The Light to my Darkness

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Chapter 7: The devil you know

The next day, the crew had filled in Dr. Brief about what had taken place and told him that they needed his help, if they were to get Bulma back. The good doctor was stunned and distraught, after hearing what had happened to Bulma, but still proud of his daughter. He couldn't deny being infuriated at the Z fighters for failing to protect her, but decided that he needed to do whatever he could to assist in her rescue. He sent two salvage crews, one to Yanzabit heights and the other to Mount Paozu, where Yajirobe had found Goku's space pod some time yesterday. He had them both brought over to Capsule Corporation. While Goku's pod was completely out of working order, Kami's ship was largely functional and with Mr. Popo's assistance, Dr. Brief was able to translate key functions from Namekian, reprogram the ship to obey commands voiced in the English language and make several additional adjustments, with the help of several first class aerospace engineers. He also added a few well-stocked refrigerators inside, hooking them up to a long-lasting electrical energy supply unit. All in all, it took about five days.

He decided to keep his wife in the dark about what he had heard, saying that Bulma had simply gone on a dragon ball hunting adventure, which was technically true. He was forced to hide the shock on his face when she told him that she met a sweet young man the previous day, whose descriptions happened to match Vegeta's. He opted to keep his ebullient wife in the dark for the time being. Once Bulma was safe and secure, only then would he fill her in.

Unfortunately, since Vegeta's face was all over the televisions and newspapers, Mrs. Brief had eventually been able to deduce who her houseguest was. Her response, however, was starkly different from what Dr. Brief had ever anticipated. Although largely disappointed and distraught, she was convinced that Vegeta a nice person and that Bulma may be able to shed light into his heart. Dr. Brief shook his head in disbelief as he recalled his bubbly wife's reaction. He had always known her to be an idealist, but not a pipe dreamer.

It took less than a week for Gohan and Krillin to recover from hospital and prepare for their departure on Kami's ship, getting everything they needed, including a dragon radar, manufactured by Dr. Brief himself, who used the schematics he'd found in Bulma's lab, underneath a plethora of other blueprints. He also built a dozen anti-radar repositories, the extra five there just for insurance. In addition, he gave the two travellers a capsule case, containing several important devices and supplies that may turn out useful for the upcoming trip. He had also given them a list of key commands for the ship, which would be needed for piloting and navigation and forced both Gohan and Krillin to memorize each and every syllable.

Dr. Brief, all the while, was working diligently on refurbishing Goku's space pod into a humongous and high-speed ship, soon after prepping Kami's ship and getting together any additional supplies that Gohan and Krillin would need. The technology of the pod fascinated him greatly and using its material, along with other potent alloys, he estimated that it would take him a few weeks to build the perfect ship. Goku had also asked for an artificial gravity simulator that would allow him to train at up to 100 times Earth's gravity, in which case he'd surely be ready to take on Vegeta or any new challenger that happened to cross him. While all this was happening, Korin and Yajirobe were working fervently, in order to ready the next batch of senzu beans.


The day after their recovery, Gohan and Krillin met up at Kame House in the morning.

Master Roshi was on the island waiting with Krillin and a short while later, Chi-Chi, Ox King and Gohan arrived in a red airbus. When it appeared as though Gohan was absent, Krillin and the old master looked at each other in worry. Chi-Chi then called him out and the boy begrudgingly exited the vehicle, dressed in a corny uniform, consisting of blue shorts, a blue coat, a white buttoned shirt and a red bow tie.

While Chi-Chi kept prattling on about how 'adorable' he looked, Krillin and Master Roshi clutched their stomachs as they guffawed, making the demi-Saiyan boy's mortification rise that much further. Chi-Chi had also brought with her a multitude of other extraneous supplies, including a myriad of study materials. Krillin and Master Roshi merely looked at one another and rolled their eyes. Chi-Chi could really be such a loon, all too often.

The ship, already sitting upon the island, was waiting for its crew members to come aboard.

"Open." Commanded Krillin and the disk-shaped hatch slowly made its descent to the floor below.

Chi-Chi knelt down and embraced her boy, making him promise to be safe, not to take any chances and flee if there were any possibility that his life was at risk. Gohan nodded in assent and after saying their goodbyes, he made his way to the ship, taking all the supplies he had with him.

Dr. Brief had already programmed the co-ordinates for Planet Namek into the ship and so Gohan and Krillin simply pressed the launch button and were free to engage one other in their mind training, as they began their fretful month-long journey to Kami's home world.


Nearly a month had passed since Bulma and Vegeta had departed into space and they were fast approaching their destination.

"Prince Vegeta." The robotic voice jolted awake the Saiyan. "You are set to arrive on Planet Frieza No. 79. Estimated time of arrival: Five minutes."

"Good." The Prince responded. He then opened up the communicator to Bulma's space pod, waiting for her to wake from her slumber. She was a significant distance away, given the lightning speed at which the pods travelled, but time-wise there was little more than a minute's length separating the two.

She'd woken up to a start, in response to the computerized voice, only she was far more disoriented than Vegeta, who had long since been accustomed to travelling in space pods.

"Mmmm." She mumbled groggily.

"You're awake." Vegeta said. "Good. We land in a few minutes."


"Of course." He responded.

It didn't take long until she gathered her bearings.

"Right." A feeling of consternation began rising within her. She was far, far away from home and the only one to protect her was Vegeta, her most hated and feared adversary, her captor. This whole dilemma reeked of death, despair, loss and dread. Now, of all things, irony had to be added into the mix too. Bulma soon began scanning her surroundings and recognized some of the functions on the pod, despite the alien symbols. She suddenly had the urge to just break this pod down into its tiniest components and absorb herself into studying, understanding and improving every single little detail, from the tensile alloys used in its production, to the very basic electronics and wirings. Whenever she set her mind on a task, there was nothing she couldn't accomplish. After all, she had the most brilliant and ingenious scientific framework engineered inside her since birth.

"God, this is some piece of hardware." She thought audibly. "The things I could do with this."

"If you're done ogling, we land soon." Vegeta goaded.

"I am not ogling, you jerk!" Bulma replied furiously, his voice shaking her out of her reverie.

The Prince merely chuckled and her face reddened with indignation. After a moment of silence, Vegeta spoke.

"I land within two minutes." He informed. "You'll arrive slightly afterwards and my pod will be exactly ten meters to your right. When you exit, head straight there. I'll be waiting."

"Why can't you come to me?"

"I come to no one." He replied resolutely.

"Funny, cause I have that same reputation." Bulma gloated, in a conceited tone, which did not escape Vegeta's attention.

"Oh, feisty huh?" He replied smugly. "If you prefer, you can stay where you are and deal with Frieza's soldiers all by yourself. You might want to know that most of them have pent-up sexual frustration, since there're no whorehouses on this planet and other than purge missions, their only means of release is via hand."

Bulma froze when she heard those last bits of information.

"Alright, alright!" She relented, waves of panic emanating from her. "I'll do whatever you want! Just don't let anyone touch me!"

"That's a good girl." Responded Vegeta, a self-satisfied smirk etched on his face.

Bulma shuddered, trying her best to avoid contemplating scenarios of her being taken against her will. Vegeta may have been evil, but she never once got the hint that he would ever even consider taking advantage of her. Maybe he just wasn't interested, maybe he didn't think she was pretty enough (though she seriously doubted that) or maybe he had at least some tiny shred of honor in him. Whatever the case, she couldn't deny being glad that he was here with her, much as she would otherwise have hated it. After all: better the devil you know than the one you don't know.

Vegeta had now landed and opened his hatch. Although he had lost a lot of blood already, the wound on his back was now closed up completely, thanks to Bulma's expertise coupled with his own superior Saiyan physiology. In addition, the food he had eaten before leaving had helped boost his strength and energy reserves by a certain degree. By his estimate, it would take a mere half-hour for him to make a full recovery in the regeneration tank, if that.

"Prince Vegeta." Saluted a soldier.

Vegeta ignored him as he stood up, waiting for Bulma's, or more accurately, Nappa's pod to arrive.

"Where's your armor sir? And what happened?" Asked another soldier, noticing the odd t-shirt he was wearing and several cuts and abrasions on his neck and forearms.

"It's none of your concern!" Responded Vegeta gruffly and the soldier gulped and pursed his lips. "Now out of my way, all of you!"

Not needing to be told twice, they backed away from him and after a moment of silence, Bulma's pod had landed. She unbuckled her seatbelt and opened the hatch immediately. Upon stepping outside, she saw a throng of soldiers surrounding her. They were surprised. They had expected Nappa to be there. Who was this woman? They had no clue, but her exquisite appearance and exotic coloring forced all questions to the backs of their minds. The soldiers leered menacingly at her, saliva shamelessly drooping from their mouths. Bulma blanched and held a fist to her skittering heart.

"The blue-haired woman's my prisoner!" Vegeta proclaimed loudly from afar, "She's under my protection and that means that if any of you so much as touches her, I will flay you, slowly and painfully. That's a promise!"

The soldiers suddenly had dread written all over their faces and gulped, before withdrawing and heading back inside the base. Bulma breathed a huge sigh of relief as the color returned to her face. She headed straight over to Vegeta.

"Who were those dirtbags?" She asked.

"Frieza's soldiers." He answered as he strutted inside the building, his captive hot on his heels.

"Who is Frieza, anyway?" She asked. "You mentioned him earlier."

"No one in particular." He responded. "Just the almighty overlord of the largest interplanetary empire the Universe has ever seen."

Bulma's eyes widened and her jaw dropped, as she unknowingly scooted over closer to him, only a small distance separating them. They may have been enemies, but he was her only source of protection here.

"And they have to follow your commands?" She asked.

"They do so out of fear." He answered. "That's essentially how Frieza's empire works. The strong have dominion over the weak."

"I see." She commented. "Exactly how high up the ladder are you?"

"Not high enough." He answered nonchalantly. "Not yet, anyway."

Bulma was suddenly transfixed, her heartbeat rising rapidly, as an imperfect blend of dread, horror and astonishment formed a harrowing amalgamate within the very depths of her soul. There were beings out there stronger than Vegeta? How was that even possible? It frightened her to death. Vegeta was the most menacing threat the Earth had ever faced. Even Goku, with all his might, his enhanced strength and the aid of his comrades, was unable to stand in his way. For all Bulma knew, her juggernaut of a best friend was most likely still crippled in hospital and yet there were forces out there even more powerful than the one who put him there! It just couldn't be!

Vegeta turned around, scowling at her.

"Are you going to keep standing there like an idiot or what?!"

Bulma was jolted out of her trance and followed the Prince. She didn't utter a word as they made it to the medical room.

"Prince Vegeta." Malaka saluted. The green skinned, orange haired reptilian doctor had worked under the Saiyans for years, up until their home planet had met its unfortunate end as a result of a 'meteorite collision', but he knew better. He himself had witnessed the rapidly increasing powers of several esteemed Saiyan warriors as they continued engaging in battle after battle, thus it didn't surprise him much when their planet had conveniently been vaporized from the cosmos. He knew Frieza must have been afraid of the swift rise in the power of the Saiyan race and had a good guess as to how their planet had truly suffered annihilation. But he was loath to voice his thoughts. "Are you alright sir? Where's your armor?"

"I'm fine Malaka. My armor got damaged, so I left it behind." Vegeta responded, his voice not as stern as usual. He had known the doctor since he was first conscripted into Frieza's army as a five-year old child and respected him more so than anyone else that had served under the vicious tyrant, apart from Nappa and Raditz, that is. He did not belittle the Prince, nor did he cower before him. What he held for the royal Saiyan was true, genuine respect. "Get me healed immediately."

"Sure thing." He complied. "By the way, where's Nappa?"

"I killed him!" He answered brusquely.

Malaka's eyes widened.


"I do not wish to talk about it!" Vegeta exclaimed. "What's done is done!"

The doctor sensed an element of contrition in his voice, but decided to leave the matter alone. He had to admit, he wasn't all that fond of Nappa's reckless and rash behavior, but killing off one's own comrade didn't sit too well with him.

"Fine." He relented, nodding his head.

Vegeta took his shirt off and tossed it aside, before ripping off the bandages that Bulma had wrapped around him. His mind drifted off to that moment. She had helped him, out of compassion. No one had ever shown him that, apart from his mother. He shook his head violently, not wanting to go there. He'd decided long ago to cast aside such weak sentimental rubbish. It did nothing but bring him pain and misery. Being strong, cold-hearted, merciless, cruel and without even the slightest degree of penitence, was the only way he could achieve his goals. He'd long since accepted that and now he was close to his objective. All he needed were the dragon balls.

Both Bulma and Malaka wrinkled their noses as the rancid odor from his now closed-up laceration, lingered through the air.

Vegeta ripped his bandages off in one go, before quickly removing his gloves and boots and finally slipping out of his pants and underwear all at once, so he was completely naked. Bulma took one look at his figure from behind and a huge blush smeared across her face. Her eyes widened and jaw dropped. She immediately turned around to hide her shame.

'God, he has a nice ass.' She thought and mentally slapped herself thereafter.

'Bulma, what're you doing?' She reprimanded herself. 'He's a genocidal maniac and here you are drooling over him. What is wrong with you, girl?'

In a desperate attempt to neutralize her illicit, treacherous and morally reprehensible thoughts concerning Vegeta, she mentally conjured up images of Yamcha's nude body, but it just wasn't the same! With that simian bastard stripping right in front of her, even imagining Yamcha in all his naked glory, proved to be a daunting task. He wasn't nearly as toned, well-sculpted, vigorous or handsome as Vegeta.

'No, Goddammit, stop it Bulma!' She grit her teeth, in frustration. 'Yamcha's way handsomer! Just look at Vegeta's stupid widow's peak! Seriously, he looks like he has a big M above his forehead!' That thought kind of amused her. 'God, I could so imagine his face being franchised by McDonald's.' She unintentionally fell into a fit of giggles at the idea. 'Hahaha, how cute!'

She felt her cheeks flush and mentally chastised herself once again.

'Dammit, Bulma, will you get Vegeta out of your mind?!' She self-chided. 'Yamcha's your boyfriend! Vegeta's your crazy kidnapper! Besides, if he knew what you were thinking, he'd probably put a hole in you, without a second thought!'

By now Vegeta was already inside the tank, glass walls surrounding him. He was wearing a breathing mask. The doctor punched in a few buttons, which gave rise to the synthetic healing liquid. The moment it had surrounded every inch of his body, Vegeta closed his eyes and opened his mind, sensing out surrounding Ki signals in order to get accustomed to this newly learned technique. Yes, the Earthlings had done it and it didn't take long to figure it out, however, he had yet to master it fully.

"So, who are you?" The doctor asked, frowning in Bulma's direction. The heiress was still lost in her own inner conflict, until the doctor's words jolted her out of her thoughts.

"O-Oh, I-I'm B-B-Bulma." She replied, facing the reptilian creature.

"You do not have to fear me, I'm no soldier." He said, giving her a reassuring smile. "I'm completely harmless; a mere scientist who happened to have found himself under the service of Lord Frieza, one day."

"O-O-Oh." Bulma took a deep breath. "So, how'd you end up here?"

"Same way most others did, I suppose." He replied. "Frieza conquered my home world and had the best and brightest among us serve in his ranks. That's about the gist of it. I was assigned to serve the Saiyans, but since they died out, or at least most of them did, Frieza had me serve him."

"I see." If he worked under the Saiyans, surely she could learn a thing or two about her captor. "What about Vegeta? How'd he end up here?"

The doctor shook his head.

"I cannot say anything about the Prince." He responded. "He's very reserved. What I do know, I keep to myself."

"Is that right?" She said, turning in Vegeta's direction. The tank covered everything below his chest. Upon scrutinizing him more closely, she once again noticed his scars. "Those scars, he told me he got them 'from hell' (A/N: Refer to Chapter 3). What do you think he meant by that?"

Malaka looked at her, raising an eyebrow in surprise.

"He told you that?"

Bulma nodded affirmatively.

"Some of them are battle scars." He told her.

"And the others?"

"I'm not at liberty to say."

His response only aroused Bulma's curiosity further. Why was Vegeta so detached? He was such a mystery and those scars of his only added more pieces to the puzzle. Her desire to discern him was becoming less and less a means of distraction from her grief and more and more a true, genuine interest. She had to find out about him. What she knew so far had triggered a strong sense of intrigue within her that was beginning to augment.

"I know what you're thinking." Malaka said, instantly recognizing the inquisitive look about her. "But I should warn you. Vegeta does not allow anyone to be close to him. It's a weakness as far as he's concerned."

"And why's that?"

The doctor groaned in frustration.

"I do not wish to speak about the Prince any longer." He stated adamantly. "You still did not answer my first question. Who are you and what brought you to this world, with Vegeta?"

Bulma furrowed her brows for a moment, lowering her head in thought.

"I'm his prisoner." She answered, looking Malaka dead in the eye. "I'm a highly skilled scientist. Vegeta attacked my planet and was about to destroy it, but I offered to serve him if he spared us and, well, I guess he agreed."

"Oh?" He began eyeing the Prince curiously. This was an unusual occurrence, to say the least. Vegeta was never one to make deals with outsiders and he'd never pass up the opportunity to get his hands bloody, no matter what. "How very strange of him."

"Why is that strange?"

"Never mind."

This woman must have been extremely talented for the Prince to exhibit restraint. A few moments of silence ensued, before Bulma made her way over next to the doctor.

"I was wondering." She began. "How does this thing work? Will it really heal him fully? How long will it take?"

"It should be less than a half hour before he is completely healed." He answered.

"Really?!" Bulma exclaimed, astounded.

"Not so loud." Malaka chided, cringing and shutting his eyes for a moment, before opening them. "And yes, really."

"Amazing." Bulma stared in awe at the controls below her. "This stuff is state of the art. Equipment like this would completely revolutionize medicine on my planet."

"Is that right?" The doctor asked curiously. Strange that someone of such a seemingly primitive background could sway her way into the Prince's employ, "This happens to be one of the more standardized regeneration units."


Malaka spent a long while explaining to Bulma how the regeneration tanks functioned: the controls, mechanisms, wirings, contents of the healing liquid and all the rest of it. Bulma was completely absorbed and knew that, given the right material, she could emulate this perfectly. She pulled out a capsule containing a portable computer device and pressed the plunger, tossing it into the air, causing it to materialize, before catching it and typing up a list of items she would need to recreate this unit. She knew that Earth would have substitutes for just about all the materials required, minus the bizarre healing liquid, but hopefully she could remedy that somehow. Assuming she survived this whole mess, another intergalactic adventure couldn't hurt, right?

The doctor was astounded when Vegeta's prisoner had somehow pulled some writing device out of thin air. Was she a scientist or a magician? He was frozen in silence, until she was done making notes.

"H-H-How d-did you d-do th-that?" He asked.

"Huh. Do what?" Bulma asked confusedly, before capsulizing her portable computer device and putting it back inside her capsule case.

"Th-That?" He asked, pointing to the case.

"Oh. Like I said, I am the greatest scientist on my planet." She said in a conceited tone. "Along with my father, that is. He invented a method that allows for any-"


Vegeta was done healing and Malaka pressed a button that drained the liquid, before opening the hatch, so Vegeta could make his way out. The Prince removed his breathing mask and was instantly surprised at the newfound power he felt resonating through him. After healing completely, he was significantly stronger than before. This was great. Very often he was malnourished under Frieza and as a result of that, Zenkai boosts would only allow for a minimal increase in his power level every time he was put through torture sessions under his tormentor. It was purge missions that really helped surge his levels of strength. He would always elect to partake in the most difficult assignments and Frieza was only too happy to oblige, unless of course, he was extremely pissed and wanted him punished. This was different though. The injuries he'd suffered on Earth were far greater than those of any purge mission. Loath as he was to admit it, he'd never been in a battle that difficult all his life.

The doctor went to a nearby room to pick out a newer set of armor and clothes.

Bulma averted her gaze away from Vegeta, electing not to look at the shameless Prince in all his naked glory.

"What is it with you goddamn Saiyans?!" She scowled. "Who the hell walks around with no clothes on?! I mean seriously, what the hell, Vegeta?! Do you like flaunting yourself in front of other women?!"

Vegeta felt his cheeks tint a shade of crimson or two.

"I never asked you to look at me!" He replied after a short pause, deeply insulted by her insinuation. "What are you, some kind of degenerate?!"

"Am I a degenerate?!" Bulma was infuriated. What nerve he had! "I'm not the one who takes my clothes off in front of others!"

"I did it to get my injuries healed!" He exclaimed defensively. "Besides, its commonplace here and has nothing to do with whatever filth you're implying, you vulgar female!"

"Hey, shut up!" She snarled angrily. "I am not vulgar!"

Unbeknownst to the two of them Malaka had heard their little exchange and cleared his throat to garner their attention.

Vegeta exhaled indignantly and went to collect his new armor, which was essentially like the old one, minus the groin and hip guards. The new spandex pants and shirt too were exact replicas of his previous outfit. He clambered into his new uniform, all the while fuming. This crazy woman had some gall, trying to flatter herself! He wasn't some sick-minded hedonist!

"We're leaving!" The Prince ordered gruffly.

Bulma turned to him and breathed a huge sigh of relief, now that he was no longer naked. Still, she was pissed! Who did he think he was calling her a degenerate?! He was in no moral position to address her that way! Incidentally, for a mass murdering, genocidal, psychopathic maniac, he sounded awfully touchy and sensitive when it came to the subject of sexuality. Her lips quirked up slightly, at the thought. Wow! She felt her already overwhelming intrigue shoot up like a rocket!

"Oh, by the way, Vegeta." Malaka just remembered something. "I received word that Cui had arrived on this planet a few minutes ago on his way to the training centre."

"Cui, huh?" Vegeta said, heading out slowly. "I have no time to waste on that clown."

He then looked at Bulma.

"Hurry up or I'm leaving you behind!"

"I'm coming! I'm coming!" The blue-haired heiress was hot on the Prince's heels.

"Bye! Thanks for everything!" She waved to Malaka, offering him a warm smile.

The doctor merely nodded his head. There was something a tad bit different about Vegeta, at least when it came to that mysterious woman. He'd never known him to countenance any sass before, not like this. Any other person that addressed the Prince with such impertinence would be dead on the spot. There was a good reason why Vegeta had severed any and all emotional attachments. Re-establishing them was a dangerous move on his part; of that, there was no doubt.

A short moment later, Cui appeared, standing in front of Vegeta and the Prince stopped in his tracks, a distance of a mere few feet separating the two warriors. Bulma was close behind him, all along.

"What do you want Cui?!" He demanded in his trademark baritone voice.

Cui chuckled a little.

"Getting bested by a third-class Saiyan must've been a big blow to that inflated ego of yours, huh, Vegeta?" He mocked, in a smug tone, a conceited look on his face and his lips quirked upwards.

Vegeta chuckled.

"For your information Cui, I left that so-called 'third-class' crippled and broken." He responded. "I could've destroyed him and everyone else on the planet had I so chosen, but I had other things in mind."

Cui laughed, disbelievingly.

"So you sneak off to Earth behind Frieza's back and all of a sudden, have second-thoughts?" Cui asked, jeeringly. "You don't really expect me to believe that, do you?

"Enough of this crap!" Vegeta scowled. "Get out of my way this instant!"

Bulma quivered slightly at Vegeta's harsh tone.

"Hold on." Cui frowned in askance, as he pointed behind Vegeta, his smirk not faltering one bit. "I've been meaning to ask, who's that sniveling girl behind you?"

"She's my prisoner!" Vegeta responded. Bulma slightly leaned up against him in apprehension, in case this other alien attempted to harm her. Loath as she was to admit it, he was the only one who could protect her, at this particular moment.

"Under whose authority?" Cui asked.

"Mine." He replied and then growled. "Now quit wasting my time, fish-face!"

"You know as well as I, that you are prohibited from having cohorts with you, unless Frieza approves first, monkey." Cui reminded the Prince.

"Just let him try and do something about it!" Vegeta chuckled.

"You don't seriously plan to defy Lord Frieza, do you?" Cui asked, completely taken aback, "You should know better than anyone how powerful he is."

"Perhaps." Vegeta retorted confidently, "But he doesn't know how powerful I am, which gives me the advantage."

"Now, now, Vegeta." Cui smirked once again, "I received word a while earlier that Frieza had just arrived on the Planet Namek, on a little dragon ball hunting mission. If you're really foolish enough to challenge him, be my guest."

Cui finally gave passage, safely assuming that there was no way Vegeta would dare to cross paths with the autarch of the cosmos.

"What?!" Vegeta suddenly felt terror-stricken, but then grimaced and quickly picked Bulma up, as he ran back towards the medical room at full speed. "Goddammit! That bastard! How did he know?! No way! He is not stealing my wish! This is the only chance I have to finally be free of him!"

As soon as Vegeta picked up a scouter, he dashed past Cui, barely giving the purple skinned warrior time to think, as he whisked Bulma towards the space pod with him.

"Vegeta, get back here!" Cui yelled, as the Prince ran by him.

When he arrived, he quickly opened the hatch, sat inside and pulled Bulma onto his lap, despite her remonstrations, not wanting to waste a single moment dealing with that idiot Cui or wasting time setting up the other space pod. Each and every second that passed by, gave Frieza the advantage and he knew it. He closed the hatch and set the co-ordinates for planet Namek. Cui waved his arms about in protest as he watched him go. He should've stopped him when he had the chance! It wasn't too late though. He went to the nearest space pod, which happened to be Bulma's, formerly Nappa's and pursued Vegeta to Namek, intent on nipping this little problem in the bud.

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