Worlds Collide

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Chapter 21: Fallen

Gohan stirred groggily as he woke the next morning. He gave himself time to take in his surroundings.

He was in bed, fully clothed, which was a good start. But it was Cell's bed, which both was and wasn't a good thing. He was also alone.

He had some memory of the evening before, but some of it was fuzzy.

Zarbon's torture at his own hand came back and hit him, but not in the way he expected - he regretted none of it, in fact, he found some sort of sick satisfaction in destroying him like that, as did having Cell watch as he did it. Speaking of the android, he had some recollection of a game of cat and mouse that went on for some time. Cell seemed to be infatuated with his mysterious other half and pursued him for much of the night, but eventually took no for an answer.

Or that was what he could gather since he was absolutely sure that nothing physical happened between them last night, only spoken about.

Gohan made sure that he was as presentable as he could have been before leaving the room to join Jeice for breakfast. He was convinced that what he did to Zarbon was written all over his face.



"Miles away as usual," remarked Jeice with a mouth full of food. "You leave Cell in one piece last night?"


"Jeice, really?" groaned Krillin.

"I meant I heard you guys sparring."

"Oh... I dunno, I guess," said Gohan, picking at his food. Sparring seemed like a good cover story, so he stuck to it.

"Hey, it's not my fault Krillin has a dirty mind."

"I do not!"

Gohan wandered alone through the warehouse later that morning, giving himself something to do that didn't involve socialising with anybody, he didn't have it in him today.

"You know, I'm starting to feel you when you're around."

"Damn, that means I can't sneak up on you anymore."

Cell emerged from the shadows next to him.

"Why are you lurking around anyway? Shouldn't you be out there murdering innocent people?"

"It gets boring after a while, I prefer it when they fight back these days."

"So you've literally nothing better to do than to follow me around?"

"And you've nothing better to do than mope around by yourself all day, clearly."

"I don't know what we're even meant to be doing, every meeting I've sat through with everybody is only showing that we're no closer to getting away from here."

"Literally nothing?" asked Cell, raising an eyebrow.

"Fuck all... unless you can somehow instant transmission everybody out of here without being detected."

"Sadly no, those scouters would pick us up immediately. And not only would that expose us to them, but they'd find us all in no time."

"So, we need a way of disappearing without being followed."

"A distraction would be the way to go, the way I see it."

"Why are we figuring this out for them?" Gohan remarked harshly. Deep down, he knew that they were all exhausted and down trodden by the last six months, but couldn't help but wonder why it was down to him to save them, when all he'd been doing was betraying them.

"They'd soon forgive you if you got them out of here."

"I don't want them to."

Gohan felt himself getting worked up again at the mention of his friends, he couldn't face them. That itch to escape all rational thought suddenly appeared again.

"Forget this... let's just... "

"Now you want to fuck? Where was all this twelve hours ago?" snarled the android.

"Well, I can always find someone else to joyride if you're not in the mood," said Gohan teasingly.

"As if any of them would heartlessly take advantage of poor, innocent Gohan," mocked Cell.

"Who says it'd be one of them? There's a city not too far from here."

"You wouldn't dare."

"Wouldn't I? I'm a whore, remember?"

Cell grabbed him by the arm and threw him against the nearest wall.

"You finally admit it now, do you?"

Gohan closed his eyes and waited for Cell's lips to meet his own. But just as they did, they were rudely interrupted.

"You get the hell away from my son!"

He barely recognised his mother's voice before he was pulled away from Cell. He was surprised she could still move so fast, being heavily pregnant.

"Mom! Stop!"

"You never touch him again, you hear me?!"

"Try and stop me," sneered Cell insolently as he slithered off into the shadows again.

"Chi Chi!" Goku just about caught up with them. "What's going on?"

"That thing was forcing himself on our son!"

"Wait, what?! No he wasn't," said Gohan, overly aware of the tight grip his mother still had on his forearm.

"I saw it! He was shoving you around, then he was all over you!"

"Let go of me," he said as calmly as he could. He didn't want to have to use force.

"Chi Chi, let go of him. Let me talk to him," said Goku, just as calmly. Chi Chi eventually released him, still distraught over the situation.

"I just don't understand why you'd... " she sobbed. Gohan couldn't look at her anymore, the shame of his actions were slowly creeping up on him, but then she left him alone with his father, and he knew that this wasn't going to end well.

"Gohan, this has to stop! I don't like what this is doing to you!"

"Little late for concern isn't it?" Gohan turned hostile right away, his head began to ache as his saiyan half began coming through a little.

"You can't let your mom see you with him like that, she's hurting enough."

"I didn't mean for her to see us, she came out of nowhere."

"You need to stay away from him, Gohan. He's destroying you."

"... I know," he admitted quietly. "But there wasn't much left to destroy in the first place, was there? You saw to that."

"What do you mean?"

"After you died. No, after you abandoned me, I had nobody to really talk to about what I was going through."

"You saved us all, Gohan! I thought you were strong enough to carry on."

"I'd just watched my father and friends die in front of me. I was beaten and tortured for hours by a monster, then forced to access a power that turned me into something horrible that I can't shut off."

"Gohan, I'm here for you... "

"I was eleven, I needed you then."

"Your mom said you were seeing a doctor? Didn't it help?"

"No. It's not just the human part of me that's broken. I needed to talk to a saiyan. And who did I have? Vegeta?"

"I see your point... "

Gohan stood up to leave.

"Where are you going?"


"Gohan, come on."

"To find Cell."


Gohan was seized by his forearm once again.

"Come and spend time with us. Your brother misses you."

"Goten barely remembers me," scoffed Gohan. "And all mom will want to discuss is Cell, so no thanks."

Gohan snatched his arm back.

"Why have you got it into your head that we don't care about you?" asked Goku. "What's Cell been saying to you?"

"Why do wish it was that simple?!" shouted Gohan, finally losing his cool. "Cell hasn't said anything to me about you! He just helps me forget about things that I'd rather not think about. And honestly, that's all I feel like doing right now, so if you'll excuse me."

"Stop running away! Forgetting about your problems isn't the same as dealing with them!"

"Just leave me alone!" Gohan could feel his chest begin to tighten. Now he was thinking about all the things he wanted to forget; the feeling of his forced ascension coursing through him, being surrounded by death, losing people he cared about, them dying horribly right in front of him.

"Son... "

"Go away!" he roared.

Goku didn't want to push him any further, resorting to try again later. Defeated again, he solemnly rejoined the others, leaving Gohan by himself.

Gohan felt the anxiety and fear pounce on him suddenly, and before he knew it, he was struggling for breath once more. He felt his wrists itching again, but he couldn't move, he just stood there pulling his hair and gasping for oxygen as if he was drowning. His hearing suddenly disappeared and cut him off from the world around him.

His vision darkened thanks to his unsteady breathing and was on the verge of passing out until he saw a blurry, purple haired figure in front of him, leading him to sit on the stairs. Feeling someone else's hands on his shoulders in a comforting manner reminded him that he was still there. His hearing started to return slowly, allowing him to listen to what the person was trying to say to him. After a few seconds his vision returned,registering that it was in fact Trunks that was there with him, instructing him how to breathe slowly.

Five more minutes passed before Gohan was completely calm again.

"How long have you been having these attacks?" asked Trunks.

"Since... I was four," admitted Gohan. He'd been covering them up since he was kidnapped by Piccolo. His former mentor's teachings only taught him to hide them rather than deal with them. "They've been getting worse since the Cell Games."

"Are you okay?"

Gohan was sick of being asked that. He usually ignored it, but his head seemed to have given up altogether.


It seemed to take a lot of energy just to get that word out. Trunks instinctively pulled him into an embrace. Oddly enough, it made Gohan feel better; physical contact was comforting. When they pulled apart neither of them said anything, but Trunks was unprepared for what came next. Gohan pulled him closer by his arms and kissed him hard. Trunks barely registered what was going on and, after a few ignored objections, he pulled back abruptly.

"What are you doing?!"

Gohan's eyes widened as he realised what he just did.

"I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean to - I've got to go!"

Trunks grabbed his by his arm just as to went to get up.

"Gohan, I can be here for you! Just not like that."

As if any of them would take advantage of poor, innocent Gohan.

As Cell's previous words rang through his head, he snatched his arm back. Trunks saw him run as fast as he could for the door, kicking himself. Gohan was finally opening up to him, but he might have just lost him forever.

"I knew it," said Cell as soon as Gohan came rushing into his room.

"Knew... huh?"

"If you didn't want it to be so obvious, then you shouldn't really gaze into his eyes so much."

"I never gazed, I just... " Gohan stopped short for a second. "Wait, you saw that just now?"

"You and your little crush? I was right, wasn't I? Too innocent. Too pure. If only they knew how much you love having a huge cock in you."

"You really are a narcissist," spat Gohan in retaliation.

"Do you think about him while you're with me?"

"No," said Gohan truthfully. "He'd never hurt me."

"No, he wouldn't, would he?" sneered Cell as he approached him menacingly. "Or maybe he won't ever see you that way, because he knows that you've been fucked by an android, the one thing he despises in this world."

Gohan rolled his eyes, trying to laugh off what he was saying. But then Cell pounced, pushing him back against the door, holding his head in place with a bruising grip on his jaw.

"You've only ever existed to be used, Gohan. They always kept you around for a reason. Piccolo and your father wanted you for your power, your mother wanted you for your mind. And now? You're only wanted by me for what's under your clothes."

"Shut up... " Gohan wondered where his voice suddenly went, but it was only fading because he was falling into the very trap that everyone had warned him against - he believed every word that came out of the android's mouth.

"They used you against me all those years ago, then they just dropped you. Not one of them noticed you as you spiralled down into nothing."

"Don't... "

"You've sunk so low that you've fallen for me. You'd do anything for me, wouldn't you?"

"No... "


Cell smiled evilly at him, eyes trailing down his body and then back up to his face.

"You going to take those off?"

"No - "

The android let go of his jaw, slapping him hard in the face.

"Whores don't need clothes. Take them off."

Gohan answered with a headbutt; not the greatest of moves, it made him dizzy, but at least it startled Cell for a couple of seconds. The android lunged at him, Gohan was thrown onto the bed, Cell looming over him.

"Come on, Gohan. Tell me how much you love me."

"You're a pig!" he snarled, kicking him away. He scrambled to his feet again and bolted for the door, only to be seized back by his hair.

"Who are you planning on running to?" laughed Cell. "Wherever you go, I'll find you. Whoever you're with, I'll be watching you, waiting for you to come crawling back to me just like you did just now."

"Let go of me!" shouted Gohan, angrily trying to shake his head free of Cell's iron grip.

"Submit, and I might go easy on you."

"Fuck you," he seethed, his jaw grabbed onto suddenly.

"Fine... have it your way," he leaned in closer to his ear. "I'll just have to beat you until you do."

That was when Gohan felt utterly and truly alone. Nobody was going to save him - they would all asume that he wanted to be in this room right now.

"There's something I've been wondering these past few months - since those that have died since the worlds of the living and the dead have become one, does death exist? There's nowhere for them to pass onto. I have actually tested this theory several times."

Cell circled Gohan slowly, staring down at his beaten body.

"It seems that unless you incinerate them, the body heals itself, eventually, just as it would do if we were in the next world - because the soul has nowhere to pass on to. If you destroy the body, the soul just floats around with nowhere to go, seemingly lost."

Gohan coughed violently, a worrying amount of blood spilled from his mouth. He was definitely bleeding internally somewhere. His instincts were telling him to get up and run, but his foot was broken.

"Technically you didn't murder that human. He would have woken up again at some point, though the soldiers we left there with him would have got him anyway, I suppose. As much as I wanted to tell you that he wasn't technically dead, I just couldn't resist watching you tear yourself apart," revealed Cell maliciously.

"Why?" Gohan held onto his stomach, unable to breathe properly. "Why did you make me think that I... "

"To make you see yourself for what you really are."

Cell took one of the pillows from the bed, removing the cover from it. The pillowcase became soaked in Gohan's blood quite quickly from what was still on Cell's hands.

"I've been dragging this out for no reason, haven't I? If death doesn't really exist, and you keep on coming back... "

The android got onto his knees behind Gohan. The saiyan briefly saw the bloodstained pillowcase pass over his eyes.

Then it locked around his neck.

"I can just keep killing you," said Cell, pulling Gohan back, the pillowcase putting intense pressure on his neck. "This doesn't end with your death, Gohan. It never ends."

Gohan tried to get his fingers under the cloth that began cutting into his neck, but he couldn't get through. Cell kept taking in the sounds of him instinctively trying to swallow the air around him.

"You'll wake in a few hours, I would imagine it would be like a dreamless sleep for you. Though I suppose we won't know for sure until the morning."

"S-stop... " He choked, his voice barely audible.

"I didn't comprehend how much pleasure it gives me to watch you die. I've watched thousands die, but you will always remain at the forefront. In fact, I like it so much, that I'm going to do it again... "

Gohan was quiet, his eyes fell shut, and his hands dropped.

"I'll see you soon, love."

Cell kissed him gently at the side of his head, burying his face into his thick, black hair. Then he finally let go, and Gohan's lifeless body fell to the cold floor.

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