The Light to my Darkness

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Chapter 48: Changes

Vegeta was in the middle of a brutal training session, wearing just his spandex pants and a pair of training boots, when suddenly he felt something amiss, some prodding sensation in the back of his mind that quickly grew, until he came to the conclusion that something wasn't right. What was it?! His heart felt heavier and heavier, with each passing second, as the internal tension brewed! Why?! Wait a minute, where was Bulma?! Oh fuck, Bulma! Her teensy Ki signal was fluctuating erratically! That could only mean-


Powering up to Super Saiyan, he blasted right through the gravity machine, not caring in the slightest, as he made a speedy trek towards his companion. He could sense her in trouble! There was a far stronger Ki signal right there with her! A hellish inferno sizzled through him! No one had any right to lay a finger on his woman, ever! This bastard would pay dearly! Whatever miserable moments of his life remained, would be lived in utter humiliation and remorse, before he was sent to the lake of fire, to simmer painfully therein, till the end of time.



She'd seen it numerous times on television, read the darkest scenes in countless novels of many genres, heard the heart-rending recounts of scores of individuals, both men and women that had lived through the trauma, yet nothing could prepare her for the monstrous reality of what was about to transpire.

Cruel, malevolent and pure evil were the only words to describe the detestable grin, in front of her. The heartless beast shifted his pale face forward and Bulma decided then that no matter what became of her, she wouldn't go down without a fight! She'd been through much worse than him and still remained intact! Tightening her fist, with her thumb pointing outwards, she smooshed the end of the thick digit against the bald man's eye.

"ARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!" The man screamed, clutching his injured black orb. "WHORE!" He seized her hand with both of his and instantly snapped her thumb. Bulma cried out like never before. Her hefty, heartrending yowls were not unheard, but even so, no one came to her aid. The pain was worse than anything she'd experienced, other than Namek. "Fucking slut!" He harshly grabbed her soft hair. "I was gonna make this quick and easy, but now- now you're gonna feel each and every ounce of pain, as I fuck every single hole in your body!"

He made his way down and ripped off her skirt and underwear, with sheer force alone, before tossing them away and roughly spreading her legs.

"No, don't, please!" The heiress implored, forcing her blue eyes shut, as she vainly tried to steel herself for the inevitable.

The second he was about to enter her, however, Bulma felt a strong gust of wind approaching and in that very moment, the weight was lifted, from above her. A few tremulous seconds later, she dared to take a peek, with an ajar eye. Standing above her and facing the other direction, was none other than her Super Saiyan seraph, his muscled frame taut and golden tail bristled, as it lashed behind him in tempestuous fury. The queasiness immediately decamped from her soul and her heart lightened, with the utmost relief, despite the excruciating pain in her broken thumb. It was all she could do to not throw herself his way, begging him to hold her forever and promise that he would never leave her side.

"What the fuck?!" The bald hooligan sat up, rubbing his aching head, in confusion. He scowled viciously, as he saw some shirtless, blonde-haired midget situated between him and his prize. Embarrassed at his state, he zipped his pants back up and stood to his feet. "Who the fuck are you?!" He snarled. "Get the fuck outta my way, before I kill you!"

The Prince was barely paying any attention to his blather, however. A raging conflagration burned within his blood cells, as he considered the most painful way to end the life of this unsightly neanderthal.

"I said, outta my way!" The thug began approaching him threateningly and Vegeta did likewise, till they were vis-a-vis. "The bitch and I were in the middle of something and you're interrupting, so fuck off, pipsqueak, before I-"

In the very next instance, he was on the ground, Vegeta's foot planted on his sternum, eliciting a series of pained grunts. He pinned him down so hard that he was unable to move an inch upwards. How was this little bastard so strong?! It didn't make any sense! Sure, he had an impressive physique, but he was at least a foot smaller than himself!

"You know, I've decided that I'm not going to kill you, after all." The Saiyan Prince asseverated, his tone menacingly low. "No, for a putrid parasite like yourself, death would be far too easy." He pressed down harder on the man's chest, turning his grunts into excruciating howls. A few seconds later, he abruptly lifted up his boot, much to the astonishment of the shameless reprobate.

The ruffian gaped at him, with evident fear, suspicion and trepidation in his eyes. Who was this guy?! Where did he come from and how did he possess such raw power?! Worse yet, what did he have planned?! The most crazed, merciless and hellish gleam, stormed within those diabolical, teal orbs of his, an utterly horrifying view, even by his own standards.

"Get up." The Prince ordered and the man hesitated. "I said, get the fuck up!" He repeated more forcefully.

After warily getting to his feet, the petrified gangster found himself rooted to the spot, his entire nervous system frozen, as Vegeta's deranged and penetrating gaze, pierced right through the burrows of his quivering soul- if he even had one.

"What's the matter?!" The Saiyan snarled. "You looked like you were enjoying yourself before, you fucking piece of shit!"

"I- I- I was j-just-"


A low punch had him keeling over in pain, wheezing and coughing out blood, as he felt his ribs crack under the force of the blow. It would've easily punctured a bloody hole through his body, had the Prince not held back.

"Just what, huh?!" Vegeta forcibly gripped him by the throat and hauled him back up, so that they were eye to eye. "JUST TRYING TO RAPE MY WOMAN?!"

Bulma's eyes bugged out and she felt her stomach fill to the brim, with soaring butterflies, at the warm, affectionate title he'd bestowed upon her. Not once had he referred to her in such a manner and just hearing it, made her heart slowly flutter towards the skies, momentarily allowing her mind to drift away from all her pains and horrors.

"I- I-"

"Tell me something, coward!" He squeezed his vice-like hand around the hoodlum's thick, muscled neck, wringing it like a twig, causing his face to redden, as several long, ghastly veins protruded along his bald head. "Just how much do you enjoy fucking?!"

"Wh-what?!" He rasped.

"You want her, don't you?!" He loosened his hold and gestured his face towards Bulma, who suddenly looked shocked and perplexed. The gangster took a few deep breaths, in a bid to gather some air.

"I- uh-" He looked over Vegeta's shoulder a while and quirked his lips, in a villainous smirk. Just seeing her petrified, naked and in tears, deluged the licentious thug, with depraved lust and frenzied euphoria, warping any sense of pain or doubt that a sane, rational individual would have, in his position. His member stiffened like a long balloon bloated with helium, at the prospect of finishing what he started, with the little minx. "Y-Yes, I wanna fuck her till she-"

"Good, that's all I needed to hear." Vegeta interjected, smiling in the most sinister, vindictive manner, before flashing his teal eyes, thereby holding his victim firmly in place, using just his psychokinetic abilities. Completely dumbstruck and rendered motionless, the crook could only cry out to the top of his lungs and gape in pure horror, as the Saiyan materialized a deadly blade of violet Ki around his hand, slowly and painfully beginning to sever his rock-hard phallus, thereafter, right through the tough, cotton material of his dark jeans, one excruciatingly gruesome millimetre at a time.

Bulma gasped and whipped her gaze away from the horrendous scene, breathing hard and shutting her ears, as the man's bloodcurdling screams and cries, echoed across the neighbourhood. It was just too awful seeing her Vegeta being so cruel and cold-blooded, evidently reaping pleasure out of brutally tormenting another, in such gruesome fashion. Her mind ventured back to Namek, more specifically to Captain Ginyu and his description of Vegeta.

"Other than Frieza, he's more ruthless than every single one of us. His name carries great infamy, even amongst the ranks of the Planet Trade." (A/N: Refer to Chapter 19).

Was this the part of Vegeta that she'd been overlooking all this time?! There was no denying that he'd changed a lot, since she first saw him, but some hellish traces of his past were still embedded within him and she got a firsthand glance at what they looked like. It made her cry.

Drawing out his punishment for well over a minute, the Prince finally grinned in satisfaction, for a job well done and released the bald man from his psychokinetic hold. He collapsed onto the ground, a grisly puddle of crimson, pooling beneath the large stub, where his pillar and stones, once endured. He screamed and screamed, like there was no tomorrow! He would've much preferred death over such a wretched fate! As the icing on the cake, the Prince kicked the amputated sex organs in front of his abhorrent victim's face, forcing him to look at them, as he lay in the fetal position, bleeding and in tears, pitifully howling and clutching the area where his manhood used to be.

"Just look at yourself now, you miserable fucker!" Vegeta sneered. "I hope this was all worth it! Enjoy the rest of your useless life!"

With that, he whirled around and headed towards Bulma. He smirked as he took notice of two other hooligans that were on the ground, groaning in pain. In his desperateness to save Bulma, he hadn't noticed them, but now, pride soared through him, knowing how well the little vixen had done, in spite of her physical limitations. It all crumbled, however, when he saw her flinching, as he closed the distance between them. He frowned at the estranged look she gave him, as though she scarcely recognized who he was.

"B-Bulma?" He asked, powering down to his base form.

She blinked a few times, glancing between him and the amputee. Only now that he'd regained some degree of composure, did the Prince realize what he'd done, right in front of her eyes. He hadn't meant for her to see that! His shoulders drooped and an expression of guilt and shame suddenly flashed across his features, much to his own shock and disbelief. Why should he feel guilty?! That bastard deserved every iota of pain he inflicted upon him, if not worse! Hardening his expression, he knelt down and carefully perused the woman.

She had a cut lip, her hair was mussed, her apparel was in tatters and her big, starry, oceanic gems were brimmed with tears. Her ashen soles were also bleeding, littered with nasty scratches and abrasions. Vegeta's heart lurched, seeing her this way and it only staggered further, as he noticed her clutching her right hand, thumb dangling, in a horrid manner. He must've been staring too long, because the heiress followed his gaze and winced hard, as the excruciating pain struck her, once again, full force.

"Hey, take it easy." The Saiyan said calmly, gently taking hold of her arms.

"It hurts, Vegeta!" She sobbed. "It hurts so much!"

"I've got a pack of senzu beans, at home."

"Hm." Bulma nodded weakly, still weeping and giving him a shaken look, but smiling a fraction through watery eyes, at the fact that he'd just referred to Capsule Corporation as 'home'. It warmed her heart, even if she did feel aversive towards him, for the cruel display.

"Wait here a minute."

"What are you-" She didn't get to finish, as he walked back towards his victim, aka her victimizer. "No don't!" She yelled, not wanting him to get any more blood on his hands.

"I'm not going to kill him, okay?!" The Prince shot her a glare. 'Only because he deserves to suffer.' He mentally added, before reaching over and roughly yanking off the man's navy blue, tank top, as he continued to ululate, like a bratty child that just had his favourite toy, taken away from him. 'Tch, fucking piece of shit!' Vegeta sneered down and kicked him in the head, knocking him out, but not killing him, just so he wouldn't have to hear that disgusting, ear-piercing racket.

He returned to Bulma's side.

"Is- is he-"

"He's just unconscious." Vegeta disdainfully interjected.


"Here, let me put this on you, so we can leave." He held out the shirt.

"I- I can't Vegeta, m-my thumb." She shook her head, in protest.

"You can't go home like this." He argued, once again lighting a tiny smile on her face, as he said it once again. Home. It sounded so foreign, coming from his lips and yet it soothed her, like nothing else could. "Don't worry about the pain. It'll all be gone, once you eat a senzu bean."

After a moment's hesitation, the heiress reluctantly nodded her head and despite a great deal of struggling and cries, Vegeta was eventually able to cover up her nude body. The shirt was humongous in comparison to her petite frame and travelled down sufficiently enough to conceal her rear and nether regions.

Gathering her up in his arms, the Prince flew back to Capsule Corporation. She tightly clutched him and nuzzled into his bare chest, whimpering, as tears of relief and pain, alike, streamed down her face. Landing on the balcony to their room, Vegeta carried her inside and gently placed her lithe form on the bed, before opening the drawer and grabbing the sack of senzu beans that Krillin had given him, back when Frieza and his father came to Earth.

He opened it and put one in her mouth, getting her to swallow it, thereafter. The very next instant, her eyes widened, as she felt all her aches, cuts and injuries disappear. She'd never before had the pleasure of recovering, via senzu bean and it was an interesting experience, to say the least, slightly similar to when she was teleported from Namek to Earth. She sat up on the bed, sighing in relief and after putting away the senzu-sack, Vegeta plopped down next to her.

"Thank you." Bulma whispered, through teary eyes and tightly embraced him, girding her lissom arms around his neck, as she sobbed. "I'm so glad you came! I was so scared, Vegeta! I thought he would-"

"Shh, it's fine." Vegeta murmured back, awkwardly rubbing her back, as he held her for a while. He didn't normally do this sort of thing, but he supposed he could make an exception, just this once. He stiffened, however, as he detected the scent of that loathsome, recreant. It must've been because she was still wearing his shirt. "Wait a second." He gently pushed her back and began pulling it off.

"Vegeta, what're you-"

"You need to get cleaned up." He interjected, lips curled up in a snarl. "You've still got that bastard's scent on you!"

"O-Oh." She nodded and let him remove the shirt. Vegeta grabbed it and went out the balcony, before tossing it into the sky and blasting it to smithereens. He then took Bulma by the hand and led her to the bathroom.


"Mmmm, feels nice." Bulma sighed blissfully, a tranquil smile lighting up her face, as she lay in the pleasantly warm bathtub. Vegeta knelt down on the opposite side. He was gently cupping her heel, as he cleaned the blood and muck off her sole, with a red rose bath puff that was immersed in her lusciously fragrant, strawberry shower gel. Her worries and trauma vanished away, with each gratifying stroke. "You know, I really feel like a Princess, right now."

"Tch, don't get used to this." The morose Saiyan grouched, with a faint blush. "This is a one-time thing."

"Aw, don't say that." The heiress mock-pouted. "I'm your woman, remember? You said so yourself."

"I- I said no such thing!" Vegeta vehemently denied, face flushing further. Darn her for having the gall to bring that up!

"Did too!" Bulma grinned friskily.

"Stupid human!" He grumbled.

"You know, you're really cute when you're angry." She winked teasingly.

"Wh-What?!" The Prince looked appalled, the tone and swathe of his blush growing profusely, till he looked as red as a cherry tomato, ripened under the sun. "H-How dare you call me that?!"

Bulma stuck her tongue out and continued to embarrass him further, much to his chagrin. Secretly, however, a part of him felt extremely relieved to see her in such high spirits, merrier than ever, in spite of what had almost went down, barely a half-hour ago.

"You know Vegeta, you still owe me a favor from way back." The heiress recounted. "Remember when I first set up the gravity chamber for you?" (A/N: Refer to Chapter 39).


"Hey, don't play dumb, of course you do!" She loured, lightly kicking him on the chest. "Anyway, so I've decided to cash in my cheque. I want you to treat me to a bath like this, every night before bedtime, for the next three months."

"N-No way!" He grimaced, vigorously shaking his head. "If you really think I'm going to indulge you-"

"Oh come on." Bulma insisted. "I'll even throw in that simulator upgrade that you wanted."

Vegeta scrunched his dark brows, as he considered the offer. That upgrade did sound extremely alluring, but was he really deigned to become her manservant each night, for three whole months?! No way! It was too pyrrhic, a cost! His pride wouldn't allow it! The very thought, nearly made him gag! Darn it, he wanted that freaking upgrade though! Curse the injustice!

"Three months is too much!" He objected. "I'll spoil you for two weeks, at the very most!"

"What?!" Bulma protested, indignantly. "That's practically nothing, no way! Two months, then!"

"Three weeks!"

"Eight weeks!"

They argued back and forth, till they finally decided on a five week period. Vegeta agreed to an offer of six or even seven, if she could do the upgrades within a time-frame of two weeks, but since that was impossible, given her work schedule, she grudgingly settled for five.


The odd pair lay entwined, within the sheets of the queen-sized bed. Bulma smiled, as she inhaled the wild, exotic scent of her man, her beloved Prince and saviour. She should've known from the start that he'd never let anyone hurt her, now or ever. That ugly, bald fucker was probably dead by now. She gasped at the thought, her heart pounding against her chest. Sure, he brought it on himself, but did that really make it right?! Of course not!

"What is it?" Vegeta mumbled in irritation, as he felt her supple figure, tense up.

"I- I was just wondering, did you really have to- you know- geld that guy, right in front of me?" She loosened her hold, on him. "Don't get me wrong, I know he was a sick, sadistic fuck, but wasn't it too much?"

Vegeta paused a moment.

"At the time, I wasn't thinking straight." He confessed, in a low, contrite tone. "If I'd known you were there, I wouldn't have-"

"Vegeta, this isn't about me." She cut him off, pushing him down, as she lay on top of him and looked him straight in the eyes. "I know you were raised to fight, all your life and I still can't even begin to imagine what you've been through, nor do I want to. But all that's in the past. You're different now. You don't have to be so cruel anymore. It's not who you are."

"Tch, not who I am?!" He sneered. "You have no idea who I am! And if you think that's cruel, then you don't know a damn thing!"

"I know that you saved me." She immediately replied, stroking his feathery hair. "I know that you're not the same person that came here to conquer us and steal the dragon balls." The heiress kissed his forehead. "You've changed so much. Just promise me that you won't-"

"I'll promise you one thing, Bulma!" He cuttingly interjected, peeved at her ridiculous and feeble attempts to foist her absurd notions of morality, onto a warrior of his ilk. "If someone deserves to suffer, then I'll make sure that they do and it won't be pleasant!"

Bulma couldn't curb the fear that overcame her, at his ruthless tone and the menacing look in his eyes.

"What, you're afraid of me now?!" The Prince seethed, as he took in the unmistakable scent of her fear.

"I- uh-" Bulma's heart skittered. "I'm sorry." She sighed, chewing her lower lip. "I- I don't want to be, but when you talk like that, I- I j-just can't help it."

Vegeta scrutinized her, with narrowed eyes and she let out another sigh.

"Let's forget about it, alright?" Bulma got up, off the mass of muscle beneath her and lay on her side of the bed, facing the other direction and shaking, as she tightly hugged herself. She willed so hard not to cry again, but less than a minute later, a river of tears were escaping her eyelids, as ceaseless doubts and questions assaulted her mind, from every direction. Why should she expect Vegeta to conform to her Earthly ideals? After all, he was a battle-hardened warrior from outer space, born and bred to kill. Was it unfair on her part, to try and force him to be someone he wasn't? Was it right for her to lie next to a man who wrought pleasure out of-

Her thoughts came to an abrupt halt, as she felt Vegeta's steel-like arms wind around her waist from behind, his sturdy form, pressing against her back.

"You don't have to fear me." He softly whispered in her ear and somehow, that was all it took to dispel her worries, doubts and misgivings, as warmth and solace blossomed through her. He'd never spooned her before and it felt really pleasant.

"I know." She replied, after a short interval, placing her hand over his. "I'm sorry."

Perhaps she shouldn't dwell on such silly thoughts. Vegeta was who he was and while he was unrepentant, he did vow only to be cruel, to those who deserved it. She was still fervently opposed to it, but she didn't want to create any sort of rift between them, especially now, when she needed him, more than ever. Besides, he'd changed a lot already, so who's to say that he would heed her words and show a little restraint, the next time?

"You know, if you were properly trained, you wouldn't need my help, in situations like that." Vegeta stated, wedging right through her thoughts.

"Trained?" Bulma raised a curious brow, shifting her position around, so she could face him. "As in, martial-arts trained?"

"What else?"

"Yeah, but how am I gonna find the time for that?" She asked. "I'm already hard-pressed enough, as it is. Plus who'd teach me? Everyone's off training for the androids."

"I could." The Prince mumbled. He was glad the lights were out, else Bulma would've seen the heat rushing to his cheeks.

"You?" Bulma's eyes widened. "You- you'd really do that?"

"Perhaps." He shrugged his shoulders.

"But- but what about your training and-"

"Let me worry about that." He interposed. "Just be prepared. You're free on the weekends, right?

"Well- yeah, most of the time, anyway."

"Good, we start this weekend, understood?"

"Uh, well- okay- I guess."

"And remember, I won't go easy on you."

"Uh-huh." Bulma nodded, feeling a little anxious. 'Man, what have I gotten myself into?'

This certainly changed things.

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