The Light to my Darkness

BY : SaiyanPrince541
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Chapter 29: Final goodbye

"H-How?!" Vegeta spluttered. Dammit, this couldn't be! Not after all that! Was there no end to this fucking bastard! He'd already drained most of his Ki! Now what?!

"F-F-F-Frieza?" Bulma whimpered.

"My, my, what do we have here?" The lizard leered maliciously, as he saw Vegeta resting on the blue-haired woman's lap. So it was her! The timing could just not have been better! His lips curled up in a sinister smile that chilled his prey to the bone. "So it's you. We finally meet for the very first and last time."

The Prince snarled in frustration and with newfound effort, forced himself to his feet.

"Vegeta-" Bulma stood up along with him, "Don't." She pleaded, her heart skittering fearfully at the thought of him going in there and getting himself killed. She placed a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"Leave the planet, now!" Vegeta ordered gruffly, shrugging off her hand.

"I'm not gonna leave you!" She protested vehemently.

"If you think your little bitch can escape me, you've got another thing coming, Prince!" The tyrant declared in a sickly voice. An evil smile graced his dark purple lips, as he aimed a finger directly towards Bulma's heart and fired a Ki beam. So quick was the attack that Vegeta didn't even see it coming!

Already powered up with the ten times Kaio-Ken, however, Goku's heightened senses caught wind of the beam and just before it reached it's target, he stood in it's path and knife-handed it elsewhere.

"K-K-Kakarot." Vegeta stuttered in awe of his rival's extraordinary abilities. All he saw was a flash and at blinding speed, his younger counterpart had been able to redirect Frieza's attack.

"Hmmm, it seems that unlike Vegeta, you still have some fight left in you." The lizard creased his eyes, before shutting them for a moment and releasing a mirthful chuckle. "Well, I suppose the rest of the pack can wait, while I deal with you, monkey."

"You're fight's with me and only me, Frieza!" Goku seethed. "The others are of no concern to you, got it?! Leave them be!"

Frieza narrowed his eyes dangerously.

"You arrogant fool!" He shot back. "Do not act so boldly just because you and Vegeta managed to catch me off guard earlier! That was nothing but a farce!"

"You talk big, but we've been besting you at every instance." Goku boasted smugly, clenching his a shaking fist, as his Saiyan blood boiled for the opportunity to test the true limits of his power. "I guess I'll just have to be the one to finish you, once and for all!"

Frieza released a death-ridden chuckle, so sinister that it made the young Saiyan's nerves rattle, in trepidation.

"My, my you truly are a brash little thing aren't you?" The tyrant released an exhale. "It's time I let you in on a little secret. When I fought you two earlier, I was using a mere thirty percent of my true power." Each and every onlooker blanched, upon taking in that terrifying piece of information. Frieza grinned, as he felt the deafening, yet intoxicating thrum of their heaving, horrified hearts. "In other words, I still hold quite a bit of leeway over you insects. Now that I've learned my mistake in underestimating you, I suppose I'll grace you with let's say- seventy percent of my maximum." After a sinister pause that seemed to echo for eternity, the icy Emperor gave each of his audience members a chilling sneer. "I must thank all of you, for I have never once felt this level of excitement my entire life. It's too bad, all good things must come to an end."

Frieza placed his arms by his side, palms facing upward and purple Ki flaring around his robust form.

"N-N-No- i-i-it c-can't be." Goku quivered, never having been quite so frightened before in his life. He quickly realized that the tyrant wasn't bluffing, as he sensed his Ki fly through the roof. "It- It's horrible!" He gnashed his teeth in aggravation and turned towards his companions. "Everyone go now! Head to my space ship and leave this planet immediately!"

Piccolo instantly grabbed Krillin and Gohan by the scruffs of their necks and began flying away full speed, only for Frieza to suddenly appear several yards in front of him, at a speed even Goku's eyes were unable to follow.

"How naïve. Do you really think I'm going to let you leave this place alive? You're all going to die miserably." He stated resolvedly.

Piccolo moved Gohan and Krillin behind him and assumed a battle stance.

Goku suddenly shot up and tried to attack Frieza, but the latter vanished and appeared behind him, punching him in the small of the back, before winding his tail around his neck, midair. The Saiyan youth was rendered completely helpless as the appendage tightened lethally, constricting his airways. He felt as though his head would pop off any second now.

"Dad!" Gohan yelled, about to lunge at the villain, only for Piccolo to grab him underneath the shoulders, from behind.

"There's nothing we can do Gohan!" He exclaimed. "Don't get yourself killed!"

"No! Dad!" The boy continued struggling to no avail.

"You lot are beginning to bore me." Said Frieza in a lackadaisical tone, aiming a palm towards Piccolo, Gohan and Krillin, who were several yards away from him. He fired a sloppy Ki blast towards them, but luckily Vegeta had just been able to see it and fired his own blast from below, directing the attack into the vast emptiness of space.

Frieza frowned angrily at the Prince and Goku took advantage of his temporary distraction, by slipping his chin underneath the thick, white appendage and chomping down on it, as hard as possible. The lizard jumped and grabbed his tail, blowing roughly on the bitten area and gently rubbing it with his hand in an attempt to sooth the severe, stinging pain.

"Gohan, Krillin, listen." The duo turned in Piccolo's direction. "We may be unable escape him, but we can't stay this close either. Let's head to the island below."

"B-but d-d-dad." Gohan stammered.

"If he's in trouble, we'll intervene, but if we charge Frieza directly, we may as well be signing our own death warrants!"

"Alright." The demi-Saiyan sighed in defeat. And with that the trio landed on the ground, ready to watch the battle about to commence.

Goku was coughing and gulping greedily for air. Frieza snarled viciously at him.

"How dare you bite my tail?!"

Goku chuckled slightly, smirking at him.

"Man- you really ought to take a bath haha."


"You heard me!" He taunted his mighty adversary. "I've never smelled anything quite so nasty before in my life and coming from me, that's saying a lot!"

"First you bite my tail and now you have the gall to insult me?!" The tyrant said in a smoldering voice, before yelling furiously. "Just for that I will make your demise as painful as possible!"

'Shit, now I'm in for it.' Goku thought, perturbedly.

Frieza charged straight towards him, without a moment's delay. Yet again, Goku couldn't follow him at all as he felt a sharp pain on his chin, where Frieza rammed his fist. The Saiyan recovered quickly and saw Frieza use a Kiai that would've hacked him in half, had he not been able to dodge it at the last possible moment. Though he evaded, the entire planet looked like it'd been split in two. Such power was far beyond his dimension! With an elbow atop the head, the tyrant sent Goku hurtling down below! Not even his Kaio-Ken times ten stood a match for the overwhelming might of Frieza.

'I guess that only leaves one option.' The Saiyan thought, as he stood up with great difficulty.

"KAIO-KEEEEENNNNN TIMES TWENTYYYYY!" Goku yelled, and his figure became burlier than it already was, as the fiery red aura around him, augmented further.

"Goku, that's too dangerous!" Piccolo yelled. Earth's greatest hero paid no heed, however and shot straight up towards his foe.

'He's fast!' Thought Frieza, eyes widened, upon quickly realizing that even at seventy percent he was having trouble warding off his opponent's sprightly and nimble maneuvers. 'This warrior is truly amazing! His abilities far exceed Vegeta's, even in the latter's transformed state! How could any Saiyan possibly possess such incredible power?!'

The lizard found an opening and landed a low punch to Goku's solar-plexus, before firing a left to his jaw, followed by a right uppercut that sent the young Saiyan flying upwards. He appeared above him and landed a double axe-handle on his stomach that made Goku nosedive.

Goku felt completely drained and was taking rasped breaths. Each blow made him feel, as though a train had run over his head and body.

'It's unbelievable.' He thought in abject despair. 'Even with the Kaio-Ken times twenty, I couldn't even touch him.' He let out a dejected sigh. 'I just can't beat him. I don't think anyone can. How could a power this great even exist?'

Frieza descended downwards and loomed over Goku's fallen form. He stomped hard on his chest and pressed his foot down on it, eliciting a spine-chilling cry of pain from the Saiyan, as he felt his sternum being pressed inwards, dangerously close to his heart.

"DAD, NO!" Gohan yelled, running over towards the scene, only for Piccolo to hold him back again, with great difficulty.

"Don't go in there, Gohan!"

"Before I send you to hell, let me say that even though you stood no chance against me, you truly were a great warrior." Frieza praised, then pointed a portentous finger directly between the young Saiyan's eyes. "It pains me to have to put such incredible talent to waste, but you leave me little choice." He flared a kernel of Ki into the tip of his finger. "Die, Saiyan."

Just before Frieza unleashed his deadly beam however, a blast hit him flush on the back. He barely felt it, but fury surged through him, upon turning in the direction of the assailant, only to see Vegeta standing there, jaw clenched and dark brows wrinkled hatefully.

"You will spill no more Saiyan blood, Frieza!" The Prince vowed. "I will destroy you, no matter what it takes!"

"You filthy little worm!" The tyrant yelled, lunging straight at Vegeta and landing a hard punch to his solar plexus that knocked every bit of air out of his lungs and sent him careening a dozen yards or so along the grass, on his back. That one blow alone, literally purged away every last vestige of energy he had left and more. How his heart was still beating or how Kakarot could've lasted that long against this dreaded beast, he didn't know. The Prince's eyes were shut, as he lay flat on the ground, barely able to move or feel out his surroundings.

Frieza sauntered towards him, ready to do what he should've done from the get-go, until he suddenly felt a lemon-sized rock thwack him on the head.

"Leave him alone, you bastard!" Bulma yelled, from the side. Incense boiled through Frieza, as he set his death-wrought gaze upon the one that had dared to assault him. Bulma quailed fearfully, belatedly realizing that she'd only succeeded in drawing the devilish fiend's crimson eyes upon her.

"Run!" Vegeta shouted as loud as he could, but before the heiress could move a muscle, she found herself lifted off the ground, an ivory hand wrung around her lithe neck. Bulma's eyes bulged and she tried to pry those fingers off, but to no avail, as Frieza proceeded to squeeze the life out of her. "Stop! STOP IT!" The Prince yelled, doing his very best to get to his feet.

Piccolo, Gohan and Krillin instantly shot towards the icy villain, only to be blown away effortlessly with a wave of his free hand. He then turned towards his former subject, lips quirking up in the evilest of grins.

"Say goodbye, Vegeta." In slow-motion, the lizard pressed his claws against her abdomen, palm straightened and fingers conjoined, as she futilely continued her desperate struggle.

"NO, DON'T DO IT FRIEZA!" The Saiyan yelled frantically.

"Let this be a lesson to you, my dear Prince: In the end, all those you hold dear will suffer the same fate."

Frieza transfused Ki into his hand and slowly began sinking it into the aloft female's abdomen, taking his sweet time, as she cried out in agony, a glob of pain-ridden blood oozing out of her mouth, with each inch of her innocent flesh pierced by the merciless tyrant. The flame-haired Saiyan yelled to the top of his lungs, begging his former master to stop, but in absolute vain. Vegeta was forced to look on helplessly at the horrific scene before him, his paralyzed diaphragm preventing him from coming to her rescue.

With one final thrust, the lizard impaled her mid-section, smiling maliciously, as the Prince cried out in unbridled pain. He promptly withdrew his appendage and tossed the female's lifeless form towards the Saiyan.

A cold chill ran through Vegeta, as he heard the sickening thud of Bulma's body crashing on the ground next to him and new strength immediately dredged into his tarnished muscles. He promptly wormed his way over to her, unprecedented shock and dismay wracking his body and soul.

"BULMA!" Gohan and Krillin shouted in unison.

Goku's eyes shot wide open and he forced himself up with power he didn't know he had. A wave of panic surged through him and tears stung his eyes upon seeing his dearest friend lying inanimately on the ground, a puddle of sickly red dilating below her waistline. Vegeta was jiggling her in vain, trying to force her awake, as though refusing to believe she was really gone.

Frieza narrowed his eyes in close scrutiny, making sure to survey every detail of the scene before him.

"Wake up!" The Prince continued shaking her body, his voice hoarse and frantic. "Wake up, Bulma!"

The heiress coughed out a glob of blood, her body quivering. She was barely able to breathe and felt the sharpest of pains wrinkling within her searing abdomen. Vegeta's face lit up for a moment. Bulma took in the sight of the Prince looming over her and mumbled something inaudible, only for her Saiyan lover to cut her off.

"Shhh, don't talk!" Vegeta instructed in a calm voice, carefully placing a hand on her abdomen and turning towards Gohan and Krillin. "Get her to the regeneration tank, quickly! There may still be time if you close her wound!" He yelled in panic, tone raspy and laced with a fraught undercurrent of desperateness. It took the woebegone duo a few moments to register Vegeta's words and once they did, they made their move, until Goku stopped them.

"Vegeta- it- it won't work." He croaked abjectly, from afar. "I- I destroyed that tank."


"V-Ve-ge-ta." Bulma wheezed in a soft voice.

The Prince gasped, upon feeling her delicate fingers brush his cheek and was unable to help it as saline, dole-ridden rivulets slowly cascaded from both eyes down to the steely rim of his hardened jawline, for the first time in over twenty years.

"D-D-Don't- be- like- him." She rasped, looked at him solemnly, her eyelids fluttering, as she put every ounce of effort into clinging dearly to whatever little life she had remaining. "P-Promise m-me, V-Vegeta."

Vegeta nodded weakly, his chest tightening in despair and fresh tears brimming his deep black eyes. Bulma felt her pain dwindle away, as each droplet of the sacred liquid emanating from his onyx depths splashed onto her face, filling her entire being with calm and contentment. Seeing the unparalleled woe and suffering emblazon his normally impassive visage, she couldn't help but feel more endeared and cherished than she'd ever felt her entire life, making absolutely nothing keep her from uttering her final goodbye, in a soft and gentle lilt.

"I love you." She murmured, offering him her kindest and most radiant smile, as a culminating batch of tears escaped her eyes. Vegeta's breath hitched. He looked at her incredulously, her words striking a soft spot in his heart that he didn't know existed. The tormented organ betwixt his chest was fluttering out of control. All he'd ever taught himself was that love was a facade, concocted by the weak. But he was rendered helpless, that benign smile and those alien words making the light within him shine more luminously than ever before, only to be doused, as the brilliant sparkle of life began vanishing from her sapphire eyes. Her supple hand fell from his tear-swamped face.

"Bulma?!" He quickly grabbed her hand and gently placed it beneath her chest, before setting his gaze upon her cerulean eyes. "Wait, don't go!" Vegeta gave her another frantic shake. Unequivocal sorrow enveloped his sinewy frame, as he was forced to witness the fiery gleam of life finally disappear from her azure eyes, into the dark and dreary abyss, the same gleam that had enraptured him time and time again. "Don't go." He murmured. His bottom lip quivered, as a new batch of woe-engulfed tears streamed down his face. The Prince's heart was crushed to pieces. He clamped his eye shut and brought his face down to the recess of her neck, holding nothing back, as he released every bit of his agony into her soft skin, in a torrential outburst of grief and bereavement. He'd never before felt such painful pangs of anguish, not when his mother or father died and not even when his entire race was wiped away into oblivion. The one being in existence that he'd truly cared for, had given her life away, by trying to protect his!

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