The Light to my Darkness

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Chapter 27: Vegeta’s ace in the hole

Frieza’s tail was fastened around Vegeta’s neck, as he held him up from behind and repeatedly planted his fist in the unprotected area of his armor, where Krillin had blasted him earlier on. The Prince was choking on his own blood, whilst futilely clawing at the thick, ivory appendage.

Gohan was barely able to keep himself in check, seething with rage, as he witnessed his comrade being handled so brutally. He made his way down, ignoring Piccolo and Krillin’s protests, fists clenched and small frame shaking in barely contained fury, as he loured at the icy tyrant. His two allies followed suit, standing on either side of the demi-Saiyan.

“You don’t seem too happy right now, little runt.” Frieza turned to face Gohan, his lips quirked up in a malign smile. “You’re free to join in and help Vegeta any time you please.”

Taking full advantage of his opponent’s temporary distraction, the Prince quickly unwound his tail and thrust it underneath Frieza’s chin, causing the lizard to stagger back and release his grip on Vegeta’s throat. The Saiyan collapsed on all fours, coughing and greedily gulping in air.

‘Fuck you Kakarot!!!’ He cursed mentally, but at that very moment his eyes widened upon sensing the younger Saiyan’s Ki. His expression lit with glee, as a rush of feverish excitement poured over him. ‘Yes!!! He’s here!!! He’s finally here!!!’

He let out a rasped laugh of relief.

“What are you laughing at, monkey?!!” Frieza narrowed his eyes.

“Look over- to your- left-” Vegeta replied, between breaths.

“What?!” Frieza turned left ways and saw a rocky pillar. Above it stood a frowning man, with jet black hair like Vegeta’s. He could’ve sworn by every member of the Cold clan that he’d seen that face before.

Gohan’s face lit up, as he followed Frieza's gaze and saw his father. “Dad, you’re here!!!” He twinkled.

“What?! Dad?!” The tyrant paid a fleeting glance Gohan's way, feeling astounded. Dad? He’d already established that this child was a Saiyan, given the unnatural rise in his abilities after rejuvenation!! Just who was this man, then?!! What in seven hells was going on?! All the Saiyans were supposed to be dead!! Vegeta and the brat were the last ones, were they not?!!

“Goku!!!” Krillin exclaimed, a surge of alleviation washing away his distress.

“It’s him!!!” Piccolo gaped at his former rival, before smirking, “Finally!!!”

Vegeta released another strained chuckle and after a few deep breaths, stood on wobbly legs, turning to face the lizard and letting out an allayed, lengthy exhale.

“Who is that?!” Frieza demanded, staring his ex-subordinate dead in the eye.

“You’re about to find out.” Replied the Prince. He turned to his fellow Saiyan and spoke telepathically. ‘Kakarot, get down here now!!!’

Goku, completely taken by surprise, gaped at Vegeta in disbelief, upon hearing the smaller Saiyan’s voice attack his mind.

‘Don’t just stand there like a gawking fool, hurry!!!’ He berated mentally. ‘I have a plan to defeat him, but I’m going to need your help!!’

Not needing to be told twice, the younger Saiyan hurried over by Vegeta’s side, standing several feet to his left.

Frieza’s eyes followed the new arrival, as he made his way down.

“You must be Frieza!” Goku exclaimed, not a hint of amusement on his face.

“Hmmm, I recognize you.” The lizard surveyed the interloper more closely and then it hit him. “Ahhh, that’s it!! I remember now!! Right before I destroyed the Saiyan home world, a feeble little insect calling himself Bardock, tried, oh so heroically, to stop me. He must have been your father, no doubt. The resemblance is uncanny hahaha. However, he met his end at my hand just like the rest of your abominable race of disgusting primates.”

“What?! You destroyed the Saiyans?!” Goku asked, completely taken aback by the unexpected newsflash. “I though that was- a- a meteor.”

“It was him!!! He lied to us for years!!” Vegeta snarled angrily, facing his most hated enemy with a look of pure rage that would make even the most abominable demons from the lowest depths of hell, shudder in fear. “We served him faithfully like dogs, working tirelessly to expand his empire and in return, he annihilated every one of us!”

“Oh, but that’s just it Vegeta.” Frieza scorned. “Your kind were never faithful. From the very beginning, the Saiyans were plotting to overthrow me, the moment they felt that they had gained the upper hand. Do you deny this?”

The Prince spat sideways.

“Of course not!” He raised a fist up in anger. “We were a proud race of warriors! Nothing shamed us more than being forced to serve a coward like you!!”

“Careful, Prince.” Frieza said in a deceptively calm tone wrought with death, his beady eyes creased dangerously. “You’re already teetering on the edge of a knife.”

“You talk as if everyone has to bow down before you like slaves!” Goku growled angrily. Frieza looked at the other Saiyan, his expression unchanged. “All you do is murder innocent people and force others to do the same, for your own greed and selfish ambitions!”

Frieza raised an eyebrow at the Saiyan, surprised that that of all things, had gotten him so worked up.

“Are Saiyans any different?” He countered. “Your bloodthirsty race were just as ruthless as I am, if not more." He then smiled smugly at Vegeta. "Just ask your dear Prince.”

“They paid for their mistakes!!!” Goku seethed. “And now, so will you!!”

“We’ll see about that won’t we?” Frieza lowered his power back down to the level he was at when he’d just ascended to his final form, figuring that this Saiyan pile of trash wasn’t worth any wasted effort on his part. He launched himself straight at Goku, but the latter vanished and appeared behind the lizard, landing a kick to the back of his head. Frieza was propelled about a dozen yards backward, skidding along the dirt face first. He was stunned beyond words at the skill displayed by this mysterious newcomer.

“Gohan, Krillin, we need to get away from here!!” Piccolo took to the air and Krillin followed, though the half-Saiyan remained rooted to the spot.

“Gohan, go with Piccolo now!!” Goku gave his son a reproachful glare. After a few tense seconds, the boy relented.

“Don’t lose dad!!!” He exclaimed and promptly flew over to his mentor’s side.

“You can’t beat him like this, Kakarot!” Vegeta said in a low voice. Goku turned towards him. “He’s just toying with you, now listen! I have a plan, but Frieza must not get wind of it! As you may know, I’ve set up a direct telepathic link with you. We’ll speak through there.”

“Err- o-kay-”

‘Listen closely.’ Vegeta interjected mentally and Goku couldn’t help but feel startled at the sound of his voice drumming in his brain, yet again. Thanks to his extrasensory Namekian abilities, Piccolo was able to pick up on every word. ‘You said you could increase your power tenfold, right?’ This news totally stunned Piccolo.

‘Well- uh- yeah, but only in short bursts.’ Replied the younger Saiyan. That made sense, Piccolo noted. King Kai had told him about the principal facets of the Kaio-Ken attack, though, unfortunately, he hadn’t the time to learn it, before deciding to leave for Namek.

Frieza stood up and rubbed the back of his aching head.

‘Good enough!!’ Vegeta nodded, before going on. ‘When I say the word, hit Frieza full force, understood?!’

‘Uhhh- right.’ Goku assented. ‘But what exactly is your plan?’

‘You’re about to find out!’

‘Hmmm, this other Saiyan may well be as powerful as Vegeta, if not more.’ Frieza noted inwardly, as he made his way closer to the two warriors. ‘This is most unexpected.’

He stopped about 20 feet away from them, standing regally, with his arms by his side.

“You surprise me Saiyan.” Frieza acknowledged. “Your powers are amazing. Vegeta did not serve me loyally. How would you like to take his place, by my side? Better yet, you can be my new right hand man. It’s a rare opportunity you see.”

“And just what opportunity would that be?!” Goku grit his teeth. “Slaughtering innocents and purging peaceful planets, just so you can profit from it?!!”

“Well, that is the gist of it.” Replied the lizard smugly, before raising one finger and adding. “And as a bonus, you get ten vacant planets of your own choosing other than the ones already in my possession of course, plus a 20% cut for each world you purge. I’ve never given any of my underlings such a generous offer, but I see great potential in you, far greater than even Captain Ginyu. So what do you say?”

“Forget it!” Goku replied fervently. “You can offer me an entire galaxy and my answer will still be the same!! I may be a Saiyan, but I fight to protect the innocent, not hurt them!!! No one has the right to rule a planet, except the people living on it!!”

“Hmmm, interesting.” Frieza smirked. “A pure hearted monkey. I heard they died out long ago.”

“Enough of this!” Vegeta growled and pointed his right index finger at Frieza. “You’ve shown me your true power and now it’s time I show you mine!”

‘True power?’ Piccolo thought, as everyone stared at the Prince in wonder. ‘What could he mean by that?! He couldn’t possibly have been holding something back against Frieza before, could he?!’

“What?!” The lizard was alarmed by Vegeta’s bold declaration and ground his teeth together. “What do you mean, true power?! You fought with everything you had and I was still wrecking you!”

“That’s where you’re wrong Frieza.” Vegeta smirked, before raising a hand, palm facing up towards the sky. He concentrated his energy and a few seconds later a mysterious ball of white light materialized right above his hand.

‘Vegeta, your power level just dropped.’ Goku sent a mental note to the royal Saiyan.

‘This is part of the plan, so shut-up and watch carefully!’

Goku did just that, more intrigued than ever. Whatever Vegeta was ploying, it must’ve been pretty major for him to sacrifice a fair portion of his Ki.

“Is that supposed to frighten me Vegeta?” The lizard snorted. “A harmless ball of light?”

Vegeta laughed.

“Oh, you have no idea, Frieza!!!” He smirked feverishly and launched the ball into the sky. When it was high enough, he clenched his fist, as he yelled. “Moon sphere, explode!!!”

The power ball burst open and a blinding flash of light permeated throughout the land. Everyone flinched and covered their eyes, except for Vegeta who stared giddily at the fake moon he’d created. After adjusting to the brightness, everyone gaped incredulously at the garish globe of light in the sky.

“What?!” Frieza was totally stunned. “Where did that moon come from?!”

“Oh n-n-no.” Krillin stammered. “D-D-Don’t tell me.”

“Oh crap, Vegeta’s transforming!!!” Piccolo exclaimed in trepidation, as he observed the Prince’s eyes go blood red and his fangs lengthen. His size was growing rapidly and brown fur sprouted all over his face and head. His highly elastic training uniform too, expanded with his accelerating size.

“My God.” Gohan gawped. “W-What is that?!”

“It’s the Oozaru.” Krillin replied, gritting his teeth. “Saiyans transform into these giant monsters during the full moon!! And I don’t know how, but Vegeta just created a moon out of thin air!! I didn’t know anyone could do that!!”

“B-But what about- d-dad and m-me?”

“You need a tail to transform.” Piccolo replied, his jaw clenched. “And I sliced yours off, after you transformed the first time!! If I hadn’t done that, Earth would’ve been destroyed!” He then snarled. “Dammit, what is Vegeta thinking?!”

Gohan was dumbfounded by the news.

“B-But I-I don’t even r-remember-”

“That’s cause you lose your mind when you transform!!!” Krillin interjected, his entire being wracked with alarm. “Vegeta’s going to kill everyone of us!!!”

“Hahahahaha, the only one who’ll die today is Frieza!!!” Proclaimed the gigantic Prince, in his booming tone, having heard the bald Earthling. He’d just completed his transformation. “Behold!!! The true power of a Saiyan!!! The mighty Oozaru!!!”

Everyone was completely taken aback as the beast echoed its voice. Unlike Goku and Gohan, even whilst in this form, Vegeta appeared sentient, for the most part!! How very peculiar!!

“How?!” Frieza demanded, more stunned than ever. “There is no moon on Namek!! How did you do that?!”

“Are you so blind Frieza?!” Vegeta answered, in that same resounding voice. “The light reflected by the moon contains blutz waves. During a full moon those waves exceed 17 million Zenos and when Saiyans absorb them through their eyes, it sets a trigger in our tails and thenceforth the transformation commences. This you know.” He smirked forebodingly, as he went on. “But if you’d paid closer attention to the race you so feared, you’d know that some among us, like myself, can create artificial moons that emit the 17 million Zenos required for our transformation!!”

Frieza grit his teeth.

“No!!!” He yelled and promptly fired a Ki blast at the projection, but it passed right through it, as if it were thin air. “What?! It should’ve been destroyed!!”

Vegeta laughed wickedly.

“You fool!! That moon is just synthetic light!!” The Prince thundered. "It is impervious to any attacks other than my own, for I am its creator!!" Frieza was left open-mouthed and wide-eyed, as were the other bystanders. Why hadn’t Vegeta used this ability on Earth? “Now die, Frieza!!!”

The tyrant instantly shot his power up to 20%, not having time to flare his Ki further as the Prince brought his fist down, like a hammer. He barely managed to jump out of dodge. Vegeta immediately shot his other fist out, but Frieza managed to catch it midair with both hands.

‘Now Kakarot!!! Attack!!’ Vegeta mentally willed his rival.

Goku was nonplussed, rooted to the spot, as he saw the Prince in all his glory. His power level was mountainous. He instantly recalled the untimely demise of his grandpa, Gohan. A monster had came out during the full moon and crushed him to death. It was him!! He was that monster; the same one that had destroyed Pilaf’s castle and wreaked havoc during the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament!! Everyone knew and yet, no one had said a word to him! That's why Kami had his tail excised!! He placed his fists by his sides, completely disgusted with himself and infuriated at the silence of his friends! They’d all concealed it from him! He felt betrayed!! How could they?! But then- could he really blame them?!

As Goku was lost in his own thoughts, Frieza was struggling to hold Vegeta’s giant fist in place. The lizard fired eye lasers towards the Oozaru Saiyan, but Vegeta blocked it with the palm of his other hand and out of nowhere, smacked Frieza across the head with his tail, sending his mortal enemy flying sideways.

“Kakarot!!!” Vegeta roared, scowling at his rival. “I told you to attack!!! This is our only chance to destroy him!!!”

Goku suddenly looked up at Vegeta and cast aside all his musings, before gravely nodding. Now wasn’t the time for grief and regret!! The moment he reunited with his grandpa in Otherworld, he’d apologize and seek forgiveness, for what he’d done!! But right now, he needed to help Vegeta bring Frieza down once and for all!

The tyrant dashed up off the ground and began powering up as quickly as he could.

“KAIO-KEN TIMES TENNNN!!!!” Goku shouted and charged straight towards Frieza, as an awesome fiery red aura engulfed him.

The lizard only managed to make a climb to 30% of his maximum strength, before Goku hooked him across the jaw. Frieza snarled wickedly and lunged forward, ramming his knee right into the Saiyan’s stomach, causing spit to fly out of his mouth, before elbowing him atop the head, whereby he was launched downwards. Damn monkey!! How was he able to hurt him, when he was at 30%?! It made absolutely no sense!

Vegeta used Frieza’s moment of distraction to zoom towards his left and land a hard punch to his side. The tyrant flew off several yards but recovered and charged right back, landing a hard drop kick on Vegeta’s midsection, causing him to keel over in pain.

‘Kakarot!’ Vegeta willed and Goku was on it immediately, shooting back up and landing a brutal uppercut right underneath Frieza’s chin, followed by a side kick to his solar plexus. Frieza didn’t take long to regain his footing and promptly fired a Ki blast at the Saiyan warrior, who was struggling to hold it in place, even with his increased power.

Vegeta, who’d just recovered, instantly grabbed Frieza’s whole body with both hands and began squeezing as hard as he could. Frieza cried out in pain, but struggled mightily and managed to stretch out his hands and feet, loosening the Saiyan’s hold. The moment this happened, Vegeta abruptly let go and flung his tail underneath the unsuspecting lizard’s chin, causing him to fly upwards. He followed through beautifully, as he fastened his hands together and landed a powerful double axe handle from the top, downing his adversary. He brought his foot up and slammed it to the ground, but before he got the chance to stomp the lizard, Frieza jumped out of the way in the nick of time and fired a Ki blast at Vegeta’s left eye. The Oozaru howled in pain, clutching his incinerated eye. His behemoth size posed a huge disadvantage, since he was a much bigger target.

What Frieza hadn’t anticipated, however, was the powerful low punch to his gut, as Goku, who’d just managed to pry away his Ki blast, charged him without volition, causing the tyrant to spit out a glob of blood. The Saiyan proceeded with a hard left to the jaw.

“So that’s what they’re doing!” Piccolo marveled at the sight, as he figured it out. “Vegeta’s size prevents him and Goku from fighting Frieza together. So instead, each and every time that bastard gets the edge over one of them, the other one capitalizes, while he’s preoccupied!”

“Yeah, but- why didn’t Vegeta just transform to begin with?” Krillin asked, thoroughly confused.

“It’s because he knew Frieza may have had the upper hand regardless and as it turns out, he was right.” Piccolo replied. “This way, both he and Goku are able to unleash the optimal level of their respective strengths at the same time.”

“Oh- I see.” The bald man scratched his head.

“Not only that!” The Namekian went on. “In his final form, I suspect Frieza’s never once been on the losing end of a battle! Vegeta knows this and he’s using it to his advantage! By fighting together, he and Goku aren’t giving him any room to breathe. They’re putting him in a situation he’s never had to face before, getting him angry and frustrated and as a result, making him lose his composure. This impedes his judgment and so prevents him from utilizing the true extent of his powers!!”

“Amazing!” Krillin beamed. “So you’re saying Vegeta had all of that calculated from the very outset?!!”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying!” Piccolo affirmed, smirking. “His plan was nothing short of brilliant! I don’t know if I’ll ever say this again, but I sure am glad he’s on our side!”

“Yeah, me too.” Krillin concurred. His respect for the Prince had surged greatly!! Vegeta’s ingenuity had just saved all their hides!! Now they’d win this battle for sure! “These Saiyans are just amazing!!”

“I only hope he doesn’t turn on us, once this is all over.” Piccolo frowned.

“No, I have a feeling he won’t!!” Krillin disagreed, smiling confidently. “Strange as it may sound, I don’t think Vegeta’s all that evil anymore- at least not like he was on Earth!!”

Piccolo furrowed his eyes at the bald warrior for a moment, before turning his attention back to the battle.

“Hmmm, now that you mention it, you may be right.” The Namek observed.

Gohan was still struggling to come to terms with the fact that he was once some crazy-as ape monster.

Frieza was fuming, as he slipped one of Goku’s punches and landed an elbow straight to his chest. Vegeta, though gravely injured with that burned left eye, instantly took advantage by firing a Ki blast from his mouth at the lizard and Frieza only barely managed to dodge it. However, Goku launched an energy attack of his own from below that landed flush against the tyrant’s midsection and propelled him into the air. The older Saiyan added his own fuel to the fire, by unleashing another Ki blast from his mouth.

‘Kakarot, we must destroy him now!!!’ Vegeta ordered mentally. ‘On my mark!! We both attack full force, at the same time!!’

“Got it!” Goku cupped his hands together by his side and began summoning up as much Ki as he could. “KAAAA- MEEEE- HAAAA- MEEEE-”

‘Three, two, one and FIRE!!!’ 

“HAAAAAA!!!!” Yelled Goku to the top of his lungs. At that exact instance, the two pureblooded Saiyans simultaneously hurled their intensest Ki waves, Goku’s Kaio-Ken x10 Kamehameha and Oozaru Vegeta’s most powerful blast, fired directly from the mouth. Fighting in that form was not an easy task at all, since he’d never experienced using it on such a grand scale. The Prince had exhausted nearly all his remaining dregs of energy with that last move. One thing was certain though: his greatest enemy was history!!!

Frieza cried out in agony, as the two monstrous powerhouses engulfed him completely, sending him flying off into the empty vacuum of space. No, he couldn’t meet his end this way!!! Not by the hands of a pair of filthy monkeys!! Not after he’d wiped out their entire race with just a flick of his finger!!!

Soon after everyone sensed Frieza’s Ki signal vanish, Gohan, Krillin and Piccolo rushed over to the two Saiyan victors, in a rush of thrill, jubilance and relief!!!

Vegeta turned his head towards the artificial moon he’d created and fired a Ki blast from his mouth directly at it, causing it to dissipate into nothing. He subsequently shrank down to his normal form and collapsed on his back, breathing a huge reposing sigh. His body was aching all over, his head was throbbing and his left eye impaired, rendering him half blind!! Fighting on that magnitude had really done him in and eating all those blows from Frieza before Kakarot arrived hadn’t helped much either, but in the end it had been far more than worth it!!

“Hey, Vegeta, are you alright?” Goku headed towards his rival. The Saiyan Prince sat up with great difficulty and couldn’t help it as he smirked at the other Saiyan. Goku smirked right back!! They’d done it at last!! And they didn’t need some stupid wish from the dragon! They’d avenged their race!! Mother, father and all the other Saiyans who’d perished at Frieza’s hands could now rest peacefully in the knowledge that the last two warriors of the mightiest race had prevailed over the most menacing force in the planes of existence!!!

The Prince had never felt more content and carefree his entire life. His tormentor was finally gone, never to return again!!! And strangely enough, he felt so much- at peace!! That word had always been foreign to him!! He hated the idea all his life and yet now that Frieza was defeated, every part of him wanted to do nothing but embrace it and cherish it to the fullest!! At this moment, war, conquest, riches and glory meant absolutely nothing to him!! Perhaps he was just too dazed and fatigued to think straight, or perhaps, somewhere along the line, as he’d constantly battled alongside his former enemies against common foes, a change had sparked within him! He couldn’t quite place it, but was much too exhausted to ponder over such nonsense. Right now, all he wanted to do was rest for an entire week. He felt he’d definitely earned it!!

“Dad, Vegeta!!!” Gohan was excitedly running over to the duo and jumped at his father, catching him completely off guard and embracing him so tightly, he took the breath right out of him.

“Whoa, easy there big fella.” Goku smiled at his son, pulling him back and holding him up from beneath the shoulders. The boy’s eyes glistened with tears of joy. They’d destroyed the greatest evil the Universe had ever seen, all by themselves!

“Goku.” Piccolo smirked as he came over to the Saiyan, who reciprocated the expression.

“Piccolo, I can sense your great power.” Goku stated. “I don’t know how you did it, but you’re truly something else.”

“Heh, you’re one to talk.” Replied the Namekian, before gravely looking at his ex-rival. “You know the last time we were together, I was still your enemy.” He then held his hand out to him. “But no more, my friend.”

Goku said nothing, but smiled radiantly at the Earth-born Namek, as he put Gohan down and shook the hand of his once most bitter adversary. The young boy looked between the two confusedly, but soon, his own face lit up as well. His father and Piccolo were his two greatest idols and nothing could possibly have made him happier than seeing them make their peace with one-another!! How he’d dreamt of this day!! It didn’t get any better than this! This had to have been the happiest moment all his life!! Even though they’d suffered drastic losses on their end, everyone would be revived!! They did it!! They finally won!!

“Goku, Vegeta, you were both amazing!!!” Krillin beamed, making a dash towards the rest of the crew. “I can’t believe you really did it hahaha!!”

“Yeah, well, I guess I owe you one for having blasted me earlier.” Vegeta recalled, donning his most villainous smirk. Krillin’s face suddenly turned a sickly pallor, when the Saiyan aimed a palm towards him.

“E-Err- V-V-V-Vegeta?” The bald man put his hands up in surrender, taking a step back. He was trembling like a leaf and his bladder threatened to give out any second.

The Prince suddenly burst out laughing and withdrew his hand, unable to help himself. The look on the petrified little human’s face was just priceless!!! After a few hesitant laughs, Gohan joined in as well and Piccolo couldn’t help but snigger under his breath. Krillin frowned and folded his arms indignantly, turning away from the others.

“Hey, it’s not funny!” He chided.

“Wait, you blasted Vegeta?” Goku asked, in bafflement.

The bald warrior sighed and explained to his best friend, how his rival sought to obtain a Zenkai boost, so he could fend off Frieza.

“Gosh Vegeta, talk about taking the easy way out.” Goku taunted.

“Hey, if I hadn’t done that, Frieza would’ve destroyed all of us and you’d be left to face him alone!” Vegeta scowled. “Besides, it’s only fair, since you got to train at one hundred times gravity!!”

“You did what?!” Piccolo goggled at his former arch-enemy, completely stunned by that piece of information.

“Oh yeah, on my way to Namek, I trained for six days at intense levels of gravity, eventually reaching one hundred.” Goku informed a dumbstruck Piccolo and then turned back to his rival, smirking. “But I suppose you’re right Vegeta. I can’t wait for our rematch though.” He went on, laughingly. “Just try not to go all ape on me.”

“And just why not?” He argued. “You can multiply your power tenfold and by transforming, I can too. It’s an even playing field.”

“Well, maybe it’s best if none of us multiplies our power, how about that?”

“As you wish, Kakarot, as you wish.”

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