Worlds Collide

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Looong chapter! And if you're only here for the sex - here you are!

Chapter 14: Submission

Gohan turned eighteen yesterday. His whole life should have been in front of him, for him to do whatever he wanted.

Instead, he was trapped. He'd been living the past five months of his life as a prisoner; he'd given up any kind of hope that he would one day be free as soon as he left his friends and became an empty shell of his former self.

After rummaging through the cupboards of his old home, which had been left abandoned since Hell was unleashed, he managed to find some rice. He couldn't bring himself to cook it. Even though he was starving, he felt constantly sick. He continued to stare off into space, his hands leaning on the kitchen counter. He no longer had any reaction to the familiar ki that came through the door. Gohan jumped a little when a pair of hands slammed down on the counter at either side of him. His eyes snapped shut.

"Finally giving into the hunger?" said Cell. The android was no longer towering over him like he used to all those years ago. There was only a couple of inches between them now. Despite Gohan being malnourished, his body still managed to grow and mature. Cell inhaled the boy's fresh scent as Gohan had a shower while he was in the house. Gohan picked up the bag of rice to contemplate eating it, then dropped it back on the counter with a sigh. "Well, go on then."

"I'm not hungry."

"You are, you're just used to not eating. And you need to fix that or else one of these days I'll end up accidentally breaking you."

Cell brought one of his hands to grab onto his waist, when Gohan yelped and recoiled away from him.

"Hm... I thought that would've healed by now."

"Like you care."

Normally, he wouldn't have cared at all. But the last thing Cell wanted was for his favourite toy to die on him so soon. Gohan felt his shirt being lifted behind him to reveal some nasty bruises that were inflicted two days ago.

"You've got two broken ribs by the looks of it."

"Yeah... thanks," said Gohan, still not looking at him.

"Do us both a favour and eat something," sighed Cell. "You're too thin for my liking."

"And you're annoying me."

Cell spitefully pulled Gohan's head back by his hair.

"Stop being pathetic."

Gohan was let go roughly, he edged away from Cell, leaving the rice behind.

"Actually... "

"What?" he asked, turning to face him. As soon as he did, Cell maliciously slapped him hard across the face. The force of the blow spun him round and he managed to catch the table to prevent him from falling. Gohan regained his balance and didn't question why Cell suddenly struck him; he was used to it.

"Maybe I should just pummel you for a while," said Cell, grabbing him by his hair to rotate him round to face him; Cell slapped him again, knocking Gohan sideways. Cell pulled him back to stop him from falling again. "Why do you make me do this to you?" he continued, this time punching him in the stomach. Gohan fell forward onto Cell, clutching onto his shoulder to try and breathe properly. "Not that it isn't fun."

Cell pulled Gohan off him to see an unforgiving bright red mark on his cheek. He observed every inch of the boy for a second when Gohan finally spoke.

"Run out of ideas yet?" asked Gohan resentfully.

"Far from it," said Cell, resting his hands on the table. There wasn't much space between them as he leaned forward. "There are so many different ways I could hurt you."

Cell backed off and picked up the bag of rice off the counter; he curiously read the back of the packet as Gohan examined his possibly fractured cheekbone with his fingers.

"This really isn't good for you," said Cell, still reading.

"Its food, isn't it?"

Cell violently threw the bag at Gohan, perfectly striking his broken ribs. One of his legs buckled, but he managed to hold himself up and stifle a cry. He wrapped his arm protectively round his own waist to prevent his ribs from taking anymore hits.

"If you're going to keep trying to kill yourself, a bit of advice - starving yourself will take even longer than you think it will."

Cell was referring to the last four attempts Gohan made on his own life in the past twelve weeks, the most recent being when he consumed a deadly amount of alcohol and hacked at his own wrists. Cell was able to get to him in time to heal him with his own energy; the injuries to Gohan's ribs were a punishment for his stupidity.

The android picked up the same drug filled syringe that was being used on Gohan and his friends for the past few months. Cell only ever saw Frieza to collect it these days. Gohan didn't move when he came over and examined his arm. Gohan looked away as he felt the sharp needle push against his skin and waited for the poison to enter his veins... only it didn't.

"Lets make things more interesting," said Cell, tossing the syringe away. "You can have your powers back. They should return within the hour."

Gohan looked at him in disbelief, then he was suddenly very hungry. If his powers were coming back, he required the energy to wield them. Cell wandered outside at some point as he cooked the rice. As he sat down to eat it, his senses returned and he could recognise distant ki again, sensing that all of his friends were still alive. On top of that, the pain in his ribs and his face had diminished, meaning that his pain threshold had risen and he was healing faster. After finishing off a rather extensive amount of food, Gohan jumped out of the window and followed Cell's ki. He ran into the woods, and stopped to look around cautiously.

"Is that better?"

Gohan spun himself around to face him. The sky was so dark that they could barely see each other.

"Do you remember how to fight?" Cell darted forward and grabbed his arms, pulling him close. "Come on... hit me. You've been wanting to for months."

"Get off me," said Gohan, his eyes burning through Cell's.

"Is that it?" Cell shoved him against a nearby tree. "How disappointing."

"Just kill me," said Gohan impatiently. He felt his long forgotten rage begin to simmer inside him for the first time in what seemed like an eternity. He felt Cell caress his face and batted his hand away. Cell became persistent and did it again only to be shoved backwards. "Stop it!" Cell responded by pinning him to the tree by his arms.

"You want to die that badly? Let's see what your instincts tell you." Gohan was unprepared when Cell moved his hand down from his face and clamped around his throat.

Cell squeezed the boy's neck and took in the choking sounds coming from him. Gohan could no longer scream away the pain of his windpipe being crushed. His dormant instincts soon kicked in as he unintentionally powered up and punched Cell in the face, forcing him to let go and stumble backwards. Cell rubbed his jaw and looked at Gohan has he coughed and tried to catch his breath.

"Good. You still punch like you used to."

Gohan took the bait and pushed him back again. Cell laughed and let him arms fall to his sides, egging him on even more. Gohan kicked him in the stomach, causing Cell to recoil forward slightly. Getting carried away by his fermenting anger, he raised his hand again, only for it to be caught by Cell; the android straightened up, taking in the hateful glare he was receiving. Without much warning, he swept his foot under Gohan's ankle, making him fall backwards onto the grass. His back took most of the fall, but he didn't have time to recover when Cell climbed on top of him, grabbing his gi.

"You're still so pitifully weak, its laughable."

Gohan snapped again and pushed him to the side, flipping them over. But he forgot about a major weakness that he had; soon enough he slumped sideways onto the ground, his limbs useless and aching as Cell grabbed hold of his tail.

"I wouldn't let having your strength go to your head. You're still a worthless piece of nothing. And you need to train this tail."

- Three weeks later -

"Its almost time, guys."

Everyone turned to Goku as he walked into the room. After almost six months of living under ground, supplies were running thin.

"Finally..." said Vegeta.

"Where are we going?" asked Krillin.

"Far away from here. Somewhere with food," said Goku. "And then we start looking for Gohan."

"We missed his birthday," said ChiChi. "He's eighteen now... "

"I think he's alive, ChiChi. He has to be." Goku walked over and embraced his wife and Goten.

Goku had cleverly avoided last round of drugs that were administered to the gang to suppress their powers by Frieza. He pretended to have received too much last time by allowing himself to be easily beaten. Now that he'd recovered, and thanks to Bulma's analysis of the drug, they calculated that there was now less than an hour to go until Goku's powers returned. Only then could they finally escape.

Gohan stared at his reflection, analysing himself in his super saiyan form. He was almost tempted to cut his hair short as he was annoyed at how feminine he looked. Unfortunately, there wasn't anything sharp within his reach, not that he'd have used it on his hair anyway. Ever since he got his powers back, he felt more physically energetic, much to Cell's pleasure.

He was still, however, mentally shut down. He was in the bathroom at a mall in East City, where Cell had gone off to vaporise anything that moved. Gohan had watched him kill so many people that he'd become desensitised to it.

He washed his face, then walked out into the mall to find it abandoned and silent. He looked around to try and sense where Cell was, still getting used to his ascended state. If anything, being a super saiyan gave him some feeling in his heart again, but it was tainted.

Gohan stepped out into the street, still finding nobody. Cell wasn't making it easy for him. He usually left a trail of destruction wherever he went.

Goku sat in a meditating position, trying to sense anything beyond the compound. He could feel the drug's hold on him start to ease. He knew they had to be quick. As soon as his ki began to spike, Frieza will be on to him.

Less than ten minutes to go.

Half an hour of wandering the streets led Gohan into a back alley. He was getting tired of Cell's latest game of hide and seek. All of a sudden, he heard screaming from round the corner. He turned to find Cell backing a man into a corner. Walking forward, he stared coldly at the man, who was bleeding profusely from his abdomen. After coming to a halt next to Cell, he saw a large pole sticking out of the man's torso; his eyes were screaming at Gohan to help him.

"Why do you do that?" asked Gohan. "Just end it. There's no point in making him suffer."

Cell just smiled at the dying man in front of him. He had about twenty minutes left at most. He made sure of it.

"If it bothers you so much, then end it yourself..." he said, walking away. Gohan didn't know what to do for the best. But something inside him told him not to let him linger helplessly. "Well?"

Gohan froze, as much as he didn't see the point in the man's turmoil, he couldn't bring himself to take a human life.

"I can't... "

"Yes you can."

Cell stood behind him, grabbing hold of his wrists and forcing him to look at the man. The android took his right hand under his and outstretched it in front of them, aiming at the bleeding human on the ground.

"Don't feel bad for him, Gohan. He's dying anyway, you'd be doing him a favour. Showing him the mercy that I didn't."

Gohan tried to ignore him, not taking his eyes off the man as if he was stuck there. Cell was continuing to manipulate him, both physically and mentally into doing something that he'd never though he'd find himself doing. It was too much.

"Please, stop... "

"Don't think," said Cell. "It's easy once you know how."

Cell raised his index finger, still holding Gohan's hand out tightly under his own. Gohan felt the heat of the blast leaving his finger, watching it impale the man through the forehead and finally granting him his death.

Before he had time to think, the next thing he saw was his living room.

"Did you feel that?" laughed Cell, as Gohan snatched his hand back and turned away.

"That was sick," said Gohan, hopelessly trying to forget that he watched a man die. It scared him. He felt Cell come up behind him.

"We'll make a killer out of you yet."

"I should have helped him..." he said, closing his eyes.

"You did nothing while I murdered him," Cell whispered into his ear, caressing his shoulder. "And you like how it felt." Gohan shrugged his hand off angrily; he didn't like to be touched at the moment. He felt ill, he could feel Cell delivering the final blow as if he'd done it himself.

"No! I'm not like you," said Gohan.

"It makes you feel powerful, doesn't it? You're a saiyan. Killing comes as naturally to you as it does to me."

"I'm not a killer!" he shouted, suddenly spinning around; his elbow struck Cell hard in the face. His emerald eyes were burning with anger and confusion. Gohan's rage no longer frightened Cell, he liked to push him over the edge. They'd figured out first hand that Gohan could no longer ascend further; he had nothing left to fight for.

"Was that meant to hurt?" said Cell. Gohan took a second to try and calm down. He was playing right into Cell's hands yet again.

"Just leave me alone."

"Nah... wouldn't want you to take the easy way out," sneered Cell, referring to Gohan's suicidal tendencies. He rarely left Gohan entirely by himself these days. Cell smirked at him. Gohan just looked away and tried not to retaliate again, clenching his fists so hard he could feel his nails cutting into his palms. "You shouldn't make it so obvious that you want to die. It only makes me want to keep you alive."

Cell pulled him closer by his belt. Gohan continued to stare in the opposite direction, trying to ignore Cell's arm snake around his waist; he felt him breathing on his neck.

"Take your fucking hands off me," said Gohan, rolling his eyes. Cell obeyed him at least.

"It's been nearly six months since the last time we fucked. And you still haven't told me why. I'd have though giving you a little more freedom would loosen you up a bit."

"Is that why you let my powers come back?"

"Partly," admitted Cell. "So come on then, why won't you let me anywhere near you?"

"Because if I do, there's no coming back from it," said Gohan.

"You've seen the state of the world first hand, you haven't heard from your family and friends since we left them and you still think there's a way back?"

Cell was right, and Gohan actually took it on board. He was still holding onto his past. If this was to be his life from now on, then he truly had nothing else to lose. He needed some control in this toxic relationship, and he had an idea on how to get it. Figuring out that Cell couldn't resist him physically gave him an objective to train himself to let go of his insecurities. All he had to do was understand how to fully detach himself from what little he was still holding onto. He realised that once he'd mastered that, he'd be left with a heart of stone. But it was better than nothing.

"Power down," said Cell, after a long pause. Gohan totally forgot that he was still in his ascended form.

"Sorry, forgot you didn't like blondes," mocked Gohan, referring way back to the Cell Games when he backed Cell into a corner.

"I said power down," growled Cell dangerously.

Gohan did so, letting his golden hair turn black. His piercing green eyes turned dark again. Gohan knew what he was doing; trying to make himself more secure by facing the Gohan he wanted to face, the one that he viewed as being the weak one.

Two minutes. Everyone was in the communal area, all joined in some shape or form to make sure they were ready. Goku could feel Frieza's presence as his energy returned to him, which only meant that Frieza could sense him too. He concentrated and counted down the seconds, awaiting the opportune moment...

Gohan didn't give himself time to think about was he was about to do, breaking his inner promise. Six months ago he vowed never to touch him again, as if that would make up for everything he'd done somehow. Now he knew that it was all in vain. He'd witnessed the murders of countless innocents, and even when his powers came back, he didn't step in to help them. And there was no way of reversing what he and Cell had done.

It was at that moment that Gohan let go of his loyalties and his guilt; he gave into it all.

Cell followed him into Goku and Chi Chi's room. In the past, Gohan wouldn't have dared to bring anybody in there with the intentions that he had, but now all he thought about was the amount of space he had to play with. He heard the door close behind him.

"Are you going to tell me what's going on with you?" asked Cell. Gohan hadn't said a word to him since they were downstairs, only hinting at Cell to follow him.

Gohan advanced quickly, closing the gap between them. He ushered him backwards until the android was against the closed door, the gave him a soft, lingering kiss that took Cell by surprise.

"Finally giving in?" he whispered as they pulled apart.

"I will, if you do something for me."

"What's that?"

"Make it hurt."

Cell expected to see something in his eyes as he voiced his grim request, but he saw nothing. He deduced that Gohan wanted to go through with this on the condition that Cell must occasionally punish him for it. The android smiled maliciously.

"How do you want it to hurt?" he asked curiously.

"Surprise me."

Cell pushed Gohan off him, then he shoved him against the nearest wall with a loud thud. He kissed him once, then pinned him by his arms.

"Come on, fight back," said Cell. He'd spent the last six months dragging Gohan around lifelessly, he wanted something interesting to happen; and yet, Gohan remained still. The android kissed him again, he was kissed back but that was all. "Fight back," he repeated. Gohan stared at him defiantly, even when Cell harshly seized his jaw in his hand. "Fight me!"

Gohan pushed him away, at least far enough for him to stand away from the wall.

"Is that all you've got?" laughed Cell insolently. He gave Gohan's shoulder a forceful nudge, but it was enough for Gohan to finally retaliate. He slapped Cell pretty hard across the face, so much it actually hurt his hand. Cell was shocked, but impressed; he liked this side of Gohan. He used his superior speed to pounce on him from behind, feeling the saiyan gasp as he held him against himself by his throat. "You're quite attractive when you're angry."

Gohan broke free of his grasp quite easily, deciding to move things along.

"Only when I'm angry?" asked Gohan teasingly. As he spoke, he bent over slowly in front of him, placing his hands on the large bed. He crawled forward, bringing his knees on as well until he was on all fours, purposely tormenting Cell with the lower half of his body. He heard him laugh under his breath.

"You know how to tempt me... "

Gohan smiled, turning around until he was sat down facing him.

"Come here then," he said. He reached forward and took Cell's hand, leading the android onto his back, half sat up against he headboard. Gohan straddled him as soon as he got comfortable, sitting across his hips. He leaned down, planting a sensual, shallow kiss on his lips before he began moving.

He placed his hands on Cell's chest, grinding his hips downwards and in a circular motion. Cell bit his lip, containing himself and wanting Gohan to carry on - he was finally dancing for him. Instead of egging him on, the android reached forward and began untying his belt.

"Where will I be finishing tonight?"

"Where do you want to?" answered Gohan, not slowing his movements. Cell tossed his belt aside and placed one hand on his hip, then the other in the centre of his torso, feeling him move and watching his snaking torso through his open shirt.

"Inside you," he said.

"Why inside?" The left side of Gohan's mouth hinted a sly smile.

"Because it makes you mine."

And you mine... he thought, though he'd never say it out loud because he knew for a fact that Cell would deny it. Gohan took hold of his shirt, provocatively pulling it off over his right shoulder, eyeing Cell until he fully removed it and threw it away behind him somewhere. He raised his arms above his head, bending them at the elbow and knitting his fingers together behind his head. He continued grinding slowly, much harder than before.

Cell could feel his thighs squeezing against his hips. He traced a thumb over one of his nipples, seeing him visibly shudder, before his hands carried on exploring his well formed abdominal muscles; despite his lack of nourishment, Gohan's physique remained impressive, even though he was a little underweight.

The android got to the flesh under his lowest rib, losing himself until he had an idea. Summoning his energy a little, he sent a tiny electric shock from his thumb to his skin. Gohan flinched at the sensation, he couldn't decide whether it hurt or not but he liked it. He felt another shock above his navel, this one was stronger and made his stomach muscles contract, leaving them a little sore.

Cell suddenly yanked him forwards, making him fall on top of him. Gohan responded with a kiss, sucking on his tongue a little as Cell preoccupied himself with pushing his pants over his hips, then slid his hands further down, grabbing at the flesh. The android failed to make a remark about Gohan's lack of underwear, captivated by him instead. He threw Gohan off him, pulling his pants off so quickly that it took Gohan a few seconds to realise that he was naked - well, almost.

"Stop hiding," said Cell. Gohan knew what he was talking about and didn't hesitate; he removed his wristbands, exposing his scars and his secrets, truly handing himself over completely.

Goku felt the needle press against his skin just seconds before his powers returned fully. Taking advantage of the moment, he knocked Frieza away again and went for his friends and family, who were all ready to go. They found it hard not to run after him, but they were ordered not to. Before the drug could hit him fully, he managed to transport away with the gang, finally escaping their prison.

Cell was pounding him probably harder than what was really necessary. Gohan lay on his back underneath him, one leg thrown over the android's shoulder. Cell found it particularly more enjoyable now that Gohan was entirely submitting to him, much more than when he was apprehensive in the past. Cell's movements became faster and more violent, causing Gohan to become so loud he almost screamed. Cell thrust into him rather brutally and paused; Gohan's moans at that point shifted into laughter.

"What?" said Cell curiously, wearing a wicked smile of his own.

"You're hurting me," he panted, sounding like he was aroused by it rather than wanting him to stop.

Cell answered with another hard thrust, he could feel Gohan literally shaking with pleasure. Still catching his breath, he was unprepared when Cell suddenly started to fuck him mercilessly. Gohan let out a sound that almost sounded like he was about to cry, but the look on his face told Cell all he needed to know - he was loving every single second.

"Fuck - I'm gonna... " gasped Gohan. "C-Cell... "

The sound of his name spurred him on further, giving him more energy as he approached his own finish. Cell held onto the bed frame with one hand and Gohan's hoisted leg with the other, his sharp nails cutting into the flesh of his thigh. Gohan suddenly went silent, his body tensed, his pelvis involuntarily convulsing back and forth as he teetered on the edge.

"Aah... that feels good... " Cell moaned as Gohan repeatedly clamped down around his large, pulsing member, still pumping in and out of him as best he could. Gohan threw his head back, both hands clutching onto the bars of the bed frame as he neared his release, trying his best not to put his hand around his own cock to end it all sooner, as much as it pained him to stay where he was. His loins burned so much that his body felt as if it was vibrating, then something finally gave.

"I-I'm coming... "

His thighs began to shake, then a loud, satisfying moan escaped his mouth; Cell carried on pounding him as he came hard, hot, white liquid shot out of his swollen member, coating his own torso; his back arched as his body continued to tense around Cell.

"Keep doing that... keep coming for me... "

The android felt something finally hit him too after witnessing the display in front of him, pumping into him a few more times before burying himself inside and vocally announcing his own release. Gohan felt his large member pulsing inside him, coating his insides with his seed; the android was still thrusting into him subtly, milking himself dry. The sensations prolonged Gohan's orgasm further.

Cell removed himself, shifting down Gohan's body. Gohan shuddered as he felt a tongue lapping at his stomach, the android made sure to collect every last drop.

Once Cell was finished, he lay beside him, getting accustomed to feeling tired out by something other than fighting. Gohan's thighs were tingling, which only meant that he should be expecting them to be quite badly bruised in a few hours. He'd accomplished what he'd set out to do in the first place; make Cell want him more than anything. However, he didn't expect to enjoy it as much as he did. So much that he wanted to jump on him and do it again. It was a very tempting idea. If only his legs were working.

"Not as innocent as you look are you?"

"Shut up."

Gohan was still catching his breath, staring at the ceiling; this was usually the part where he ran away. He ran his hand through his own hair, trying to lubricate his dry throat again. They lay in silence for ten minutes until Gohan finally moved; but instead of running away, he climbed on top of him.

"Can I help you?" asked Cell almost jokingly, surprised by this latest move.

"Fuck me..." he whispered, taking his lips again.

It wasn't long until they were both hard; Gohan then attempted something that he'd never done before. Taking control, he lowered himself down onto what was already trying to enter him, taking him in all at once, and then began rocking back and forth on top of him.

Every part of Gohan was tingling, he found it almost painful and he slowed down for a few moments. He lifted his head and closed his eyes to calm himself, then a finger made it way through his parted lips. He bit down on it playfully before it disappeared again. He was so sure he was losing his mind but tried not to think about anything. A shaky moan escaped him as Cell pushed himself in as far as possible, the head of his cock buried against his prostate.

"There?" He brushed upwards, massaging that very spot.

"Uh huh... "

He was intrigued by every single movement that Gohan made, he was truly losing himself in the moment, and Cell would have gone so far as to say that it made him look magnificent. The android's hands found themselves ravaging his backside as it thrust against him, then he trailed up from his hips to his sides, making Gohan's body suddenly jerk oddly.

"What was that?" asked Cell curiously. Gohan felt himself smile and looked aside.

"That tickled..." Amused, Cell did it again. "Stop it!" Gohan's smile was somewhat infectious; he did it once more, but driving into him again at the same time. Gohan let out something between a giggle and a moan. "Don't!" As soon as he felt his hands move again, he snatched them from his waist and pinned him down. His sudden burst of energy out of annoyance took over and carried on having sex with him. Gohan purposely slowed down again after a while to see if he'd chase him.

"Don't stop."

Gohan smiled to himself and stopped completely. Cell caught on to him immediately and pushed him over. Shifting him onto his back, he pinned him down by his wrists, so hard that Gohan felt the blood flow being cut off to his hands.

"You didn't ask nicely... " he said cheekily.

"You want to play games? I can do that too..." Gohan bit his lip as Cell trailed kisses down his body until he reached his length. Gohan couldn't contain the sounds escaping from his mouth as he felt Cell's tongue exploring him. He was soon distracted and failed to notice his hands moving back up his sides until Gohan's body twitched again.

"Fuck you," he whispered, miffed about being tickled again. Cell's hands came back down to his hips and thighs, no longer holding back on him. Gohan's breathing became ragged and he became louder as Cell sucked harder. Once again, Gohan forgot about his own mission as he wished that he could relive the moment over and over. As he felt two fingers start moving in and out of him, his crotch began to burn and his whole body began trembling, he was so close that he almost screamed. Until Cell stopped. Gohan felt him kissing and licking his inner thigh, knowing precisely how close he was just then. Games indeed.

"Sounded like you were enjoying that," he whispered against his skin.

"I hate you," spat Gohan, shuddering as Cell continued to touch his frustrated body so tenderly that he wanted to punch him.

"Such a filthy little whore aren't you?" said Cell maliciously, sitting up and looming over him with a twisted smile.

"Stop calling me that," snapped Gohan.

"Okay then... "

Gohan was yanked up onto his knees and turned around until he was facing away from him. Cell snagged a handful of his dark hair to hold him upright with; Gohan's eyes snapped shut when he began pulling on it harshly.

"How about slut?" he sneered in a low voice against his ear. "Or bitch?" He pulled on his hair more, yanking his head sideways.


Gohan came to the conclusion that he had a submissive streak, he got a sick rush out of being spoken to like that; he was frightening himself a little.

"You think this hurts? I'm not even close," the android hissed against his neck.

Gohan felt him lick at his neck, biting down teasingly on his shoulder. Then Cell began to pinch him, gripping at the fleshy parts of his hip with his finger and thumb sharply and twisting his skin. Gohan reacted to them all, each leaving an unforgiving red mark that were soon dotted all the way up his right side.

"It's like I'm painting on you... "

Gohan was experiencing fear like he'd never felt, not even during battle. He was vulnerable and alone, and in the hands of a complete and utter sadist by the way things were going. Yet he found the courage to move; he slithered his tail around Cell's thigh, reaching carefully until it skillfully brushed over his cock. He was expecting a violent retaliation, but instead he heard Cell gasp, and then he heard a quiet, wicked laugh; his lips were still lingering against his neck and the laugh vibrated against his skin. Gohan found it strangely erotic.

Cell finally let go of his hair, prompting Gohan to turn his head to look at him. And he did, dead in the eyes. He couldn't describe what was happening to him, he was so aroused that he nearly came merely by the way that Cell was looking at him - like he wanted to eat him alive. Then felt felt himself being ushered forwards, getting the message as he put his hands out in front of him until he was on all fours. Gohan wriggled his hips backwards slowly against his cock.

"You're a fantastic dancer."

Cell entered him quickly enough, thrusting into him so hard that he jerked forward, the friction was beginning to burn away the skin on his knees after a while. Gohan's arms began to weaken as he neared his end.

"Harder," he said, egging him on a little more. He wasn't sure whether he could have taken much more force, his pelvis felt like it was going to break at any moment, but he didn't want to appear weak; and Cell didn't disappoint him, driving into him harder and faster. Gohan's tail coiled around Cell's thigh tightly; he was suffering quite a lot of pain on the outside, but the sensations inside of him were indescribable - his arms finally buckled under him.

Cell didn't give Gohan time to react and hovered over him, maintaining his thrusts and pounded him into the bed, hearing it rock loudly under them. Gohan felt everything and nothing at the same time, he felt pain and pleasure simultaneously. Cell's hand slithered around Gohan's hips and began to finish him off.

Gohan screamed and buried his head into the covers, his hands gripping onto them tightly. Cell gave a few more powerful thrusts while stroking him and embraced the shaking saiyan under him; Gohan came in waves, letting out a moan that almost sounded as if he was relieved. Cell held him as close as possible as he continued; they way Gohan continued to shudder was enough to push him over the edge and he came inside him.

They collapsed. Cell lay on top of Gohan, still holding him, both of them panting. He watched Gohan release his grip on the bed covers and caressed his sweaty shoulder. He lifted himself off Gohan and lay on his back next to him, visibly tired.

Gohan pulled the covers over himself as he rolled over; he found himself resting his head on Cell's shoulder as his eyes found the ceiling once more.

Gohan didn't know when he closed his eyes exactly, but was slightly mortified when he realised who he was lying on. He lifted his head off the android's shoulder, turning to him to see that he was wide awake.

"Do you sleep?" he asked, making sure that the covers were still on him. They were, but his left leg was poking out.

"Sometimes," answered Cell. "Why do you ask?"

"Just wondering. How long was I out for?"

"A couple of hours."

Gohan flopped back down onto the bed, letting himself relax a little. He was so used to bolting after sleeping with him that it felt odd to have fallen asleep, and on him too. He lay on his side, resting his head on his arm.

"Why aren't you running?"

"I've nowhere to run to," said Gohan. "Not anymore."

Cell turned his head and stared back at him. Now things were getting interesting; Gohan seemed to be forming an attachment to him. They both snapped out of it when they sensed Frieza's anger. Cell rolled his eyes when he sensed that Frieza was heading towards them.

"Great..." he groaned.

"I think I should get dressed," piped Gohan, standing up. As he did he stumbled, not having recovered fully.

"That's a shame," said Cell. Gohan turned to see Cell eyes staring him up and down. He turned back around, biting his lip as he stifled a smile. He was almost flattered, but more relieved that his plan was working. "Though we wouldn't want him to know our little secret would we?"

"That's true," said Gohan, grabbing a towel from the closet. "I'm going to take a shower."


"Yes..." said Gohan, trying not to let on that he was smirking. He watched Gohan walk out of the room and decided he needed to freshen up himself. He got up and jump out of the window, searching for the nearest lake.

Gohan got out of the shower, tying his long hair back and changing into his gi. His body was tired and battered and covered in bruises, his muscles hurt.

Looking back on what took place a few hours earlier, he felt that he'd regained some level of control, especially since Cell let him fall asleep on him afterwards. If he had to have sex with him to do it, he didn't mind at all. Since there was no going back to his former life now that Hell was in control of everything, he felt like he'd chosen a path where he felt like he could survive, even if that made him some kind of 'whore'.

He made his way downstairs to the kitchen and ate some left over food that he'd made the day before. He was surprised at just how hungry he was. He put the bowl down on the table and sensed that Frieza was close, but Cell had just landed outside. He got into the correct mind set and waited for him, leaning against the kitchen counter.

"He's close," said Gohan as Cell walked in.

"The last thing I want is him complaining to me about his incompetency," said Cell. He quickly changed the subject, placing his hands on the counter at either side of Gohan. "Can I expect a repeat performance?" he said with a flirtatious smirk. Gohan couldn't believe it - Cell was chasing him. He went along with it, brushing their lips together with a sly smile.

"Maybe..." he whispered seductively, biting Cell's bottom lip. The pulled apart just as Frieza landed.

"You wouldn't believe what that damn Saiyan just did!" he bellowed, entering the room. He stopped in his tracks when he saw Gohan. "You still haven't killed him yet?"

"So impatient Frieza," said Cell. Gohan raised an eyebrow at the alien.

"Goku escaped with his friends!"

Cell look surprised, then moved his stare to Gohan, expecting him to react. He was slightly stunned at Gohan's vacant expression. Gohan didn't feel anything at all.

Gohan did well to regain control with Cell, but it looked like he'd fell into his own trap along the way. He had no intention of rejoining his friends; he'd made his choice a long time ago.

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