The Light to my Darkness

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Chapter 10: Discovery

Vegeta was listening in on the exchange between the Frieza crew and the natives, until at some point the line just went dead. He suspected that the Namekians were likely behind this. He smirked at the thought. They’d just made his job a whole lot easier. The Prince made no longer made any efforts to conceal his power as he flew off in search of the next dragon ball.

On his way there, he sensed a familiar Ki signature, all by its lonesome, with no one around to protect it. His lips quirked up into a menacing smile.

Dodoria was completely oblivious to the imminent threat, instead thinking about how he and the others would be able to find the dragon balls without their scouters, in such a monotonous planet. As he was lost in his thoughts, he felt a change in the wind above him and just as he looked up, the heel of Vegeta’s boot landed straight atop his skull, sending him tumbling headlong into the water below.

As the blob surfaced and made his way up on the nearest island, coughing out water, Vegeta landed just ahead of him, standing with his arms folded pompously. Dodoria tilted his face upwards and was alarmed when he saw his ex-coworker.

Vegeta began chuckling evilly.

“You Saiyan trash!!!” Dodoria yelled angrily, with his fist raised. “It’s about time I taught you some respect!!!”


Gohan and Krillin had just rescued a young Namekian by the name of Dende from Frieza’s goons, barely managing to escape with their lives intact. Not long after, they sensed out two awfully evil power levels in close proximity to one-another, both easily recognizable. Since they’d learned that the evil Prince could sense out power levels, the three of them had agreed to travel on hover-bike.

“Wait.” Krillin said, as he ceased his trek. “I can sense Vegeta in the same place as the guy who was just chasing us, what was his name again?”

“Dodoria.” Gohan answered.

“That’s the one.”

“What’s going on?” Dende asked. “Who’s Vegeta?”

“He’s the guy we told you about.” Krillin answered. “He defeated us on Earth and took out friend hostage. He’s incredibly powerful. But then again, so is Dodoria.”

“Who do you think will win?” Gohan asked.

“I’m pretty sure Vegeta will, but it won’t be easy.” Krillin answered.

“Yeah, I was thinking along the same lines.”


Dodoria began groaning as he held his fists by his side, elbows bent. He then smirked at his adversary. The blob offered Vegeta an ultimatum: hand over his scouter and leave the planet, or die.

“I see.” Vegeta replied smugly. “So you have lost your scouters? That’s terrible. How will you and Zarbon ever find Frieza’s backside to stick your noses in it?”

“Why you little-” Dodoria growled.

“Save it.” Vegeta cut him off and dropped his scouter on the ground. “You can take your little prize to Frieza. Far be it for me to stand in his way.”

Dodoria grumbled suspiciously, but then a smirk of approval lit his face.

“Hmmm.” He began walking slowly and cautiously towards the Saiyan. “I’m surprised Vegeta. I was almost certain I’d have to pry that scouter from your cold lifeless fingers. And to tell you the truth I’m more than a little disappointed that it didn’t come to that, but oh well. We had a deal.”

At that moment Vegeta crushed the scouter under his boot, as Dodoria looked on in shock.

“Are- you- insane?!!” He yelled. “Fool! That was the last scouter on the planet!”

Vegeta chortled.

“It was.” He confirmed. “And now that it’s gone I have the advantage.”

“Hah! What are you talking about?!” Dodoria replied angrily. “You’ll be more lost than I will. Now you’ll never find Frieza or the Nameks.”

“But you’re wrong.” Vegeta responded smugly. “You see I’ve discovered that it’s possible to sense power levels without a scouter. It’s one of the many things I learned during my time on Earth. Now I can feel the energy in the air as easily as the breeze upon my face, which means, I’ve outgrown these silly toys.”

“I get it!” Dodoria yelled, pointing a finger accusingly at his foe. “Those little brats I chased out here were Earthlings!”

“They were what??!!!” Vegeta exclaimed in shock, his eyes widening.

Dodoria went on about how Vegeta must have used the Earthlings to lure him away from Frieza but the Prince said that there was no way they could’ve travelled to Namek, given their planet’s limited technology.

“You are lying!!!” Dodoria alleged. “But guess what?! I killed your little friends Vegeta and if you stay I’ll do the same to you!!!”

The blob stepped back a few paces, his legs quivering all the while. The Prince had long since second-guessed what had Dodoria so unnerved. He told him of how his newly attained powers put his ex-General’s own strength to shame.

“You cannot be that strong!” Dodoria was visibly frustrated. “You can’t!!!”

Dodoria shouted the last two words and immediately began firing Ki blasts at Vegeta one after another, with everything he had. Vegeta easily dodged and was already behind him, before the smoke cleared.

“Are you ready to believe it now or do you still need more proof?!” Vegeta smirked, unshakeable confidence in his voice.

Vegeta grabbed both his arms and held them in a tight grip, as he began pulling them towards one another from behind. Dodoria howled in pain, as he felt his shoulders beginning to pop out of their sockets, while Vegeta laughed sadistically.

“It’s the true might of a Saiyan warrior!!!” The Prince chanted with pride. “The more we fight, the stronger our opponents, the stronger we become! I’m more powerful now than you can imagine!!!”

“Wait Vegeta!” Dodoria cried desperately. “Please don’t do this to me! I can help you! I know what really happened to your home world!!”

Those words immediately caught Vegeta’s attention.

“What’s this?!” Vegeta demanded and Dodoria turned his head around and chuckled for a moment, thinking he’d found his opportunity to strike a bargain. “Planet Vegeta was destroyed, it’s gone forever! What else is there to know?!”

“If you kill me now, you’re never going to find out!!”

Vegeta let go of his intended victim and Dodoria revealed to him the truth: Frieza destroyed Vegeta’s home planet, not a meteorite. He lengthily explained how, despite being an extremely productive asset to the Planet Trade Organization, what with their ability to transform during the full moon and all, the Saiyan race were growing stronger and stronger at an unusually alarming pace. They were also proud warriors who did not submit wholly to Frieza, as his other subjects had and so rebellion would be almost inevitable if the Saiyans had felt that they were strong enough to reclaim dominion over themselves and the Universe, in which case Frieza would have his hands full. And so he chose the safest option, which was to butcher them along with their entire planet and thus only three Saiyans remained.

He continued explaining how Frieza had taken a liking to the Prince and his prodigious powers and so had kept him safeguarded, while he destroyed Planet Vegeta with just a flick of his finger.

Vegeta listened on with his teeth gritted and fists clenched furiously. His tail uncoiled from his waist and bristled to three times its usual width, as it lashed about murderously behind him. All his life, he’d been lied to and used as a slave!! Him, a proud Prince of a race of brave warriors had been conned into a lie for all those years!! A lie he believed! What a fool he was! He had his suspicions from time to time but had always cast them aside, thinking that Frieza wouldn’t purposefully massacre a race as powerful as the Saiyans, not while he held their Prince hostage, giving him control over their every move, or so he thought. Everything was a lie! His eyes went pitch black, as a blinding rage began to consume him from within, though on the outside, his expression was as cold and blank as ever.

“Well there you have it: the awful truth!” An airborne Dodoria smirked. “And now that I’ve lived up to my end of the bargain, I’ll be on my way!”

Those words brought jolted Vegeta out of his reverie.

“You’re not going anywhere.” He said in a deceptively calm tone, a sinister smile of impending doom, aimed directly at Frieza’s left hand.

“W-W-Wait a second!” Dodoria protested in desperation, frightened beyond his wits.

“You’ll pay for your part in this, just as Frieza soon will!” Vegeta declared, his Ki spiking greatly. “But I want you to know: I do this not for my planet, not for my race, BUT BECAUSE YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD MAKE THE PRINCE OF SAIYANS, A SLAVE TO YOUR WHIM!!!”

As he bellowed his final sentence, he placed his fists by his side and a magnificent blue aura of Ki enveloped him. The ground quaked and rubble began rising from Namek’s surface.

“LORD FRIEZA!!!” Dodoria cried out, as he attempted to fly off, before Vegeta blasted him with a powerful energy wave that consumed him whole, disintegrating him into nothing.

“I promise you this Frieza!” Vegeta swore solemnly. “Your downfall will be at the hands of a Saiyan!”


“D-Did you sense that G-Gohan?!” Krillin exclaimed, absolutely alarmed, as he stopped in his tracks.

“Y-Yeah.” He replied, completely in awe of the power he felt. “H-He completely w-wiped out Dodoria- l-like it was n-nothing.”

Dende gasped. What kind of beast was that? He didn’t know, but he didn’t want to be anywhere near him.

“Don’t worry Dende.” Krillin assured. “As long as Gohan and I keep our power levels suppressed, he won’t be able to get to us.”

“This is bad.” Gohan said, frowning as sweat beaded his eyebrows. “Vegeta’s so much stronger that he was on Earth and back then, he beat us all up, even my dad. And then there’s Frieza.”

“I know Gohan, but at least something good came out of all this.” Krillin said.

“What do you mean?”

“Our enemies are fighting each other.” He replied, narrowing his eyes, his face downcast. “We’re already standing on the edge of a knife by getting ourselves in the middle of guys like that, but the less of them there are, the better our chances of survival.”

“I guess so.” Gohan concurred, “By the way, I sense a Namekian village not far ahead. Should we stay with them?”

“Yes, that’s a great idea!” Dende’s face lit up.

“Agreed, it’s probably for the best.” Krillin nodded, but was suddenly struck by a fearsome thought. “Oh no! If Vegeta’s after the dragon balls, there’s a good chance he’ll go after them next!”

“You’re right!!” Exclaimed Gohan.

“We have to warn them!” Dende said frantically.

“Right, let’s go!!”

And so the motley trio took off.


After killing Dodoria, Vegeta felt his muscles pulsate with fury. Frieza!! For all those years, he’d conned him! If he’d known the truth, he’d have never served that abominable, lizard fucker! The Prince zoomed towards the village he was after, intent on unleashing his fury upon every single Namek scum he found!! After a good while, he’d finally arrived.


“Oh, no!” Krillin exclaimed, coming to a sudden halt. “It’s Vegeta. He beat us to the village! He’s gonna kill everyone!!”

Dende gasped and felt his eyes water.

“Please, do something Krillin!” He implored. “You have to help them!”

Gohan grit his teeth furiously, as Ki began to emanate off of him in palpable waves.

“Gohan, I know what you’re thinking, but it’s a bad idea.” Krillin warned, shaking his head. “If we go in after him, we’re gonna get ourselves killed.”

“Please, I can’t let more of my people die!!” Dende pled, tears streaming down his face.

The demi-Saiyan boy’s power spiked as he heard the Namekian child’s plea. Why?! It was so unfair!! The Namekians were harmless!! They didn’t do anything to Vegeta, nor did Piccolo, Tien, Yamcha or Chiaotzu!! Why’d they have to die for?! Why couldn’t he just leave them alone?!

“I’m going after him!” The half-Saiyan grit his teeth fiercely.

“Gohan, no!” The bald warrior tersely ordered. “You know you can’t beat him!”

“But I have to try!” He argued vehemently. “He can’t get away with this!!”

“Gohan, please, you have to relax.” Krillin implored in a calm, low voice. “Listen, we can move in a little closer and see what happens, but we have to keep our power levels suppressed, got it?”

After a moment or so, Krillin was finally able to convince his younger companion to keep his cool. And so they headed near the village and lay low atop a cliff, to get a good view of the events that were about to unfold.


Vegeta stood midair as he surveyed his prey, engaging themselves in various activities, such as tilling the fields, planting seeds and educating their children. As he landed in the middle of the village, he instantly became the focal point of its inhabitants.

“It’s an invader.” A pointy nosed mid-aged Namekian surmised.

“What does he want?” Asked another older Namek.

“Which one of you is the elder?!” Vegeta demanded, adorning a hellish smile. “I’m here for the dragon ball! If you have it, get it!!!”

The Namekians began gritting their teeth at the intruder, growling at his overt impudence.

“I am the elder.” Declared the oldest of the group, holding a wooden staff, shaped like a war-hammer on the top end. “Now I must ask. What use do you have with the dragon ball?”

“That’s my business old man!” Exclaimed the Prince, his evil smile not faltering one bit.

“I’m sorry, but I cannot give you what you are seeking.” Responded the elder. “Only those who are worthy may claim the dragon ball.”

“Wrong answer!” He snarled as he pointed his right index finger at the old Namek, his thumb pointing upwards, as he prepared to get his hands bloody. Something was wrong though. His composure was somewhat shaky and he felt slightly adrift! The parched bloodlust that only moments ago yearned to quench some of its undying thirst, by savoring in the sweet, inebriating fragrance of gory death, was not as effervescent as it normally was.

‘What’s happening to me?!’ He thought, in dismay, clutching his head with his free hand.


“If you kill people indiscriminately, then you’re no better than Frieza!!” 

“I never claimed I was.” 

“But you can be.”

==End flashback==

How could she possibly think that?! Did she not know who he was?! Better than Frieza?! What did she mean by that?! Once he deposed Frieza, his entire plans revolved around being far more ruthless than the lizard ever was! It was in his nature as a true Saiyan warrior! He’d been in the tyrant’s shadow all his life, hated across the very ends of the cosmos, for crimes he’d been ordered to commit. Of course, he revelled in every second of it and his only regret was that he didn’t get to carry them out on his own accord. So why was some tiny part of him beset with hesitance and self-doubt?!

The elder noticed the alien warrior’s indecision and taking a gamble, he moved a few steps towards him, in order to try and capitalize.

“Elder!” One of the mid-aged natives chided, in an edgy voice. The village leader kept his gaze locked onto Vegeta and he merely raised a reassuring hand to the others, as he continued moving closer and closer to the apex of his destruction.

“Not a step closer!!” Snarled the Prince, whereby the elder stopped in his tracks. Vegeta gathered more Ki into his finger, ready to fire at any moment. Screw her!! He didn’t have any qualms about killing a swarm of repulsive bipedal slugs! And just like that, his dithering died away. As he was about to fire, the elder’s voice stopped him.

“Tell me, are you an affiliate of the group that has been attacking our planet?” He asked.

Vegeta narrowed his eyes at the old Namek.

“I am Vegeta, Prince of the Saiyans!” He responded boldly. “I work alone!” He then smirked. “Once I am done collecting the dragon balls and make my wish, I will annihilate Frieza!!”

“So you are not allied with the ones responsible for the demise of our people.”

“What of it?!” Vegeta frowned deeply.

“It would seem we share a common enemy.” The older Namekian stated. He had to protect the village at all cost!! He could sense the vast pools of energy latent within the Saiyan and there was little doubt that should he so choose, he could obliterate every one of them, with ease.

“Everyone is my enemy!!!” The Saiyan Prince gnashed his teeth. “Enough talk!! Now say goodbye!!!”

“Wait!!” The elder beseeched, a mere moment before Vegeta was ready to fire.

“I grow tired of this!!!”

“If we give you our dragon ball, will you spare our lives?” He asked, his heart fluttering agitatedly.

“Elder no!!”

“We can’t give him our dragon ball!!!”


“It’s okay.” The leader of the group assured them, before turning his attention back to the Saiyan. “What do you say?”

Vegeta smirked, before easing up his right hand and pulling out the dragon radar from his breastplate, much to the confusion of those gathered around him. After pressing the switch and checking for the location of the ball, he closed it and put it back inside his armor.

“The dragon ball is right there, am I correct?” He asked, pointing to a hut behind him with his thumb.

“How did you-” The elder was unable to complete his sentence, as a feeling of absolute dread and terror swarmed over him.

“There goes your leverage, old man!!” The Saiyan grinned and chuckled evilly, thereafter. The Namekians gulped as they saw the glint of murder in his deep black eyes. “Now prepare to be destroyed!!”

“Please, you don’t have to kill us!” The old Namek was practically begging. “We are not your enemy! We can help you!”

Vegeta’s grin widened, as he breathed in the redolent scent of fear emanating off of his victims-to-be.

“Oh really?” He chuckled. “And how is it you think you can help me?”

“We-” The elder hesitated for a moment, before begrudgingly playing his trump card. “I can help you make your wish, once you collect all seven balls.” He slurred.

“Elder, no!!!”

Vegeta’s broad smirk quickly faltered. Whatever did he mean by that?! He’d never considered the fact that a Namekian was needed for the wish to be made!! He’d assumed that one would simply gather the orbs, utter their desire and that’s that! Was there a series of steps that had to be followed, before making a wish?! Maybe the old geezer was trying to squirm his way out of this alive. But what if he wasn’t?! He couldn’t afford any errors on his part! He could decimate a bunch of feeble Namekians at any time! Destroying Frieza however, was virtually impossible, without making his wish for immortality!! He glowered at the elderly Namek.

“Fine!!” He growled out.

The elder breathed a sigh of relief and the fear began to palliate from his countenance. He turned to a young Namekian warrior and nodded his head. The warrior glared furiously at the Saiyan.

“Please, you must do as I say.” Implored the village leader. The other Namek let out a reluctant exhale, before getting the four-star dragon ball and bringing it over to Vegeta.

‘So this is a dragon ball?’ He thought, as he scrutinized the shiny orange orb, probably the finest looking gem he’d seen all his life and he’d seen just about all of them. Regardless, it was hard to believe that this orb, coupled with six others of its kind, could grant wishes.

“The moment I gather all seven dragon balls I will return!!” The Prince proclaimed, scowling fiercely. “And if I find out you’re double-crossing me in any way, you will all die painfully!! Keep that in mind!”

His eyes darkened with deathly promise for a brief instant, before he took off, headed straight back for the Capsule House to get some much needed rest. Loath as he was to admit it, he’d expended a great portion of his Ki, annihilating Dodoria, primarily due to the sheer lividity that had overcome him at the time. That’s right!! Vengeance would soon be his!! It wouldn’t be long before Frieza suffered an excruciating end at his hands!! That fucker would pay for all he did!

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