a dinner for the kings of breakfast foods, and Vegeta felt satisfied as the aroma of cooked meat filled the empty space. His mouth began to water. ~ Kakarot... ~

Ignoring the food, Vegeta turned around and headed back out through the kitchen. Carefully he peaked around the corner towards the main hallway back to the stairs. The path was clear, and the prince let out a victory sigh; no one had seen him yet. Now if only he could make it back to his room with the same luck.

Vegeta raced down the hallway like a cat. His feet were light and didn't make a sound as they bounded off of the tile floors. Sneaking around Capsule Corp. was nothing new. Social interaction with the many people Bulma kept around was never something that he looked forward to. There were always too many questions, too many formalities, or too much human friendliness. Any random person was best avoided altogether.

Often Vegeta wondered why he still lived here. Saving the earth a few times was something that he supposed deserved free room and board, but that couldn't be the only reason. Bulma's training equipment could never keep up with his needs, but still, it was better than nothing.

The stairs were just ahead; Vegeta was almost there free and clear. He could remove Kakarot from his bed, tell him to shove some food in his face and kick him out of there before anyone caught them together. ~ I'm still going to kill those ass holes. What a joke. ~

He flew upward, ignoring the steps. His room was right down the hallway above. THUD! THUD! Thud! Thud! Vegeta froze and huddled up under the stairway as much as he could. He could hear Trunks on the upper landing running towards the direction of the playroom. He didn't have time for answering a million of his son's daily inquiries and ramblings, let alone getting roped into a training session right now. So he huddled there in mid-air and waited for Trunk's passing.

Once the little half Saiyan was gone, Vegeta came out of hiding and peered over the railing to the landing. There was no one. Trunks had already turned the corner ahead leading to the opposite wing of the upstairs residential area of the building.

His room was just down the hallway to the right of the first flight of stairs. Vegeta was home free, and there wasn't a maid or family associate in sight. Gliding down over the upstairs' carpet he could see his bedroom door.

A few seconds later, the prince's hand was over the doorknob. His mind flickered back to the night before. Kakarot was on the other side. Vegeta had reached out at him. Although his mind was altered at the time, the gesture was still somewhat sincere. He had felt a split second of togetherness. It was as if at that moment he was connected to something else. One piece of the universe met another.

Click. He turned the knob. Opening the door, Vegeta's heart dropped slightly.

The bed was empty with the sheets missing and the blanket now bunched up on the floor. Goku's shoes still sat untouched. Vegeta walked in, closing the door back behind him and let his shoulders relax. Still, he called out. “Kakarot!”

There was no answer. Goku must have gone the same way that he had come, like a ghost. - I will wash my hands of it then if he wants to run away without saying anything. Who cares if the idiot is clueless... It's not my problem. -

The Prince crossed his arms and flopped down onto the mattress. - My sheets are gone... - What could be said was that there was a strange feeling in the atmosphere of the room. It was not cold but rather a tingling sensation that was left on what could be described as the underside of your skin. It was there but at the same time not there at all. An invisible airy substance that crept along the hairs on your arms. It didn't quite make them stand up, but it did make them wake up and quiver.

The feeling was lonely, and Vegeta could tell. It reached out seeking something of substance to grab on to. Where was it coming from?... And why was he so in-tune with it?

The realization came as a rapid spike of awareness. The orb on his bedside table was much foggier than it had been the day before when he had taken it out of its hiding place within the closet. Vegeta froze his shoulder's tightening. ~ Why didn't I notice this before?... ~ The last time the orb had changed was when he had retrieved it from Frieza's ship back on Namek.

~ Mirai no Koishi (未来の小石 )..., why are you awake? ~

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