The Light to my Darkness

BY : SaiyanPrince541
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Chapter 21: Gift

Vegeta's face was wrought with bloody, vengeful resolve as he arrived at his destination in what felt like no time at all. He rapidly began firing well-aimed Ki blasts one after another, killing over a dozen men guarding the exterior of Frieza's spacecraft, before finally entering inside. Dammit, he still couldn't sense Bulma's energy signal!

Upon making his way inside, he eventually found himself surrounded by a legion of soldiers, aiming their Ki blasters at him and trembling all the while. He smirked wickedly.

"Listen and listen well." He began. "A captive of mine was taken hostage by the Ginyu Force and is being held prisoner here! She has blue hair and blue eyes!" He hardened his visage. "Take me to her now, or die!"

Vegeta aimed a finger at one of the soldiers, an anthropomorphic alligator-like being. The frantic alien gulped and began backing away, only to end up dead with a gaping hole through his forehead, not two seconds later.

"I've already killed Cui, Dodoria, Zarbon and 3 members of the Ginyu Force!" He informed the remaining troops, grinning maliciously as he observed the color drain from each of their faces. "You're all peons by comparison and I will not hesitate to make you suffer as painfully as possible, before I end you, so I strongly advise you tell me where-"

Vegeta cut off mid-sentence, as he suddenly sensed Bulma's re-awakened Ki nearby, flickering like crazy and shrouded by a much more powerful signal in the exact same location! Shit, shit, shit! His Ki quickly exploded around him, beams of energy shooting off in all directions and instantly killing each and every soldier in the vicinity. He made a dash towards Bulma, not wasting another moment.


Anorus was a lavender-skinned alien with an elongated skull, red beady eyes and green-spots covering his body. Captain Ginyu had assigned him the task of watching over this new prisoner, giving him strict orders not to harm her or rouse her awake, much to his chagrin. He'd also revealed to him that she was Vegeta's lover. But now that he knew the Saiyan Prince was on the offensive, without the Ginyu squad around, his death warrant was as good as signed.

Fuck this! Fuck Vegeta, fuck Frieza and fuck the Ginyu Force! All his life, he'd been the lizard's puppet, for everything to culminate to this! No, he couldn't let it end this way! He knew he was finished no matter what and since these were to be his last few minutes, the least he could do is get one delightful moment in his fucked-up life! The blue-haired female looked exquisitely delectable! Oh yes, he was definitely going to make a meal of her! He'd get the satisfaction of pouring cold water on whatever plans that bastard Frieza had cooked up!

But best of all, this was Vegeta's lover! That cruel Saiyan had killed his little brother, Zanooris! And why?! Simply because he tried to help get that ungrateful primate get to a regeneration room, after Frieza had dealt him a brutal beating, for some act of disobedience or other! Now he'd pay dearly for what he did! Before he died, at least he'd have the comfort of knowing he'd psychologically scarred that simian abomination, as he devoured his female!

That in mind, Anorus quickly locked the door from the inside and crawled on top Bulma's unconscious body. He folded up his index finger and began stroking her warm cheek.

'Ahhh perfect.' He thought, licking his lips, as shivers of delirium bubbled through him.

She woke up to a start and let out a loud shriek, only for Anorus to clamp his hand over her mouth.

"You're going to make a fine meal, whore." He murmured into her ear. Bulma shuddered in absolute disgust and horror, feeling her skin crawl. What the hell was going on?! Last she remembered Captain Ginyu had captured her and they'd spoken in length about Frieza and his plans for her! Dammit, where were Vegeta and the others?! What about Goku?! Bulma's heart hammered against her chest and tears began to glisten her eyes. She tried pushing the perpetrator away, but he grabbed her left hand and began bending it, eliciting a muffled cry of pain from her. Just as he was about to snap her carpus, he noticed the reading on his scouter fly off the chart! 140 000?! 150 000?! His eyes practically bulged out of their sockets! Holy shit! How the fuck did Vegeta get so strong?! With power this immense, he'd exceeded Captain Ginyu himself! It was unreal! Last he heard, Vegeta's power level could barely scratch 20 000! Dammit, now what?! He glowered at Bulma and aimed his a palm at her face, ready to do obliterate her, but before he got a chance, the door smashed open and a powerful Ki blast blew the alien away, killing him instantaneously.

Bulma began breathing in a rasped manner, as she clutched her abused hand, pressing it to her chest. The very next moment she turned her head and saw- Vegeta?! The Prince had made his way over to her and got down on one knee as he appraised her figure, for any possibly injuries. She blinked a few tears out of her eyes, before abruptly launching herself right at the Saiyan and girding her arms around his neck. Vegeta's eyes widened and he felt his body stiffen, as the blue-haired female buried her face in the recess of his neck, sobbing against him. As he felt his skin moisten from her tears, his protectiveness towards her began to soar! He grimaced as that flawed sentiment consumed him and pulled her back by the waist.

"Quit groveling, you silly female!" He scowled. "You're fine!"

"I AM NOT FINE!" She shrieked back so loud that Vegeta almost fell over, from where he sat. He winced as she went on, holding him by the shoulders as tight as she possibly could. "You killed my friends, stole me from my home, made me betray Yamcha and then threw me aside like I was some disposable piece of trash you didn't want anymore!"

Tears gushed down Bulma's face in a torrential outburst as her shrilling voice attacked the Prince. After gathering his bearings, Vegeta looked at her dolorous expression for a moment. Yamcha?! Wasn't that the name of the weakling who got killed by a Saibaman?! He immediately put two and two together. Was that her lover?! His gut tightened at the mere thought of it. A nasty grimace embedded his face, as he glared heatedly at her, before releasing a frustrated exhale.

"Your idiot friends are going to revive that scar-faced weakling and your other worthless associates! Go back to them if that is what you desire!" He stood up and glowered down at her, more bitterness in his tone than was intended. Bulma's face lit up the moment his words sunk in! Gohan and Krillin were okay! She'd totally forgotten about them! Vegeta let out an exasperated sigh and before the heiress could ask about her friends, he proceeded. "I won't attack your planet once this is all over! Just leave and forget you ever knew me! I'm finished with you!"

Bulma's heart wrenched as she took in his words. He was finished with her?! That declaration should've flooded her with relief and yet- it only made her feel so much hollower than before, so much more alone! Why?! She was supposed to hate him for what he'd done to her and all the others! She grit her teeth at him, as her eyes glistened even further.

"Why'd you even come here Vegeta?!" She growled. "I never asked you to save me! Wasn't I nothing to you but a-"

"Enough!" The Prince interjected furiously, refusing to let her mouth that final word, as he turned around. "If you don't want me here, fine! You can find your own way back to your mud ball planet!"

"I didn't say that!" She retorted, before continuing in a softer tone. "I just want to know why you came for me. You owe me that much."

"I- I don't know!" Vegeta answered, balling a fist and staring down at it lividly. He refused to meet her gaze, his entire body shaking with barely restrained anger, anger towards her for making him feel weak and pathetic, but more so towards himself, for allowing it! How a feeble Earthling woman had managed to get such sway over him had been wracking his brain from the offset, but now that question was thrashing about within him, more violently than ever before!

Bulma surveyed him for a moment. He seemed so lost and out of element, as she saw the heated battle ensue within the chasms of his muddled mind. She immediately recalled her conversation with Captain Ginyu. He'd told her about how Frieza had used Vegeta's father to keep the Prince within his icy grasp. Her lips quivered and tears continued making their exit, as she scrutinized the Prince. Bulma stood to her feet.

"Vegeta, please look at me." She pleaded. At the soft tone of her voice, the Prince turned to her, expression as impassive as ever and yet a gleam of emotion sparkling in his onyx depths. "Stop lying to yourself and just tell me the truth."

"I don't know what you're talking about!" He replied gruffly, swivelling back around.

"Yes you do!" She shot back. "Why do you have to make things so difficult?! Why's it so hard for you to admit that you care?!"

Within a second Vegeta rounded on her and grabbed the back of her head, bringing his face over next to hers.

"I care about no one!" He whispered huskily, making her whole body tingle as his lips brushed the sensitive skin of her earlobe. "Never forget who I am! I am the Prince of darkness and the destroyer of planets!"

Bulma couldn't help but whimper as his gravelly timbre tickled her ear.

"Y-You- you didn't destroy m-m-my planet." She retorted softly.

The Prince growled as he grabbed her face in his hands and pressed his forehead against hers.

"Maybe I will."

Bulma trembled as the stimulating allure of his gruff inflection began to cloud just about all her senses.

"Y-You c-can't." She breathed weakly.

"It's what I do." He murmured, a whisker away from her lips. Though his words carried deathly promise, that low, husky timbre of his eliminated any remnants of lucidity persisting within the crevices of Bulma's disarrayed mind, as a swarm of butterflies settled themselves in the pit of her stomach. She was completely at his whim and couldn't help it as she leaned in and pressed her lips to his, causing a wave of heat to coil within the Saiyan.

Bulma's eyes instantly began fluttering as he responded to her slow kisses. She shivered into his mouth and ran a hand through his gravity-defying mane, once again awed by its amazing, feathery feel, while placing her other hand on the nape of his neck. The Prince lowered his hands to her hips and pulled her flush against him. Vegeta felt pleasure course through him, as Bulma took his lower lip into her mouth. He instantly began to deepen the kiss, until-

"Owww!" The heiress withdrew, wincing as a sharp pain stung her right shoulder. Vegeta growled low in his throat at the sudden loss of heat, creasing his eyebrows at her. She looked at him for a moment, before her gaze moved to his broken left shoulder guard that had poked her deltoid muscle as he was moving in on her. Vegeta followed her line of sight and immediately figured out what had taken place. Almost instinctively, he made his way towards her and put a hand on her shoulder, tenderly rubbing the wounded area.

"It's alright." Bulma smiled at him and as he looked at her, he quickly realized what he was doing. He grimaced and pulled away, headed towards the locker room. "Hey, where're you going?"

"I need to change into a new set of training gear, obviously!" He replied in a peeved tone.

"Wait for me." Bulma was hot on his heels. He huffed and continued walking, the visible tension in his muscles betraying his ruminative state. All this time and he was still unable to figure out what it was about her that had him feel so numb in her presence! And why was she acting so clingy all of a sudden?! He'd subtly threatened to destroy her planet and what does she do?! She necks him, smiles at him and now starts chasing him around like a lost little kitten! He couldn't help but laugh inwardly at how easy it was to make her lose her grip on reality. He felt that he could do just about anything to arouse her, even if he whispered gory details of some of the most horrific genocides and tortures he'd partaken in. Maybe if they made it out of this whole mess in one piece, he'd test that hypothesis someday, if only to try and deduce how dense she could really be! But either way, a part of him just didn't want her to hate him again, as she had before.

Ever since spurning her, his mind had been one giant war zone and then when he'd learned that she'd been kidnapped by the Ginyu Force, things took a turn for the worse. Now that he'd finally been able to secure her, he just didn't want her out of his sight, until he'd gotten her to safety! Though he'd never admit it, he knew that he couldn't allow her to fall into the lizard's grasp! He needed to stay alert! That bastard could be returning any time now! Vegeta closed his eyes and locked onto the Frieza's Ki. Seems he was still busy butchering Namekians. Oh well, it didn't matter, since that fool Kakarot and his compatriots would revive them. A waste of a wish as far as he saw fit, but he only needed one, so it was of no real consequence to him, anyway.

Bulma felt a lot better. Even if Vegeta could never admit to caring about her, everything he did screamed the exact opposite- and that made a warm sensation bud within her. Why?! What was it about him that she just didn't feel with Yamcha?! By all accounts, she should dread him, detest him, after all he'd done- but she just- couldn't! Something about his raw, primal disposition drew her like a magnet, equating her to an unsuspecting freshwater bream that was about to take a fateful bite of a succulent bloodworm, only to end up getting hooked to a fishing rod, before being flung out of the sea and winding up in the jagged jaws of a vile and barbarous human. She quivered fearfully at the thought, suddenly feeling a burst of sympathy towards the hapless bream in the aforementioned analogy.

The Prince eventually made his way inside the locker room. He stood in front of a mirror, to survey any injuries he'd taken, only to find none. "Those beans really do the trick it seems." He thought audibly.

"Beans?" Bulma asked, raising an eyebrow. He frowned at her, already forgetting that she'd followed him here. "Wait you mean senzu beans?!" Her face lit up. "Oh, so Gohan and Krillin had some on them?! That's how you managed to beat those Ginyu dirtbags, right?!"

"No!" He replied tersely. "It was that clown Kakarot!"

"Goku?!" Bulma twinkled, her heart racing as she ran up to him and grabbed his arm. "Goku's here! Are you serious?!"

The Prince scowled at her and wrenched his arm away, feeling vexed by her inordinately chipper attitude at the mention of the younger Saiyan.

"Yes he is!" He replied in the affirmative, before walking over to a cabinet, opening it and rummaging through an array of PTO uniform sets of different sizes, while Bulma sighed and placed a hand on her heart, staring at the ceiling dreamily, eyes glistening with tears of joy and relief! Goku arrived in time, just as Krillin had said! He'd saved the day, yet again! She knew she could always rely on him, no matter how bad things got! Vegeta found a lycra shirt his size, a darker shade of blue than the one he currently wore, as well as a matching pair of pants, plus some gloves and boots.

"Turn around so I can change!" He demanded, recalling the mortifying incident on Planet Frieza (A/N: See Chapter 7). The heiress broke free from her stupor and looked at him quizzically for a moment, before smirking.

"Why?" She replied, batting her eyelashes coquettishly. "You've nothing I haven't already seen before."

Vegeta's face flushed three shades of crimson, as he growled at her.

"Turn around now, before I blast a hole in you woman!"

"Alright, alright!" She relented, whirling around and scowling. "You're such a killjoy you know that?! And a prude!"

The Prince clenched his jaw, letting out an exasperated huff, as he took off his armor, gloves and boots, before clambering out of his old uniform and into the new. This little minx would be the death of him!

Bulma heard another cabinet door slide open violently and swivelled around almost on impulse. Vegeta was just about fully covered, as he sifted through for an assortment of body armor in search for one that would comfortably fit him. As the Prince was bent over, the heiress couldn't help but ogle. The lycra accentuated the outline of his ass so perfectly, he may as well have been naked. Her face flushed at the thought.

'Get ahold of yourself Bulma.' She thought to herself cautiously, suddenly recalling the whole fish/fisherman analogy. 'You don't want to end up between his teeth, do you?'

That in mind, she cast her gaze aside, still at odds with her feelings. Just what was it that she had with Vegeta? And supposing they did succeed in their quest to defeat Frieza, what would happen? She barely knew him and yet for some reason, she felt so empty at the thought of never seeing him again. Maybe she could convince him to visit Earth or something?

'Likely story.' She scoffed inwardly. 'I'd have a better chance at getting an Eskimo to go live in the middle of the Sahara, for a year.'

The heiress let out a dejected sigh. There had to be some way! After all, if they were to triumph over Frieza, it wouldn't be right to just allow Vegeta to go about terrorizing the rest of the Universe, so long as Earth was safe! That would be extremely selfish of them!

'Maybe I can invite him to live at Capsule Corporation.' She thought jokingly. 'Wouldn't mom be thrilled?! Hahaha.'

As Bulma was lost in her own musings, Vegeta had finished dressing and headed over to her, expression as perpetually grim as ever.

"We're leaving." He informed her.

"Oh- uh- where're we going?"

"I'm taking you back to my space pod." He answered. "You're returning to Earth."

"What?!" She exclaimed, narrowing her eyes. "No I'm not!"

"I wasn't asking, woman!"

"Well, you can't order me around!" She shot back. "I wanna see Goku and the others!" He ground his teeth together at the mention of Kakarot's name, unable to repress the hint of jealousy at her blatant affinity towards the other Saiyan. "Plus, this is the only opportunity I have to witness Namek's dragon being summoned and all that! We're all leaving together and that's final!"

"You're a stubborn wench!" He growled as he grabbed her arms.

"I'm not a wench, you jerk!" She squawked. Vegeta cringed at her excessively loud treble. "I'm staying and that's that!"

"Curse you, female!" He stared heatedly at her.

"Curse you-" She paused a moment. "Alpha male!"

"You're so stupid!"

"You're stupid, you little hotheaded- shrew-faced, turtle-brained- dwarf!"

Not a second later, the heiress was flat on the ground, a livid Saiyan astride her hips. Her jaw hung open in astonishment at the compromising position she suddenly found herself in! Vegeta pressed his forehead to hers.

"You never know when to shut-up, do you woman?!"

Bulma swallowed hard, upon feeling his hot breath and guttural voice tickle the insides of her mouth, making her anger melt away almost instantaneously, as a sudden rush of arousal began to prick at her.

"U-Umm- I-"


The heiress immediately clamped her mouth shut. Vegeta could hardly restrain himself from smirking, as she trembled underneath him, once again priding himself at how easy it was to use this obstinate female's tenuous control over her libido, to his advantage. His tail unwound from his waist and wagged about playfully behind him.

"Now what shall I do with you, hm?" The predatory sparkle in the Saiyan's eyes made Bulma's stomach flip-flop, as she lay stock-still beneath him in thrilled anticipation. Vegeta immersed his face in the recess of her neck and inhaled deeply, shutting his eyes as he was flooded with her blissful, floral fragrance. She barely resisted the urge to shiver as she felt her legs turn into jelly, making her feel like she weighted a ton. The Prince ran the tip of his nose up the length of her slender neck, before breathing against her ear in a near inaudible, yet deeply entrancing timbre. "What shall I do with you?"

Bulma whimpered at the tantalizing sensations prodding every cell in her body. She was completely under his thumb, never having felt so helpless and feeble, her entire life. She wanted nothing more than for him to tie her up and use his deft hands and hot mouth to pleasure every inch of her body, from head to toe. The mere thought of it was almost enough to kill her with a burgeoning overload of desire, as she felt the insides of her thighs dampen. She simply couldn't think straight in his presence. Her mind was inundated with a haze of pure white.


The Saiyan once again leaned his forehead on hers, their noses adjacent, as he darted his tongue forward, through her lips and teeth, causing her eyes to rollback, as he probed every interstice of her velvety mouth, with his wet tongue. Bulma placed her hands on either side of his face, running them along the contours of his perfect jaw and cheekbones. His skin was unusually warm, enveloping every fibre of her body with blissful heat, as he continued pleasuring her mouth. Everything about him was so fascinating. She loved his wild and unpredictable nature and she didn't want this to ever end, no matter what! She knew now that she couldn't bear it if he just up and left her once they were done on Namek! Her future felt bland and meaningless without him in it! Her eyes began to glisten at the thought of never seeing him again.

The instant Vegeta smelled the saline scent of her tears, he was jolted from his stupor and pulled back.

"What're you doing?!" He sneered down at her.

"Don't ever leave me, Vegeta." She entreated in a weak tone, her eyes half-lidded and watery.

"W-What?" The Saiyan choked out, eyes widened, as he stared at her in complete incredulity. Bulma placed a hand on his cheek.

"After you defeat Frieza, take me with you, wherever you go." She implored earnestly, her heart hammering against her chest as she peered into his bright orbs of limitless obsidian, awaiting his reply, hoping against hope that he would choose her.

Vegeta looked at her blankly for a moment or so, astounded beyond words. As he observed the pleading gleam in her endless sapphire pools, his heart staggered violently. An unfamiliar emotion began consuming him, warmer, brighter and more pleasant than anything he'd ever felt his entire life. But it didn't last long, the darkness returning and re-establishing its ugly foothold within the Saiyan's heart, as his eyes turned pitch black, betraying absolutely nothing.

"No." He replied in a low and stony voice, getting up off her and walking away. No one would or should want anything to do with an accursed bastard like him, let alone some feeble-minded Earth woman! This had to be some kind of trick! It was the only explanation! He was afraid! He'd never admit it, even to himself, but it was the truth! He was afraid of the feelings she was invoking within him! It could only mean bad news and nothing else! The last time he'd felt so strongly about someone was his when his mother and father were still alive! He could never allow himself to be overcome by such weakness ever again, not after what it did to him all those years ago!

Bulma's heart wrenched at Vegeta's cold dismissal, making her feel as though her entire world began to crumble right before her eyes. No, she couldn't allow this! She knew he cared about her! He was obviously at odds with his feelings and she had to discover some way to win him over! She just had to! That in mind, the heiress stood to her feet and hurriedly followed after him.

"Vegeta, wait!"

"What do you want from me?!" He instantly rounded on her, an enraged snarl contorting his visage, as he grabbed her arms. "I purge planets for a living! Is that what you want to be a part of?! Is it?!"

"N-No, b-but-"

"Exactly!" He released her from his tight grip and continued his way.

"Hold on, I'm not finished!" She called out to him, completely undeterred.

The Prince stopped in his tracks and tilted his head towards her.

"I already told you that your mud ball planet's safety is guaranteed!" He growled. "I'll give you nothing more!"

"Then let me give you something." She made her way towards him and he whirled around as the two came face to face, his expression cynical.

"And what, pray tell, would I possibly want from you?!" He narrowed his eyes.

"Me." She replied in an almost whisper.

Vegeta gaped at her in absolute disbelief, eyes as wide as saucers and mouth slightly ajar, as that familiar warmth began to augment within him, making his knees buckle. He tried fighting it, but it became increasingly difficult.

"I- I don't understand."

Bulma took his hands in hers.

"I'm yours Vegeta." She surrendered, heedlessly disregarding every trace of logic screaming at her to stop, as she smiled brightly and continued. "I give myself over to you, wholly and freely: no strings attached."

The Prince felt a brilliant sun rising within him, pouring light over every darkened chamber in his body and every aperture of his debased soul, as that warm, fuzzy feeling began blossoming inside, curbing his darkness and impairing his judgment. As he peered into her beautiful and boundless oceans of unlimited cerulean, his heart threatened to break free from his chest. He felt so weak in her presence. He hated feeling week, but he felt- good. He could never remember feeling so good all his life, even before he was given away to Frieza.


"I want to."

"You- you shouldn't." He frowned at her. She moved closer to him, gripping his hands more firmly.

"It's already done." She murmured, pressing his hands against her soft bosom. "This is my gift to you." He felt the entreating glimmer in her azure eyes pierce the very depths of his soul, creating an internal fissure that she quickly filled with her vivid presence, sealing her place inside of him and making him feel more alive than ever before. "Don't deny me again, Vegeta."

The Prince was losing control with every ticking second. Against his Saiyan heritage and against everything he'd taught himself over the course of gruelling decades under Frieza's command, he tightened his grasp on her hands, giving her the reassurance she needed, as she leaned in and brushed her lips with his.

Bulma's stomach did a leaping somersault, as he fervently responded to her kisses. She positioned their hands down besides her hips, as she shifted further, pressing her body against his and deepening the heartfelt kiss. Vegeta's eyes fluttered, as he gave himself into the powerful sensation flooding through him and mentally vowed that he would do everything he could to keep Bulma away from the Frieza's icy claws. She belonged to him now and he refused to fail her, like he did his father and his people!

Bulma smiled against his lips, feeling his thoughts as though they were her very own. Never in her entire life had she felt so deeply about anyone! The connection between them was more firm and potent than ever before!

The Saiyan unwound his tail and wrapped it around Bulma's lithe waist. The heiress jumped, completely startled, as she felt the snaky, brown appendage gird her.

"What?! Oh it's just your tail." The heiress let out a sigh of relief. Vegeta cocked an eyebrow at her odd behavior. She'd freak out over just about anything. Bulma hesitantly began stroking his shaggy tail, grinning from ear to ear and giggling inwardly at how soft it felt, like the fur of a newborn pup. The Prince froze, half his lifeblood rushing to his face and the other half down to his flaming loins, as he felt his energy drain. The moment Bulma turned in his direction, she saw him glaring daggers at her, his face flushed about a dozen shades of crimson. She yelped and instantly let go of the fluffy appendage. Bulma found herself retreating, as he moved towards her threateningly, staring her dead on.

"Don't! Ever! Touch! My! Tail!" He snarled in pure primal fashion, pausing between each word for effect, his eyes scorching murderously. His elongated fangs made him look like a wild sabre tooth, getting ready to devour its prey, eliciting a fearful shudder from the blue-haired heiress.

"Um- uh- okay." She whimpered, as he continued advancing on her. "I'm sorry, I- I d-didn't know I- w-w-wasn't s-s'pposed t-to."

Vegeta suddenly sensed something amiss, breaking him from his blind fit of crazed lycanthropy. Jeice was returning here to the ship with- Kakarot?! His rival's Ki signal was different and unbelievably weak. Ginyu seemed to be in the same spot as before. The Captain's Ki was fading and like the younger Saiyan's, it seemed highly unusual. What on Namek's three suns was going on?! What was that third-class clown doing with Jeice?! Bulma took notice of Vegeta's diverted attention.

"What is it?" She asked.

"Stay right here!" He commanded as he quickly vanished and headed outside the ship.

"Hey, where'd you go?!" The heiress looked this way and that way, but was unable to locate her crazy lover

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