Come Together

BY : FaroreRose
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Goku spun around. His laces caught in the treads of his sneakers, and his body went crashing down; his face hit the floor with an audible thud. He really wasn't used to these shoes. Apparently, Goku was determined to bring as much attention to his diminished power level as possible. He lifted his head from the ground sporting a bright red scuff mark on his forehead.

Vegeta stood in the entrance to the tent, arms crossed, eyes locked with Goku's. Vegeta stared. What was wrong with Kakarot? He let his eyes roll, un-amused, and walked towards Bulma. As he strode he watched Goku from the corner of his eye who was now rising from the floor apologizing to a worried Gohan.

He was weak. Vegeta could tell. Now was not the time to defeat him. ~That bastard.~ The extensive training he had been doing was currently wasted. Every other fighter on this shit planet was not worth the time. But Kakarot? He was Vegeta's golden prize. Defeating him in this state would only bring the prince shame and a nasty taste in his mouth. Regardless, Vegeta had to know what was going on. It was obvious that Kakarot's oldest brat was aware that something was amiss with his father by the expression on his face.

Vegeta turned to Bulma had handed her a small capsule pack along with a high tech looking camera. Bulma was too busy looking over her ex-husband's shoulder at Goku to pay him any mind.

“Woman!” Vegeta shouted.

“You don't have to yell, you big jerk! I'm right here, ya know!” The blue haired woman glared, “Can't you tell that something is wrong with your friend!?”

Goku grimaced. -So even Bulma can tell my energy is off. Wow, that's really bad then.- A pink blush spread across his nose and cheeks. -This is embarrassing. I should have stayed home. Vegeta is probably going to try and make me feel like dirt knowing him.-

“I have eyes, nitwit! Don't get on my bad side today after all I went through for your little science experiment!” ~The nerve of that woman, sending the prince of all Saiyans on a photography expedition... ~

“All you did was train on a ship for six months then occasionally snap a picture! It's not like you would have been doing anything else if you were here instead!”

Vegeta turned up his nose then spun around facing the lesser class Saiyan. “Come, Kakarot,” He lulled, “Bring your brat and let us spar. All I've had to beat on are those tiresome training bots.” He beckoned Goku with a slight flick of his wrist and a sly smile on his handsome face.

Goku felt a small heat in his chest and a flutter in his lower stomach. What was that? Was he finally gaining his appetite back or something? Whatever it was, it made him feel uneasy. -Why would Vegeta want to spar now if he knows that I'm weak?-

“Vegeta! That isn't fair!” Bulma chimed in again, “Goku, what's going on? You're not yourself. It's all over your face.”

Goku looked between Vegeta, Bulma, and Gohan. “Guy's I swear I'm okay! I'm just a little off balance is all!” He scratched at the back of his head.

“It's fine, Woman. He isn't going to expire;... His power level is low.” Vegeta smirked, “Isn't it Kakarot?"

Goku looked down at the ground.

“Yea...I don't know what it is. I...I'm sorry, Vegeta, but I really don't think I would be much of a match for you right now.” He laughed and shrugged off the strange shame that he felt. All of his emotions were pooling in his chest threatening to spill over.

Vegeta scoffed, “Kakarot, you know damn well that I am aware of that. I said to bring the brat. It will be he who spars with me. You and I will have a discussion about your power level later on, but for now, I am bored.” He raised his eyebrow, a cocky grin on his face.

“ You want to fight with me? Right now?” Gohan pointed to himself eyes wide and shoulders down. “I haven't been training as I used to Vegeta an..”

“Don't make excuses!” The prince cut him off, “Are you a Saiyan or not? Your father is obliviously out of commission for the time being, and this is what the earth has to protect itself?” He chuckled “Because when danger strikes, I'm sitting the next one out.”

“Oh, Vegeta, don't give him a hard time. Not everyone's skull is a thick as yours and Goku's.” Bulma turned to Gohan waving her hand in Vegeta's direction, “Don't worry, Gohan; he is just being an ass.” It was her birthday, and before the party could even begin Vegeta had to ruin it by starting a fight. What a jerk.

Through the conversation, Goku could do nothing but stand there looking blankly through everyone else and wonder what was worse...Chichi leaving him and taking Goten or losing his Saiyan strength. Either way, they both hit him hard. Never before had he felt so much pain. . . Not even when he died. Tears began to swell. Not wanting to reveal his sadness, the warrior turned and walked back out of the tent into the daylight of the party yard.

In front of him, party guest began to flood into the open space. Goku stepped forward and melded into the crowd. Dressed as he was, the only things reveling him were the tips of his spiky hair. He was already passing by the stage toward Krillin before they noticed he was gone.

Bulma frowned and crossed her arms. Sternly she growled at Vegeta, “You better fix my birthday, you royal jerk, or you can kiss the gravity chamber goodbye! It's too bad too. You would be homeless because you pretty much live there anyway!” She balled her fists, “I'm serious, Vegeta. You know I'll do it.”

“Like I care about your planet's silly technology. There are other planets with gravitational pulls far superior to Earths. Your threats are hollow, Woman...But none the less...Kakarot owes me answers. I can't pound him into a pulp when he is in this state... You! Brat!” He turned his head.

“HUU? Me?...Again?” Gohan had hoped that he could join his father and slip off unnoticed by the bickering ex-couple. He couldn't understand why Bulma still put up with Vegeta.

“Go and fetch Kakarot! I will follow in a moment,” Vegeta turned away.

Relief filled Gohan, and he happily jogged out of the tent after Goku, turning his head, and shouting back, “Happy birthday, Bulma!”

Son blinked away the tears that had started to form as he approached Krillin. His friend looked so different now sporting his newfound hairdo. Married life seemed to suite Krillin well, and, for the most part, Goku was happy for him; it was hard not seeing his best friend though. Get-togethers like this one became the only occurrences that Goku got spent time with Krillin after he married Eighteen. Goku missed their fishing trips and inside jokes more than ever. He knew deep down that he should just go home.

Krillin greeted Goku with a grin that took up half of his face. “Long time no see, Man! Why are you hiding?” His smile got even wider. “If I didn't see Bulma splash her drink all over your face I wouldn't have even known you were here!”

“Oh ya know, just trying to blend in for once.” -That was good. Let's just go with big deal. I'm not sick or anything. Am I? I haven't thought of that....-

“Uuuh? Goku?” Krillen waved his hand in front of Son's face. Goku blinked and laughed nervously. He had spaced out again.

“Sorry, Krillin; I'm pretty tired. I haven't ...” He fake yawned, placing his hand near his mouth. “...gotten that much sleep lately.”

“That's okay, Man. I'm just glad you made it. All of us got here pretty early to catch up before the party started,” Krillin looked up and shaded his eyes from the sun. “And by the looks of it, that won't be long from now.”

Gohan caught up with his father after spotting him talking to Krillin. He let out a sigh. For a second he had thought that his dad had run away from the whole afternoon. He placed his hand on Son's shoulder and squeezed it lightly.

“Are you okay, Gohan? You looked spooked.” The short man peaked around Goku's legs to look up at the young grad student.

Gohan panted a little. “Oh yea! I'm fine. But, Dad, Vegeta wanted me to catch you... he said he would catch up. Why did you run off?” Gohan was pretty sure that he already knew the answer. Goku turned to his son.

“Eh I can't stand to hear arguing; You know that.” Goku knew that Gohan would accept that answer. The way Chichi bickered there would be no doubting it. “And I wanted to come and see everyone else too.”

“Hehe yeah okay, Dad.”

“Kakarot!” Vegeta was heading towards them.

“Oh boy. Here we go,” Krillin spoke under his breath while rolling his eyes. “Party's over, guys.”

“Kakarot, you can't just walk away from me! Even if you refuse to acknowledge it, I am still your prince!” Vegeta wasn't afraid who heard his arrogance being announced out loud. The prideful prince locked eyes with the younger warrior determined to get a reaction. Attempting to push Kakarot's buttons was one of his favorite pass-times. It was almost as if he had missed the idiot. ~What a fool to become this weak and give me no explanation.~ Vegeta was a bit perplexed as to why it bothered him so much. ~I should dispose of him anyway! I've killed weaker beings...~

“I know you're my prince, Vegeta...” Son looked down at his kneecaps outlined in his tight jeans; a blush appeared on his face, and that fluttering in his stomach pulsed up again. -I've never told him that before...what was that? Just to get him to shut up? His ego is already killing me today.-

Krillin's eyes widened, and so did Vegeta's every so slightly. Rather than reveal his surprise to the response, he decided to act as if it was expected of the younger man to bow down to him. “Good.” He scowled. ~Seeing his father like this is confusing that boy of his. What a privilege to have such an opportunity. I could humiliate him here and now in front of his friends once and for all.~ Vegeta ended up with that bad taste in his mouth again. ~No...I would rather not...~ “Then tell me, Kakarot! Why have you let yourself weaken so rapidly? Why is your energy so low? It's obvious,” He smiled a nasty smile. “If this is your way of trying to get out of me killing you then you are greatly underestimating me!” Vegeta couldn't believe that Kakarot would ever do such a thing, but the truth had to be pulled out of him in some way.

“Oh jeez, Vegeta. Can't a guy hide his ki every once in a while? Don't you think you're taking this a bit to seriously?” Krillin pipped in. Gohan was catching on to his dad's lie. And so was Vegeta.

~That's his story? These earthlings are stupid...fighters or not. Even that blue haired devil knew something wasn't right with Kakarot. Does he expect me to play along? ...why not? We can take care of this indiscretion when I get that bastard alone.~ “Fine. You win for now, but don't think that you can get out of a fight with me.” Vegeta turned around slowly and put one foot forward. He tilted his head back, hair catching in the sun, to pear back over his shoulder. Looking through piercing eyes he spoke again, “You better be ready.”

Goku thought that his every movement was graceful even when he wasn't fighting. Vegeta could get the attention of an entire room or blend into the shadows, whichever he preferred at the moment. He most certainly was a prince. - Why does he always pick on me so bad? Isn't it enough that I'm embarrassed? He knows it too. That jackass... I'm too afraid to ask for help. . . Why am I here?-

As Vegeta left, Son's emotions began to level again. He wasn't sure how much more of the crashing waves he could take. This had to be a sickness. The feeling was as if his spirit was being sucked out of him. He was losing his grip. Something had to stifle these insane thoughts and help him think clearly again. His ability to focus on what was going on around him was diminishing. . . especially around Vegeta.

“What in the world is his problem today?” Krillin broke Goku out of his daze. “Goku? Are you sure your blood pressure isn't high or something?” He scratched his head, ruffling up his newly acquired hair, and snickered.

“Com'on you guys!” Gohan had made his decision. Today he would make up for lost time with his father and help him get past what was preventing him from being honest with everyone. “All of the guests are showing up. Let's go join in.” If his dad was going through something then his friends deserved to know. Everyone on this planet owed Goku their lives. They would never abandon him. Not even Vegeta.

Gohan knew this was certain. Despite Vegeta's crude nature and nasty demeanor, Gohan could tell that the prince had a hidden soft spot for his rival. Could it be that all of that was Vegeta's way of saying that he was disappointed? That he was worried? No matter what though, Gohan was determined not to let Vegeta make the day worse than he already had. Gohan had never worried about his father in this way. He was aching to drag Goku away and beg him to tell him what was going on. This wasn't normal. Goku was shielded and quiet. Not the lively man he was just a few months ago. What had Gohan missed? It was as clear as day that Goku did not want to bring any attention to himself. The best conclusion to come to was that it was best to leave him be for now. Gohan hoped that the other fighters followed in suit.

The afternoon rocked on with no more disturbances by Vegeta. He sat in his usual spot which was as far away from everyone as possible but still within earshot. Son spent the rest of the daylight hours of the party laughing and enjoying the company of old friends. It was almost as if he was at home. Memories of his childhood floated out of the mouths of his companions, and he yearned for a simpler time that seemed not so long ago. . . He would give anything to fly Nimbus again. The wind in his hair was something that he never thought that he would have to miss.

The food was delicious as always. The Brief family was known for its hospitality during events, and the dinner table proved it. Feeding Saiyans plus over 100 other close family friends and colleagues was no joke. The spread was nothing like anyone had ever seen. Every time an area of the giant table was empty, it was refilled with fresh food.

Everyone eyed Goku curiously as he ate from a small plate. He looked up from his rice to see the blank looks on the faces of his friends. “What?” He shrugged. “I'm trying something new. Haha! Give me a break you guys!” Goku's demeanor was calm and relaxed. No one could see the swirling of dread nestled in the bottom-most pit of his stomach. He was getting good at lying. - Probably too good – Everyone just smiled and continued filling up their own faces.

Master Roshi stumbled about with a glass of beer swinging around in one hand. By that time the sun had started to set. The party was thinning out as more and more guest began to call it a night. Everyone wished Bulma a happy birthday once again before departing. Soon it was only the Z fighters and the Brief family present. Goku now felt a bit exposed considering there wasn't a crazy amount of commotion to distract his friends.

Eventually, they were all gathered around the large scale tiki hut watching Yamcha do shots. His cheeks were red, and he swayed dangerously on his stool. Pu'ar tapped her hands together looking worried as she floated around Yamcha's head while Oolong laughed. Goku sat quietly, watching from the end of the bar tilting his stool back and forth. He turned his head away from the scene and captured Vegeta from his side view. The prince was watching him.

He had been able to avoid Vegeta for most of the festivities, but, now that the crowd was gone, it seemed likely that his conversation with the other Saiyan was unavoidable. The swirling vortex in Goku's stomach grew more violent when Vegeta stepped forward into the light coming from inside the tiki hut. -Why can't he just leave me alone?- Goku was oddly wary of Vegeta. Was it because his power was so low? -Am I afraid of him?- Or was it something else? “Kakarot!... I think you need a drink.”

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