Worlds Collide

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More sex... it's why we're all here...

Chapter 6: Whore

"So you finally did it?"

Gohan was in the dark room again, sat on the floor by the bed. It was his own voice again, but it belonged to the other one, the other version of himself, who slid down onto the floor next to him.

"Did what?" he asked, dazed by his surroundings.

"Got yourself laid. And you picked him of all people. That was desperate."

"Who the fuck are you?!"

Gohan looked at his twin, anger in his face. His twin smiled back at him, a twisted look in his eyes.

"I told you. The thing you fear the most."

He caressed his face with the back of his hand.

"You're still tense... "

"Leave me alone."

Gohan turned his head away, the other closed in on his ear.

"You should do it again."

"I'm not going near him. Never."

The other began touching him rather intimately, his hand diving down between his legs.

"Stop... " he whispered, his body saying otherwise, then his breath said the opposite too.

"Give him another taste."

Gohan felt an unnerving falling sensation as he woke up suddenly.

The thing he feared the most... was himself? That didn't make much sense. It was probably the thing he hated the most. Possibly more than he hated Cell. He fell asleep against the lockers in the corridor, that was the first time he'd dreamed of his twin for two weeks.

Gohan rose to his feet as Cell came around the corner.

"A while to go until my next match."


"No need to be so hostile. I'm not going to jump on you. Not unless you want me to."

Let him have you again. Just one more time. Who's going to know?



Gohan didn't realise the he was talking to his inner voice out loud.


Cell suddenly stormed over, pushing him back against the lockers and holding him there with one hand.

"Shall we train then?"

Gohan couldn't explain what happened next, but he figured that his inner voice was speaking for him. That or it was the rush of feeling the android's hand on the bare skin of his neck. He kissed him again, hesitantly, but with enough want to loosen Cell's offensive grip on him.

"Are you sure? You seemed set on never going there again."

"Who's going to know?"

Cell lead him into the nearest bathroom, shutting the door behind them. Gohan had no idea why he was succumbing to this again. Once was more than enough, but for some reason, he craved physical contact once more.

"Yeah?" said Gohan nervously. He didn't like the way Cell was looking at him, staring him down hungrily like he was prey.

"There's no need to be nervous," he said as he approached him slowly.

"Why not? I'd have thought that would be a turn on for someone like y-you... " Gohan was backed into the counter where the sinks were, with nowhere to run.

Gohan had no idea why he was suddenly so anxious, he'd slept with him before, albeit, only once. He was more afraid of this becoming a habit rather than a one-off. He felt lips moving against his own softly, which calmed him a little.

"Do you want me to touch you?" asked the android quietly. Gohan hesitantly nodded, prompting cold hands to make their way up his shirt, the kissing became more forceful. He was pressed up against the counter, Cell was kissing and biting into his neck harshly.

"Ow!" he gasped quietly as he felt his skin getting caught between his teeth. Gohan's hands were frozen against the android's chest, Cell wasn't giving him much chance to move as it was. "Wait... " Gohan's doubts were ignored as he felt those cold hands on him everywhere. "Cell... ow! Stop!"

"Relax," said Cell calmly as he finally slowed down. Gohan took the chance to catch his breath, but Cell carried on as soon as he could before Gohan could change his mind.

"You're hurting me!" Gohan managed to push him away by his chest, at least creating a little breathing space between them. Cell took a second to see the red marks appearing on Gohan's neck and shoulder.

"Sorry, forgot you had baby skin," remarked the android. He approached the frightened saiyan again, taking his jaw into his hand and kissing him deeply.

"Cell... " said Gohan in a warning tone.


Now was his chance to say no - but he didn't take it.

"Slower." I am so fucking weak...

The android gave a slight chuckle before going for him yet again, kissing him as gently as he could. Gohan responded hesitantly at the shallow, almost sweet kisses he was receiving, steadily begin to open his mouth to deepening it. He felt hands moving down his sides as he draped his own arms over Cell's shoulders. Cell felt his body attempt to jerk backwards when his hand brushed slowly against Gohan's crotch. He found it interesting that he was still so shy even after they'd already been together before.

"You really want to do this in here?" asked Gohan in barely a whisper. He was beginning to pant with a combination of anticipation and fear. Part of him was still trying to find away out of it.

"I don't think we have much of a choice... " said Cell, kissing his neck almost lovingly. Gohan was beginning to feel the knots in his stomach turn into fuzz, the fear was going away, but the nerves were still annoyingly prickling at the base of his spine.

"Can I ask you something?" Gohan closed his eyes as lips traced up and down his neck, down to his shoulder. "Is this just something to pass the time or... "


"Are you attracted to me?" He asked that as quickly and casually as he could, not knowing whether he wanted to know the answer.

"Hm... " Cell lingered by his ear as he pondered that question to himself. "At first, this was all out of curiosity," he said honestly. "I wanted to hurt you." He bit down with a little force into his neck, feeling his entire body shudder in his arms. "I've never had an appetite for flesh, never needed to. But now when I'm alone, I'm starting to think about how good it feels. I think that I have both my human and saiyan genetics to blame for that."


"It's strange, how you people function," he said, keeping his lips against Gohan's ear. "You manage to get a taste of something, and you can't seem to stop going back for a little bit more each time. So in answer to your question... yes, I find you attractive." Cell felt him shudder again.

"What's your favourite part?"

"Making you come."

Gohan felt his face turn an awful shade of red as he imagined the android's eyes on him at his most vulnerable. Cell smirked against his hot cheek, feeling him tremble. Cell's hand returned to his crotch, which was now achingly hard. The android let his hand glide over it continuously. Gohan bit his lip to keep himself quiet, closing his eyes to concentrate on the sweet vibrations flowing through his body - but Cell ceased his movements, causing him to whimper when he let go.

"Why did you stop?" he panted.

Cell grabbed his backside with the same hand, making Gohan flinch and arch against him. The android used the same hand and the other around his waist to lift him to sit on the counter between the sinks. His lips were devoured again, though Gohan willingly allowed it this time, moaning into it as their tongues glided across one another. He didn't open his eyes, but knew that his belt was being pulled off him steadily.

The android gave him an ominous smile as he pushed him back by his shoulder, coaxing him into lying down. Gohan complied reluctantly, first leaning back onto his elbows, then eventually flat on his back since he gathered the Cell wasn't going to carry on until he obeyed him. The counter was uncomfortably hard and difficult to lie on. Seeing Cell stare at him like he was made his dead heart begin its imaginary beating; only Cell ever made it do that since he got to Hell.

Gohan had a thought, taking some of his own initiative with what little experience he had in this area. He raised his arms and let them rest lazily above his head, bent awkwardly between the small space of the wall and the top of his head. He couldn't see Cell anymore because he was lying so flat, he focused on the ceiling instead of straining his eyes. Cell saw what he was trying to do immediately; he was trying to make himself more desirable by lying there like that; open and defenseless, handing himself over willingly.

The android opened Gohan's gi shirt up to reveal his taut chest and stomach, admiring his perfect pale skin in the fluorescent light of the room they were in. He ran his knuckles tenderly up his sides, earning more of those nervous shivers out of him. His hands glided over his chest, one tracing down and over his stomach muscles to feel them twitch under his fingers. The other rubbed his right nipple, noticing Gohan's eyes fall shut at the sensation. He moved onto the other for a while before planting a firm kiss right in the center of his torso.

Gohan's core shook and his muscles twitched as Cell began leaving dark hickeys all the way down his stomach, causing him to wince and whimper though it felt nice. He felt the hole he'd dug himself into getting deeper as Cell reached the hem of his pants, his breath caught in his throat as they were pulled off him completely, along with his shoes. He could feel cold air on his legs, finding himself more exposed than he's ever been before... in the presence of the most terrifying monster ever to walk the earth. A finger pressed against his entrance, causing him to tense and grit his teeth. The finger slid into him fully and stayed where it was as Gohan adjusted to it; he wondered why it wasn't hurting him like the last couple of times they'd done this.

"Cell?" he stuttered, trying to find his voice again.


"What are you using?"

"Soap dispenser." Gohan silently snorted a laugh at how Cell said that like it was a passing comment.

"Resourceful... " he said lamely.

Gohan was pulled out of the awkward air, his eyes closing again; he felt the same finger begin to softly massage his insides, the soap was proving to be an appropriate lubricant. This was pretty uncomfortable before, but this time it was painless. A second finger joined in, preparing him and picking up speed. Gohan was panting, occasionally moaning quietly to himself. He rolled his hips forward and spread his legs more to give him more access, not caring that he was now displaying himself as openly as possible. He heard the soap dispenser being used as Cell slowly removed his fingers from him. Gohan felt the android's eyes on him, mostly on his lower body at his hardened length that lay helplessly on his lower stomach. It was taking all of his strength not to just grab his clothes and run away.

Gohan was pulled towards the edge of the counter by forceful hands on his hips. He tensed immediately as soon as Cell entered him, expecting it to hurt again, but it didn't thanks to Cell's resourcefulness. It was painless and slick, but Gohan wondered if he would ever get used to the android's size. His back arched as the android filled him up faster than usual. Cell felt Gohan's legs tremble uncontrollably, draped over the bend of his arms. He leaned forwards slightly, pushing Gohan's thighs further up. He slid out of him slowly, then thrust back in.

"How does it feel?" asked Cell, looming over him, but not enough for Gohan to see him, even if he did decide to open his eyes.

"It... nn... " Gohan couldn't even form a thought right now, let alone speak. Cell found an even pace with moderate force, making Gohan moan softly to himself.

"Good... " Cell took his being lost for words as a compliment. Gohan's face grew hotter and redder every second, his voice was cracking.

"H-how does.. ah... f-fuck!"

"What was that?" teased the android, ceasing his movements again so he could speak.

"How does it feel for you?" he asked shyly. He heard a laugh.

"Warm... "

Gohan didn't have time for that answer to render him completely mute as Cell slammed against a particular bundle of nerves inside him. His back arched off the counter. Cell seemed to be exhilarated at that point, grabbing the back of his thighs and forcing Gohan's knees wider and closer to his chest. Gohan had never been so exposed before, feeling Cell carving even deeper into him as Gohan inadvertently demonstrated his flexibility.

Cell drank everything in, Gohan was shaking and twitching in an agonizing pleasure, screaming out in ecstasy. The android increased his already bruising grip, giving him everything and fucked him as hard as he could. Gohan's face was still red, his hair was sticking to his sweaty face which was turned to the side. His mouth was open and his face was giving a euphoric expression that Cell seemed to find enthralling. Cell suddenly became aware of the noises that he was making, pounding him so hard that it was bruising them both.

Gohan let Cell have him - all of him. He felt more moans and screams being wrung out of him, pulling at his own hair so that he wouldn't dare try to touch himself in front of him. A warm wave suddenly hit him, twisting his stomach and causing a deep burning in his loins, he was so close that he cried out even louder. He needed release.

And he got it a few thrusts later. His lower back arched off the counter as he came so hard it caused his body to convulse a few times; a hot, thick liquid shot out of him and onto his chest and stomach. Cell slowed his movements right down to watch his 'favourite part' of all this - the moment where Gohan belonged to him. He watched him ride out his orgasm to the very end.

"You're mine... "

"Am I?" panted Gohan as he enjoyed floating into nothingness.

"Yes," said Cell in a low voice. "You're my whore."

"I'm not a whore... " he protested weakly.

"You are. You scream and fuck like a whore."

"Is that a bad thing?" Gohan opened his eyes and squinted at the brightly lit ceiling.

"Not at all," said Cell smoothly. The android pulled him up into a sitting position. Gohan was dizzy, his hair was more unkempt than usual and his face was still a pinkish shade of red. He was lifted off the counter and onto his feet, where Cell had to literally hold him up by his waist as Gohan hadn't got the feeling back in his legs just yet. Cell kissed him passionately, making Gohan become aware of what was grinding into him stomach.

"You going to take care of that?" he asked nervously. The android seemed to be purposely grinding against him, prompting Gohan to put his hand around it. Cell grunted against his ear at the sensation; Gohan began moving his hand up and down, pumping him as quickly as he could with his still trembling hand.

"On your knees, whore."

"Stop calling me that," said Gohan uneasily.

"Now... " Gohan unsteadily sank to the cold tiled floor, one hand still on him as he came face to face with what was trying to push itself into his mouth as soon as he got there. He parted his lips, grimacing at the slight taste of soap that was still on him as his mouth was filled up in a controlled movement. He took what little practice he had at it, trying to steadily take all of him in.

"Use your tongue."

Gohan complied, getting used to it and listening to the moans coming from the android, though he didn't receive any warning of his climax. Something hot and salty erupted from him in gradual amounts, filling his mouth up so quickly that he didn't know what to do with it. He swallowed some, while the rest seeped out of the corner of his mouth, down his chin and onto his chest. Cell removed himself from the boy's grip, satisfied by the dishevelled saiyan kneeling in front of him.

"That's quite a talent you've got there."

Gohan didn't know whether to take the compliment or be offended that it was just about the only compliment Cell had ever given him. His tongue felt sticky, he felt the need to rinse his mouth out but couldn't find the energy to stand up - until Cell dragged him up by his arm. The android leaned him against the counter, face to face with him. Gohan looked a mess to say the least, Cell generously wiped the corner of Gohan's mouth clean with his thumb, making him blush yet again. Cell chuckled softly at his apparent shyness, intrigued by how quickly Gohan retreated back into his shell after the performance he'd just seen.

Cell leaned forwards, taking the distracted saiyan's lips again softly to try and coax him out again. He took hold of his shirt and pulled it off. Gohan slid his arms around Cell's neck as the coldness of the room caught up with him, kissing him deeper. Cell let his hand roam his now naked body, his fingertips tracing along the goosebumps that formed on his skin from the cool air. He was completely vulnerable now... well, almost.

Cell brought Gohan's arms from his neck and in front of him, attempting pull off Gohan's wristbands until he was stopped.

"Please... " he said quietly.


"I'll tell you later, just... let me keep them on."

Cell respected his wishes for once, releasing his wrists and holding his hands instead. A devious smirk appeared across his lips, making Gohan shiver.

"When's your next match?" he asked, still giving him that glare.

"U-um... I-I... " Gohan limbs were turning to mush, he didn't know whether he was excited or scared, maybe even both. He wanted to grab his clothes and run, or lock himself in one of the cubicles and figuratively hide under the bed until the monster went away. His head went blank; the tournament was the last thing on his mind right now. Cell took his silence victoriously, leaning in to bite and suck on his bottom lip.

"I was going to let you go and prepare for it. You can't have much feeling in your legs after that, surely... "

"Not really... " laughed Gohan nervously. He suddenly felt Cell start to pump him slowly, causing his already sensitive body to tense. He wasn't holding back vocally anymore, letting out soft moans, but buried his head into Cell's shoulder.

"Come on... don't be shy," taunted Cell, using his other hand to push him back up again. "Because I know for a fact that you aren't." Gohan was losing his mind, or what little sanity he had left after the past five years. "You don't fool me... you're not a pure, innocent hero. You're a fucking whore... "

Gohan tried to protest to being called that again, but instead responded by grabbing onto what had been gradually grinding against him and returning the favor. Cell gave him that same smirk again, turning Gohan around and bending over the counter. He grimaced as Cell filled him up completely in one motion, sending him into his only escape again.

Cell held his right arm down, taking a handful or his dark hair and shoving his head down too. Gohan's head was on it's side, his hot cheek pressing against the cold surface as he relished in all of the different sensations he was feeling at once.

Suddenly, the sound of chatter outside the door brought him out of his rapture. Panic began to rise in his chest when he heard Recoome's bellowing laugh outside the door. Cell slowed his movements down to quieten Gohan's voice, but didn't stop, feeling some sort of rush when he heard them try to open the door. He lifted one of Gohan's legs up, pushing his knee up onto the counter to give him more access as he leaned over to whisper in the boy's ear.

"Are you a whore?" he taunted as the door threatened to open at any moment.

"N-no... " stuttered Gohan. He was focused on the door too, wondering if they were going to leave or break in anyway. Though he didn't like to admit it, he too was feeling the rush of sneaking around; as people were on the other side of the door, he was stark naked and being fucked in a position that was as submissive as it could get.

"Don't lie to me, Gohan." Cell rolled his hips forward repeatedly, brushing against his sensitive spot over and over. Gohan curved his spine inward at the sensations, losing it's rigidity and pushing back against Cell's pelvis. The android wasn't going to last much longer at this rate, watching Gohan slowly unravel before him even more; he slid his hand around to his front, pumping him again. He was relieved when those outside finally gave up and walked away. "Are you my whore?"

"Yeah... " he gasped. Gohan was in fact answering to his movements rather than his question. He couldn't form a single thought anymore, letting Cell mercilessly pound him until the edge finally hit him again; he climaxed with a loud cry, releasing himself into Cell's hand and onto the counter. The way Gohan's flexed and tightened around him prompted Cell's own release.

As Gohan floated back down from his orgasm, and realised how uncomfortable he was on the hard surface, he cringed at the fact that he accidentally admitted to being Cell's 'whore'. He wanted to die again. Cell let him go, revealing some impressive bruising on his pale hips.

"And here we have earth's greatest hero... " he teased as he cleaned himself up by the sink. Gohan twitched as he finally moved. As soon as he stood, his knees collapsed under him and he fell to the floor with a grunt. "Did you enjoy that?" Gohan didn't answer him, instead he was scrambling around the floor collecting his clothes together. He could look at the android, who he could hear laughing at him. "I'll take that as a yes."

Gohan hid his face behind his hair and sat there hugging his clothes waiting for him to leave. Cell eventually got the message and exited the bathroom. He wanted the floor to swallow him whole. He looked back on what he just did and felt embarrassed by his actions. He pulled himself up onto the counter again to being washing himself of any evidence of what just happened. He held his breath; he refused to cry... it was what Cell wanted.

He's right... you are a whore...

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