The Light to my Darkness

BY : SaiyanPrince541
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Chapter 35: Not a dream

Vegeta squinted awake for the first time in two and a half months, eyes fluttering and centred upon a crown of silken blue, to his right. He groaned low in his throat and had he been able to, he would’ve reeled, when the petite, swivelling figure caught his attention and he saw symmetrical jewels of pure, luminous azure gazing back at him. He knew those eyes!! He knew them, but couldn’t quite place where!! Not giving him even a second to dwell on it, Bulma put the tube aside and immediately dashed over his way, leaning against the bedside, lifting his face with her hands and pulling it into her bosom, as she sobbed uncontrollably.

“You’re awake, thank God you’re awake!!” She could feel his hollow breathing, against her chest.

The Prince blinked slowly, several times, narrowly clinging onto what little consciousness he had. That voice, that scent!! It was all too familiar, but who’s was it?!! He inhaled as deep as he could and a mere few seconds later, recollection finally hit him like a wave of warm light, in the middle of a cold, dark and lonesome night.

“B-Bulma?” He rasped, voice severely drained.

“I’m here.” She pulled back a little, looking him in the eyes, pools of bright cerulean, gleaming with joy and relief, as she held his face between her graceful palms. He tried lifting a hand towards her, but could hardly raise it an inch, his body scarcely responding to his mind. Seeing the movement of his arm, Bulma quickly realized what he was attempting and so, grabbed the back of his hand and placed his palm on her cheek, shutting her eyes and nuzzling against it. The Price sighed in contentment, reveling in the warmth of her soft, milky skin.

“Bulma.” He murmured. This must have been some sort of dream. If it were, he would give anything not to rouse awake in that icy hellhole. The heiress smiled tranquilly. Just hearing the sound of her own name escaping his lips, brought with it, a cornucopia of impassioned memories, from Namek. Joyous tears trickled down her face, as she grazed her lips against the calloused palm of her beloved, evoking a low, pleasurable shudder from him. Those soft, cherry lips were exactly the same as he’d remembered.

“It’s me.” She said assuringly, looking upon him, with an expression more radiant than ever. Bulma ran her free hand along his fiery mane, relishing in that soft, streamlined feel, not a kink hampering the path of her slender fingers. “We’re gonna get you all better, okay? Everything will be fine, I promise.” The heiress moved her face forward, pressing her lips against his forehead, before shifting downwards and chastely kissing his lips. The instant she made contact, he shuddered and parted his teeth as best he could, in a silent invitation to let her inside. Bulma smiled and steadily darted her tongue forward, slowly running it along each and every smidge of dryness, yearning to moisten his mouth with hers. The more she explored, the more she could feel his salivary glands bring back his relishing taste, so palatably raw and potent, just like him!! It’s flourishing richness reminded her of garden-fresh guavas, with a tiny touch of bay salt and lemon balm. She found it just as galvanizing as she’d remembered, perhaps more. Waves of pleasure swooshed over her, as she continued probing him for long moments, until he finally found the strength to mirror her moves.

She sucked on his tongue and readily welcomed him, as he ventured forward. Bulma allowed him to traverse her at his own pace, swallowing a low growl, as an inferno of liquid fire deluged every blood cell within the Prince, slowly melting away the frigidity that had consumed him for an epoch. For so long had she ached for this moment and now that it was finally here, every fibre in her body craved to have him once again, so she could release all her amassed sorrow, stress, frustration and loneliness. However, with his condition as depleted as it was, that was out of the question. Summoning every bit of will she had, Bulma withdrew, heart clenching, upon hearing his muffled cry of protest at the loss of warmth.

“Hey, it’s okay, I’ll be right back.” She reassured, nestling her face into his neck and sighing blissfully, as she took in his rich, masculine scent. “Just let me get you something to eat. I was gonna hook you up to a feeding tube, but you probably wouldn’t like that hehe.” She kissed him again. “I’ll tell mom to make some soup, alright?”

“N-No- s-stay.” He objected weakly, as she pulled away. Bulma’s chest tightened so much so that she strained to breath, for just a few seconds. He appeared so lost and vulnerable, almost childlike. Just seeing her beloved Saiyan Prince, the strongest man she ever knew, reduced to this, made her want to burst her eyeballs out. The same question wracked her mind, again and again: what happened to him? She sighed and pressed a hand to his forehead, before smiling and taking hold of his hands.

“Alright.” She vouched, a soothing warmth rising between her chest, as she saw his hardened visage ease up. He looked incredibly gorgeous, without the perpetual tautness, marring his handsome face. A knock on the door, broke the heiress from her stupor.

“Who is it?!!” She asked, irritation lacing her tone.

“Can you let me in, dear?”

“Mom?” Bulma’s eyes widened a fraction, in surprise and she swivelled around, standing ramrod straight and hurrying towards the door. “Uh yeah, I’m coming.”

She turned the knob and pulled open the rouge door, revealing an ever-bright Mrs. Brief.

“How you doin’, baby?”

“I’m doing great.” The heiress smiled genuinely, for the first time in a long time and proceeded to empty the side table, for her mother. “So, what you got there?”

“See for yourself.” The ebullient blonde placed the tray on the hardwood surface.

“Ah, chicken corn soup.” Bulma grinned, as she carefully de-lidded the China pot and was greeted with the mouth-watering aroma of the dish before her. “Thanks a bunch, mom.”

“Your welcome, honey.” Mrs. Brief turned towards a deeply perplexed Vegeta, her own expression lit with glee. “And just how’re you faring, young man? I see you’re just as handsome as ever.”

“Mom!!” The heiress reproved, as she ladled soup into an empty, ceramic, breakfast bowl.

“Now, now, sweetie, calm down.” The bubbly woman said, reassuringly. “As tempted as I am, I won’t try to steal your man from you hehe.”

“Would you cut it out??!!! Seriously, have you no shame, whatsoever??!!!” Bulma’s face flushed a dozen shades of crimson, as she fixed a glare upon her ditz of a mother. The Saiyan wasn't paying any attention to the discourse, however, his ebony eyes set upon the innumerable strands of silken blue, right of him.

“Such a prude.” Mrs. Brief mumbled back, before once again looking the emaciated Prince’s way, grinning genially. “Anyway, it’s nice to have you back, Vegeta. My daughter was really glum without you here and I know you’ll keep her happy, so make yourself at home, darling.”

The Saiyan stared at her blankly, narrowly registering a word, mind still befuddled. The heiress couldn’t help but quirk her lips upwards, her exasperation towards her bubble headed mother, all but lost. Naive and eccentric as she was, Mrs. Brief was the gentlest soul on the entire planet, far more forgiving than anyone she knew, even Goku and she wouldn’t have her any different. Her support meant the world to Bulma and she couldn’t possibly find her more endearing than she did at this moment.

The flaxen-haired female skipped towards the door, humming a romantic tune to herself. She whirled around one last time.

“Oh and there may be other patients who’ll use this room later on, so don’t do anything naughty in here, you two, teeheehee!!”

“Mom!!!!” Bulma yelled, flaming heat rushing towards her reddened cheeks, however, the ebullient blonde had already left and closed the door behind her, giggling all the while. “Why does she always have to be such a crackpot?!!” The heiress growled and shook her head, before dragging the table and a chair over to her Saiyan’s bedside. She reclined his bed upwards, much to his confusion.

“Try some of this, Vegeta.” Bulma pointed towards the soup contents within the bowl. “You certainly look like you could use it.”

The Prince furrowed his dark brows at her. His olfactory senses were at an all-time high, the soupy aroma travelling up his nostrils and flooding his mouth with a sea of fresh saliva. He tilted his head a little, in assent. Bulma gave him a toothy grin and grabbed a soba spoon, gathering up a heap of the simmering fluid, blowing on it and bringing it over to the Saiyan, placing a hand underneath, for support.

Vegeta forced his mouth open and sighed gratifyingly, as the soothing liquid trickled down his throat and chest, scarcely beginning to appease his monstrous and starved appetite. Mouth watering for more of the finely seasoned meal, he gave his female an encouraging nod. Her smile broadened, as she continued servicing her malnourished Saiyan. His eyes never left hers the entire time. As she observed this, she couldn’t help but feel her heart submerge. It was as if he saw her as an apparition of some sort that would disappear the moment he looked elsewhere. She peered at him a moment too long.

“M-More.” The Saiyan scrunched his brows in objection, marginally increased vigor, in his voice.

“O-Oh, right.” The heiress gave him a lopsided smile and carried on with her task. Five minutes later, there was another knock on the door. “Who is it?!!” She scowled, not appreciating the interruption.

“Uh- It’s me, Krillin.”

“Oh.” Her eyes shot up in surprise. “Do you need something?”

“Mind if I come in?”


The Prince grunted in protest, for more food, but to no avail, as yet another familiar figure walked into the room. Baldy?!! What would that idiot be doing, in his dream?!! The hairless human could hardly keep his lips from quirking, upon seeing Vegeta conscious.

“Hey there buddy.” He greeted. “It’s good to see you back in the game.”

“Well, he’s not in the game just yet, but we’ll get there.” The heiress smiled, placing a hand on the Saiyan’s forehead.

Buddy?!! This weakling had some nerve!! He was no one’s buddy!! He was the Prince of all Saiyans!! Gritting his teeth, he emitted a low warning growl that told the human to back away, immediately!!! As susceptible as Vegeta was right now, Krillin still felt a cold chill run through him. Boy, he was just as intimidating as ever!!

“Vegeta, relax, would you?!!” Bulma chided, before turning her friend’s way. “Can I help you, Krillin?”

“O-O-Oh yeah, I just came to tell you that Yamcha’s on his way back to Earth, that’s all.” The bald man answered, timidly.

“He- he is?” The female’s heart thudded against her chest, in an incongruous amalgam of relief, anxiety and trepidation. She- she still hadn’t planned this out, not in the least!! Dammit, what would she say to him?!! How could she possibly explain this in a way that wouldn’t make his entire world crumble?!!

‘Yamcha?!!’ Vegeta thought to himself. Wasn’t that the beta male that got blown up by a Saibaman?!! Wait a minute!! He was the female’s ex-lover, wasn’t he?!! Damn that coward!! The instant he saw him, he’d vaporize him!! It didn’t matter if this was a dream or not!! He hated that stuck-up, self-important, scar-faced snot from the very beginning and didn’t want him here!!!

“I just wanted to let you know is all.” Krillin back-pedalled towards the door.

“Wait a minute.”

“What is it?” The bald warrior asked, eyebrows raised.

“C-Could you- uh- n-not tell him about V-Vegeta?” She mumbled softly, then slurred. “You know- uh- about him being wished here and all.”

“Oh- umm- yeah, alright.” Krillin sighed. She was still covering the truth, even from him. Didn’t she know that they'd all heard her final words, right before she’d died in Vegeta’s arms? Things definitely would not end well. “But he will find out eventually.”

“I know.” The heiress whispered, more to herself than anyone.

As her friend left, Bulma helped Vegeta finish up his meal, before sighing, stretching out her tired limbs and adjusting his bed, so it was properly levelled. She looked towards the clock and realized that it was almost midnight. Time sure had flown by quickly: a little too quick, for her taste!!! Perhaps it was time to hit the bed and worry about Yamcha tomorrow. She had to cling to whatever little hope there was that he would let it go eventually and they would still remain close friends, as they had been for many years. Seeing her Saiyan, out like a light, Bulma quietly left and went over to the residential area of the premises, going into her bedroom, disrobing and donning a baby blue, woollen night robe with white spots imprinted all over. She returned to the medical wing and gingerly sauntered over the other side of the bed, lying down and gently nestling against Vegeta. She spread a soft quilt over the two of them.

“B-u-l-m-a.” He drawled, in his sleep.

“Mmmm.” The heiress crooned back, cozying up to him further, as butterflies filled her stomach. He was still cold, but a little less so and she was resolved to instil him with every bit of warmth she could offer.

After a long and restful sleep, Vegeta’s eyes fluttered open and he sceptically took in his surroundings. What the blazes was going on?!! He grunted taxingly, as he tried to force himself up.

“Oh hey, you’re awake!!”

He turned right ways and once again saw lucent pools of deep sapphire staring right back at him.

“Bulma?” He furrowed his brows, suspiciously. How could he wake up to the same sight twice?!! Last he remembered, he'd woken up here, after being stuck in that dreary snow ball. And now here he was, yet again!!! Perhaps this was hell and he was being lured into some sort of trap!! Yes, that had to be it!! He looked around and saw a whole bunch of tools, machines, fixings and other gadgetry that wasn’t there before. On the table lay a stack of blue prints and a slick, portable computer of sorts. This was most bizarre!!

“I moved all my stuff in here, so I could work and keep an eye on you, at the same time hehe.” She grinned. “I also took the liberty of stripping off your old pants and underwear and putting on new, comfy ones, while you were asleep. Man, your right leg was a total mess!! It took me a while to clean that up!! Where’d all that blood come from anyway?!!” She glared, as he continued frowning her way, without an answer. “Hey, are you even listening to me?!! Hellooooo!!!”

“Quiet woman!!!”

“Don’t ever tell me to be quiet, man!!” She closed her laptop and stood up, moving towards him. He was taken completely off guard, as she sat on top of him, straddling his hips, arms akimbo. Vegeta felt a rush of searing electricity span from his thyroid, all the way down to his flaming loins. She pointed a thumb to herself. “This is my house and I’m the only boss around here, no one else, understood?!!”

“Y-Y-Your h-house?!!”

“That’s right.” She smiled, expression softening. Bulma placed her hands on his shoulders and nuzzled her face into the recess of his neck, sighing as she inhaled his raw, musky scent, spreading a glowing warmth through her, in spite of his frosty condition. The Prince shuddered, as he felt the tip of her nose and soft lips, graze his cool skin, further springing his desire. Her svelte frame was every bit as perfect as he remembered. “We wished you back to Earth with the dragon balls.”

What little strength Vegeta had, nearly gave out on him, upon taking in that statement. The dragon balls?!! She brought him here?!! No, it couldn’t be!!! There was no way!!


“No, it’s true!!” She insisted, pressing her forehead against his. “Earth’s dragon balls were used to revive all of us and the Namekian balls still had a wish left. That Dende kid explained everything. He asked Porunga, the Namekian dragon, to teleport us all to Earth, except you, Goku and Frieza. Dumb move by the way!!” She sat up and narrowed her eyes peevishly. “You morons should’ve just came back to Earth and left that bastard to rot on Namek, by himself!!”

Vegeta took a few moments to sink it all in. So then- this wasn’t just a dream?!! He stared up at her.

“You- you wished me back?”

“Mmm hmm.” She affirmed, face alight, as she brushed her dainty fingers through his feathery mane. “King Kai told us you were on your way back to Earth, but you didn’t make it, so we asked Porunga to teleport you to us.”

“Wh-Why?!!” He demanded, more than asked. Why would anyone ever use a wish to help someone as soulless and cruel as he was?!! This couldn’t possibly be true!!

“Why?!” Bulma asked, indignantly. “What do you mean why?!! I thought you got killed in the middle of space!! I had to bring you back!! The Namekians agreed and so did Gohan and Piccolo!! You saved all of us from Frieza!! Do you really think, we’d just leave you behind, after that?!!”

“I never asked for it!!” He seethed, through clenched teeth. He couldn’t deny the relief that flooded him, as he realized that everything around him, including her, were part of a concrete reality, however it deeply wounded his pride that he’d required help from the dragon balls for something as elementary as being trapped on an inflated snow ball, when he’d been able to destroy Frieza, with his bare hands. “I didn’t need any help!!”

“Well, I don’t care what you think!!” The heiress moved down and embraced him, for all she was worth. “I needed you!! Can’t you understand that?!!” She sobbed against him, burying her face in the crook of his neck. “You said you’d come to Earth with us!! You broke your word and nearly ended up dying!! Seriously, what the hell happened to you, out there?!!”

“Quit snivelling!!” The Prince berated. What on Earth was wrong with her?!! She was acting like some helpless, whiny brat with a tantrum!!!

“Shut up!!” She fired back. “I’m not snivelling.” Bulma sat up once again and wiped her eyes, with the back of her lab coat sleeve. A moment passed by, in taut silence.

“Stupid female.” Vegeta mumbled.

“Stupid male.” The heiress responded softly, placing her hands on his chest and smiling sadly, upon feeling his projecting rib cage, where a hardened pair of steel-like pecs, should’ve been. As weak as he was right now, he was still the Vegeta she remembered: excessively proud, hotheaded and with unshakeable resolve. She heard a weak rumble emanate from his stomach. “Bet you’re hungry, right?”

“Hn.” The Saiyan affirmed, after a brief pause. Hopping off of her lover, Bulma exited the hospital room and made her way into a nearby kitchenette.

While she was away, Vegeta looked over himself in disgust. How utterly disgraceful!! He was infinitesimally weaker than he was at his peak, back on Namek!!! Part of him was wishing he’d died in that frosty hellhole, but a stronger part was determined to regain the strength that was once his, and more!! He would shatter every barrier that stood in his path to greatness, no matter the cost!! He realized that he could move a tad bit better now. He was recovering pretty fast. Good!! It wouldn’t be long before he assumed control over his body and underwent bout after bout of rigorous training!! The woman had sworn she’d prepare suitable equipment for that very purpose, thus he decided that staying here would work in his favor!! Yes, all would be well!! He’d crush that fool Kakarot in battle and make him kneel before his Prince!! Wait a minute, Kakarot!!! He’d forgotten all about the third class!! If that clown was alive and at full strength, then he’d have absolutely no hopes of catching up to his power level!!! Damn it all!!!

Just then, Bulma walked inside with a large tray, bearing a gigantic bowl of heated oatmeal, two jugs of fruit juice, a glass, a spoon and a folded handkerchief. Vegeta turned her way, a fierce scowl emblazoned on his hard visage, eyes burning with hellish, scarlet flames. The heiress nearly dropped the tray in her hand, as she saw the feral look about him.

“Where’s Kakarot?!!” He demanded, in a dangerously low tone.

“G-Goku?” She asked. “Oh- uh- he’s somewhere in outer-space.”

“Why isn’t he here?!!!”

“Calm down, dammit!!!” She placed the tray on her chair and cleared a path on the table, before depositing it there. She turned towards her Saiyan, arms folded. “We were gonna wish him back here, but he refused to come. Apparently, he’ll return at a later time.”

“Why the fuck would he do that?!!”

“How the hell would I know?!!” Bulma growled, peevishly. “Ask him when he returns!! I didn’t do anything, so quit yelling at me, you jerk!!”

Vegeta gave her a hard glare and proceeded to utter foul and inaudible curses, under his breath. That bastard was probably out there getting stronger, while he was stuck here!! Curse him!! Curse everything!!

“I need to train!!!” He declared abruptly and tried sitting, but was barely able to move his body up, one foot.

“Whoa, whoa, just hold up there, bud!!” Bulma frowned, walking over and forcibly pushing him right back down, hand on his chest. The Prince snarled at her, but she was not deterred in the slightest. “You’re not gonna train for a single second, not unless I say so, is that clear?!!”

“You have no right-”

“I have every right!!!” She chimed in, vehemently. “This is my house and you’re my guest!! That means I have a responsibility over you, period!!”

“Over me?!!” He hissed, indignantly. “How dare you patronize me, woman?!! I am the Saiyan Prince, the most powerful warrior that ever lived!! I destroyed-”

“Frieza, yeah, I know!!” She placed her index finger on his lips to shush him. His eyes narrowed into fine slits. “What you did was incredible, but even then, you have to remember that- OW!!!!” He nipped the fiery female’s finger, cutting her off in the middle of her speech. Bulma winced and clutched the throbbing digit protectively, whilst glowering down at Vegeta. “What the hell was that for?!!”

“You deserved it.”

“For what?!!!” She exclaimed indignantly, stomping her foot on the ground. The Prince found her antics incredibly entertaining, to say the least. He decided that it’d be a good idea to fuel her ire, whenever the opportunity arose.

“For talking too much.” He replied placidly, smirking inwardly, upon witnessing the rising rage set her brilliant, azure orbs, aflame. Vegeta tuned her out, as she lividly began raving at him, instead considering his next move. Perhaps it would be auspicious to re-nutrify and rehydrate his body, before training. It may take a little while, but it was definitely for the best.

“Hey, are you even listening to me?!!” Bulma repeatedly poked his cheek, with her finger. The Saiyan growled and bit her again. “Ow!!! You beast!!” She punched him on the forehead, only to cry out and suck on her twinging knuckles. Even in his tarnished state, she may as well have struck a thick block of steel. “That hurt.” She whimpered, eyes watery.

“Some lessons must be learned the hard way.” The Prince remarked, cheekily, completely unaffected by the attack.

“Shut up!!!” Bulma loured. “You could at least show a little sympathy!!”

“Sympathy is for the weak.”

“You- you’re such a dick!!!”

“Tch, whatever.” That blazing fire in her eyes, burned him down to the loins. Yes, provoking her was definitely worth looking forward to.

“Ungrateful prick.” She grumbled, before grudgingly reclining his bed up and feeding him his meal. The heiress had half a mind to pour it on his face instead, but decided against it, since she’d ultimately have to clean the mess herself, not to mention, prepare him a whole new Saiyan-sized serving. No, she’d find another way to get back at that jerk!!

The late morning and afternoon passed by relatively fast, with several make-out sessions that didn’t go too far, as per Mrs. Brief’s rules, Bulma working on a few projects and Vegeta frequently inquiring on the capabilities of the newly-built gravity equipment. Apparently, this unit could allow a user to train in up to 150 times Earth’s gravity. He’d also learned that the female had produced some highly durable training bots and multiple new sets of Saiyan armor and uniform, even better than the old. He had to see it all with his own eyes, to believe it!!

The heiress had attempted to extract some answers from Vegeta, as to what transpired in the 130-day gap, on his end. He simply informed her that his pod malfunctioned during his journey to Earth and he was forced to land on a lifeless, ice-infested world, but didn’t say anything else, despite her insistence for details. The heiress stopped prodding him after a while, knowing that he probably didn’t want to relive such horror. She’d let it go for now, but eventually, he would have to confront it and when he did, she’d help him through it, no matter what. Yes, he was brave, proud and steadfast and she loved that about him, but that didn’t mean he had to face everything alone. Vegeta shut his eyes and opted to engage in some mind-training.

Hours later, the cobalt sky loomed over West City, the stars glistening, the crescent moon as luminous as ever and a multitude of sonorous crickets chirping away, as a very familiar arrival stood outside the humongous, rounded residence, itching and at the same time, hesitating, to make his way inside.

‘Come on, Yamcha, you can do this.’ The scarred warrior willed to himself. ‘Bulma’s gonna be thrilled to see you, so quit being such a wimp!!’

The door opened before he even touch the knob and he was taken aback at the sight of none other than Krillin. What could he possibly be doing in here?!!

“Hey there buddy!!!” The bald man grinned, extending his right arm forward. “Boy, am I glad to see you!!”

“Krillin!!!” Yamcha’s face lit up, as he shook his colleague’s hand. “What’re you doing here, man?!!”

“Well, I came here when you were wished back and uh- I guess I just decided to crash for a while.” The cueball warrior scratched his head, laughing uneasily.

“Oh, I see.”

"Come on in."

"Right, right." The ex-bandit made his way inside.

“How’ve you been, bro?!!” Krillin asked. “Did King Kai treat you well?!!”

“Hell yeah, he did!!” Yamcha smirked. “He taught me some kick-ass moves and get this: I even learned the Kaio-Ken technique!! I bet I could take you any day of the week, now.”

“Haha, I wouldn’t be too sure about that, buddy!!” Krillin smiled smugly. “I haven’t exactly been lounging around either. I’ve been training hard with Master Roshi, plus I had some hardcore battles on Namek and even had my hidden-”

“Yamcha, my boy!!” Capsule Corporation’s president exclaimed, surprising the former desert-bandit, as he genially slapped his back. “How are you?!!”

“Oh, hey there, sir.” The scarred warrior smiled, turning towards the old man. “I guess I can’t complain. I am alive, after all haha. How about you?” Words were exchanged for a few moments, but Krillin hadn’t the heart to tell either Yamcha or Dr. Brief, the truth.

“So- uh- where’s Bulma?” The scar-faced fighter asked, a light blush tinging his cheeks. “I kinda wanted to see her.” He then looked fretfully at the lavender-haired senior. “She’s not still mad at me is she?!! Is that why she’s not here to see me?!!”

“What makes you say that?” The good doctor raised a brow. “I’m sure she’ll be delighted to see you. She’s currently in the medical wing, room 47B.”

“Why?!!” The warrior demanded, grabbing Dr. Brief’s shoulders, alarm wracking his well-muscled figure. “Is she hurt?!!!”

“No, no, of course not!!” The doctor reassured, concealing the part about Vegeta. He had a feeling there was more to it than met the eye, since his vivacious daughter was personally seeing to it that her ex-captor was nursed back to health. “Why don’t you go and see her?”

“Oh- uh- sure hehe.” Yamcha knew they were both hiding something from him. He didn’t know what exactly, but he was going to find out!!

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