Come Together

BY : FaroreRose
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Son Goku was drifting in his short lived imaginings sitting relaxed at the bar watching and pondering the other patrons. There were only a handful of them left now; it was almost closing time. He could feel his eyelids getting heavier as the seconds ticked by. There was nothing here for Goku, and he knew it. - There isn't anything for me anywhere anymore. - He was drunk, and he knew that too. - At least the burning went away. . . -

The music was a distant river in his ears while he watched the couple next to him rise from their seats and wave over at the bar tender. He had almost forgotten about his new friend in the midst of thinking about kissing Vegeta. The two men paid their tab and began heading for the exit, their fingers laced around each other and bodies close.

The image he had of Vegeta quickly broke their imaginary kiss and faded into pixels of dust and color. - Why does this hurt? - Goku's chest tightened. He could feel his grip on his glass loosen. He decided to place it on the bar before his shakiness caused it to crash to the ground. Son shook his head gingerly back and forth, trying in vain to make the dizzy feelings go away.

The bar was spinning in the opposite direction of the world causing Goku's stomach to turn and breathing to quicken. - What am I thinking! - He hung his head, chin almost resting on his chest, to hide the flame growing across his cheeks. - Vegeta? - Tears sparked in his eyes. The feelings of loneliness crept through the shadows of the bar and into his heart. - I can't be thinking of Vegeta that way! - Goku remembered his episode back in the prince's bedroom. His rival's scent was everywhere. He remembered the way it engulfed his senses, making his body hot and spine tingle. - What's wrong with me!? Vegeta is a man! He would kill me!. . . But those guys were men too. . . . I don't understand. . . -

Son could not place his feelings. They were too spastic, flopping around in his core from one to the other, and terrifying. This fear was like nothing before. The pain of battle or death could not compare to the chilled touch of dark matter emotions; they were real but nameless, shapeless, and void. Goku began to space out again, eyes wide looking down at his hanging feet when a voice broke through the vacuum. “Honey. . .Hun. . .It's closing time. . .”

A light touch on his shoulder untied Goku's mind and freed him from his drifting silence. He looked up, tears still gripping at his bottom lashes, to see the bartender giving him a concerned look. - Oh yea. . . I'm still in the city. - His body wobbled back and forth on his stool. Son finally made eye contact with the other man, “Umm. . . Okay, I think. . .I'm just going to sleep he. . . here. .” His head started to slump back down only to be stopped by the touch of slender fingers.

“Well, sweetie, I hate to tell ya, but you can't stay here. I've got to lock up. Are you okay?” He spoke in a whisper, looking Son over to determine his state.

The timed lights in the bar flashed to life, filling the once dark area with a sharp radiance. The four corners of the room seemed to direct the beams directly into his pupils. Goku snapped his eyes shut and brought his hands up to cover his face. The light stabbed at his vision causing white pops to form behind his lids. He groaned loudly, his balance wavering.

The bar tender shot his arms across the bar gripping both of the warrior's shoulders to steady him atop his seat. "Okay! Okay!" Once Goku was steady, the slender man released him, placed both his hands on his hips, and shook his head. " I can't let you drive like this. . ." His eyes closed with slight frustration. ". . . Not in good conscience. . ."

Goku looked over the bar towards him to cock a drunken eyebrow. "Oh,. . . . it's okay. I. . . didn't drive here." His tears flowed free of their optic prison to fall on the bar top. Son's lips shook. "I. . . I just. . .want to sleep. . ." He lowered his head once more as his body wavered forward.

The bar tender looked shocked. “Okay, hun, where do you live?” He grabbed a small tote bag from one of the various under-shelves containing supplies, opened it, pulled out a ring of keys, then paused.

Goku sniffed as well as he could and attempted to dry his face with his forearm, hiccuping a few times in the process. “I. . .hiccup. . .I can't go back there. . .There isn't anything for me there anymore. . .It's just . . .hiccup. . . empty now, ya know. . .” Son buried his head in his arms that were now cross folded together in front of him. His entire body shook with the force of his lament. Everything poured out from his skin to resonate in the air around him; all of his fear emerged like vomit as he cried. “It feels better to die. . . doesn't . . .hiccup. . . hu. . .Hurt this much.”

The Saiyan wasn't thinking clearly. Words were coming forth that he knew the other man wouldn't understand, but it didn't matter. The pain in his chest was a hole that his ex-wife had been digging for years coupled with a mysterious ache and longing for some nonexistent pleasure that eluded him.

“Don't. . . Don't make me go back there. . .” He continued to shake despite his tears beginning to dry. “Please.” Goku sniffed one more time, his head still in his arms resting between the bends of his elbows.

The bar tender frowned and turned his eyes.

“Sweetie, I've seen this a thousand times before.” He reached over to pat the top of Son's head after swinging his bag over his arm. “I know.” He shushed the muscled man before him. “I know it's hard, but forget about him.”

Goku looked up. - Forget him? . . .I feel sick. . . Vegeta? - He pondered the abilities of the bar tender. He had encountered countless people and creatures over his life with numerous capabilities. And given his drunken thought process, a human with mind reading wasn't something that would surprise him. Did the man know that his brain couldn't dispose of the image of his Saiyan counterpart? His bottom lip quivered again.

“I could never forget him. . . He is the only one who knows who I am. . .Maybe he knows better than . . .better than me. . . But I am afraid.” Goku paused to wipe his arm under his nose then shuttered. “If I go to him for help. . .he would. . .he would make fun of me. . . and turn me away.”

The bartender sighed and grabbed hold of Son's shoulders again. “What is your name, sweetie?”

Goku looked up into his eyes. “Oh. My name?” - What does my human name even mean anymore? - “My name is Goku.”

"It's nice to formally meet you, Goku. My name is Liume." His hold on Goku's shoulders didn't loosen as he spoke. He could feel the muscle under his hands and without understanding Goku's loss of power, knew that Son was exceptionally strong. The warrior could snap him in half easily if he chose to do so.

“It's. . .hiccup. . .nice to meet you too.”

“Goku, you're a nice person, aren't you?”

Somehow Goku knew that the question was sincere. This man had no real knowledge of him, mind reading or not. He smiled a little. “I like to think so. . .but I'm not so sure. . . hiccup. . . anymore. . .” - Am I a nice person? . . . I want to sleep so bad. . . please let me sleep. -

Liume laughed. His voice was like a wind chime. It reminded Goku of the breezy mornings outside of his grandpa's hut.

“Okay, Goku.” He broke their touch, putting his hands on his hips again. “Would you like to come with me? I don't have a spare room, but I've got a couch. You can sleep there for tonight until you sober up if you want.” He cocked his head to the side waiting for a response.

Goku drifted to his right almost causing him to fall once again. - Does it matter where I am or where I go? - He caught himself this time, fingers dragging across the glossed wood. "Okay. . . yea. . ." He tried to stand but the dizziness enclosed on him.

“Hold on! Let me help you!”

Liume raced around the bar top, his keys jingling in one hand and bag bouncing against his back. He reached the large man and proceeded to help Goku stand. “You got it? Okay, just hold on to my shoulder. My car is out back.” Liume steadied the Saiyan and began walking him to the door. “We can worry about your tab later.”

The walk to the car felt to Goku like it only took a moment. One second he was falling off a bar stool and the next he was being surrounded by the smell of leather and the sounds of the engine cranking up. He rested his temple against the glass of the window and watched the lights of the city speed by outside. For the first time he realized how much he missed flying. The lights from above were much prettier.

Before the rumbling of the car under him could lull him into sleep he spoke. “Thank you.”

In the driver seat, Liume smiled. “Don't worry about it.”

The sun was coming up over the horizon, filling the sky with a pink hue.

- Vegeta, . . . I missed you when you were gone. -


Vegeta turned away from Bulma's bedroom door to walk quietly back through the hallway and down two flights of stairs. ~ Fuck her and her little boyfriend! I don't need her help! ~ He knew that this was no time to get into another argument with his ex wife. He had to get to Kakarot. Asking Bulma anything would only slow him down. It was close to sunrise, and he had already wasted enough time by listening in on her phone call.

~ How am I going to find him? ~ It was chilly outside. The air traveled in circles within the wind sweeping over the front lawn. Across the way, his eyes caught the bush he and Goku had sat behind the night before. ~I should have known then. . .I should have known.~

Without effort, the slender Saiyan lifted from the ground and took off into the sky. ~ His house is at least a start. . .if he isn't home. . .I will go from there.~

As he flew, the task he had sent himself on weighed against him. ~ I never thought I would have to deal with this. . . ~ The fact that his son was only half Saiyan was a blessing. ~ I have to hurry. ~ Vegeta surged his energy. His hair whipped backward pressing down against his scalp while the wind rushed in his ears. West City was behind him and lush green countryside hid below in the darkness.

In less than five minutes he had gone from standing in front of Bulma's door to looking down at Son's house. No lights were on. With crossed arms, Vegeta landed three feet away from the entrance. He tilted his chin upwards and sniffed. Kakarot's scent was there, but it was fading.

He already knew that Goku must have left a while before, but he rapidly knocked on the door anyway. There was nothing. The house was silent. Vegeta growled with annoyance and yanked the door open breaking the small flimsy lock to poke his head inside the living area. "Kakarot!" He yelled into the quiet.

Panic overtook him and he slammed the door back shut. “Fuck! I don't have time for this! I can't be babysitting that buffoon for the rest of my life!” His fingers laced in his hair trying to rub away his oncoming headache when an inner voice sprang to life inside his mind.

It's your problem. . .

~God damn it! I know! ~ He grit his teeth. ~ How do I find him? How do I find him!?~ The prince began to pace back and forth crunching dead leaves violently under his boots. ~ I can't just go sniffing around the entire planet; that would take forever, and I don't have that kind of time!~

Vegeta was becoming desperate. Despite his distaste for Earth's inhabitants, he was obligated to protect them. It had become his home when he had nowhere else in the universe to go. He would have to swallow his pride for the millionth time and ask for help.

A clearing opened up between the chaos of thoughts and what-ifs like a path through roaring waters, and Vegeta flung both of his hands downward in realization.

~ The fucking tower! ~

If anyone could find Goku without his ki, the little green imp could. The tower wasn't far. He could make it there in less than ten minutes if he pushed himself. . . So he did. Vegeta left a crater the size of a van in Goku's front yard as he sped away in the direction of Korin's tower. The force of the wind splitting before him left a wispy path trailing behind. He was an arrow with a pounding heart bound to reach its destination.

~ The small Namekian is Kami of this planet. . . If he can't find Kakarot I don't think anyone can. . . ~ The prince's hands were formed into tight fists at his sides. ~ Kakarot. . . ~ Guilt was beginning to form. It muscled its way up his throat causing a small knot to form there. ~ I should have talked to you about this. . .~

As insufferable as Goku was, Vegeta felt a small tinge of responsibility toward the only other full blooded Saiyan left. ~ It was my job. . . and I failed. ~ Goku's voice whispered inside his memory.

// “I know you're my prince, Vegeta. . .” //

He closed his eyes against the sharpness of the wind. ~ It's not too late. ~ His energy rose again helping propel him forward even faster than before. Eyes still closed, Vegeta felt the kis of five people growing closer while he zoomed towards them. Within a few seconds, they became clear. Yajirobe and Korin were the first to reach Vegeta's senses.

He was there. The long slender base of the tower had finally come into view. Without slowing, Vegeta lifted his head and chest to shoot his body upward so he could fly parallel to the tall decorative pillar of stone. Once past Korin's platform, he could feel the other three kis call out their names. Dende and Mr. Popo were to be expected.

~ Shit! The green man is there too. . . I can't have him spilling his guts out to Kakarot's kid about this!. . . It's non of his damn business anyway!. . . I'm going to fast! ~

It was almost too late. Vegeta had nearly collided with the underside of the lookout platform before he pulled up his legs to kick off from the tower, his nose skimming the underside of the rounded stone. He floated upward, and Kami's lookout came into perspective.

Piccolo was sitting silent in lotus position nestled under one of the trees bordering the entrance when he looked up to acknowledge Vegeta's arrival. What he saw was the prince holding his scrapped nose and breathing hard. Immediately the Namekian stood to his feet and rushed over to the edge.

“Vegeta! What's going on?”

Vegeta never came to the lookout without a reason. When Piccolo felt Vegeta's ki coming his way he had hoped that the Saiyan only wanted to use the time chamber for training, but he looked disheveled and even worried. The earth could not afford an emergency right now. Piccolo wasn't naive to the fact Goku's power was low. . . he just knew how to mind his own business.

As soon as Piccolo spoke, Vegeta released his face and straitened his posture. ~ I'm not thinking straight; I should have seen that coming. My fucking nose! ~

"None of your business, green man. I'm here to speak with the small one." His voice was cold. Skillfully, Vegeta focused on his breathing and slowed his nervous heart rate. ~ I don't have time for this. ~

Piccolo raised an eyebrow ridge and crossed his arms. “Am I suppose to infer that you are speaking about Dende?”

Piccolo had grown used to Vegeta's demeanor. The two had never been friends, but they held temporary companionship over the years for the sake of their new home. Both aliens possessed similar themes to their pasts; in a way, a mutual respect had formed. At the most, they tolerated each other.

Vegeta drifted over to the landing and stood next to the Namek facing in the opposite direction. ~ Kakarot, what are you feeling right now? ~ Goku was a full grown man, but Vegeta could not help but remember the pain and confusion of his so called coming of age.

“Yes, you are. Where is he?”

Piccolo sighed.

“He should be in the library. Do yo. . .?”

“I know where it is,” Vegeta cut him off and walked forward leaving Piccolo still looking out over the lightening sky.

He reached the main entrance and headed down a sloped pathway to his left that gradually decreased into a basement-like chamber consisting of two rooms. One walkway led to the infamous time room; the other, a small library. Vegeta didn't even bother knocking.

There was no handle attached to the door so he simply placed his palm against the stone and pushed his way inside.

What Vegeta expected was a tiny cramped and dusty space. What he encountered was quite the opposite. The room was far from large, but, rather than being claustrophobic, it was cozy and inviting. Books lined the walls and a soft yellow light pooling down from a single six-pronged chandelier filled the space. In the middle of the room was a wooden desk accompanied by a plush red armchair where Dende sat peaking through the pages of a thick manuscript. He looked up from his study to meet Vegeta's eyes.

The prince immediately relaxed. There was something about the little Namekian that could put anyone at ease. Maybe it was his stature? Such a small body posed little to no threat. Or maybe it was simply his gentle nature, having nothing to do with his physical weakness at all? Vegeta couldn't tell.

~ He will find him. . . he has to. . . ~

"Vegeta? I sensed you coming," Dende hopped down from his seat and walked around the desk to stand before the Saiyan, his head barely reaching the top of the wooden surface. He had grown since Vegeta had seen him last, but not by so much that he was unrecognizable.

“What can I help you with, my friend?” He was sincere as always.

Vegeta looked down into face and crossed his arms, his princely demeanor fighting to take control again. “I need to find Kakarot. It. . . is important. His energy is untraceable at the moment.” ~ Just keep it simple. . . I'm sure bat ears out there is listening in. . . ~

Dende turned his head and closed his eyes. "Yes, . . . I haven't felt anything resembling Goku for a while now." He looked forward to Vegeta again. "If you don't mind me asking, why is it that you want to find him?"

Vegeta frowned. “We have business to discuss. . .” His teeth clamped together. ~ Just find him! . . .I have to stay calm. . .~ The prince breathed in deeply through his nose. Dende could see that he was flustered.

“Does this have something to do with Son Goku hiding his energy? . . .” His brow ridge rose, “Or something to do with you?”

~ You little brat! ~ He was beginning to fume on the inside. ~ Do your goddamn job!~ Vegeta's arms came undone, and he swiftly bent at his knees now face to face with Dende. His eyes turned to shards. “It is none of your business, but if you don't find him for me. . . it will become your business very fast. . .”

Dende gulped. He knew what Vegeta was implying. It was Dende's duty to keep watch and safe-guard the planet. If finding Goku meant he was doing his job, then he would have to do this favor for the prince of all Saiyans. He held his little hands up in compliance. “Alright, alright. I'll look for him for you. . . I will follow you outside.”

Vegeta rose, and together they walked back out of the library door, up the sloping ramp, and back onto the outside of the lookout platform. Daylight threatened to break free in the sky, and Vegeta felt his nervousness flourish in his chest again.

~ Once I find him. . . then what? Where am I going to take him? Shit. . . what am I going to tell him? ~ He had thought of none of these things. His only mission was to find the idiot, but now his heart was thumping so hard that he couldn't think of a next step to his plan. ~ We have to get away from this planet. . . ~

They continued their walk until they encountered piccolo who was still standing looking out over the clouds. His long ears twitched at the oncoming footsteps.

Vegeta chewed at his bottom lip. ~ Will he even come with me? ~

Dende stopped next to his larger double, his toes resting on the edge of the stone peaking out over the rim.

Piccolo spoke without looking at either of them. “So you're going to look for Goku?”

Vegeta paid no attention to his words, still stuck inside of his running mind. ~ It should be simple. . . Come with me or you will end up killing the entire planet. . . He will want an explanation. ~

Dende raked his eyes out over planet earth. "It seems so." He spoke calmly while focusing on not Goku's ki but his natural weak forces. He looked for Goku's distinct patterns. His breathing, his footsteps, his heartbeat. . . All of Goku's indicators of who he was. The process of finding an individual without their ki was no easy task and took much longer than normal.

Vegeta began to fidget and growl under his breath. ~ We can't use his instant transmission. . . Need somewhere uninhabited. . . ~

Piccolo looked back over his shoulder pad. “Calm down, Vegeta. Why are you in such a hurry?”

That was enough to poke Vegeta's already thumping nerves. “Don't tell me what to do you pointy eared freak! You shouldn't have been listening to me in the first place!”

"Hey I can't help but hear everything!"

“Shut your damn ears then!”

“I can't!”

“Plug them up for all I care! Stuff something in there every once in a while!”

Dende's arm rose in the air to gain attention. “I found him!”

Vegeta stepped around Piccolo, now completely focused. “Where is he?” He leaned forward.

Dende looked up. “He is moving.”

“Moving?” ~ I know he can't fly. . .~

"Yes, in a car. It seems like he is sleeping in the passenger seat. . ." The sun rose from it's prison and leaked white beams into the sky. "He is in West City down a Parkridge Hwy. . . heading north."

Vegeta shifted his weight back and forth on his feet. His heartbeat rose again, and adrenaline filled his muscles. ~ Still in the city?~ Vegeta knew that the other Saiyan enjoyed the company of others but still chose to spend most of his time out in nature. It was surprising for Kakarot to spend such a length of time in such a crowded place.

“What's the Damn car look like?” He was focused, eyes straight ahead.

Dende gave him a nervous look, apprehensive. “Uhh. . . It. . . it's an older capsule model. Powder blue. . . Wi. . With a decorative silver pattern!” His voice was squeaky. Earth's newest guardian never did fully conquer his fear of the Saiyan.

Vegeta's eyes were narrow. Without a parting gesture, he pushed off from the lookout, leaving a crack in the stone. ~ I need a ship. . . ~

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