Come Together

BY : FaroreRose
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Goku woke with a slight chill. The sheets bundled around him clung to his nose, stopping his breath. Son turned his head away from the rumpled folds to breath in deeply before opening his eyes to the night. His room was dark save for the light of the moon shining through the window.

Cold and desolate, the awake world was not a place Son Goku wanted to be. To drift back to the land of dreamless sleep would be a feat more doable by a drowsier Saiyan.

It was unavoidable, then; he had to get up.

Laying in the bed would only result in Goku lingering on the edge of his thoughts for too long. He already missed the coziness of Vegeta's bed, and the warmth of the smaller man curled up next to him. Goku shut his eyes and frowned deeply at the thought, remembering once again the scent of the Saiyan prince. He wondered if it would haunt him forever.

Being around Vegeta would be hard now. Son was ashamed of his own fleeting thoughts and condition, and Vegeta's crazy new smell would surely drive him to do or say something stupid. It erased his normal thoughts and replaced them with a wild string of heat filled flashes.

Goku opened his eyes again. - What if I've got some other kind of disease? - He remembered his previous heart condition and scrunched his brow. - I'm not going to any hospital! -

He couldn't find a real reason to care about his medical condition at the moment. Everything that he had once known was still gone. After his show at Bulma's party, even Gohan was probably looking down on him right now. Plus he still didn't know how he had ended up in Vegeta's room. Goku blushed, clutching the sheets with a sharp intake of breath.

-What do I do now? … -

His options were extremely limited. In the past, Goku would take a walk in the woods surrounding the property when he could not sleep. In his current physical state, Goku was feeling fear of the unknown for the very first time. Never had he wondered what may be lurking in the bushes where he could not see.

The woods outside were treacherous. Much of the wildlife in the area could tear a normal human apart. And that meant they could tear Goku apart all the same. The local large birds and bears were enough, but he couldn't even handle a scrap with one of the wildcats. Son looked defeated as he lay there pondering the ins and outs of what it meant to be normal.

- What do normal people do? … other than work. - He was alone. Protecting a planet for years in which he did not even understand it's inhabitants. Despite his lack of power, Goku felt less human now than he ever did. - What do people do at night when they can't sleep? -

He thought about Chichi. Then his mind wandered to their children. - Gohan and Goten....why did all of this have to happen? - Goten did not deserve separation from his father. None of this had anything to do with him. Goku asked himself if the child Saiyan thought about his father. It felt like so long since they had seen each other.

Son's lips thinned across his face. - Maybe I deserve this. I still don't know why, but that's okay. . . Whatever reason . . . I'll accept it. But Goten. Goten is probably the last person on this planet that still needs me. I can't let him down. Not this time. -

Goku made up his mind. Thoughts of his son encouraged the Saiyan to rise and re-dress himself. A frown appeared as he realized that the shoes Gohan had bought him were still in Vegeta's room. -Back to boots, I guess . . .-

He closed his eyes again and focused on finding his youngest son's energy. It did not take him long. The boy was strong; his ki stuck out like a sore thumb. He was in West City. The BUSY part of West City. - What is Chi-Chi doing with him there at this time of night? - Goku placed his fingers to his forehead and breathed in deep. - I'm his father. . . I'm not doing anything wrong.-

The city was extremely crowded and lively. It wasn't a place that Son was used to. - It doesn't matter. . . - With a flicker, he was gone. The bedroom was left a blank void, its soul skating away through the window on a passing breeze.

The apartment was dark and small tucked away in the inner city. Among the shadows, Goku could see the sleeping silhouette of Goten, his chest rising up and down slowly. - This must be his room. . .- He hung his head slightly. - I should have known he would be asleep. It's really late.-

The darkness of the room seemed to grow and swell as the clouds passed over the bright moon outside. - I'm such an idiot. I should have waited until in the morning. . . wait. . . Then Goten would be in school. . . Right? - Goku stood fearfully still surrounded by the dark of his son's bedroom. The weight of his own thoughts pressed down onto his shoulders. His chest felt tight as his heart thumped rhythmically behind its prison bars. His fingers curled into what seemed a half-hearted fist. The gesture was all he could muster, his own anger at himself being smothered by this new feeling of shame.

- How little do I really know? - The lives of his closest and only real family were a complete mystery to him. The realization hit hard and fast. - I have missed so much – His fist found the cloth over his chest and clung tightly to it as Son fought off the will to shed his tears. He backed away slowly towards the bedroom door, his head still lowered and shoulders slumped.

As Goku passed through the frame of the door, his eyes that were once closed tightly in sorrow were wide open, their dark orbs lined loosely with wet droplets. The sound he heard was unmistakable, although he had heard it only a handful of times before. His is ex-wife's small sighs and groans drifted through the hallway of the tiny apartment. Listening closely, Son could hear the small sounds of the springs of a mattress being lightly compressed up and down.

-. . . Chichi. . . - Goku clenched his shirt tighter in his fist. Bile rose from his throat into the back of his mouth causing him to gag. - I. . . I can't be here. I should have never come. - The feelings of dread and shame were back but all too real this time. It was overwhelming, and Son felt frantic. His mind was going down dark holes that he did not know existed. Who was the man in the other room screwing the mother of his children? Had he been so easily replaced? - Why didn't Gohan tell me...? He had to of known.- He squeezed his eyes shut again letting the brief tears leak down his face.

Angry. The emotion started to grab and grapple at his heart when his fingers rose to meet his forehead. Without thinking Goku desperately searched for somewhere to go. Anywhere but there would do. The first thing he sensed was a large grouping of earthling ki. The signature was close enough that he didn't have to search long. It would do. The flash in the dark was quick, and Goku was gone.


“Don't tell me what to do, Woman! Kakarot is completely capable of taking care of himself! He doesn't need me to babysit him.”

Vegeta stood in the lower laboratory facing down Bulma. He was determined to not be talked into her nonsense. “If you care so badly then you should go look for him!”

Bulma shook her head, blue bangs swaying back and forth above her frowning face. “You were the one who told me that he was missing, Vegeta. If we want to be honest here, it seems to be that you are more concerned than I am. Plus you know you could find him easier than anyone else. I know the others can't sense him. I'm not stupid. But you could do it.” She crossed her arms, resisting the urge to prod him the chest. “There is something going on with him, Vegeta. Even if everyone else isn't completely aware, I know that you can tell too.”

"I don't give a damn what happens to him," The prince scoffed and turned away. She was right. If any of the fighters could find him it would be Vegeta.

For a few moments, there was silence between the two. Computers buzzed in the background along with the periodic beeping of the monitors. Vegeta could feel Bulma's gaze slicing chunks out of the back of his head as he waited for her to respond.

Why did he even wait around any more? He could walk away if he really wanted to. Had fighting with her become like a game? He found himself wondering what she would say next so that he could come up with a rebuttal, while Bulma thought of a way to make him take something she said seriously for once.

“Goku is your friend, Vegeta.” He could hear the shakiness in her voice.

“I don't have any friends.” There it was. Just another ass hole comment to continue the game. ~ Why am I doing this right now? ~

“Vegeta. . .please. Something is wrong. I don't know what has gotten into him. Yea, you can be mad all you want.” Bulma flung her arms apart in frustration. “So what! Krillin put you two in bed together. Whatever! Everyone was drunk. Just get over it and listen to me!”

“So it was the short stack that did it!” Vegeta spun around to face her once more. “I'm going to make him regret that one. . .”

“Vegeta!” This time she did poke at his chest. “I've had enough. Do what you want, but if there really is something wrong, you will have to live with knowing that you did nothing to prevent it.” Bulma lowered her hand and looked up into Vegeta's eyes. They were cold as always, but there was also a shimmer of worry there. “That wasn't Goku yesterday. He doesn't just disappear out of nowhere. Maybe to train, yes, but we both know that isn't what he is out there doing.”

Her voice was barely a whisper, and Vegeta watched as she studied his face for a sign. " You have already lost everything else, Vegeta. Do you really want to lose him too?" The statement was cold, and the question was even colder. She had taken her stab, and it had hurt.

Bulma brushed passed him. By the look on his face, she could tell that what she had said bothered him. The expectation was anger, what she got was quiet contemplation. Sadness? Maybe? She couldn't quite tell. Whatever came next was up to Vegeta. She was done with the conversation. The game was over. It was never much fun anyway.

Without looking back, she walked over to one of the elevator doors, pushed the up button, and waited for the doors to open. Vegeta watched as she entered the doorway. When Bulma turned to push the button for the first floor her head never rose. The doors closed on her slender form, and she was gone, leaving Vegeta in the cold emptiness of the lab.

~ Now what? What was I even thinking by telling her that idiot had disappeared in the first place? I can't just run around sniffing the whole planet. . . He will come back.~ Vegeta let himself fall back into one of Bulma's large rotating computer chairs. ~And when he does, we will. . . What will we do? ~ His stomach sunk. What if they couldn't find out what was causing such a weakness in Kakarot's power level? What if this was it? Vegeta was winner by default. ~ What bullshit! ~ He gripped the padded armrests.

Goku's sleeping face flashed in his mind. It was the last that Vegeta had seen of him before he had taken off. He had looked peaceful in his weakness. ~ That bastard. ~ Vegeta flung his head back in frustration and groaned. Was Bulma right? Did he really care that much? Did he not have anything else to live for? ~. . . I guess not. . . ~

Vegeta raised one foot in the air and bluntly kicked the desk in front of him, sending the chair rolling and spinning into the center of the large room. He spun there for a moment, his head still tilted back with one leg crossed over the other. The chair began to slow, creaking and rocking, the hum of monitors and equipment vibrating and mixing with the silence of the underground lab.

Vegeta let his grip on the chair loosen. He could feel the tension of his frustrations causing a headache to build behind his eyes. ~ Why can't I just let it go? I could fly as far away from here as I wanted. I could take over worlds, but instead, I sit here. ~

With one final rotation, the chair stopped. The room was dark now due to the lack of movement detected by the sensors. The only light was coming from the displays posted here and there along with their corresponding machinery. They cast their beams across the empty space and over Vegeta's upside down face causing his eyes to focus on the slightly larger monitor centered in the middle of the workspace. The image was clear, and the prince's eyes widened.

Vegeta quickly scrambled to uncross his legs and leap from the chair over to the display. His brows rose, and his fingertips scratched at the wooden table on either side of the key-bored there. His nose was only inches from the screen as he stared with an open mouth. ~ No. . . What is this? ~

Looking back at him was the predicted picture of the Earth's moon that Bulma's figures had cooked up. He blinked a few times before stepping back and studying the moon further. The base of his spine began to tingle where his tale had once been. There was no mistaking. It was the same. He had seen it once before. The feeling it was sending off was potent even for just an image. A rendered image at that.

~ This is. . . planet Vegeta's moon. ~ Vegeta felt his knees go weak. The pieces came together, closely knitted into a creation of chaos. Fear leaked from his expression, no longer containable by his will. Silently, Vegeta shook his head back and forth, arms outstretched in front of him as he stepped backward. The backs of his legs hit the chair behind him, and he stopped, tearing his eyes away from the image of the rusty moon. The prince placed his hand over his stomach, resisting the urge to nervously vomit onto the floor.

~Kakarot,. . . I have to find you. ~

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