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Chapter 10: Disconnected

The alarm blared out loudly early the next morning. As quickly as it began, it was silenced rather violently by Gohan's fist.

"Urgh... " he managed a groan into the pillow he was was lying face down on, feeling bit and pieces of his alarm clock in his hand and hearing some bouncing onto the wooden floor. He forgot what time it had been set to, but the light coming from the windows was enough to tell him that it was early morning - and it was making him nauseous.

What the hell happened...

When Gohan attempted to lift his head it felt as if gravity was increasing on him. The events of the night before were a complete blank, but he recognised the hangover. He pushed himself up by his hands, his eyes wandered over to the desk to see remnants of what looked like quite a few lines of cocaine. An intense thirst suddenly appeared in his mouth, his tongue felt like sandpaper and he was about to throw himself out of bed until he realised that he was completely naked.


His brain seemed to be void of all memory from last night; and judging by the high amount of drugs he'd taken, he wasn't that surprised. As he sat up further, he noticed his back was sore and stiff. He stood up in slow motion so that his head could keep up with him without the vertigo setting in. Walking over to his wardrobe, he pulled out some lounge pants, putting them on quickly and trying to figure out what day it was.

Then he noticed small bruises on his stomach.

Gohan was more confused than ever, and then heart sunk when he realised where they came from - they were bite marks. He began to have flashes as some of his memory came flooding back. Cell was here last night. He took a lot of drugs. And then nothing.

He had a horrible feeling that the reason he woke up without any clothes near or on him was because he had sex last night, but he couldn't remember any of it - if it had even happened. He grabbed the nearest shirt to him and headed over to the bathroom for a shower. If anything did happen last night, then he was going to scrub out any speck of evidence of it on his body until he felt clean enough to show his face at breakfast.

Later that morning, Gohan was sat on his window sill, his leg hanging outside with a cigarette in his hand. He found a spare pack in his underwear drawer; he was always pretty good at hiding these things from his mother. He could sense Cell a couple of hundred miles from where he was causing havoc. He wanted to stop him - but he just sat there letting it happen; he couldn't face him right now, even the mere thought of the android made his stomach turn with embarrassment.

It would have been daylight at the Son house, but since Hell and Earth were merging still, the sky remained eerily grey. He was dressed in only a black tank top and his boxers after showering for the third time that day, trying hard to remember last night, but also trying not to. But Gohan began to sense something that he was dreading even more than Cell - his father was on his way. As quickly as he sensed him, Goku landed at the front of the house, making his way to the front door to let himself in as if the past five years hadn't took place.

Gohan rolled his eyes, long lost feelings of anger and abandonment began to fester in his chest. He took one last drag out of the cigarette, then burned himself without even giving his brain time to talk him out of it, acting on his impulses once more. He held the cigarette butt on his left thigh for at least thirty seconds, keeping his voice to himself and listening carefully for the inevitable reunion of his parents.

"Chi Chi?"

She darted out of the kitchen and into the hallway to see her deceased husband in front of her.

"Goku!" she cried as she latched onto him desperately.

"I've missed you so much," he whispered in her ear. Goku planted a kiss on his wife's lips before asking a very important question.

"Is Gohan here?"

Chi Chi nodded her head with a smile.

"He's in his room."

"Is he alright?"

She paused, not knowing how to answer, not knowing where on earth to start. She didn't know what happened while Gohan was dead, yet Goku was oblivious to the details of Gohan's life before his suicide.

"He's fine," she said finally, not wanting to give him more to worry about with the world the way it was. "He's upstairs."

Goku was just about to head up there before he caught sight of what looked like a miniature version of himself hiding behind the archway to the kitchen.

"Is this... " Goku barely acknowledged his wife nodding at him as he found himself approaching the little boy gazing up at him.

"Goten, come here, sweetie," she said gently. Goten cautiously toddled over, biting his nails on his right hand before taking cover being his mother's skirts.

"Hey there," said Goku softly, crouching down to his level. "You must be Goten. I'm your daddy."

"R-really?" Goten peeped out from behind Chi Chi to lay eyes upon the father that he'd only heard stories about. Well, stories and overhearing Gohan and Chi Chi's arguments about him. "Daddy!" he shouted happily, running over to him. Goku lifted him up into his arms, spending the next ten minutes getting to know his youngest son a little more. But he knew that they couldn't stay here much longer.

"What's happening out there, Goku? How did you get back? Are you alive again?" asked Chi Chi, taking Goten from him.

"There's no easy way to explain," he began. "I'm still dead. But this world and otherworld and hell and maybe even more worlds are merging into ours."

"What are we going to do?" She hugged Goten closer to herself.

"Well, there's a base underneath West City. It was made by Bulma and her dad after what happened with King Piccolo, and it sounds like everyone in the city is heading there before the city gets hit. We're going to meet Bulma, Vegeta and the rest of the gang there. But first, I need to speak to Gohan."

"You can try... " she said. "He's hardly spoken since he came back."

Gohan had thankfully gotten dressed when he heard Goku walk up the stairs. He dug out his blue and red gi as he figured that his father and his friends would be requiring his help in some way. There was a knock on his door. He remained silent, but Goku entered anyway, to find his son sat on the window ledge.

"Hey," he said, closing the door behind him. Gohan didn't answer, he didn't even look at him. "How've you been since you got back?"

Gohan shrugged, he didn't know how to answer that question without things turning nasty.

"I'm sorry if it wasn't what you wanted... we just couldn't leave you in hell."

"You should have," said Gohan, his voice croaking because he'd barely spoken all day.

"You didn't belong there."

"I was doing fine."

"You weren't fine. You still aren't."

"I was getting by, just like I've always had to - by myself," he said bitterly, finally looking over to him.

"Why him, Gohan?"

"I don't want to talk about him," he said, still feeling horrible about the night before. "Just say what you've come here to say. You need my help, don't you?"

Vegeta raised his head just before Goku rematerialized in front of them with his family. ChiChi quickly ran over to Bulma, who had the shelter door open slightly to let herself and her son inside.

"Be careful," she said to Vegeta, who simply nodded back.

"Okay guys, I'm gonna go and see what's happening on the lookout with Dende." And with that Goku disappeared. Vegeta walked over to Gohan, who stared back at him silently.

"Alright, kid. Both of us have a bone to pick with certain people, and just so we're clear, Frieza's mine, got it?"


"Besides, I need you to keep tabs on Cell, since you're the one who killed him last time."

Gohan sighed; he didn't want to have to follow Cell around, especially with what had been secretly going on between them.

"My dad won't approve of me going after him," Gohan objected flatly.

"I do not care what Kakarot says, you're not a snot-nosed child anymore," spat Vegeta, angrily pointing right at him in the face. Gohan rolled his eyes, at least someone was acknowledging his growing up. "Now, get to it! I don't take orders from your clown father."

He didn't want to go to Cell, but he didn't want to stay with his family either. He was stuck, but Vegeta seemed to usher him out of the base and back to the surface. Once Vegeta took off to check the situation with Frieza, Gohan held his breath and took off in the android's direction.

Gohan landed in the forest where he and Piccolo used to train. He spotted Cell sitting against a tree dismembering some already dying flowers with tiny ki blasts. It was safe to say that he was rather bored. Murdering the helpless was getting old again.

"Back for more?" he asked, not taking his eyes away from what he was doing. Gohan walked towards him slowly.

"No," answered Gohan lamely. "Vegeta told me to keep an eye on you... or something."

"Usually when you keep an eye on someone, its traditionally done from a distance."

"I know that."

"Then why are you here?"

Gohan let out a frustrated sigh; Cell was playing games with him yet again. Feeling that he had nothing to lose, he just came out with that burning question that had been eating away at him all day.

"What happened last night?"

"Where do you want me to start?" asked the android, stopping what he was doing.

"I remember a lot of cocaine, but... "

"You don't remember anything else? I'm offended," teased Cell. Gohan's eyes widened.

"Did we - "

"Stop worrying, nothing happened."

"Then why did I wake up without my clothes?"

"Oh, that," he laughed. "I hardly touched you, but you at least managed a good strip tease."

"Oh, shit... " he sighed, brushing his dark bangs back. He slid down the same tree where Cell was until he landed next to him with a thud.

Vegeta carefully watched where he was walking through the ruins of Gingertown, meaning that there were bodies everywhere. He tried not to look phased when he heard someone creeping up behind him. As the person got closer, Vegeta suddenly lashed out.


Vegeta's fist was blocked by a familiar young man with long lavender hair.

"Hello, father," said Trunks, his father still holding his fighting stance out of shock.

"What are you doing here?" he finally asked, standing upright again.

"Our dimensions are merging. I see that you're familiar with what's going on."

Vegeta nodded in agreement.

"Earth and the next world have merged as well. I'm looking for Frieza. Kakarot is here aswell, but he's vulnerable as he's still technically dead."

Trunks finally asked about the terror which he feared the most.

"And Cell?"

Vegeta turned his back on Trunks and began walking away.

"Gohan is keeping an eye out. We know he's around but he hasn't shown his face yet."

"Oh." Trunks looked on as his father carried on walking away from him.

"Are you coming?!"

Trunks' mood slightly lifted as he realised Vegeta's respect for him still stood.

"You really expect me to believe that nothing happened?" asked Gohan, still sceptical, still not remembering a damn thing.

"What reason would I have to lie to you?" said Cell. Gohan didn't exactly know how to take that.

"So I randomly took my clothes off in front of you. And then... "

"And then you tripped over my foot."

Gohan squeezed his eyes shut as he cringed at himself.

"Then I picked you up off the floor and put you on your bed. Then I took off."

"Whatever," laughed Gohan, shaking his head. "I'm having a hard time believing that you didn't take advantage."

"If you actually engage your brain and think about it, have I ever taken advantage of you?"

Gohan didn't answer, he had to think really hard before speaking. He actually couldn't recall a time where Cell had forced him into any of their encounters.

"See?" said Cell victoriously. "Besides, if I'd laid with you last night, it would be too painful for you to sit."

"Urgh," Gohan didn't want to think about what might have been, and what has.

"Whenever I take you, I want you to remember every second. And enjoy it."

"Can you just shut up about it?!" barked Gohan, nervously pulling at his own hair.

"Not talking about it won't make it go away. Are you going to act like this every time it happens?"

"No, because it's not going to happen ever again."

"Keep telling yourself that and one day you may just believe it."

Gohan just stared ahead; Cell was right, but at least he knew that the android wasn't trying to take the moral high ground over him. He was the one who was curious to know what sex was like. Cell, seeing Gohan's expressionless face, then took the opportunity to make him feel worse than ever.

"Face it, the only time you feel any kind of consolation is when I'm fucking you."

"Shut up," he whispered angrily, closing his eyes tight. Cell went to whisper in his ear again, holding on to his arm.

"We can do it right here if you want to."

"Let go of me." Gohan opened his eyes and looked at the android pursuing him, their noses were almost touching. Cell moved in slowly and brushed their lips together, Gohan slightly responded; he almost kissed him before he came to his senses, turned away and jumped onto his feet. Cell laughed and did the same. Gohan's reluctance was only making the situation more interesting for him, as he watched Gohan fight with himself.

"Why aren't you flying away if this isn't what you want?"

Gohan stopped arguing with himself and finally focused his frustration on the android slowly approaching him.

"Every second that you stand there is only telling me how much you want this."

Gohan finally lost his temper and pushed Cell forcefully against the tree, making some leaves fall off it.

"You don't control me," he spat. "I don't want this." Cell moved closer to Gohan's face again.

"Then why are you here?" he asked once again. "Looking for something to take everything away? Because the closest you are going to get to that is when you're begging me to fuck you against this tree."

WHACK! Cell couldn't help but laugh a little as he felt his lip bleed from the force of Gohan's fist colliding with it. He paused for a second before allowing his elbow to collide with Gohan's head, knocking the boy unconscious.

Yamcha was singing, trying to pass the time and lighten the mood. He'd been stuck inside the same sealed cave for fourteen and a half hours along with Tien and Chiaotzu. He was also trying to ignore the agonising pain in his demolished leg. Suddenly, the boulder sealing the cave opened slightly, and a man squeezed through. Tien automatically got up into a fighting stance, until he realised that the large power he was sensing from the man wasn't evil in the slightest.


Yamcha managed to look up to see what was going on; just enough to see his childhood friend standing right in front of him.

Hercule Satan dragged his giant bag pack into an empty house he found in the middle of the woods. It was safe to say he was on the run. It was strange being in such a quiet place. Then again, over half of the earth's population would have been killed by now. But all he could do is run away. He placed his bag on the kitchen table with an almighty thud to symbolise his exhaustion. He noticed a half empty bottle of alcohol on the table next to his bag, tempted to have some.

The lights were still on so he had a wander round. In the living room he noticed a picture on top of the TV. His blue eyes widened as he saw who was in it; a man with madly styled blonde hair, a beautiful black haired woman, and a young boy in the middle, with similar hair to the man's. Hercule suddenly realised that he was in the house of the boy who defeated Cell.

He had to find out more.

The champion walked upstairs carefully in case there was anybody inside. The first room he came across was directly opposite him; and the door was half open. Hercule must have done the bravest task in his life as he crept inside. The first thing he noticed was the boy from the Cell Games lying on the bed seemingly asleep. He was about to go over to him, until he heard the familiar footsteps coming from outside the window. He followed his gut instinct and hid in the closet, keeping the doors open slightly so he could see what was going on.

His worst nightmare came true as Cell stepped in through the window. He watched the android pull the boy onto his back, revealing a nasty black eye on the left side of his face. Gohan woke up.

"Nice to see you're finally awake." Cell's voice sent shivers down Hercule's spine as he tried to contain his fear. Gohan's hand went straight to his eye when his head exploded with the pain of what knocked him out.

"Go to hell," said Gohan as he sat up. Suddenly, Hercule accidentally knocked something over, and it loudly crashed into the door, opening it fully. Both Gohan and Cell's heads turned sharply in the direction of the closet. He stood frozen inside, his hands still covering his mouth to keep himself from screaming in horror.

"Well what do we have here?" said Cell, a smirk creeping across his face. Gohan just stared at the quivering human.

Hercule's heart skipped a beat as he noticed Gohan's vacant expression - it was like he didn't care.

"Please help me." It was barely a whisper, but it was heard by both of them in the deathly silence of the house.

"I remember you, I'm surprised you survived the games. Let's see just how durable you really are," said the android with a sinister tone. Gohan looked at Hercule for a final time before getting off the bed and walking out of the room blankly, leaving him alone with Cell.

"What is that brat doing?!" bellowed an enraged Vegeta as he sensed that Cell and Gohan's energies were quite close together, yet not spiking which indicated that they hadn't fought. Trunks looked at his father with a concerned expression on his face. He was used to Vegeta's impatient nature, but he was also worried about Gohan. He hadn't heard anything about him since he left after the Cell Games. He didn't know that he'd changed for the worst.

"Hey you guys!"

A smile quickly spread across Trunks's face when he saw Krillin land in front of them. The lavender haired saiyan noticed that Krillin had started to let his hair grow slightly; a similar situation to himself, as he decided that he prefered his hair being long, so he let it grow to just beyond his shoulders.

"Have you guys heard from Gohan?"

"He went after Cell," answered Vegeta quickly, still sounding irritated.

Krillin couldn't hold in his shock. He could see from the last time he saw Gohan that he was still shaken with everything he'd been through - especially with Cell.

"I'll go and find him!" said the monk.

"Is he okay?" asked Trunks. There was clearly something wrong.

"He's just been through a rough time. I gotta go."

Another piercing scream came from upstairs; Gohan lightly punched the wall again. The screams were getting louder and more painful to listen to. Something snapped. Gohan stood back from the wall he'd had his head buried into and stared at it for a moment. Suddenly, he rammed his fist into it. Then again. He carried on beating the wall as hard as he could in his current state, screaming at the top of his lungs until he finally stopped, running his hands through his hair to the back of his head. He observed the fact that he had punched right through to the other side.

Then he noticed something; the screaming had stopped. Gohan slowly opened the door and went into the kitchen, sensing that a certain android was stood a couple of metres behind him.

"Is he dead?" he asked, his back still turned.

"As if you really care."

The truth was, yes, Hercule was still alive. But he didn't know how long for. He saw that the pitiful human began violently twitching in agony when Cell cut a clean line across his forehead with a knife he found under Gohan's bed; he must have cut to far through as he felt the tip of the knife scraping through his thick skull. After beating the poor man to a pulp, Cell decided not to put him out of his misery just yet as he recalled hearing Gohan's screams.

"Do I need to take him to a hospital or not?" Gohan asked through his teeth.

"He'll survive," answered Cell. Gohan watched him as he went over to the sink to wash Hercule's blood off his hands. He propped himself up against the dinner table, remaining silent as to stop his conscience from screaming at him too loudly.

Cell watched the blood wash off his hands and into the water, disappearing down the plug hole.

"As much as I enjoy torture, lately it just doesn't compare... "

"To what?"

"Any blood I get on my hands never quite compares to yours."

"Why should it make a difference?" asked Gohan nervously.

"It probably has to do with the fact that you murdered me."

"Stop saying it like that," he protested.

Cell laughed to himself, drying his hands off and walking towards Gohan. Gohan was about to step back until he realised that he'd trapped himself against the table. His dark eyes widened slightly, Cell had a psychotic look in his own. He stepped even closer to him, forcing Gohan's eyes to automatically snap shut.

"No - look at me!" Gohan opened his eyes quickly, not even bothering to cover up that he was terrified.

Krillin landed in front of the Son residence after sensing Gohan's ki rising a little, but he could also sense Cell, sneaking up to the kitchen window, he caught a side view of Cell. Moving slightly to the left, his heart rate increased, he saw Gohan against the dinner table. What frightened him most was the look in both of their eyes. Cell's were full of sadism and insanity, whereas Gohan's were full of fear. Krillin silently begged for Gohan to fight back, as he knew that he'd get himself killed if he barged in. What good would he be then? He hid under the window, out of sight, simply listening for an opening.

Cell suddenly leaned in to kiss him; Gohan avoided him, jerking his head away.

"Feeling guilty?" he asked, Gohan didn't move. "Well you should, it's only natural. What would it take for you to let go of it all?"

"Leave me alone... "

"You're disconnected from the world, sure enough. From your family and your friends, so you claim. And yet, when I was upstairs with that man it really bothered you. Why is that?"

"Why do you think you're my fucking therapist?" bit Gohan, putting his defences up the only way he knew how - by saying hurtful things.

Cell remained silent, sneaking his hand around him. Gohan gradually felt a pulling sensation at the back of his head, then felt Cell's hand tighten around his ponytail, dragging his head back and increasing his grip, Gohan felt as if his hair was going to be torn from his scalp.


"A few years ago, you were so powerful that you tore me apart. And now you can barely hurt my feelings. How times really do change."

"You're hurting me... "

"That's the idea."

Gohan's hand shot up and wrapped around Cell's trying to pry it off his hair, but it was no use. He tried pushing him away with the other hand, but Cell's caught that one too and began squeezing it hard.

Krillin winced at the sound of Gohan's cries.

"That's more like it," he said, a sickening smirk on his lips. "I love when you scream."

"I hate you!"

"I hate you too," laughed Cell. The android grunted as Gohan gave him a badly coordinated kick to his knee. It didn't hurt much, but since Gohan was in so much pain, he struggled to aim right. "So that's how you want to play it?"

Cell let go of him, not giving him any time to recover before backhanding him across the face. Gohan stumbled, catching himself on the table. He didn't bother checking his face, he knew he was bleeding, he'd had his lip split open enough times to know what it felt like.

"Me torturing that moron obviously didn't get to you enough to actually do anything about it. The younger you would have come crashing in to save him. And now? I don't even recognise you."

"I don't give a crap about what you think of me!" snapped Gohan. "Especially from a piece of shit like you!"

"I may be a 'piece of shit', but you and I aren't as different as you think," he sneered back at him, wearing an intolerable smirk.

"I'm nothing like you!"

"We'll see," said Cell maliciously.

The android pushed past him and left the house, taking off to commit more murders. Yet Gohan didn't have the will to stop him - or any of them.

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