The Light to my Darkness

BY : SaiyanPrince541
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Chapter 20: Arrival

Goku had just finished his final bout of training at 100Gs and was prepared to arrive on Namek. He ate one more senzu bean to recover his strength and had pushed himself like never before during this last day or so. As a culmination to everything, the Saiyan from Earth launched two powerful Kamehameha waves, directing them to strike him from either side. The resulting damage was monumental, however, upon recovery his strength had just become that much greater! The Saiyan youth's powers were far beyond anything he'd ever have imagined, since leaving Earth! It was time to put it all to the test! Time to take on Vegeta, Frieza and whoever else stood in his path!

A short while passed and his ship finally landed. He stepped out, face wrought with resolve, as he tuned his senses and felt a cluster of power levels far off, quickly dying away. They were innocent people. He grit his teeth and the moment he sensed the one responsible, his eyes widened in horror: Frieza! Such raw evil! Such mountainous power! It was greater than he'd counted on! No wonder King Kai had warned him to avoid this monster at all costs! But he refused to flee! No matter the odds, he'd meet this challenge! He sensed another really high power level not too far away, but decided not to dwell on it. First and foremost, he needed to ensure that Gohan, Krillin and Bulma were safe! That was his main priority.

He shut his eyes and began concentrating. He felt three strong Ki signals ahead and three that were fading rapidly, much too rapidly! Two belonged to Gohan and Krillin and the other- Vegeta?! Just what in seven hells was going on?! With a stern and steadfast look of raw determination, he zoomed forward at full speed.


Nail turned his head sideways as he saw a spaceship arrive on the planet.

"What is that?" He asked no one in particular.

Jeice frowned at him and he too turned his attention to the newcomer, whoever it was.

"Hey Burter! You mind coming over here?!" He yelled to his comrade.

"Sure, I'm done with these pieces of trash, anyway!" The blue giant promptly made his way over next to his colleague. "What's up?"

"I wonder who that is." Jeice folded his arms, as he perused the ship an island or two away.

"We're not expecting anybody." Burter frowned, before smirking. "Maybe some Nameks coming home from vacation."

"Poor dopes." Jeice snickered. "They have no idea what they're getting themselves into."

'His strength is unusual.' Nail noted, feeling out the presence of this new arrival. 'I can't measure his true level of power, but I don't sense even the tiniest trace of evil from him! But my people are being slaughtered! What do I do?! I know I was ordered to help the Earthlings, but I can't let Frieza get away with this! Once he's done with Tsuno's village, he'll head straight for Guru and there's absolutely no way I can allow that!'

Nail's eyes were hardly able to follow as Goku zoomed past him, Jeice and Burter, at supersonic speed and stood before the gurgling Gohan. Blood bubbles were oozing out of his son's mouth. He was barely alive!

"This guy's pretty good Burter." Jeice remarked. "That's quite an entrance he made. He's really fast, maybe even faster than you."

"Yeah right, give me a break." Burter smirked and clicked a button on his scouter. "Low fighting power. He's all show. You're too easily impressed Jeice."

Nail went and stood beside Goku.

"Do you know this boy?" He asked the mysterious man. "Do you know Gohan?"

"Huh? Yeah, he's my son." Goku responded, staring intriguingly at the Piccolo look-alike.

"Oh, I see." Nail nodded weakly, before letting out a dejected sigh. "Gohan said you'd be coming here."

"You're friends with Gohan?" Goku asked. The Namekian warrior nodded, before looking apologetically at the Saiyan.

"I'm sorry, I tried my best to help him and the others." He explained. "But these brutes are more powerful than I'd anticipated."

"Don't worry, he'll be okay." Goku smiled at Nail, who looked at him in disbelief. Surely he could see the boy wasn't going to make it! "You have my deepest gratitude for helping us."

The Saiyan bent down and pulled out his sack of senzu beans.

"It's okay son, I'm here now." He said solemnly. "We can fix this. You're going to be fine, don't you worry." He immediately placed a bean in his child's mouth. "Try to swallow this Gohan."

The demi-Saiyan was faintly conscious and as he heard a familiar voice urging him on, he forced himself to work the muscles in his windpipe, swallowing the magic seed. Gohan instantly shot up and spat out a glob of blood, still accumulated in his chest. Other than that, his condition was perfect now! All his faculties were back and better than ever!

"How do you feel?" Goku asked.

"Dad?" The boy looked at his father in awe, before grabbing his collar. "Dad is it really you?"

Nail goggled as he witnessed the child's injuries just vanish away into thin air.

"Hey, I thought you said you took care of that kid!" Jeice exclaimed.

"I- I did. I-It doesn't make any sense!" Burter replied, completely taken aback, just like his comrade.

"Dad, those guys are super powerful." Gohan warned.

"I know, we definitely have our work cut out for us, but I'm here now." Goku smiled reassuringly. "Just leave everything to me, okay?"

"Yeah- sure thing- dad." The boy drawled.

The Saiyan arrival then walked towards Krillin, his son hot on his heels. He noticed Vegeta unconscious and hanging onto life by a mere thread.

"Vegeta's almost dead." He observed. "I'm guessing your Namekian friend did that to him right?"

"No, he didn't." Gohan shook his head and began glowering icily at Jeice. "It was that jerk with the long hair!"

"What?!" Goku's eyes widened. "So then- Vegeta wasn't fighting against you guys?"

"No, dad." The half-Saiyan replied, his face downcast. "We were all fighting together, but I don't know if he or Krillin will make it now."

Goku looked at the child curiously. What exactly had he missed? He shook his head, deciding to ruminate some other time.

"This really is an unexpected turn of events." The Saiyan commented, as he went over to his best friend and knelt down next to him. "But in any case, let's get Krillin fixed up first. He's still alive, so he should be alright."

"Awesome!" Gohan beamed. His father had arrived! Just like he knew he would! With him here, he wasn't afraid of anyone! Everything would work itself out! He just knew it!

Goku put a senzu bean inside Krillin's mouth and forced it down his gullet by running his thumb along his throat. The human's eyes sparkled with life once again, as he shot up into a sitting position.

"Goku? GOKU!" Krillin beamed as he jumped his best friend. "I can't believe you're really here!"

"Hey Krillin, it's nice seeing you again!" Goku smiled, pulling his friend back by the shoulders.

"It's like- he just touches them and they're healed." Jeice looked on agape.

"Yeah, it's crazy, who is this guy?" Burter agreed, equally astounded.

"I'm so glad you came." Krillin laughed, but soon had his face downcast, sighing in defeat. "I don't mean to be pessimistic, but even with you here, I think the odds might still be stacked against us. We've never dealt with anything like this. Vegeta's stronger than ever and he just barely managed to finish off that big guy over there." He pointed to Recoome's corpse. "These other guys are about as strong as he was and then there's their Captain who's on another level altogether. On top of all that there's that Frieza monster, whose power I can't even begin describing!"

"Vegeta really defeated one of them, all by himself?!" Goku asked, wide-eyed. If that were truly the case, his rival had certainly gotten a lot stronger- more so than he'd have foreseen anyway.

"Well, Krillin and I did kind of help." Gohan explained, before looking imploringly at his father. "Dad, if he's still alive you have to help him! We can't beat these guys all on our own!"

"As much as I hate to say it, Gohan's right." Krillin affirmed. "And uh- this might surprise you- but Vegeta's not quite as evil as he was on Earth. Don't get me wrong, he's still rotten to the core, but something's changed about him and for the life of me, I just can't figure out what exactly."

"Serious?!" Goku stared blankly at Krillin.

"I don't even know where to begin, it's been crazy here."

"Don't speak. This'll be a lot faster." The Saiyan placed a hand atop his best friend's glabrous head. "Just relax."

"Uh- Oh- Alright."

"What're you doing dad?" Gohan asked, confusedly.

"I'm going to read Krillin's mind." A few moments passed.

"Thanks." Goku smiled once he was done, "I understand everything." Yes, Bulma was safe and sound, or so he thought. They could collect her later, after dealing with Frieza and reviving the others!

"H-How?" Krillin asked.

"I'm not really sure." He answered. "I guess exercising at one hundred times normal gravity has its benefits."

"What?! A hundred times?!" Krillin exclaimed, completely flabbergasted. "How is that possible?! You'd be crushed!"

"Nah, I feel just fine."

"Wow." Gohan said in awe.

"I'm really proud of you guys." Goku smiled at the duo. "You've improved a lot since you left Earth. You fought well. I'll go get Vegeta fixed up now." He chuckled slightly. "If I make him wait any longer, he might just bite the big one."

"Right!" The demi-Saiyan nodded.

"I must leave now." Nail made his way over to the others. He gnashed his teeth. "Frieza's slaughtering my people and I know he'll go after Guru next! I cannot allow that, no matter what! I'm sorry, but you'll have to handle these men on your own!"

"Oh no, you're right! I can sense it too." Gohan exclaimed, dismayed. He looked to his father pleadingly. "Dad, we have to help them!"

"Let me get Vegeta healed first Gohan." Goku walked towards his rival. "Then we'll make our next move."

"Listen carefully, you two." Nail addressed Gohan and Krillin. "Once you manage to unite all seven dragon balls, go get Dende to give you the password! It's the only way you can summon Porunga and make your wishes! I'll hold off Frieza and buy you some time!"

Before the pair from Earth could say a word, Namek's most powerful warrior took off bravely, to confront this new enemy and aid his people as best he could.

"What in the- get back here!" Burter snarled at Nail's receding figure.

"Never mind him." Jeice waved his hand dismissively. "We can deal with him later." Truthfully, he'd rather choose to avoid the risk of confronting that guy ever again. He was startled that a Namekian warrior had the ability to go toe-to-toe with an elite like himself! Not that it mattered! He stood no chance against Frieza or the Captain, so all was fine!

"If you say so." The giant shrugged his shoulders.

"Hey Vegeta, wake up." Goku knelt in front of his rival's unconscious body and tried slapping him awake several times, before pulling out a senzu bean and forcing it down his throat, like he did with Krillin. He barely anticipated Vegeta's next move, as the Prince sat up and instinctively landed a fist on his rival's chin, making him fall ungracefully on his rear.

"Ow." Goku whimpered, rubbing his aching jaw, before sitting back up and glaring at the Prince. "What was that for?!"

"Kakarot?!" Vegeta asked, flabbergasted.

"Nice to meet you too." Replied the younger Saiyan, in a sarcastic and petulant voice. "Your welcome by the way- jerk!"

"Am I dreaming?" Vegeta asked, as he observed his now unmarred body. What on Earth happened?

"Well, I'm flattered, but no, this isn't a dream." Goku quipped.

"What?! What are you on about clown?!" Vegeta scowled at his rival, disgusted by his blatant misinterpretation! "And where did you come from?! What's going on?!"

"Hey, relax Vegeta, I was just kidding!" The younger Saiyan put his hands up in surrender, grinning in his signature goofy fashion. "Anyway, you're probably wondering why you're as good as new."

Goku went on explaining the powers of the senzu bean, while Vegeta listened on in complete bafflement. So that was it! Wow! A year ago, he'd learned about the dragon balls and now this! Earth sure was full of surprises!

"Anyway, it's time I deal with these lowlives." Goku stood up and began strutting over boldly towards Jeice and Burter.

"Where are you going?!" Krillin asked apprehensively.

"To teach these Ginyu guys a lesson!" Goku replied, ardently.

"What?! You're going to take them on all by yourself?!"

"I'll be fine." Goku stated in firm conviction.

"Be careful dad." Gohan said, worriedly.

"Kakarot is hiding some of his fighting ability." Vegeta observed, as he got to his feet. "But how much? Surely he senses how powerful these guys are and yet he's perfectly calm. What could he be hiding?" His jaw suddenly dropped as a thought hit him. "No is he- could he be- a Super Saiyan?"

That caught Gohan and Krillin's attention.


"He's just a low class warrior though!" The Prince scowled. "It doesn't make any sense!

"Hey, take that back!" Krillin demanded. Vegeta wasn't paying him any heed though. To have that kind of calm and composure, Kakarot's abilities must have taken a huge upsurge since the last time they'd met! But how much exactly, was the only question weighing on his mind.

Burter and Jeice smiled wickedly as their new adversary approached them. The blue giant clicked his scouter.

"This guy's power level is only five thousand hahaha." He chuckled. "He must be pretty brave challenging us. Must've hit himself in the head pretty hard when he landed here."

"Yeah." The red warrior concurred, smirking at his comrade. "How about we show him who we are?"

Burter nodded.

"Say hello to the Ginyu Force!" Jeice chanted. "I am the Red Magma." He struck a pose, "Jeice!"

"I am your worst nightmare!" Burter proclaimed, as he began his own awkward introduction. "Prepare yourself for the Blue Hurricane." He then assumed a pose of his own, "Burter!"

"You wanna dance or fight?" Goku frowned, not the least bit impressed.

"Do it- Kakarot." Vegeta grit his teeth, wanting to witness with his very own eyes what his rival had in store for these two ignorant fools.

"How dare you make light of the Ginyu Force?!" Jeice scowled, holding his fist up threateningly.

Goku quickly disappeared and with lightning speed, reappeared behind Jeice and Burter.

'He's fast.' Vegeta knit his eyebrows. He was the only one in the scene able to follow the young Saiyan's nimble maneuvers.

"Where did he go?" Burter asked, confusedly.

Jeice's scouter suddenly came to life. After Vegeta's defeat, he'd readjusted the settings to catch wind of any newcomers, since Nail was able to surprise them.

"What the?!" The 'Red Magma' and his comrade swivelled around, as Goku appeared behind him.

"How did you-" Burter was tongue-tied.

"What're you trying to pull?!" Jeice demanded.

"You guys have caused enough problems here!" Goku growled, before forewarning. "It's time for you to leave! Go back to your ships and get off of this planet, otherwise you'll have to face me!"

The Ginyu duo began shaking in anger and attacked the brash intruder, only to hit thin air, as Goku swiftly dodged and reappeared behind them once again, at speeds they were unable to follow. Gohan and Krillin looked on in absolute wonder.

"Who- is this guy?!" Jeice asked no one in particular.

"Let's show him we mean business." Burter said.

"Sure!" The duo promptly travelled a good distance away, before flying full speed at Goku several times, in a vain attempt to intimidate him. It wasn't working at all! When Goku didn't move an inch, they began firing Ki blasts his way. He still seemed completely motionless and yet the blasts weren't hitting him at all. The younger Saiyan evaded each attack so swiftly that he wasn't surprised in the least when none of the other onlookers witnessed his movement- save, Vegeta.

The evil duo then landed on either side of him, not pleased at all.

"I'm sick of your little games. We are the Ginyu-"


Goku landed a left jab right on Jeice's nose and the red fighter began yelping and squealing like a little girl.

"How- dare you?!" The Trigocian stared malevolently at his Saiyan opponent.

"How dare I what?" Goku asked, startled. "Weren't the two of you just trying to attack me?!"

"Why you-" Jeice grit his teeth before snarling, "I'll destroy you!"

The pair both attacked simultaneously, but Goku blocked their moves easily and threw them off, before firing two powerful Kiais, that blew them away in opposite directions.

His adversaries charged straight towards him full force, but he was easily able to dodge each and every attack directed his way.

"It's insane!" Krillin exclaimed. "They can't even touch him! His speed is incredible! I hardly see him moving! Those two guys are about to find out how powerful Goku really is! The hard way!"

"I don't understand!" Jeice clenched his teeth. "His power level's only five thousand! I'm sure of it! But my attacks don't even faze him!"

"It's obvious that Kakarot is raising his power level so quickly they aren't able to detect it!" Vegeta observed. "It's unbelievable! How did he become so strong so fast?! If there is way to become a Super Saiyan, I must learn it!"

"Well, he said he trained under 100 times normal gravity." Gohan stated, inwardly proud at Vegeta's clear acknowledgement of his father's greatness.

"Really?!" The Prince asked, agape, before frowning in understanding. "That must be it then!"

Burter and Jeice attempted all sorts of maneuvers, even their esteemed 'purple spiral flash attack', but against the might of Goku, it was all for naught. A simple Kiai imploded each and every blast headed his way, before it could even land.

The blue giant formulated a new plan. He instructed his longhaired comrade to fire his 'crusher ball' at this mysterious new foe, while he rushed him from behind. This too resulted in a failure, as Goku simply deflected Jeice's signature attack and redirected it towards Burter, who'd barely managed to dodge it.

"Hi." Goku was already behind the 'blue hurricane'.

Burter began attacking with all his might but Goku effortlessly blocked each and every blow. Jeice soon joined in, only for their Saiyan opponent to eventually vanish once again, causing the duo to attack one-another by mistake.

"Hey guys! Yo!" Goku exclaimed from beside them, smirking and folding his arms pompously. "Well, do you wanna dance or fight?"

That did it! The duo charged him again, more furious than ever, only this time, Goku decided to go on the offensive, landing a flying kick right on Burter's sternum, breaking through his armor, as his comrade looked on in absolute horror. He followed through with an elbow between the shoulder blades, again smashing his armor from the other side. Just before Burter landed on the ground, Goku caught him with his left hand and tossed him onto the grass, a couple meters away from him.

"This fight is fruitless!" Goku loured at Jeice. "I'd leave this planet now if I were you!"

"Don't be a fool Kakarot!" Vegeta yelled. "He's destroyed more men than you can count!"

"Everyone deserves a second chance, just like you!" Goku responded fervently. "Why should I treat them any different?!"

Vegeta snarled viciously at him. What a fool! How could a Saiyan have such incredible power and yet operate under such pathetic feelings of compassion?! It sickened him to the very core! He could puke, that's how disgusted he was by Kakarot's absurd idealism! He was just like Bulma had described him back on Earth (A/N: See Chapter 5)!

Not needing to be told twice, Jeice quickly disappeared from the scene, headed towards Frieza's ship.

"He's running away!" Gohan looked on at his ebbing figure.

"Gosh, he's some friend isn't he?" Goku asked rhetorically.

"Hey- uh- you are Goku aren't you?" Krillin asked, still dazzled by his best friend's awesome display of skill and power.

"Of course I am Krillin." Replied the Saiyan, chuckling slightly. "Don't be silly."

The moment Goku was distracted, Vegeta jumped over him and landed his knee right on Burter's throat, crushing his windpipe and killing him immediately. If Kakarot was too foolish and sentimental to finish the job, he didn't mind doing it for him!

"Hey stop!" Goku yelled in reproach. "Vegeta! What the heck?! I thought that after everything you'd have at least changed a little! Can't you even show a tiny shred of mercy?!"

"They don't deserve any favors!" The Prince spat back. "They're scum Kakarot, believe me! Would they have taken mercy on your son and your friend?! If you'd arrived ten minutes later, they'd be gone right now! You're too soft to be a Saiyan! That freak you let go could cost you your life!"

"What are you talking about?!" Goku retorted. "You saw how easily I handled him!"

"It's not always about strength, you fool!" Vegeta replied harshly. "He could take your son hostage and make you fall right into their hands like a lamb! These people do whatever it takes to win! Your stupid, senseless idealism is just a liability, nothing more!"

"We'll see." Goku replied, undeterred. "I don't think having a little compassion is a disadvantage. Besides, you're not perfect either! You've done horrible things yourself!"

"Of course I have!" He concurred, chuckling and smirking at his rival. "And if you have a problem with it, you're more than welcome to try and fight me, if it makes you feel any better."

"Stop it Vegeta!" Gohan reprimanded. "We're all in this together now, got it?!"

"Stay out of this brat!" Vegeta growled at the boy, whereby the demi-Saiyan instantly closed his mouth.

"As much as I'd love to settle the score on our last fight, there's bigger fish to fry." Goku responded ardently. "Once we take care of Frieza and the rest of these guys, I'd be more than happy to oblige you to a rematch."

"Hahaha Careful what you wish for Kakarot!" Vegeta chortled. "I'll only end up pounding you into the dirt like I did the last time!"

"Forgive me for interrupting, but you saw just how strong Goku is." Krillin made his way over between the two Saiyans. "You'd be stupid to fight against him now! Besides, we're better off focusing on bringing Frieza down, instead of squabbling amongst ourselves."

"I'm stronger than I was before!" Vegeta shot back. "Have you forgotten what I told you already, bald man?!"

"Forgotten?" Krillin asked, confusedly. "Uh- Forgotten what? What are you talking about?"

"Remind him Kakarot." Vegeta looked at his younger rival. "Based on your sudden rise in power, I'm sure you've noticed it too."

"I have." Goku replied, knowingly. "And I can tell you're much stronger than you were back on Earth, but then, I've improved a lot myself!"

"Oh yeah!" Krillin recalled. "That power boost you Saiyans get once you recover from fatal injuries! But how do you know about that Goku?!"

"Well you see, during my training, I'd literally burn myself up till hardly anything was left and my only option was to recover my strength by eating a senzu bean." The Saiyan from Earth reminisced. "I started out with eight beans and ended up with only three when I arrived here. I ate one right before I left Earth and four during my gravity training on the spaceship, when I was on my way to Namek."

"So how long exactly did you train?" Vegeta asked, frowning in intrigue.

"Six days, give or take." Goku responded.

'Incredible.' Vegeta thought. 'Just six days and his power level's taken such a huge leap! After all this is over, I must get my hands on that gravity equipment somehow!'

"Who designed that gravitational system for you?!" Vegeta loured. "I demand you tell me!"

"It was Dr. Brief." Goku frowned. "Bulma's father."

"I see." Even though he had agreed to let his blue-haired prisoner go free once they'd disposed of Frieza, he needed to get ahold of that same equipment, no matter what it took! But where was she, anyway?! His memory was still kind of a little fuzzy. He couldn't even recall how he ended up unconscious. Last he remembered, Krillin said he'd safely stashed her away.

"Which reminds me, when this is over, she's coming home with us, got it?!" Goku narrowed his eyes at the older Saiyan.

"Tch, whatever." Vegeta growled. "Frieza has six of the dragon balls anyway! I managed to toss one of them away, before the Ginyu Force intercepted us, but securing the others will be damn near impossible now!"

"Hmmm." Goku thought for a moment. "I've learned that the dragon balls on this planet have some sort of password, anyway." That really caught Vegeta's attention. If Kakarot didn't know how to unlock the powers of the dragon balls, that meant the wish-making process on Namek was different. The younger Saiyan then grit his teeth. "And Frieza's out slaughtering the Namekians!"

"You're right, I totally forgot about that!" Krillin gasped. He'd been much too overwhelmed at witnessing his best friend's new power, as had the rest of them.

"We need to help them, dad!" Gohan pleaded.

"Wait, so if Frieza's not by his ship, that means the dragon balls are unguarded." Vegeta quickly put two and two together. "We have to secure them immediately, before he returns!"

"But what about the Nameks he's killing?!" Gohan argued, his tone disconcerted. "We can't just leave them!"

"Stupid boy, we can't take Frieza without making our wish first, remember?!" Vegeta countered, before staring fixedly at his rival. "Not even you, Kakarot, have what it takes to fight him head on, never forget that!" He pointed to the younger Saiyan. "No matter how powerful you think you are, you're still nothing compared to Frieza!"

"You think so?" The younger Saiyan raised an eyebrow. "What if I told you that I could multiply my strength tenfold using the Kaio-Ken, though only momentarily?" Goku smirked as he saw his rival's eyes bulge like never before.

"You can really do that?!" Krillin asked, before grinning. "Oh, so that's how you made quick work of those Ginyu goons, right?! Boy, you're really something else, Goku!"

"No, I barely used my own strength for that, let alone the Kaio-Ken." Goku responded. Vegeta was awestruck! Kakarot wasn't kidding! If what he'd witnessed earlier was just a smattering of his true capabilities, even when factoring out his power-multiplying technique, the younger Saiyan was most likely stronger than himself! Damn it! He felt more infuriated than ever! No Saiyan had ever surpassed him before and now of all people, a fucking third-class had! He needed to find a way to reverse this as soon as possible!

"Wow, that's amazing dad." Gohan drawled, completely agape, just like Krillin. He beamed at his old man. "We won't even need a wish from the dragon in that case! We can take Frieza down all by ourselves!"

"Don't get ahead of yourselves, you fools!" Vegeta snarled, breaking Gohan's train of thought. The trio from Earth turned towards him, eyebrows knit. "If you really believe that what you sense from Frieza is his true power, think again!"

"What do you mean?" Goku asked, eyes narrowed.

"What you feel now is only the tip of the iceberg!" Vegeta answered. "His true power level is said to be somewhere in the millions! I never believed the rumors, until his minion Zarbon confirmed it for me! So even if you can multiply your power tenfold like you claim, Frieza's abilities still put yours to shame! Believe me when I tell you, he's not an opponent you can challenge! He'll slaughter us all like sheep, single-handedly!"

Goku, Krillin and Gohan stared at Vegeta in disbelief, panic-stricken. A moment or so later, the younger Saiyan clenched his jaw! Dammit! If he really stood no chance against Frieza, as Vegeta insisted was the case, then all his hard work was for naught! Maybe King Kai was right! No, he wouldn't flee! There had to be some other way! He let out a huff of frustration, before looking towards the other Saiyan.

"Alright, if that's the case, then what do you suggest?"

"Answer's simple, we use the dragon balls!" Vegeta smirked.

"I see." Goku nodded. Yes, from Krillin's memories he'd learned about the power of the Super Saiyan. That was obviously what his rival had planned.

"Never mind that, listen up!" The Prince levelled his gaze at Krillin. "Baldy, go fetch someone who knows the password for the dragon balls. I'll retrieve the ball I tossed aside and find a way to get the others. Then we can make our wishes and get rid of Frieza once and for all! Understood?!"

"Alright, got it!" Goku gave his consent, before turning in his best friend's direction. "Krillin do as Vegeta says and Gohan," He looked to his son, "Don't worry about Nail and the Namekians. We'll wish them back, okay?"

Gohan paused a moment and eventually let out a dejected sigh of surrender.

"Alright dad."



"Are you saying that two members of the most illustrious fighting squad in the Universe have been defeated by a pair of monkeys?!" Ginyu asked, absolutely furious at his Trigocian underling's unsatisfactory mission report.

"Y-Yes, I'm afraid so, s-s-sir." Jeice replied, voice laced with consternation.

"And where were you?!"

"Well, I was right there with Burter- and then I uh- took off."

"You idiot!" Ginyu scowled. "You ran away didn't you?! You're such a disgrace! Have you learned anything after all this time?!"

"But this guy was unbelievably strong." Jeice argued. "I'm sorry Cap'n."

Ginyu growled, clenching his teeth as memories of his fallen comrades flashed through his mind. He threatened to kick Jeice off the squad for his disgraceful behavior, but then offered him a chance to redeem himself, provided he showed the band of soldiers nearby what it meant to strike a pose.

Together, he and Jeice struck their greatest poses, but moments later they stood transfixed, feeling far more adrift than ever. It just wasn't the same, not without the others! Vindictive anger soared through the livid Captain, as he vowed to wreak vengeance upon Vegeta and the other Saiyan! He immediately took off, Jeice following close behind.


"Alright, let's go over this one more time." Goku turned in Krillin's direction. "With our first wish, we're bringing back all our friends who got killed on Earth, with the second wish, we're reviving all the Namekians that've fallen victim to Frieza and his men and with the third, we're gonna ask the dragon to make Vegeta, Gohan and I into Super Saiyans."

"That's right." The bald warrior nodded.

"Though I do hate having to do this, I guess there's no choice." Goku sighed in regret. Dammit, even if he lost, a strong part of him wanted nothing more than to be able to use a foe as powerful as Frieza to benchmark his true strength! What were his limitations? How far could he push himself if backed into a corner with no way out? Would he be Frieza's toughest opponent thus far? Such questions would all be cast aside, in favor of cheating his way to victory. There was no honor in any of this, from a warrior's perspective.

"Don't stress yourself Kakarot." The Prince smirked at the younger Saiyan, as though reading his mind. "The wish won't work on you and your son, anyway. Only I have the potential to be a Super-Saiyan. I have the right blood for it and the two of you don't. It's as simple as that."

"You sure are confident Vegeta." Goku smirked back. "At any rate, even if only one of us can pull this off, that's fine by me." He then looked more solemnly at his rival. "But remember: once this is all over, the bad blood between us ends! That means no more attacking Earth or kidnapping our friends, are we clear?!"

Vegeta was about to retort, when he sensed two threatening forces making their way over.

"Shit!" The Prince exclaimed and immediately glowered at the other Saiyan. "That fool Jeice, whom you let go, is returning here with Captain Ginyu! If only you'd finished him off like you were supposed to, we wouldn't have had to deal with this!"

"Hey shut up!" Krillin shot back, before looking at his best friend promisingly. "We're here for you Goku! You just tell us what to do and we'll do it!"

"There's nothing you can do you idiot, you're too weak!" Vegeta scowled derisively at the bald human. "Your time's better spent finding out what that password is, like I told you! Kakarot and I can handle these two fools, without your help!"

Just then Jeice and Ginyu had arrived on scene. Lo and behold, here they were, the last two fighters of Frieza's elite squadron!

"Meet the boss mate!" Jeice proclaimed, as Ginyu stood to his left, fists clenched and arms akimbo. "His name is Cap'n Ginyu and he'd like to have a few words with you, concerning our encounter earlier!"

"Goku, what do we do?" Krillin asked, frowning worriedly.

"Do you have your dragon radar?" Goku asked in a hushed tone.

"Well- er- yeah." The bald man affirmed, patting his belt in confirmation.

"Good!" The Saiyan nodded. "You and Gohan take off now and unite the dragon balls!" He then took on a sour look, as he continued. "Once you do, find Dende and make the wishes."

"Okay dad!"

"Sure thing Goku!"

"Alright, let's see." Ginyu observed the Ki reading on his scouter. "Power level: five thousand."

"That's impossible!" Jeice argued. "Somehow he can hide his true power from the scouter."

"Shut up Jeice!" Ginyu retorted, as he began surveying his new adversary. "Of course he's hiding his true power level, that's ridiculously obvious. A guy like this can quadruple his fighting power in an instant. I estimate when he really gets going, he'll have a power level of sixty thousand or maybe more."

"What?! Sixty thousand?!" Jeice asked, startled. "But no bloody Saiyan that we've ever met is that strong!"

"Well this one is, think about it. He might be a mutant like us." Ginyu suggested, before grinning. "What a magnificent opportunity to reveal the full extent of my grandeur in battle!"

"Alright guys, it's time for you to leave!" Goku ordered his son and best friend in a quiet tone. "Go get the dragon balls."

"Right!" The duo said in unison, before zooming towards the ball Vegeta had hurled away, in a bid to nab it and unite it with the others.

Ginyu disregarded the two of them and continued scrutinizing that other Saiyan for a moment or so. Then it hit him! Was he the one that blue-haired girl had mentioned? "Hey, would you happen to be called Goku by any chance?"

Jeice gaped at his Captain. He didn't remember telling him that!

"Yeah, that's me." The Saiyan replied. "I take it your friend told you about me, right?"

"Actually, Vegeta's girlfriend was the one that told me." Ginyu chuckled, smirking right back. The Prince frowned at the Captain for a moment, before his jaw fell in horror, as the events before his defeat at Jeice's hands suddenly became clearer. He remembered now! Burter had abducted Bulma and left her with Ginyu! He couldn't sense her Ki though. He clenched his fists, glaring daggers at the purple-skinned alien.

"Where is she?!" He demanded.

"Vegeta, you have a girlfriend?" Goku asked, disbelievingly, completely startled by that little piece of information. "Who is she? And how does she know who I am? Did you tell her about me?"

"Shut up you fool!" The younger Saiyan cringed at Vegeta's guttural snarl. The Prince then gnashed his teeth viciously at Ginyu. "Tell me where she is now!"

"Whoa, whoa, easy there tiger." The Captain sniggered. So it appeared Frieza was right after all. Vegeta truly did have a thing for that pretty little female. "If you must know, I stashed her aboard the ship."

The Prince let out an inward sigh of relief, before cursing himself for even caring! Her welfare shouldn't have been any concern of his and yet it was! Damn her for making him so weak! If Frieza returned to his ship, any chance he had of securing Bulma would be completely lost. He couldn't blow away this opportunity! Without a word, he zoomed off towards the lizard's spacecraft at full speed!

"Hey Vegeta, get back here!" Ginyu yelled, attempting to fly off after him, only for Goku to appear in front of him, blocking his path.

"Sorry, but if you want to get to Vegeta, you'll have to go through me first." The Saiyan youth smirked. "And I don't plan to make that easy." He may not have been Vegeta's biggest fan, but he certainly understood and respected his decision to rescue that girl before Frieza got ahold of her, though who she was and what she was doing here on Namek, was as big a mystery as ever. He shook his head, deciding it best to focus on the here and now, as he and Ginyu began to engage one-another in an intense and seemingly even battle.


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