Come Together

BY : FaroreRose
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The air swirled in wispy rivers reaching and stretching until flowing together around the Saiyan prince. He hung in midair looking down over waning street lamps and road signs. Traffic was picking up in the early morning light, and a sliver and blue capsule car rounded the corner. Vegeta's arms and legs stiffened in anticipation. He bent at the waist to focus his view trough the passenger side window. Pressed against the glass was a spiky mop of black hair. ~That's him!~

Vegeta's pulse was at a high while he floated downward. He didn't care who caught a glimpse of him; there was too much at stake. The only thing that mattered at this point was that he got Kakarot off of the planet. ~...And somewhere safe.~ Sweat gathered under his gloves. Nerves made his shoulders feel like rocks, the thumping of his chest threatening to crumble the stiffening stone. No battle or clash of bone felt like this. This was fear. And something else. Vegeta's stomach turned. It felt like it could turn inside out and spill its contents up and out of his throat.

The car tuned again, this time pulling into the parking lot of a middle priced apartment complex. The building, tucked away to the side of an ally-like road, was tall and gray, scattered with windows and fire escape ladders. In the center of the complex was a large elevator.

Directly across the ally, Vegeta drifted downwards and slipped behind the only standing tree as he watched a slender man with green hair exit the driver side and, like a cat in a hurry, run to the other side of the car to retrieve the sleeping man there.

Vegeta peeked from behind the tree trunk. The passenger door opened and the tall man had to catch the head of it's occupant before he fell to the ground. ~KAKAROT! Fuck I found him!~ Vegeta's mouth turned into a thin line. This was the part that he had a hard time thinking about. This was the part where he had to convince the universe's strongest and now most confused man to go with him into space without an explanation. ~Why... is he asleep?~

Goku drooled, still asleep, on Liume's sleeve. “Okay, Goku, you're going to have to wake up for a moment, babe.” He shook him lightly.

Vegeta's insides squirmed. ~What's going on?~ The disconnect with the surrounding scene that he felt was sudden and surprising. Nothing could get past the pit of worms sliding across each other that had sprung to life within his gut. He moved forward by two feet, temporarily letting the sick feeling take over. Goku raised his head. His eyes were sleepy. His mouth hung open, and a drunken blush draped itself across his cheeks.

Vegeta stopped.

Liume placed his arms under Goku's to heave the large man further out of the car. “Can you stand up?” He spoke again. Goku slurred a response, wobbled, and straightened.

Vegeta had stopped himself from going any further. The absence of a plan dawned on him again, and this stranger made things more complicated than before. He clenched his fists. ~ I should have known... Kakarot isn't capable of driving anything!~ He turned his attention back to the tall man who was now guiding Goku up towards the platform and into the elevator. He watched as they entered and let the doors slide closed behind them.

The prince was released from his frozen state. He felt the tension in his arms loosen, and he stepped forward while watching the elevator rise. It went up past the third floor, the fourth, and eventually up to the sixth. Each floor held an outside landing equipped with a guard rail. Vegeta floated upwards just under the rail to the top floor, listening to his Saiyan counterpart exit the elevator with the new stranger. ~ I need a plan. . .~ He heard Goku's stumbling footsteps work their way past him directly overhead. ~Fuck... Fuck...What do I do?!~ His fists were shaking, and his mind was spinning into a panic. The will to move struggled against his uncertainty. Seeing Goku made his heart thump wildly inside his chest. ~ Is he okay? Who is that guy? . . . Kakarot is week. . . Anything could happen to him right now. . . ~ From above, Vegeta heard the sounds of a key entering a lock and the squeak of an opening door. ~ Shit! They went inside!~ The apartment door clicked shut.

The fear was overwhelming. Vegeta knew the consequences of Goku staying on the planet during this kind of transition. It would be the end of their lives on Earth. The visual entered his mind, and the thought compelled him to move again. He floated up slowly and landed his feet in front of the door. Sweat began to bead across his forehead. ~I can't turn back. . . ~ His hand moved up to grasp the door knocker.

“AAAH! HAAA! OOOH!” Goku's voice rang out through the walls. Vegeta could hear him moan and shudder followed by a short grunt.

That was enough.

Rather than knock, the palm of Vegeta's hand collided hard with the door, sending it flying off its hinges and onto the soft carpet inside. He could feel the fire seep into his nerves and through his torso.

The apartment was small. The main living area was packed with little shelves filled with knickknacks and old photographs. In the center stood a glass coffee table. To the side was a single sofa. Goku lay halfway on and halfway off of its cushions. His hind in was perked up in the air, and the stranger who previously had his arms around Goku's waist trying to haul his body onto the couch had now dropped him in shock by the sound of Vegeta's entrance.

“GET THE FUCK OFF OF HIM!” The prince's voice was booming thunder, and malice seeped into his face. “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?!”

Liume's upper body stiffened, and he swung around to look at the intruder. “MY DOOR! WHAT THE HELL!? WHO ARE YOU!? GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!”

Goku looked up and over his shoulder. His eyes were glazed, and Vegeta could see the dried tear streaks on his cheeks. "Ve...Vegeta?" He slurred and mumbled when he said Vegeta's name. The look he had made Vegeta's body freeze up again.

Goku's bangs hung slightly over his sleepy eyes, and a dark blush painted itself over his nose. Vegeta's heart went into overdrive with a mixture of worry and surprise. ~Kakarot. . .What's happened to you?~ He turned his attention back to the apartment's screaming owner.


Liume snorted, “Kakarot? Oooh I know YOU! You're the one who needs to stay away from him. Look at the state you have put him in. Haven't you hurt this man enough? And how dare you break down my door like that! ”

The question made Vegeta step back. ~ What the fuck. . .Hurt him enough?~ He looked back over at Goku who now had his entire body slouched on the floor in front of the sofa. His head wobbled back and forth. ~ Shit...He is drunk! How did I not notice before?~

“This has nothing to do with me, you idiot.” The prince's coldness was back. His head was starting to level. He stepped forward again, this time towards Goku.


Vegeta never took his eyes off of the other Saiyan's face. “Shut up. . .or I'll do more than just break down your door.”

Realizing that the threat was sincere, Liume quieted himself.

“Kakarot. . .” Vegeta whispered and watched Goku's eyelashes flutter against his face. “Kakarot. . .we have to leave.” He bent down, now on his knees next to the larger man. “Come on. . .let me. . .” He placed his hands under Goku's chest. “Let me help you up. You can't stay here.”

Goku wined and moaned, letting his head fall onto the cushion. He mumbled, "Vegeta, . . .what are you doing here?" His voice was muffled by the fabric and stuffing. "I don't want to move. . . please let me sleep."

Vegeta kept his voice low and calm, still struggling with the nervous bubbles popping in his chest. This was a different kind of battle. One that the prince was not sure that he could win. He had won and lost countless fights. Nothing was like this. The feeling could be compared to drowning, he thought. Drowning in an uncertainty that lived within him. ~ Why am I being like this? ~ It didn't register. Nothing was. His mind was a tangle of weeds ready to be plucked away from clear thought and comprehension.

“Something has. . . come up, Kakarot. It isn't safe for you here. . . I can't explain. . . not right now. You are just going to have to trust me.” Vegeta had placed his mouth close to Goku's ear while he whispered. ~ Non of this is that guy's business. . . the sooner I can get Kakarot out of here, the better. ~ “Now, you have to stand up. I know you don't want to, but you have to.”

Vegeta's breath feathered Goku's ear, and the hair on the back of his neck stood on end. The familiar scent of the smaller man filled his nostrils. He shivered. "Vegeta. . ." He looked up as well as he could, his head swiveling and rocking back and forth. "I missed you. . ." - What's going on. . . I can't see straight. . . why is Vegeta here?. . . If I don't close my eyes I'm going to puke. . . What did I just say to him? . . .Is he even here? -

Goku's head slammed back downward. The room was spinning. Walking was not a question. The Saiyan third class was bound to his stooped state. His body rolled sideways and collided with Vegeta's, pushing the smaller man back onto his heels to balance himself.

~Shit! He passed out. I'm going to have to carry the fool back.~

“Okay, Kakarot. You win. Just sleep.”

Liume had backed away slightly still fussing over his broken down front door. Maintenance was going to have to be called, but he highly doubted that they would arrive in a timely fashion. It was looking like he would be without the privacy of this particular barrier for at least half of the morning.

He turned to the short man with jet black spikes, eyeing him up and down. He was short but extremely handsome. Liume could see how Goku would be so upset over him. He perked up. "And how do you intend on getting him home? I honestly shouldn't care. I don't even know you, and I only met this one a little while ago." He gestured towards Goku. "I could barely help him out of the car and into the damn elevator."

Vegeta looked back at him and smirked. "I've got him. . . don't bother yourself." ~ Kakarot, I don't think I'm ever going to forgive you for putting me through all of this. ~ He reached under Goku again with both arms and lifted him effortlessly. Vegeta turned Goku around in his arms and held him bridal style with Goku's head resting on his chest. Liume's face dropped with shock.

How was this guy able to pick Goku up?! It looked impossible. Someone so small couldn't possibly possess the strength it would take to carry a man around that size. Liume stood dumbfounded. He saw the smirk on Vegeta's face as he walled aver the fallen door with Goku in tow.

Vegeta looked down. “Sorry about the door. . .I'll have someone come to fix it.”

He was sorry. Vegeta didn't even know this man. Who he thought was a threat to Kakarot, was only trying to help the warrior. ~ I should have known.~ His fear and paranoia had gotten the better of him. ~ Still. . .In this state. . .even a human could hurt him if they wanted to.~

He stepped out from under the door frame and back out onto the balcony. With Goku still drooling on his chest, he didn't even bother using the elevator. Vegeta floated up onto the guard rail and hoped gracefully down to the sidewalk below. They landed only a few feet away from Liume's car.

From above Vegeta heard a loud thud. The slender stranger had collapsed from what he could only think to be shock. ~ Crap. . . maybe I should have opted out for the elevator. . . too late now. ~ He sighed and looked around.

The traffic had picked up in the morning hours. Cars and trucks whistled past under the traffic lights, some stopping for red, and others just hauling ass, eager to get to wherever their human lives were taking them. ~ Rats. ~

The two Saiyans probably looked strange standing on the side of the road. Vegeta looked down at Goku's sleeping face. A little snore escaped from him. ~ What the hell have you been doing, you idiot. I should have never left you alone in the first place. ~

He remembered waking to find Goku sleeping next to him in his bed. ~ I went to make him breakfast. . . ~ His face softened and his heart jumped so hard that he swore it moved Goku's head a little bit. ~ I'm just freaked out. . . that's all. ~

Never before had a full-grown Saiyan gone through the transformation. Goku was already so strong that there was no telling the results it would have on this frail world. The peaceful man had no way of knowing the hell that he would rain down on his friends and family. ~ Friends and family my ass. . . They should have been able to tell that there was something wrong. . . But no, they all just acted like this was normal Kakarot. . .Am I the only one with a functioning brain on this fucking rock!?~

Flying back would be the best option. Normally, Vegeta wouldn't care about someone seeing him, but what he didn't want attention being brought to was the fact that he was carrying around Goku. With the events of the past and the always helpful and fabulous Mr. Satan, there could be someone in the crowd of city dwellers that would recognize them. It would take one cellphone photo for them to end up on tonight's breaking news.

~ Baldy already put us to bed together; I bet that would give him a good laugh. . .~ Vegeta snarled and rolled his eyes while balancing Goku and reaching into his pocket to retrieve a small capsule he had tucked away. His thumb clicked the tiny spring button, and he threw it on the ground in the center of a parking space. ~ At least until we are out of the city. . .~

A capsule truck appeared in a purple puff of smoke. It was a flat dark green square body with an extended cab and elongated bed. The Capsule Corp. logo was sticker-ed to its side. ~ Kami, why did I have to bring the boat? There were plenty of smaller cars in that damn box! ~

Vegeta continued to grumble as he walked around the truck, opened the door, and slid Goku into the seat trying not to bash his head in the door as it closed with a sharp click.

Chills sprang over his skin. Goose-flesh perked up all along his arms and the nape of his neck making him shiver despite himself. The prince rubbed the palms of his hands up and down his upper arms while walking around to the driver's side of the vehicle. He opened the door and sat inside, pressing the start engine button before closing the door. He put the truck in reverse and looked over at his passenger.

Goku's face was distorted, and a shake had sneaked its way into his breath. He parted damp lips to let out a faded moan. Vegeta stared, his fingers still wrapped around the column shift. ~ Vulnerable . . .~ The word entered his mind like a breeze floating past thin curtains.

In only a few hours, the determination to protect the planet had turned into the need to protect his fellow Saiyan. ~ . . . you're the only other one left. . . ~ Goku's body heaved, sending a jolt of surprise down Vegeta's spine. He let out a loud snore and flopped his head to the side. ~ Kakarot, you fucking idiot. ~

The prince turned around in his seat and backed out of the driveway and onto the road. Soon, they were passing city streets and buildings. Occasionally, Vegeta would glance over at Goku who would mumble and stir only to relax again. Vegeta had rolled down his window to let the wind run through his hair. It was a feeling that he had associated with travel for so long that it was strange to experience its absence while being stuck inside of a metal and plastic box.

The streets were becoming stretched farther apart as Vegeta drove. The traffic lights lessened in number, and greenery began to overtake the view. Relief flowed through him. Driving was painfully slow, and they were running a race with an invisible finish line. Vegeta pulled to the side of the two-way street and parked. He stepped out of the truck and breathed in deeply. Their need for a ship appeared closer and closer to the forefront of his mind as he looked up at the clouds.

He walked around to the other side between the truck and a shallow ditch overgrown with weeds and drifting sticks. Goku was gathered in his arms again, and Vegeta took off, leaving the ground behind them. The close-by trees bent and danced with the force of his lift.

He knew that Capsule Corp. was his only chance of obtaining a ship capable of housing two Saiyans and reaching a far enough destination with decent time, but asking Bulma seemed out of the question. Vegeta grimaced.

He hated hurting her, but it seemed that it was the only thing he was capable of doing during their relationship. She would never understand his desire for power, the need to grow stronger. During the few times when they got along, it was like he could feel his identity slipping further and further away. The only thing that brought him back was pushing the buttons he knew he shouldn't. Most of the time he was around for Trunks' benefit anyway.

Goku nuzzled his face into Vegeta's chest. ~ For fuck's sake, don't cuddle me! ~ Vegeta looked down; the other man's face was twisted, and his eyelids were squeezed tight. ~ A nightmare? . . .maybe. . I'm surprised he hasn't thrown up all over me. ~

A metaphorical fork drew near along their path as they flew over leafy treetops. ~Where do I take him?~ There were only two options: He could either take Goku to Capsule Corp, where he would have to sneak around to avoid the bombardment of questions or return him to his own home. Vegeta preferred the later. He turned his body to the left and gained speed.

Minutes passed, and they were floating above the Son residence, occupancy of one. Vegeta could feel the negative energy around the house. He knew it was worse inside. A thick layer of dread and loneliness has covered the property in a silky blanket of depression. He remembered the air of Frieza's ship while he hid in the tight compartments and fissures of the white floating prison.

In a sense, this house was Frieza's ship. Goku had been hiding there. Hiding so long that he couldn't take it anymore. If he was not in a drunken sleep, he would have protested their arrival with great fervent. Without pondering this, Vegeta landed and opened the front door. He had to stand and walk sideways to allow Goku's body to pass through the door frame along with him.

It was cold inside. If they were in one of Trunks' Saturday morning cartoons, Vegeta was sure that there would be ice cycles hanging from every corner, and the air itself would have had a blue hue. But instead, there was only a cool emptiness inhabiting the space once filled with laughing Saiyan's stuffing their faces with food.

~ How long has it been since Kakarot had a decent meal? ~ He had carried Goku a few times in the past, and he had never felt this light. Vegeta found himself wishing that Goku could have stuck around to eat the breakfast that he had prepared. ~ What the hell is wrong with me? ~ He huffed and walked past the living room, heading for the stairway.

It was equally as cold upstairs. Goku's bedroom was blank and bare. It was the living quarters on Frieza's ship. The former crew was composed of people who held no sentimental trinkets or even photos of loved ones. Most of them were running away from their previous lives and did not have the time to build new ones except the constant workload under Lord Frieza. Vegeta shuttered.

The prince carefully laid Goku down on his messy bed. The weight of the larger Saiyan pushed down on the mattress, and he was enveloped in softness. The sheets were bundled and twisted around one another. Vegeta pushed them to the side and stepped back.

Goku was still sleeping soundly, exhausted from the night before. His breathing was level and quiet, lifting his chest slowly up and down. Vegeta eyed his flushed face and wondered how someone so gentle could be so powerful. That strange recurring fact was the thing that had infuriated him for all of these years. He had put in the work. He had taken the beatings and the humiliation that came with living life under Frieza's rule. But despite all of those things, here was a man who wouldn't hurt a fly but had surpassed him anyway.

~ He is only going to get stronger. . . doesn't even know what is about to happen to him. ~ Sympathy washed over Vegeta again. He knotted his eyebrows together. ~ Kakarot, what has this been like for you? ~ The prince's past had not been this far forward in his mind in years. A yearning to speak of a shared experience blossomed for the first time.

He scoffed. ~ Stupid. . .It's nowhere near the same. . . ~ A wall of pride slammed down on the fantasy.

Goku moaned and turned his head. His eyes squinted in the light from the window. Without thinking, Vegeta turned around and drew the curtains. Goku's eyes relaxed, and he breathed in; He continued to squirm slightly. Vegeta noticed the fabric of Goku's shirt was bunched up under his back causing him to arch.

The earth was in the most danger that it had been in since Frieza's decent on the planet. The threat was real. And it was sleeping uncomfortably in front of the prince of Saiyans. The thought had crossed his mind; it would be easy to eliminate the problem before it began. Get rid of the threat pre-blossom. Get rid of it in its sleep.

Goku mumbled, and a small whine vibrated past his lips. Vegeta's heartbeat picked up again. He remembered the feeling again. The same feeling that he had experienced during their fusion. If there was a true shared experience, it would have been that one. The thought was out of the question.

Instead of quietly killing his rival, Vegeta walked to the end of the bed, placed his hand on the underside of Goku's calf, and lifted it a bit to begin taking off his boots. Once they were off, he placed them on the ground. The larger man's silent suffering bothered Vegeta beyond his limit, and he could not give the reason a true name. He walked back to Goku's side to lean over him and straiten out the underside of his shirt.

His arms seemed to move on their own as his wrists moved upward revealing the bottom muscles of Goku's stomach, the middle, and then the top. Vegeta's eyes followed. ~ It's cold. . ., but he is sweating. . .~ He secretly gave his actions meaning. Goku looked the same as he always had. Hard muscle crafted under a warrior's skin. But the inside's were changing. His emotions and hormones were morphing into something completely new.

The bottom of the shirt reached his chest. His pecks were sculpted rocks, and Goku's arms reached upwards as if in reflex. Vegeta lifted the shirt carefully over his face and past his spiky mop of hair. ~ What the fuck am I doing?! ~

Goku's eyes fluttered open, “Vegeta. . . ?” His voice was wispy, and the blush darkened over his nose.

His arms were still stretched out above his head, confined by the sleeves of the shirt clasped in both of Vegeta's hands as the prince leaned over him. Vegeta's chest filled with panic. “Kakarot, I. . . ,” He stammered.

But it was too late. Goku's head had flopped back over. Once again he was passed out. Quickly, Vegeta pulled the shirt past Goku's biceps and the rest of the way off. He flung it to the floor and walked briskly to the doorway. His breathing was erratic and short. He turned around. ~ Why is this idiot making me so damn nervous!? ~

It was time to leave. Goku wasn't going to sleep forever, but Vegeta couldn't help but to pause and catch his breath.

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