Come Together

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Part Two: Countdown!

Vegeta took his time collecting himself. The full view of Kakarot's naked body wouldn't go away. He closed his eyes tight and started to grind his teeth.

~ Tch. . . That goddamn clown is going to make me insane before this is over. ~

He sat slowly back down into the chair. The darkness of the screens peeled back to reveal the outside image of Earth. The ship was drifting peacefully in the planet's orbit.

~At least we are off the rock. . . But we aren't out of the woods yet. . . ~

Vegeta clicked away at the keyboard. His years of navigating space as about to actually pay off. The earth zoomed out and was replaced by a green-lined diagram of the current quadrant.

~Now. . .~

He scanned the dots clustered around the diagram and typed in their display numbers one by one. The results lined the left monitor. Vegeta read each planet's description carefully.

~That ones too far. . . we won't make it in time. . . That one has intelligent life. . . no. . .too far. . .can't fucking breath on that one. . . damn it. . .~

His nerves were flaring up again. The feeling of doom that was taking over his body acted as a game of wack a mole. Vegeta was determined to beat the hell out of the rat until it gave up. His fingers kept moving along with his resolve.


It was a small rocky moon belonging to the water planet of Nerus that sat nestled in the mid northeast section of the quadrant. It was uninhabited except for small animals and plant life.

Vegeta quickly switched his attention to the middle screen and rapidly typed in the coordinates. The ship's computer chimed when the input was accepted, and more information was loaded onto the monitor.

~It's the only one close enough. . . but it's still going to take us about a month to get there.~

His stomach turned.

~Is. . . that going to be enough time? . . .Kakarot. . .You fool. . . I refuse to feel sorry for you. ~

Vegeta grabbed hold of the main throttle bar and pushed it forward. The ship turned and darted away from Earth. The prince leaned back and breathed in.

~A month. . . ~

He stood back up and prepared to leave the cockpit.

~Stuck with Kakarot for a month. . .~

He snarled.

~It better be enough time!~

When the door opened, Vegeta took notice of the ship's small living area. Other than the pod doors and the opening hatch, there wasn't much to see. Other than a small red love seat sitting in the middle of the room, the largest object in the area was a flat-screen television hanging on the wall.

A tall wooden box nestled in the far corner caught Vegeta's eye. He took a mental note to investigate it later.

He let his eyes fall down to the floor. Goku's wet footsteps were still lingering there. Vegeta turned and traced their path to one of the doors.

~That must be the bath. . . ~

He felt the air around him and looked toward the room Kakarot had retreated into.

~ He is in there. . .I don't know how all of this is going to play out, but for now, I need to sleep. . .I can deal with talking to him later. . . ~

It had been so long since he had closed his eyes and drifted away that Vegeta forgot about his hunger. He knew all too well that it had been a while since either of the Sayains had eaten. Goku was worse off than he was.

~ He has legs! He can get HIMSELF something, damn it! ~

Vegeta advanced on the remaining untouched pod entrance.

~I'm not a babysitter! I know what's going on! . . . Kami knows what he is doing behind that door right now. . .~

A blush rose on his cheeks. Vegeta knew of the rushes and the urgent needs of a young Sayain going through this. . . but a full-grown man was another story. The image of Goku naked in front of him raced out of the darkness again.

~Why do I feel so embarrassed!?~

The prince was fully prepared to enter his pod and touched the button to open the hatchway.

~That idiot can touch and grope on himself all he wants in there! It's non of my business! I DON'T HAVE TO TALK TO HIM ABOUT IT! THAT'S NOT MY JOB!~

The door swished open, and, rather than being greeted with a cozy bedroom, Vegeta was bombarded by a pile of rolling potatoes. They tumbled out of cardboard boxes into the freedom. The room was packed from floor to ceiling with potatoes, carrots, beets, and onions. Vegetables crashed and bounced off of Vegeta and onto the floor.

Fumes lifted up from his head, and the prince clenched his fists even harder. The pure aggravation of everything that was taking place was starting to fill his body. Vegeta felt his blood pressure rise. His eyes were wide, and he could feel a twitch form near his right cheekbone when he tilted his head back to face the ceiling.


Vegeta's mouth hung wide open, and he hurled his upper body down and bent over with his head almost touching the floor. He panted and let his rage leak out with another angry yell.


From behind him, Goku's door swished open.

“Vegeta! What's going on?!”

Goku burst out of his pod. He felt Vegeta's anger sweeping across the void between them when the prince turned around to face him.


Son had taken the time to change into a white t-shirt and a pair of baggy blue gym shorts.

Vegeta swung his arm through the air dramatically. He seethed.


He jabbed his finger in Goku's face.


Goku looked behind Vegeta and took note of all of the tumbling potatoes. He looked down at his feet.

- I knew he was mad at me already, but this makes everything worse. -

“Vegeta. . .”

Son's voice was soft and filled with something Vegeta recognized. It was a whisper of shame.

"I'm. . . I'm so sorry."

He started to tremble. Vegeta cocked an eyebrow at him and watched as Goku shrunk down into the floor.

"It will be okay; I'll sleep on the couch, and everything will be fine. . . Please, Vegeta. . . I know that you are doing all of this because of me. I'm grateful, I swear."

Goku wiped his face with his hand refusing to look up at the prince.

“I know I got mad about Gohan and the others. . .I just. . .really don't understand all of this. . .”

Vegeta looked down at his rival and breathed in deeply.

~ Absolutely ridiculous! ~

He didn't understand where the shame Goku felt was coming from. His own shame was connected to his own past. Events there were different than in Goku's childhood. Where was the younger Saiyan pulling all of this hidden guilt from? The prince was puzzled, and for the first time, he really contemplated knowing the other man.

“What's wrong with you, Kakarot!?”

Goku decided to look up at him.

“Get up and start acting like a Saiyan! Didn't I tell you that this is normal! I don't know why you are so upset about whatever little pity party you have going on in your head! The only thing that you should be worried about is getting somewhere you won't kill anyone else! And for your information, I have that taken care of!”

Son perked up a little.

“You have it taken care of?”

Vegeta nodded his head.

"Yea, it's a moon that's close enough to work. . . but as I said, it's going to take a month to get there. . .We should be able to make it."

Goku stood and smiled a little.

“That's great, Vegeta. . . I'm sorry. . .”

His face was still shining with tears as he spoke. It was starting to make Vegeta uncomfortable. Son noticed the blush rising on Vegeta's face. The prince looked at him in confusion.

“ Tch! Stop crying. Go get something to eat. . .I don't want you to die before I get the chance to kill you.”

His arms crossed, and he looked away.

“I'm going to sleep, and don't you dare fuck with me while I'm in there. . .and try not to break anything while I'm gone.”

Without looking back at Goku, Vegeta walked past him and into the bedroom pod. The door closed behind him, and Goku stood blinking, scratching the back of his head.

- What was that? Did I do something again? -

His smile faded away again.

-Whatever Vegeta says. . . this doesn't feel normal to me! And what did he mean by pity party? This isn't fair! If I ask him he will get mad. -

Goku sighed and slunk over to the hatch leading to the kitchen.

- He is scary when he is mad. . . -

The look Vegeta gave him before he left was the only picture his mind could focus on. Goku climbed down the ladder and landed.

- He did tell me to get something to eat. . . Maybe he isn't that mad after all. -

A rumble struck his abdomen.

- How long has it been since I had something?. . .I don't feel like it, but I need to. -

The kitchen was small, but it was packed to the brim with all kinds of food. Not to mention all of the potatoes that Vegeta had discovered. He opted out of cooking and rummaged through the dry goods instead. There he found a large box containing about two weeks' worth of noodles in a cup.

Goku grabbed the kettle, filled it with water, and placed it on high on the little two-burner stove. He located a small wooden stool slid tight in a hollow spot under the counter. Its legs scraped the floor as he pulled it out to sit.

-Vegeta was right; this place is small. . . It's more like a house than any spaceship I've seen. -

The kettle began to whistle. Goku peeled back the paper lid to the cup and poured the steaming water inside. He replaced the lid and folded his arms across the counter to lay his head between them and wait. Son yawned.

-Five. . . minutes. -

It was too late. His eyes fluttered, and he was soon asleep, drooling on the counter.

Back up the hatch and past the living area, Vegeta stood on the other side of the bedroom pod door taking in the room. Goku's bag sat unkempt at the foot of the bed. Its contents were spilling out halfway onto the floor. Arms still crossed, the prince huffed and promptly shoved the fabric container into the bottom of the open closet with the side of his foot.

~What a fool. . . he acts like HE is the one who is going to die in this situation! ~

Vegeta felt along the wall next to the entrance of the room to find a switch. He clicked it upward, and the room filled with a dim light.

He sat on the edge of the bed to take off his boots when a panel on the wall caught his attention. It was flush with the metal of the ship and was completely hidden other than a round button directly above the head of the bed. Without hesitation, Vegeta stretched over and clicked it. The thin layers of metal sheet reacted immediately. They pulled back, one section retreating horizontally under the previous until a curved rectangular window appeared. It took up over half the rounded space of the pod wall.

The black vastness of space was revealed, and Vegeta sat looking at the stars shining out against the dark. He laid back on the bed, looking up out through the secret window. The pillow wrapped around his head muffling his ears to the hushed sounds of the ship's engine. The quiet paired with the cold view of the stars was peaceful.

~ It won't last. . .~

Vegeta could smell the lingering scent of his shipmate on the bedsheets. The musk was unmistakable. He knew Goku's smell very well. It was one of the few that he had taken the time to commit to memory. And, now, he was doomed to be surrounded by it for an entire month.

~Kakarot. . .Maybe I was too harsh. ~

Vegeta frowned.

~I don't care! I refuse to give a shit about his stupid emotions!~

The last thing that the prince wanted was to become more invested than he needed to. Kakarot was his rival and nothing more. He knew that he needed the other man to become stronger. Over the years, he had learned it to be true. As proud as Vegeta was, he was not ashamed to admit this fact.

~When this is over, I will continue with my training, Kakarot. . . And I will finally defeat you at your full strength!~

He rolled over and closed his eyes to the night stars and buried his face into the pillow. The smell of Goku filled his nose. Vegeta grumbled and flopped back over. He squirmed around in the bed, wrinkling and bunching the sheets.


The smell was so strong that it was starting to become invasive. Vegeta cursed his Sayain senses and clamped his nose shut with his thumb and index finger. He didn't know why it was so strong.

~It smells like he was in here for weeks!~

He pondered Goku's current state for a moment then realized.

~Oh for fucks sake! ~

Vegeta remembered a conversation from when he was younger. Nappa had informed him a long time ago that when a Saiyan was desperate to mate, their bodies let off a much stronger version of their scent. The problem could be taken care of easily if the Saiyan simply relieved himself of the tension.

~Is he. . . wait? Is he not doing that?~

He blushed and curled back up as comfortably as he could.

~How could he not be?~

Goku's anguished face played through his memories along with the other man's mysterious guilt. Vegeta couldn't help but ponder.

He was making himself uncomfortable. It was a weird feeling thinking about his rival as any kind of sexual being while being surrounded by his smell.

~It's not bad though.~

At last, Vegeta accepted the swirling scent and let his eyes become heavy with much-needed sleep. His muscles relaxed into the cushion of the bed, and his breathing became slow. He thought of planet Vegeta and his mother before falling into sleep while the ship continued on its course through space and toward the far-away rocky moon.

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