The Light to my Darkness

BY : SaiyanPrince541
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Chapter 13: The unexpected

Vegeta's eyes fluttered a little as he began to wake from his stupor, before snapping open all of a sudden. He felt a petite body underneath him and as he brought his face up and saw her, the events from the previous night came crashing down like an avalanche! What the fuck just happened?! He was resolved to finish her, but not like this! He'd fucked her, when he was supposed to kill her! But, this wasn't like any other fuck.

The Prince had always devoted minimal attention to sex. The impulse rarely ever presented itself. The only times he'd engaged in the act was when his testosterone reservoir began to overflow. Whenever he did copulate, his style was rough and animalistic. Sure, he never took them against their will, but that was besides the point. Nappa was a lot different. Other than eating and any extraneous killings, his favourite pastime was fucking and the woman's choice in the matter was completely inconsequential to the Saiyan commander-in-chief (A/N: I base this on the fact that Nappa was elated at the prospect of using the human race to create a flock of half-breed Saiyans).

Raditz was a whole other story. To the low-level warrior, it was all a game. He'd win a woman over with his exquisite looks and charms, before fucking their brains out. While Raditz's abilities in combat were substandard at best, when it came to women, he was a virtuoso. Though handsome and vigorous like his third-class underling, however, Vegeta was never as good as him when it came to the female species, in some part perhaps due to his height or lack thereof, but primarily because because his pride forbade him from ever trying to woo or charm his intended prey. The Prince never beat around the bush. He was always straightforward. In the rare event that a woman said no, he'd kill them right off the bat. If they said yes, however, he'd fuck them and then kill them, simple as that. It wasn't that he saw rape as something morally reprehensible, since he had no real moral code to begin with. The fact of the matter was that if he did take a woman by force, it would mean he couldn't do it any other way and that truly wounded his pride. Thus, he refused to partake in such a shameless act.

He had a slightly similar outlook when it came to murder. Unlike his two subordinates and most other soldiers in the PTO, he never really got a kick out of destroying cities, blowing up worlds or slaughtering hordes of innocent people. Yes, he did derive pleasure from that to some level, but what truly appeased his thirst for blood was bringing the most powerful, relentless and tenacious warriors on a planet to their knees and breaking them down inch by inch, until they did not only ask, but begged, for death. Then, the moment he knew he'd crushed their spirits and that they'd wholly surrendered their lives over to him, he grinned wickedly as he wiped away all traces of their existence. His methods were so brutal that they rivalled even Frieza's. After all, he'd been the primary subject of the lizard's torture, time and time again. That, more than anything else, was why his diabolical name was infamous across the planes of existence.

But with Bulma, he'd been someone different entirely. She'd caught him in a fragile state and peered into the inner depths of his soul! She saw something he kept locked away from everyone, even himself! Moreover, he'd actually been relatively gentle with her and felt a connection establish, one that transcended any physical intimacy he'd had with women in the past. To make matters worse, he'd stayed with her, as though he were some sickly pup that needed shelter, in the arms of a weak, feeble Earthling woman, no less! He felt disgusted with himself and growled in fury. She needed to die, before this went any further!

"Mmmm." Bulma mumbled groggily, as she felt her lover's taut-muscled body on top of her. She opened her eyes and smiled warmly at him. "Vegeta."

The Prince felt his chest tighten at the sound of his name, escaping her petal lips. That same name struck terror into the hearts of men and women alike and yet it sounded so peaceful and serene coming from her, facets completely antithetical to him. Dammit! He was losing his focus! He needed to concentrate! Vegeta glowered down at her, causing her smile to falter.

"What's wrong V-"

Bulma hadn't the chance to finish her sentence, as the Saiyan pulled off her and sat on one side of the bed, clutching his head in his hands, as he his tail wound tightly around his waist. Dammit, he just wanted to end her life and be done with her, but something was stopping him! He'd done this many times before! Why now had he lost his killer edge?! What the fuck had she done to him?! It was vexing him to no end!

He felt her hand touch his bare back and instantly recoiled, as though it were made of poison.

"Do not touch me!" He growled.

All warmth instantly fell from Bulma's face. She didn't understand. Where did all the passion and affection he'd given her the previous night go? Why was he acting so callously all of a sudden? This was not what she'd expected.

"Vegeta, what's the prob-"

"Quite!" He snarled back at her. "You will not speak, unless I command it! You are nothing but my slave! Never forget your place wench!"

The heiress instantly had hurt writ all over her face. Is that all she meant to him? Just a slave he'd used and discarded like some piece of trash. Tears threatened to escape, but with pride alone she kept them at bay, instead glaring fiercely at her captor.

"I'm no one's slave, dickhead!" She snarled right back, as she hopped off the bed. Vegeta's tail unwound from his waist and lashed behind him, as he bared his teeth at her in fury. "I thought that maybe, just maybe there was something good between the two of us, but I guess I was wrong!"

"There is nothing between us, you lowly female, because there is no us!"

"Fuck you!" She yelled. "I don't know why I ever cared about you! Whatever Frieza did to you, you probably deserved!"

Bulma instantly regretted her words as she saw a flash of hurt flicker through his obsidian orbs, only to disappear almost instantaneously. The Saiyan's tail bristled to four times its normal width as it lashed furiously behind him. He ground his teeth together and clenched his fists so tight, droplets of blood began falling from them.

"Vegeta, I'm s-"

Bulma hadn't the chance to finish as she found herself pinned to the wall, an angry Saiyan pressing her shoulders against the concrete so hard, she practically felt the back of her humerus and scapular bones grind, eliciting a loud cry of pain from her, as she shut her eyes.

"How dare you say that to me, you fucking bitch?!" He roared. "That bastard destroyed my planet and my entire race and made me his slave, since I was five years old!"

As he realized what he'd just unwittingly told her, Vegeta's eyes widened, his jaw slightly ajar and his hold on the blue-haired woman loosening. Bulma's eyes suddenly snapped open as the full weight of his words registered. She felt remorse claw its way inside her conscience. A boy. That's all he was, a boy Prince who'd lost not only his planet, kingdom and race, but also his most precious asset, his freedom. What could possibly be worse? An ocean of tears threatened to burst forth, but once again, she held herself together. She understood now why he was so distant and withdrawn. But last night, his need to connect with another was clearly at odds with his trademark aloofness.

"I want you, Bulma."

While he may have used the word 'want', his actions proved that it was more of a need.

"Vegeta, I-"

"Shut your fucking mouth!" He interjected. "I should kill you for what you just said!"

"I didn't mean it." She argued in vain. In all honesty she didn't. She was just furious at him for continuously insulting and disparaging her and dismissing the passion they'd shared together the previous night, as though it meant nothing. It was all so spontaneous. She really hadn't meant to hurt him.

"Quiet!" Bellowed the Prince, instilling a deep feeling of dread within her, as her heart hammered against her chest. Vegeta smirked wickedly upon detecting a blissful scent lingered through the air. He nuzzled his face into the crook of her neck and inhaled deeply, feeling his primacy return as the aromatic fragrance of her fear flooded through him. Bulma pressed her teeth against her lower lip and shut her eyes tight. While such a gesture would normally arouse her, now it only made her fear multiply.

Vegeta pulled back, his smirk transforming into a grin, as he felt his control and coherence return with her fearful aroma engulfing him. Yes, now he could kill her without hesitation, without regret! No more bullshitting! She'd brought it on herself, anyway! He stepped back and pressed his right palm against her abdomen, prepared to put a gaping hole through her at any moment.

Bulma opened her eyes and looked at him imploringly.

"Vegeta, I'm sorry." She insisted. "I really am."

"Oh, you will be." He responded, his grin widening. "When you're dead!"

"Please don't kill me, Vegeta." She wrapped her tiny hands around his right wrist, her eyes glistening with unshed tears. "If I'm gonna die, I don't want it to be by your hand."

Vegeta froze, the edge that had returned to him, beginning to burn away yet again at her plea, as those beautiful, blue pools of glimmering sapphire bore into his dark eyes. Why on Earth was she telling him that?!

"What the fuck are you talking about?!" He growled.

Bulma paused a moment, and pressed her palms against the back of his right hand. She didn't know how to explain it.

"I just-" She paused a second before continuing. "I just don't want to be killed by you, anyone but you."

As the full weight of her plea sunk in, any desire to extinguish the life from her innocent, azure eyes vanished and was replaced by that same strong feeling of protectiveness, now surging through him. What the fuck was she doing to him?! No one had ever had such a hold on him! He snarled furiously and brought his right fist back, before launching it straight ahead. A terribly loud and sharp noise was heard, as the very foundation of the capsule house shook.

Bulma clamped her eyes shut, but after a while opened them one after the other and saw Vegeta's right arm next to her, smashed straight through the concrete wall. She was still breathing. He hadn't harmed her. Thank God! She wanted to make amends, to show him that she truly did care about him, but didn't know how. He probably wouldn't accept her anyway. He made it clear that she meant nothing to him. But if that were so, why couldn't he bring himself to end her life? It was obvious that he was lying, not only to her but to himself.

Before she could utter a word Vegeta pulled his fist back and brought his face an inch from hers.

"I will only say this once!" He began in a dangerously low voice. "If you so much as mention Frieza ever again, there will be nothing left of you, am I clear?!"

Bulma nodded weakly and the naked Prince drew away from her and went to grab his garments nearby, all the while smoldering. If only he could kill her! She was becoming the bane of his existence! As he picked up his spandex pants and underwear, Bulma regained some degree of composure.

"What're you doing?" She asked.

He partly turned his head towards her, giving her a nasty grimace, before getting back to his business. As he was about to put on his underwear, the heiress interrupted him yet again.

"Hey, you're not clean!" She chided, heading his way.

Vegeta looked at her confusedly for a moment, with a raised eyebrow, before his perpetual scowl once again embedded his countenance.

"I could care less!" He barked. "Now get lost!" Once again he was interrupted, as he tried donning his undergarment.

"No!" Bulma exclaimed vehemently. "You're covered in semen for God's sake!" She sighed before making a grab for his underwear, only he was keeping it out of range. "At least let me put your clothes in the washing machine, while you get cleaned up! Is that so hard?!"

"Back away!" Vegeta shoved her onto the bed and exhaled peevishly before continuing.

"For fuck's sake, you're not clean, you moron!" Bulma instantly got up and before the Saiyan knew what happened, she snatched his underwear from him and carelessly tossed it aside. The Prince let out an enraged snarl, but she stood her ground, not deterred in the least as she shrieked at him. "Why can't you ever listen to me, goddammit?! Why do you have to be so stubborn all the time?! Can't you just get it through your thick head?! You're not wearing that!" She enunciated that last sentence.

Vegeta threw her onto the bed, instantly climbing on top of her. He was truly vexed! What gall she had to not only bring up that bastard Frieza, but to hurl insults his way, throw away his clothes and on top of that, bark orders at him! She'd gone too far this time!

"What're you doing dammit?!" Bulma yelled, hammering her tiny fist against his sculpted chest. As he peered into those perfect pools of cerulean, all rage and exasperation towards her perished away into the abyss, replaced by the same primal need that had possessed him the previous night. Never mind her svelte, nude body beneath his, the furious inferno that lit her deep blue eyes alone, was enough to set his loins aflame. She continued yelling and hammering his chest between words, but to no avail. "Get- off- me- you big- stupid- idiotic- slab- of meat! Let- me- go! I-"

Bulma hadn't a chance to utter another word as Vegeta crashed his lips to hers, causing her eyes to widen a moment, before fluttering to a close, as he took her lower lip into his mouth and began licking it. She immediately wrapped her arms around his neck, losing just about all coherent thought as his hot tongue slithered inside her velvety mouth and attacked every nook and cranny it found, with an unparalleled vengeance. Bulma was completely intoxicated by his raw, masculine taste, as she wound her legs around his waist and began sucking on his delicious tongue, causing him to growl low in his throat in a manner that made electricity shoot through her.

Vegeta pulled back, peering into her lust-filled azure eyes. The blue-haired beauty bubbled with excitement as she saw the predatory gleam sparkle within his orbs of endless ebony. Oh yes, she was more than willing to play along and be his prey. Bulma brought her right hand to his face and began running the tips of her fingers along his balmy lips, loving their soft feel. Vegeta grabbed her wrist and surprised her as he took her index finger into his mouth and began sucking and licking on it. Her jaw went ajar, as that simple gesture alone made lust wash over her entire being. God, how was he so good at this? She began rolling her finger around in his mouth, exploring every crevice within, while tweaking her left nipple with her free hand. A moment or so later, Vegeta began swirling his tongue around Bulma's finger, eliciting a giggle from the blue-haired female.

"You animal." She said in a jovial tone, smacking his arm playfully with her free hand. He instantly took her finger out of his mouth and brought his face down, pressing his forehead to hers, as he knit his eyebrows.

"What did you call me?!" He demanded huskily.

Bulma shuddered in response to Vegeta's gruff, sexy timbre and instead of responding verbally, she planted several slow and sensuous kisses on his lips, while running her hands along the sides of his burly figure, giggling against his mouth as she felt his muscles turn into gooseflesh. It made her feel so authoritative!

"You think this is funny?!"

"No." She answered as their lips brushed together. She kissed him once more before tightening her legs, still draped around his waist. "I think this is incredibly hot!"

A/N: Caution! Lemon/smut/sexual literature incoming! All people underage or overly sensitive, feel free to skip the section between the XOs, but as before, please do not report, since appropriate warning was provided!


Fire engulfed Vegeta's whole body, as he heard those words. He let out a growl and nestled his face into the crook of her neck, kissing her in a torturously slow manner, before making his way down, leaving a trail of lengthy kisses at every stop, as she whimpered beneath him. He slid his tongue along her collar bone, whereby she bit her lip to repress a shiver of delight. He then licked his way his way down her rounded right breast, before reaching the apex and taking it into his wet mouth. He traced the tip of his tongue around her areola, before licking her puckered nipple. Her head instantly fell back as she arched against him, unable to help it this time as she let out an ecstatic cry.

The Prince deftly caressed her other pert nipple with the palm and fingers of his right hand. She continued groaning with want as her desire burgeoned. Vegeta pulled his mouth away and began squeezing both mounds with his deft hands, whilst leaving a series of hot kisses from the top of her sternum all the way down to her naval, before gliding his tongue back the way he came, setting off an even louder sensual cry from the lithe, little female trapped beneath his sturdy figure, as she grabbed fistfuls of his hair.

Bulma never imagined that foreplay could ever be more pleasurable than sex itself, but with Vegeta, it most certainly was. She could already feel the wetness pooling between her thighs. How could anyone possibly be this good? Yamcha didn't even compare. Oh no, Yamcha! How could she dishonor her dead ex like this, yet again?

The Prince hoisted her legs up on his shoulders and looked fixedly at her. Her thoughts came to a sudden halt as she felt his wet stiffness tease her centre, silently demanding entrance, making her insides liquify. God, she wanted this so badly! She couldn't think straight anymore!

"Do it." She nodded, her azure eyes completely clouded with a haze of lust. "I'm all yours."

The Prince pressed his teeth together as he let out a desirous exhale, the primordial beast within getting a firm hold. He inserted his hardened shaft into her inviting walls and as they closed around it, he began to slide against her at a graceful pace, while running his hands along the creamy skin of her long, slender legs.

Bulma's eyes fluttered as she moaned under him. She bit the little finger of her right hand, while tweaking her perky left nipple with her other hand at a slow pace that matched his thrusts. The moment Vegeta noticed her pleasuring herself, he growled and swatted her hand away, cupping both breasts into his spacious palms and slowly, but surely, increasing the force of his thrusts. Bulma dug her nails into his steel-like biceps and triceps, as her euphoric cries echoed through the air.

Vegeta moved his hands down to her hips, holding her tightly in place as he rammed inside her.

"Fill me Vegeta!" Bulma slurred out loud, causing a new wave of heat to surge through every fibre of the Saiyan's body, as he began to speed up his rhythm. Bulma took her her mounds into her hands, squeezing them yearningly, matching the swift pace of his exhilarating thrusts. Vegeta ran his hands up her porcelain legs till he reached her shins that were positioned on either side of his neck. He gripped them firmly, as he continued drilling into her. It wasn't long at all, before Bulma's cries transformed into crescendos, as all rational thought took a leap out the window and she finally climaxed his name in a loud cry of jubilance, right before he roared thunderously, as he came into her.

Bulma brought her trembling legs down, grinding them against the sides of his torso. He stroked her thighs up and down pleasurably, his member still wedged inside her, as they both panted. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling herself flush against him, as she smashed her lips to his, savoring his raw, perfect taste. She brought her right hand to the back of his head, grabbing fistfuls of his soft hair and playing with it. She loved his feathery mane, his soft lips, his deft tongue and his sculpted body. She loved his fiery, assertive personality, his pride and his resolve. She loved him. If only things could be different. If only he could rid himself of his evil desires and love her back. But that was fanciful thinking, to say the least.


It took Vegeta a moment or two to finally gather his bearings. Dammit, once again he'd fucked her, when he was supposed to kill her! This was the second time he'd lost his grip on reality and it was all because of her! Bulma felt his body tense up, every bit of passion lost as he shoved her forward callously and hopped off the bed.

Vegeta gave her a withering look as he saw the bitterness and rejection on her face. Her sentiments were no concern of his! She should be thankful he was even letting her live! She meant nothing to him! But then why couldn't he rid himself of her?! He mentally cursed himself for being so weak! No, her only purpose was to help him find the dragon balls and satisfy his carnal desires, nothing else! He took a deep breath, with that piece of reassurance in mind, as Bulma had her face downcast, clearly hurt by his stony display.

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