The Light to my Darkness

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Chapter 28: The impossible

King Kai had sensed Goku and Vegeta's victory and merrily informed the others.

"Vegeta, huh?!" Yamcha raised an eyebrow quizzically, quite stunned, but still extremely distrustful. He furrowed his brows. "Well, I'll bet anything that he'll turn on the others, the first chance he gets!"

"No, I don't think so." King Kai disagreed. "Without his help, they would have all been doomed."

"You don't know Vegeta, King Kai!" Tien exclaimed furiously. "He was only looking out for himself! Yamcha's right! We can't trust him! They should just kill him right now, while they have the chance! It'll serve him right!"

The god groaned, frowning at his student in severe disapproval.

"You know, Tien, I can't believe that you of all people would ever suggest something so dishonorable!" He fired back in exasperation. "Both you and Piccolo were once sworn enemies of Goku and were resolved to end his life, am I wrong?!"

"Well uh- no- but I-"

"Stop!" The god raised a hand, interrupting his three-eyed pupil. He let out a weary sigh, before looking off into the sky. "Believe me, if it were the Vegeta on Earth, I wouldn't have given it a second thought. But the five of them fought side by side and had each others' backs like true companions and despite the slimmest of odds, they emerged victorious against the greatest threat the Universe has ever witnessed."

"Vegeta's the reason we're dead though, plus he kidnapped Bulma and wanted to use the dragon balls to serve his own greed!" Yamcha countered, gnashing his teeth in vexation.

"I know Yamcha." King Kai nodded, still staring away into the distance. "He has a past filled with some of the most horrible sins imaginable, but there's no deed more honorable than forgiveness."

"How can we ever forgive him after what he did?!" Tien felt aversive at the mere thought.

"I don't know, but Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo and even Bulma, all found it in their hearts to do so." King Kai answered, turning in the three-eyed warrior's direction. "And I'm sure that one day, you will too."

"What?!" Yamcha yelled in a coalescence of disbelief and incense. "What do you mean Bulma forgave him?! How could she ever forgive him after what he did to her?! And to me?!" He almost sounded betrayed. Oh boy, he had no idea!

King Kai coughed and instantly whirled around. He'd overheard Yamcha speaking with Tien on numerous occasions and had learned that he and Bulma had been an item for years and that nothing mattered more to him than being brought back to life, so he could be reunited with her, once again. Although none of that romance stuff made the least bit of sense to him, he'd rather not be the one to break the bad news to Yamcha that Bulma had fallen for someone else; someone he wasn't exactly very fond of. Since he'd closely observed what had transpired on Namek, whilst carefully tuning out all the vulgarity and obscenity, he knew about Bulma and Vegeta's union and wisely chose not to relay the information to any of his disciples.

"King Kai?" Yamcha raised his eyebrows. "What is it?"

"Oh, nothing, nothing all, why do you ask?" The god quickly swivelled back around and laughed sheepishly, scratching the back of his head. "Oh, look at the time." The god checked his watch. "It's almost nightfall."

"There is no night on this planet." Chiaotzu stated the obvious, before narrowing his eyes suspiciously. "What exactly are you hiding King Kai?"

Anxiety was writ on the rotund deity's face, as beads of sweat trickled from his temples down to the base of his jawline and he began scrounging his mind for some form of distraction or other, until a light bulb finally flashed within.

"Well you got me, Chiaotzu. I am hiding something: here." Out of nowhere, he pulled out a gigantic hammer made of kachin, the hardest material in the entire Universe. "This hammer weighs twice as much as the one before and I want all three of you to hit Gregory with it." He turned towards the grasshopper that was relaxing peacefully on the apple tree nearby. "Gregory, get your lazy butt down here right now!"

"Coming!" The flying insect immediately zoomed over to the god. "What is it King Kai?"

"Yamcha, Tien and Chiaotzu have been slacking off lately and you're going to help them get back into shape!" King Kai looked towards the trio and threw the hammer at Tien, who'd barely managed to catch it and was severely struggling to hold it in place. "Now, get to it!"

"But King Kai-" Yamcha groaned.

"No buts!" Growled the god, before using a more coaxing tone. "I still haven't taught you my very best technique, the Kaio-Ken. You remember that one, right?"

"Oh yeah, the technique you taught Goku, when he was here!" Tien recalled, having finally managed to steady himself to some level and get a decent grip on the kachin hammer. "It allows you to multiply your power, right?!"

"That's right!" The Kai confirmed. "You've already bested Gregory once, but this time it won't be quite so easy! If you prove yourself worthy, you too may learn the Kaio-Ken!"

"But, why can't you just teach us?!" Yamcha groused, folding his arms. "What good's it going to do, chasing a grasshopper?!"

"Hey come on Yamcha, where's your spirit?!" Tien smirked at his friend. "Don't you want to at least try to catch up to Goku?!"

"Like that'll ever happen." The scar-faced fighter snorted.

"I should've known." The three-eyed fighter goaded. "You've become such a quitter these days."

"Hey, I'm no quitter!"

"Then prove it!" Tien smirked. "Let's show this little insect what we Earthlings are made of!"

"Alright, fine!" Yamcha sighed in surrender and the trio began their training exercise with Gregory.

'Perfect!' Thought a smug King Kai. His little ruse worked like a charm! His newest students may have been strong, but distracting them was as easy as pie. Piccolo was the only one among them, with some real wits about him. But onto the real matter: Goku and Vegeta had both come so far and in so little time! Frieza was much stronger than even he'd anticipated and yet, together, the powerful Saiyan duo had defeated him and in doing so, fulfilled the impossible! The entire cosmos was finally unshackled from Frieza's icy clutches and it was all thanks to those two! He'd never thought this day would ever come!


"You know Vegeta, I really am glad you were on our side." Goku smiled at the Prince.

"Tch, don't get carried away you clown." Vegeta scoffed, still sitting down. "We're no long enemies as per our agreement, but that doesn't make us friends either, got it?!"

"Haha, should've known." The other Saiyan chuckled. "You've gotta admit though, when we fight together, nothing can stop us! We sure showed Frieza, didn't we?"

"Well, foolish as you may be, you still have Saiyan blood flowing through your veins." Vegeta acknowledged in his own way. He then smirked mirthfully. "But don't let that go to your head. If it weren't for your strength or battle instincts, you'd probably be living in the jungle, with a tribe of monkeys."


"No offence Goku, but that's not very far from the truth." Piccolo snickered.

"Come on Piccolo, not you too!"

The younger Saiyan pouted indignantly, as his three allies, along with his son, guffawed at his expense.

"You're all such mean jerks!"

"Sooo." Krillin drawled awkwardly, as soon as the laughter eventually died down, "What do we do now?"

"I guess we all go home." Goku answered, before turning towards his rival. "How about you Vegeta? Where're you heading off to?"

"What I do is no concern of yours!" The Prince replied dismissively, clearly not deigned to give him an answer.

"Well, I was thinking you could come to Earth, with the rest of us."

The older Saiyan growled.

"Yeah, why not Vegeta?" Gohan concurred. "It'll be great there!"

"Forget it!"

"Oh come on." Goku coaxed. "There'll be lots of food, plus you could ask Bulma or her father to build you some of that awesome gravity equipment! The opportunities are limitless!"

The Prince suddenly assumed a look of indecision, his face downcast, as he considered those words. Yes, training and further enhancing his strength sounded favorable enough, without a doubt! After all, he had nowhere else to go. He could claim Frieza's vast empire for himself, however, after a lifetime of doing nothing but purging planets, he really felt he could use a break! Plus if he wasted his time away in outer space, his rival would undoubtedly grow a lot stronger than him! From his standpoint, they were relatively equal at this point in terms of base power, but he was determined to change that and knew he couldn't do it, unless he got ahold of that gravity equipment! Goku's face lit up, as Vegeta finally grunted his agreement.

"Speaking of Bulma, perhaps we should go give her the good news." Krillin suggested.

"Yeah, that's a great idea!" Gohan beamed.


The explosions and tremors of battle came to an abrupt halt and Bulma stood transfixed apprehensively, tension and anxiety streaming through her veins. Two minutes or so later, an idea clicked in her mind, upon remembering that the butt-ugly soldier who'd tried to rape her earlier on, had a scouter on him (A/N: Refer to Chapter 21). She found his body and managed to extract the power-reading device from his ear. The heiress frowned, as she observed five stationary Ki readings appearing on the purple screen, one of them red.

'Now that's strange.'

Taking a gambit, she made a dash out of the spacecraft, before tossing a hover bike capsule from her case and levitating the vehicle high enough to get a god's eye view of her surroundings. She pulled out a set of mini-binoculars from her left coat pocket and focused the lens in the direction of the power levels, only to see: Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo ('Where'd he come from?' she thought), Krillin and Gohan, but no Frieza! Other than her grouchy Prince and the Namekian, they all looked ecstatic with joy. That only meant one thing! They'd done it! Yes, they'd done it!

"WOOHOOO!" The frenzied heiress cheered. "YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!" She revved up the engine and took off full speed towards the motley crew.


"Oh, here she comes now!" Goku peered into the distance, only to see a radiant Bulma heading straight towards them.

"What?!" Vegeta followed Goku's line of sight and immediately caught sight of her. "What the hell does she think she's doing?!"

"Goku, Vegeta!" She waved and in no time at all, arrived on scene, skidding to a halt, getting off the bike and bolting towards the others.

"Hey Bulma!" The younger Saiyan grinned, while the older glared daggers at her. He'd strictly ordered her to stay aboard and as usual, she refused to heed his command!

Goku barely had time to think, as Bulma glomped him. Vegeta goggled at the sight before him, his jaw hanging stupidly.

"You did it! You actually did it!" She exclaimed, in jubilance.

"Whoa, easy Bulma." Goku awkwardly patted her on the back. She withdrew, holding him by the shoulders and grinning at him.

"You really defeated Frieza! I knew you could do it!"

"Thanks, but that's not true." He replied, grinning back. "Vegeta and I beat him together and it was his plan that really helped us win today!" He looked towards the other Saiyan, who began scaring the bejesus out of him with a chilling death stare that had the potency to freeze all seven hells, ten times over.

Bulma instantly turned in the Prince's direction and gasped, as she took immediate notice of his beaten and battered form. She ran over and sat in front of him, faster than he could blink, while he was left wondering how on Namek she'd been able to move so quick!

"Are you all right?!" The heiress asked frantically, wrapping her arms around his neck, in a light embrace. She'd been so caught up in the excitement that she'd totally forgotten about him!

"I'm fine!" He growled weakly, pulling her away by the shoulders, his cheeks tinting two or three shades of crimson.

"Let me look at you." Bulma grabbed his face and gently turned it this way and that, scrutinizing each wound. His left eye was totally shut, he had a cut lip, a nasty bruise on his right cheek and a frightful contusion that covered the entire circumference of his neck. She briefly gave the rest of his body a once-over, carefully observing the many burns and abrasions.

Vegeta bit his bottom lip to suppress a shudder when he felt her cool, soft hands rub against his searing skin, making him feel even more languid. The Saiyan's good eye fluttered and his burly figure abruptly collapsed to the ground, as the full weight of his exhaustion finally kicked in.

"Hey, wake up!" Bulma shook his shoulders, tears brimming her azure eyes. "Wake up, Vegeta!"

"Don't worry about him." Piccolo reassured stoically. She turned towards the Namekian from Earth. "He just needs some rest, that's all." His lips quirked up slightly as he continued. "We couldn't have done a thing if it weren't for him."

"Hm." Bulma nodded, giving him a brief smile before turning towards the Prince and brushing a slender hand through his feathery mane. "Hey, you did great and I'm proud of you. You're gonna be fine." She cooed. "You hear me? You're gonna be just fine."

"Stop- coddling- me!" The Prince protested in a weary voice, sewing his brows nastily at her.

The heiress let out a giggle and positioned herself behind him, promptly placing his head on her lap, in spite of his many remonstrations. She smiled inwardly, reveling in the feel of his gravity-defying hair brushing against the clothing that covered her midsection. Krillin stared blankly at the scene in front of him and rubbed both eyes, just to be sure they weren't deceiving him, while Piccolo surveyed the dirt below his feet, as if it were the most interesting thing in the world. Goku and Gohan, however, smiled as they witnessed the unlikely pair. The Saiyan eventually caved in and let his muscles go lax, willingly resting his aching head on Bulma's soft thighs.

"Hey, Vegeta?" The heiress murmured.

"Hn?" The Prince opened his right eye. After a brief pause she continued.

"Could you- uh- come back to Earth with us- you know- now that this is all over?"

Vegeta took a deep breath, in order to gather some much needed energy.

"Build me- training equipment." He ordered, in a weak voice. Bulma looked at him confusedly for a moment before letting out a few chuckles.

"Here you are, almost dead and you're asking for training equipment?" She grinned, raising an eyebrow in amusement. Even in his greatest moment of vulnerability he hadn't lost a smidgeon of his assertive and demanding persona! It was just too adorable! Bulma ran a finger along his jawline, eliciting a low shudder from him, as she gave her answer. "Sure! As long as you come to Earth with us, I'll build you the best training equipment in the entire planet, scratch that, the entire Universe!"


Bulma took that as a yes and lovingly placed her palm on his forehead.

"This is gonna be so great!" She exclaimed frenetically. "I'll tell mom to prepare a huge banquet of her finest delicacies just for you! You can stay with us at Capsule Corporation and-"

"Woman!" The Prince interjected, frowning in irritation.

"What is it?"

"Stop talking!"

"Oh- uh- right." She sighed. "You definitely need some peace and quiet, I understand."


They remained on the spot for a good minute or so, before their little moment of peace was interrupted by a sinister series of laughs that could just be made out, from afar. The eerie decibels of that cryptic and evil sound rose with each foreboding second that swam by.

"No- It's not possible!" Piccolo looked on in sheer disbelief, as he witnessed the evil tyrant standing atop a hill nearby, a malevolent smirk embedded on his wretched face.

"What?! No!" Goku yelled and he too gaped incredulously at the monster. Gohan and Krillin's expressions went completely blue, both whimpering, as they saw the lizard!

Vegeta tilted his head up, eyes widening in absolute horror, upon gazing in the same direction. No, it couldn't be! How could they have failed?! They hit him with everything they had! It was virtually impossible for anyone to have survived dual energy attacks of that magnitude!

A good quarter or so of Frieza's tail was completely obliterated, cuts and burns marred his white-purple frame and his left eye was closed shut. But he was still alive, nonetheless and prepared to wreak vengeance on each and every one of his enemies!

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