Come Together

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The first time I ever spotted you
It felt like I'd been caught
Your VIBRATIONS sneak right in
And don't take no for an answer

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Chapter Text

The Kitchen Sink:

Vegeta dropped down into the kitchen. His talk with Kakarot left him dumbfounded but slightly amused. Dirty. The idiot said it was dirty. Vegeta almost chuckled.

~ Gods, I'm just going to try and erase that whole thing from my mind. How clueless is that freak? ~

Goku's childlike behavior had puzzled Vegeta in the past, but this was truly odd. He remembered thinking the same way when he had learned the secret of Kakarot and his wife's divorce.

~I wonder. . . after this is over . . .I wonder if all of that will change? . . .STOP THINKING ABOUT IT!~

Kakarot's sexuality was none of his business and as far as he was concerned, it wasn't of interest to him either. But his own needs were different. It wouldn't be long until he had to do something for himself before he started giving off the same scent signals as his counterpart. The difference between the two Saiyans was vast.

Vegeta snarled and pushed the thoughts aside, taking note of the condition of the kitchen. Aside from the pool of saliva where Goku had slept, the room was completely clean.

~Did he even eat anything while he was in here? Kakarot can't even attempt to fixing anything without making a mess. . .~

Concern fell over him, and he grumbled. The prince shook his head and made a decision, walking over to the stovetop and investigating the refrigerator. He pulled out a large ham, a dozen eggs, two packs of bacon, butter, and four bottles of milk. Balancing everything stacked high with one hand, he made his way to the pantry. Pancake mix was flung out into the counter.

Placing everything down, Vegeta got to work. Pans clattered and utensils sang while he cooked a proper breakfast. The sound of sizzling meat filled the little kitchen, and Vegeta remembered the first time he had tried to cook for the oaf. Waking up in bed next to him was bad enough, and all of the food he had made was completely wasted. He felt his face warm up.


Vegeta couldn't help it. The time he had spent on Earth had made him softer day by day, and seeing his fellow Saiyan in this sad state pushed him into such a familiar lonely feeling.

// A young Vegeta hid in one of the air ducts of Freeza's ship. He shivered and buried his face in his knees. The prince's stomach growled, and he suppressed a childlike whine. //

~TCH! It's nowhere near the same thing. . . ~

He flipped a pancake.

~ Just forget about it. . . ~

After placing the dishes full of food on the table, Vegeta popped his head up through the hatchway. Nose turned up to the air, he sniffed.

~He is in here all right. ~


Goku's spiky head popped up from the couch. He had retired from the cockpit to lounge on the cushions. He looked at Vegeta, his face half-hidden, just his eyes peaked out from over the back of the love seat.

“Yea, Vegeta?”

“Come on. . .I made food.”

With that, he withdrew back into the kitchen. Goku blinked.

-Okay. . .-

His stomach twisted, almost eating itself. The cold noodles and broth from earlier had quickly worn off.

-I'm not going to say no. . .-

Goku lifted himself from the couch and climbed down after Vegeta through the open hatch and was met by the smell of freshly cooked pork and pancakes. His mouth instantly watered. Gazing over the table filled with food, his eyes twinkled with a familiar light. Vegeta had made all of this and invited him to eat. His heart fluttered.


There it was. A glimpse into Goku's former self and personality. Vegeta inwardly congratulated himself.

“Just shut up and eat, Kakarot. I didn't cook for nothing.”

The prince sat at the opposite end of the table and began to eat with his normal appetite in place. Goku filled his plate but continued to glace upward and over the table to spy on Vegeta.

Son watched his mouth wrap around his fork, lips glistening.

- They look so soft. . . -

He stared as Vegeta's throat move when he swallowed.

Vibrations ran through empty space and into Goku. Warmth flooded him.

- I don't. . . I don't think I can fight this. . .I don't know how. . .-

Son had walked into an unstoppable fate. Just being around Vegeta was enough to send his mind spinning. He thought about Vegeta's outline appearing behind the shower's mist.

- I. . .I can't tell him. But I can't stop thinking about him this way. . . -

Goku's imagination briefly took over. The memory of Vegeta washing his hair changed, and instead of announcing he was there, Son opened the shower door. Water dripped from Vegeta's hair, down his neck, and around to his chest. Goku's eyes relaxed, becoming hazy allowing him to sink visually into the fantasy.

The prince's hands moved quickly, but he was as neat and composed as ever. Licking his lips, he looked up at Goku.

Son jerked and hid his face in his food. He began to eat. The last thing that he wanted was for Vegeta to catch him staring again.

- What am I going to do? -

The taste of bacon hit his tongue, and Goku focused more on his meal. He had no idea that Vegeta could cook. If it was him, he would have burnt everything or just opted out for eating it raw.

Vegeta could feel the other man watching him. He thought about the invisible touches. He had planned on confronting Kakarot about it soon. Anger had turned back into pity. That was happening a lot lately, and his mind rattled on to itself.

~Why does he keep looking at me like that?. . .I don't want to ask him about it right now . . .At least he is eating . . . it's embarrassing anyway, and I don't have any proof. . .but I know. . .He is looking at me again. ~

Vegeta caught the blush on Goku's face before it turned down into his plate of food.

~ It's nothing. He is probably still feeling weird from earlier. ~

The two continued to eat until the table was empty.

“Thank you, Vegeta. I . . . didn't realize how badly I needed to eat.”

Goku's eyes sparkled. The very fact that Vegeta had made him a meal made his chest swell. He could feel the blood rushing away from his head and had to concentrate on his breath.

Vegeta only grunted in response.

Goku smiled shyly turning his eyes down.

“I'll clean all of this up okay?”

-What. . . what is this feeling?-

“Hmpf. . .fine. I'll be up top. There is nowhere at all to train properly on this ship so I guess I will have to live with some light exercise.”

Goku looked after him lazily, catching a whiff of his scent as he passed by to climb back up through the hatch.

“Yea. . .Okay, Vegeta. . .I'll go ahead and start down here.”

He sighed when he heard the hatch close shut, letting out a breath he didn't know he was holding. There was a sensation in his fingertips that wouldn't go away, a leftover form of wanting radiating out of the tips.

Goku knew what he wanted and still felt ashamed. Slowly, an acceptance of the situation digested along with his breakfast. Bubbles foamed and floated up around his wrists as he scrubbed the dishes.

He wanted to touch Vegeta. He wanted to feel him shiver under his hands as he did in Goku's dreams. He wanted to crawl across the table and taste his lips after he had licked them clean. Most of all, he wanted Vegeta to want him in the same way.

Son's hands gripped the lip of the sink, and he leaned forward; he had admitted it all to himself. The force hit him like a punch in the chest. It felt as if the wind was knocked out of him.

- This isn't. . . this isn't right. -

Back On Earth:

Bulma clicked away at her computer. She had been trying for over three hours to establish communication with the spaceship. Aggravated, she slammed her fists on the desk. Yamcha looked over her shoulder while Gohan stood to the side waiting. Piccolo meditated by himself in the corner.

Bulma huffed.

"It's a custom prototype so there isn't a model number registered in the system. I'm not going to be able to talk to them let alone track them if they are too far out. Our best bet is that I can somehow hack into something. Everything onboard is C.C. So there has to be a way. . .”

Her eyes narrowed with determination, and she leaned further forward.


Gohan had spoken up.

"Even if you do get in contact with them. . . do you think that they will answer? I mean; they seemed in a hurry to get out of here. . .and obviously, they weren't interested in talking to anyone."

Bulma stopped typing and crossed her arms.


Gohan watched her fume. It was then that he realized that this meant more to Bulma than just a spaceship. This was about Vegeta.

His dad had been acting funny. Even for him. He knew that his mom leaving had taken a toll, but he never expected it to last this long. His father usually could pull through anything. . . But right now, everything felt like it was falling apart.

Bulma threw her hands up in the air.


The demi Sayain jumped.

“Isn't there some kind of special way you guys communicate with each other? SPILL THE BEANS! I swear I've seen Goku do it before.”

Gohan sighed shakily before answering. He heard Piccolo scoff from his corner.

"Well, my dad is good at it. Honestly, I've never been able to figure out how he does it. He HAS opened a link and talked to me before from far away. But dad also isn't himself right now, and I don't know about Vegeta. . ."

Bulma grumbled.

“So you don't know how? But it's possible right?”

She swirled her chair around.

“What about you, Piccolo?”

Gohan thought about his sensei.

HEY! Yea, Piccolo! You can do that too can't you? You have spoken to me before when you weren't there."

Piccolo took his eyes from the floor.

“Yes, I can. But it's not that easy.”

Bulma's eyes rolled.

“Nothing ever is, is it?”

“What do you mean, Piccolo?”

Gohan adjusted his glasses.

“You are either born with the skill or you spend years meditating and training to obtain it.”

He shifted on the ground into a kneeling position. Pushing one clawed hand against his knee, the large green alien stood.

Bulma looked hopeful.

“So you can do it!?”

"It's not that simple. The only being that I have seen link to a person that they aren't emotionally connected to was King Kia. As far as mortals are concerned, you must have a strong bond with the person you are trying to connect with. Goku is my friend, but we do not share that kind of energy."

Yamcha waved his arms in the background.

“What? No ones gonna ask me if I can do it?”

Bulma pouted her lips and lowered her eyelids. Gohan chuckled and scratched the back of his head.

“Well, Yamcha. . . Can you do it?”


Yamcha laughed.

“But I know that Goku has talked to Krillin before.”

Piccolo spoke up again.

“That's right!. . .But I don't know if Krillin can perform the technique. . .”

Bulma rose, slamming her palms down on the desk. Everyone watched as she fumbled through her purse for her cell phone.

Bulma was known for her stubbornness and temper, but this was almost frantic. Gohan felt sadness for her, knowing that she was hurting deep down.

She scrolled through her contact list and put the phone up to her ear.

“Hello? Krillin?”


There were no leftovers to put away so Goku took his time washing the dishes. He needed something to focus on. Anything to help calm his mind. His stomach twisted at the thought of being finished. What was he going to do? Go back up and sit on the couch? Have a conversation with Vegeta?

- Tell him I want to touch him... -

His fingers slipped, letting go of one of the plates. The dish crashed to the floor and broke into several sharp pieces.

-No! What am I going to do!?-

Son looked down at the mess of shards between his feet. Carefully he stepped away to retrieve the broom from the corner of the kitchen. Sweeping up the plate felt better than thinking.

-Just have to keep myself occupied. . .-

The kitchen was clean, but Goku still felt dirty inside.

He looked around for something else to do. Some dust to wipe or spot to clean. Nothing. There was nothing. His hands started to shake.

- Man. . .what now?-

Vegeta was up there. . .but he couldn't spend the rest of his time on the ship stuck in the kitchen. There wasn't much of a choice. Goku swallowed and headed up into the living room.

The prince's smell was everywhere. It was muskier than it had been before. Goku's stomach tightened when he heard Vegeta's voice in the form of small short grunts.

Son began to grind his teeth when he walked to the left, spying on the smaller man on the other side of the couch.

Vegeta had removed his shirt and was down on his hands and toes doing little rapid push-ups. His breath escaped in a series of grunts that teased Goku's ears. The muscles around his shoulders stretched and rolled with each movement against the ship's floor.

- I'm staring again. . .-

Goku bit down on his lower lip trying hard to unfreeze himself.

A small bead of sweat rolled down Vegeta's neck and onto his chest.

Son gasped. He had quickly noticed the underside of his testicles start to withdraw and tinge with a tickling pressure.

Vegeta's head popped up to look at his shipmate.

"What the hell are you!... Looking at?"

It hit his nostrils again. Hard this time. Pure lust and heat. Vegetas nose visibly reacted.

Son noticed.

- Oh no! Vegeta can smell me! SHIT, THIS IS EMBARRASSING! Is he going to say anything else? -

Goku gulped and blinked rapidly to clear his vision.

“SORRY VEGETA! I. . . was just coming to tell you that I was going to lay down for a bit.”

He looked down at the plush carpet jutting out from and surrounding the couch.

Vegeta was still gripping it tightly with his fingertips and toes. He glared upward, the vein in his temple gradually enlarging.

“I know we are swapping turns. . . so I. . .I.”

Goku felt his face redden.

“I wanted to let you know. . . see you later.”

He turned around hurriedly and did a double-time walk to the ship's only bedroom.


The prince watched him leap through the door and disappear. The obvious was looking him in the face.

Anger flared up from the background.

His knees hit the floor, and his grip on the carpet weakened.

~ Those touches that come out of nowhere. . . Kakarot how dare you! ~

His past flashed over his eyes. Yes. . . he was angry at Kakarot. . .because he was angry at himself. Vegeta knew this but shut it away.


A blush seeped to his face, and his arms trembled. He crossed his arms to hold his shoulders and leaned back onto his heels.

~ What the fuck. . . I can't be reacting like this! DAMN IT! JUST LET IT GO AND GET THIS OVER WITH! ~

He shook off the horrible feeling and blew Goku's scent from his nose. Within seconds, the prince was retreating away into the cockpit. Before the door closed behind him a haunting thought reached through to his consciousness.

On this tiny ship, there was no escape from the future, and there was no escape from the past.


There was no relief for Goku behind the bedroom door. Just as Vegeta's smell had enchanted him in the living space, the scent of the prince lingered everywhere in their shared quarters.

Every bone in Goku's body rattled. The pressure in his pants increased while he gazed at the ruffled bedspread and pillow where Vegeta had previously lay sleeping.

- How am I going to sleep in here?. . .it's. . .it's like he is in here with me. -

He inhaled deeply and felt his erection perk up, fully tenting his shorts.

-In.. here...with me...-

It was a tantalizing thought.

The heat was becoming unbearable. Goku pushed down onto his growing length with his palm, inwardly begging it to go away.'s starting. . -

He winced and closed one eye shut tight.

-It's starting to hurt. . . damn it.-

He staggered forward and let his body fall face down onto the bed, leaving his legs dangling off of the side. Vegeta's smell hit him hard. Their scents mingled, and Son crossed his legs with a groan of discomfort. He inhaled deeply into the pillow before rolling over onto his back, feet still dangling off the edge of the bed.

- . . . What's that?... -

A glimmer of silver on the wall directly over the bed caught Goku's attention. He rose to inspect what turned out to be a square button flush with the ship's wall. If it wasn't for the slight color difference, the button would have been invisible.

- I wonder what this does. . . -

Goku ran his thumb over the hair-thin outline of the square before pressing it in. Surprise took over Son's face when he felt the bed begin to move. As the pop out of a camper, the ship's pod started to expand by moving the rounded wall and bed outward into space.

Goku's head spun in circles while he watched the room grow around him.

- Oh crap! . . . okay I guess. -

It wasn't too much of a shock considering who had built the ship in the first place. Goku started to shrug it off when the bed gave a small jolt. Another mattress with matching bedding slid out from the original then rose to create a king-sized bed. The process happened quickly and was completely silent other than a low scrubbing sound coming from the floor.

Son popped his head over the new addition to the mattress and found that it had pushed Vegeta's suitcase out into view. Goku eyed it cautiously.

- It's Vegeta's stuff. . . -

// "My shit is under the bed so don't fuck with it." //

Goku gulped. The other Saiyan's musk surrounded the suitcase. It was almost like he could see the swirls of scent circling up from it.

-Vegeta. . . -

Son felt his lower abdomen tugging at itself while he replayed the scene from the living area in his mind. His eyes unfocused, and their lids lowered. Imagining Vegeta's muscles ripple sent another surge of heat down to his groin.

- I know it's wrong. . . Vegeta I'm so sorry -

He thought about the small huffs and noises that the prince made while he pushed down against the carpet. His mind began to uncoil and become loose causing an image of himself licking the beads of sweat from the smaller man's neck to arise. Goku could see himself holding Vegeta by his waist, the small but honed shape that had teased his growing appetite through the foggy shower door.

His muscles tensed.

- Crap! It freaking burns! -

The heat rose higher and spread out down his legs and up to his back. Unknowingly, Goku started to grind his lower half into the soft cushion of the bed. The pressure was comforting, but it did very little to cool the rising temperature flaring inside of him.

Son was inching more and more over the edge of the bed, his nose coming closer to the case.

- Oh man! I need this to go away. . . -

He breathed in deeply through his nose and reached out with his arms to brace himself against the floor. His forehead was now only inches away from the very thing Vegeta had told him to stay away from.

The burning was now coming in short waves, each one bursting from his stomach and radiating down into his groin. Goku groaned, and the tears that were swelling decided to fall. They rolled down his chin and neck, finally falling from his collar bone to make three tiny splashing sounds.

The droplets sounded very distinct in the near-silent pod. It was like rain on an umbrella, the sound of water dripping onto something thin.

Son hung his head and saw that his tears had fallen on one of four sealed plastic packages that had been pushed behind the suitcase. They rested crookedly between the bottom edge of the bed and the case. The largest of them contained something long, thick, and blue.

Curiosity got the better of him, and Goku crawled the rest of the way off the bed to crouch uncomfortably on the floor.

- I know I shouldn't be looking at Vegeta's stuff. . . But what is this? -

He picked up the package and turned it over in his hand. The long blue thing was accompanied by a picture of an attractive woman in nothing but pink bikini bottoms. Her breasts were exposed; one hand rested on her hip, and the other held the same object that was encased in the plastic.

- That's weird. . . -

Son scrunches his eyebrows, trying to distract himself from the burning in his body. The pain made him want to hold onto himself and roll around the floor. His erection still throbbed against the fabric of his shorts.

- Just FOCUS! -

He opened his eyes wide and stared hard at the words above the woman's head in the photo. Desperate to distract himself from his condition, Goku was willing to read anything in front of him.

- Re. . .real. . .realistic. . .Dil. . .DILDO!. . -

Son switched his attention back to the object in realization. It was only then he truly took notice of its shape. His mouth felt dry and the reaction of his body was immediate. The burn flared like a flame turning blue.

- Why does Vegeta. . . Oh man, why does Vegeta have this? -

There was no stopping it. His imagination took hold, and the clear image of Vegeta laying sprawled on his back turned itself on like the reel of a movie. He was naked, every muscle of his body exposed. One of his hands reached down past his legs to work the toy positioned tightly inside of his ass; his penis and balls bounced lightly in response to the motion.

Goku moaned and shivered as the imagined Vegeta clutched the bedsheets.

- SHIT! NO. . . WHY?. . . VEGETA. . . -

The conversation from earlier popped into his head with a misunderstood perspective.

// “That's normal too!” //

His hands shook and dropped the package down onto the floor. The decision was instant. His resistance to everything was gone. Goku let go of all willpower and could only think of Vegeta. Without caring to inspect the other containers, Son leaned back against the bed.

His breathing was heavy, his face flushed, and he started to yank down on his shorts. The cool air hit his swollen penis, causing Goku to inhale through his teeth.

Vegeta pleasuring himself rolled through his thoughts on repeat. The prince moaned, and Goku could hear his gruff voice. It penetrated his chest and made his heart flutter.

Son took hold of his erection and rolled a bead of pre-cum clinging to its head down the length of his shaft.

- Vegeta. . . I want to feel you. . . -

He was embarrassed. There was still the feeling that thinking about his friend and rival this way was very wrong. Regardless of this, the heat and desperate wanting were too much to handle. Thinking that Vegeta pleased himself in such a way had set him over his mental horizon.

Goku gripped himself gently and began to stroke. He let the little waves of chilling release wash over him.

The Vegeta of his fantasy moaned again, the fingers of one hand digging into the sheet and the others sliding the toy deeper into his opening. His legs spread wider to accommodate the girth at its base.

- Yes. . . Shit! . . .Vegeta. . . I . . . -

Goku turned his head to the side, pressing his face into the edge of the bed and inhaling the scent of his fantasy from the sheets. He huffed and panted, increasing the speed of his strokes.

- I . . . want. . . I want you to feel good too. . . FUCK! -

Imagination Vegeta's eyes rolled into the back of his head. His mouth was slack with pleasure.

Goku's legs twitched at the rolling tingles making their way down his legs and into his stomach. The pressure in his lower abs increased causing his toes to curl.

Vegeta pumped the toy faster. His rough voice only moaned and grunted until Goku's mind took an unexpected turn. His lips moved to form a word.

- “Kakarot. . .” -

It sounded real in Son's head. Like a gruff whisper ringing in his ears.

The audible thought of Vegeta moaning his Saiyan name sent Goku's knees jerking with the rush of release.

He sighed and let all the sensations of his orgasm take hold. He felt his warm seed spill out and cover the outside of his fingers.

The heat was gone. It had retreated into his core to regain its strength for the next rising.

Son was still breathing heavy and was trying to slow his still rapid heartbeat.

- Damn it! Is it going to be like this forever? . . . Shit. . . I can't live like this. -

At that moment, looking down at himself, Goku realized a more troubling fear. His eyes glazed over slightly then began to water again.

- The heat. . . The heat will go away. . . But this feeling. . .I don't know if it will. . . How could I live. . . wanting him this way. . And never. . . forever? -

This was new. This was a heartache never felt.


Thank you all for continuing to hold out for this story <3
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