The Light to my Darkness

BY : SaiyanPrince541
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Chapter 39: Confrontations

In Kame House, a certain scar-faced man garbed a casual, black muscle shirt and a loose set of tawny cargo pants, secured with a leather belt that was black on one side and white on the other. He was putting on a pair of red velcro sneakers, when an intruder made his way into the room.

"Krillin, did knocking ever occur to you?"

"Come on, gimme a break." The bald warrior frowned. "Anyway, I was just gonna ask if you wanted me to come with you."

"Nah, it's cool." He shook his head and chuckled. "I'm not going there to pick a fight."

"I know, but-"

"It's fine, Krillin." The scarred fighter rolled his eyes, before looking solemnly at him. "Anyway, you were right the whole time. You told me for days and I wouldn't listen. Bulma did sacrifice everything for us and it was horrible for me to just snub her like that. She didn't deserve it."

"Yeah, definitely not." Krillin agreed.

Yamcha sighed forlornly, still unable to acknowledge the fact that she'd left him for that loathsome Saiyan. It was truly heart-wrenching, though perhaps a bitter karma for his own liaisons. But why Vegeta of all people?! He'd be less disheartened if it were Krillin or even Master Roshi. Okay, maybe not the amorous and decrepit old turtle hermit, but still! He shook his head clear of all those resentful thoughts. No point pondering over what could have been. Bulma would only be his friend now and nothing more. A part of him still hated her for what she'd done, but another part, dreamt that she would see Vegeta for the monster he was and return to his loving arms, once again. Maybe it was possible, but for now it was best to simply keep his feelings at bay, till he could sort them out properly.

And so, a short while later, he flew towards Capsule Corporation, hoping that this little rendezvous would serve as a step in the right direction.


As soon as the doorbell rang, Bulma made a dash towards the entrance.

"Hey Yamcha." The heiress beamed, startling him with a tight embrace, the moment she pulled the door open. She was wearing a loose, silken, light-ivory skirt, ending several inches above the knees, matching heels and a flaxen, spaghetti-strapped tank top. Her hair fell slightly below her shoulders, with bangs, covering her forehead on the front.

"H-H-Hey, B-Bulma hehe." The scarred man laughed sheepishly, a faint red hue flushing his cheeks.

"Come on in." She began leading the way to the lounge room. "Mom made some butter cake for breakfast, with lemon frosting. Vegeta ate most of it, but there's still a bit left."

"Bulma?" Yamcha stopped in his tracks, as he took notice of her right wrist, mottled a ghastly red.


"What happened to your wrist?" He frowned, staring gravely at it, almost afraid to hear the dreadful answer that would follow.

"O-Oh th-this, well- uh- it was just- it was just a l-l-lab accident- uh- yeah."

Yamcha's hackles bristled, searing rage boiling through him. He saw right through her little lie! How dare she cover for that vile beast?! This was not the fierce and assertive Bulma he knew! As if stealing her from him wasn't bad enough, he'd now hurt her and to top it off, reduced her, the most strong-minded woman on the planet, into a traumatized little house-cat! This was completely unacceptable and unforgivable! A nasty grimace contorted his features and at speeds the average human eye could never hope to follow, he raced towards the courtyard of Capsule Corporation, ready to slaughter the bastard that had the nerve to lay his detestable hands on the only woman he'd ever loved!

Bulma gasped, her nerves fraying. She quickly ran in Yamcha's direction, knowing exactly where he was headed.


Vegeta was practicing a set of leg techniques, when an unwanted intruder sauntered towards him, fists clenched.

"What the fuck do you want, weakling?!" The Prince growled at the repugnant human. Not deigned to reply, Yamcha abruptly appeared in front of him and connected with a savage right lead on the sweet spot, the vertex of Vegeta's chin. The Saiyan was sent flying and smashed into the opposite wall, taking it down with him.

'Fuck!' He cursed inwardly. It appeared that the 'weakling' wasn't quite so weak anymore. He had to be nearly ten times as powerful as he was during their very first encounter! Regardless, he'd crush him all the same! No one attacked the Prince of all Saiyans, unprovoked, and lived to tell about it!

Before Vegeta could get up, however, Yamcha expediently pressed his attack, jumping atop him, reigning blow after blow, brutally pounding his face in, crushing his jaw and bloodying his nose and lips. Damn this scar-faced coward! He'd completely caught him off-guard, like the cheap opportunistic scum that he was! He should've seen it coming, but it was the last thing he'd have expected from someone as feeble-minded and weak as him!

Though exhausted from long hours of training in addition to the punishment he was enduring, he refused to be done in by this filthy recreant. Vegeta growled in fury and used a Kiai to blast away his adversary. He quickly appeared above him and landed an elbow to the small of his back. Spit flew out Yamcha's eyes, as he hurtled towards the ground. Blinded by rage, the Prince was damn-near ready to level the ground beneath him with a tumultuous barrage of Ki blasts, until a cry from below brought him back to reality.

"Vegeta, stop!" The blue-haired woman earnestly implored, looking upwards, having finally made her way towards the scene. The Prince dissipated his Ki, his rage placated by only a fraction. Instead, he rushed towards the scar-faced warrior, ready to finish him off.

"Bulma, get out of here!" Yamcha scrambled to his feet, assuming his stance that very instant. The heiress yelled for the two of them to stop, as they flew head to head, exchanging blow after blow, neither holding back. Having trained with King Kai for almost four months and constantly sparred with Krillin thereafter, the human had a clear advantage over a frazzled and bloodied Vegeta that had spent months, starving and freezing in the snow, perniciously losing all but a tiny modicum of the gargantuan powers he once possessed and training a mere few days, since his return to Earth.

Minutes later, Vegeta was sent plummeting downwards, Yamcha landing several feet away from his battered, bruised and flattened figure. He was ready to fire the finishing Ki blast, until Bulma moved in front of him and threw a hard slap, right across his face, breaking him from his rage-induced lycanthropy.

"Get out!" She hissed, the poison in her voice, unabashedly laid bare.

"B-Bulma?" He stammered, heart dropping to his stomach. Why had she struck him for?! Here he was defending her honor, yet he was the one being told to leave, instead of the monster that had caused her injury! It didn't make the least bit of sense! "Wh-What do you-"

"I SAID LEAVE!" She shrieked so loud that Yamcha abruptly fell on his rear.

Vegeta struggled to his feet, breathing raggedly, as he plodded forward, snarling deeply all the while. This bastard wouldn't escape with his head intact! He would die, right here, right now, for daring to spill the noble blood of the last Saiyan Prince, with his inferior, grubby little hands! The scarred warrior scowled and stood up, gently moving his ex aside, before readying his stance, yet again. As the two charged towards one another, Bulma swiftly raced her way back in between them with speed she barely knew she had. Yamcha unwittingly struck her left tricep and although the blow only managed to clip the edge of her humerus, it was far too brutal for her liking and resulted in a severely harsh fracture. The heiress let out a bloodcurdling scream, as agonizing pain flooded through the fragile bone in her upper arm. Yamcha's heart froze and almost instantly, he rushed towards her, forgetting all about the Saiyan. He heartily apologized and held Bulma around the waist. so he could get her inside posthaste, for some much needed medical attention.

As he saw the scarred fighter hurt his woman, all breath left Vegeta's lungs, his chest tightening in complete dismay and obsidian eyes, wide open in horror. Shock overwhelmed him, as he heard her simultaneous gut-wrenching cry of pain. He felt as though a thousands knives were carving their way through his heart from one chamber to the next. The ensuing motion to aid her, only added insult to injury. A surge of raw power suddenly coursed through his veins and his ebony eyes scorched with a murderous, crimson inferno that could melt an entire city block, with a single touch of it's flaring waves.

In that very moment, Yamcha found himself pinned against the wall, Vegeta's right hand crushing his windpipe, like a large pair of firm, unswerving pliers. The ex-bandit choked, gurgled and clawed, but to no avail. What the fuck just happened?! Mere seconds earlier he had the Saiyan on the losing end of a relatively lopsided battle, yet in the blink of an eye, his power had multiplied by a factor of at least twenty, if not more! The last time he saw Vegeta, the latter was frail and bedridden, with scarcely any Ki to speak of and in less than a fortnight, he'd reached a power well beyond his, despite months and months of rigorous training! Was he holding back such strength, the entire fight?! Was this the power of the Super Saiyan?! Even the Kaio-Ken was nothing more than swill by comparison! He had been foolhardy to even consider picking a fight with the likes of Vegeta! The scarred fellow hadn't the slightest clue that what had him unnerved, was hardly even a droplet of the boundless power that the Saiyan had acquired on Namek.

"Vegeta." A soft voice entreated and the Prince felt a slender arm encircle his chest, from behind. "Please, let him go."

Together with her enthralling touch, her plea tore right through his bloody, vindictive resolve and he instinctively released the helpless human, who collapsed to the ground thereafter, in a fit of grating coughs and wheezes. Vegeta's legs suddenly felt a lot heavier. Summoning such monumental strength in his state had drained whatever vestiges of Ki he had left. Bulma held him closely, as he stumbled. She took control of his sturdy figure, letting it down slowly. His rear settled on the ground first, before the torso followed. Bulma cradled his head into her lap, gently placing the hand of her good arm on his cheek, eliciting a few shudders from him, as he nuzzled into her bare, porcelain thigh and waned into unconsciousness.

A throng of Namekians had now made their way over, Dende amongst them. The little lad quickly rushed over to his host.

"Bulma, are you okay?" He asked, solicitously.

"I'm fine." She nodded. "But Vegeta's not. You need to heal him."

"Wh-Wh-What?! H-Heal him?!" Yamcha exclaimed, in outrage. "He- He almost killed me and you wanna-"

"You attacked him first, dickhead!" The heiress interposed, azure eyes burning with fiery embers of rage.

"Only because he hurt you!"

"You hurt me a lot worse!"

"That was an accident!" The scarred warrior argued, voice smoldering. "He obviously did it on purpose!"

"He didn't do it on purpose, you stupid fucking asshole!" Bulma yelled, now truly incandescent. "He was having a nightmare!"

A tense pause followed, before Yamcha's shoulders sagged, his face downcast in shame.

"Wh-Why didn't you just tell me?" He asked weakly, not looking her in the eye.

"Why did you have to shoot first and ask questions later!"

"I did ask!" He countered.

"Whatever, just get out of here!" Bulma ordered edgily, as peeved as ever. "Do anything like that again and I won't stop Vegeta from killing you, understood?!"

Yamcha's heart was absolutely crushed. This couldn't possibly have gone any worse that he'd expected. Eyeing the Namekians with a frown, he flared his Ki and took off back to Kame House, without another word. He'd disgraced himself completely. As detestable as Vegeta may have been, he felt even worse, for the way he'd hurt Bulma. He'd never have done such a thing intentionally. It was all that horrible Saiyan's fault! Who was he kidding?! This was entirely on him! He felt more dejected and remorseful than ever. She hated him, that much was clear. She wouldn't give him a second look now and he couldn't blame her. There was absolutely no hope for him and Bulma, any longer, if there ever was. He'd come here to douse the flames that had burned away their friendship, but had only succeeded in fuelling those flames into a mighty conflagration that left behind nothing but ashes, in it's wake. If only he could take it all back, if only he'd never taken her for granted.

Bulma regretted her words the instant she'd uttered them, but before she could say anything, her ex had already zoomed off.

Unsurprisingly, when Vegeta woke up, fully healed by Dende, it was hard to get him under control. A good twenty or so Namekians were needed to restrain him from flying towards the scar-faced sop and making him choke on his own blood. He had half a mind to kill them too, only such an action wouldn't have sat well with that blue-haired wench! Damn her! She'd rubbed off on him, big time, a lot more so than even Kakarot, his son and the others! Moreover, life on this planet was making him go a little too soft. His father would've spat down on him from a hundred feet high, but then- maybe his mother wouldn't. All of a sudden, he remembered her final words to him, as though they were uttered just yesterday.

"Vegeta, what the Saiyans do is wrong. It took me a long time, but I see it now and maybe one day you'll see it too."

That long-forgotten memory had only cropped up during the first round of his fight with Frieza (A/N: Refer to Chapter 24). He'd always been the paradigm of the wickedness and barbarism that his race embodied, yet he had heard stories about pure-hearted Saiyans that died long ago, trying to eradicate the cruel and evil majority that ruled over their planet, with an iron fist. He shook his head, deciding not to waste time on such mundane thoughts. He'd let that impudent fool go for now, but if he ever showed his detestable little face around here again, he'd stamp it under his boot!. It was time for him to up his game! He needed the gravity room and he needed it now! He would brook no more delays or arguments! If he had trouble facing such a coward, then it was blatantly obvious that he was progressing much too slow!

Dende healed Bulma afterwards and the moment he and the others finally took off back to their own domains inside CC's residential complex, Vegeta broached the contentious subject. Almost ten minutes of ceaseless arguing passed, barbs and insults exchanged to and fro, before Bulma offered an ultimatum.

"Fine, I'll start up the gravitron tomorrow morning, right after breakfast, but you're going to owe me a favor."

"What favor?" The Saiyan asked, curiously.

"I've yet to decide on that." She replied, smirking coquettishly. Vegeta frowned, considering his options. If he declined, he would have to wait for God knows how long. He couldn't afford that! No way! He needed to pick up the pace, fast! That clown Kakarot could potentially return to Earth at any moment and when he did, he wanted to make sure that he surpassed him, in every way!

"Fine." He agreed placidly, not knowing what exactly he'd get himself into, when the time came for her to collect.

"Fine." She nodded her head. Oh yes, having a Saiyan Prince in her debt, certainly sounded favourable. The heiress began drooling, as vulgar ideas popped into her head, left, right and centre! God, the things she could do with him!

Later that night, Bulma managed to bump into Vegeta, just as he was heading into their room.

"Hey there, tough guy." She winked, earning a peevish growl, in response, followed by a light smack on her rear, with his tail. She giggled and moved past him towards the kitchen, pouring herself a fresh glass of chilled orange juice.

A short while later, Vegeta was in the shower, letting the lukewarm water stream down his sinewy figure, as he was immersed in deep thought- until the curtains were abruptly pulled open. He jumped back, ready to blast the interloper, but was greeted with the sight of a completely naked Bulma shamelessly standing before him, smirking and chewing on her lip, as she took in his flawless, nude figure, seeing each droplet cascade down his projecting pecs, solidified abs and steadily rising shaft, in slow motion.

"Y-You- what- what the hell are you doing here?!" He hissed.

"I need to shower." She shrugged and stepped inside, as though it were any other matter. Vegeta's shaft hardened, as he saw her curvaceous, mouth-watering hips sway with that single movement. By Kami, her supple, porcelain body looked like it were fashioned in the highest of heavens, by some upper echelon goddess of beauty. Her busts were so well-rounded, her arms and legs, slender, smooth and satiny and her abdomen, petite and perfect, but best of all was her rosy, racy centre-piece, below! Damn her! Could she never leave him be?!

"Th- There's at least a h-hundred showers h-here!" He protested, more flustered than ever. "U-Use one of them them!"

"I prefer this one." She replied, her confidence bolstering, with each step she took forward, awarded with a step backwards from her lover.

"Wh-Wh-Why?!" He stammered, now backed up against the wall with no way out! Damn her! He didn't like this! It was too much! Sex in bed was one thing, but this was something else altogether! He came here to get clean and then take a nap, not entertain her obscene provocations!

"'Cuz you're here." Bulma trapped him with her nude body, pressing it to his, as if he were the helpless prey of a mighty lioness. She placed a hand around his phallus, causing a rush of raw electricity to spiral through him.

"So how about it?" She murmured in his ear, rewarded with a barely suppressed shudder. Unable to take anymore, Vegeta immediately reversed their positions, with her pinned against the wall. Not wasting a moment, he took a pert pink nipple into his hot mouth, hungrily sucking it, while expertly massaging another in the palm of one hand. His free hand ventured towards her wetness and brushed it up and down, evoking a loud and joyous squeal.

"You're an indecent woman!" He growled, biting down on her teat, earning a high-pitched cry. He licked his way up the valley of her breasts and her throat, till he reached her bottom lip and took it between his teeth, eliciting a series of moans from the needy heiress. "I will punish you for your indecency!"

"Please, punish away." She regretted those words the moment they exited her mouth, as Vegeta snarled and grabbed her around her sacred centre, barely tracing the tip of his thumb around her heated, ripened clit. It was, more or less, the equivalent of making a parched man dunk the tips of his toes inside an expansive lake of cool, fresh water. If this woman thought she could control him, she was sorely mistaken! He would make her regret being so impertinent, as to barge into his territory and subtly try to claim it as her own! Several seconds later, rage consumed the fiery heiress. "Wh-What're you doing?!" She demanded, roughly tugging his hair. Who was he to tease her like this?! He had no right! She would make him bring forth his A-game, whether he liked it or not!

Vegeta let out another growl and restrained her arms and body together, with just a single, girding arm, whilst caging her legs with his own. His free hand concurrently continued to torment her in the slowest, faintest and most sadistic manner possible. He smiled malevolently, fires burning in his ebony eyes, as she futilely squirmed within his unyielding clutch. The Saiyan moved his lips towards her ear.

"I'm going to make you pay." He whispered, sending tremors through her lithe frame.

"This i-isn't f-fair!" She bleated, which did nothing but heighten the stalwart Saiyan's mirth.

"No one asked you to cross that bridge." He countered, tone as placid as ever, craftily concealing the thrill soaring within him, as each second leisurely strolled by. "But you tried, anyway. Now you're stuck in the middle, with me."

Despite her agonizing predicament, the heiress couldn't help but giggle.

"What's so funny?!" The Prince scrunched his brows.

"Nothing, just what you said." She replied. "It reminded me of 'Reservoir Dogs'."

"What kind of dogs?" He asked in bafflement, wondering what relevance 'dogs' could possibly have, in such a sticky situation.

"It's a film, you dunce!"

"That does it!" Vegeta scowled, as he ceased his ministrations altogether, letting his fingers stagnate against her centre. Bulma nearly screamed at him. "I was going to go easy on you, but now you've crossed the line! I'll make sure you beg, before I'm done with you!"

"I'll never beg!" She vehemently declared, pride swelling in her chest, as she continued struggling against his steadfast hold.

"Hahaha, we'll see about that."



"I hate you!" She blurted out.

"Good." Vegeta smirked and added the icing on the cake, as he lightly brushed his tail against her inner thighs, slowly trailing it upwards and cruelly misleading her into believing that he was finally going to give her a tiny slice of satisfaction. How wrong she was! This was unimaginably difficult for him too, however, just seeing the excruciating agony befall her, was enough for him to keep his own urges at bay. The heiress continued to writhe and wriggle, even trying to get her clit to rub against his motionless hand, but to no avail. A few minutes passed by and Bulma felt tears prickle her eyes, as she was damn near overwhelmed with defeat.

"Please, Vegeta." She softly beseeched, having to sag against him to support her weight, cheek pressed to his shoulder.

"Ah, that's what I like to hear." His smug smile widened and he rewarded her with a firm press on her clit, making it further blossom and redden, with increased vigor. Yet again, he got her hopes up for nothing, as he unceremoniously stopped.

"Hey, I though you said-"

"I recall precisely what I said." The Prince whispered in one ear, before moving his face towards the other one, deliberately tracing his lips on her forehead, making her tremble further. "I asked you to beg."

"And I did!" She irately rejoined.

"That's hardly begging." Vegeta chuckled. "Repeat after me, 'I beg you to fulfil my desires, O Mighty Prince Vegeta.'"

"Screw you, I'll never say that!" How dare he presume that she'd ever stoop so low, over the likes of him or anyone, for that matter?!

"Never can be a very long time, little woman and there's no way you can hold out for much longer."

Damn him! He was more right than he knew!

"I'll bite you!" She threatened.

"I'll bite back." He smirked. This was too damn hilarious! This obstinate female just didn't know when to call it quits! And that only spurred him, on and on!

"You wouldn't!" She exclaimed, in a quivering voice.

"Try me." The Prince challenged. Curse this cruel, wicked Saiyan! Yamcha would never have had the balls to pull off anything like this! She'd undoubtedly been the alpha of that relationship, yet here Vegeta was, taking charge and putting her in her place, as though she were any other woman and not Bulma Brief, the closest thing this planet had to a Princess! Being dominated in such fashion only spiralled her arousal further! He knew this and was deliberately welling up oceans of unfulfilled desire, just so he could intensify her suffering!

He lightly stroked his tongue against a perky nipple,-too lightly. If this continued further, she was afraid that she'd die an utterly miserable death, from the callous starvation of her sex drive!

"Why're you doing this?" She whimpered. Dammit, was there was no other way out of this peril?!

"So you can finally learn your place." He answered, a rush of buoyancy travelling through him, as he humiliated her further and further.

"I swear I'll get you back for this, if it's the last thing I do!" She vowed, no lie in her blazing sapphire eyes.

"Hahahaha, maybe you will, maybe you won't." He smirked, knowing she'd definitely make good on her little threat, but looking forward to meeting it, nonetheless. "But for now, beg!"

Dithering for only a few moments longer, Bulma, at last, realized that she faced no choice, other than swallowing her pride and uttering the words, which signaled her loathsome lover's triumph.

"I beg you to fulfil my desires, O Mighty Prince Vegeta!" She practically spat, her peeved voice scurrying at a hundred miles an hour.

"Say it like you mean it." The Prince commanded, extracting every smidgeon of amusement he could, as he brought her down to Earth for probably the first time, in her entire life.

A/N: Beware, strong lemon follows for the remainder of the chapter!

"I beg you to fulfil my desires, O Mighty Prince Vegeta." She repeated, faking an ingratiating smile, as if she were about to be granted the greatest honor ever bestowed to man, though cursing herself inwardly with each syllable that escaped. Dammit, just saying those words made her feel a new batch of wetness, grow between her legs! She hated the fact that a strong part of her was stimulated so strongly at the idea of being the Saiyan's quarry! She was Bulma Brief, always number 1! No one had any right to treat her like this! There would be hell to pay and she'd personally see to that!

A thunderous bolt of electricity ran through Vegeta, as he finally prevailed over the most obnoxious, insufferable and stubborn woman he'd ever met! Now, he could take her on his terms, not hers, just it was meant to be!

"As you wish." He said vibrantly and finally rubbed her budding clit with his thumb, while his fingers stroked her cleft, up and down. Bulma felt as though a dozen mountains had been lifted off her chest. She screamed with joy, unable to help but smile and moan in delight, as he tended to her needs, at long last.

"Yes, keep going, keep going!" She panted, without the least bit of shame.

"Tch, I don't need you to tell me!" He captured her lips with his own, swallowing her lusty, jubilant groans. He immediately went to work on pillaging her mouth with his wet tongue. He released her from his hold and she sighed into him, wrapping her arms around his neck and leaning her naked figure against his, adding even more gratification into this sublime tryst, as they felt their hearts race together.

Vegeta roved his lips down her neck, before nibbling her glossy, rounded shoulder. His free arm girded around her petite waist, sensually rubbing her back up and down. He then placed a hand on her cheek and Bulma nuzzled into his palm. The Prince slid his tongue across her collar bone, and up her neck, rewarded with a loud scream from the feisty heiress. He kissed her chin, before giving it a light nip and proceeded back downwards, until his mouth settled on the puckered, rosy bud of a soft, hilly mound once again. He moistened it with his tongue and in doing so, quenching a thirst that mortally needed to be quenched! His furry tail ministered her long, slender legs, all the while, sending a myriad of tingles throughout her svelte frame.

He accelerated the pace of his adroit digits, allowing sweeping bundles of inebriating, flavorful juices to gracefully gush forth and fortify his fingers.

"Oh, Vegeta!" She screamed. "Oh, my Prince!"

The Saiyan exhaled rapaciously through ground teeth, as she rightfully called him by his title, making his heart spring towards the skies, as a soft, fuzzy feeling engendered within the base of his stomach. He rewarded her by upping his tempo yet again, as he pumped into her and let his shaggy appendage trail up her lithe waist, and along her breasts, drawing forth a renewed cry of ecstasy.

"Yes, yes, more!" She yelled aloud, leaning further into his touch, her mind amidst the clouds.

And so he pleasured her and pleasured her, until her screams rose an octave and she finally fired away her juices. Bulma's trembling figure fell forward, kept firmly in place, only with his strong arm. A few minutes passed as she panted and breathed, before finally regathering her wits. Her eyes narrowed in exasperation, as she finally realized what a fool she'd made of herself, all because of this arrogant little prick! The irate heiress suddenly pushed him away and gave him a hard slap across the face, stunning him beyond words, as he gaped back at her in disbelief.

"Bastard!" She yelled. "How dare you?! Who the hell do you think you are?! I ought to…"

The Prince suddenly felt his breath catch in his throat, as he touched the reddened zone on his cheek. She knew damn well that he could end her life with a word and yet, she'd struck him, all the same and now continued hurling jibe after jibe, barb after barb. Her dauntlessness alone made his member stiffen to unforeseen heights, as a stream of blood rushed down to his burning lions. Not only was it the slap and ensuing insults that stimulated him, but also the firestorm within those endless sapphire eyes and of course, her perfect, petite figure.

Bulma was completely caught off guard, when he suddenly charged right towards her and swallowed each and every abusive remark hurled his way, by invading her mouth with his tongue. He took her breasts into his palms, squeezing them yearningly and placed a thigh between her legs, spreading them and instantly inserting his phallus into her centre, as her back was pressed against the wall. The Prince thrust into her, again and again. The heiress squealed and wound her lissom arms around his neck, her anger slipping away, as she grabbed fistfuls of his feathery hair and her inner muscles tightened around his firm shaft.

Vegeta placed open mouthed kisses along her jawline and neck. He roved his tongue across her collar bone and down her bosom, before ravenously licking her erect nipple upwards, as she released loud moans. Thank God, she'd thought ahead and sound proofed the walls and the door, else the whole of West City would stay awake, hearing her shameless cries. He placed his hands on either cheek of her ample ass, lifting her up, as she girded her legs around his waist. The Saiyan continued his relentless assault, repeatedly ramming into her. She held on closely, as though a cyclone was violently blowing around her and he was her last pillar. It wasn't very far from the truth, as far as Bulma was concerned. He was an absolute beast. He was showing no mercy, none whatsoever. And she loved it! She hated that she loved it, but she loved it, nonetheless!

Climax soon descended upon the two lovers and were it not for the top-notch sound proofing, their euphoric screams would certainly have echoed, all the way to high heaven. Bulma practically had tears in her eyes, after all the raw pleasure he'd given her. The Saiyan buried his face in the recess of her elegant neck, drinking in her scent as deep as he possibly could and Bulma sighed, unable to help but do likewise, as she inhaled his wild musky aroma, letting it sink through to her bones. She'd sold her invaluable pride for this and the worst part was that she'd do it again, a hundred times over! She cursed her own salacity!

Not long afterwards, the pair were in bed, a smug smile tugging Vegeta's lips as he stared at the ceiling. Prevailing over this recalcitrant little female, almost felt as good as defeating Frieza! He'd hardly felt this joyous, since that triumphant day when he'd exacted revenge upon the monster that had annihilated his race, amongst countless others! The heiress turned her back to him, on her side of the bed, hair completely disheveled. She was more indignant than ever, as a bitter frown plastered on her bright features. Vegeta didn't have to see it to know it was there. Her vexation towards him, only made him feel that much more complacent!

"I'll never forgive you for this!" Bulma abruptly announced.

"That's good." The Prince chortled. "You're finally learning something."

"And what's that supposed to mean?!" She demanded, sitting up and glaring at him.

"Only weaklings forgive." He replied stolidly and shut his eyes.

It didn't take Bulma long to decipher his words. He was challenging her, allusively encouraging her to take a stand for herself! In a way, he was even complimenting her, for not being so docile! If she wanted to be respected in his eyes, truly respected, she would have to earn it! And she would do just that, when the time came! It didn't matter how strong he was! His wits could never match hers and she would soon acquire her revenge, very soon! The ball was in her court now!

The heiress fell on his chest, nuzzling against it and sighing, as she felt his heart beat enliven.

"Don't think this means anything." She mumbled. "I'm still gonna settle the score. Just you watch!"

"Hahaha, we'll see woman, we'll see." Vegeta knew exactly what was on her mind. Oh yes, she would try and get square with him, but he'd be more than ready to put her in her place again. She wasn't one to give up that easy and it only made for a better contest. It wouldn't be too long, before he completely conquered her, in every way, making her know, without a spec of doubt, that she was his and his alone. The heiress, however, had other plans.

Midnight approached, as the feisty pair dozed off

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