The Light to my Darkness

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Chapter 11: Jasmine

Soon after Vegeta had taken off, Dende dashed towards the others as fast as he could, Gohan and Krillin hot on his heels.

“Elder Tsuno! Elder Tsuno!” He beamed at the old Namek, running up and embracing him, by the waist.

“Hello, Dende!” The elder greeted back, patting the boy’s head. “How are you my son? What brings you here?”

Dende sighed dejectedly.

“My whole village was destroyed.” He whimpered. By now Gohan and Krillin were standing side by side, behind the Namek child. The other villagers, too, had gathered around. Dende stared down angrily at his tiny clenched fists. “It was Frieza and his evil men. They killed elder Mori and all the others, even Cargo.” He then turned in the direction of his new friends. “They would’ve killed me too, but Gohan and Krillin here rescued me.”

The elder looked to the two new arrivals in intrigue.

“Greetings.” He said, nodding respectfully to them. “You both have my deepest gratitude for saving young Dende.”

“It’s no problem.” Krillin smiled at the elder. He then sighed and frowned, his face downcast. “When we came to this planet, we never expected things to be this horrible.”

“I do not mean to pry young man.” The elder began, “But who are you and what business do you have on Namek?”

The duo explained everything as the elder listened intently.

“I see.” He sighed dejectedly. “Then you too have suffered at the hands of these villains. I’m afraid we cannot help you though.”

“I know.” Krillin nodded his head in understanding. “Vegeta took your dragon ball. We saw everything.”

“I’m deeply sorry.” The elder said apologetically.

“Don’t be.” Krillin replied, smiling comfortingly, before gritting his teeth. “If you hadn’t given it to him, he would’ve killed you all and taken it anyway! Damn him to hell!!”

“I’m glad you’re all safe though.” Dende twinkled. “I thought he would’ve killed you for sure.”

“That was some quick thinking there, sir.” Gohan smiled at the elder. “I was about to make my move, but I’m glad you were able to keep everyone safe.”

“I still do not understand how he knew of the dragon ball’s location.” Stated the elder, in a tense voice.

“This is how.” Krillin answered, pulling out Dr. Brief’s dragon radar from his shirt. “He was using one of these.”

“Why, yes.” Tsuno confirmed upon recognizing the gadget. “But what exactly is this?”

“It’s what we call a dragon radar.” Krillin responded. “It tracks down the location of dragon balls by detecting the unique energy waves they emit. Our friend Bulma invented this device.”  He then gnashed his teeth furiously. “She’s the one Vegeta kidnapped!!”

“Extraordinary.” Tsuno commented in amazement, while the other Namekians peered at the little device, in absolute awe.



“Here, let me show you.” Krillin switched it on and tilted it so it faced the elder, who eyed it curiously, as the bald visitor pointed at the yellow spots on the grid. “As you can see, five dragon balls are gathered together. They’re the ones Frieza has. The one Vegeta has is moving away, which leaves this one here.”

“That is to the North.” Elder Tsuno observed. “That is where Grand Elder Guru is.”

“But we can’t collect it without Vegeta spotting us, since he can sense power levels.” Gohan said dejectedly. “And it’s so far away that it’ll take us ages to get there without flying.”

“Then I guess we’re out of options.” Krillin sighed in defeat. “All we can do is wait for Goku to get here and since our ship was destroyed, we can’t even communicate with him. I guess we’ll have to settle for hover bike.”

Krillin pulled out the hover bike dynocap, pressed the plunger and tossed it.

The Namekians stood transfixed when they saw the bike virtually materialize from thin air, save Dende, since he’d already witnessed it once. Gohan and Krillin merely chuckled and explained the super-human genius of the Briefs family.

“I just hope we can somehow manage to get Bulma away from Vegeta.” Krillin said, forlornly. “The guy’s still bad to the core.”

“It was unusual.” The elder stated, tilting his head downwards in deep thought. “I’m sure he would have killed everyone of us. What I sensed from him was pure evil, yet for a brief moment he appeared somewhat undecided.”

“What?!” Krillin’s eyes widened. “For real?!”

“Yes.” He affirmed, facing Krillin.

“What do you think that means?” Gohan asked his older companion, feeling completely at a loss.

“I don’t know.” The bald warrior replied. “I’m not sure I even want to know.”

“So what should we do now?”

“Well.” Krillin responded, “I guess the best thing we can do for now is to collect the last dragon ball, before Frieza or Vegeta get their hands on it.” He then turned to the Namekians. “By the way it’d be a good idea if you post some men around the outskirts of the village to keep their eyes peeled for any intruders. Frieza’s soldiers wear armor similar to Vegeta’s and the last thing you want is them announcing your whereabouts to their boss. The elder of the previous village destroyed their remaining scouters and they can’t locate power levels without it. That gives you at least some edge.”

“Mori did that?” Tsuno asked, looking at Dende.

“Yes.” Affirmed Dende, nodding his head weakly, his face downcast, in disheartenment. “But now he’s dead.”

“He was a true hero.” Tsuno said wistfully. “His actions have bought us a lot more time.” He then looked at the warrior Namekians, “Very well. Four of you travel to each corner of the village and keep notice of any arrivals from Frieza’s camp. We are a peaceful race, but that does not mean we will sit idly by, while our people are slaughtered. If you locate the enemies nearby, flare your Ki to alert the others. Take them prisoner and we will question them.”

“Yes sir.” Replied the five warriors. Four of them took off, while one remained in the village to defend.

“Dende.” Tsuno turned towards the young Namek.

“Yes, elder?”

“Accompany our two Earthling friends.”

“Are you sure, sir?” Gohan asked. “Wouldn’t he be safer here?”

“I have faith in the two of you.” The elder replied with firm resolve. “Whenever you are ready, take him and visit Grand elder Guru.”

“Oh yeah, you mentioned him before.” Krillin recalled, “Who is he?”

“He is the oldest and wisest of all the Nameks.” The elder answered and continued explaining in length how Guru survived the cataclysm that had afflicted Namek approximately 300 years ago and had long afterwards, repopulated the planet and dedicated himself to teaching the Nameks, the ancient ways. He also explained that all the Nameks on this planet are his children, which came as a total surprise to both Gohan and Krillin.

And so, after saying their goodbyes, the duo from Earth headed towards the last dragon ball with Dende, via hover-bike.


Vegeta continued his trek to the capsule house, wondering just what had gotten over him. He’d never been out of touch with his killer instinct, yet back there, he’d felt slightly befuddled. Did that accursed woman somehow shake his composure? It couldn’t be! He wasn’t weak enough to let an inferior cretin like her make him question his ruthless Saiyan ways! And yet she did, if only momentarily! That infuriated him, beyond measure!! He couldn’t let this reoccur! Never again! The Universe had shown him no kindness, so why should he return the favor?! She needed to die!!

After a short while, he’d made it to his intended location.


Several minutes after Vegeta had left, Bulma had seriously contemplated de-capsulizing the house and heading elsewhere, but decided against it, since doing so entailed far too much risk. Although heading towards the space pods and escaping to Earth seemed like a plausible idea, her entire mission rested upon reviving her friends, plus there was no telling what Vegeta would do if she’d reneged on their agreement.

She was shackled to the bloodthirsty fiend who’d shattered her world and was about to spill the blood of some Namekians just for kicks. It truly pained her heart, but how could she expect any different? This is who Vegeta was, a Saiyan, a beast with no conscience and yet for a passing moment, she could’ve sworn she saw a hint of emotion flicker through his dark eyes. There was something deeper in there. He’d exhibited several signs of normalcy in their time together. She refused to accept that he was nothing but a monster, driven by an insane lust for blood and power. Somewhere inside there was the Vegeta she’d grown acclimatized to, her friend and that was the only hope she could hang on to.

‘Dammit, stop it, Bulma!!!’ She self-berated. ‘He could be out there killing innocent people!! He’s not the man you think he is!!’

And with that, her sentiment fell into a deep bottomless ravine of oblivion.

Bulma made her way inside the bedroom next door, took off her garments and clambered into a lavender colored, V-necked, satin chemise with a lime-green stemmed, white jasmine illustrated on the front. It was sleeveless, seamless and ended a few inches above her knees. As she lay on the bed, staring aimlessly at the ceiling, her meandering thoughts made a good hour and a half or so, pass by like a flash.

Just then Vegeta made his way into the compound, four-star dragon ball in hand. He felt Bulma’s weak Ki in the bedroom and walked inside, intent on doing what he should’ve done the moment he figured out how to work that dragon radar.

Bulma heard footsteps headed her way and so she sat up and wiped her eyes clean, turning in Vegeta’s direction just as he walked in. She took immediate notice of the large glimmering gem in his right arm.

“Wow.” She stated in awe, somewhat glad for the distraction. “The dragon balls sure are big here.”

Vegeta said nothing and just stared at her blankly. What was stopping him?! He could do this anytime now!

“Vegeta?” She looked him in the eye.

“I’m here to kill you!” He frowned, masking any emotions behind a cold façade of indifference.

Bulma gasped and averted her gaze. She began to quiver as her gut clenched, trying her utmost to maintain her composure. Her heart rate practically doubled. Why would he want to kill her?! It didn’t make any sense! How could he?! He wasn’t being serious was he?! After all they’d been through together, was he really going to end it this way?! She turned in his direction once more. He was firmly rooted to the spot, his impassive expression giving away nothing. That deadpan look of his slowly transformed her fear into resentment. Who did he think he was?! After all she’d done for him!! She would not be controlled! She would not be pushed! Narrowing her eyes dangerously as her pride suddenly took hold, she stood up, boldly walking towards him, boring holes into his soul with the sheer intensity of her piercing gaze. The fragrant scent of her fear wafted through the thin air, making it as thick and sweet as corn syrup and yet the gleam of fire in those fathomless pools of deep blue, charred that sweetness into bitter, foul-tasting cinders that melted away any desire to spill her blood and savor in the taste of its innocence and purity. Vegeta didn’t know whether this infuriated or invigorated him, perhaps both.

“Then what’re you waiting for?!” She stood her ground, scowling, holding her hands out in challenge. “I’m right here!”

Vegeta was ensorcelled by those scorching oceans of cerulean! He’d never seen a look of such utter defiance, ever before! Why wasn’t she backing down?! It was making him lose his edge, his nerve!

“You need to die!!” He gnashed his teeth.

“Well then do what you came for!!” She practically yelled in his face, not giving an inch. “If all you’re good for is murder, then do it!!”

The Prince dropped the dragon ball in his grasp and suddenly closed the small distance between them, grabbing her arms.

“Do not tempt me!!!”

“What do you want from me, Vegeta??!!!” She snarled. “If you’re gonna kill me, do it!! If you’re not, don’t, but quit beating around the bush!!!”

At that moment, the Prince looked on in stunned amazement, as the flames burning in her oceanic eyes transformed into a firestorm and he couldn’t help it as his reverence towards this little female surged to new heights. It was those eyes!! They sparkled with such irrepressible life, life he was loath to take! How could a being like her possibly exist?! How had she beguiled him so?!

“Tell me something, Vegeta!!” She asked belligerently. “Did you stall this much when you butchered those Namekians in cold blood and stole their dragon ball from them??!!!”

The Prince snarled at her. How dare she remind him of what he didn’t do?! If he hadn’t hesitated in the beginning, that decrepit old fool would’ve been dead before he had the chance to slither his way out of his fated demise!! All of them would’ve been pieces of charcoal right now, if not for her!! And thus, here he stood!

“You didn’t do it, did you?” Bulma asked softly, the fire in her eyes dimming, as realization dawned on her, upon peering into his obsidian orbs, the only windows into his blackened soul, wherein she saw flutters of bitter resentment. “You didn’t kill them.” She phrased those last words more as a statement than a question.

Was she the undercurrent that prevented him from marring his hands a bloody crimson, or more accurately, violet? Was that why he wanted her dead? If so, what did that mean?

“Don’t get the wrong idea, female!!” He growled truculently, shoving her aside, whereby she landed on her backside. He glowered down at her. “What I gave them wasn’t life, but a reprieve until I learn how to make my wish! Once I become immortal, I will destroy this planet along with all the scum residing on it!!”

He turned around, balling a fist and staring at it with unparalleled lividity. Why couldn’t he do this?! Just how had she made him lose his primacy?! His mind was in shambles and it was all because of her! She needed to pay and he couldn’t make her!

He decided it didn’t matter! If he couldn’t kill her, he’d make her suffer a fate far worse than death! He would make her watch as he set the Universe ablaze! He would look on gleefully, as the glamorous fireworks of death and destruction racked her entire being with anguish and despair so deadly, that it washed away the scorching brilliance in her eyes, replacing it with an emptiness that would make her rue her very existence. Then, when she became a mere shell of the harp that had stolen from him his killer edge, he would extinguish what little life remained in the hollows of her oceanic eyes.

‘Just like Frieza did to me.’ He thought, an alien feeling of disheartenment sprouting within him. Was that all he was? A broken shell of what could’ve been, had it not been for the lizard? An empty soul whose only means of satiation was drinking in the blood of lesser beings? He was giving himself a headache just pondering over all these divergent thoughts. What he really needed was rest! Breathing a sigh of resignation, he took off his gloves and boots, slipped out of his armor and removed his spandex shirt, ready to hit the bed.

Bulma was floored, literally and figuratively, unable to figure out her ambivalent captor. Why did he have to be like this? Why did he have to harbor such spite and malice? The moment he turned away she could literally see the conflict brewing within him. Regardless of what he may have said, some small part of him must have heeded her words and that is what truly unsettled him. There was a glimmer of light within his darkened soul! Now she was truly resolved to burn away that darkness and show him that there was another way, a better way! Wait, immortality?! That was his goal all along?! No way! She could not let him make that wish, no matter what!! She was loath to allow it! All her thoughts went flying out the window as she saw Vegeta’s bare back turned to her and those same scars marring his chiseled figure. She felt her eyes water, as she stood to her feet. All he’d known was pain and suffering and how to inflict it upon others.

As the Prince smelled the salty scent of her tears, he whirled around and upon noticing where her gaze was set, he bared his fangs in fury. In a flash he advanced upon her, grabbing her by the arms and glowering fiercely.

“Do not ever pity me, female!!!” He snarled.

Bulma blinked several times, feeling dazed and speechless, as her heartbeat soared. She gulped, before her eyes unwittingly set themselves upon the deep slanted scar on his left pectoral. As if out of instinct, she daringly began tracing her right index finger along the span of that yawning chasm, not knowing whether to feel doleful or marvelled. Like him, it was so hollow, so empty and yet, a wondrous work of art, an enigmatic beauty she yearned to decipher.

Vegeta’s chest tightened at her delicate touch. He brought his face a mere few inches from hers.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” He demanded.

“S-Sorry.” She replied, her hand unmoving and her eyes fixed upon his chest. After a tense moment of silence, she continued. “It’s just- I’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s beautiful.”

Beautiful??!!! Whatever the fuck did she mean?!! Who did she think she was, touching him like this?!! It- it didn’t feel unpleasant. The Prince grit his teeth at that thought and narrowed his eyes at her but she wasn’t paying attention, her gaze fixated upon those scars. Each one must have had its own story to tell, stories of cruelty, horror and evil. Another wave of tears threatened to escape, but she kept them at bay.

She knew he’d felt disparaged at the mere thought of being pitied by another, especially one such as her. But it wasn’t pity that spawned her tears. No, it was something else entirely. It was woe, woe that something so beautiful had to be marred and blemished and woe that he was so withdrawn and reticent, so lonely. She looked up into his ebony eyes, brimmed with an amalgam of contempt, consternation and bewilderment.

“I don’t pity you, Vegeta.” She enunciated each word. “I could never belittle you like that.” She stated adamantly, as she placed her palm on his steel-like chest, shutting her eyes and exhaling as she lost herself in the rhythmic thrum of his heartbeat. “I know pride means a lot to you and I’ll always respect that.”

Vegeta felt the muscles in his chest turn into gooseflesh, his heart lurching in response to her words. Why was she saying all this? A feeling of warmth began budding within him, as he moved his hands down to her supple waist, gripping her tightly, as if he needed to know that she was real and not some figment of his imagination that would vanish at anytime, leaving him all alone. Alone! For the first time in his life he felt haunted by that nightmarish idea. It was never of any consequence before, but now, as he felt her touch and looked into her expansive depths of sparkling sapphire, he saw for the first time, something he’d never seen from anyone before: reverence, not for a cold-blooded killer, but for a living being. And he didn’t want to lose that!

Frieza had wiped away his entire race, after promising he wouldn’t. He had sent Raditz to his own graveyard, had murdered Nappa in cold blood and was betrayed by Kakarot and his half-breed child. He had nothing, nothing but her. Not that he cared about her or any of the aforementioned, but now he felt plagued more than ever, by the idea of being alone and that perturbed him. He’d never felt this way before, but he needed to know that at least she was real, that she was right here, within his grasp and that no one would take her away, his little spitfire.

Bulma was awed by the plethora of nuances flickering through his charcoal orbs of obsidian. Buried underneath all those conflicting feelings of hatred, anger, betrayal, regret and longing, she saw the nexus that loosely bound them all together, reined within a compact and infrangible inner fortification. However, his inner defenses were momentarily impaired, allowing her a fleeting glance at a smidgeon of the underlying pain and suffering, loneliness and sorrow, beyond comprehension. Tears threatened to make their exit in a torrential outpour, but with more strength than she could handle, she locked them inside, instead offering him the only thing she could: her warmth and acceptance.

Bulma smiled, as she moved her right hand up to Vegeta’s cheek and placed her left on his scalene, gripping him firmly by the shoulder.

“I’m right here Vegeta.” She told him reassuringly. “I’m not gonna leave you.”

The Prince felt a beast of a different kind surge within him, something unusual and primordial in nature, as he felt her soft and delicate touch. He moved his face closer to hers and she felt the hairs on the back of her neck rise, as he breathed against her lips. No, this wasn’t right!

“Vegeta, I-”

Before she could produce another sound, her words were swallowed as Vegeta pulled her flush against him and crashed his lips to hers, as their hips ground together feverishly. He felt his loins warm up, as he clasped her lithe body to his.

Bulma’s eyes widened before her lashes began fluttering like the wings of a butterfly. She was gobsmacked at the feel of his lips, so pleasurably soft and so unlike Yamcha’s. Yamcha!! She instantly pulled back and shook her head.

“Vegeta, I can’t do-”

Not another word was said, as the Prince growled in primal fashion and tossed her onto the bed, instantly straddling her hips, as he buried his face in the recess of her neck, breathing in her floral scent, before she had even a moment to sink it all in.

That jasmine-like fragrance of hers sent waves of pleasure coursing through every blood cell in his body, as the beast continued thrashing about violently within, desperately seeking a means of escape. He grazed his incisor against her carotid artery. One nip, just one little nip and a torrent of her blood would gush forth, ending her life there and then. Such a weak and fragile being she was and yet that engendered a feeling of protectiveness that he tried to repress. Suddenly, the taint of her fear began to blemish her perfect scent. 

“You fear me.” Vegeta breathed against her neck, forcing her to clamp her eyes shut and bite her lower lip, to suppress a shudder of betrayal. Why was he doing this to her?! Why was she feeling so lightheaded? “You should.”

Bulma felt the panic course through her, but alongside that panic was an effervescence of frenzied anticipation that she couldn’t explain. What would Yamcha think if he saw her right now, trapped underneath the man responsible for his death and yet a strong part of her still stimulated by his wild and virile gruffness?!! She wanted to deny it with every fibre of her being, but she couldn’t. The truth was clear inside her, clear as the crystal-blue water: she longed for him!

The heiress shut her eyes, as she let out a breath of resignation.

“I don’t want to fear you, Vegeta.” She stated, as she traced her fingers through his fiery mane of gravity-defying hair, startled and thrilled by its soft, feathery texture. The Prince lifted his face, peering at her with unparalleled intrigue.

“Why?” He asked.

“Because I’m all by myself in the middle of nowhere.” She replied, as she placed her other hand on his neck. “You’re the only person I know, the only one who can protect me. If I lose that, I’ll be all alone and I don’t want that.”

Vegeta felt his heart race, as that same protective urge within him took a huge spike. He shut his eyes and pressed his forehead to hers, their noses adjacent as he brushed his next words against her lips, in a breathy and desirous plea.

“I want you… Bulma.”

This time Bulma was unable to repress the shudder that escaped, her entire being freezing upon hearing her name escaping his balmy lips for the first time, making her wish she could hear him say it again and again in that husky voice of his, maybe forever. He wanted her, but he wasn’t forcing her. As revolted as she was by the thought, a strong part of her was wishing he did, just so she could lose herself in a rapture of much-needed pleasure, while knowing that she hadn’t betrayed Yamcha.

“Vegeta, listen, I-” Bulma made the fatal error of opening her mouth, as the needy Saiyan forced his tongue inside, deftly exploring every crevice of the hollow, yet fulfilling, sweet vault of perfection within her cavernous mouth, sending the heiress into a whirlwind of desire. Her taste was unique and flowery, the taste of innocence, greater than that of any woman he’d taken in the past. The beast began screaming for release from its captivity.

This was all wrong, so horribly wrong, so why did it feel so right?! Why did her stomach fill with butterflies, as she felt his tongue skilfully work its way inside her wet mouth?! No! She couldn’t do this! What about- what about- She couldn’t even remember his name! She couldn’t even remember what planet she was on or from, as her entire world filled with pure white. Almost absent-mindedly, her tongue began dancing with his, as she grabbed his face in her hands.

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Vegeta felt electricity shoot down his spine, as their tongues wrestled and the instant his olfactory senses detected the sweet musk of her arousal, the beast grew more volatile and nigh incontrollable. He pulled away and began leaving a trail of sensuous kisses down her neck and chest, before licking his way back up, causing her to moan shamelessly with want, as she felt his wet tongue glide along her heated skin.

As he looked upon her, he saw the ardor of pure lust glitter her azure depths and when she slowly nodded her assent, his own desire took a massive upsurge, as the beast began clawing its way out. In an instant he grabbed her chemise and ripped it open. Bulma’s eyes widened and before she knew it, he tore her cotton pink, lace bra, a predatory gleam burning in his obsidian eyes as they set themselves upon her exquisitely rounded, swelling breasts. He took a pert, pink nipple into his hot mouth, hungrily sucking and licking her hardened teat, causing her to throw her head back and arch against him, as she cried out euphorically. He brought a hand to her other perked-up nipple and began kneading it with his thumb and forefinger. A while later, Bulma grabbed a fistful of his hair, tugging at it with a nonpareil craving for more, as her arousal jumped to levels unprecedented.

The Prince lowered the hand that was ministering her nipple, down to her panties and slid it underneath. Using his conjoined index and middle fingers, he gently began to stroke her wet core up and down at a torturously slow pace, as she writhed beneath him. When he felt her inner muscles convulse, he began pumping his fingers inside her, as he pressed his teeth together on her nipple, causing her cries to rise an octave.

“Vegeta, please!!!” She implored, looking at him with such plea. She knew what she was asking, no, demanding of him. Her tunnel vision had now completely cut her off from the outside world, blinding her to everything except the heap of muscle on top of her. All she wanted now was him and nothing else.

The Prince glanced at her, as his chin rested on her bosom. He instantly recognized the need within her eyes, the need for release. He sat up and as he roved her slender neck, voluptuous breasts and lithe abdomen with lust-filled fervor, the primordial beast within him broke free of all its restraints. Vegeta roughly yanked her panties off and without delay, clambered out of his spandex pants and underwear.

He instantly spread her legs, as he loomed above her. Bulma’s heart hammered against her chest, as she felt the tip of his leaking erection collide with her wetness, her entire insides turning to jello, as her skin began radiating with need. Upon entering her, he moved his face towards hers, but before he even had a chance to make contact, she pulled his head down and smashed her lips against his, sucking on his lower lip, as they swallowed each other’s pants and moans. Vegeta pulled back slightly and she wrapped her arms around his neck, clinging onto him fervidly. He didn’t break eye contact with her as he began sliding his shaft into her core, back and forth, at an agonizingly slow, yet gentle and graceful pace, as they breathily shuddered into each other’s mouths.

She wanted release, there was no denying that, but pleasure on this scale was unchartered territory for her and she also wanted to savor every moment of it. Vegeta grabbed her left breast with his right hand, squeezing it yearningly. The melody of her soaring heartbeat drumming in his head, in conjunction with the redolence of her heated arousal and lusty cries of pleasure, made him lose himself completely as he continued ramming his way inside her. As the Prince made his thrusts quicker and more forceful, she began to scream out his name, whereby his entire body went aflame.

“Vegeeeeeetaaaaaa!!!” Bulma lengthily screamed out loud one last time, as she climaxed, in an ecstasy of bliss and jubilance, her body beginning to quiver thereafter. Shortly after he felt her sweet orgasm envelop his phallus, Vegeta, too, reached the apex of his desire, moaning lustily, as his fluids gushed forth inside her. He felt his entire body convulse, his eyes fixated upon her petite, trembling figure, underneath him.

The instant she felt him about to pull out and leave her, Bulma wrapped her legs around his hips.

“Don’t go.” She entreated. Vegeta looked at her curiously for a moment or so. In his stupefied state, the pleading look in her eyes elicited a strong urge to just stay and hold her, to comfort her and lose himself in the warmth of her welcoming arms. The Prince rolled over onto his side, moving her with him, his member still wedged inside her, seeping out the remnants of his orgasm within her. He looked into her oceanic eyes, mesmerized by their limitless depths, as he began stroking the satiny blue strands of her teal hair with his left hand, while his right arm snaked around her waist.

She smiled warmly, as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her body to his. He wasn’t rough or forceful, he didn’t hurt her and as they made love, she sensed a connection establish that was much deeper than the physical feel of their skins sliding against one-another, a connection that felt almost spiritual. Making love? Is that what it was? Is that how she felt about Vegeta? Her mind cursed her for even considering it and yet, in her heart, she knew it was the truth.

This man had turned her entire world into a complete ruin, but now she felt that flame of life rekindle within her and stronger than ever, all because of him. Something about being blanketed beneath those strong, steel-bound arms of his made her feel so safe and secure, as though nothing could ever hurt her. And yet, that thought frightened her. Was this just some sort of crazed Stockholm syndrome? She had no clue. All she knew was that she didn’t want to leave him and didn’t want him to let go, ever.

She no longer saw a bloodthirsty killer, without an iota of contrition in his heart nor a ruthless Prince of a race of planet pirates. She saw Vegeta and only Vegeta, her friend and lover.

Vegeta’s heart skittered as he saw that beautiful smile of hers. She pressed her lips to his, causing his eyes to flutter, as his mind clouded in a blissful world of euphoria. If someone now asked him what his name was or who Frieza was, he wouldn’t know. The only name he knew at this moment was Bulma. The only sounds he could hear were her sensual moans of pleasure and ragged breathing, the only things he could see were the aquamarine of her soft, silky tresses and the endless cerulean of her perfect blue eyes, the only fragrances he could smell were her sweet, flowery scent and the pomegranate-like perfection of her nectar, the only things he could taste were her petal, cherry lips and wet mouth and tongue and the only thing he could feel was her soft, porcelain skin, sliding feverishly against his. He felt so enervated and yet so full of life, his emptiness vanished in the comfort of her slender arms. Never before had he felt this way.

Bulma pulled back, as she grabbed a sheet nearby, deftly covering up both herself and her lover, single-handedly, with minimal movement on her part. She was afraid that if she let go, he’d leave her and she didn’t want that, not after feeling him, tasting him and making love to him, the way she had, though, to be fair, he was the one doing just about all the work. In stark contrast to his impassive visage, his ebony eyes shone radiantly with life. They’d never looked so bright ever before and she didn’t have to survey him for even a second, to see, as plain as day, the peace, calm and serenity, within those fathomless gems of obsidian, more beautiful than ever before.

She planted a chaste kiss on his lips, her smile not faltering an inch. Bulma giggled as Vegeta rolled over on top of her and buried his face in the crook of her neck, his thick shaft still wedged within her. She kissed the side of his head, gingerly rubbing his bare back up and down and running her fingers through several of his numerous scars, while tracing the fingers of her other hand through his feathery mane.

“Goodnight Vegeta.” She whispered into his ear and the Prince shivered against her neck as he let himself go, her jasmine scent lulling him into a tranquil slumber.

Bulma’s soul glistered with life like never before. She hadn’t ever felt this way with Yamcha. Oh no, Yamcha!! He’d completely slipped her mind! She betrayed Yamcha!! Her heart hammered against her chest, as guilt began creeping its way in. Even though they still hadn’t patched things up between them, meaning they weren’t officially boyfriend and girlfriend any longer, she’d never been with another man and, to the best of her knowledge, he’d never been with another woman. Sure, she’d flirt with the occasional stud and couldn’t deny having had a crush on Goku time and again, plus, over the years, her scar-faced ex had developed a nasty habit of ogling and in his own way, flirting, much to her chagrin, but that’s about it. Yamcha. She could never look him in the eye, ever again, not after this.

Just feeling Vegeta’s serene body on top of her, relaxed and free of tension, as he breathed against her neck, made her forget about everything else, as her stomach tied up in knots. It’d been years since she felt that way with Yamcha, only she’d never felt it on this magnitude. Vegeta was such a fractured soul and she was overcome with the urge to just mend him anew. There was no denying it now: she had fallen in love with her greatest enemy.

‘I’m sorry, Yamcha.’ She thought to herself, as she tightened her hold on her new lover.

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