The Light to my Darkness

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Chapter 5: Departure

Bulma drove Vegeta downtown, as he sat next to her on the passenger seat. She ordered three family-sized meat lovers pizzas over the phone. Since Goku was always the avid meat-eater, she had guessed it was safe to assume Vegeta was no different, in that regard, anyhow. The journey was quiet went quite with Vegeta’s thoughts drifting off elsewhere. Strangely enough, he didn’t even have any further desire to destroy the planet now or to kill his foes as was intended. That same raw primordial impulse for blood that always blew like a hurricane within the burrows of his chest was largely silent. He correctly figured that it may have been due to his dwindled strength and the fact that his mind’s eye was fixated upon the bigger picture, i.e. destroying Frieza and ruling all the plains of existence from one end of the cosmos to the other, for all of eternity. The mere thought of it forced everything else to the back of his mind. No, blowing up this mud-ball was of no immediate importance, nor was killing the woman’s helpless friends.

Bulma, all the while, was wondering how on Earth she ended up here. She’d known the day of reckoning would arrive. She and the others had been forewarned, almost a year in advance. A multitude of scenarios had flickered through her mind over what those foreboding months would culminate to and yet none of them remotely resembled what destiny had, in fact, chosen.

‘I just hope I don’t end up being raped or killed or something.’ She glanced at Vegeta for a fleeting moment and noticed that he was musing, most likely about what he would do with the dragon balls. Her guess was as good as any. He’d probably ask the dragon for power, wealth, riches or something. She had no clue. Still, that didn’t make any sense. Why would he want any of those? He could get anything he wanted by force. No one could possibly stand in his way, if Goku and everyone else had suffered defeat by his hand. Oh well, it didn’t matter anyway. One thing she was sure of was that she couldn’t let him use the sacred gems for his own evil purposes. She needed her friends back. She needed Yamcha.

‘God, I miss him.’ She thought, unaware that a fresh batch of tears were cascading down her beautiful face. Vegeta smelled their salty scent and turned in her direction for a moment. He scoffed.

“You’re weak.” He stated.

“Huh?” Bulma said, turning in his direction.

“You heard me.”

“I am not weak!” She replied angrily, frowning and gritting her teeth, before wiping away her tears and by sheer will power alone, keeping them at bay. Vegeta turned towards her. That look! It was the same visage he had wore every time he glared at Frieza. There was something different about this female. The way she was so bold and vehement, even in his presence said pretty much everything. He wondered how far he would have to go to make someone like her back down in fear.

“You are.” He emphasised. “That’s why you saved me, an error that could cost you your life.”

“You’re making a big mistake underestimating me.” She responded. “I’ve been in bad situations and I’m still standing.”

Vegeta narrowed his eyes dangerously at her and when she saw that scorching gleam of murder in his charcoal eyes, she instantly felt terror-stricken, quickly averting her gaze back in front of her, as she continued driving.

“Bad?” He asked coolly, before chuckling. “You don’t know the meaning of that word.”

They stopped at a traffic light and once again, she felt his eyes drilling holes through her soul. That sinister look of his made him appear completely deranged and it caused a wave of fear to wash over her. Vegeta smirked. That’s what he was after. Fear! He could see it on her face. He could smell fear that intense from a mile away and it made him effervesce with excitement.

“You… You won’t kill me… Will you?” She asked in a shaky voice.

“I don’t know. Will I?” Vegeta’s smirk transformed into an evil grin. Fear was emanating off of her in palpable waves and its blissful scent was springing zest into every fiber of his being.

“No… You need me.” She continued facing ahead of her, unable to bear his blood-curdling gaze. His visage alone made her feel like she’d been to the deepest layers of hell and back. She’d never seen a countenance so menacingly dark and evil. Of course it made sense though. He was the Prince of a bloodthirsty race of planet conquerors.

“I suppose I do.” He shrugged his shoulders, dropping his gaze and examining his gloved hand. “For now, anyway.”

“I’m not afraid of you.” Bulma stated, in a pretence of courage. But Vegeta could see right through her façade. Still, he felt a sense of admiration budding within him. She was scared to death, but still refused to admit it openly. There was more to her than met the eye. He’d always feared Frieza. Hell, he still feared him, but after a couple years under his service, he’d mastered the craft of masking it all behind a proud visage of pure hatred and defiance and that was precisely what made him Frieza’s favourite pet, that along with his callous cold-heartedness.

He was offered the greatest meals, wine, women and riches. It could’ve all been his, had he bowed his head before the lizard Lord, but he would not falter. Even when he was forced kneel before the tyrant, his eyes never ever left Frieza’s and that’s why he was ‘favored’ so greatly, why he was offered more sparring sessions with Frieza than every other member of the Planet Trade Organization. Of course, that was just a code word for ‘torture sessions’. But he wore those scars proudly! They were a symbol of honor that stated one thing: he’d never bow down before anyone. Even Nappa and Raditz had caved in soon enough and advised him on countless occasions to do likewise, but he adamantly refused and would give them a piece of his mind, whenever they dared to try and force the issue.

He wondered how much torture this audacious little female could endure before she finally broke. They all broke in the end, no matter how spunky they were, all but him. Would she ever be willing to bow down before Frieza? Nah, fuck Frieza! He would die soon enough anyway. If she was going to bow before anyone it’d be him and him alone!

“You should fear me girl.” He finally spoke, after all those long moments of musing in silence.

“Well, I don’t!!! And don’t ever call me that!!” She exclaimed emphatically. “Besides, I know Goku will protect me. He’s always protected me.”

“Really?” Vegeta smiled evilly at her. “You’ll be far from home where we’re headed and Kakarot won’t be there to save you. Even if he were, I would just defeat him again, only this time he’d stay down for keeps.”

“No you wouldn’t!” Bulma replied fervently. “When it really counts, you have no idea how strong he can be!”

Vegeta chuckled darkly.

“Tell me, have you ever fought your beloved Kakarot?”

“Umm… No.”

“Well I have and the only reason he’s still breathing is because I have greater use for the dragon balls than taking his worthless life.”

“He’s not worthless!” Bulma yelled at the Prince. “He’s kind, pure-hearted and selfless and he shows mercy and compassion to everyone, even his enemies! It’s hard to believe he’s even a Saiyan, considering what the rest of you monsters are like!”

“You’re treading on thin-ice, woman.” Vegeta spoke in a dangerously low tone as he furrowed his brows at Bulma. She instantly turned away, chastising herself mentally. What was she thinking?! More often than not, her big mouth would end up getting the best of her. Invoking Vegeta’s wrath was not exactly a wise move, on her part. She realized that by now they’d already made it to the downtown pizza store and so, parked the car next to a curb-side nearby. “Is that why you helped me? Mercy and compassion?”

Bulma scowled, refusing to face him. Great job reminding her of that! Maybe she shouldn’t have saved him, but her stupid conscience had to get the best of her.

“I didn’t ask for it!” He glowered at her, as though insulted deeply.

“You’d prefer bleeding to death?” She raised an eyebrow at him, her features still grim.

“I need no one’s help!” He ground his teeth together, as he barked out in fury. “I don’t want your mercy or compassion, ever, so you can go stick them right up your-”

“Fuck you!!!” Bulma interjected. “I should’ve known better than to help a fucking bastard like you-”

Bulma gasped and instantly froze as Vegeta’s finger was pointed right between her eyes, a tiny purple kernel of Ki flaring out of it, mere inches away from making contact. She could feel its searing heat nearly singe her eyelashes.

“Listen and listen well, girl.” He dissipated his Ki and traced his finger along the length of her shoulder. “If you ever address me with such disrespect again, you lose a limb. Am I clear?”

Bulma shuddered and nodded her head up and down weakly. Her lips were pursed and quivering and tears were threatening to escape her eyes, but with determination she didn’t know she had, she managed to keep them at bay. She took a couple of deep rasped breaths to calm her nerves, but it just wouldn’t work.

“Well go on, get me what’s mine.” He ordered.

“R-R-Right.” She responded. “C-Could you w-w-wait in the c-car?”


“P-people will r-recognize you and I don’t want to attract any unwanted attention.”

Vegeta scoffed.

“I could just kill them all.” Bulma blanched the moment she heard that and Vegeta just chortled evilly upon seeing the color drain from her face, “I’m only kidding. It’d be a waste of energy, plus I’d rather not spend a second longer than necessary on this mud-ball, you call a planet.”

“Y-yeah o-okay.” Bulma stepped outside the car and headed over to the shop. Lo and behold, her order was prepared beforetime; perks of belonging to the wealthiest and most successful family on Earth. She came back to the car and Vegeta rapidly began devouring the pizzas. Meanwhile, Bulma sat in the seat brooding over why she had to throw herself into a pit. God, all that hard training and it still hadn’t prepared them for what the Saiyans had in store. And why, oh why, did she have to save this ungrateful bastard? And why did he seem so peeved about the fact that he’d needed saving, especially from the likes of her? She sighed in exasperation and folded her arms. She looked over to him, as he continuing to pig out. Vegeta turned in her direction and she instantly averted her gaze. He swallowed and chuckled slightly.

“Where’s your bravado gone now, girl?”

Bulma turned in his direction and frowned dangerously at him, the fire that had died out earlier, rekindling once again.

“Do not call me that!!!”

“Ahhh, there it is.” He smirked.

“What’s your deal?!” Bulma gave him a heated death glare. “I thought Princes were supposed to be decent and well-mannered, not disgusting, uncouth, obnoxious, pigheaded jerks!!!”

Bulma instantly clamped her mouth shut, with both hands. Oh God, he’d warned her! Oh no!! Why could she never keep that accursed trap of hers shut?!! Now what would happen to her?!

‘Please don’t take a limb, please don’t take a limb, please don’t take a limb!!’ She silently prayed.

Of course Vegeta would’ve done just that, but her mercurial mood reversal completely caught him off guard. This female was extremely bizarre. One second she was all spunk and the next, completely petrified. He wouldn’t say it, but she’d slightly sparked his intrigue, especially here and now. Bulma chanced a look towards her captor and was surprised as she noticed him peering at her. The Prince scoffed.

“Most Princes wouldn’t last a day if they lived my life.” Vegeta stated, unexpectedly. 

“What do you mean?” Bulma asked, inquisitively.

“Nothing, forget it!” Vegeta responded indignantly, and began digging into his meal once again.

Intrigue overcame the heiress as she pondered over the Prince’s reply. Why did he seem so vexed by her question? His tone made it sound as though his life was horrible. If that were really so, it didn’t make sense. A person like him would easily have the power to choose their own destiny, ergo live the life they please. More questions continued racking her brain. Yes, she abhorred Vegeta with all her heart, but even then, it wasn’t wrong to be curious about him, was it? As the saying goes, ‘know your enemy’.

“Vegeta, what did you-”

“Quiet!” The Prince demanded exasperatedly, before she had the chance to continue.


“Here.” Vegeta offered her the last slice of pizza. He figured it might serve as a distraction, since it always worked like a charm with Nappa and Raditz, whenever they refused to stop pestering him. Bulma was totally flummoxed. One second he was threatening to tear her limbs off and the next, he was being hospitable, well, by his standards anyway. “Eat.”

“I don’t get it.”

“Just fucking eat!” Vegeta glared at her.

“Hey, don’t tell me what to do!” She scowled, “I- hey wait!” Vegeta was about to put the piece into his mouth, but Bulma reached out for it, “Hey, give me that!” Now that she thought about it, she hadn’t eaten all day and was famished. She wanted that slice and she was going to get it!! Vegeta was enjoying seeing her fail miserably as she continued demanding that he hand it over. She tried reaching for it, only he was purposefully keeping it out of range.

“Here, have it.” Vegeta then shoved vertex of the pizza slice right into her open mouth, muffling any sounds from coming out, before retracting his hand.

Bulma took it out of her mouth and gave Vegeta a glare so intense that if looks could kill, he would’ve died on the spot. She was fuming! How dare he?!! His face was as impassive as ever, but she noticed a hint of amusement dancing in his ebony eyes. He did that on purpose!!! Fucking asshole!!

“WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT FOR??!!!” She yelled to the top of her lungs.

“Quiet, demon woman!!!” Vegeta replied, clasping his ears, in hopes that he wouldn’t go deaf. Her tongue was more effective than a Ki blast from either of his two, late comrades.

“No!! Seriously, what the hell?!!” She seethed, baring her teeth at the Prince, “You didn’t have to do that you jerk!! You did it on purpose to provoke me, didn’t you?! And did you just call me a demon?! I’m not a demon, you jackass. I am Bulma Brief and no one…”

The heiress continued ranting, while Vegeta gaped at her in stunned amazement. Apart from a select few warriors more powerful than himself, no one had ever had the gall to address him with such flagrant disrespect!!

“… and if you ever do anything like that again, I’ll shove my fist down your throat!!” With that, Bulma ended her tirade.

Vegeta looked into her azure eyes, completely inundated with blazing fire. God! How could someone so weak have such scorching eyes?! They looked brilliant. The red-hot ire burning within those deep pools of gleaming cerulean, could easily melt its way through the thickest of steel. It was truly fascinating, to say the least. He wouldn’t admit it, but he had a feeling he would like this one, in a way. He let out a tiny chuckle.

“Yeah, go ahead and laugh now, while you still can!!!” She smoldered. “You won’t be able to, when you’re biting down on my fist!!”

Vegeta chuckled a little more and that smug, idiotic grin of his was vexing Bulma to no end.

“You’re lucky I’m hungry or I’d kill you right now!” Bulma took a bite of her pizza slice and stared directly ahead of her. This woman may have been a feeble Earthling, but she had the fiery spirit of a true Saiyaness, not that he’d ever known any apart from his mother, but this is always what he imagined they’d be like. The heiress truly fascinated him. Apart from Frieza and his very strongest elite, everyone’s resolve crumbled to dust before the mighty Saiyan Prince, but not hers. This was going to be a much more promising little trip than he’d thought possible, with her here as his play-toy.

After a few moments, Bulma’s mind cleared a little and she properly registered what had just transpired.

‘What the hell?!’ She thought, in sudden alarm. ‘Did I really just say all that?! How am I even still breathing?!’ She looked towards the Saiyan Prince and noticed him perusing every detail of her as if she were some sort of puzzle he was trying to piece together. She gasped and turned her head aside, tentatively taking a small bite of her pizza slice, as she began to feel perturbed under his intense scrutiny. Facing him once again, she felt a little more calm, due to the absence of that dark murderous glimmer within his orbs of ebony that would make even the bravest of men skedaddle to the other end of the Universe.

“What?” She asked through a mouthful.

“Yech! Swallow first, you savage demon!” Chided the Prince.

Bulma did just that and grimaced at him.

“I’m not a savage you jerk!!!” She growled, “And I’m not a demon either, so stop calling me that!! I happen to be the most beautiful, intelligent and pure-hearted woman on this planet, if not the Universe. Hmph!”

She promptly ate the remainder of her pizza slice. Vegeta smirked inwardly. Such ego and such presumption! Surely, he’d have to bring her down a notch or two!

“At best, you’re slightly above average. I’ll give you that.” He taunted.

“Oh yeah?! And what’re you, Mr. Uppity ass Prince Vegeta?!”

“I’ll tell you what I am!!” He smiled evilly at her and grabbed her chin, as he moved his face to the recess of her neck. “I am the plague of the Universe, the destroyer of worlds and the devil that haunts you in your nightmares.” He murmured. She bit her lip to repress a shiver of pure disgust and revulsion, as her heart beat skyrocketed. Vegeta deeply breathed in her fear-inundated scent and smirked. There it was again. “Ahhh fear. Such an invigorating aroma.”

“I… I don’t… f-fear…” She gasped when Vegeta once again inhaled deeply and couldn’t help but shudder in repugnance, as he exhaled against her skin. It made her feel like she’d caught the plague.

“Smell does not lie, girl.”

Oh now he’d gone and done it!!

“I said, don’t call me that!!!” She yelled, pushing him away, as that flaming spirit of hers suddenly possessed her like a demon.

Vegeta was stumped! How was it that at one moment she could reek so strongly of pure unsullied fear and the next she was literally ablaze with rage?! This had to have been the most unusual and volatile being he’d ever come across and it truly flared his interest that much further. Though normally, he’d kill anyone presuming to show such blatant impudence, the desire just wasn’t there at this moment. Instead, he felt a teeny weeny bit of respect every time she stood up for herself. Perhaps it sort of reminded him of how he’d often act smug and refuse to cower before Frieza, despite the monumental differences in their powers. Oh, he could feel the fear coursing through every single cell in his body whenever he was in the lizard’s presence, but he’d never show it. In any case, he’d figure her out one way or another. Killing something this unique would be truly wasteful.

Bulma sighed.

“Look, if you’re done trying to scare me to death, how about we drive to your space-pods?”

Vegeta shook his head and pulled out a remote control, from his shirt.

“That is not necessary.” He stated. “With this device, I can have the pods sent to our current location within moments.”

Bulma gaped at him.


Vegeta nodded his head, in assent.

“Hold on. We don’t want them landing in the middle of a busy area.” She said and began driving straight ahead. “There’s an empty construction site nearby. The workers are on strike for some reason. When we reach, you can have them come over.”

“Fine.” Vegeta replied.

And so, a few silent minutes later, Bulma had arrived at her intended destination. She and Vegeta got out of the car and she capsulized it, tucking it into her capsule case immediately afterwards. Vegeta, meanwhile, used his remote control to direct both his and Nappa’s space pods to where he presently stood.

Bulma’s heart rate began spiking. This was it: the beginning of her journey to outer space. Hell, she was the first human being that would get to travel beyond the solar system!!! As despondent as she was, a small intrepid part of her flared with the thrill-filled anticipation that always came before the commencement of a new adventure.

“How long will we take to get to “Namek” or whatever?” She asked.

“We’re making a pit stop on another planet, so I can have my wounds healed.” Vegeta answered. “That should take less than a month. From there, I believe it’s a week long journey to Namek.”

“Oh. I guess that makes sense.” She said. “So how big are these pods, anyway?”

“You’ll find out soon, now quit babbling!” He grumbled.

“Whatever.” She frowned, averting her gaze, before mumbling under her breath. “Jerk.”

“I heard that you stupid wench.”

Before Bulma could respond, the space pods had arrived.

She darted over to one of them and began rubbing the exterior. It looked amazing: so small, compact and practical. There was no doubt that it could travel significantly faster than the speed of light, given its interplanetary purposes.

“Wow.” She marvelled.

Vegeta shoved her aside.

“Hey!” She groused.

“I need to punch in the co-ordinates, so shut-up.” 

Bulma huffed, and folded her arms, lips pouted and her head turned away.

Vegeta ignored her, pressed a button that opened the hatch and gestured for her to come close by, so he could explain how the controls worked.

He set in the co-ordinates for Planet Frieza No. 79.

“When you’re in, this button launches the pod and the one next to it, the stasis gas.” He said pointing to a red button and a yellow one beside it, respectively. Bulma was listening intently. “Five minutes before landing, a computerized voice will wake you up. There’s a safety belt inside too. Although I don’t need it, it does serve a purpose for weaklings like you.”

“I am not weak!” Bulma scowled. “I’m just not a freak like you.”

“Whatever. Now, one minute after I leave, you follow, got it?” Vegeta ordered.

“What?” She asked curiously. “How come?”

“If you arrive on the planet alone, you’ll be a sitting duck.” He answered. “That’s why I need to be there first, to explain that you’re my prisoner and under my protection. That way, no one will dare lay a hand on you.”

“Oh, I see.”

“And don’t even think about staying here on Earth, because if my radar tells me that your pod’s not following mine within a space of three minutes from my launch time, so help me, I will return immediately and destroy this wretched planet.”

“I wasn’t planning anything, okay?!” Bulma exclaimed and was loathing herself for the brief instant where she felt somewhat flattered by his ‘protectiveness’, “I’ll keep my end of the bargain, so quit being such a dick!”

“Good. You’d better.” Vegeta said. “And mind you’re tongue, unless you wish to lose it.” Bulma paled. The Prince headed over to his space pod nearby, opening the hatch, closing it and launching off, waiting until he confirmed that she was following along, before releasing the stasis gas.

As he launched off, Bulma was glaring daggers at his pod, but after a minute was up, she went inside Nappa’s ex-pod and followed her captor, closing the hatch, putting on her safety belt and launching away.

This went differently than she had expected. She hated to admit it, but Vegeta did flare her interest. Other than the murderous genocidal barbarian she’d deeply come to execrate, he was a proud man, who respected strength and abhorred weakness in any form, which must have explained why he was so enraged upon learning why she’d tended to his wounds. And now that she thought about it, whenever she’d stand up for herself, she saw a smidgeon of admiration within his ebony eyes. If it were any other villain, she’d most likely be dead a dozen times over by now. That got her thinking.

Maybe it’d be a smart move not to be so sullen and grim around him and instead opt to behave in her usual wild and vivacious manner. First off, being moody and fearful all the time was unhealthy and plain boring and secondly, behaving in that usual spirited manner of hers would likely make it easier to distract Vegeta and catch him off-guard, since he seemed to show a twinkle of amusement and admiration, whenever she’d spout off at him. Perhaps then, she could use the dragon balls to make her wish. It may not end so well for her, but her friends would definitely wish her back, for saving their sorry behinds. If not, she’d make sure that her ghost would haunt them for all eternity. With that alleviating thought, she pressed the button to release the stasis gas, immediately going into hibernation, thereafter.

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