The Light to my Darkness

BY : SaiyanPrince541
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Chapter 4: At Capsule Corporation

About one hour later, the pair arrived at Capsule Corporation's residential complex and Bulma re-capsulized the airbus. She found it somewhat difficult to avoid the urge to take peeks at Vegeta's flawless figure, but whenever the thought hit her, she reminded herself that he was a heartless animal and the cause of her misery. The Saiyan was stunned as he witnessed a humongous transport shrunk down to something handheld. Bulma walked over to the front door, pulled out her keycard, swiped it on the card reader besides the door and entered the 9-digit code to allow entrance into the house.

Vegeta was surprised at seeing how gigantic her 'dwelling' was, if it was even that. A place like this could probably house all of Frieza's army, well, perhaps not all, but still. As she made her way into her room, Vegeta was hot on her heels. Her mother was out in the back garden, while her father was in his lab, allowing her to slip by undetected. Upon reaching her room, Bulma packed away all her dynocaps into a capsule case and held the dragon radar out, as she turned to face her new captor.

"This is it." She said, holding it up for him. "The dragon radar."

Vegeta raised an eyebrow curiously.

"You mean this little thing's going to find me the dragon balls?" He asked dubiously.

"Of course!" She exclaimed boldly. "But here's the deal, I carry the radar and you carry the dragon balls, got it?!"

Vegeta scoffed.

"Whatever, but if this fails, then I will destroy the Earth." He threatened. He considered asking her how the gadget worked but then thought better of it. Doing so would immediately give away his plans of reneging on their little deal. He'd have to figure out a way to destroy this planet some other time, but he'd still keep her around. Her brilliant mind could prove to be a decisive asset to his new empire.

Bulma nodded her head weakly.

"I'm going to take a shower and change my clothes." She announced. "After that we can leave."

"Hurry up then!" The Prince was impatient, anxious to leave so he could finally attain what was rightfully his: immortality!

Bulma opened her cupboard, picked out a yellow sleeveless coat skirt, a thick black long-sleeve jumpsuit, a red headband, white socks and big red/black boots. She placed her clothes on her bed, before grabbing a casual plain white t-shirt and offering it to Vegeta.

"Here, you can have this."

Vegeta narrowed his eyes before grabbing the t-shirt and inspecting it for a moment, while Bulma picked up her clothes and left to go to the bathroom, not wanting to stand a second longer near that disgusting, ugly, horrible, mouth-wateringly sexy-

'Bulma, get a fucking grip!' She mentally slapped herself a good couple times, as she headed for the shower. 'All right, so he's got a nice body! He's still your worst enemy, so quit letting your hormones get the best of you!'

God, it'd been over a year since she'd experienced release and the man she'd experienced it with was now rotting somewhere, all thanks to the bastard outside. She sighed dejectedly.

'Oh Yamcha.'

She stripped down, tossed her dirty clothes into a hamper and entered the shower, letting the warm water cascade down her body in fine thin rivulets, as she cried her heart out, not only for the man she loved, but also for Tien, Chiaotzu and even Piccolo. Yes, the Earth-born Namekian may have once been there enemy, but he'd died as their ally and for that, she was truly grateful.

After she was done showering, she sighed in consternation. This would be her final day on Earth. She'd never been in outer space for more than a few days, but God knows how long this trip would last.


Vegeta donned the t-shirt he was given and sat on Bulma's bed, waiting for her to finish whatever she was doing. What was taking her so long? It had been fifteen minutes already. It only took him ten minutes, at the very most, to get himself cleaned up and clamber into a set of training uniform. As he was about to get up and break through the bathroom door, an intruder made their way into the room.

An attractive middle-aged blonde-haired lady stood in the doorway. She gasped when she looked upon the battered and bruised Saiyan. Who was he? What was he doing in Bulma's room and why was he looking so beat up?

"Wh-Wh-Who are y-you?" Mrs. Brief asked, her tone laced with trepidation. Bulma heard her mother's voice and a feeling of dread coiled in her stomach. What would Vegeta do to her? She quickly began rinsing off the soap from her body and the shampoo off her hair.

Vegeta furrowed his brows. His first instinct was to blast her to ribbons, but then he figured it'd be a wasted effort on his part. After all, he needed to conserve every ounce of energy he had, before his wounds were tended to.

"I am Vegeta, Prince of the Saiyans." He introduced without preamble.

"Oh, uh, o-o-okay!" Mrs. Brief stammered, beginning to fret that a psych ward escapee had somehow broken into her house. "W-W-What're you doing here?"

"I'm waiting on the blue-haired wench." He replied nonchalantly.

"Do not call me that you stupid jerk!" Bulma yelled from inside the bathroom, having heard her captor.

"Hurry up you fucking sloth!" Vegeta demanded, shouting right back. Who the fuck did that harpy think she was, speaking to him like that, to him, the mighty Saiyan Prince?! Oh, he'd put her in her place, all too soon!

"Oh I get it." Mrs. Brief chirped. "You're her boyfriend and you two are having a little lover's quarrel. Oh well, I'll leave you-"

"Mom!" Bulma yelled, her cheeks flushed, as she left the shower and began drying herself. "It's not like that! Get your head out of the gutter!"

How dare she claim that when this was the same man who'd killed the only boyfriend she'd ever had?

Mrs. Brief giggled and pranced over to Vegeta, who had a blush smeared across his face. This blonde woman was, without a doubt, completely insane.

"Well young man." She offered, "How'd you like a meal, while you're waiting?"

"I'm fine!" Vegeta replied gruffly.

Bulma smacked her forehead, indignantly.

"Mom can you just leave, goddammit?!"

"Surely, a stud-muffin like you needs to be well fed to maintain his perfect figure." The exuberant woman argued, appraising his bulging shoulders and biceps and those delicious pecs protruding from his t-shirt. The young man was kind of short, but his immaculate body, handsome face and awesome gravity-defying hair, more than made up for it, as far as she was concerned. While she did find Yamcha great, this new guy seemed even better, in her eyes, at least in the looks department. "I'm known to be one of the best chefs on this planet."

"Mom!" Bulma berated, still in the bathroom.

Vegeta's blush widened for a moment or two, as he noticed the woman mentally undressing him. He was beginning to feel disconcerted, under her lascivious scrutiny. He let that thought go, instead considering the ditzy woman's offer. Well, he hadn't eaten a good meal since God knows when. Frieza had only given him the bare essentials needed to survive, some unappetizing slop that happened to contain everything required for his Saiyan metabolism to thrive and that was if he'd been a 'good little monkey'; if not, he would be starved for long periods, as was often the case. The best meals he had were during purge missions, where he could hunt game or simply eat the enemies he defeated, provided they weren't Saiyanoids like him. As he was lost in his thoughts, Bulma exited the room, having changed into her new outfit.

Vegeta frowned at her a moment, before turning to her mother.

"So, where do I eat?" He demanded more than asked.

"Oh, just follow me, young man." She smiled, as she left the room, Vegeta beginning to follow along.

Bulma gaped on incredulously. She was surprised her mother was still breathing. Thank God for that! That was the last thing she'd have expected.

"Hey, Vegeta!" The heiress called out.

"What?!" The Prince asked, turning to face her.

"If you hurt her, the deal's off, I swear to God!"

"I'm just going to eat, dammit!" He snarled, before taking off.

Bulma bit her lip, as she considered her options. She could keep an eye on Vegeta, to ensure her mother's safety, but then, it didn't seem like he had any ulterior motive, plus she'd clearly emphasized her point. No, she wasn't worried about her mother. She'd be fine, so long as she could keep that bastard distracted with a nice, palatable meal or ten. Given that Vegeta was a Saiyan, he'd probably take a long time to eat, thus she decided that she might as well get a haircut appropriate for a trip to outer space. With that in mind, she beeped over a servant bot and sat in front of her mirror, as it tied a sheet around her and cut her a nice chin-length blunt cut with bangs fashioned on the front, covering her forehead. After it cleaned up all the mess, she put on her red headband and made her way downstairs.

Mrs. Brief had just finished cooking a nice chicken stir-fry for Vegeta, while the latter's acute sense of smell caused his mouth to water in frenzied anticipation. God, that aroma was second to none! She placed the entire meal inside a humongous bowl. Just then, Bulma came over next to her mother.

"Hey mom." She greeted.

"Oh hey honey!" Mrs. Brief instantly took note of her new look. "Nice haircut!"

"Thanks." She replied, forcing on a strained smile.

"Are you alright, darling?" Asked the older woman, concernedly.

"Yeah, I'm fine mom." She replied, adding more warmth into her smile as she averted her thoughts from the day's catastrophic events and instead focused on the sweet innocence and oblivion of her loving mother.

"Are you sure?"

"I'm all right, really. I'm sure our guest is hungry." Bulma's little ruse worked perfectly and her eccentric ditz of a mother grabbed the large bowl of stir-fry and skipped over to Vegeta. The heiress smiled. Distracting her mother was never all that difficult. Just point her towards the nearest hot guy and she'd start flirting, though it never went any further than that, thankfully enough. She knew exactly where she'd inherited her own fickle traits. She sighed despondently and went over to the table, taking a seat opposite the Prince, who was eyeing his meal suspiciously. What if that blue-haired harpy was luring him in a trap, so she could have him poisoned? No. That couldn't be. If she wanted him dead, she wouldn't have tended to his wounds. Still, her mother was creeping the hell out of him, what with that undying, perpetual smile of hers and the suggestive glances she kept casting his way.

"What's wrong young man?" Mrs. Brief asked. "Have a bite. I'm sure you'll love it."

"Oh, don't tell me you think it's poisoned!" Bulma scowled at him. "God, talk about paranoid!"

She roughly pulled the bowl towards her, grabbed a plate and a set of chopsticks, put some inside and began eating.

"See… not… poisoned!" She said between mouthfuls. Vegeta slit his eyes at her, before pulling the bowl back to him, snatching his own pair of chopsticks and ravaging his meal.

"Wow! You're just like Goku." Mrs. Brief commented, smiling, as she took a seat next to the surly Prince. "Such a vibrant young man."

Vegeta growled. He hated that name. Kakarot, the fool! He'd taken on an Earthling name and hadn't the slightest clue nor care for his great Saiyan heritage. But, that was his problem. He shrugged off those thoughts and continued enjoying the luscious meal before him, till nothing remained. Though it helped replenish his energy, he was still not sated. Saiyan stomachs were cumulative by nature, which meant that the hungrier he was, the more expansive his inner larder was and boy, he hadn't eaten this well in ages!

"I want more." He demanded.

"Hmmm." Mrs. Brief thought, placing an index finger on her chin. Aside from Goku, no one had paid her this level of attention and that truly pleased her. "Well, I can-"

"It's alright mom." Bulma intervened, "We can get a couple pizzas downtown."

"Pizza? What's a pizza?" Asked an intrigued Saiyan Prince.

"I don't have time to explain." Bulma replied, getting up from her chair and heading out the door. "But Goku loves them and I'm sure you will too, so let's get moving."

"Bye mom." The heiress bade her mother farewell as she tentatively left, knowing that this trip may well have been one way, "I'll be gone for a long while, but I promise I'll return as soon as I can. Tell dad, okay? Love you."

Mrs. Brief's eyes suddenly snapped open. What did Bulma mean by that? Where was she going? She began feeling disconcerted, but after a while, her worries eased, as she remembered that prolonged adventures were something habitual for her daughter. She was spot on of course, only this journey would take a far different course than those of its predecessors.

Vegeta followed Bulma's lead as she went out the door. Mrs. Brief was lost in her own thoughts. The Prince wondered how his trip to Earth had gone so awry. His mission was to make his wish and destroy this wretched planet, not be showered with healthcare and free meals. But, he wasn't complaining. He'd get what he wanted soon enough and then the Universe would be his.

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