Worlds Collide

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Chapter 25: Cinnamon

Jeice woke up to a soft knock on the door. He groaned, turning to look at the clock, which read 1.34am. Krillin hadn't stirred, so he sighed as he got up. He opened the door to find nobody there, then he was pulled out to the side and held against the wall, a hand covered his mouth to stop his voice from being heard.

His eyes widened to see Gohan stood in front of him, his finger over his lips to tell Jeice to stay quiet. Then Jeice noticed the bruise on his cheek, as well as a split lip. His shirt was open, showing some nasty bruising on his torso, his belt was missing and he had nothing on his feet.

"I need your help. But I need you not to tell anybody, okay?" he said quietly, his voice noticeably wavering as if he was scared. He removed his hands from Jeice, who quickly closed the door before speaking.

"What the hell happened to you?" he whispered frantically.

"I need you to get me some of my clothes and a first aid set, and then meet me in that bathroom," he said, pointing at another door down the hall. "Knock twice."

Before Jeice could speak, Gohan was gone.

Gohan's saiyan half was still fully fronting, his other half safe and sleeping at the back of his brain somewhere, safe from the image staring back at him in the bathroom mirror. He started the tap running, taking a fresh hand towel from the pile. He cleaned the blood from his mouth, and began examining the bruise on his left cheek when he heard those two knocks on the door.

"Come in," he said, not too loudly.

"Gohan, what happened?" he asked, handing him the kit and some fresh clothes; a black long sleeved shirt and some black pants as well as some new underwear.

Gohan didn't answer, going to remove his shirt, hissing with pain at the bruises on his stomach.

"Please talk to me."

"He held me down and started hitting me."

"What the fuck?! Why?!"

"He doesn't need a reason to be violent. That's just what he is. I do forget that sometimes."

Gohan's voice sounded more even, different from what Jeice was used to however, having no knowledge of his split personality.

"Where is he?"

"He was unconscious when I left him. He's probably still high so I doubt he'll even notice I'm not there when he wakes up."

"Wait, high?" Jeice's eyes widened. "I knew Cell had a drug problem, but I thought he kicked it a while back."

"He's back on them. He's out of it most of the time these days."

"You've been on them too, haven't you? You were really spaced out this morning."

Gohan seemed to pause for a moment. He didn't answer.

"I can see it, the antranide messes with your appearance. You're not... looking too well."

Gohan was suddenly very aware of his eyes, how sunken they were, how lifeless. How his cheeks began to look a little more hollow, though that could have been the fact that he'd barely been eating the past few weeks. He pulled his shirt off and placed it on the counter.

"Fucking hell," gasped Jeice to himself, seeing the dark purple bruising on his stomach properly. "How are you even standing?"

"I need you to help me with something. I can't reach it and I need to put a dressing on it."

"Um, okay," he answered nervously. He watched as Gohan pulled his pants down a little over his right hip. "Is that a bite?"

"Yes," said Gohan unemotionally. "Can you make me a dressing big enough to cover it for a few hours? I still heal pretty fast so it should be okay."

"Kid... that's gonna scar," said Jeice honestly. Scabs were forming on each tooth mark, and it looked as if most, if not all Cell's teeth had cut through. The marks themselves were surrounded by bruising and redness.

Nevertheless, Jeice persisted, grabbing the first aid kit to make a covering for it as Gohan carefully cleaned it as best he could.

"Where are you sleeping?"

"In here," he said, again, surprisingly stoic. "I don't have a room of my own because I've been staying with him most nights since we got here. And I don't want to go back there tonight. I usually just find a bathroom to sleep in when it gets like this."

"Come and stay with me, you fucking idiot. I'm sharing a room with Krillin and my bed's pretty roomy."

"Are you sure?"

Gohan's human half would have turned that down, but his saiyan half's need to follow his instincts took over. He wanted to be comfy.

The mental transition of Gohan coming back into the world went a little more smoothly this time. His saiyan half had made him aware of what went on, or the short version anyway; he escaped Cell's sudden attack on him, Jeice had helped him clean and patch himself up, and now he was waking up next to his alien friend in bed the next morning.

Gohan stayed where he was, staring at the ceiling, he thought about Cell. Was he still unconscious? Was he waiting around the corner to finish him off?

"Urgh... "


"Well the good news is, I think my powers finally came back but... "

Gohan noticed that he was sweating a little, the way he pinched the bridge of his nose told him him that he had a headache.

"You're withdrawing from the sedative," he said, sitting up to take a look at Krillin, who was sleeping on the bed next to them. He noticed a clamminess to his skin as well. "I'll go and get Bulma. Just stay here and drink this," he said, passing him the glass of water that was on the table between the beds.

Gohan ran to Bulma's room, to find it empty, then heard a lot of banging and crashing coming from another room nearby. It turned out that all of the warriors that had been sedated were feeling the affects of withdrawal that day. As he helped get Jeice and Krillin settled, he couldn't help but notice the stares he was getting. He caught his reflection now and again as he worked - seeing that he had a bruised cheek and a black eye. A few people did ask him what happened, but he either pretended he didn't hear or skimmed over the question.

Bulma and Mr Popo put together a pop-up infirmary in one of the larger rooms; Goku, Vegeta, Trunks and Piccolo were the worst affected due to the amount to sedative they were given in relation to their strengths, and required intravenous treatment. Dende did what he could with his healing abilities, but they were limited to making them comfortable as they fought through it. Tien and Krillin were slightly less poorly, opting to cope with water and medication and resting in their own rooms. Yamcha, Chiaotzu and Master Roshi were the least affected, but helped out around the infirmary with everyone else, as Chi Chi insisted on taking the cooking and cleaning on herself.

Meanwhile Jeice was receiving plenty of care from his comrades.

Gohan was left to take care of Goten and young Trunks, which kept him occupied and away from Cell. Not that he was entirely sober though... he slowly nibbled his way through some of his antranide when nobody was looking, learning to ration what little supply he had. It wasn't enough to totally space him out, but even Goten remarked that he seemed quieter than usual. He and Trunks did ask him outright what happened to his face, but Gohan somehow managed to convince the inquisitive children that he'd simply had an accident.

He carried on self harming at least once a day, finding new ways to hurt himself and new ways to hide it. He felt strange, like he was a little lost. He'd spent about seven months alone with Cell, and now he was avoiding him completely, somewhat reconnecting with his friends and family, though most of them were too ill to engage with him. He didn't dare go back into that room. Nobody had seen the android around, Gohan assumed he was simply continuing on their self-destructive bender alone for now.

And yet, he couldn't help but look over his shoulder every now and then.

Ten days passed. Even Goku and Vegeta were finally feeling like themselves again, back on their feet and partaking in light training. Neither of them had ever been that ill, even Goku said that it rivalled the heart virus he had years ago.

Gohan slept in Jeice's bed still, he hadn't seen or heard from Cell since his saiyan half left him unconscious. His injuries from the attack had healed up completely, though he still had a faint bite mark on his hip; he figured he was stuck with that reminder for the rest of his life. After the distraction of most of the gang falling ill had finally lifted, he began to want to see him again, and not just because he felt needy... but he finally ran out of antranide the day before. He was shaking already.

"Hey, Gohan... "

He was dragged out of his aimless stare by the sound of Krillin's voice that morning as he left their room.

"I found some herbs in one of the store rooms, I thought maybe your mom could use them for her cooking."

"Oh... yeah, she'd like that," he said, his voice deflated as ever.

"How about we take them to her together? She'll be starting lunch soon."

"Krillin... " Gohan knew this would be an attempt to get him to talk to his mother. He hadn't even looked at her since before they arrived at the lookout.

"Gohan, come on. Five minutes. It might help if you guys talked."

"Fine," he said, not having the mental capacity to argue against it, Krillin noticed him fidgeting with the sleeves on his wrists, not knowing the real reason he was doing it.

They made their way to the kitchen, each carrying a couple of herb jars.

"Hey, Chi Chi, we found these herbs and spices in one of the store rooms. We thought they'd be useful to you."

"Thanks!" she said, she turned round and paused for a second when she saw Gohan stood in front of her, not looking very well put together. He looked quite pale. "What have you got there, Gohan?"

It took him a few seconds to answer her.

"Uh... cinnamon, I think."

"Oh, you used to love cinnamon," she said, waddling over to take the jar from him. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," he said unconvincingly.

"Thanks for looking after Goten this week. He's enjoyed having you around again."

Gohan's eyes looked everywhere but at her, his hands found his pockets as he suddenly couldn't keep himself still.

"Your eye's cleared up."


"You had a black eye last week."

"Oh yeah, it was nothing, really."

"Gohan... " she sighed, her tone shifting. She wasn't stupid, and Gohan knew it.

"Just say what you've got to say," he said as softly as he could.

"Cell did that to you, didn't he?"

Gohan didn't answer, not looking at either of them.

"Why do you stay with him? If he treats you like that?"

He had many reasons that all piled into his head at once; because he made him feel something. Because he was his dealer. Because he share his deepest, darkest thoughts with him. Because in some twisted way... he loved him.

"We were training... "

"That's a lie, and you know it," she replied instantly. "Gohan, just help me understand... I want to help you!"

I don't need help, I need a fucking fix.

He managed not to say that out loud. But he was close to exploding. Krillin had backed out slowly, going to find Goku to diffuse the situation.

"Why do you hang around with him? Why do you let him... "

"Let him what?"

"You know," she didn't want to have to say it, but for some reason, it touched a nerve with him.

"Is it the fact that I'm having sex or just that I'm having sex with him?" he didn't mean for that to be so blunt, but his patience was wearing thin thanks to the withdrawal.

"A little bit of both. Was he your first?"


"Why him?" This was slowly turning into an argument rather than the reconciliation that Krillin hoped for.

"Because he was there, and he had nothing better to do," he said, which was the honest truth.

"Are you careful?"

Gohan laughed out loud. Chi Chi wasn't amused in the slightest.

"I'm gonna go now," he turned the leave, but she stopped him, grabbing his arm.

"Where? Back to him?!"

"Actually yeah, that sounds like a good idea," he said, his saiyan half's attitude seeping through. Cell was in fact his next stop. He tried to leave again, but Chi Chi wouldn't let go of him.

"And what?! Get beat up again?"

"Let go of me," he said in a warning tone.

"Gohan, I forbid you from seeing him!" she demanded fruitlessly, even though she knew that he wouldn't listen.

"You can't stop me!"

"He's not going to help you feel better!"

"Don't you understand?! I feel nothing!" he confessed. "The only time I ever feel anything is when... "

"He's a monster, Gohan. All he does is hurt people."

"Funny, that's all I seem to do too."

"You need to keep away from him. Why do you want to be near him after he kidnapped you? He kept you away from us for five months. He's poisoned you against us."

"You know, those five months were pretty peaceful. I didn't have to pretend that I was okay, because frankly, it's exhausting!"

Chi Chi knew what he was doing, it was something he did to her for the past six years; he was pushing everyone that he loved away. He was trying to hurt her.

"Gohan, I know what you're doing, you're trying to push me away, but - "

"We did it in your bed," he said maliciously, with a slight smirk.

Gohan's head snapped to one side. That slap didn't actually hurt but it shocked him. Chi Chi more.

"What's going on in here?"

Gohan could see that Chi Chi wanted to take it back, he knew he deserved it and was about to tell her that he forgave her... but his issues with Goku suddenly bubbled over.

"Late to the party as fucking usual, dad?"

"Gohan!" he scolded, not taking to his language well. "What is wrong with you?!"

"YOU LEFT ME!" he screamed, shoving him back so hard that he knocked most of the stuff off the shelves as he hit the wall. Chi Chi was crying, her hands over her mouth to cover her shock. Gohan had never been violent towards anybody until now. "You were more useful to me when you were gone," he hissed hatefully.

Gohan stormed out, slamming his fist into a nearby wall. He listened as his parents got into a one sided argument, which mainly consisted of Chi Chi berating Goku for not being there for him most of his life. He remained where he was for another hour or so, drifting in and out of his anxiety, his body trembling from the lack of antranide. Then he heard something smash in the kitchen, followed by a scream.


Gohan immediately ran to her without thinking, finding some of Mr Popo's fine plates shattered on the floor, Chi Chi doubled over in agony.

"My water broke, the baby's coming!" she panted, holding her lower stomach, trying to breathe through the pain.

"I'll go and get help -"

"No! Don't go, I need you!" she cried, grabbing his hand before he could leave. "This baby is coming now!"

"Mom, how long have you been in labour?"

"The pains started in the night, but I thought I had more time," she said, before another contraction hit her. Gohan helped her onto the floor as her knees collapsed under her. "I need to push!"

"Already?" Gohan was surprised that her labour was happening so quickly.

"Gohan, I have given birth twice before, this one is waiting around!" she said frantically. "I need you to deliver."

"Wait, I can't -"

"Gohan, you've done this before, I have faith in you!"

The memory of how he delivered Goten himself with Bulma on the other end of the phone when he was just eleven years old. It was a difficult birth, Goten's arm was stuck and the cord was wrapped around his neck. But he made it. He went on auto pilot, helping her remove her undergarments, grabbing the clean towels on the kitchen counter.

"I can see the head," he said, she began pushing right away, he was readying himself to catch the kid, it was all happening so fast. A couple of excruciating pushes later, Gohan pulled his new born sibling from her, tying off and cutting the cord. Then he wrapped the baby up in one of the towels. Unlike Goten, this one arrived into the world kicking and screaming.

"Is it okay?" she panted.

"Yeah," he said, a smile appearing on his lips. "It's a boy." He passed his new brother to her, and a couple of minutes later, Krillin arrived with Bulma, who had heard the commotion as it was happening.

"Oh, Chi Chi, he's perfect!"

Gohan noted that out of her three boys, he was the only one born with a tail; he figured that it was a recessive trait. He waited as Bulma checked them both over.

"He may be a little early, but he seems to be fine. Gohan, can you take the baby?" asked Bulma. "I need to get your mom checked and settled."

"Here," Chi Chi handed the baby to him carefully. "Take him to meet your father and brother." Her voice sounded tired, but her face breathed relief.

Gohan nodded slowly, taking his newborn brother outside, where Goku was showing Goten a few fighting moves.

"Listen, Gohan, I never mean to... " his words trailed off as he saw the small bundle in Gohan's arms. "What... "

"Um... mom's okay. It's another boy," he said, not being able to form words either. He couldn't take his eyes off his baby brother, it made him feel so content.

Goku picked Goten up and moved closer.

"Look, Goten, this is your new brother," he said softly. Goten just watched him with fascination. Goku took the newborn's hand, but his heart sank a little as he looked upon his eldest son; he saw sadness in his face, his eyes were lifeless, he seemed very unwell, both in and out. Gohan was so damaged, possibly beyond repair by now, and Goku felt that he played a huge part in that.

Word spread quickly of the newest addition to the Son family, Goku presenting him to his friends as Gohan cleaned himself up and got dressed back into his gi. Goku let Gohan hold his brother again as they headed to Chi Chi, who was now settled in her own bed and well enough to have visitors.

Goku and Gohan exchanged the newborn pretty smoothly, it felt weird being so close to his father again after everything. At that moment, he began to miss him a little.

He stayed back as Goku went into the bedroom, watching from outside as he handed the baby to Chi Chi, Goten also curled up next to her wanting to see his new brother.

He felt a familiar presence nearby, which froze him where he stood.

"Look at them. Isn't that wholesome," said Cell, reappearing next to him, but out of sight of his family.

"Yeah," he answered, barely whispering. He wanted to join them so badly, all he had to do was place one foot in front of the other...

"They've finally replaced you with a son that won't be a complete disappointment."

Gohan's face fell, the hopeful expression in his haggard eyes was crushed with one single sentence. Cell could even pinpoint the exact moment that Gohan's heart broke. A cold hand slipped into his, reminding him that he wasn't entirely alone. He took one last look at his parents and brothers, hearing them name the baby Haru, before disappearing into the darkness again with his abuser.

He only missed Goku calling for him by a few seconds, but it was too late. Cell had got to him first.

They retreated to Cell's room without anybody seeing them, they seemed to be good at that. Gohan finally let go of his hand, feeling safe again... somehow... in this room where some nights ago, Cell beat and humiliated him.

"It's strange, watching you with your father. When you were younger, you similar, but now you just seem... unnatural together."

"He still makes me feel so... angry after all this time. I don't even know why I still blame him for the way I feel, because lately, it has nothing to do with him at all."

"Why were you mad at him in the first place? Because he left you?"

"I was the reason he died. When he told us he wanted to stay dead, I thought it was to punish me."

"Hm, even I know that Goku isn't that spiteful."

"I was eleven years old and I'd just been through hell. What was I supposed to think? But it wasn't just him I was mad at."


"I was mad at you too, but you were also dead. Something inside me really broke that day, during our fight. After it was over, I had all of this anger and I didn't know what to do with it or how to shut it off. So I turned it inward, and became angry at myself. And I still am, seven fucking years on."

"So, now that's all been dragged back up to the surface again... have you shut us in this room so that you can hurt yourself?"

"Yeah," laughed Gohan wryly. "I don't want to hurt my dad. Or my mom. I don't want to hurt anybody. Everything I'm feeling... it's on me."

"When did you start hating yourself so much?"

"I don't remember," he shrugged. "I think I always have."

Cell approached him, brushing his hair out of his face a little, the saiyan didn't flinch, or even blink.

"How are you planning on hurting yourself this time?"

Gohan crept forwards, closing the gap between them, then placed a long kiss on his lips. He broke it off, pushing him back until he fell on the bed. Cell didn't take his eyes off him as he sat himself up against the headboard. Gohan threw one leg over him, settling down on his lap. He leaned down, kissing and licking at Cell's neck lovingly.

"I need a fix," he whispered alluringly against his skin.

"Go and get one then. I'll wait."

"I ran out yesterday," he said, trailing his hand down between his legs.

"You want more?"

"Yeah, but I want you too."

Gohan kissed him passionately, the way he always did when he felt this desperate for contact. As he kissed him, he got a good grip on his cock and pumped until he was hard. Then he moved off his lap, and all the way back, bowing his head to take him into his mouth.

Cell was fascinated as per usual, watching his every move, observing the way his hand grasped onto him, then his lips closing over the tip of his cock. That never failed to take his breath away, even as he knew exactly when it was happening. He was still feeling the affects of his own fix, and now it was coupled by the warmth of Gohan's mouth moving over him rhythmically.

The android shuddered a breath, feeling his tongue as he sucked harder and moved faster. He wasn't planning on making this last too long. Cell continued to watch him, he make the observation that Gohan performed better the worse he felt. He must have really needed to escape this time.

Cell sighed out a soft sound, then Gohan gave him more, moaning to himself around what was in his mouth, the vibrations from his voice, sent shivers down Cell's spine as he caught a wave. He entangled his fingers into Gohan's hair, he moaned around him again.

"Fuck..." that felt good. He struggled to to keep still, panting a little to compensate, his core tensing as he neared his end. Cell began vocalizing his pleasure, and as he did, Gohan responded, repeating those sensual noises, the android could tell that he was doing it on purpose, he caught an intense wave, sitting himself up even further, propping himself up with one hand behind him, the other still in his hair.

"Mmm... I hate you... " He growled, gripping his hair harder. Gohan's hair being yanked on caused him to let out a loud grunt, at this point, the saiyan had taken all of him and was just about maintaining his breathing. Cell moved some of his hair out of his face; his eyes were closed, his face, or what he could see of it, was relaxed, working away on him. "You look so good right now."

Gohan responded with a soft little moan, as if to tease him. Cell's eyes remained on Gohan's face when he finally climaxed with a satisfied groan, Gohan continued making noise as he slowly removed himself from his crotch to sit on his knees. He made sure that Cell saw his release collected in his mouth before blatantly swallowing it down.

"A few months ago, you'd have never had it in you to suck a cock like that," said the android breathlessly. Gohan laughed.

"Was it good?" he asked, wiping his mouth, catching his own breath as well.

"You know full well it was," said Cell, eyeing the bulging of his pants. Gohan followed his eyes down his own body, catching sight if himself, only noticing just then that he'd been achingly hard most of the way through that.

Cell held his hand out with an ominous smile. Gohan took it without hesitation, sitting on his lap again. Gohan watched as his cold hands moved down his chest, slowly untying his belt.

"Which feels better?" he asked. "My mouth or my ass?"

Cell smiled, Gohan was behaving more provocatively as time went on; he was sinking deeper into his escape, thinking if himself as merely a sexual object.

"Each experience is too different to choose from. I like both." Cell got to the drawstring of his gi pants, loosening them.

"Are you sure about that?" asked Gohan, gasping as Cell's fingers wrapped around his cock, which was now free. "You could always test that theory. I don't mind."

"Are you asking me to fuck you?" he asked, his voice just as soft as Gohan's voice as that moment.


"Some things are worth waiting for," he said, echoing what Gohan's alter said to him when they were fooling around in the shower.

"That feels nice," he sighed, thrusting subtly into Cell's fist. The android, enjoyed watching him unwind, but had another idea. He took Gohan's right hand with his left, and brought it to replace his grip on Gohan's cock.

"Touch yourself," he said, lying back against the headboard again to watch him.

Gohan smiled back at him cheekily, taking hold of himself properly. His eyes fell shut.

"No... don't close your eyes," he said. "Look at me."

Gohan obeyed, opening his eyes again, only for them to fix onto Cell's instantly. He hesitated for the first time since they arrived at that room, but carried on regardless.

"Show me what turns you on." His hands ran up his thighs, tickling his backside. As that happened, Gohan began pinching his left inner thigh with his free hand. He was reminded of being told about that particular kink by his alter. "What are you thinking about?"


"What am I doing?"

"Biting my thigh," he said, part of a giggle escaping his lips. Cell thought about pushing him down and making that fantasy come true. But decided against it... for now.

"Are you going to die for me?"

"I will if you want me to."

Gohan smiled at him, their stare still locked. Gohan moaned out loud, he lost his focus, his spine arched and his eyes rolled backward before closing.

"Look at me, Gohan," said Cell teasingly. "You can't die if you're not looking."

Gohan's hips were grinding in him, he was making soft little noises, but he refused to open his eyes again. Cell pushed himself upright again, an arm at the back holding himself up, while the other took Gohan by his waist, taking him by surprise. Cell's face found the crook of his neck.

"Remember when I fucked you like this?" he asked, the memories still graphically present.


"I was so deep inside you, it felt so good that I couldn't see straight."

Gohan suddenly recalled exactly how that felt, and it almost pushed him over.

"You were begging me to end it."

"Shit..." he moaned.

"That's what you said last time. You looked me dead in the eyes when you came, I want to see it again."

"I think I'm gonna die," he gasped. Cell kissed his neck.

"Die slowly, I want to savour it."

Gohan had to quickly think of a way to prolong his orgasm, but even that was driving him insane.

"Can I finish on you?"

"If you want to," chuckled Cell. He brought his head out from his neck, lying back against the headboard, one hand on his hip, and the other squeezing his ass. "Look at me, Gohan."

Gohan opened his eyes again, meeting an intense stare, Cell began grinding his pelvis up against him. Gohan's voice slipped out of him as he collapsed forwards, his left hand catching the headboard to stop him from falling. He began intensely fucking his own fist.

"Cell... ah - " he cut himself off, his eyes squeezing shut again.

"No... I want you to look at me. I want to see your eyes when you come."

Gohan found it difficult to resist his own reflexes when he was so close to having an orgasm. He somehow forced his eyes to stay open this time.

"That's it... die for me."

Gohan's hand slipped from the headboard to Cell's shoulder, his head followed, suddenly they were eye to eye when Gihan finally came, moaning loudly, his eyes locked with Cell's for as long as he possibly could before squeezing them shut once more, Cell felt him empty himself onto his stomach.

Gohan panted desperately and shuddered, Cell closed the gap between them, kissing him hard. Gohan's orgasm lasted about 7 seconds before his body finally began to relax again.

"Fuck," he sighed, before laughing to himself. He kissed him playfully.

"That look in your eyes when you come... it's almost better than fear."

Gohan paused for a second to take that in.

"I can really see you now."

Cell let pulled his hair loose, the hair tie now around his wrist. Gohan sighed, sadness creeping upon him again.

"Can we just get wasted now?"

The android smiled lazily.

"I thought you'd never ask."

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