Come Together

BY : FaroreRose
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Bulma sat at her lab desk clicking away at one of the many keyboards and intently looking at the large monitor in front of her. Its glow reflected on her face as her eyes zigzagged, darting back forth reading the contents of the screen. A large glass of water sat next to her elbow, along with a bottle of pain relievers, ready to combat the effects from the previous night.

Bulma smiled. Her face lit up instantly as the screen flickered and an image appeared. The data that Vegeta had captured for her during his trip into space gave her everything she needed to produce a solid image predicting the events of the coming month. It was something that the earth had not seen in many years.

The image was of the moon. It was enormously large, shining dark blood red. The super moon was special as it was to occur alongside a full lunar eclipse during the Venus transition. An amazing show was about to begin, and they had front row seats on Earth.

Bulma couldn't wait to inform the astronomical board. Popping up from her chair, she quickly ran to another set of monitors across the lab, knocking over her glass of water in the process. If she was right, Capsule Corp. would get all the bragging rights in the world not only as engineers but as full members.

Her head was still pounding while she typed out her letter to the head administrator. Goku and Vegeta would just have to wait.

Bulma couldn't help but to laugh. Piccolo had found the two of them cuddled up together behind one of the bushes early that morning. Vegeta was sitting upright with Goku's head nuzzled in his lap. Both of them were completely passed out and incoherent. It was almost three in the afternoon, and neither one of them had woken up. She wondered what Vegeta was going to think about Krillin's joke. Shaking her head, Bulma hastily continued typing.

The next floor up, down the hall, and at the top of a few more staircases, Vegeta's eyes began to flutter as he lay on his bed in one of the guestrooms. The sheets were curled around his feet, bundled up like a nest. His shoes and socks had been removed, and the fan atop his desk had been turned on. He rolled over with a slow moan, grabbing at his pillow. The prince breathed in, waking with a pain in his right temple. Vegeta grimaced, curling his legs and gripping his pillow tighter. He did not want to open his eyes to the rays of light filling the room. He could feel their heat coming in through the window.

The plans from the night before had backfired, and now Vegeta was remembering the outcome of his actions. Gradually, he began to recall his conversation with Goku. Vegeta blushed, his eyes still closed. ~ I was way too drunk. I can't believe I let myself go that far. Kakarot was a blubbering mess. . . And what's worse is that I let myself feel sorry for the bastard. ~

// Goku was still sobbing; a small pile of vomit was pooling between his forearms as they rested on the ground. Vegeta sat still watching his counterpart lament. Goku whispered to himself as he bawled, pleading for forgiveness. He felt as if the universe was imploding on itself. He did not know who or what he was anymore. The battles were over. There was nothing left to fight for. Earth was his home, but it was not his origin. Down in the dirt, Goku began to realize all of this. He would never know what his true purpose was. There was nothing left but to sit on this planet and wait to die. But to become a monster? To kill his friends? Was this what it was to become of a Saiyan with no purpose? No pride? Was his Saiyan pride missing? Maybe Vegeta had been right for all of those years. Everything that he had done to protect the earth, the planet that he had called home, was any of it worth it? What was the outcome other than these empty feelings? If his dream became a reality, Goku was sure that they would all die in the end anyway.

He could remember the rage that he had felt during the nightmare. He recalled the relentless heat. What made it even more real was the fact that the scent coming from Vegeta was exactly the same. It was lovely and warm, but haunting and heartbreaking. Smelling it made his heart beat fast and his stomach flutter. “Vegeta...” Goku called out weakly. Gradually, he lifted his head.

“Kakarot, come here.” Vegeta reached out with his hand. His mind was murky, and sleep was calling; its singing was soft in his ear. ~ He is only a child. I know this now more than ever. ~ Again Vegeta gestured with his fingers for Goku to return. ~ Kakarot, you are too soft.~

Goku nodded and crawled back over to Vegeta. The prince looked down at him, frowning, reached up, and laced his fingers in Goku's hair. His hand rested on the back of the larger man's head as he gently pulled Son back down into his lap. Their eyes stayed locked together, and Goku shuddered at the sweet musk refilling his lungs.

Vegeta's lips parted. “You couldn't hurt me even if you tried, fool.”

Goku allowed his words to comfort him. Despite their arrogant nature, Goku understood what they meant.

Behind the shrub, the two Saiyans feel asleep. //

Vegeta frowned. ~ I hope no one gives me any shit about this...How did I get in my room? ~ He couldn't wait to hear all of the jokes from Bulma. Hopefully, she was too drunk to remember. Or maybe she hadn't seen them at all. The shame of embarrassment washed over him.

His brain felt as if someone were tapping it with an ice pick; he tightened his eyelids in an attempt to ease the sharp pains running through his head. Reaching up to rub his temple, the tips of Vegeta's fingers brushed something firm. His eyes snapped open.

Six inches away from Vegeta, Goku lay sound asleep, curled up on his side. The warmth Vegeta had felt did not come from the heat of the day, but from the snoozing man beside him. The sound of the desk fan had drowned out Goku's restful breathing. He blinked a few times in disbelief then grimaced with anger. ~ Those dirty bastards! Very funny. ~ Vegeta's face was flushed. ~ Someone must have found us and put us here. I bet it was that damn q-ball! ~ His face softened. ~ Regardless, I can't wake this idiot up yet...I at least have to get out of the bed first. ~

Vegeta looked Goku up and down. His head rested on one of his arms; the other was hanging in front of his chest. Someone had also removed Goku's shoes and socks and placed them neatly next to Vegeta's beside the door. His toes stayed curled in his sleep. Vegeta continued to stare at his face. It finally looked at rest. He could still see Goku from the night before, covered in tear streaks trying to hide away in his lap. The brokenness of Son had been revealed. His flesh opened up to shine a light on the tormenting fire that was burning inside.

Vegeta's closed his lips tightly. He was going to have to tell him. He was the only one who could. He was the only other full Saiyan left. What little he did know of their heritage, he was obligated to share it with the third class. Before anything, Vegeta was still a prince. ~ You won't care anyway. It's not like for you to care, Kakarot. . . Hell, it may not even surprise him. ~ His eyebrows scrunched together. ~ But this weakness of your is bothersome... ~

Carefully, Vegeta rolled back over, swiftly swung his legs off the side of the bed, and stood facing the door. He turned his head to glance back at Goku. Son was still fast asleep, drool gathering in the corner of his parted mouth. The muscles in his arms twitched slightly as he shifted. Their outlines cut deep into Goku's skin as if formed from solid rock. So much strength turned to waste.

Silently, Vegeta admitted it to himself; he was worried. If something strange was going on with Goku, could it happen to him too? The thought of being completely powerless was frightening. It had been close to forty years since the last time he had felt such helplessness. The last thing that he wanted to do was experience it again. ~ Once you wake up, Kakarot. . . Then we will see. ~

Vegeta was at the door, slipping his boots on when he made the decision not to look back at the other man. There was something about seeing Kakarot in his bed that put him on edge. He made it a point in his mind to pummel baldy the next time he saw him.

Vegeta had witnessed a side of Son that normally did not exist. ~ He couldn't miss his wife that much... ~ Turning the doorknob, he slipped into the hallway.

The prince's stomach growled, and his head still ached. The kitchen felt like half a planet away from the guest room wing of the estate. Clicking the door shut behind him, he strode down the hallway to the first set of stairs. Vegeta glanced over the railing, hoping to avoid any contact from leftover guests. The path was clear.

Halfway to the kitchen, he began thinking about the night before once more. Vegeta could remember the feeling on Goku's hair between his fingers. It was surprisingly soft and fine. He blushed, peering down at his feet. ~ Uuuh! I refuse to take place in any more festivities! If anyone mentions anything they will die! ~ His hands clenched into fists. ~ Kakarot, this is entirely your fault. ~

Vegeta's stomach rumbled again. He made a note to move his room closer to the ground floor. Now that Goku was sleeping in there, the thought of going back to bed bothered him. His eye twitched. Someone must have spiked his beer with SOMETHING.

The kitchen was massive. In the middle sat a giant island equipped with a flat top grill and overhead fan along with all of the essential utensils. Two more stoves rested against the far wall lined with marble countertop filled with mixers, toasters, and various kitchen gadgets. Beautiful wooden cabinets adorned the walls and gathered beneath the counter. A large refrigerator sat nestled in the corner; Vegeta strode toward it.

Back upstairs, Goku shifted, languidly waking into a hungover state. He quickly flipped the pillow over his head, trying to block out the light. He could still feel the dried up tears on his face. The warmth that was coming from the other side of the bed was now gone. - sleepy. - Son yawed beneath the pillow. Vegeta's scent whirled around the room, clinging to the bedding. Goku had been breathing it in for hours. It hit him hard like a blow to the chest. His eyes fluttered. - It's so soft. - Son nuzzled the mattress with his face, breathing in the strong musk that covered it. He began to drift again.

With every drowsy inhale, Goku's body melted more and more into the downy fabric. A light tugging pulled at the bottom of his stomach. Kicking with his feet, he found the top sheet bundled at the foot of the bed, and, grabbing it with his toes, he pulled it up over himself. The pillow now lay tossed to the side. The tugging continued. - Head hurts... Just want to sleep. -

The musk was filling him up starting at his feet and heading up to his throat. His dream was temporarily forgotten, and the fear of the scent strangling his mind was gone. At that moment everything was steady. Even the progressive pulse of his growing erection was rhythmic. It pressed rigidly against his jeans; the compression was too much. Rolling over under the sheet, Goku unzipped his pants to relieve the pressure.

Son peeked out from under one eye. A milky white hue hung in his vision. He was halfway there in Vegeta's bed and half somewhere else. The powerful aroma was pulling him further down, tenderly coaxing him into a gentle haze. “Mmmmnn...” Goku moaned quietly feeling the sensation of his cock being set free and rubbing on the cool sheet that covered him. He knew that this wasn't normal. He had heard of other men waking with a hard-on, but he had never had such annoying problems before. This was something different.

It was new, and Goku gave in to it. The sweet musk was too much to fight. The burn was there but low. It was a spark that could easily be turned to flame. “Nnn...ah!” A feeling of overwhelming desire seeped down his spine. Low on his back, it began to tease the spot where his tail had once been, sending through it small circles of tingling pleasure. Goku's back began to arch, and the warrior let his hand travel towards his swollen penis.

Son had never found the need to touch himself before. The thought of doing so only crossed his mind once, and even then it was passing speculation. In his current state, Goku let all feelings of shame or confusion go. They drifted out of the window with what little he had left of his self-control. The Saiyan caressed himself, letting his fingers slide up and down from his base.

With the palm of his hand, he could feel every vein in his shaft pulsing full of heated blood. Son's head tilted back, pressing hard into the bed. His shallow breaths fluttered the sheet over his face while he slowly pumped his erection. Every muscle in his body was tight with anticipation; his teeth grit together, trying to stifle the small sounds coming from his throat. He shuttered. From deep within Goku's chest, a growl began to emerge. It was low and steady. - I … I can't. It's too much..-

There was no stopping for him even if he wanted to. Son's body was running on auto-pilot and responding excitedly to the feel of his thumb running stiffly across his head, spreading a layer of pre-cum along the topside of his member. With every stroke, Goku's thoughts jumbled more until nothing was left other than the sensation of hot sparks running up into his belly and down his thighs. Desperation for release gripped him until his hips proceeded to buck up into his hand. Thrusting in short bursts, he clenched his fingers tighter, rolling his wrist in steady curved motions. Son's growl was now accompanied by quick terse grunts. Sweat began to build along the back of his neck.

The only thing that mattered in the universe was the feeling of now. Nothing else could compare. The scent around him was the most potent drug he could imagine. He allowed it to overtake his whole being and lead him, tumbling, into a dark pit of desire.

Goku's lower stomach tightened, and he could feel his toes curl. The sparks had started to crash into each other. Just then, Goku's mind produced one image surrounded by darkness. It was Vegeta. He was reaching out to him, beckoning Goku to lay in his lap. A wave of intoxication came over him as his orgasm rocked his core, making his knees rise off of the bed in little jerks. Son still stroked himself as his release ran down over his fingers. His legs shook, and his eyes fully opened as he breathed in. The flame was lit, and there was no stopping the fire from spreading.

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