The Light to my Darkness

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Chapter 16: Fruition

About an hour had passed, since Vegeta had entered the regeneration tank. He'd been awake for a while, but had suppressed his Ki, feigning unconsciousness, as he waited for the opportune moment to make his move! Yes! Soon six of the dragon balls would belong to him and he'd have just one more to collect! Every fibre in his body was deluged with frenzied excitement at the prospects of finally attaining godlike power! He would become legendary and feared across every plain of existence, but best of all Frieza would suffer and beg for mercy, before he ended his miserable life!

"Frieza's not going to be happy." Appule sweat-dropped. "At this rate, he'll never recover." He then took a breather and smirked arrogantly at his patient. "It looks like the high and mighty Prince Vegeta isn't so mighty after all, now is he?"

Vegeta was hearing every word of it and sniggering on the inside. These idiots had no clue what they were in for. Thanks to this newer model regeneration tank he'd recovered long ago, but they were completely oblivious. The moment he knew Frieza and Zarbon fully had their guards down, he'd find the dragon balls and make his escape. Knowing Frieza as well as he did, he surmised they were with him at all times. He needed a diversion. Luckily, he had the element of surprise was on his side. They were unaware of his ability to lower his Ki to an essentially nonexistent level, so they'd never anticipate such a move. The master and his lapdog were currently in the throne room, but their Ki signals indicated a slight degree of vigilance. No, now wasn't the right moment! To pull this off, he needed nothing less than perfection! That much was certain!

"I hope you do pull out of it." Appule grinned sadistically. "I'm going to really enjoy watching Zarbon torture you to death."

'That won't happen.' Vegeta thought wickedly. 'Consider yourself honored Doctor, for you'll be the first one to witness my new power.' He re-focused on the energy signatures of his ex-master and his lackey. 'Hmmm, Frieza and Zarbon's Ki signals seem completely relaxed now. Perfect! Here goes nothing!'

"I'm going to take a little break." Appule said snidely. "Just promise you'll sit tight till I get back. I wouldn't want you to wander off and get hurt."

At that moment Vegeta's eyes abruptly snapped open. The purple-skinned doctor was dumbstruck, a look of pure horror and disbelief plastered on his face. Before Appule could make a move, the Prince fired a powerful Ki blast that staggered the entire ship.


Zarbon stumbled from the quake.

"What in the blazes was that?!"

"Find out!" Ordered Frieza.

By the time, Frieza and Zarbon made it to the recovery room, it was a complete ruin and Vegeta was nowhere to be found.

"He must have flown off." Zarbon was staring dumbly at the hole Vegeta had blasted through the ship's exterior.

"Well go after him!" His master ordered. Any respect he'd attained for Zarbon was now beginning to fade fast and be replaced with contempt.

Vegeta was hiding behind a pillar, laughing at the two of them. This was just way too much fun.

'Excellent, Everyone's here!' He thought gleefully.

"If you do not find him within the hour, you'll wish you'd never been born!" Frieza shrieked.

'They're almost making this too easy.' Vegeta snickered inaudibly as he darted out of the recovery room and made a beeline towards the throne room, while Zarbon was aimlessly flying around the ship in a futile search for the absconder.

'Oh Frieza, you're so overconfident in your abilities that you've left even your precious dragon balls unguarded!' Vegeta chortled gleefully, as his obsidian eyes feasted upon the enthralling sight of no less than five glistering dragon balls, just waiting to be procured. 'Well, I assure you, it will be your last mistake!'

Vegeta chuckled wryly as he observed Zarbon's fruitless attempts at locating him. He then took on a pensive look, as he began strategizing.

'Yes, I suppose that should work.' He thought after a moment, a wicked smirk creeping onto his face, as he dashed outside the door.

"HEY ARE YOU GUYS LOOKING FOR SOMEONE!" He yelled out loud, catching both Frieza and Zarbon's attention, before quickly firing an intense Ki blast that landed flush on the ship's central radiator, which was almost filled to the brim with highly combustible engine coolant. What followed was a violent explosion that damn near destroyed the entire ship. As Zarbon tried to make his way inside, he was blown away by the turbulence.

The Prince then darted back into the room, firing another blast right out of the thick, rounded perspex window and tossing the five dragon balls away as far as he could, knowing precisely where each orb would land. This was perfect! His plan was coming to fruition at last! Zarbon had done him a huge favor! And he knew just how to thank him!


Gohan and Krillin had both been catnapping, in order to recover their strength after all the onerous training they'd engaged themselves in, while Bulma was lounging aimlessly, only to eventually join them. A long while later, the boy's eyes suddenly snapped open.

"It's Vegeta!"

Bulma shot up.

"What?!" She asked wide-eyed.

"He's back!" Krillin sensed it too. "What on Earth is going on?! I thought that Zarbon freak destroyed him!"

"He's alive?!" Bulma exclaimed, her heartbeat soaring. She was unable to help it as a huge flood of relief washed over her.

"Bulma, we have to get out of here and take the dragon balls with us." Krillin said frantically. "We're sitting ducks if he decides to come back here."

"We can't Krillin." Bulma sighed dejectedly. "He has the dragon radar with him."

"Oh no." Krillin said despairingly. "Dammit!"

"Hey, it's alright, maybe we can convince him to help us, you guys." Gohan argued.

"Gohan, not this again, he's our enemy!" Krillin seethed. "Why can't you get it through your head?!"

"We have no choice Krillin." Bulma placed a hand on her forehead, letting out a disheartened exhale, as she stood up from the sofa. "He and Goku may be our only shot at getting rid of Frieza. He said he has a plan."

The two warriors peered at their blue-haired friend.

"Listen carefully." The heiress began explaining. "The Namekian dragon grants us three wishes, you said. So we'll use one to wish back all the innocent people the Saiyans killed on Earth and the second to revive the people on Namek. That's only fair, since we're using their dragon balls. You said Goku gets here soon, right?"

"Right, go on." Krillin gestured for her to continue.

"Alright, I'm guessing neither of you two know what a Super Saiyan is, right?"

"S-S-Super Saiyan?" Gohan asked, completely bewildered.

"I heard Guru speak about Super Saiyans." Krillin reminisced. "He said they're extremely powerful. What exactly are they?"

Bulma had reiterated what Vegeta had told her of how the Super Saiyan of legend was the most formidable entity in the entire Universe and ended up destroying himself, due to the sheer magnitude of his overwhelming power.

"I see, so then what're you planning to do with that third wish?"

"I know you're gonna think I'm crazy, but the only chance we have of beating Frieza is if we wish for both Goku and Vegeta to become Super Saiyans."

"What?!" Krillin hissed. "No way! If it's Goku I understand, but who knows the kind of damage Vegeta can do with power like that!"

"We can deal with him later!" Bulma shot back. "You don't know how strong Frieza is! From what I've heard, he may well be over a hundred times stronger than Vegeta!"

Krillin and Gohan both lost about a few dozen shades of coloring as they absorbed that overwhelmingly horrifying piece of information. How could strength like that possibly exist?! They knew Frieza was stronger than every single one of them, but one hundred times Vegeta or more was far greater than they'd bargained for!

"But-but- maybe we can just- use the wish on Goku- why Vegeta?!" Krillin grit his teeth in frustration.

"I don't want to either, Krillin, but we have no choice." Bulma sighed in despair, before a thought hit her. "Wait, since Gohan's half Saiyan, maybe we can use the wish on him too!"

"You think that'll work, Bulma?" The demi-Saiyan asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I'm not sure, but we can at least try."

"What if Vegeta doesn't agree?!" Krillin protested. "He might just kill us, first chance he gets!"

"What other choice do we have though?!" Bulma countered. "Since he has my radar on him, we can't take the dragon balls with us! If we do, he'll most certainly hunt us down and kill us and I don't know about you two knuckleheads, but I'm not ready to kick the bucket just yet! Face it! Our only option is trying to convince him to give us the other two wishes, since he only needs one!"

After a moment or two, Krillin's shoulders slumped as he finally capitulated, but a while later, he remembered something important.

"Oh yeah, by the way Bulma, we forgot to tell you, but you're father built us a dragon radar too." He informed, pulling the device out of his belt and handing it over to his friend.

"Oh that's great!" She smiled and switched it on, looking at it in wonder. "What's this? The other five dragon balls have been scattered. What's going on?"

"Wait, what?" Krillin asked, poking his head forward to get a good look in. "You're right! What does that mean?"

"I'm guessing Vegeta's might have gotten ahold of them somehow." The smirk that lit her face at the thought died almost instantaneously. "If he took Frieza's five and we've got two here, then- that accounts for all seven!" She gushed.

"You're right!" Gohan beamed. "I can sense Vegeta around that area. This is great! We can wish Piccolo and the others back!"

"Maybe." Krillin frowned, before louring. "Darn it, if only Goku were here, he'd know what to do!"

"He'll be here soon." The half-Saiyan child replied adamantly. "I just know it! I can feel him somehow!"

"I hope so." Bulma smiled. "I miss him."

Several minutes passed in silence, as the trio were pacing about, frenziedly.

"Krillin! Do you feel it?!" Gohan abruptly asked.

"Yeah." The bald man affirmed. "It's Vegeta and Zarbon again!"

"What?!" Bulma asked, suddenly alarmed, her heart racing.


Vegeta had gathered together all the dragon balls he'd flung from Frieza's ship. They were at a safe distance, many miles away. Not a moment later, he sensed Zarbon lurking about, all on his own. Oh, this was just too good to be true. Now six dragon balls were within his grasp! Just one more and he'd attain the powers of the legendary Super Saiyan. Everything would be his! The entire Universe would crumble before the might of the Saiyan Prince! He pulled out the dragon radar from his breastplate and tried opening it, but it wasn't working.

'Dammit!' He growled inwardly. 'The regeneration fluids must have tampered with the electronics!'

Oh well, it didn't matter. He'd retrieve the other two dragon balls after dealing with his dear old friend, Zarbon. He smirked as he sensed his ex-superior closing in and shot up into the air, facing him without a trace of fear in his eyes.

"It's you!" Shouted Zarbon as he saw his adversary and whisked straight towards him. "You're not getting away, Vegeta! Not this time!"

The Prince smirked at the oncoming adversary. Zarbon stopped just as he was about five yards away from the Saiyan and the two warriors faced off once again, midair.

"Vegeta." He said, smirking. "Did you really think you could escape me for long?"

The Saiyan chuckled in reply, a wicked grin etched on his countenance.

"Escape was never my plan you fool, at least not from you." He jeered. "Let's see how well you fare against me this time."

"You're a fool Vegeta." Zarbon responded. "You know you can't defeat me, so why not just give up while you have the chance? Perhaps you don't know this, but like me, Frieza has the ability to increase his power by transforming."

Vegeta huffed in exasperation as he took in that little tidbit of information.

"So the rumors are true then." He grit his teeth. "Frieza's power is greater than he was letting on."

"That's right." Zarbon smirked. "And since you can't even defeat me, you obviously stand no chance against him. You can do yourself a huge favor by surrendering and telling me what you did with the rest of the dragon balls." The blue alien demanded more than advised, in an arrogant and assertive tone. "Or I can beat the tar out of you once again and take you to Lord Frieza, so he can torture the information from you. The choice is yours and I needn't remind you that you're already treading on very thin ice."

"Your master's precious gems are right down there." Vegeta chuckled, as he pointed below him.

Zarbon warily lowered his gaze and his gold eyes suddenly dilated, as he gaped at the stolen dragon balls. He looked back up at the Saiyan, narrowing his eyes dubiously. Just what was Vegeta up to?

"If you want them, however, you'll have to go through me first." Vegeta proclaimed, a superior smile embedded on his face. "Not that it'll make any difference, but I must warn you, it won't be quite as easy this time."

"We'll see about that Vegeta." Zarbon responded in smug overconfidence.

"Yes, we will." Replied the Prince. "If we fight here, however, the dragon balls will most likely be damaged and neither of us want that, now do we?" Vegeta gestured eastwards with his head and flew off, Zarbon close behind.

After stopping several miles away from the dragon balls, the two faced one another.

"You should have escaped this planet, the moment I seized the dragon balls." Vegeta said ominously, assuming his fighting stance. "That way you wouldn't have had to face Frieza's wrath or mine, but it's too late now, isn't it?!"

"You've always been a slow learner, Vegeta." Zarbon replied, sighing and shaking his head, before taking up his own stance. He smirked as he remembered their last conversation. "Oh and by the way, I just wanted to ask, where's that woman you fucked? Did you kill her like all the others?"

Vegeta growled, his body bristling as he recalled the last few moments before his adversary had rendered him unconscious.

"So you didn't, huh?" Zarbon frowned, his smirk turning into a wicked grin. "I told Frieza about it and he's just dying to get his hands on her. It shouldn't be long before we find her."

The Prince's bronze skin lost a good 30 shades as that piece of news sunk in and his heart rate practically tripled.

"Don't tell me you've actually found a lover Vegeta." Zarbon looked at him incredulously, as he noticed the consternation on his younger opponent's face.

"Don't be absurd!" The Saiyan snarled, livid with fury. She wasn't his fucking lover! She was just a prisoner and nothing more! But then why couldn't he stop the downpour of horror that was besetting him at the mere idea of Frieza taking her away, just like he took- No! Dammit, he couldn't be weak! He swore to himself that he'd never allow any such sentiments to put him at a disadvantage ever again!

"This is good Vegeta." Zarbon grinned. The Prince may have been able to lie to himself, but he could see right through it, having a good eye for this sort of thing. "I wonder how much damage that famed pride of yours will take, when I make you watch, as she puts her hands and mouth all over my beautiful, naked bod-"


Vegeta reached his melting point and dove his fist straight in the middle of Zarbon's face, sending him flying dozens of yards away, before he could finish his sentence. The Prince reappeared above him and attacked with a descending elbow right on his midsection, causing him to plummet into the dirt of a nearby island. So brutal was that incensed attack that Zarbon's face was disfigured and his immaculate appearance, completely blemished.

The elite shot straight out of the ground, staggering about as he glared up at Vegeta.

"You're going to pay for that!" He roared and immediately assumed his true form.


"Zarbon transformed again!" Gohan exclaimed.

"Man, Vegeta's done for!" Krillin clenched his jaw. As much as he hated the ruthless Saiyan, it was just as Gohan said. A guy like Zarbon was a greater threat, without doubt! The two of them had witnessed that gruesome smile on his handsome face as he callously murdered one of the old Namekians. Moreover, he was part of the Frieza crew and Frieza was about as evil and heartless as it could possibly get!

Bulma was unable to mouth a word, as she stared ahead blankly with a dead look on her face, clutching her soaring heart with one hand. Her mind was clouded with all sorts of divergent thoughts. Why?! Why did the idea of Vegeta being murdered make her insides chill?! If only he could survive somehow, but it seemed unlikely. Her eyes began glimmering and soon she felt a small hand clasp hers. She glanced down beside her and saw Gohan looking up at her consolingly. That innocent and piteous look of his made her lips tremble, as the tears began descending down her face and she tightened her hold on his little hand, hoping against hope that Vegeta could somehow pull through. Krillin turned in their direction, staring at them in disbelief.

"Are- are you guys okay?"

Neither of them replied. Bulma's face was downcast and Gohan was looking at her solicitously, as he clutched her hand in both of his.

'Okay, seriously, what in King Kai's name am I missing?' Krillin thought, frowning in askance. 'Why does she care about Vegeta?! I thought she wanted him dead! Bulma's never been easy to figure out, but now she's downright impossible! Just what on Earth happened to her?!'

He'd heard of situations where hostages developed a sense of affinity towards their captors, but Bulma was smarter than that, plus she'd made it clear that she execrated Vegeta, so what exactly was the problem?! He sighed and shook his head, deciding to solve this riddle sometime later, as he focused his senses on the battle, or more accurately slaughter, that was about to ensue.


Vegeta descended to the ground and smirked at his adversary.

"I can't tell which version of you is more hideous, Zarbon." Vegeta sniped, curling his lip in feigned disgust, "But, no doubt, you're both ugly enough to make me want to puke."

Vegeta's subsequent mock-gag drove Zarbon insane and he lunged straight towards him, but with his newfound speed, the Saiyan Prince vanished from sight and Zarbon just barely managed to follow his movement. He whirled around in an attempt to fire a hook punch his opponent, but Vegeta grabbed his wrist before the attack landed.

"Your power is pathetic, Zarbon!" He stated boldly. "I'm far stronger than you are!"

"You filthy little maggot!" Zarbon shouted as he shot his other fist straight at Vegeta's face, but the Saiyan easily caught it with his other hand. Frieza's lackey was completely flabbergasted. In his new form he should've been able to cut through Vegeta like cake, just as he had before! What was happening?!

"The first and last mistake you made was to underestimate the power of a true Saiyan warrior!" Vegeta declared. "You can bleed us to the brink of death, crush every bone in our bodies, it only makes us more powerful!"

Zarbon suddenly took on a pale blue hue, his gold eyes flooding with absolute dread and horror, as realization hit him like a ton of bricks.

"You played right into my little game, Zarbon." Vegeta had a sinister smile etched on his face. "There's a good reason why I tempted you into prolonging the beating you gave me during our last battle. Each and every blow I absorbed made my strength rise that much further, after I recovered! I suppose the results pretty much speak for themselves, don't you?"

Vegeta kicked Zarbon hard on the midsection, making the monster fly back several yards and collide hard with a mountain that collapsed around him on impact.

The Prince quickly vanished and reappeared a couple yards from him. Zarbon had trouble getting up and glared daggers at Vegeta.

"You disgusting monkey!" He snarled and fired a swift and powerful Ki blast at Vegeta, but the latter easily dodged and reappeared right in front of his foe, causing Zarbon to cower defensively. How did the monkey Prince become so fast?! It was unbelievable! At the very least, he should've been able to put up a decent fight, but he was absolutely no match against the might of the Saiyan!

Vegeta rammed his fist into Zarbon's gut, whereby the beast spat out a glob of blood, before being hook punched to the ground.

"Now six of the dragon balls are within my grasp!" Vegeta smirked. "Just one more and I'll make my wish and destroy Frieza! I couldn't have done it without you, Zarbon." The Prince aimed a palm towards his hapless opponent's abdomen and summoned a ball of Ki, preparing to blast the wretched alien. "Consider this my thanks."

"Vegeta!" Zarbon cried in a rasped voice, putting his hands up frantically, "I was just following orders! Please don't kill me! Have mercy!"

"For all those years you drove me like a slave, keeping me under your knee and now, I'm expected to show you mercy?!" Vegeta spat back.

"Please, if we join forces, we can bring down Frieza, together!" Zarbon wheezed out in a desperate tone.

"Sorry, but I've always hated sycophants, like you and Dodoria!" Vegeta gnashed his teeth. "I've never loathed anyone as much as I did the two of you, not even Frieza and now, just like that pink tub of crap, you'll die for everything you've put me through, including whatever insignificant role you must have played in the annihilation of my people!" He then smiled devilishly at him, a scorching glimmer of grisly death burning in his deranged hematite eyes, turned bloody crimson. "But don't worry, you won't be alone! Very soon your master will be joining you in hell!"


Vegeta fired his Ki right through Zarbon's midsection and grinned evilly at his lifeless body, thereafter.


"W-W-What on Earth h-h-happened?!" Krillin stammered, completely stunned and at a loss.

"V-V-Vegeta did away with Z-Z-Zarbon, just l-l-like that." Gohan was equally astounded.

"You mean, he won?!" Bulma asked hopefully, the fear and dread flooding through her coming to an immediate halt.

"Yeah- and easily too." Krillin affirmed, much too shocked to register the overt relief on Bulma's face.

"But how?!" Gohan exclaimed. "Somehow he's gotten even stronger now- much stronger! It doesn't make any sense!"

"Tell me about it!"

"This is good news though, Krillin!" The demi-Saiyan enthused. "Now that Vegeta's taken care of Zarbon, even the two of us can defeat the remaining forces of Frieza's army- well, minus Frieza himself, of course."

"Best of all, this means the other five dragon balls are pretty much secured!" Bulma was unable to help the grin that lit her face. "Now all that's lift is convincing that douchebag!" She scowled.

Krillin shook his head, not feeling quite as jubilant as his two affiliates.


After finishing off Zarbon, Vegeta focused on Bulma's minute Ki signal, but it was clouded by two other power levels with her, both very strong and very familiar. Could it be- them?

'No!' He thought, knitting his brows. 'There's no way they could travel all the way to Namek or be that strong! But what if it is?!'

Dodoria did say that he'd killed two 'brats' that must have been Earthlings. He hadn't believed him at first, but it looked as though there may have been more to the story than he'd initially thought. Dammit, if they stole his dragon ball, he'd murder all three of them! He snarled, zooming towards his intended location at full speed, but his misgivings began to mitigate, as he realized that his targets were unmoving, as though awaiting his arrival. If they truly were the half-Saiyan brat and the bald Earthling, perhaps they were overconfident because of this newfound strength of theirs and so, may have foolishly believed that they could challenge his might! A smirk lit his face at the thought. How wrong they were!

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