The Light to my Darkness

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Chapter 18: The battles commence

Recoome offered Guldo the chance to battle first and the latter readily accepted, wanting to get the 'trash' out of the way first, before Vegeta was dealt with.

"Alright, it's time to see what you're really made off, kid." Vegeta said and Gohan dashed forward facing Guldo, without delay.

The demi-Saiyan had his opponent on the run throughout the battle, however, he was caught off guard when the four-eyed alien decided to use his trump card. The next time Gohan neared him, he held up hooked hands and brought one knee up, performing his signature technique that had the boy frozen mid-air, completely motionless.

Gohan grit his teeth and tried his best to move, but just couldn't budge at all. Vegeta watched the scene before him in dismay.

"How do you like that trick?!" Guldo taunted. "It's a little something I like to call my mind bind!"

The young half-Saiyan continued trying to get free, but to no avail.

"Go on! Fight it! Struggle all you want! You're mine!" Guldo declared, laughing maniacally.

"Dammit!" Vegeta exclaimed. "That ignorant brat! I specifically warned him not to try a direct assault! He flew right into Guldo's trap!"


By now, Burter was heading back towards Frieza's ship and so Krillin sought to get Bulma as far away as possible. Since Frieza's men were nowhere near and Burter had no scouter to speak of, he deemed if safe to take flight.

After a few minutes, he felt he'd covered enough ground and found a narrow gorge, wherein he placed Bulma's unconscious body. He sensed that Gohan was in trouble and Vegeta was not helping at all. He growled and took off towards the battlefield, begrudgingly leaving Bulma behind. He hated having to abandon her in the middle of nowhere, but had little choice in the matter. Though he stood no chance against the powers that Gohan and Vegeta were currently up against, he swore ardently to protect the boy, no matter what! Now was the time to make good on that promise!


Guldo scorned Gohan as he pounded him, over and over again. However, after a little while, his team members were growing weary and threatened to kick him off the force, unless he ended the fight.

So the rotund fighter uprooted a tree nearby and carved it nicely using his Ki, making one end lethally sharp. He flung it straight towards the boy, completely forgetting his orders to take him alive. Just as it was about to impale Gohan, however, Guldo's head came clean off his shoulders, allowing the young demi-Saiyan to move freely and evade the sharpened tree trunk headed his way.

Recoome and Jeice made o's with their mouths as soon as they saw their comrade get decapitated.

"No fair Vegeta, you cheated!" Guldo's head protested. "This fight was supposed to be just me against him."

Vegeta scoffed.

"There's no such thing as fair or unfair in battle." He countered smugly. "There is only victory or in your case defeat."

"You dirty Saiyan! Do you really think you'll get away with this?!" Guldo exclaimed. "You're nothing! Just a stupid monkey! I belong to the Ginyu Force!"

"Not anymore." Chuckled Vegeta, pointing his palm towards him. Guldo barely managed to get a scream out, as a Ki blast completely disintegrated his head.

Gohan walked up to the Prince.

"Thanks Vegeta, you saved me!" The boy smiled, letting go of any ill-will he held towards the other Saiyan.

"Keep your thanks!" Responded the Prince callously. "I had my own reasons for wanting to destroy that freak! I saw my moment to strike and I acted on it. That's all! It had nothing to do with saving your life!"

Recoome and Jeice had dread written all over their faces, as they realized that without Guldo in the mix, their entire pre-battle sync was ruined.


"Whoa, Vegeta just saved Gohan!" Krillin exclaimed and then smirked. "Good thing! I hardly expected that!"


Recoome made his way towards his ex-comrade.

"Alright kid, this fight's between me and Vegeta." He stated looking at Gohan. "But if you feel like jumping in to help him out, go ahead and try it. I'll take you both on at once."

"Hey, not so fast Recoome!" Jeice protested. "That wasn't part of the deal. I'm not just going to stand here and let you have all the fun!"

"Fine, fine." The larger warrior relented.

After introducing himself to the duo with his trademark, ballerina pose, Recoome began smirking at his adversary.

"You can sense how strong he is, right kid?" Vegeta asked Gohan, in a quiet voice.

"Yeah, to some level, I guess."

"I hate to say this, but I might not be able to defeat him by myself!" Vegeta confessed, gritting his teeth, hating having to divulge his self-doubt. "If I'm in a tight spot, I'll give a signal and you distract him, before I go for the kill, understood?!"

"Right, uh- so what's the signal?"

"I'll lower my Ki, so stay alert." He answered in a hushed tone so only the boy could hear. "When I do that, make your way behind Recoome and divert his attention. He'll let his guard down and then I can finish him from behind. These guys are extremely powerful, but they're arrogant. He won't even see it coming, I'm sure of it."

"Right." Gohan frowned, nodding fervently.

"Hello!" Recoome echoed. "Are you going to stand there talking all day, or are we gonna fight?!"

That was Vegeta's cue. He flared his Ki up as high as it could go, leaving Jeice and Recoome aghast as his power level shot up to almost 40 000. Seems the beating he'd gotten from Zarbon had given his Ki a huge upsurge, more so than even he'd anticipated. Hopefully it would be enough to defeat the giant fighter and he wouldn't require the brat's help. But hope appeared quite dim at the moment.

He charged straight towards the orange-haired humanoid, punching him right across the jaw, sending him flying off, before reappearing behind him thrashing his face in with a double axe-handle that sent him plunging down below. Vegeta then shot high up into the air, before swiftly descending downwards, ramming both his feet straight into Recoome's gut. He grabbed him by the ankle, spinning him around and around and throwing him towards a mountain. Vegeta then placed both hands forward and began charging up his most intense Ki blast, firing it straight at his adversary.

"SEE YOU IN HELL, RECOOME!" The Prince roared in a blaring baritone.

Gohan looked on in awe as he saw his new ally's power right before his very eyes. Vegeta was amazing! He didn't even need his help! This fight was over before it had even begun- or so he thought.

"Oh man, that was close." Said Jeice after the smoke began clearing. Those words immediately caught Vegeta's attention and as he looked more closely at the rubble, he noticed that his opponent was still on his feet.

Recoome was clutching his stomach and spat out a mouthful of blood, but afterwards moved his head side to side, cracking his neck joints. His armor was completely destroyed and his lycra unitard badly torn up, but he hadn't taken nearly as much damage as the Saiyan had expected.

"Wow, you're a lot tougher than I thought Vegeta." Recoome praised smugly. "That actually hurt quite a bit. I guess I can't take you lightly."

'Goddammit, I hit him full force and he's barely taking time for a breather! That attack used up more energy than I bargained for!' Vegeta thought, disconcertedly. 'Now what?!'

Just then Recoome powered up to his own maximum and charged straight towards the Prince, ramming his knee straight into his jaw. Vegeta was able to land on his feet and charged right back. The two exchanged blow for blow, Recoome getting the best of him. The orange-haired fighter elbowed him straight to the top of the head, landing him on the ground, before leaping towards him with his fist held high. Vegeta dodged his blow and took to the air, but the Ginyu fighter lunged right towards him and after a little scuffle, Vegeta was sent plummeting straight into the sea below.

"Oh no! Vegeta!" Gohan yelled in fear of the worst.

"Come on Vegeta!" Recoome taunted boldly, after a few seconds of eerie silence. "I know you wouldn't die from an attack like that! Quit stalling!"

Just then the Prince shot out of the water and rammed headfirst into his much larger warrior's solar plexus. Recoome spat out a glob of blood as the wind was knocked right out of him. Vegeta continued ravaging his midsection as hard as he possibly could, drawing out copious amounts of blood with each brutal blow.

After gathering his bearings somewhat, Recoome used his humongous size to his advantage as he firmly grabbed Vegeta from either side of his rib cage. With all the power he could muster, Recoome lifted Vegeta up over his head and dove downwards as quick as possible, slamming his foe right into the ground, before stepping back and taking heavy breaths as he collapsed on his knees and clutched his stomach with one hand.

"Damn, Vegeta!" The big warrior remarked. "You're one tough cookie! You're just full of new tricks aren't you?!" He took a breather. "I must admit, that was a lot tougher than I expected. No wonder Frieza told us not to take you lightly haha."

Recoome got up and plucked Vegeta out of the ground, before tossing aside his seemingly unconscious body.

Just then Krillin made his way to the scene next to Gohan. Jeice frowned at the newcomer.

"Hey Recoome." He said, smiling sadistically at his comrade. "Looks like we have a guest."

Recoome turned and saw Krillin, next to Gohan.

"Hiiii." He said, waving to them before turning around and fixing his gaze back to the Saiyan. "I'm surprised you managed to make friends Vegeta. Too bad they're weaklings hahahaha."

Vegeta's eyes fluttered open and he managed to pull himself together, before taking a few deep breaths to refocus his energy.

"What's so funny, ugly?!" The Prince snarled, as he got on his knees, facing Recoome, palms still planted on the ground.

"Hey, now that wasn't very nice of you Vegeta." Recoome mock-pouted. "After all we've been through together, I though we were pals haha."

Vegeta realized that he was outmatched and so was left no other option, than to use his trump card. He barely had any reserves left as it was, though. Recoome's attacks had wounded him badly, more so than he'd expected. It was no wonder he was renowned for having the greatest brute strength amongst Ginyu's soldiers. Vegeta loured at his adversary, as he stood up with great difficulty.

Recoome smirked down at him arrogantly, arms akimbo.

"Face it Vegeta, you're done." He said. "You fought a good fight, but even you should know when to call it quits."

Vegeta let out an exhale and lowered his Ki, hoping that Kakarot's brat would remember the signal.

Gohan noticed what he did and his eyes widened in realization that this was Vegeta's last draw.

"Oh no, he's out of energy." Krillin looked on dreadfully, mistakenly associating the abrupt plunge in the Prince's Ki to the beating he got from his adversary.

"Krillin follow me, quick!" Gohan said abruptly and leapt behind Recoome, standing a few yards away from him, as he assumed his stance.

"Wait! Gohan!" Krillin exclaimed, but was too late. He reluctantly followed his young companion, scowling all the while. Why was the child being so suicidal?! If Vegeta couldn't handle this guy, then they certainly didn't stand a snowball's chance in hell.

"Hey, no butting in you two!" Jeice warned. "You're mine! Recoome's had his fun!"

Recoome turned around, dismissing Vegeta entirely, as he began snickering.

"You actually mean to fight me?" He laughed in that stupid signature manner of his. "Now that's funny. I won't even need to try to-"


Just as Recoome lowered his guard, the Prince infused a large portion of his remaining Ki into his right hand and forearm and before anyone knew what had happened, he zoomed towards his opponent from behind and impaled him right through the sternum, penetrating his heart, before the big goon even knew what hit him. Recoome's eyes widened as he saw an arm sticking out of his chest, cutting him off before he could finish his sentence. Vegeta withdrew his appendage almost immediately.

The orange-haired fighter collapsed face first on the ground and coughed out blood. The Prince stood atop his shoulder blades, preventing any movements on the large warrior's part, while Jeice gaped on in horror.

"You let your guard down Recoome!" Vegeta rumbled, smirking evilly at the fallen combatant. "Your strength made you arrogant, your arrogance made you blind and that was a mistake that cost you dearly!"

"V-V-Vege-ta." Recoome choked out his last word and gagged, spitting out another mouthful of blood, before Vegeta stepped off of him and quickly fired a Ki blast through the fleshly perforation he'd created, vaporizing his opponent's heart and killing him instantaneously. Yet another elite of Frieza's army fell at the hands of the mighty Saiyan Prince.

Krillin stared wide-eyed at Vegeta, while Gohan looked disgustingly at Recoome's corpse. The blood and gore itself was bad enough but the miasma that reeked therefrom totally made his skin crawl.

"W-W-What the?" Krillin asked, his expression a mix of confusion, disbelief and awe.

"This was the plan Krillin." Gohan informed, looking at his older companion.

"W-W-What plan?" Asked the bald warrior.

Gohan explained.

"I see." Replied Krillin, still stunned. Vegeta really was one hell of a battle tactician. "That was some thinking there."

"Now there's just one more left." Gohan said. "I don't think we can beat him, but hopefully we can hold out long enough, until my dad gets here."

Vegeta was breathing heavily, having expunged a large portion of his energy. He refused to give up though. He'd taken out all of Frieza's men he'd faced thus far and nothing would change that, even if the scales weren't exactly tipped in his favor!

"RECOOME!" Jeice yelled, before glaring angrily at the perpetrator. "VEGETA, YOU BASTARD! YOU'LL PAY DEARLY FOR THIS!"


Earlier on, the Captain of the Ginyu Force had arrived before Frieza and delivered the six dragon balls over to him.

"Once again you have outdone yourself, Captain Ginyu." The lizard commended. "When I am the ruler of the Universe, your efforts will be repaid tenfold. I can already see it now. Thank you my loyal subject, for a job well done."

"It was my pleasure, Lord Frieza. You know how much I enjoy serving your Lordship." Ginyu replied.

"Now, just one more dragon ball and I can finally make my wish." The lizard cackled.

"Lord Frieza, just give me one hour and I'll bring back that last dragon ball straight to you, gift-wrapped!" Ginyu offered.

"I appreciate your enthusiasm but I prefer to handle this myself." Frieza replied. "I've dealt with enough Nameks now and know exactly what buttons to push to make them spill their secrets. You stay here Captain Ginyu. I'm trusting you to ensure the safety of the rest of the dragon balls."

Frieza climbed into his hovering throne.

"Right! You can count on me, my Lord!" Ginyu saluted. "I'll guard them with my life!"

Frieza smirked and took off, in no real rush, ready to savor his time slaughtering every surviving Namekian, getting the last dragon ball and killing that idiot underling of his, who was foolish enough to let himself be captured.

A short while later, Burter had arrived on scene and informed Captain Ginyu that the two Earthlings he was pursuing had managed to get the slip on him and had destroyed his scouter.

"You idiot!" Ginyu was livid. "You call yourself a member of the Ginyu Force?! You'd better fix up this little blunder or I promise you, you're off the team!"

"But Captain-"

"No buts!" Ginyu interjected furiously, before taking a breath. "Now then, let's see."

Ginyu switched his scouter on and frowned in concentration.

"Luckily for you, I'd adjusted my scouter to lock on to the power levels of Vegeta and his affiliates, right before we took off."

"Oh, uh- okay."

"So, it appears my men are still engaging Vegeta and the brat that's with him." He observed. "As for that other daredevil, he's heading straight into the lion's jaws hehe. But I can't seem to detect the girl's signal." He then snarled furiously at his subordinate. "My goodness, please do not tell me you killed her!"

"No, no, sir, I didn't touch her, I swear!" Burter replied, eyes widened frantically, as he waved his hands. "She was unconscious when the little bald guy had her! That must be why the scouter can't detect her!"

"Well then, why didn't you just say so, you halfwit?" Ginyu replied, before sighing in relief. "Anyway, our scouters allow us to backtrack the movements of any selected sources of power, from the moment we've locked onto them, except when they're repressing their Ki of course. I'm guessing that 'little bald guy' you mentioned knocked the girl out to prevent you from detecting her and then carried her someplace safe. Smart move. Vegeta's obviously chosen his allies well." He then looked at his underling condescendingly. "After all, the guy was able to make you like the dunderheaded oaf you are."

Burter grimaced, mentally vowing to make that puny punk pay dearly!

"Now then." Ginyu began to account Krillin's flight pattern, "Before making his way over to Vegeta and that little kid with him, that guy stopped for a good while, several dozen miles in that direction." Ginyu pointed roughly northeast. "He must have left her there before taking off. The exact location's on my scouter." He then reluctantly offered the device to his subordinate. "Take it and find her now!" He ordered. "Because of your foolishness, I'll be forced to get a new one from the ship. Remember, I'm only doing this because Frieza's specifically ordered us apprehend her!"

"That reminds me sir." Burter began, "Where is Lord Frieza?"

"He's gone to collect the last dragon ball." Ginyu replied, "Retrieve this girl and you can go and regroup with the others."

"Yes sir!" Burter saluted, put on the scouter and flew off as hastily as possible, once he got a fix on his intended location. He couldn't allow his remaining two comrades to have all the fun! He wanted a turn at Vegeta too and most of all, that audacious little trickster!

Burter quickly arrived at the spot where Krillin had hidden Bulma. He grinned evilly upon seeing the unconscious blue-haired female, hoisting her over his shoulder, as he headed right back towards the ship.


Jeice began walking forward, glowering pointedly at Vegeta. Two of his comrades had fallen at the hands of a filthy monkey! This would mar the Ginyu name for decades to come! He'd make sure that dirty Saiyan never saw the light of day again!

Gohan immediately took up his battle position in front of Vegeta.

"What the hell are you doing kid?!" Vegeta hissed. "You don't stand a chance against him!"

"I don't care!" Gohan replied tersely. "I'm not afraid of anyone!"

Jeice snickered.

"Well, that's quite a bit of bravado kid." He applauded. "With an attitude like that, you'd make a fine addition to the Ginyu Force. Too bad, you're too weak."

"Shut up!"

"Gohan, are you stupid?!" Krillin exclaimed. "This guy's way too strong! Let Vegeta handle it!"

"But he's in no condition to fight!"

"Stop talking, as if I'm not here!" Vegeta scowled. "I can fight my own battles, thank you very much! Now move, brat!"

"Gohan, listen." Krillin said in a hushed voice. "If he needs our help, we can jump in afterwards, okay?"

"Alright." Gohan sighed in surrender and stepped aside.

"Oh, don't worry." Jeice smirked. "You two will get a turn as well, right after I deal with Vegeta!"

"Enough small talk!" The Prince spat, as his tail unwrapped from around his waist and began lashing about behind him, in agitation. "It's about time we got started. Do your stupid little sissy pose, so we can begin."

"Oh, how dare you?!" Jeice exclaimed in anger, holding his fist up threateningly. "Like you would know how to strike a pose like we can! You're just jealous because you could never match our flair!"

"Oh yes, I'm completely jealous of a bunch of ballerinas." Vegeta rolled his eyes, before smirking. "You should've dedicated more effort into working your brains, if you had any, that is. Instead, you waste your time learning how to dance like a bunch of pansies. Perhaps that's why two of your idiot crew members have been killed by my hand."

"Oh, you are so dead, Vegeta!" Jeice snarled lividly. "It's a shame Frieza wants you alive or I'd kill you where you stand!"

"You talk big, but last I checked the score's two-nil, my way." Vegeta fired back. "In fact it's five-nil, if we consider Cui, Dodoria and Zarbon."

"Gimme a break!" Jeice scoffed condescendingly, "You just got lucky, that's all. I could easily beat everyone of you, by myself." He then assumed his stance, smiling smugly. "Let's begin, shall we?"

"About time!"


Burter had brought Bulma over to Frieza's ship.

"Ahhh, I see you've returned." Captain Ginyu said, smiling evilly. "And who's this lovely lady?"

"It's the one we were after." Burter replied, smirking complacently. "Vegeta's female. What shall we do with her?"

"Leave her here." Ginyu replied. "I'd like to have a little chat with her. You can go ahead and join Jeice and Recoome."

"Yeah!" Burter threw his fist up and flew off. Little did either of them know that by now, Recoome too, had perished by Vegeta's hand.

As Burter left, Ginyu had a new scouter brought over to him.

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