Worlds Collide

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Chapter 29: Twins

When Gohan woke up the next morning, he had one hell of a headache that seemed to encompass his entire skull. To his sadness, he woke up alone, Cell nowhere to be seen. He tried lifting his head off the pillow, but he fell back down instantly, the pain was crushing. There was one hell of an adjustment going on in his brain.

"What are you doing?" asked Gohan, walking around the foot of the bed.

"I wasn't aware that I had to share my bed with this scrawny baby," groaned his saiyan half, who had woken up recently. He was lazily lying on his back and taking up most of the bed. The child stared blankly at them both, trying to fathom what was going on.

"Are you twins?" he asked.

"Hell no," said the saiyan.

"Sort of," replied Gohan. It seemed the boy had no idea what was happening, that they were all parts of the same person, that this was all in their head.

"How come we both have tails and you don't?"

"Yeah, what's up with that?" mocked the saiyan, rolling his eyes.

If Gohan was entirely honest, he hadn't noticed until now. He guessed as he represented his human side, he therefore appeared as one inside his head. The saiyan looked more or less as he did in the real world, but healthier and tougher. And the child looked exactly as he remembered himself that day all those years ago, when his life changed for good.

Gohan managed to bring himself into a seated position, the pain in his head increasing as the three of them seemed to battle each other for control. He had an idea, but whether it would work, he didn't know.

As Gohan watched as the boy tried to put up a weak verbal fight against the saiyan, he concentrated hard on the opposite wall, his eyes staying there until a door materialized there out of nowhere. He walked towards it, opening the door to find a small version of his old bedroom, containing all of his old toys and books, and even included his own bed.

"Come here," he said, reaching out his hand to the child. The child scooted off the bed and edged around the saiyan, who watched him threateningly to torment him. He took Gohan's hand and looked inside.

"It's my room!" he chirped happily, a smile on his face.

Gohan was relieved; he'd managed to create a safe, happy space for his child alter where he could live peacefully for now. He noticed his headache started to ease off a little.

"That's right, this is your space," he said softly, crouching down in front of him. "Nobody is allowed in here without your say so, and if you need us, or you want to come back in here at any time, just knock on the door three times, okay?"

"Okay! Thank you!"

Gohan closed the door as the child hurried off without a care in the world, then geared himself up to face his twin.

"Thank fuck that's over. He was whiny."

Gohan darted forwards, yanking the saiyan up onto his feet by his gi.

"Like it or not, he is us. And if things are going to run smoothly around here, you're going to do your part."

"I already do, remember when I saved you from him?" he snarled with a sly smirk. "You were about to get us killed before I saved your ass."

"Yeah? I'm going to sleep. You can drive for a while," said Gohan, as he sat down on the bed.

"You want me to go out there right now? With our parents and friends tip toeing around us with tea and sympathy?"

"Well it's either that, or you can babysit?" he bargained cleverly. The look on the saiyan's face said it all.

- Switch -

The saiyan woke up in the outside world, fully conscious and fully in control of his body. He was alone, sat up with his legs crossed in front of him. It was light outside. He ran his hand over the soft covers of the bed, taking in how it felt to really touch something real.

The headache was gone, meaning order had been maintained at last between the three of them, Gohan and the child remaining dormant for the time being. He was surprised that Gohan would trust him to drive solo without wreaking havoc upon the them, but he figured that he was so tired that he didn't care. He had the reins for a while. And fuck was he hungry.

"Don't you ever eat?" he mumbled to himself, hearing his stomach growl angrily. He required food. Right now.

He checked the time on his way out of the palace, where they all ate outside. It was about 8am, breakfast was well and truly served. He hurried outside, grabbed a plate and piled at least two of everything on there. Chi Chi and Mr Popo provided each meal like a continental buffet every single day. But this was the first time they'd actually seen Gohan join them for a meal since they arrived at the lookout weeks ago. And he did receive a few surprised looks.

"Hey, kid!" said Jeice happily, he was shocked to see him there. "Good to see you actually do have an appetite."

He had a ferocious appetite right now, especially since Gohan had practically been starving himself for so long lately.

"You're looking well," remarked Krillin, who was sat at the table with them, along with Yamcha. The saiyan briefly acknowledged them as he wolfed everything down. But then he made his first uncharacteristic move, and started stealing food off Jeice's plate.

"Quit eating my bacon!" he laughed. Jeice was honestly just glad to see that he was eating like a regular saiyan. Even Krillin and Yamcha lightened up at the way he was acting.

"Sorry, I'm fucking starving," said the saiyan, his mouth full of food.

And now he was cursing in front of people, Jeice was used to it, but Krillin and Yamcha had never heard him speak like that... but then again, they'd hardly heard him speak at all these past few months.

"Does Mr Popo keep any cigarettes? I've been dying for a smoke for weeks," said Jeice.

"Doubt it," said Gohan, swallowing down the last of his food before grabbing his drink to wash it all down.

"I heard Salza showed up last night, he was in pretty bad shape."

Yamcha and Krillin stopped what they were doing, their interest peaked. Gohan also listened closely, picking at the bread in the middle of the table.

"So I'm guessing there will be news soon on what's happening down there. Dende said its not looking good. A lot of the population are gone now," said Krillin sadly.

"It's been nearly ten months. At least the Earth is putting up a good fight, most of Frieza's take overs are done in days."

Cooler made an appearance later that day, Guldo and Bulma had healed Salza up for now. Everybody was gathered outside of the palace to hear what he had to say. Cell wasn't present, but instead watched from a distance. He had not been seen since he left the infirmary.

"I only have ten other soldiers left. The rest are either gone or they've joined Frieza's army," he began. "Frieza has begun to set up a base, using a large complex in West City. I believe it was the Caspule Corporation - "

"That's my home!" exclaimed Bulma as she stood. "I'm guessing that means that my parents are gone." She sat down again as the news began to hit her properly.

"I'm sorry, Bulma," said Goku, putting his hand on her shoulder.

"It's not as if I should be surprised. They insisted on staying to look after their stupid pets," she said, her voice wavering with sadness.

"I'm afraid the entire city's population has indeed been wiped out. Vaporized. Their souls are stuck in a sort of limbo unable to pass on due to dimensions being so unstable."

"And you're here because... " said Piccolo.

"I assume you all have your powers back. We've uncovered Frieza's latest move by torturing the information out of one of his weaker subordinates. He is currently in possession of four dragon balls."

"He's collecting the dragon balls? But why?" asked Vegeta, the others beginning to see no end to the turmoil.

"Frieza has had a true taste of an infinite power, and he plans on keeping it at all costs. I believe whatever he wishes for has something to do with that. But there is something else."

Cooler paused for a second, making sure they were all keeping up.

"He also has an imminent plan in place to get rid of you all quickly. His army has used your technologies combined with their own to create a terraforming system."

"Terraform?!" gasped Bulma.

"He's going to make this planet uninhabitable."

"How imminent is this exactly?" asked Piccolo.

"Frieza is going to terraform the planet tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?!" yelled Krillin.

"We'll all have our full strengths again. Frieza won't be expecting us, so we hold the element of surprise. I propose that we find a safe place for the humans to dwell while we find the remaining dragon balls. We can't stop the terraforming, so we can reconvene wherever you are afterwards, since its Do you know anywhere that you could hide?"

"What about otherworld?" said Krillin. "If people are coming to Earth, why can't we go there?"

"Sounds like a good idea," said Tien.

Cell listened from a distance, not showing his face to any of them since he left the infirmary. He didn't want to admit that he was embarrassed to have shown such weakness so publicly. The headache he'd had since he overdosed was still present, not that he'd told anybody.

He got deeper into the palace when he began to feel woozy, then his right wrist and hand began to spasm. A sharp pain shot up his arm as a result. He looked down at his hand and noticed his tremor was still there, which was odd, he was no longer withdrawing so... why?

The pain in his head got sharper. His left eye blurred. Now he was panicking; he went into the nearest bathroom to check the mirror. He seemed to look fine.

But then he passed out.

As they all gathered to leave Earth, they split into two groups.

Cooler, Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, Krillin, Trunks and Tien, along with the Ginyu Force were ready to head to Frieza's base, while Goku was tasked with transporting everyone else, including an injured Salza, who was in no fit state to fight. Goku would then be back immediately after to join the other fighters. He had been in contact with King Kai, who was willing to have them all there on his new planet, even to build a home for them. However...

"Where's Cell?" asked Jeice.

They all looked around to see how they missed him.

"Gohan? Have you seen Cell?" asked Vegeta bluntly.

"Nope," said the saiyan, just as bluntly, still in full control of Gohan's body.

"Not at all?"

"Look, Cell does what he wants and goes where he pleases. I haven't seen him in days," he said, irritation clear in his voice. He was lying, but just wanted them all off his back.

"We have to go now," said Cooler. "I'm not waiting for the android."

They proceeded with their plan, leaving the lookout for good. Cell was still unconscious in one of the bathrooms...

Moments later, they appeared at the Capsule Corporation. They were inside one of the more empty rooms, when they went to have a look around.

When they got to the lab, they could see that Frieza's soldiers had made themselves at home, using the facilities to began a new empire. Trunks had the dragon balls radar in his pocket, showing that he had four, and they were being held near by, in the larger room where Dr Brief usually worked on his spaceships.

As they sneaked stealthily past the few workers, they saw the four dragon balls being kept on a table - next to about a quarter of a newly built spaceship for Frieza, which was left abandoned for the time being. It was darker than usual, only a few lights were on in that large, echoing room.

"Do you think we'll be able to just take them?" asked Cooler, not sensing Frieza at all. "It would be an added bonus..."

"I don't know..." said Trunks, sounding uncertain.

"It'll create a distraction won't it? Giving us another advantage."

"Okay, I'm going..." said Cooler, gathering his speed.

None of the fighters saw him when he went for them, he was that fast. It was literally a fraction of a second - but they could hear muffled cries coming from him near where the dragon balls were.

"Come out! Right now! Show yourselves!"

Vegeta, growling in frustration, was the first to stand up, putting his hands in the air. The rest soon followed. Frieza stood proudly by his unconscious brother, his legs and back twisted horribly.

"Well... there's more of you than I anticipated. This should be interesting." Jeice also emerged, then followed by Gohan. "This is a treat. I didn't dream of seeing you again so soon," he said, his eyes all over Gohan.

Suddenly, they all attacked at once. In a matter of seconds, all of them were blasted away in different directions of the room. Frieza was left panting, he checked behind himself to be reassured that the dragon balls were still there.

"Get them!" he shouted to his soldiers. "The brat is mine!"

Gohan wasn't too badly hurt. He'd landed near the main door on his stomach. He pushed himself up onto his elbows to get his bearings, but saw Frieza walking towards him. 

"There's nobody to save you now!" he bellowed, kicking him over onto his side. He kicked him again harder, sending him into the next room. He rolled onto his back.. He felt pain radiating across his abdomen, but it only seemed to spur him on. He hadn't felt the rush of a fight in years. Before Gohan could react, Frieza knelt down and grabbed him by the throat. "You've idea how long I've been waiting to get my hands on you for what you did to me!"

The saiyan began to choke as Frieza tightened his grip. He retaliated, bringing his leg up and kicking Frieza in the back of the head, sending him sideways. Gohan pushed him off, throwing himself to his feet, but Frieza grabbed his arms from behind. He pulled his back, securing his wrists together behind him.

Gohan transformed quickly. In the space of half a second, he effortlessly broke his restraints and brought himself up quickly, driving the back of his head right into Frieza's face, sending him backwards. The saiyan embraced the feeling of his power flowing through him once more as they fought, meeting at every blow until he was knocked to the ground once again.

Before Frieza could get him again, he was also attacked. Cell's elbow appeared from nowhere and collided full force with the back of Frieza's neck, knocking him out cold. 

"I had that," panted Gohan, powering down to his regular state again. The android could tell immediately that the saiyan was back in full control.

"So you're driving this time, hm?"

They were interrupted by battle worn Jeice as Gohan got back onto his feet.

"Where the hell have you been?!" he scolded towards Cell. "Never mind, come on, we've got the dragon balls!"

Everyone got away, apart from a paralysed Cooler, who was now at the mercy of his brother's forces.

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