Worlds Collide

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Chapter 5: A Big Mistake

Two weeks had passed, and the fighters were using the Otherworld stadium near the Grand Kai's planet while nobody was using it. The Grand Kai put up a powerful shield, however, to stop them escaping. Just a month earlier, Goku had fought on that very arena, little did he know of his son's demise since the amount of contact between this world and the living world were limited on the Grand Kai's planet, which was where Goku had been staying for the past four years.

The stadium had their own locker rooms and showers, much like the one on Earth, much to Guldo's delight as he reckoned he could have died a thousand times over after having to put up with Recoome's bad odour; he was a nice guy, but he couldn't stay clean for anyone.

As Guldo forced his giant friend into the shower room after beating him at rock paper scissors, King Cold headed straight for the arena, as did Raditz and Nappa. Frieza walked down the hallway with a brave face on; including that arrogant smirk which made his eyes look crooked, but he was also keeping an eye out for Gohan, who he hadn't seen since their last encounter, where Gohan had threatened the loss of his legs if he bullied Jeice again. Frieza stopped in his tracks when he felt a familiar ki approaching him from behind; he smiled.

"Hmph, so you're dead too, huh?" Frieza turned to face his older brother. Cooler seemed calmer than usual, his arms folded with a straight face.

"You should have killed that saiyan when you had the chance, little brother," he said, looking down on his smaller sibling.

"Didn't you hear? Cell took care of him four years ago. Now he's running around up here. You're no match for him!"

"I put up more of a fight than you ever did. You always were the favourite. A spoiled little child. Well not anymore. Come, Salza. We've got to teach all these push overs a lesson."

Salza followed Cooler through the hall, scowling at Frieza on the way. Frieza growled through his teeth in frustration and followed to the arena.

The half saiyan sat against the wall on the floor of the locker room waiting for Jeice to finish off in the shower.

"Hey, Gohan? You alright?"

Gohan snapped out of it and stood up when he saw that Jeice was fully showered and dressed in his best armor for the tournament.

"Yeah, sorry. Just didn't get much sleep."

"You better be ready for this tournament, mate! But if you're not than I've got a better chance of winning," he laughed. Jeice exited the locker room followed by Burter. Guldo and Recoome soon followed. Gohan stayed behind and drenched his face in cold water to wake him up a bit; he didn't dare look in the mirror.

As he walked out of the locker room he was suddenly push forward forcefully. Gohan didn't need to guess who it was.

"What took you?"

Gohan shrugged it off. It's not like he wasn't used to it by now.

"You sure you're prepared enough for this?"

"Why wouldn't I be?" Gohan didn't look at him.

"Oh just wondering. But still, pray that you don't have to fight me," said Cell walking over to him. The android leaned over his shoulder and whispered into his ear. "Because I know what your weaknesses are."

"Aah!" Gohan grabbed his already bruised side in pain when Cell lightly punched it.

"See you in the ring."

Gohan watched Cell walk away from him. The android had given him that bruise to remember a few hours earlier that still hadn't healed. After regaining his strength he followed.

"Hello and welcome to hell's first tournament!" said the mushroom-headed announcer. He wore a protective suit of armour for precautionary measures, even thought he insisted to the villains that he wore it all the time. "Okay, we have 12 fighters, and while you where getting ready we did the draw, and here are the the matches for the first round! First up we have:

Recoome vs. Salza
Gohan vs. Nappa
Raditz vs King Cold
Cooler vs. Cell
Frieza vs. Jeice
and Guldo vs. Burter!"

Gohan let out a sigh of relief. Jeice on the other hand, was now fearing for his existence.

"Now, if you could all wait in the hallway and we will call you when its your turn to fight!"

"And the winner is Salza!" exclaimed the announcer.

Recoome walked off in defeat, much to Frieza's annoyance.

"You never bothered to train your henchmen did you?" said Cooler.

"Oh shut up!"

"Next up is Gohan and Nappa!"

Gohan got up at the sound of his name. Nappa had been warned about the boy's immense strength, so he wasn't too happy about his match up.

"And Gohan is the winner!"

Gohan ran off the arena and straight into the bathroom down the hallway. Without much time to spare he vomited violently into the toilet. He really didn't feel well that day. His anxiety was through the roof. Luckily they supplied mouthwash, much to Gohan's surprise. Gohan then emerged into the hallway, bumping into Jeice.

"You okay?" said Gohan. Jeice was breathing heavily and sweating.

"I can't do this man!"

"Yes you can! Face your fear!"

Jeice calmed down a little before Gohan carried on.

"Look, you're on in a couple of matches so I suggest you calm down and prepare yourself."

Jeice ran towards the locker room as Gohan sensed a familiar ki coming towards him.

"Shouldn't you be with Cooler? It's your turn soon."

"You're not in a very sociable mood today."

"Just a little restless I guess."

"I thought we'd fixed that yesterday - Frieza was right, you saiyans are relentless," said Cell. Gohan, not wanting to react to him, took that as a compliment.

"You're part saiyan yourself. You didn't exactly say hold back on me..."

"... I held back a little. I wanted to see how far you'd lose yourself."

"It's not like you to actually lie to me," said Gohan dryly.

"Well, there's a first time for everything," said the android, unfolding his arms and leaning in closer. "Isn't there?" Cell had a flirtatious look in his eyes as he smiled slyly; it infuriated Gohan.

"Don't... "

"What?" His smirk grew wider. He enjoyed tormenting Gohan subtly with his mind games. That was the first mention of their sexual encounter since it happened almost two weeks ago. They'd been carrying on their training as normal; well, as normally as they could with Gohan avoiding complete eye contact with him.

Gohan was still full of regret.

"I'm still trying to come to terms with the fact that I even touched you."

"The feeling's mutual," laughed Cell in response. "That's the problem with hybrids isn't it? All those saiyan urges mixed in with human emotions."

Gohan violently shoved Cell against the lockers on the wall in response, noise from the impact echoing down the hall.

"Now now, senseless violence never solves anything. Isn't that what you told me once?"

"Shut the fuck up," seethed Gohan.

"Touched the wrong nerve did I? Or all the right ones?"

Gohan grabbed hold of him again and pushed him hard against the lockers, holding him there by his shoulders. Cell was satisfied by the fierce look in Gohan's eyes, half expecting him to tear him apart. But instead, he received a kiss. As it was the first time, it was unexpected.

"It doesn't mean anything," whispered Gohan as he pulled back a little.

"You worry too much."

"Shut up," sneered Gohan. He kissed him again, losing himself in it and not paying attention to his surroundings. He got that adrenaline rush again, the one he'd been searching for a less sinful way to fuel, but this seemed to be the only way - through something he really shound't be doing...

"Hey Cell! Where are you?!" Recoome shouted from around the corner. Gohan stepped back instantly and looked in the opposite direction.

"See you in the ring."

Gohan didn't look at him, prompting Cell to smirk. He loved making him feel insecure.


Gohan's heart stopped when he saw Jeice come out of the locker room. He'd seen everything...

Cooler threw a fist towards Cell as their battle began. Cell caught it and drove his knee into Cooler's stomach. Cooler had trouble breathing after that blow, but his rage kicked back in after hearing Frieza cheering for Cell in the background.

Gohan and Jeice had been sitting in silence for the past ten minutes, not daring to look at each other. Gohan didn't know where to even begin to explain what was going on as Jeice tried to get his head around what he just saw.

"Why were you kissing him?" asked Jeice finally. It was a simple enough question, though it took him a lifetime to ask it.

"I didn't mean for you to see that... "

"That's not what I asked," he snapped. He didn't know why he was caring so much. He barely knew this kid. He was a saiyan, the son of the man that defeated him and his comrades. Yet... Gohan had proven himself to be a firm friend to him, protecting him from Frieza's wrath; the tyrant hadn't taken lightly to Jeice's distancing from his post, a post that technically no longer existed since they were all dead now.

"We were just... it was a mistake," mumbled Gohan half-honestly. It was a mistake - a big mistake. But right now, he wanted to run away. He didn't want to admit to himself what he was doing.

"What's going on with you?" Jeice finally looked at Gohan, feeling a sense of dread radiating from the boy. "Was that the first time you've kissed him?"

"No... "

"Gohan... please tell me you haven't," said Jeice as calmly as he could. "You're not... you know... "

"Just once," admitted Gohan, his voice cracking. "A couple of weeks ago." He briefly looked at Jeice for a second before huddling his knees closer to his chest.

"Is he forcing you to - "

"No," said Gohan instantly, also darkly wishing that it was that simple.

"How old did you say you were again?"

"Seventeen... "

"Bloody saiyans!" complained Jeice, letting his arms finally flail about with frustration. "Why of all people would you go to him?"

Jeice looked at the saiyan sat beside him, both against the wall where Jeice found him before. He could see now why Gohan had a guilty look on his face for the past week; he was ashamed of himself.

"I don't know. It just happened."

"I don't understand you, Gohan. You let Cell... what were you thinking?" Jeice tried his best not to raise his voice.

"I wasn't. I just needed to feel... something."

"Were you a virgin?"

Gohan nodded his head slowly, keeping his eyes to himself and not wanting to see the reaction.

"Neither of us had even mentioned it until just now... I just wanted to forget it'd ever happened."

"Jeice! Dude!"

Jeice winced as he came out of his thoughts to see Burter popping his head around the corner.

"You're on! Cell beat Cooler! It was SO COOL!" laughed the blue giant. Jeice's mind soon fixated itself on his imminent match with Frieza; he rose to his feet, shaking.

"Okay... I can do this!" he said, smiling nervously.

"You can do it, Jeice," came a quiet voice from behind him. Jeice turned to Gohan, placing a hand on his shoulder as they were left alone again.

"I'm going enter this fight, but you've got to do one thing for me." Gohan nodded. "End it. Before it gets out of control."

Jeice was busy fixing his gloves whilst walking towards the arena in the corridor. He gasped as someone bumped into him.

"Oh, it's you," sneered Cell.

"Cell," Jeice said angrily. "If you're looking for Gohan don't bother! Stay the hell away from him!"

"So he told you then? I knew he couldn't hold himself together much longer."

"How could you take advantage of him like that?!" Jeice was surprised that he yelled that loud.

"Your precious friend isn't as innocent as he lets on, you know," he said. "Well... not anymore he isn't."

"Just back off, Cell!"

Cell saw an opportunity to aggravate him some more. Jeice felt his gut wrench seeing Cell's twisted smile as he leaned closer.

"He likes to be teased... "

Jeice shoved him out of the way with disgust before he had to listen to anymore. Cell let himself laugh. There was no part of that he didn't enjoy.

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