The Light to my Darkness

BY : SaiyanPrince541
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Chapter 2: Intercession

As Vegeta made his way to Goku and Gohan, he noticed that Krillin was already by Goku's side, having wormed his way over.

"How touching." Vegeta said in mock-affection, as he approached the group, "You all want to die together, is that right? Well, I am generous enough to oblige at least that."


Earlier on, Bulma, Master Roshi, Oolong, Puar, Korin, Chi-Chi and Ox-King had all made their way towards the battlefield, on a CC airbus.

Bulma saw it with her very own eyes on television and later on Baba's crystal ball. Yamcha was killed along with Tien, Chiaotzu and even Piccolo, which meant none of them could be wished back, since Piccolo's life force was bound to Kami's and the eternal dragon to his.

She'd broken up with Yamcha a month or so before Raditz' arrival on Earth, after he'd stood her up to a concert, but even then, they'd always had an intermittent relationship and besides that, he was her closest friend, alongside Goku. Now it was all over for good and she'd never get to see him again. Never again would she lie in the warmth of his arms and feel his gentle caress, as he repeatedly told her how beautiful and special she was and how lucky he felt to have had her. Her lover was dead and gone for good. They would not get the chance to bury the hatchet and reunite as they always had. Her heart was shattered and it was entirely the fault of those evil Saiyans.

Her only hope was that Goku had defeated Vegeta. She hated him more than anything. He had caused all her pain. She was never one to wish death upon another, but this had to be one of the few exceptions.

Chi-Chi grit her teeth in anger and trepidation. Her little boy and husband were both in grave danger. She just knew it and she had to save them, no matter what.

The moment the plane landed, the raven-haired Princess bolted out, dashing towards the scene like a madwoman. Whilst preparing to finish off his adversaries, Vegeta noticed her heading their way. He raised an eyebrow curiously.

"Mom?" Gohan asked, confusedly looking in her direction, while holding his throbbing head. He was still barely conscious.

"What?!" Goku spluttered apprehensively and yelled as he turned and saw his wife running in their direction. "CHI-CHI! GET AWAY FROM HERE!"

Bulma was hot on Chi-Chi's heels. Though the others had tried to stop her, she forced her way out, saying that in the worst-case scenario, the entire planet was doomed and she'd die anyway, along with the rest of them and so had nothing to lose.

Vegeta grinned evilly at the two Saiyans.

"HAHAHAHA!" He laughed. "I must admit, you people are a brave bunch. That's something I have to admire, truly."

Just then Chi-Chi appeared in front of Goku, Gohan and Krillin, standing in front of her young son like a guardian angel.


Vegeta clasped his ears. Maybe he underestimated this harpy woman. Any louder and he'd probably suffer permanent hearing impairment.

The Prince aimed a palm towards Chi-Chi, ready to blast her, before Bulma appeared in front of him, with a look of unparalleled hate embedded on her face and her arms spread out wide. Vegeta gazed upon the aquamarine-haired woman before him and his curiosity got the best of him. He dissipated his Ki, opting to find out who these weaklings were, before slaughtering them. What nerve they must have had to interfere in the final moments of this great and hard-fought victory!

Chi-Chi began tending to her husband and child.

"Bulma!" Krillin reprimanded his friend. The bald warrior began worming towards her, with great difficulty. Vegeta had really done a number on him. "Get out of here!"

"Shut up Krillin!" Bulma turned around and yelled back at him, "If we're all going to die anyway, then what the hell difference does it make?!"

Krillin cringed.

"What the hell do you want?!" Vegeta asked the blue-haired woman, in a demanding tone.

"I want you to leave us alone!" Bulma replied, turning back in his direction and glaring vehemently, refusing to back down.

Vegeta laughed.

"That line's getting old, you know?" He responded, taking on an impassive expression and tone.

"You've done enough." Bulma said, softening her voice and looking at him pleadingly. "Please just leave us in peace. We mean you no harm."

"And I should care?" Asked Vegeta, his voice deadpan. "I kill when I please."

"Look." She took a sigh and shut her eyes for a moment, before continuing. "Please spare my friends and our planet and I promise, I'll do anything you want."

"Bulma?!" Krillin shouted. "Are you stupid?!"

"I thought I told you to shut up!" Bulma yelled back, whirling around, "Am I the only one here trying to save our hides or what?! Idiots! All brawn and no brains! Look where it's gotten us!"

Everyone cringed at Bulma's loud shriek. Yajirobe, meanwhile, had recovered and looked at the scene playing out, from afar.

"Enough of this crap!" Vegeta scowled, infuriated by the woman's shrilling voice. "I'm done playing games! There's nothing I want from any of you!"

Bulma turned back around and frowned at him.

"This is no game!" Bulma boldly exclaimed. "You have no idea what I'm capable of!"

Vegeta's eyebrow raised in intrigue.

"Oh?" He asked, deciding to humor her. "And what would that be?"

"I can turn any object into the size of a tiny capsule, for storage purposes." She replied. "That includes spaceships, hover cars, televisions, houses, you name it. You can carry any or all of the above in your pocket and bring them back into their original form, with the push of a button. And there's a lot more I have up my sleeve. Please, I'm offering you all my knowledge and skills, but only if you spare us."

Vegeta's eyes widened for a moment, as he contemplated. Could she really do something that extraordinary? It sounded surreal. But even if there were some truth to her claim, it was of no immediate importance.

"That means nothing to me." Responded Vegeta, eyes slit. "I came here for the dragon balls. That's all that interests me. If you can get me my wish, I'll hold up my end of the bargain and spare your worthless lives."

"That's… uh… that's not possible…" Bulma stated apprehensively.

Vegeta snarled viciously at her.

"Then you all die!" He shouted, raising his hand and charging up a ball of Ki.

"Wait, dammit!" Bulma yelled. "That ugly bald friend of yours is the only reason the dragon balls are inert!"

Vegeta dissipated his Ki and frowned curiously at her.

"Nappa?" He asked. "What do you mean they're inert?"

"He killed Piccolo." She answered. "The dragon balls were created by Kami, the guardian of earth, whose life force is tied to Piccolo's. When Piccolo died, Kami went with him, so the dragon balls no longer work."

Vegeta considered her words for a moment.

"Suppose they did work. How would you find them, then?" He asked.

"Well, with my dragon radar of course." Bulma answered.

'A dragon radar?' Vegeta mused. 'Must be some sort of locating device. Yes! This is perfect!'

"Fine. I'll spare your lives on one condition." He said, smirking and then pointing to Bulma, "You will travel to the planet Namek with me. There I will gather the Namekian dragon balls and make my wish."

"What? Planet Namek?" Bulma asked, completely baffled. "Namekian Dragon balls?"

'Yes." Vegeta replied. "The 'dragon balls' as you call them are the equivalent of the fabled 'wish marbles of legend' from Namek. That 'Piccolo' you mentioned, was a Namekian and I'm sure there're many like him on his home planet."

Bulma's eyes suddenly lit up with hope, but she averted her gaze, in order to prevent Vegeta from seeing it. This may have been the lucky break they had needed to wish the others back. She had never known about this. If there were other dragon balls, then Kami and Piccolo could be resurrected alongside the others, whereby Earth's dragon balls would shimmer to life once again. If all went well and she could swipe the wish for herself, that is. It was her best option. Even if Vegeta killed her, her friends could bring her back with Earth's dragon balls. It was make or break!

She faced the Prince solemnly.

"On those terms, I'm prepared to hand myself over to you." She sighed.

"Bulma, please." Goku looked at her concernedly, his eyes tearing. Bulma had never shown this kind of courage ever before, but he didn't want her fate to be in this villain's hands. He felt worse than ever. Everyone had placed their undying trust in him, only for him to botch this up completely. If only he'd been stronger! "You don't have to do this."

Bulma turned to face her best friend (A/N: Bulma and Krillin are both Goku's best friends in their own way, as far as I'm concerned).

"It's the only way Goku." She responded, smiling warmly at her childhood friend and hero, tears welling up in her own eyes. "You did your best and I don't blame you. As long as we're all safe, that's all that matters. Don't worry about me, I promise I'll be okay."

"Enough of this sentimental garbage!" Vegeta snarled. "Get me that 'dragon radar' and we leave, at once!"

"I-It's in my h-h-house." Bulma stammered.

"And where's that?"

"Well, I-I can get to it by airbus." Bulma responded, "But it'll t-take a few-"

All of a sudden, Bulma was airborne, with Vegeta holding her like a sack of potatoes.

"Put me down!" She screeched. "Put me down right now!"

"Shut up you insufferable wench!" Vegeta yelled. "Now tell me where that accursed dwelling of yours is!"

Bulma cringed at his harsh tone.

"I-It's about 700 m-m-miles th-that w-way." Bulma stammered, pointing westwards.

"Good." Vegeta responded and zoomed away, smirking evilly at her naivety. If she really thought he'd spare her weakling affiliates and pathetic planet, she had another thing coming. The moment he discovered how to use this radar, he'd kill her and destroy this mud ball.

"Bulma." Krillin banged his forehead to the ground, his eyes glimmering with unshed tears, "Why? Why did you have to be such an idiot? No one asked you to save us."

By now, all the others had made it to the scene.

"If she hadn't done it, we'd all be dead." Stated a visibly distraught Master Roshi, his face downcast. "Honor her bravery."

"Shut up, you stupid old man!" Yelled Chi-Chi. "Bulma's going to get herself killed! How is that brave?!"

Everyone shrank back at the cutting-edge harshness of Chi-Chi's voice.

Korin let out a somber sigh.

"She won't be killed." The ancient feline sage stated. "Once the next batch of senzu beans is prepared, we'll get you all healed up, so you can rescue her." He then turned in Goku's direction. "Goku, that means you have to become much stronger than you are now, strong enough to defeat Vegeta and any other adversary that crosses you. We owe that brave girl our lives."

Everyone sighed despondently. Goku looked back at Korin.

"I will Master Korin. I promise." He said, but then furrowed his brows, as the most obvious question hit him, "But how do we know Vegeta won't go back on his word and destroy the Earth anyway? Plus, how will we travel to outer-space?"

"Whether or not he'll keep his word is beyond our control. We can only hope." Replied the old master. "And as far as going to outer-space is concerned, we'll work it out somehow. We have to."

"Oh no!" Chi-Chi exclaimed, looking at Goku accusingly, as she wrapped her arms around her little son protectively. "Gohan stays right here! It's your fault he got mixed up in this whole mess in the first place. I'm never letting my sweet little boy put himself in danger again!"

"But mom-"

"No buts, mister!" Chi-Chi interrupted her child, glowering at him, "No one's taking you away from me ever again and that's final!"

Gohan sighed despondently.

"Mom," Tears shimmering his big onyx eyes, "Piccolo sacrificed his life for me. I'd be dead if it wasn't for him. If there're other dragon balls out there, we have to wish him back. We just have to."

Everyone's eyes widened except those already aware.

"P-Piccolo d-did that?" Master Roshi asked.

Gohan nodded his head weakly.

"B-but he k-kidnapped y-you." Chi-Chi stuttered, looking at her boy incredulously.

"Mom," Gohan took a sigh and began explaining, "He only did that, so he could train me. Now he's dead and it's because I wasn't strong enough to protect him. I owe him my life. He's my best friend."

Gohan and Chi-Chi continued arguing, until the raven-haired woman finally relented. Everyone was surprised at the way Gohan defended and praised his mentor. None of them, save Krillin, had ever witnessed that side of Piccolo before. It seemed that the spawn and embodiment of the evil demon King had indeed changed for the better.

Soon afterwards, Goku and Krillin were loaded onto the airbus and the crew headed off towards the battlefield, where four of their closest friends and allies had met their ends so bravely and so tragically.

One by one, the very best fighters on Earth had fallen at the hands of the evil Saiyans and in the end, even Goku was unable to secure a win. They only thanked the lucky stars that Bulma had intervened when she did, but at the same time wished that they could've protected her from such an awful fate.

Once they were done collecting the corpses, they headed to Wukong Hospital, where the wounded veterans of this intense and heat-filled battle could finally rest.

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