Come Together

BY : FaroreRose
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On The Hills:

Gohan looked up into the sky with disbelief. His father was gone again. Goten was going to be sad. He couldn't help the feelings creeping up on him. It was extremely rare that he was angry with his father. It never happened. Gohan knew that whatever his dad did that he did it with love and reason. But this was different. Everything felt different ever since Bulma's party.

The young half Saiyan didn't move. He simply continued to look up and ponder Goku's motives.

Piccolo stood not far away looking at his friend. He felt sympathy for the young teenager and decided that it was time to tell him of Vegeta's previous visit to the lookout. He wasn't sure how to feel about the prince's behavior. He was obviously rattled by something. Vegeta was afraid. If it was something life-threatening though. . . surly he would have told the other fighters about it? A threat to one of them was a threat to all of them not to mention the entire planet. If Vegeta wanted to keep it a secret then it had to be something more personal.

Piccolo walked a few paces forward to place his clawed hand on Gohan's shoulder. His gruff voice broke the silence.

"Hey, kid"

Gohan sighed and gave the Namek a sad look.


“Before Bulma called you, during our training, I was going to tell you that Vegeta visited the lookout yesterday searching for your father.”

Gohan reacted with a surprised face. He turned and leaned in forward with anticipation.


Piccolo closed his eyes and crossed his arms in his usual manner while he spoke.

"He was in a hurry and bullied Dende into finding Goku for him. He refused to say why and had more of an attitude than usual. After Dende found your father, Vegeta just took off without saying anything."

Piccolo was sure that Vegeta couldn't expect him to keep his mouth shut. It was too late now anyway. When Bulma had called the teenager had practically broken the sound barrier when he took flight. It was all Piccolo would do just to keep up with him.

Gohan's face changed to one of worry. His father was acting very strange. He started to regret becoming angry with him during the party. If something shook Vegeta up so much that he felt like they had to leave the planet then why didn't he share it with the rest of the Z fighters?

“Do you think dad's okay, Piccolo?”

Piccolo huffed.

“I'm sure your father is fine. At least we know that the two of them are together and Goku isn't out there flying a ship all alone.”

“Yea. . . But why run off and not say anything? If something is wrong then the rest of us could help!”

“That's what I thought too. . . I'm not sure.”

Gohan looked out down past the hills towards Capsule Corp. There he saw Bulma, Mr. Briefs, and Yamcha standing together near the now-empty launch area. He turned back to his teacher.

“We should tell Bulma.”

Down Below:

Bulma still held her cellphone in her hand when she clenched her fists. Her feminine shoulders rose, and she hissed between her teeth. With a snap, the phone broke in half. Splinters of plastic and glass fell down onto her shoes. Angrily, she dug her heels into the dirt.

Yamcha backed away from her slowly with his hands raised in defense.

“Heeey, cum'on, Bulma. It will be alright. They will be baaack in no time.”

His shaky voice didn't give off the confidence that he wished it would.

The blue-haired woman glared at him with icy eyes.


Just then, she stopped. Her eyes cleared and her stance relaxed. Unclenching her teeth, she drew in a breath.

“That's right.”

Yamcha tilted his head toward her with apprehension, silently asking her to elaborate.

“He can't just DO whatever he wants.”

She had enough. Bulma could never forget that Vegeta had taken her for everything she was worth. . . nothing she did was ever good enough for him.

“That's my property, and I have every right to go after it!”

Bulma pumped her fist in the air.

“I'll show that pompous ass that he doesn't control everything! I'M GETTING A SHIP READY!”

Fist still balled, Bulma pushed past Yamcha and headed in the direction of the garage.

"I'll track him down alright! HE HAS NO IDEA WHAT'S COMING TO HIM!

“. . .Bulma. . .”

Bulma stopped when she heard her father's voice. She had almost forgotten that he was there. Still determined, she looked back.

“Yea, dad? I've got to hurry if I want to be close enough to track those two.”

“I'm sorry, sweetie, but you can't do that.”

He stood still and firm smiling at his daughter. Her strong-willed nature and willingness to actively prove herself always made him proud. But the Doctor decided to do what he thought was right. His daughter needed to get her mind off of the Saiyan Prince. He knew that this was unhealthy. Although he was a curious and strange man, he wanted, more than anything, his daughter's happiness.

Bulma was stunned. Her mouth dropped. Her father had never once told her no in her life! Yes, she knew that she was a bit spoiled, but she was grown now!


Dr. Briefs only smiled more and reached into his lab coat to fish out his pack of cigarettes. Carefully he lighted one making sure to turn his head away from the cat clinking to his shoulder.

“I know that, dear, and that's exactly why you need to let them go.”

Bulma softened at hearing the caring tone in which her father spoke. It wasn't often that he sounded this way. His voice was more clear and serious. It was a far step away from his usual muffled tone.

Yamcha watched from the sidelines wondering when was the best time to make a break for it.

“What. . . what do you mean?”

Dr. Briefs smiled widely this time.

“If you didn't notice, sweetie, that's not one of your ships; it's one of mine.”

He chuckled.

“Just got done with it actually. But Vegeta said he needed it. He seemed serious so I let him borrow it. Spent all morning getting it ready for him to take off.”

The Doctor was talking like himself again. He grinned and puffed on his cigarette sending plumes of smoke into the air.

"No, I did not notice!"

Bulma's face fell, and her previous vigor was starting to wear off. She knew she didn't have anywhere to stand. If her dad let them go in his own property. . . then there wasn't anything she could do about it. She grumbled to herself. Why did he have to be so nice all of the time?

“When did you build a new ship!? Dad, you shouldn't have let them take it!”

He only shrugged and continued to smoke.

“Sorry, sweetie, but it seemed important. Give them a little while. I'm sure the lad over there is right.”

He gestured toward Yamcha.

“They will be back.”

Bulma had given up. She huffed and placed her hands on her hips. Defeated again by the prince of all Saiyans. And with the help of her father of all people!


The wind whipped past Gohan and Piccolo as they headed down past the hills to the group below. They could see Bulma standing with her hands on her hips talking to her father. Yamcha was there too, but he seemed a bit frightened and out of place. From the looks of it, Bulma wasn't happy and was probably scaring the baseball hero to death.

The pair landed on the grass next to the launchpad and walked over to the others.

Bulma looked up with a frown.

“You're too late, Gohan,

She sighed.

“They are gone.”

Gohan gave her a sad smile, Piccolo nodded hello.

“Yea I know; we saw them take off while we were flying. . . I'm sorry I wasn't fast enough.”

Bulma walked over to the Demi-Saiyan and patted his back.

“It's not your fault, Gohan. I'm sorry if I scared you when you called. I was just mad at Vegeta.”

Piccolo looked over, and Gohan perked up, lifting his face to his father's long-time friend.

"Oh, yea! Speaking of Vegeta, Piccolo told me that he visited the lookout yesterday looking for my dad. Apparently, he was pretty on edge."

Bulma cocked an eyebrow.

“Oh, really? What happened?”

Piccolo retold in greater detail the story of Vegeta's visit to Dende and his odd behavior. Bulma listened intently while Yamcha settled into a comfortable position on the soft grass.

Dr. Briefs nodded in response to the tale.

"Yes, yes. Vegeta was in quite a hurry. Acting very odd. Goku seemed a bit nervous himself."

Gohan looked hopeless.

“So now what?”

He looked to Piccolo for any kind of reassurance.

“Do we do nothing and just wait and see if they come back? I have all faith in my dad, but doing nothing just doesn't seem right.”

Piccolo thought.

“I'm not sure, Gohan. We could go after them, but they obviously don't want us to. Something's going on. We know that. But what we don't know is if it's serious or not.”

He smiled and gave a rough grunt.

“The best thing that we can do is to do what we have always done and trust Goku.”

Yamcha bounced up from his spot.

“Yea! Piccolo is right. It's Goku. We may not know what's going on but we know we can trust him!”

The group brightened and all agreed, but Bulma looked within herself and flinched.

She knew something was up with Goku at her party. She just knew. That kid had been her friend for so long. She also told Vegeta about it. She pestered him into talking to Goku the morning after her birthday. Maybe something DID happen? Vegeta and Goku had a secret, and now, she had to find out what it was.

“Maybe so.”

Bulma decided not to share her thoughts.

“But we still need to be on the lookout for them to come back. . . I'll get in contact with the others and see if they know anything and give them a heads up. Maybe I can set up a line of communication with the ship too. What do you think, dad? What model was it?”

The doctor beamed with pride.

"Brand new model! A new design I cooked up!"

Bulma tilted her head.

A sugary high voice cleared the empty air between the fence and the launch area.

“Are you talking about MY ship, dear?”

Mrs. Briefs bounced up to her husband and greeted Gohan and Piccolo with a giggle.

“My, Gohan! You are getting to be so handsome! The girls must be all over you these days! Are you hungry, honey?”

Her hands were clasped and nestled against the side of her face as she cooed.

Bulma laughed at Gohan's darkening blush.

“Hey, Mom. Dad built you a ship?”

Dr. Briefs coughed into his fist.

“Yes, love, about that.”

He looked over at his wife.

“I'm afraid Vegeta and Goku had to borrow it for a while so our trip is going to be. . .delayed.”

Mrs. Briefs gave out a girly groan.

“OH NO! Not our second honeymoon ship! You made that one special! I already packed all my new toys on board. What a disappointment! Oh well. . .”

A butterfly flew past her nose and she became distracted while quickly regaining her spirit.

“How about I bring you all out a cold pitcher of lemonade!?”

Dr. Briefs laughed loudly and the rest of the group tried not to openly cringe.

Bulma tried her best to ignore her mother and she rolled her eyes. The only thing that mattered to her now was her burning curiosity about what the Saiyans were up to out there in the stars.

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