The Light to my Darkness

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Chapter 19: Surprises

Jeice and Vegeta began duking it out, but the latter found himself being bested at just about every turn. Add to the fact that his power level was slightly lower than that of his opponent, Vegeta was worn out from his battle against Recoome. Jeice landed a hard uppercut right underneath the Saiyan's chin and he was sent flying several yards back, skidding across the grass. By some miracle, he managed to get back on his feet, but was staggering badly.

"HAHAHA You're finished Vegeta." The Trigocian sneered. "You might have gotten lucky against Recoome, but you're no match for me, especially in your condition!"

Vegeta was taking rasped breaths and clutching his rapidly beating heart. These blows were really taking their toll, especially that last one. But he could not give up!

"I'm afraid if I hit ya any longer, I might kill ya." Jeice said snidely. "Why not just give up?"

"I never surrender- cough-" Vegeta spat out a glob of bloody phlegm, "before- anyone!"

"I guess that's just too bad then." Jeice dashed forward, but just as he was about to inflict the final blow, Gohan appeared beside him and planted a hard punch straight to his left jaw, sending him reeling several yards sideways. After regained his footing, he snarled viciously at the boy. "Why you little runt!"

"I've had enough of you, jerk!" Gohan yelled. While the child did harbor a feeling of distaste towards Vegeta, what with the Prince constantly deriding both him and his father at every turn, he couldn't help but venerate his tenacity as a warrior; he refused to capitulate, no matter the odds and that's something the half-Saiyan truly respected! On top of that, Vegeta saved him from Guldo and so he wouldn't allow the older warrior meet his end here, not after he'd been able to use his cunning and genius to finish off Recoome! No, he'd take the stand and fight hard until his father returned! He was honored to call himself the son of Goku and the pupil of Piccolo and he refused to cower before anyone! "Your battle with Vegeta's over! From here on out, I'm your opponent!"

The Prince looked at the boy in disbelief and couldn't help but feel awed by his spine! This was just like him! The fierce and determined look in the half-Saiyan's dark eyes said everything! It was that same look he'd proudly donned on Earth, when he stood by his comrades, in spite of the impossible odds he faced! Only now- he was intervening on his behalf! Why?! It didn't make sense! They may have been working together, but they were still sworn enemies, weren't they?! Yet here he was, fighting for his sake, as though he were one of his friends! He shook his head ferociously. They were all a means to an end, just like he'd proclaimed earlier!

Krillin went and stood by Gohan, both battle-ready.

"Wow Vegeta." Jeice smirked. "I mean it, I'm impressed. I don't know how, but you finally made some friends hahaha!"

"Gohan, this might not be such a good idea." Krillin warned, gritting his teeth.

"I don't care!" The child loured. "Everyone's counting on us and I'm not gonna let them down!"

The bald warrior sighed in defeat and the duo faced off against Jeice.

Gohan began powering up to his maximum and Krillin did likewise. He charged up his Ki and fired a Masenko directly at his opponent's chest, who knife-handed it away. Krillin promptly fired his most intense Kamehameha wave directly at the Ginyu fighter, only to have it deflected as well.

"Really, that's it?" Jeice asked disappointedly. "And you expect to beat me? Maybe in a hundred years hahahaha!"


Right before the battle between Jeice and the others commenced, Burter headed their way and Ginyu lightly patted Bulma's cheek, rousing her awake.

The moment she woke up and saw Ginyu's face, she instinctively let out an extremely loud shriek to the top of her voice, causing the Captain to flinch and clasp his ears tightly.

"Oh, would you please shut up?!" The Captain yelled and she immediately quieted down and looked at the purple, horned mutant with absolute dread in her eyes. Oh shit, didn't Vegeta call Frieza a 'horn-headed fucker' (A/N: Refer to Chapter 8)? Could it really be- him? Oh God, anyone but him! "Now then, you're probably wondering why you're here."

"Wh-Who- who are y-you?" Bulma quavered, fear deluging her sapphire eyes as she sat up. Her entire body was trembling.

"If you must know, allow me to formally introduce myself." The Captain promptly stood up, dusted himself off and placed his arms by his side. "I am." He paused a few seconds for effect, before striking one of his top five signature poses, as he chanted. "Captaaaiiiin Ginyuuuu!"

Bulma's fear dissipated and she looked at the mutant creature incredulously for a few moments, before falling backwards anime-style. This guy was clearly a nutcase, but he didn't seem harmless in anyway. Maybe this was all just some bizarre dream. She could hardly remember anything from before, anyway. She got up and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Oh, okay." She shook her head. "For a second there, I thought you were someone named Frieza."

Ginyu smirked, easing his stance.

"Oh no, I just work for Lord Frieza."

Bulma blanched as she heard that. Of course. Captain Ginyu! Her memories from earlier began resurfacing. The Ginyu Force! That's what Vegeta called them! Shit, how did she end up here?! If this guy was their Captain, what happened to the others?!

"Anyway, his Lordship's currently running an errand and he specifically ordered us not to harm you until he returns." Ginyu explained.

"Wh-Where're my f-friends?"

"Oh, my men are taking them into custody as we speak." Ginyu informed. Bulma had horror and trepidation writ all over her countenance. "But have no fear, they're also to be taken alive."

"What do you want with us?" Bulma asked, frowning and gritting her teeth.

"Well, you see, Lord Frieza informed us that you're Vegeta's lover." Ginyu replied. Bulma averted her gaze the moment he said that. "And as you may well know, that little Saiyan is guilty of treason and so we've been ordered to apprehend him and all his associates."

"I've got news for you then!" She scowled back at him. "I was never his associate or his lover! I was his prisoner! I hate him! I hate all of you!" She then continued in a softer tone. "I just wanna go home."

Ginyu narrowed his eyes curiously at her.

"Is that right?"

"That's right." She stated fervently, before looking at him imploringly. "Please, just let me go."

Ginyu perused her for a moment.

"Well, you sound convincing enough, but I'm afraid orders are orders."

"But I've got nothing to do with any of this." She argued.

"That may be so, but Lord Frieza came to learn that his Saiyan underling was highly possessive of you." He informed her. Bulma gaped at the Captain. "In fact, he's convinced that he may have even developed a fondness towards you. Personally, I find that hard to believe, but, hey, stranger things have happened."

Fondness? Possessiveness? Is that how Vegeta felt towards her? She immediately recalled her Saiyan captor's unsettled state, as he demanded that Krillin deliver her to safety. Was that truly concern she saw in his ebony eyes? But if that were so, why had he spurned her, not so long ago?! And how did Frieza come to know about any of this?! Why did he even care?! She loured at the Captain.

"Even if any of that's true, it still doesn't change the fact that I hate him!" She lied. "He killed my friends and took me from my home!"

"Did he now?" Ginyu frowned and paused for a moment. "Well, regardless, if he does truly hold any sort of attachment towards you, that makes you a very important person, whether you like it or not."


"It's simple." Ginyu replied. "Vegeta's always been kind of a loose cannon, ever since he was a boy, soon after his planet was destroyed."

"You mean, after Frieza destroyed it!" Bulma corrected, grimacing nastily at him.

"Oh, so you know about that?" The Captain smirked and when the blue-haired woman didn't answer, he continued. "Guess you do. Anyway, when Planet Vegeta was still around, Frieza had a vast extent of leverage to keep the Prince in line."

That really caught Bulma's attention.

"It was all quite simple really." He went on. "All he had to do was threaten to kill the little Prince's father and Vegeta followed his every move like a puppet."

Bulma's lips began to quiver, as tears flooded her brilliant eyes.

"But things changed." Ginyu continued. "Vegeta was never was all that amiable to begin with, but after the annihilation of his race, he became outright reclusive, even with his two subordinates, Nappa and Raditz. Since then, handling him had always been kind of difficult. While he was a brutally efficient killing machine, without anymore leverage, Frieza couldn't really keep Vegeta under control like he wanted to and as expected, that pretentious little Saiyan ending up rebelling against him." He stated, before smirking. "But now with you here-"

"So you're planning to use me to get to him, is that it?!" Bulma interjected, gnashing her teeth the instant she figured it out.

"Something like that, yes." The Captain affirmed.

"Why?!" She cried. "How could you ever treat someone like that?! What did Vegeta ever do to any of you?! Why can't you just leave him alone?! Haven't you put him through enough?!"

The heiress was unable to help it as a giant wave of tears burst forth, in the midst of her heartfelt tirade. Everything made sense now; why Vegeta was the way he was! By having nothing to care for, Frieza had nothing to take away from him and that was the only piece of reassurance he could hang on to, as he spent his days blackening his soul doing his master's dirty work! But the moment he began- caring for someone, he felt his tempo break! He saw her as a weakness, a liability and that's why he shunned her, not because he was a heartless bastard, as she'd thought the first time!

"You're besotted with him, aren't you?" Ginyu smirked, breaking right through her thoughts.

"I'm not!" Bulma hissed back.

"You are."

"I hope you all die and burn in hell!" She snarled viciously.

"All of us, but not Vegeta, right?" Ginyu asked, surveying her closely.

Bulma opened her mouth, but was unable to utter a word. No, she didn't want to say it again! She'd wished evil upon Vegeta just a while earlier and he'd barely made it out alive! She couldn't do it again! She couldn't bear the thought of him dying! If only he could survive! If only all of them could somehow make it out of this mess! Where was Goku, when they needed him?! Krillin assured her he'd come!

"That's what I thought!" The Captain smirked knowingly, before chuckling and exhaling. "Anyway, you shouldn't worry about him. He'll be dealt with soon enough, Miss uh-"

"Brief." Bulma answered in a low tone, knitting her eyebrows.

"Right, Miss Brief." Ginyu said. "Look, don't get me wrong, you seem like a nice girl and all and I don't like having to do this, but orders are orders. It's nothing personal, just business."

"It's entirely personal to me!" Bulma shot back. "You're using me as a hostage!"

"True, but that's just the way it it's gotta be."

"You're all monsters, every last one of you!"

"And is Vegeta any different?" The Captain grinned. Bulma refused to meet his gaze, as he continued. "Other than Frieza, he's more ruthless than every single one of us. His name carries great infamy, even amongst the ranks of the Planet Trade. Man, woman or child, he could break a person in less than half the time it would take my men and I all working tog-"

"ENOUGH!" Bulma snarled aloud. "I'm not listening to you anymore!"

The Captain winced at her abrupt shrilling voice and grit his teeth, letting out an exasperated huff, before smirking.

"You really are taken with him, huh?" Ginyu chuckled. "Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Frieza's definitely gonna look forward to interrogating you."

"He won't." Bulma stared him dead in the eye. "Vegeta and Goku will stop him, just you watch. I'd give up now, if I were you."

"Hahahaha, Goku huh?!" Ginyu laughed. "And who might that be?!"

"You're about to find out the hard way, unless you leave this planet immediately."

"Sounds fun!" Ginyu flashed his pearly teeth at her. "In any event, it's time you took a little nap."

The Captain gave her a tap on the temple that knocked her out instantly. If she was any bit as clever as Vegeta's other friend that had managed to fool Burter, he couldn't take any chances. He brought her inside the ship and had a soldier confine her to a room that was sealed with a circular Ki-infused padlock.


"H-He just deflected our attacks- like they were- n-nothing." Krillin stuttered.

"Dammit, he's too strong!" Gohan hissed.

"Of course! I am a member of the Ginyu Force after all!" Jeice said smugly. Just then Burter arrived by his side and growled viciously, the moment he saw the bald warrior.

"Burter, it's about time you came." Jeice said, shaking his head. "What took ya?"

"That bald midget's mine, understood!"

"Hold on now, just wait a minute-"

"He's mine!" Burter interjected resolvedly. "He played me for a fool and he's going to pay for it!"

"He what?!"

"Maybe if they keep arguing with each other, it can buy us a little time till Goku gets here." Krillin whispered to Gohan.

"Perhaps, but I doubt it." The boy shook his head dejectedly.

"Hey baldy!" Vegeta hobbled over near the two of them, grimacing.

"My name's Krillin." The bald warrior frowned in askance.

"I specifically ordered you to leave this planet, did I not?!" Vegeta growled at him. "What the fuck are you still doing here?!"

"If you're worried about Bulma, for whatever reason, don't be." Krillin replied, expression unchanged. "She's fine. I knocked her out and stashed her someplace safe."

Vegeta knits his eyebrows at the bald man for a moment, breathing an inward sigh of relief, before a nasty snarl twisted his features.

"I never said I was worried you idiot!" He exclaimed angrily, clearly insulted such a notion. "I need her alive for my own reasons, that's all there is to it!" He lied.

"Whatever." Krillin said dismissively. "In any case, she's alright, believe me." He then turned his attention to the two juggernauts in front of them. "I can hardly say the same thing about us though."

The Ginyu pair continued arguing, until Burter realized something was amiss.

"Where're Guldo and Recoome?" He asked.

"Vegeta killed them." Jeice answered, clenching his jaw.

"Impossible! How?!" Burter gaped at his companion.

"It was some nasty trick." Responded the red warrior. "Pure luck is all it was. And now he's gonna pay for it!"

"Your darn right he is!" Burter turned towards the trio, letting out a furious snarl. "You'll pay for this! Do you hear me?!"

"Dammit now what?!" Vegeta clenched his teeth. "Snow White was enough trouble on his own, now the giant anthropomorphic snake's joined him too!"

"Silence, monkey!" The blue-skinned shot back lividly, before turning to his comrade. "Step aside Jeice! These three are mine!"

"How about this?" Jeice asked tactfully. "You take the two runts and I get Vegeta. It's only fair."

"Fine!" Burter hissed back, begrudgingly. "But I go first, is that clear?!"

"Alright, alright." Jeice sighed in surrender.

"Prepare to die!" Burter faced the two Earthlings warriors and charged straight towards them without another word.

Vegeta looked on in awe as Burter's dazzling speed overwhelmed the duo from Earth. The Prince could barely do a thing, as they were being clobbered by their super-swift adversary.

'He's so fast!' Vegeta mentally noted, a frustrated look engrained on his countenance. 'It's unreal! Now what?! Even if Kakarot gets here, we're still screwed! But I can't let Frieza win! Not when I was so close!'

As Vegeta was lost in his thoughts, Gohan rammed into his chest out of nowhere, propelled back by a nasty blow from Burter.

"Hey Burter, quit reneging on our deal!" Jeice protested. "Vegeta's mine, in case you forgot!"

"Sorry, sorry." Burter smirked at his colleague. "Just a harmless mistake. It won't happen again."

"Be sure that it doesn't mate!"

The navy blue alien nodded before lifting a badly bruised Krillin by the collar of his Gi and head-butting him so hard, he crushed his nasal bone. The helpless Earthling cried out in pain, as blood began gushing out of his mangled nose.

"You little twerp!" He snapped furiously. "Did you really think you could fool a member of the Ginyu Force and get away with it?!"

He head-butted him again and again, before Gohan abruptly dropkicked him from the side. Krillin fell to the ground and moments later, passed out, the impact of those repeated blows to the head, finally taking their toll.

"Krillin!" Gohan yelled frantically, shaking his older companion in a vain attempt to rouse him. "Wake up Krillin, please wake up!"

Gohan pressed his ear against Krillin's chest and felt his heart beating, though barely. This looked bad!

"You stupid runt!" Burter yelled, dashing towards Gohan and backhanding him across the jaw. The demi-Saiyan flew several yards sideways, as Vegeta looked on in absolute disgust at the savage display, despite having partaken in much worse himself!

"You coward!" He yelled at the giant warrior.

"You want some too, Vegeta?!" Burter sneered. "You're going to pay the ultimate price for turning tail on us, when I'm torturing that pretty little girlfriend of yours!"

"You'll never find her." The Saiyan smirked.

"Oh, but I already did." Burter responded, smirking right back, wiping the smug look right off Vegeta's face. "She's with the Captain right at this very moment."

"What?!" Vegeta snarled viciously and he tried sensing out Bulma's Ki. Dammit, of all the fucking times to be distracted?! He still couldn't sense her! What the fuck was going on?! Was she knocked out or- killed?! No! No, she couldn't be dead! Somehow he knew she was alive!

"I wouldn't worry about her though, Vegeta." Burter replied, folding his arms. He scowled as he went on. "Unfortunately, our orders were to take all of you alive."

Vegeta let out a mental sigh of alleviation, before glaring daggers at his foe.

"Where the fuck's Frieza, then?!"

"He's on an errand."

Shit! If this bastard was telling the truth, then Bulma was in the heart of the enemy territory! He had to get her away from there before Frieza got back! Heavens knew what the lizard would do to her! He wouldn't let it happen! He couldn't! There was no fucking way!

Overcome with a sudden rush of resolve and fury, the Prince bellowed out loud, like never before. A new spark of energy ignited within him as he launched straight towards Frieza's ship. Jeice quickly appeared before him and punched him in the face, however the blow had little effect. Vegeta swatted the Trigocian's arm away and began attacking back ruthlessly: punches, kicks, elbows, knees and head-butts, until one final elbow to the top of the head, caused his opponent to crash straight into the ground. He then began charging up his signature attack, as Gohan looked on in complete awe, while Krillin lay unconscious. Just how on Earth was Vegeta able to summon such amazing strength, all of a sudden?



Vegeta was interrupted mid-way, as Burter rammed his head straight onto his back, sending him flying several dozen yards ahead and crashing right into a mountain, whereby it collapsed. Dammit, he was so close to finishing off that bastard Jeice! The Prince exploded with fury and zoomed right towards Burter with ferocious abandon.

Using his superior speed, the blue giant blocked most of Vegeta's attacks, but was still left astounded by his combative prowess. No wonder he was able to do away with Recoome. Vegeta managed break through his opponent's guard, as he landed a vicious low punch to his solar plexus, knocking the wind right out of him.

Just as Vegeta was about to land another blow, however, Jeice appeared to his right and landed a hard knee to the Saiyan's gut, causing him to spit out blood. The red fighter followed through with a double axe-handle atop Vegeta's head, sending him hurtling down below. Burter was clutching his midsection in an attempt to catch his breath.

Jeice was readying a Ki blast to finish Vegeta off, but at that moment, Gohan suddenly caught him off guard, ramming his head right into the longhaired warrior's face. The demi-Saiyan was about to fire a blast flush on his adversary, before Burter dove his knee right into the boy's solar-plexus and elbowed him on top of the head, causing him to join Vegeta on the ground.

"Gee-whiz Jeice, these two are a lot more trouble than we bargained for!" Burter stated, completely startled by Gohan and Vegeta's respective abilities.

"You can say that again!" Jeice concurred. "It doesn't make sense! With the amount of blows Vegeta took from both Recoome and myself, he shouldn't even be alive! Where's he getting such power from?!"

At that moment Krillin managed to regain consciousness, but could barely move. He sensed that Gohan was in trouble. As he recalled his solemn vow to protect the boy at all cost, he stood to his feet with great difficulty and began charging a Kamehameha wave, however, the Ginyu duo caught wind of it on their scouters.

"Ahhh, it's the little pest." Burter looked on smugly, before yelling. "Back for more, are we?!"

"KAMEHAMEHA!" Krillin quickly slurred and fired his most intense blast right towards his enemies with what little energy he had left, only for the blue-skinned giant to swat it away easily. Gohan sat up and looked on helplessly.

Burter charged towards the bald warrior ready to finish him off and just as Krillin was ready to bite the big one, a foot landed hard on his enemy's left jaw, sending him flying a dozen or so yards away. Since their scouters were adjusted to specifically focus on the adversaries before them, they were unable to anticipate the newcomer's arrival, a renowned warrior who moved as swiftly and subtly as the wind.

"Nail!" Krillin beamed at his friend. "Where'd you come from?! Boy am I glad you're here!"

"Hello Krillin." The Namek warrior greeted, eyes still fixed on his adversary. "Guru sent me. Said you folks might need some help."

"Well, that's for sure." Krillin laughed weakly.

Gohan stood to his feet and began tottering towards the powerful Namekian.

"Hey there, Nail!" He greeted. "It's good to see you again!"

"Likewise, Gohan!" Replied the Namek, looking at him for a fleeting moment before returning his gaze towards the blue giant.

"A Namekian?!" Jeice looked on incredulously. "Where the hell did this guy come from?!"

Vegeta sat up with great difficulty. Fuck! Bulma! He had to get her away from this planet, before she fell in Frieza's icy clutches! He rose to his feet and roared furiously, as he rocketed towards the distracted Jeice, ramming his head underneath the red warrior's chin before he even knew what had happened. He then punched him in the chest hard, forcing him backwards, as he continued his relentless onslaught.

"I've had enough of you, Saiyan scum!" Jeice yelled. While Vegeta's rage mode gave him phenomenal new strength, it didn't take long for the Trigocian to deduce that his state of hysteria together with his fatigue, were making his attacks were wild and uncoordinated. And so the red warrior decided to capitalize, by infusing a large portion of his Ki into his right fist and ramming it right into the Prince's midsection, the moment he found a clear opening. Jeice cracked through Vegeta's armor, piercing a good portion of his flesh. The Saiyan began spitting out mouthfuls of blood, as the life began draining from his eyes.

"VEGETA!" Gohan yelled out, but before Jeice could ram his fist any deeper into the Prince, Nail appeared behind him and wheel kicked him on the temple, sending him plummeting to the ground below.

Vegeta's eyes slowly drifted to a close, as his seemingly lifeless body began to fall. Nail managed to get ahold of the Saiyan and gently laid him out onto the ground.

"You Namek trash!" Burter hissed out as he dashed towards Nail and punched him right on the chin. The blow propelled the Namekian backwards and skidding along the dirt. As he saw Vegeta sprawled out on the ground, the blue giant smirked and planted a foot on his chest. The moment Gohan saw such shameless irreverence, he exploded with rage and dove straight towards Burter, ravaging the much larger warrior. His momentary advantage was short-lived, as the giant quickly regained his footing and attacked the boy's midsection so hard, he broke at least four ribs. Burter firmly grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and began punching the same spot over and over again, whereby a rib eventually pierced the young half-Saiyan's right lung, causing blood to bubble out of his mouth, as he cried out in in pain. The boy was gurgling out his lifeblood, as Burter carelessly tossed him aside, as though he were garbage and the demi-Saiyan eventually lost consciousness.

The moment he saw the child's motionless body hit the ground, Krillin snapped and flew forward, catching Burter off guard as he landed a hard right, straight to his jaw. He attempted to follow up with a left hook, but the Ginyu warrior easily dodged the second attack and reappeared behind him, elbowing him savagely on the nape, resulting in a fatal spinal cord injury that paralyzed the human. Krillin fell face first to the ground and spasmed slightly, as the world began fading from around him.

Meanwhile, Nail was engaging Jeice. The two seemed just about evenly matched, much to the Ginyu fighter's surprise and chagrin. Nail was momentarily distracted, as he sensed his people being slaughtered afar.

'Oh no, Elder Tsuno's village is under attack.' He grit his teeth. 'It's the evil one.'

Jeice took advantage of his opponent's momentary lapse, landing a hook across his jaw. The Namekian snarled and fired a Ki blast flush against Jeice's midsection, whereby the Ginyu fighter was propelled backwards. Dammit, how did things go so bad?! Gohan and Krillin were both dead it seemed and so was Vegeta! Add to that, Frieza's assault on the last inhabited village on Namek! It appeared as though all hope was lost!

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