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Chapter 15: Don't Go

Gohan watched as Frieza and Cell talked about finding the gang and drugging them again as Frieza pulled some more empty syringes out of the bag that he carried round. Gohan had now gone without it for three weeks and was starting to experience some withdrawal; his skin was abnormally itchy, neither could he keep himself still as he slowly paced around in circles. They were in an abandoned warehouse, waiting for Frieza's men to join them.

Cell was growing tired of listening to Frieza complain. He looked over to the restless Gohan, who was pulling at his hair with one hand scratching at his stomach with the other.

"What's up with him?" laughed Frieza, following where Cell was glancing. "Has he finally lost it?" Cell could hardly believe Frieza's ignorance as he hadn't even bothered to notice that Gohan's powers had returned, especially since he'd transformed a couple of times since. Frieza handed him a quarter full syringe. "You'd better top him up while we're here."

Cell took it from him and walked over to Gohan, who was now resting against a dusty wall, staring upwards. Cell recalled that gazing at the ceiling was his safe haven whenever he was anxious. He could hear that his breathing was becoming short and ragged. Frieza's men made their way into the warehouse, making the place noisy. He took the opportunity to try and snap Gohan out of it.

"I could give you just enough take the edge off," he said. Gohan brought his head down and looked at Cell, and then at the syringe. Either way, Gohan couldn't take feeling this ill for much longer. He thought he was going to be sick. Gohan nodded his head slightly, expecting to feel the familiar pain in his neck. Instead, Cell put only half of the syringe's contents into his arm instead. Cell made sure he was only slightly weakened by it. Gohan immediately started to feel better; he pushed himself off the wall and looked at Cell. Was he supposed to say thank you?

Goku inhaled the fresh air of the forest they ended up in. He turned to face everyone, all of them equally as relieved to be outside again - even if the sky was bleak.

"Frieza managed to drug me again so I won't be able to move us all until it wears off," he said, before asking a question he was desperate to know the answer to. "Is Gohan alive?"

"Yes he is!" said Krillin, not feeling the drug as much as he did. Everyone's spirits where lit for a few moments. ChiChi hugged Goten so hard that he struggled to breathe. "But..."


"Something doesn't feel right."

"He's with Cell," said Jeice. He guessed that they were still sleeping together, but didn't let on to everyone else. He especially didn't want Chi Chi knowing. The people who did know didn't mention it at all during their captivity, probably not wanting to believe it themselves. "I think Frieza and his men are there too."

"Wait? If we can sense him, doesn't that mean that he has his powers?" asked Piccolo, who was still weakened. Those who were drugged in the past were still depleted somewhat, some more than others.

"It feels like he does have his powers," said Krillin. "But something feels really off. It is him, but it doesn't feel like Gohan at all."

"There's so much dark energy around him," said Jeice.

Cell, with his ki and senses being stronger than everyone else's, knew exactly where Goku was, not that he let on to Frieza. He wasn't going to continue to clean up after him. Frieza had sent his men on a worldwide search to find him, knowing that Goku wasn't strong enough at that moment to leave Earth entirely. He wandered over to Cell, glaring at Gohan.

"I'm surprised there's not a scratch on you," said Frieza, dropping the bag to the floor. Cell didn't really listen to him, fiddling with an empty syringe. Gohan felt uncomfortable when Frieza walked closer, staring him up and down. "You certainly have grown into an attractive young man."

"What?" was all Gohan could say. Was Frieza implying what Gohan thought he was implying? His eyes widened as he backed into the wall.

"Don't act all innocent, you saiyans practically beg for it. The way you flaunt yourselves."

Cell was now half listening to him at this point, but was wondering if Frieza had actually caught onto them without him knowing. Gohan turned his head to the side and squeezed his eyes shut, cringing when the alien stroked his face, then his chest. He was used to Cell doing it to him, but this just felt wrong. Cell looked over to them, seeing Gohan looking slightly distressed. Jealousy flared inside him when Frieza touched him, but stood his ground.

"When I get back I think we should spend some time together. I haven't had a ripe young Saiyan for decades," sneered Frieza. "I'll enjoy being the first to have you."

He laughed as he left the room. Gohan remembered to breathe again, incredibly freaked out. He didn't know Frieza had a history of using saiyans for other selfish purposes until now.

"First? That's quite funny," said Cell.

"For the love of god, help me," said Gohan, feeling quite violated.

"If only he knew that you weren't pure anymore," said Cell, tossing the syringe aside. He'd never felt jealousy before; it was strange that he even cared, but Gohan belonged to him. And that little freak wasn't going to have his way. He could stamp his feet all he wanted.

"Can't we just tell him... I really don't want to 'spend time' with him."

Cell yanked Gohan towards him by his arm and kissed him, mostly to make the jealousy go away. Gohan felt uncomfortable for a few seconds, as Frieza was still on his mind, but snapped out of it when he remembered that it was Cell. It was odd how he began to feel safe.

Zarbon and Burter kept themselves low and scurried through the trees, both of them could smell smoke. They took to the air and immediately saw the Z Fighters' camp. So that they didn't blow their cover, they decided to tell Frieza straight away.

Frieza dragged Gohan by his hair and threw across the room. Gohan didn't like this part of Cell's plan at all. Pretending that he had no powers was proving difficult as all he wanted to do was break every bone in the alien's body. Frieza slapped him hard, not that he really felt it, and he fell to the floor, catching a stray table on the way down.

He felt blood. A gash on the right corner of his forehead from hitting the edge of the table. It made him a little dizzy.

"Such a pretty thing," he snarled, grabbing Gohan's face. "Its a shame that I've marked your face. You did well to protect Jeice back in Hell, but its all conveniently come back to haunt you..."

"Lord Frieza! We've found them!"

Frieza stopped what he was doing when he heard Zarbon call to him and sighed angrily. He had to go to his men and see this through.

"Don't move. We're just getting started."

Gohan watched Frieza head out of the room, clearly in a hurry to get back. Gohan used the table to help himself stand up, seeing Cell at the door. He felt slightly relieved.

"You are such an asshole..." said Gohan. Cell had to admit that he secretly hated it too after watching them stealthily from outside. Only he alone was permitted to draw Gohan's blood.

"And you're quite the con artist. Your helpless little angel act is really something."

"Is it turning you on?" he asked bitingly, wiping some of the blood from his face.

"Not the helplessness in itself. Just the fact that I know the real you, and how easily you deceive everyone around you into thinking you're something you really aren't."

"How insightful."

Cell made his way over to him, carefully listening out for Frieza at the same time.

"How do you want to play this?" he asked quietly.

"You're the tactful one, you tell me."

"Do you want him to know about us? Because I can guarantee that it won't be long before your friends find out, and seeing that he's on to them already, he'll tell them to spite you."

"And what's the alternative? Do you really want to be sharing me with that thing?"

"I don't share my toys," snapped Cell, making Gohan smirk a little. He was well aware that his darkest secret was going to be exposed very soon, but the look on Frieza's face was going to be worth it. Even though he wasn't planning on seeing his friends again anyway, a part of him would have preferred them to know about them; that way they could disown and hate him as they should. He didn't want to pretend to be something that he wasn't anymore.

"So we tell him."

"Or show him," said the android. Gohan raised an eyebrow.

"I'm not fucking you in front of him if that's what you're suggesting."

"Why not?"

"I'm not your performing monkey," he said.

"No?" laughed Cell mockingly.

"He's doesn't get to see me like that, nobody does."

"Except me? I feel flattered." Cell was smiling at him menacingly, backing him into the wall. Gohan could feel his spine tingling at the way the android was looking at him. "Shall we keep it simple?"

Frieza smirked triumphantly at the fact that he knew where his prisoners were. His smirk grew wider when remembered that his prize was waiting for him around the corner - only to be taken aback when he realised that he'd been way too late to claim it.

"What the hell is this?!"

Cell had him against the wall, Gohan was kissing him as if he was born to.

"He was right, you aren't innocent at all," said Cell to Gohan as he pulled away. "Then again, you never have been."

Cell bit into his neck; Gohan unintentionally let out a dirty little laugh, forgetting that Frieza was there for a second.

"He's mine!"

"Really? I don't see your name on him," said Cell gleefully. Cell needed a reason to make Frieza hate him, and this was working perfectly.

"You will pay for this, both of you!"

And with that, Frieza stormed out of the room, not wanting to watch Cell defeat him yet again.

"He's such a sore loser," Gohan panted. He wasn't normally one for revenge, but he enjoyed every second of it.


Gohan looked startled for a moment, Cell just rolled his eyes.

"Is he going to fight you or something?"

"I doubt it, he knows he can't win," snarled the android. "He needs me to transport his prisoners for him."

"Oh... " sighed Gohan, Cell noticed his unease at realising that the prisoners were his friends and family.

"Stay here, out of sight, I shouldn't be too long."

Gohan nodded, quite relieved that Cell didn't take the opportunity to drag him along; realistically, Gohan didn't know exactly how badly he'd handle the situation, he slipped back into the shadows of the empty warehouse, away from the commotion.

Frieza tapped his foot angrily. He was absolutely fuming at what he found; he wasn't used to not getting his way when it came to saiyans. But he couldn't believe that Cell was betraying him all along. Somehow he deluded himself that Cell gave a damn about him at all. At least now he knew for sure. He turned behind him when Cell appeared, this time by himself.

"How long have you been going behind my back?"

"In all fairness, you never expressed your desire to have him until now. And even if I knew, it wouldn't have made a difference. He came to me."


"Just before the tournament."

"All this time?" said Frieza. "Are you fucking him?"

"He's an eighteen year old saiyan, I think you can figure that out for yourself."

"At the end of the day, saiyans were always horny little animals. But you, I suppose you're part saiyan yourself, aren't you? Cut from the same cloth!"

"I'm not here to beg you for forgiveness, the truth is, I can't fucking stand you," laughed Cell mockingly. "So self-entitled and obnoxious."

"We're going to bring Goku and his friends back here," sneered Frieza, changing the subject quickly. "And then you and your whore are going to disappear, and you'd better hope I never see either of you again!"

"Gladly," answered Cell. "Gohan was right, you are a sore loser."

"Even though you've claimed him for now, I'll have him for myself eventually. You have no idea what I have in store for this pathetic world."

Gohan heard them return around the corner ten minutes later, hearing Vegeta yelling bloody murder right away. His heart was racing, he thought he'd left them behind once and for all. He stood in the dark by himself; the musk in the air was starting to get on his chest.

"Feel free to break his hands whenever you like," said Cell as he came round the corner to him.



"Oh..." said Gohan, thinking that he was talking about Vegeta.

"Frieza's letting them roam as long as they stay here. Go to them if you want. Lets see what you're really made of."

Gohan's conscience suddenly made an appearance and willed him to move his feet. He had his powers back, he was just slightly by the last dose that was used to ease him off the drug. But why couldn't he move?

"Can't we just... go somewhere?"

Cell couldn't believe what Gohan had become. He was trying to avoid seeing his friends and family again. Maybe Cell had finally broke him into a soulless killer, or maybe Gohan was worried that the guilt alone would be enough to kill him. But it was too late for him to run now...


Gohan took his eyes from Cell and over to Jeice and Krillin. Panic began to rise in his chest and he turned back to Cell, to find that he wasn't there anymore. Cell decided to watch from a distance to see what he'd do.

"Kid its so good to see you!"

Gohan flinched when Jeice threw his arms around him. He felt like he was going to explode, he didn't want to be anywhere near them, not after all this time. Not after everything he'd done.

"Are you okay?" asked Krillin.

Gohan didn't have an answer to that question. In fact, he couldn't bring himself to speak at all. Without even thinking, he bolted for the door.

"Gohan, come back!"

He took off from the ground as fast as he could and flew away from the warehouse.

Landing in front of his house he ran inside. He couldn't recall the journey he just took at all. He stumbled into the kitchen, now fully experiencing an anxiety attack, he felt like he was going to die if he didn't do something quick. He rushed into the kitchen and ripped the cutlery draw open with so much force it fell to the ground, all of its contents spilling out. He fell to his knees and quickly scurried through everything until he found a knife.

He tore off his left wristband and carved into his skin without a second thought. Both pain and relief coursed through him and his breathing slowed. He leaned against the cupboard and watched blood ooze from his wrist and onto the floor and his clothes. As he calmed down, he started to shake, and for the first time in months, he allowed himself to cry.

Cell turned up at the house half an hour later after following him. He saw Gohan slumped against the cupboard and a bloody knife on the floor. He could sense that he was still very much alive. He wasn't too concerned, since the blood loss didn't affect Gohan as much now he had his strength.

"Why do you persist in doing this to yourself?" he said, throwing a kitchen towel at him. Gohan picked it up and pressed it on his wrist, staring blankly. Cell observed his tear stained face. Seeing his friends again after all this time finally pushed him over the edge. Gohan heard him turn to leave and started to panic again.

"Please don't go..."

It was barely a whisper, but Cell got the message. Not wanting him to try and kill himself again, he sat behind him against the cupboard. Gohan turned, no longer having his back to him and rested his head on Cell's shoulder. This was something else that Cell wasn't used to, but he followed his instincts and put his arm around the boy.

Gohan didn't care much outwardly, but his conscience was screaming at him. He was relying on Cell more than ever, and seeing his friends drove him to harm himself.

Now what?

He stared into space, still dazed from what he'd just been through. He cried until he felt numb enough to stop, now he was just tired. All he wanted to do was sleep. Possibly forever. If only Cell would let him. He was just about to doze off against the cupboard when Cell took his left hand. The android removed the stained kitchen towel to reveal the single laceration on his wrist. It more or less stopped bleeding, but it was slightly jagged rather than clean; it looked like Gohan meant to do himself some serious damage. Gohan hissed when he felt a wet cloth press onto it, though it didn't drag him out of his stupor.

"That one's going to scar badly," Cell said quietly, examining the wound.

Gohan's eyes narrowed and he turned his head to Cell. Along with feeling quite disoriented, he felt insulted; Cell was the cause of all this! But he still had the nerve to clean him up afterwards. He didn't have the strength to resist his efforts, and let the android continue to humiliate him as he continued to bathe his wrist.

Jeice was hurt by Gohan's actions. He was insanely worried about his friend. He looked so different; he'd definitely grown and matured a lot over the past six months, though those lifeless eyes were what frightened him the most. He was scared that Gohan was too far gone to help now. Cell had certainly got under his skin, and he wasn't about to disappear anytime soon.

He listened to the others call Cell every name under the sun, and talked frantically about ways to "save him" and "bring him home". If there was a way back for Gohan, it was going to be a long journey indeed.

Gohan finally stirred and opened his eyes, expecting to see the kitchen. Instead he was lying down on his bed. As soon as he came round properly, his forehead began throbbing thanks to him crying for so long. He brought his hand up to pinch the bridge of his nose to feel something rough. He brought his hand back to see that his wrist had a bandage wrapped around it rather neatly; Cell just hypothetically twisted the knife in even more. He sat up to see Cell stood across the room with his eyes shut.

"Feeling better?" he said, opening his eyes.



"Don't act like you care," said Gohan bitterly as he swung his legs over to sit on the bedside.

Cell pondered that statement for a moment. Did he care? He didn't know in all honesty. He didn't have feelings. He supposed he did care for the boy, but not in an affectionate manner. Out of all of the people he'd tortured and killed during his life, he looked upon Gohan as a true representation of his cruelty; the young saiyan was beyond doubt his greatest masterpiece.

Cell wondered if he would be able to push Gohan even further. He didn't want to kill him. Being alive was torturing him in itself. He couldn't possibly make feel anymore depressed than he already was. Would it be a good idea to completely drive him crazy? Turn him into a babbling wreck, or beat him down until he could no longer speak? That would be too easy. The android could see that he'd well and truly slaughtered the Gohan he knew at the Cell Games; that happy, pure little boy was now irreversibly damaged goods. It was a much better outcome than just outright killing him. Before now, he'd never attempted to destroy somebody from the inside.

He wandered over and sat next to him, and saw that Gohan was a lot calmer than he was before he fell asleep; no longer quivering or anxious. He reached over slowly caressed his arm. Gohan didn't flinch, he didn't react at all. He was still numb. Cell reached further up, this time tracing his fingers over his neck. Gohan tilted his head slightly to give him more access. The way Gohan was acting wasn't far from robotic, as if there was nothing left inside him.

"Why did you leave me there?" asked Gohan quietly.

"To see how you'd handle it. You're obviously not as hardened as you thought you were." Cell removed his hand from him, and Gohan felt something primal begin to simmer deep in his chest.

"They're going to know about us, and I don't want to be there when they find out, or after."

"I wouldn't be shocked if Goku and Piccolo haven't told them. Jeice always had a big mouth but I doubt he's said anything out of loyalty to you... did you tell anyone else?"

"Trunks," confessed Gohan.

"Now there's a surprise... Trunks also isn't one for keeping secrets. Maybe he's beaten Frieza to it."

"He wouldn't." Gohan said that to convince himself more than Cell, but the android's influence on him remained there in the back of his head; it made him paranoid and think things about himself and his friends that he'd never consider otherwise, but his doubts about Trunks' integrity quickly vanished - he knew that Cell was trying to manipulate him further.

"You sure about that?"

"I'd have seen it in Krillin's face if he did."

"So where do we go from here?" asked Cell, changing the subject.

"What do you mean?"

"Frieza knows where you live... it won't be long before he finds us."

"Well at least he hates you as much as he hates me," said Gohan.

"Despite you being impure, I think still wants you for himself."

"I've been through enough shit today without that sort of speculation... "

Gohan stood up too quickly in his frustration. Cell was there to catch him as he stumbled backwards, placing his hands against his back to break his fall. As soon as he found his balance again, he felt something for the first time since he placed that blade to his wrist earlier on. The android let go of him, and as soon as he did, Gohan felt like he was going to break at any moment.

"Wait," he said, without thinking of what it would make of him.

"What is it?"

"Could you just... " Gohan was trying to put it into words in a way that didn't sound like he was giving in, but he needed it badly... he needed him.


"Could you just hold me?"

Cell was a little thrown off by Gohan's request, but complied. He places his hands on Gohan's back again, feeling a slight wave of relief from him. Then he followed his instincts, curling his arms around his waist and holding him close. Gohan closed his eyes and sighed contently; he knew that he'd hate himself later, but for now it was either this - or the blade.

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