Come Together

BY : FaroreRose
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“All afternoon I haven't seen you drink anything but water, Kakarot. Is your power slow low that you can't even hold down a little booze?” ~If Kakarot doesn't want his little secret out to the rest of these earthlings, he will have to play along. I'll get the answers I want. Knowing him, three drinks in and he will spill the beans.~

Vegeta's presence was thick in the air as he leaned in closer to Goku. Although the prince's hands were in his pockets, Goku still felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up as if Vegeta was planning to reach out and touch him. Plus, there was something else... Goku recognized it immediately as the source of his flopping stomach and the elevated body heat that was leaving his face flushed.

It was a scent. A mesmerizing one at that, and it was with no doubt coming from Vegeta. Son could feel it filling him up as he breathed in. It was both calming and nerve-wracking at the same time. It smelled of a field of baby pines right after a heavy rain. Among the branches, someone must have sprinkled a dusting of lavender and sweet musk. It left Goku craving more. Slightly dazed, he leaned into the scent.

Vegeta stepped back swiftly right before Goku's nose landed in his chest. Almost falling off of his seat, Son straightened up and regained his senses. Their eyes met. Vegeta could see the blush on Goku's face. ~Maybe he is drunk~

“Watch yourself, you idiot! What are you doing? Trying to pass out on me already?” Goku could hear the slyness in Vegeta's voice. Everyone's attention turned from Yamcha to the Saiyans. Vegeta attempted a genuine smile, “Come, Kakarot! Enjoy the party!” He then walked past his rival, around the bar, and poured two frothy glasses of beer.

-What is he up to?- Goku watched Vegeta with scrutiny.

“Hehehe! He's right, Goku!” Roshi held up his glass. “Cut loose, my boy, and enjoy the view!” His eyes bulged out, directing themselves down Bulma's shirt as he tottered back and forth.

“You old perv!” Bulma quickly slapped Roshi on the back of his head and crossed her arms, glaring at the Turtle Hermit.

“Another birthday down, and she's still got it! Heeeheeh!” The master laughed drunkenly from the floor.

Goku had a hard decision to make. -Should I join in? If Chichi were here she would say no. She would say that I was setting a bad example for the boys.- He spotted Gohan standing next to Piccolo. Goku was surprised to see a bright purple tinge to the Namekian's cheeks and a drink in his hand. This really was a special occasion. Gohan was chuckling lightly at Roshi. -OKAY, fine. Maybe Vegeta is right. I don't want anyone to suspect anything is wrong.- Goku glanced toward Vegeta again. He was still eyeballing him with that weird grin on his face. -He is up to something though...- Vegeta slid one of the glasses across the bar to Goku.

The prince would get his way. There would be no swallowing of pride for Vegeta tonight. “Fine, Vegeta. I need to relax a bit anyway!” Acting cheerful, Goku tilted his glass and let the cold beer fall down his throat. It warmed him inwardly, and already Son could feel a brightening of the dark that had been his thoughts the entire day. Clarity for Goku always came as a heated moment in battle. His spirit would be low, but out of nowhere the light would shine. This time, his clarity would come from an entirely different place.

The beer disappeared, and as it dwindled so did the heavy emotions of Son Goku. His muscles relaxed as he sat down his glass. Son peered back up seeing that Vegeta had joined him in chugging their first beer together. That made him feel a bit more confident. -Whatever he is thinking, he is wrong. Just because I'm week doesn't mean I can't out drink Vegeta. I'll play along and still come out on top!-

Vegeta poured another two glasses and slid another across the bar, a cocky expression on his face. ~If they want family fun, then fine. I'll give it to them and humiliate that lying fool at the same time! Let's see how long your little secret can last.~ Vegeta held his glass in the air, “Kakarot's drinking! Let the real party begin!”

Everyone laughed and cheered. Even Piccolo was grinning, and Yajirobe looked up from a leftover plate of food to see what all of the commotions was about. Bulma looked skeptical turning to Gohan, “I wonder why he is being so friendly.” She jabbed her thumb in her ex's direction. Something didn't feel right. It burned Bulma up inside knowing that Vegeta was taking advantage of Goku, but there was nothing that could be said if Goku was willing to go along with it. Sure, he was naive at times, but for the most part, Goku had always known what he was doing. It was best left alone. At least everyone was together and happy for once. In times of peace, Bulma had learned to appreciate being around those that she loved as much as she could. After so many countless battles over the years, no-one really knew exactly how long until the next one would come along. The boys could have their competition.

Vegeta took a seat next to Goku, leaving the bar-tending up to Tien, who was having a hard time keeping up with the Saiyans. Goku could smell Vegeta's musk again. It was getting stronger. “I can drink all night, Vegeta, but your cologne is making me feel light-headed.” Goku closed his eyes, savoring the scent. “It's getting stronger or...something,” He whispered into his drink.

“I'm not wearing cologne, you fool. What kind of man do you think I am? You must be referring to that earthling over there.” Vegeta pointed at Yamcha. A surprise giggle slipped from deep within his chest. Goku was sure that Vegeta had at least eight beers or so by now. Maybe he could get the Prince's plan to backfire on him.

-Vegeta doesn't know how strong the stuff Bulma gets is. He must not drink it much.- Son felt that he had the upper hand. He watched Vegeta's eyes glimmer with laughing tears. It was a rare sight. He inhaled, drinking in the ever building redolence coming from his teammate. It was enhancing the effects of alcohol on his mind. For a moment Goku imagined catching himself thinking that the other Saiyan was quite beautiful. Especially when he was genuinely happy. -Looks like someone is having a good time. Maybe I'll join in- The scent was even stronger now in Goku's nostrils. It filled his lungs as he took a deep breath in before chugging down two more half pints and slamming the glasses on the bar. This was better than a hot shower or sleeping all day. This was dragging the darkness down. At least for a little while, Son could pretend that everything was alright. He could pretend that he was in control and that the shadows would dissipate into the night sky, compress, and become a black star. Anything was possible if Vegeta was this relaxed. -Is it because he knows that he could kill me if he wanted?-

“Kakarot!” Vegeta broke Goku from his thoughts by slamming his arm down hard across Goku's shoulders. Another drink was sloshing in his hand. By that time Goku had lost count of how many Vegeta had consumed. It didn't matter. Son felt as if he was floating. His whole body pooled with heat, and Vegeta's musk was clinging to him tightly, driving him to complete relaxation. “Tell me, Kakarot.” Despite being as drunk as he had ever been, the Prince remembered his objective. “Wha..wh..why have you quite all day?” He teetered left and right, using Goku as support; he gave another giggle. It was completely out of character for Vegeta to act this way. Goku found the laugh to be embarrassingly charming.

As Goku turned his head to the side, the tip of his nose brushed Vegeta' s. “Why do you..HICCUP!” -I feel so dizzy- “You are the one who is always...always..quiet,” They were still nose to nose laughing like best friends.

Everyone in and around the hut was smiling as they observed the Saiyans. Krillin couldn't help but feel a bit jealous considering Vegeta was picking on Goku so hard earlier that day. He wondered what had changed. Saiyans and strong beer were a puzzling combination.

“Hahaha if that wife of yours were here, Kakarot, she would be praising you for your good manners!” The prince let go of Goku's shoulders to grip his side. He was still laughing when he saw a look of grief come over Goku's face. “Good lord, Kakarot! Don't tell me you are still upset over that woman? She was a harpy, and you know it.” Vegeta wasn't the one to be giving out advice, based on his and Bulma's previous relationship, but he was right; Chichi could have defiantly been described as a harpy.

By this time the others had broken off into a few separate groups. Krillin sat with Master Roshi, Bulma, Yamcha, and Pu'ar at the other end of the bar, while Tien, Lunch, Chowtsue, and Oolong were watching Yajirobe in disgust as he pulled a turkey leg out from underneath his gi. Amused, Piccolo and Gohan stood at the entrance to the bar watching Mr. and Mrs. Briefs drunkenly dote upon Trunks, who was undeniably embarrassed.

At the sound of Vegeta's exclamation, everyone, no matter what they were previously doing, stopped and listened for Goku's response.

It came out of nowhere. Son felt the tug of his despair return for the comeback; the dark mist was snaking its way up his throat like a thick vomit. The thought of his ex-wife did not hurt him. No. It was the thought that maybe he wasn't such a good person after all. Why was he not a good enough husband and father? -That couldn' the only reason...? Could it?- Goku's vision became hazy. -But...Nimbus..?- And then it happened. The despair turned to real vomit, and Goku retched, leaning down from his stool, clinging to the wooden bar. Bulma stood from her seat, gasping, reaching out as if to touch Goku from across the room. Vegeta stepped back, wavered for a moment, then fell backward, landing on the dirt floor; everyone else just stared. No one had ever seen Goku in this state.

Son languidly lifted his head, spit, and took another large gulp of beer to wash the taste of puke from his mouth. He sighed. -This is...better?- Goku's vision cleared. The dizzy feeling in his head settled itself, and he became stable again. The sound of Vegeta shuffling to stand caught his attention, and Goku looked over at the man with thoughtfulness.

Vegeta was an ass, no doubt, but he did have a very particular way of showing that he cared about someone. Son had learned to pick up on this trait; he was sure that Vegeta didn't even notice it himself. -He is right. I shouldn't care. I'm so drunk right now that I would probably fall over if I tried to stand...But...I feel so much better...- He smiled down the prince, wavering in an attempt to offer his hand in help. -...Laughing here with Vegeta.-

“I know, Vegeta... Things with Chichi were never the best.” His face was cheerful, and his voice was steady, laced with a forgiving tone. The silence outside of the Brief household that night would be forever unsurpassed. Goku's friends held their breaths wondering if their hero was finally going to talk about the departure of his ex-wife from their marriage. They had all offered their condolences in passing but at the same time, didn't want to make their friend uncomfortable.

Vegeta took Goku's hand, allowing him to assist Vegeta off of the ground. ~Are we finally getting somewhere?... I have to hand it to him, low power level or not, he can hold himself together.~ Once he was off the floor, Vegeta looked his rival in the eyes again. They were shining but still clouded with sadness. ~What do I care? Spill the beans already, Kakarot; I'm tired of playing these games.~

Goku smiled again, still holding onto Vegeta's hand. “We only had sex to have the boys ya know!” Goku busted out, rocking back and forth and grabbing his beer again with his free hand, laughing the whole time. Vegeta's mouth hung open, and so did the mouths of everyone else.

~Never mind! He is definitely still drunk!~

“Dad!” Gohan called out to his father. “He..he..he Hey! Maybe we can talk about that later.” His face was red, and his lips were pulled into a thin line across his face. Did his father just say that out loud? Gohan wanted to fly out of there. Trunks looked up at him and grinned triumphantly, happy to be out embarrassed by Gohan.

“What?” Goku looked around the hut, eyes half shut.

“HAHAHA!” Vegeta, who had regained his hand, was grabbing at his sides again. “Kakarot, that is hilarious! You can't be serious!” In Vegeta's mind, there was no possible way that any full-blooded Saiyan would go without mating for too long. Hell, even Bulma wasn't enough to satisfy Vegeta sexually.

“No, Vegeta, ”Goku blinked. “I'm serious. We only slept together four or maybe five times. Tops!”He shrugged. Goku's body language switched back and forth between drunk and sober. No one could tell which voice to take seriously. Goku acted as if he didn't care about anyone listening in to their conversation. His insides were still warm, and the purging of his stomach helped clear his mind up a bit. Again, now that they were close, he could smell Vegeta. He inhaled deeply, briefly closing his eyes. Vegeta was the only one in the room. -I feel so weak. . . This smell.- The scent made Goku eagerly accept his dwindling power and want to curl up in the comfort of his own weakness. -It's nice.-

Yamcha chuckled under his breath, as did Oolong and Yajirobe. Pu'ar floated over, and lightly kicked Yamcha on the shoulder in an attempt to shut him up. Bulma blushed, her hand placed over her mouth to conceal her girlish grin. Master Roshi straightened up, grasping his walking stick while straightening his sunglasses. “HEHEHE! The boy has been deprived! That's what's wrong with him!” Roshi pointed over at Goku, one foot in the air with a toothy grin.

Son just smiled, scratching the back of his head. “Oh no, Master Roshi!” He gave his former teacher a confused expression. “Chichi left because I wouldn't sleep with her. Not the other way around.”

Vegeta looked as if someone had hit him in the foot with a hammer. ~But? No way! He is a Saiyan... That's impossible!~

The ball had dropped.

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