Worlds Collide

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Chapter 2: That Little Kid

Gohan woke up at the check in station in the otherworld. He got on his feet slowly, trying to get his head round what had just happened, but the last thing he remembered was his face harshly meeting his bedroom floor.

"In line, please!"

Gohan looked behind him to see one of the smaller blue ogres in a tie with his microphone getting the cloud-like souls into line to be judged. Then he saw one of them drop his clipboard and several more stare at him wide eyed.

"He's kept his body!" they all whispered loudly enough for Gohan to hear. He kept himself to himself as he finally got to the front of the queue.

"Aah, Gohan! I didn't expect to see you at my door for a good long while," bellowed King Yemma. Gohan didn't say anything, not even looking at him. "Well, you've kept your body and all of your heroic efforts have earned you an eternity up above! I'll be sure to let your father know that you're on your way."

Gohan's eyes narrowed. That wasn't what he wanted. He didn't want to see his father - ever. He just wanted to be left alone, to be at peace.

"I don't want to," he said, his voice barely loud enough for anyone to hear, but King Yemma's large ears picked it up.

"You don't want to what?"

"I don't deserve to be up there," he said.

"I can assure you that - "

"Send me somewhere else."

"W-well... " King Yemma was a little lost for words. "The only other place you can go to is Hell, but - "

"Send me there, then," said Gohan firmly.

"But you don't belong there!"

Gohan said nothing, nor felt anything; he only knew that he needed to be punished. Drugs, drinking then ending his own life - with the intention of letting his mother find his body and sickeningly relishing in the look on her face. He raised his hand, not hesitating to shoot at some of the ogres, sending them all scattering to cower under King Yemma's desk.

"What do you think you're doing?!"

Gohan simply raised his hand again, aiming for the desk.

"Gohan, you are leaving me with no choice! You are sentenced to an eternity in Hell!"

The saiyan lowered his hand, his face saying nothing as the ghost like tentacles drag him down the trap door.

"I am not sunburnt!" yelled Jeice. Guldo continued to laugh at him, until Jeice kindly reminded him about having four eyes and looking like a frog.

"Guys! New arrival!" said Recoome waving his arms around as he came back from training.

The Ginyu Force ran over to the gate and saw a tall figure sat against it with his head in his hands. He was in a dark blue fighting gi with his messy long black hair tied to one side.

"Hey, umm, I'm Recoome... "

"I know," said Gohan, bringing his head up to look at them. "I remember."

"Hey, I recognise you from somewhere... "


"You're that little kid aren't you? How long has it been?"

"Ten years," replied Gohan.

"We've been down here that long?!" yelled Burter.

"So, um, what's somebody like you down here for anyway?" said Jeice to Gohan, trying to get a conversation going.

"It's a long story," he replied, his face still hitting the ground. There was a darkness in his voice that made the three aliens shudder. Gohan just walked past them, just wanting to be left alone.

"Hey, uh, do you want to hang with us?" he asked in a welcoming manner. "There's not many friendly spirits down here, so you could use all the friends you can get."

Gohan looked at them and shrugged. What did he have left to lose?

"Hello?! We're back! With a new face too!" said Jeice.

Gohan observed the place. A small field surrounded by mountains with a bloody lake. He didn't notice Frieza walk over to him with a puzzled face on him. It seemed a lot of people couldn't believe how fast he was growing up. But the only thing Gohan was focused on was the android leaning against the tree. Cell had a rather blank look on his face. He was shorter, about as tall as Goku. He was less bulky and more skinny and looked even paler, if possible.

Cell eventually turned to look at the boy, surprised at how much he'd grown, but then again, he wasn't in the best shape himself.

"Well well well... look who finally got his comeuppance," laughed Frieza triumphantly. "Personally, I would have preferred you to be Goku or that other saiyan that manged to murder me, but you being down here is even better than I thought it would be. Does your father know you're down here? Oh, I'd have loved to see his face, and your friends faces at seeing you perish."

"Me too," replied Gohan dryly, though a confused Frieza didn't catch on to his blatant sarcasm. Before anything else could break out between them, Burter jumped up between them.

"So, uh... volley ball?"

Frieza rolled his eyes at his deceased henchmen, and started to follow Burter and the others rather than stay and watch the obvious tensions developing between Gohan and the android.

"Um, coming guys?" asked Jeice uneasily.

Gohan and Cell continued their undying stares of loathing and shock. Jeice backed away slowly, they ran as fast as he could. Again, that darkness was there, but he couldn't tell which one of them it was coming from.

Gohan couldn't believe it; he was finally face to face with the cause of all of his problems after all these years. The trigger to his pain and depression, and his unhealthy coping methods; Gohan could still feel the material of his wristbands nipping at his self-inflicted scars which seemed to have died with him. All he wanted was peace, and he was far from it down here. Although, maybe finally confronting the root of his turmoil may in fact be helpful.

"Looks like I did a good job on you, though I didn't think I'd pushed you to eventually kill yourself," said Cell, looking away from Gohan into the distance. Gohan raised an eyebrow. He didn't expect anything less, though he didn't like that he'd given Cell the upper hand - yes, the android was the source of all of the events leading up to his death, but he didn't want Cell to know that.

"Don't flatter yourself, you have no idea."

Cell unfolded his arms and walked up to Gohan slowly, stopping right in front of him. Cell was only a couple of inches taller than him now.

"You look rather worn, older than your years. It looks like everything I did to you has really took it's toll, hasn't it?"

"I don't think you're in any position to be commenting on my appearance," said Gohan, turning away. And with that, Gohan flew away. Cell watched him go with a sly grin on his face. This was the most compelling turn of events, the most fun he was having in years.

"This will be very interesting indeed..."

The next day, Jeice was wandering near a cave, looking busy to cover up the fact that he was waiting for Gohan to come out. Though he was a power craving maniac at times, deep down, Jeice wasn't a bad guy. He never had been, until he was forced to work for Frieza. Since then he'd been hiding his other side for years, hiding his fear of dying. Since that fear came true in the end, he had nothing else to fear, he was still close friends with his other team mates who hadn't changed at all, and most importantly, avoiding Frieza at all costs because of his reluctance to work for him any longer. Gohan emerged from the cave, causing him to jump in front of him and start acting over-enthusiastic.

"Hey, kid!"

A rather startled Gohan looked to Jeice, surprised that he of all people would be waiting for him.

"Um, hey."

"Er, how are you doing?"

Gohan shrugged. "Been better, I guess."

Jeice faked an assuring smile and started walking along side him.

"I know it's a little weird being down here and everything, but you get used to things. You get all the basics and you just amuse yourself, really -"

"Jeice! There you are you sniveling little coward." Jeice winced at Frieza's voice

"Oh crap... " he whimpered as they turned to see Frieza walking over to them.

"Go find your own punching bag, kid!" he spat at Gohan. Gohan glared at him angrily.

"Get lost, Frieza."

"Ah, so Jeice is still turning his back on his post! And now he's hanging around with a filthy saiyan monkey. You're a disgrace to me and your fellow soldiers!"

"He's not your slave anymore!" yelled Gohan, showing the first inkling of emotion since he arrived.

Frieza glared at the boy. "I'm sorry, I didn't recall this having anything do to with you!"

"Leave him alone!"

"Or else what?!"

Frieza attempted to push Gohan out of his way until he grabbed hold of his wrist; Frieza struggled at first, but began shouting in pain as Gohan twisted his hand until he felt it was close to breaking.

"Don't ever come near him again."

Once Frieza got his mangled wrist back, he gave one last frown at Jeice before taking off.

"Dude... that was amazing... " said Jeice wide-eyed. Gohan shrugged.

"He doesn't scare me."

Jeice followed Gohan, quite shocked at how the boy had changed from being a sweet five year old into a rebellious teenager.

Gohan sat in his small cave; the only private place he had down in hell. He had his own set of blankets and towels like every other cave did. Gohan was analysing the walls to try and not be alone with his darkening thoughts. From what he could tell, he'd been down here for two days, but he didn't know how much time had passed on earth. He was half expecting to be wished back by now by his friends.

But then he began to wonder... could he be wished back if he ended his own life? Was it an impossible wish to grant if the person in question wanted to end their own life, would the wish be against what that person wanted? Gohan felt indifferent about being alive again, it felt no different to being dead. He wasn't at peace, but at least he was by himself, away from his mother and her constant failing attempts at making him feel better or making him live his life.

Gohan then had a dark thought - what if his friends didn't want to wish him back after the selfish way he ended his life? He knew by dying the way he did, he hurt a lot of people. His mother was one, then there was Goten. And Piccolo, and Krillin... so many people left behind. Gohan convinced himself that it was for the best. Now nobody had to worry about him and they could get on with their lives in peace.

"Hey Gohan!"

Gohan snapped out of his thoughts and looked up to see Jeice at the entrance.

"The ogre guys want everyone at the blood fountain!"

"Why?" asked the confused saiyan.

"No idea," shrugged Jeice. "Come on! Hurry!" he shouted as he flew off. Gohan reluctantly followed. All he really wanted right now was to be alone.

"Looks like we might be spending some quality time together," exclaimed an excited Frieza, who was already at the fountain with Cell.

"Mm, don't get used me being around you, because I still think you're annoying," sneered Cell. The small alien grunted under his breath and turned his back on him, crossing his arms. They suddenly noticed that Jeice and Gohan just landed near them. Frieza snarled at both of them, while Cell maneuvered his eyes to Gohan, not even realising that his ki suddenly rose at the sight of him. Gohan noticed this, and stared back, prompting Cell to look away.

It wasn't long until the rest of the Ginyu Force also arrived, along with King Cold, Nappa and Raditz. A large blue ogre suddenly stepped forward, counting them all with his finger.

"Uh, right, so there's ten of you. Okay listen up! Since you've all been good for the past few years, we've decided that we will host a little martial arts tournament, much like the one in the otherworld. For this, we want you to train in pairs, so we've paired you all up depending on how advanced your skills are so you can focus on your teamwork instead of avoiding each other like most people do down here. Okay so, Jeice, you're with Burter."

Jeice knew he wasn't cut out to work with Gohan, since he was pretty sure his face would split in two with one punch. Jeice mouthed a "see ya" to Gohan before walking over to Burter.

"Nappa and Raditz."

The two saiyans high fived. They had become firm friends since dying.

"King Cold and Frieza."

Cell secretly sighed in relief as Frieza walked towards his father. Gohan just stared at the floor. He didn't have to guess. He knew exactly what his fate was...

"Gohan and Cell."

Of course it had to be the one person he despised more than the rest. Cell didn't budge, so Gohan hesitantly walked towards him, not looking at him.

"And Recoome and Guldo."

"Aaw, you're kidding!" exclaimed Recoome in extreme disappointment.

"Hmph," Guldo crossed his arms and turned away from his mouthy team mate.

"Rules are rules! You have two weeks to prepare!"

Raditz and Nappa walked away, fixated in a long chat. No complaints from them. Frieza, on the other hand, had hoped to train with Cell, but with a saiyan in the way of what he wanted once again, he flew away with his father, frustrated. Cell watched them fly off, laughing at Frieza in his head; he had it coming to him. Gohan was the first to speak up.

"Let's get this over with."

Gohan flew off. Cell looked back at Jeice in the eyes, and smirked before following. Jeice's heart skipped a beat. He knew that look all too well...

"Hey, Jeice! You ready to get started?"

"Uh, yeah."

Jeice followed Burter towards the mountains to train with his best friend just like in the old days. Looks like Cell's back to his old self again. I hope Gohan can hold his own.

Gohan landed in a deserted wasteland with a few cliffs here and there. Much like that of the Cell Games from what he remembered of the place before it got blasted into rubble. Cell landed opposite him, his back still turned.

"So how are we going to do this? " asked Gohan awkwardly.

Gohan barely had time to respond as he caught sight of Cell's fist heading towards him. He barely dodged but didn't see the second until Cell plunged it into his gut. Gohan fell onto his knees, violently coughing until the blood finally came out of his mouth.

"You haven't trained for a long while, have you? Why haven't you been keeping up your strength?" asked Cell, disappointed that he wasn't going to get a decent fight.

"Didn't see the point," said Gohan, after finishing his coughing fit.

"Now that's just lazy."

Gohan spat the last bit of blood to the side.

"You don't know anything!" he snarled. But he forgot that Cell knew the exact buttons to push.

"I wonder what your dead father would think about that. Does he even know that you're down here? Or are you too ashamed to tell him?"

Gohan charged at him, transforming into a super saiyan in the process. Cell caught the first fist that flew at him and then the second. Gohan tried to pull them back, but Cell kept a tight hold on him. Gohan could feel both his hands about to snap within the android's crushing grasp. Gohan was too busy struggling that he was brought back to his senses as his entire body started burning with pain, when he'd finally registered that Cell just drove his knee full force into his abdomen. Cell let go of him and he fell on all fours in another coughing fit.

"Don't think for one second that I'm going to go easy on you."

Cell kicked him in the side and Gohan was flipped onto his back. Before the boy could respond with a counter attack, Cell climbed on top of him and grabbed him by his gi, and brought his face closer to his own, so their noses were almost touching.

"I'll train you. But at the same time, you're going to pay for what you did to me... "

Gohan was overwhelmed with fear as Cell's eyes filled with a terrifying madness. Cell seemed satisfied that his point had been made and let go of him. Gohan was ready to get up, but had a sickening feeling in his gut; Cell was still on top of him, and it didn't look like he was about to move anytime soon. Gohan's questions were brutally answered as he was suddenly backhanded across the face. His head was slammed into the ground as Cell continued to punch him in the face. Cell suddenly got onto his feet and started to kick Gohan around for a while.

"Fight back! Call yourself a saiyan?!" he mocked as he continued his ferocious attack.

"Stop! Ow!" he cried, desperately trying to put his hands up to defend his bleeding face. Cell laughed at him and continued to kick him in the gut. "STOP!" Growing tired of his usual reluctance, Cell brutally kicked him in the face to shut him up. Cell gave a few more kicks before finally stopping. He roughly dragged Gohan towards him by his neck.

"We start tomorrow, here. Now get out of my sight!"

Cell threw Gohan to the floor. The saiyan struggled onto his feet before running as fast as he possibly could.

Gohan awoke in a small, dark bedroom. He couldn't see much, but he felt somebody else there.

"Finally, do you know how long I've been waiting for you?"


It sounded like his own voice... but different.

"Who are you?" he asked, his vision seemed to be blurring and darkening the more he tried to see.

"I'm the thing you fear most."

"See you tomorrow mate!" said Jeice, waving to Burter as he flew away. He decided to check on Gohan as he figured he'd be back by now. 

"Gohan?" Jeice stepped inside, horrified to see Gohan beaten black and blue. He had only been asleep for two hours when Jeice suddenly woke him up. It interrupted whatever he was dreaming about. "What the hell did he do to you?!"

"Nothing," the boy lied. Jeice looked at him, worried. "I'll be fine. I have to go back now anyway." Gohan got up and walked over to the bowl of water left for him and washed his face, rinsing the blood away before looking at his reflection in the bowl; he expected not to recognise his face - but he was completely healed. Gohan was surprised; being dead couldn't be as bad as he thought with accelerated healing.

"Hey man, you sure everything's okay? I'm here if you want to talk about it - "

"It's fine, really. I've got to go." And with that Gohan took off without another word. Jeice didn't know what to do. He couldn't physically stop him. Suddenly, that piercing voice yelled at him from behind.

"Hey Jeice! It looked like the brat took quite a beating!" laughed Frieza.

"Just stay out of it!"

"Oh, suddenly Jeice has grown a back bone! Little late for that now now, huh!"

Jeice just walked away. Frieza was yet another he couldn't stop.

Gohan landed back on the outskirts where he had his previous encounter with Cell. The android hadn't shown up yet. Probably bragging about his beating to King Cold or something like that. That previous day was all that was going through his head, along with those feelings he felt during his downfall back on Earth.

He thought about the things he felt when he'd first discovered drugs when he escaped to the city, or rather what he remembered of them since he was mostly drunk when he took them. He remembered what he felt when he used to sneak out to the city to obtain them when his mother was asleep; right under her nose the whole time. He had to admit he was also being rebellious because of the thrill of danger that was involved.

He was in danger most of his life, but for a good cause, but this was the complete opposite. He longed to feel it again. But he didn't know how. He had no access to drink or drugs; he couldn't self-harm because there was no privacy, and he wasn't in any danger... or was he? Looking up into the yellow clouds, he saw that Cell was about to land - then he had an idea.

"So, was I too hard on you, or are you up for some real training?" he sneered as he landed. Gohan glared at him.

"That was nothing. You haven't got to me. You never will."

"Hm, we'll see about that boy," he laughed as he got into fighting stance.

Cell threw the first kick at Gohan, who blocked it with his forearm. They both then vanished; reappearing again in the sky, in full flow; punches and kicks flying towards every body part, but also blocked. Neither could land a punch or a kick, and Gohan wasn't even super saiyan.

Anyone would have thought Cell had been slacking, until he powered up as he fought. Cell suddenly pushed Gohan away, performed a one-two combination and with another punch sent him to the hard ground. Gohan landed on all fours after slightly slowing himself down. He looked up at Cell, his nose bleeding. He smirked; this was what he wanted.

"Why don't you power up and fight me properly?" said a disappointed Cell, landing in front of him. "Show me some of that fury."

"Why don't you make me?" he spat, earning himself another slap.

"Don't fuck with me! I said fight!"

Gohan was a little startled at the language that the android was using, he always seemed quite reserved - but he sensed that Cell's anger was rising. Good. He was getting what he wanted.

"And I said make me!"

Cell grabbed him by his hair and slammed his head into a wall. Gohan leaned on the wall with his hands trying to regain his balance, surprised that Cell had used that much force that there was a dent in the rock. Cell saw that he was bleeding from one of his temples; the blood ran neatly down the left side of his face before dripping off his chin then running down his chest, staining his gi. Cell tried to calm himself down, but Gohan still refused to fight him. Gohan grinned at the android slyly.

"That didn't even tickle. Guess you'll have to try harder."

Blinded by anger, Cell followed his instincts rather than think about what he was doing, and roughly shoved the boy against the wall by his neck. Gohan just laughed; he was getting that powerful feeling again. Needless to say he enjoyed it, even though he had to experience it through pain. It wasn't like yesterday where he cried all the way through his beating; this time he wanted to get hurt. This only made Gohan realise that he still had some serious issues.

Gohan's laughing got choked into an ear-piercing scream and Cell ferociously dragged his claws down Gohan's chest. They were sharper than they looked as his flesh was torn as if it were paper. His blood splattered everywhere - most of it was on Cell. Gohan's saiyan instincts suddenly kicked in as his eyes suddenly turned green and his raven hair flashed into a brilliant gold. Cell smirked, it looked like Gohan was finally ready to fight.

"You seriously believe that you can just walk away from me? Listen to me, underling!"

Jeice spun round to look at an infuriated Frieza, everyone knew that he hated to be ignored, just like the attention-seeker he was.

"Look, will you just move on! I don't belong to you! In fact, none of us do!"

"Impudent little - !" Frieza suddenly stopped in his tracks as he sense Gohan was just round the corner. "I'll deal with you later!" he said as he took off. Jeice turned around to see Gohan covered in his own blood.

"What the hell happened?!" he exclaimed, running over to his beaten friend.

"It's okay, I'm fine."

"Gohan are you sure this is just training?"

"Yeah, it is. I told you, Cell's just doesn't know when to hold back."

Jeice was convinced in the slightest as Gohan stumbled towards his cave - it wasn't normal to receive bruises like that from a training session.

Gohan collapsed onto his little bed, pain filling every part of his body. He wished he hadn't gone through with it after all, as he suffered the consequences in silence. He needed something else. The pain was fulfilling enough at the time, but if he did this everyday, then there would be nothing left of him by the time the tournament came round. The only thing he knew was that he had to manipulate Cell to get whatever he wanted.

Another day passed quickly. Jeice ran as fast as he could to the nearest hiding spot as he heard Frieza coming nearer. Hoping, he was clear, he took a chance and set off for Burter.

"And where do you think you're going?!"

Jeice choked as he swallowed when Frieza yanked him from the sky by his boot and back onto the dusty floor.

"You think you can escape me?"

Frieza kicked his former minion in the gut, then carried on walking round him in circles. Jeice must have thrown up his entire body weight of blood by now, as Frieza continued to beat him; just like he had been doing all day.

"I'm going to tear you limb from limb whether you like it or not!"

Another kick made the alien whimper.

"And there's nothing you can do about it, since that brat is off training! I can do whatever I want when he's not around!"

Frieza laughed like a maniac and continued his ruthless assault. Jeice only wished that somebody could save him, but that someone was miles away and up on a mountain.

Gohan landed on the ground with a loud thud. He didn't think his spine could take anymore hits. Cell landed in front of him raising his brow; he was disappointed with the boy's efforts. The android hardly had to snap out of his thoughts as he dodged a lazy punch. The boy couldn't take anymore and he landed on all fours, panting, sweat and blood dripping from his chin.

"That's enough. I can't ... " Gohan could hardly finish his sentence as his lungs burned whilst regathering the oxygen his body needed to function; it seemed strange that the dead still needed to breathe. But panicking from lack of oxygen was proving to be an annoying habit.

"I'm growing impatient with you, Gohan. After studying your movement, I think that this has something to do with your concentration."

"And... what am I supposed to do about that?" asked Gohan sardonically, rolling his eyes.


Gohan was dragged on to his feet as Cell forced him to stand as he spoke. Gohan walked towards the nearest wall and leaned on it.

"The cell from Piccolo that's inside me tells me that he once taught you how to meditate. Correct?"

"Yeah, but I'm never relaxed enough to try it."

"I'm not finished yet," Cell snapped. Gohan shut his mouth instantly. His headache was bad enough as it was. "I think I will have to train your mind for now."

What?! Gohan looked up at the android, who was now face to face with him. The last thing I want is him poking around inside my head.

"I'll 'poke around' if it means that I get a decent fight from you before I finish you off," Cell sneered. Gohan's eyes widened.

"H-how did you do that?"

"You're too easy to access. Now, I will attempt to explore your mind. All you have to do is stop me with your head. Got it?"

Gohan shuddered as he felt Cell's cold hands suddenly place themselves on his temples. As he did, he noticed something ... he was almost as tall as Cell was, since the android had deteriorated on the outside during the past four years.

"You think about me a lot?"

Gohan just realised he was supposed to be blocking him out. Too late...

Cell suddenly invaded every corner of his head. Gohan's eyes shut tight as Cell searched his memories; the boy was helpless to stop him. After a painful few seconds, Cell let go of Gohan, chuckling to himself.

"Wow, no wonder you ended up down here."

"Fuck you... "

Gohan's head suddenly snapped to the side. It only just registered that he'd just earned a slap. Drawing his hand from his cheek, he saw blood. Not an uncommon occurrence for him nowadays. When he saw Cell's blooded fingers he realised that the android just nearly sliced his face in two.

"That never stops satisfying me."

"Go fuck yourself," said Gohan slowly through his teeth.

"Do you want another beating?"

"Like I'd give a shit... I actually enjoyed the last one."

"So I've seen."

Gohan glared back at him.

"I've been inside your mind, kid. I know what you've put your poor family through..."

His heart sank. He'd never felt so violated in his entire life.

"And if you're going to manipulate me to get what you want, think again!"

Gohan had heard enough, he looked the other way, trying to ignore him.

"What do you want, Gohan?"


"You want revenge?"

"No... "

"Then what? Why are you here, taking everything that I throw at you then coming back for more?"

Gohan shut his eyes tight, as felt Cell coming closer to him. It was extremely foolish to think that he'd just disappear if he didn't look at him. There was no running away now, especially as he'd been backed into a wall.

"Look at me, and tell me what you really want."

"I don't know!"

"Tell me! What are those saiyan instincts begging you to do?"

Gohan remained silent, his eyes only gave away his confusion and anger. Cell approached him until they were mere inches away from each other.

"Come on, I won't stop you..."

Gohan felt something snap and suddenly moved in closer to Cell's face, prompting the android to back away to avoid what it could have been; Gohan's hormones were indeed all over the place.

"Now that was the last thing I thought you'd do."

Cell backed off and flew away, and Gohan let out the air he didn't realise he's been keeping in; he was embarrassed at what he just did. Why on earth did he just try to kiss him?!

Jeice staggered forwards. He couldn't walk anymore, he fell forwards onto the ground. Gohan was just around the corner, he felt violated and vulnerable. Cell was there everywhere he looked. His thoughts suddenly snapped towards Jeice as he saw his best friend lying in a pool of blood.

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