The Light to my Darkness

BY : SaiyanPrince541
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Chapter 44: Revelation

"DISAPPEAR!" Frieza roared to the top of his voice and fired an arsenal of Ki blasts at the Super Saiyan, however, Goku simply clenched his fists by his waist and yelled aloud. "YAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHH!" His golden aura billowed around him, imploding each attack, before it came anywhere close to him.

'Dammit, why is nothing working?!' The Lizard thought in deep-seated frustration, while King Cold too, was alarmed at the magnificent powers of the golden-haired warrior. This wasn't going according to plan!

"Just give up, Frieza!" Earth's hero demanded. "You can't win! Leave this planet and never return! This is your last chance!"

'Tch, just as I thought!' Vegeta grimaced.

"How dare you look down upon me?!" The tyrant seethed, stomping his foot on the ground, as red bolts of electricity sparked about his cybernetic figure. "Me?! The almighty Frieza?! You are nothing but a monkey, a filthy, tailless ape! I wiped out your entire-"

"Planet, yes I know!" Goku interjected, in wroth exasperation. "And I don't care! The Saiyans got what they deserved! I made that clear, from the very beginning! They were evil, just like you are! I fight for Earth! This is my world and these are my people! I'm giving you one final warning! Go! Now! Or meet your end, right here!"

The icy fiend bristled in fury, fastening his hands tight enough to draw blood and shaking, with the sizzling ire that surged through him. He ascended high up into the clouds, teeth gnashed, his arm raised and index finger pointing towards the heavens.

"LET'S SEE YOU HANDLE THIS, SAIYAN!" He bellowed, gathering every bit of his energy into a giant supernova that shone a bright orange, like the sun. This was his last straw. The sinister sphere dilated rapidly, its girth equivalent to that of a small moon. "DIE!" He immediately launched it right at his enemy, hoping that this would finally be the end of it!

"You truly are incorrigible." Goku shook his head, in disappointment. Tensing himself, the stalwart hero infused his godlike Ki into his rippling muscles and proceeded to shoot upwards, tearing right through the supernova attack, causing it to detonate midair. Frieza could scarcely think, as a savage low punch connected to his midsection, impaling him clean. He choked and gurgled, before he was released and plummeted to the ground, in a bloody and virtually powerless heap, eyes wide open, as agonizing pain coursed through whatever organic parts of his body, remained. Goku touched down and stood, frowning over his fallen adversary. "I didn't want it to come to this, but you gave me no choice, Frieza. It's such a shame, really. I gave you so many chances and you deliberately blew them."

"You think you're so much better than me don't you, Super Saiyan?!" The lizard wheezed, tilting his head up and smirking. "You know nothing of the horrors of this Universe!" He hacked violently, before continuing. "Even as we speak, countless beings are out there, being butchered, raped, tortured, maimed and mutilated, in ways your puny mind cannot even fathom!" Another bloody cough followed. "And no matter how powerful you are, there's not a thing you can do to stop it!"

"Maybe you're right!" The Saiyan replied, after a brief interval. "Horrible things do happen, I won't deny it, but there's a lot of good in this Universe, as well! And that's worth fighting for, till the very end!"

"Such a naive person you are." Frieza shook his head wryly, just then catching sight of a very peculiar spec in his peripheral, which his enemies had yet to notice. As recognition hit him, his lips curled up in the cruelest of grins that perturbed both Goku and Vegeta. "Alright, if you're such a paragon, let's see you protect your fragile, little friend."

He tenuously raised his hand, aiming it rightwards and hurling a good heap of Ki in that direction. The Prince was the first to realize what had caught his attention and instantly made his move.



It took her a good while, but the heiress finally arrived near the battle zone and landed on a cliff that appeared to be a safe distance away. Thanks to her scouter and a set of binoculars, she located the heart of all the action, whilst inside the safety of her airbus.

'I wonder who that kid is.' Bulma wondered, as she set eyes on the lavender-haired mystery figure. 'Boy, is he cute or what?' She giggled. 'And he looks sorta familiar too.'

She hardly knew why, but she felt some sort of connection with the anonymous teen. It wasn't romantic in anyway, more like- fraternal or perhaps- filial. But that didn't make any sense at all! Just who was he?! She didn't know, but immediately took a liking to him and decided that he was one of the good guys! After all, a boy that gorgeous couldn't possibly be evil, could he?!

'So that's what a Super Saiyan looks like!' Bulma wondered in fascination, upon seeing Vegeta transform. 'Damn, he's even hotter than usual!' She looked on, raunchily. 'Definitely gotta try some of that Super Saiyan sex.'

The Prince had trained in outer space about half a year ago and came back a few months later, professing to be stronger than ever. Now, she truly understood that his claims weren't just empty braggadocio.

'Wow, Goku's here!' Bulma thought giddily, as she continued surveying the hotspot. 'Where on Earth did you come from, you big goof?!'

The heiress chuckled, watching her two favourite Saiyans duke it out in a heated contest of rock-paper-scissors and her mirth only grew, as Vegeta lost and began scowling more viciously than ever.

'Man, what a sore loser.' She laughed.

With an amalgam of disgust and astonishment, Bulma saw her best friend tear through Frieza, like paper. However, her face turned a sickly pallor, as the cybernetic fiend turned in her direction and fired a globe of Ki.

"Shit, he spotted me!" Beset with horror, she covered her face with her arms, as the blast was flung and began closing the distance, much quicker than she could ever hope to follow.

Just before it hit though, a flame-haired figure appeared in it's path and deflected it sideways. After nothing happened for several seconds, Bulma chanced a brief gander and seeing the strapping frame of her savior, she threw her head back, breathing a huge sigh of relief.

"Phew, that was close."

Vegeta gave her a hard, withering look of askance and she nervously chewed her bottom lip. He didn't seem pleased at all and she knew just why.


Goku didn't realize what his foe was aiming for until it was too late. Luckily, however, his rival had reacted, in the nick of time. Thank the good Kais for that! Frieza cursed, but was more determined than ever to seize this little victory, after such an ignominious defeat. His cruel smile grew wider, as he fired a multitude of Ki blasts in different directions, all of which swerved inwards and were intended to hit one spot in particular, Bulma's airbus, with her inside it.

'Oh no, there's too many! Vegeta can't stop all of those and that airbus is too big a target!' Goku panicked and instinctively sprung into action, moving in and helping his rival deflect the incoming attacks.

The mystery child blanched, upon sensing the Ki of the blue-haired woman within the airbus. Immediately he powered up and a flaming, golden aura burst around him. He drew his sword out, while a nearby Piccolo was thrown back, physically and mentally, by the abrupt transformation.

'A- A Super Saiyan?!' The gaping Namekian was well and truly lost for words.

Before Frieza knew it, his right hand was sliced clean off and he howled in severe pain and shock, the Ki blasts coming to a sudden halt. In front of him, stood another one of those- those golden-headed monsters! It was the boy! What in seven hells?!

"The kid can turn Super Saiyan, as well?!" A wide-eyed Tien exclaimed in awe, from where he stood. "What on Earth is going on here?! Now there're three of them!"

"I know, right?!" Yamcha was equally astounded. "He doesn't even look like a Saiyan, either! It's radical!"

"Just be glad he's on our side!" Krillin remarked.

"Let's hope so." Chiaotzu put in.

"He is, you guys!" Gohan asserted, not a spec of doubt within him. He already felt a sense of veneration towards the adolescent Super Saiyan, for reasons he couldn't quite place. "I just know it!"

The golden-haired teen pointed the tip of his gleaming broad sword at the feeble lizard's face.

"No more, Frieza!" He ground out, through clenched teeth. "This ends here!"

He pulled his weapon above his head and was about to cleave the tyrant in half, till a foot landed on his chest and hurled him away. To his utter surprise, it was none other than Vegeta.

"YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" The incandescent Prince roared over Frieza's figure, stomping down on his neck and crushing his windpipe beneath his boot, as the lizard choked and clawed, for dear life, thick globs of crimson oozing out of his mouth and trickling down his cheek. Vegeta was blazing with unabated rage at the fact that this bionic freak had the nerve to target Bulma, after what he'd done to her on Namek! "I'M GOING TO MAKE YOU SUFFER BEFORE I SEND YOU TO HELL!" He pressed down harder and harder, with each passing moment. Rendered helpless, the tyrant could do nothing but flail his limbs about, as he realized with utter despair that this was to be his excruciating end! He should've cut his losses after Namek, but instead he'd foolishly endeavored on a quest for vengeance, only to be crushed single-handedly by that third-class Saiyan Goku, lose his remaining biological hand to that damned boy and now endure a most cruel and agonizing end, under Vegeta's merciless foot!

Ever since he'd met the monkey Prince, as a helpless little cub, he had a sixth sense about him, but overlooked it time and time again, simply because he enjoyed watching him writhe and wriggle within his icy grip! If only he'd been smarter and killed that pretentious Saiyan, from the very outset! None of this would be happening! Now, it was all over! There would be no coming back, this time! Hell was to be his final abode! The cybernetic head was slowly and painfully severed from the rest of Frieza's body, thick blood pooling below it.

Remembering his vow to obliterate every last trace of the lizard, the flame-haired Super Saiyan picked up the amputated head, peering into his tormentor's horrified, pain-stricken, red eyes. He'd dreamt of this moment, ever since he was a boy, but now that his life's purpose had truly been realized, he found that he could reap scant pleasure from it. Unlike his triumph on Namek, there was little exultancy to be found here. Now, the lizard was scarcely more than a mechanical nuisance, a bothersome fly that he swatted just like any other, as opposed to the diabolical powerhouse that traumatized him throughout his existence. He snorted and flung the severed head into the air, before firing a Ki blast that disintegrated it, whole. The tyrant's body suffered the same fate.

The nameless Super Saiyan watched the gruesome display before him in disbelief, distaste and disconcertment. He knew little about Vegeta, except for the fact that he was proud, crass and callous, but had a smidgeon of benevolence, buried deep within him, which he never let show. It added up pretty well, except for the fact that he wasn't supposed to be this powerful- at least, not at this stage! And what had gotten him so riled up that he drew out Frieza's punishment in such gruesome fashion?! Was it because he'd targeted Bulma?! It couldn't be! Vegeta was supposed be cold and uncaring!

'Did mom lie to me or was her mind on the fritz?' He thought to himself. 'No, that can't be it!' His venerable mentor had affirmed the exact same thing! By all accounts, Vegeta shouldn't have the ability to ascend for at least another two years and yet here he was, radiating with all the might and glory of a true Super Saiyan! It left him in complete awe, his heart beat accelerating, as veneration soared, with each ticking second!

Meanwhile Goku helped his blue-haired friend disembark and brought her over to the rest of the Z crew, vigilantly maintaining guard over them, lest they become the targets of another sordid stunt. Frieza hadn't put up much of a fight and now Vegeta had already finished him off, much too brutally for his taste, but oh well. The other large creature appeared to be stronger, but not enough to pose a serious challenge. Thus, Earth's hero decided that it was best to sit this one out and so, took time to hastily greet his eager friends, all of whom were exhilarated by his serendipitous arrival. Gohan asked how he'd suddenly been able to appear, as though out of nowhere.

"Well, I'll explain everything once we're all together, okay son?" He replied, mussing the demi-Saiyan's neatly combed hair. "It's better that I don't repeat myself, know what I'm saying?"

"Sure thing, dad!" The boy smiled, more joyous than ever. His father always had this benign aura about him that uplifted the spirits of everyone present, leaving them ecstatic with glee! He never wanted him to leave, ever again!

Vegeta tilted his gaze towards a fuming King Cold, whose eyes shone with a vicious, vindictive gleam. Scoffing, the Prince turned his attention to the boy, who for some reason, appeared to have the hair, eyes and power of a Super Saiyan. Clearly, he wasn't bluffing when he'd challenged the lizard. He hadn't paid it any heed before, but now that he'd wiped away every last shred of Frieza, his ire was placated and he sought to get a better grasp of this newcomer's strength.

"Hey, boy!" He growled, whereby the adolescent jumped and instinctively stood to attention.

"Um- y-yeah?"

"I command you to destroy Frieza's father, now, you understand me?!" He pointed his index finger towards King Cold.

"Uh- wh-what?" The flabbergasted teen stammered. Vegeta appeared to be possess a much more imposing air to him than even his mother had described. Once again, he felt like a child in his presence. Even if the Prince ordered him to dance on the pommel of his sword, he wouldn't dare disobey, that's how frightening he was.

"You fool!" Cold arrogantly snarled at the flame-haired Saiyan. "Surely, you don't believe a mere boy can defeat me?! I'll crush every single one of you, for what you've done! Don't forget that I'm stronger than my-"

"Shut up!" A vexed Vegeta cut him off, before scowling edgily at the teenager. "Well?! What're you waiting for?! A written invitation?! Go on! My patience is wearing thin!"

"O-O-Oh r-r-right." The teen stuttered uneasily, before adopting a grimmer expression and parting his legs, as he put his sword into position.

"Without any weapons." The Prince added, suddenly appearing next to the stranger and snatching away his sword, leaving him dumbstruck. How did he move with such startling speed? "Kill him and you get it back."

"O-Okay." The child hastily agreed and focused his undivided attention to the battle at hand. "I'm ready, whenever you are." He narrowed his eyes at his lofty foe, not bothering to take up a fighting posture, knowing that it was unnecessary and would only arouse suspicion. After all, his mentor was among those present on the battlefield. He just didn't know it yet.

King Cold roared and lunged forward. Vegeta smirked and leapt out of the way, sword in hand, watching with amusement and intrigue, as the teen easily blocked each and every, incoming blow. Whoever this unnamed youth was, he clearly had a lot of skill up his sleeve.

"That all you've got?!" He uppercutted his taller adversary, landing him on his back, a few feet forward, with a hard thud. The young Super Saiyan aimed an open palm towards the monarch, ready to finish him off.

"W-Wait!" He pleaded, getting on all fours and looking imploringly at his foe. "Please, spare me! My son was evil, but not I! Have mercy! I beg of you!"

"Look at you, a snivelling coward, just like your son!" Vegeta jeered loudly from afar. "I can't believe we Saiyans bowed down before your kind, for so many years! It's sickening!"

"You don't deserve mercy!" The boy growled, flaring up a lethal sphere of Ki. "You need to be put down, for good!"

Vegeta smirked. He was starting to like this intruder, certainly more so than that flower child, Kakarot.

"Wait, stop!" Out of nowhere, said flower child materialized next to the teenager and grabbed his wrist, before he could fire. "You don't have to kill him! He asked for mercy!"

Earth's hero was suddenly grabbed by the back of his Gi and tossed away, by his incensed rival, skidding several yards across the dirt.

"Finish him!" Vegeta ordered the lad, who nodded gravely to the Prince and kicked his foe up into the air, before firing an expansive blast of flaxen Ki that completely enveloped the screaming King Cold, vaporizing every last chunk of his body. The heads of the PTO snake were officially cut, clean off!

"Amazing!" Piccolo exclaimed in wonder, not knowing what else to say. Despite the momentary win, however, he remained suspicious of the kid. Where had he come from and what was he doing on Earth?! Someone that powerful couldn't have been here for very long, else he or Kami would've have noticed!

The young man went back to his normal form, hair a straight, neat lavender once again. At the very last millisecond, he caught the sword that was tossed back towards him, hilt first, by the flame-haired Saiyan, who was unable to help but smirk in admiration.

Goku made his way back to the scene, irritated with his rival.

"Why'd you have to go and do that for, Vegeta?!" He frowned reproachingly.

"No one asked you to butt in!" The older Saiyan shot back in a dour tone, reverting to his base form. Goku did likewise. "Honestly, you should be ashamed of yourself, Kakarot! That child is a truer Saiyan than you'll ever be! He's not a soft-hearted, sentimental fool and knows better than to disobey a direct order from his Prince!"

"Come on Vegeta!" Goku whined. "You're better than that, I know you are! You were a bad guy too and yet here you are fighting on our side! Don't you think he deserved the same chance?!"

"No." The lavender-haired boy answered, before the Prince got a word in, acquiring the attention of his two legendary counterparts. "Vegeta's right, trust me." He said doggedly. "Look Goku, I know you're a good person, but you said it yourself: Frieza was irredeemable. His father was no different. There're some people that are past saving." Though a child that couldn't be beyond his teen years, the newcomer spoke with the wisdom of a sage. "Believe me, I don't like it anymore than you do, but it's one of the bitter truths of life. If I'd let that monster go now, millions, if not billions of innocent men, women and children would've been slaughtered by him and his cruel army! I've seen more than enough carnage for a dozen lifetimes and it's my duty to do whatever I can, to put a stop to it!"

Earth's hero took a while, but eventually understood his point of view and relented.

"Yeah well, I guess I can't argue with that, but- wait a minute, how do you know my name?" He asked, scratching his head confusedly. "We've never met before."

"I know, but I've heard a lot about you." The adolescent smiled reverently. He looked around for a moment, before moving closer and speaking in a hushed tone. "Um- can we talk somewhere private?"

"And why would you wanna do that?!" Piccolo demanded, making himself known, as he joined the others. "What're you hiding?! Tell us now!"

"Um- I'm sorry but, I can't." He mumbled, face downcast.

"Oh and why not?!" Vegeta asked brusquely, only to receive a garbled reply. "If you refuse to answer that, then at least explain the color of your hair and eyes! It's a well-known fact that every Saiyan has a distinct, dark coloring! It's what sets us apart from other races!"

By now, the rest of the crew made it to the scene, with Yamcha carrying Bulma over.

"Well-uh- to be honest- I'm only um- part Saiyan." He replied, blushing and scratching the back of his head.

"You are?!" Gohan asked excitedly. "Well, so am I! Wow, does that mean I can be a Super Saiyan one day, like you guys?!"

"Well, of course you-"

"Enough of these half-ass replies!" The Prince growled, looking pointedly at the mystery child. "Nappa, Raditz, Kakarot and myself were the only ones to survive the destruction of our planet, so unless you're related to one of us, there's no way you can have Saiyan blood, flowing through your veins! If you truly are Saiyan, then tell me who your parents are, boy!"

'He did not just ask me that!' The timid teenager thought, an expression of panic suddenly crossing his handsome features.

"Vegeta, stop being rude!" Bulma rebuked, standing in between him and the lad, arms akimbo. "If he says he's a Saiyan, then I believe him!"

"Who asked you, woman?!" Vegeta snarled, gripping her by the shoulders, barely resisting the urge to shake the life out of her. The anonymous Saiyan frowned at the sight, not pleased in the slightest. "You shouldn't even be here! I ordered you to stay back and like the idiot you are, you came along and nearly got yourself killed! Was dying once not bad enough for you?!"

'What?! Dying?!' The lavender-haired child looked as though a star had just fallen on his head. 'What on Earth is he talking about?!'

"Hey, I do what I want, you boor, so just drop it already!" Bulma fired back, slapping his hands away, as though it were any other matter.

"You're going to regret this, stupid woman!" The Prince vowed, ebony eyes flashing with a promising look.

"Hey, easy there, guys." Ever the mediator, Goku separated the fiery couple, before looking gravely at his blue-haired friend. "Still, Vegeta's got a point. You shouldn't have been here Bulma. You know how dangerous it can be."

"Yeah, but I thought that if I-"

"It doesn't matter what you thought!" Vegeta snapped, shoving aside his rival and baring his teeth at the heiress. "I issued a direct order and you disobeyed it!"

"Shut up!" Bulma fired back. "You're not my keeper! I'm a grown woman!"

"You're a spoiled, little brat!"

"No, you're a spoiled, little-"

"Will the both of you shut up?!" Piccolo snarled, feeling a headache, starting to trigger. "There're more important things to discuss here than your stupid, senseless love quarrel! So either you settle down or go find a room!"

The feisty pair were left speechless at the effrontery of the Namekian, while the mystery youth found himself floored, yet again. Love quarrel? Find a room? Whatever did he mean? Surely, he must have been jesting. Yes, that had to be it.

"Hey, Goku, I really need to talk to you- in private." The teen quietly spoke up, garnering the attention of all those around him, before Vegeta could dish out a verbal lashing on Piccolo- or worse.

"But why?" Goku replied, still confused. "I don't understand."

"There's a lot I have to tell you, but it has to stay between us." He insisted. "Please, can you trust me?"

Goku surveyed the stranger for a few moments, before smiling.

"Yes, I can trust you." He nodded, unable to sense even a scintilla of deception or ill-intent from the lavender-haired boy.

"Thank you."

"Wait, just a goddamn minute!" Vegeta objected. "I demand answers!"

"Hey, you've no right to demand anything!" The heiress exclaimed, before grinning at the child. "Don't mind him. He can be a bit of pompous jerk at times, but he means well, believe me."

Vegeta nearly gagged at her ludicrous assertion.

"I see." The mystery teen smiled jovially. 'Man, this is way different than I imagined.'

"So anyway, you never told us your name, cutie-pie." Bulma winked, much to Vegeta's chagrin. She was getting a little too chummy with this stranger, for his taste. The adolescent blushed profusely.

"I- well- my name's- kind of a- secret." He mumbled bashfully. "Sorry."

"As your Prince, I command you to identify yourself, brat!" Vegeta pointed a finger at the teen.

"Prince of what?" Bulma chuckled drolly. "Three Saiyans?"

"You're trying my patience, woman!" The flame-haired Saiyan gnashed his teeth.

"You have no patience!" She retorted.

"You're the one who can't even-"

Deciding that enough was enough, Goku appeared beside his rival, placing a hand on his shoulder and teleporting him to Kami's lookout. He quickly returned back to the others, before Vegeta even knew what had happened. His newest technique truly did come in handy, just as he'd thought it would.

"Phew, glad that's out the way."

"How did you-" Piccolo began but was cut off.

"I'll explain later." He waved him off and turned towards the nameless youth. "So, anyway, what did you wanna talk to me about?"

"Uh- well-" The boy could hardly get a word out, stunned beyond imagination at Goku's surreal ability to phase out of one place and into another. Knowing there were more important matters to discuss, however, he brushed it aside and gestured to be taken somewhere more private.

"So what's so important that you can't discuss it with anyone besides myself?" Goku asked, once they were out of earshot.

"We'll get to that in a minute, but first," The teen transformed into a Super Saiyan. "I want to see if you're really as good as they say you are."

Goku raised his eyebrows, before his lips quirked up and he too ascended to his legendary form.

"Alright then."

The boy unsheathed his broadsword and attacked, without warning.


"What the fuck is this place, Namek?!" The Saiyan Prince demanded of the wizened old prune that stood before him, sweating and quailing.

"C-Calm down Vegeta, I-"

"How do you know my name?!" He demanded, taking a threatening step forward. "Answer me, old fool!"


"Please, be courteous young man." Mr. Popo urged, ambling towards his master. "You are in the presence of Kami, guardian of Earth and creator of the Dragon Balls."

"Dragon Balls?!" Asked a stupefied Vegeta. "You?!"

"That is correct." Kami replied, gathering himself together.

'So he's the one.'

"Now, would you care to explain what you're doing here, Vegeta?"

"How do-"

"Kami knows all." The dark genie answered, knowing what the Prince was about to ask. "He carefully observes all the happenings on this planet, from high above."

"High above?!" Vegeta asked. "What do you mean?! Where am I?!"

"This is my lookout." The wise guardian answered. "Until of course, my time inevitably comes and it passes to another. Now, you still didn't answer my question. How did you get here?"

"That- Kakarot- he did something- the fool!" He replied, gritting his teeth, as a surge of blazing fury, boiled through him. "I'm going to murder that stupid moron!" The Prince abruptly took off, sensing his rival's power from a distance. He soon realized that the idiot had transformed into a Super Saiyan and was engaging the boy. The nerve of that goddamned, low-class opportunist!

"Oh my!" The genie exclaimed apprehensively.

"He's going to be a handful that one." Kami asserted, sighing thereafter. "I'm getting too old for this, Mr. Popo."


"Wow Goku, that was amazing!" The boy smiled as he powered down and flung his sword into the air, letting it fall neatly into his scabbard, with perfect precision. "You're even better than I thought!"

It appeared Gohan wasn't exaggerating about the legendary prowess of his illustrious father.

"Thanks, but I could tell you were holding back."

"Goku, I feel that I can trust you, so I want you to promise me that what I say will remain between us, no matter what."

"Uh- okay, I promise."

"My name is Trunks." At last, the anonymous youth made his introduction. "I'm a Super Saiyan from the future."

"The- the f-future?!" Goku exclaimed incredulously. How was that even possible?!

"That's right." Trunks nodded. "Around two years from now, I'll be born." He paused a moment, as Goku stared at him with gaping, black tourmaline eyes. "My father-"

"-is Vegeta." The goofy-haired Saiyan finished, knowing the answer just by looking at the young man's face. "And I'm guessing Bulma's your mother."

"What?! How did you-"

"Well, who else would it be?" Goku grinned, suddenly beset with glee. "Damn, Bulma and Vegeta are gonna have a baby! This is so exciting!"

"Goku please, you can't say a word, you promised!" The adolescent reminded him. "It could threaten my existence! I know it seems unlikely, but they will find each other, believe me!"

"Huh? What do you mean unlikely?" Goku scratched his head. "Bulma loves Vegeta. She said it herself, right before she died."

"Died?!" He suddenly recalled his father's words. "I don't get it. Mom never-"

"Yes, she did." Earth's hero interjected. "Frieza killed Bulma on Namek and that was when Vegeta transformed into a Super Saiyan. Didn't you know that?!"

Trunks took a step back, not knowing what to make of anything.

'This is crazy! This isn't how it's supposed to be?! Did mom and Gohan feed me a bunch of lies, my whole life?!'

"Um- are you okay?!"

"I need to know exactly what happened on Namek, now!" Trunks dourly demanded, suddenly finding himself frustrated and peeved, beyond words.

"Uh- well- alright then." Goku shrugged and imparted all the details, since he'd arrived on the fecund planet, battled with the Ginyu Force and Frieza and witnessed Vegeta's ascension into the realm of legend, followed by his own after Gohan's demise.

"So you're saying Vegeta kidnapped my mom and took her to Namek?" Trunks asked. "That where they, uh-"

"I don't really know the details, but yeah, I guess they must've fallen in love or something- eventually, hehe."

"It's not like that in my timeline." He shook his head and explained to a confused Goku how he'd actually been the one to defeat Frieza and transform into a Super Saiyan and that Vegeta and Bulma coupled, long after the events on Namek. "Mom said he was cold and cruel, but that a tiny part of him did care about her and me."

"Well, he can be a little cold and cruel at times, but ever since Namek, I don't think he hurt anyone who didn't deserve it." Goku assured. "And Vegeta loves your mother. Knowing him, he'd probably never admit it, but actions speak louder than words. Vegeta's bad days are behind him."

"It's so bizarre." The lavender-haired warrior said. "The man you're describing sounds like a completely different person than the one, my mom told me about." He shook his head and shoved those thoughts away, deciding to finally delve into the heart of the matter. "Well, in any case, that's not exactly what I came here to talk to you about."


"Yes, you see three years from now…" Trunks explained how a horrendous pair of killing machines would rise up, with powers that exceeded his own and how all the Z-fighters had been murdered brutally, trying to defeat them. He told Earth's hero how his son Gohan was the sole survivor and had taken it upon himself to teach him everything he knew, but eventually, he too perished at the hands of those mechanical monsters.

"That's horrible!" Goku looked aghast. "What about me? I'm guessing I died, fighting them too, right?"

"No." The young man answered, stating that a radical new heart-virus had taken Goku's life, six months before the Android attack and that the real reason he'd travelled to the past was to deliver this warning, as well as a gift. "From my mother." He handed him a vial, explaining that within it was the cure to the sinister virus, which had been developed years after Goku had contracted it.

"Gee, thanks a bunch Bulma, even in another dimension I can still count on you!" Goku grabbed the vial, gushing with joy, relief and frenzy, before looking solemnly at the lad and placing a hand on his shoulder. "And thank you Trunks. You do your mother proud and your father too. You do us all proud." He said solemnly, whereby the boy's lips quirked up. "I'll make sure that every single one of us trains harder than ever."

"That's all I can ask of you Goku." Trunks replied, his smile broadening. "Once my time machine has enough fuel, I'll return to fight alongside the rest of you."

"I'm glad." Goku tightened his grip on the teen's shoulder. "No matter what happens, we'll stand with you Trunks. I promise you."

"Thank you, Goku."

"No, thank you, my friend." The Saiyan said. "For everything."

Power levels (descending order):

Goku: 5.5 million
Super Saiyan: 275 million

I'm assuming that Planet Yardrat has 10x Earth's gravity and Goku got a good lot of training there.

Vegeta: 5 million
Super Saiyan: 250 million

Even though Vegeta's body had atrophied, during his frosty deterioration on Kizdar, his power level quickly surged on Earth, as a result of Bulma's gravity equipment, especially after his bout with Piccolo, in Chapter 42. Catching up to Goku, however, will be extra difficult now. Can he do it?! Guess we'll know soon, won't we?!

Trunks: 4.8 million
Super Saiyan: 240 million

Very close to Vegeta's power, but not quite there. Having lived in an apocalyptic future, it would've been difficult to find time to train and avoid the Androids, at the same time, though his abilities as a hybrid Saiyan and his resolve to crush the mechanical villains, helped make up for such obstacles.

King Cold: 180 million

Frieza: 160 million

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