Worlds Collide

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Chapter 18: Ambidextrous

Gohan must have slept brokenly for about three hours. Krillin and Jeice were out for the count on the other two beds in the room.

He was lying on top of the covers staring at the ceiling, feeling empty. He turned his head to see Krillin hanging off the edge of his bed, snoring; Jeice was flat on his face. It made a small smile flicker in the corner of his mouth, but it didn't make him feel less alone. Before he went to bed, he took a leaf out of Jeice's book and cut his hair, leaving it a little longer than his shoulders but still tied away to one side. As much as he felt lighter with his hair shorter, it didn't have the desired effect - he didn't feel any better.

Gohan quietly threw his legs over and stood up, silently creeping out of the room and shutting the door behind him. He walked down the stairs into the wider area of the warehouse and around the corner. There were more stairs up to where Cell's designated room was. It was well out of the way from everyone else in the living quarters.

"So... you haven't run away yet. That's progress."

Cell closed the door behind him, seeing how Gohan was rubbing and scratching at his wrists. He was itching to hack away at them, if only he had something sharp.

"I need to - "

"Cut yourself?"

Cell wasn't helping with his uncaring demeanor, Gohan needed release or else he was going to go crazy. Pacing up and down the room for the next couple of minutes only induced his behaviour further; he was soon experiencing a full blown anxiety attack, cursing himself for being weak and letting his fears take over. But that in itself only made him worse. Cell simply watched him, not doing anything to interfere.

"Help me," he panted, practically pulling his own hair out. He didn't know why he was asking him for help, he felt pathetic. But when Cell went to finally help Gohan - he didn't know what to do. He wasn't familiar with how Gohan was feeling, never having experienced it himself. He took a couple of steps forward to him. Gohan had small clumps of hair in both his hands, which he immediately dropped when he was the android in front of him.

Cell didn't know how to react when Gohan suddenly clung onto him. He could feel the boy shaking, desperately trying to calm himself down. He shuffled forwards a little and went to kiss him, dealing with his problems the only other way he knew how. Cell instinctively retracted his head back to avoid it.

"Please..." Cell remained where he was, feeling Gohan's lips instantly against his own. It only lasted a few seconds, but it was enough to bring Gohan out of his panic.

"Is this how you're going to deal with being around your family?"

"Yep," answered Gohan passively, not even meaning to open his mouth.

"How pathetic..."

"I guess it is."

Gohan dragged himself to sit on the bed, feeling drained from his anxiety taking hold, not moving when Cell sat beside him.

"Did they just shove you in here?" asked Gohan when he observed the tiny room. All it had in it was a Capsule Corp bed and a small table with a lamp on it.

"I don't know what Jeice gave me a bed for if he's trying to keep you away from me," said Cell. "I'm guessing you couldn't switch off in the same room as those two." Cell read him like a book. "Its strange how I've become your only means of escape."

"I don't know what to do..." said Gohan after a long pause as he leaned against the wall. He was stuck. His friends needed his help... but could he? Part of him felt excited to have some other purpose other than wandering the planet and taking out soldiers along the way. But having his family and friends here too was proving difficult; he was having a hard time burying his humanity back down.

"Are you expecting me to give you the answer?"

"I don't know. I always feel either angry or so sad that I want to kill myself. The only time I feel remotely better is either when I'm fighting... or when I'm with you," said Gohan honestly, feeling quite weird about that last part being put into words.

"So what's different now?"

"My family... and us. They can't exist together. It feels wrong."

"What we do has always been wrong."

"But if we stop... and I stay here, I don't think I'm going to last more than five minutes."

"Well, whatever Frieza's up to is intriguing me enough to want to stick around," admitted Cell. Gohan lifted his head up; he didn't know why that gave him some sense of hope.

"So we really are staying, huh?"

"It looks that way... I can't have Frieza overpowering me. That's wrong in itself." Gohan laughed a little. It wasn't like Cell to crack a joke. In fact it wasn't like them to have a perfectly civil conversation.

"At least I can put those years of sneaking out of my room into practice."

"You mean going behind everyone's backs. Deep down, you relish the fact that no matter how low you sink into the dirt, you'll always get away with it. You want them to hate you, but they never will."

"My mom hates me," sighed Gohan. "If she didn't before, then she definitely does now."

"Making them hate you won't make you feel better either."

"Then what's the fucking point in anything?"

"There isn't any point in anything, I've found that out myself."

"How do you carry on knowing that it's all for nothing?"

"Just taking pleasure in the simple things, I suppose. Spending all of your time on the bigger picture will only make things worse for you, believe me."

"Can I sleep in here?" asked Gohan after a short pause.

"If you prefer to be alone. Its not like I need a bed." Gohan spoke up as soon as Cell went to leave.

"Stay here?" Cell looked at Gohan, who looked lost. "I don't know what I'll do."

"Is this how its going to be from now on? Sneaking out of your room to sleep here instead?"

"Probably," said Gohan. The next thing he knew, he was resting in Cell's arms, the android spooning him from behind. "I hate all this."

"Take your mind off things."


"You know exactly how... "

"Not here," said Gohan. "Not with everyone else under the same roof."

"I seriously doubt they'll care. They don't even care enough to hate you. Not like I do... "

Gohan knew he was twisting things, telling him what he wanted to hear in a way that hurt him, but it fuelled his rebellious saiyan nature.

The next thing he knew, he was yanked backwards by the arm around his waist until he was lying on top of Cell, staring at the ceiling. The android dragged his hands down Gohan's sides, stopping at his hips.

"You look at the ceiling when you're in distress, did you know that?"

"Can't say I've made a habit of noticing things like that. I don't know what I'm doing most of the time."

Cell curled his arms around Gohan's waist, feeling his weight on him.

"You feel tense," remarked the android. Gohan's stomach did indeed feel firm under his hands, firmer than it usually was.

"Touch me... " he said suddenly. Part of him wanted to take it back, wondering why on earth he said that. He felt his belt being untied slowly nonetheless. His shirt opened as his belt came off, a cold hand began to caress his stomach teasingly. "Lower... "

"Always in such a hurry, aren't you?" Gohan shuddered as the android whispered into his ear. "You should savour moments like these."

"I just want to forget."

"I've got a question for you," said Cell, tickling him a little below his navel. "Are you physically attracted to me?"

"Yeah, suppose I am," answered Gohan, even feeling himself smile properly for the first time in weeks. He shuddered a little beneath his touch, one hand was still on his lower stomach, but the other was trailing up and down his left side.

"In what way?"

"I like your hands."

"I can tell," chuckled Cell, tormenting him by hanging around just above his crotch and feeling his abdominal muscles dancing under his fingers.

"I like that you're strong."

"Now you're just flattering me. Be honest, what is it about me that keeps you coming back?"

"You don't lie to me," admitted Gohan. "You treat me like I feel that I should be." He gasped as Cell's hand finally slid over his clothed loins, he ended up spreading his legs wider in response.

"Carry on."

"I like how you make it hurt."

"Am I hurting you now?"

"No, you're just a fucking tease."

Cell laughed in response, squeezing him through his pants. Gohan was losing himself in the moment, which was exactly what he wanted.

"How do you like to be fucked?"

"From behind." Gohan's tongue was loosening under the influence of Cell's increasingly intimate contact.

"Any particular reason? Or is it because you don't have to look at me?"

"There's that, but sometimes I do want to look at you. It just feels better from behind more than anything."

Cell's hand finally slid into his pants, his fingers gliding over his hardened length. Gohan let out a sound that echoed his pleasure whilst moving his hips around.

"I like when you do that."


"The way your hips dance around."

"You're obsessed with dancing."

"Only when you do it," he whispered seductively against his neck. Gohan's heart pounded against his rib cage upon hearing that; it made him feel special, that despite how powerful the android was, he was the only one who could make him want him like that. He couldn't open his legs any wider without losing his balance on top of him. Cell finally closed his hand around his shaft and began pumping. "What else do you like about me?"

"I like your cock. But I thought that was a little obvious." He had had a naughty smile on his face. He turned his head to face the rest of the room, exposing his neck completely to Cell; the android took the opportunity, licking and biting at the soft, pale flesh. Gohan wasn't going to last much longer as Cell picked up the pace.

"I think I prefer you on top, it's more fun to watch you ride me than pounding you into the ground."

"You just want me to dance for you," groaned Gohan as he turned his head back to the centre. He was flushed and sweating.

"You're close... "

Gohan responded with a desperate moan, he was having a hard time keeping still.

"You more than like how this feels, you love it."


Cell had to pin him down against himself by his hip with his free hand.

"Do you love it?"

Gohan said nothing in return, but only half heard him anyway. He was clawing at the pillow the were both lying on, trying to find a way to stop himself going insane.

"Look at me."

Gohan obeyed him, turning his head around to see him properly. Cell could feel the warmth of his breath as he panted unevenly, he was flustered from the whole experience.

"Do you love me?" he asked. Gohan gazed right through him, too close to the edge to give a damn about anything outside of that room.

Cell leaned in closer, capturing his lips in a lustful kiss.

"Do you?"

"Go fuck yourself," laughed Gohan, so lost in the moment that he had little restraint.

That was when he finally reached his climax. His head rolled off to the centre again and his eyes closed as it wore off. Cell took his hand out of his pants, wiping it on the covers as he held the panting saiyan in his arms.

"See, nothing's changed," said Cell. Gohan lay there catching his breath; being under the same roof as his family and friends indeed changed nothing, he still felt very little when he was with them, but still felt the intensity of being with Cell. He slid off him back to where he was before.

"There is one thing I need if I'm going to stay here... " he said breathlessly.

"What's that?"

"A knife," he said, no longer hiding his habits away from him.

"And I thought I was your security blanket... I feel so used," said Cell sarcastically. "What do I get out of running around for you?"

"Go and get me a knife, and I'll fuck you all night," said Gohan. The android didn't even mean to smile back at him, pretty much giving away how he felt about Gohan's sudden proposition.

"You'd better be prepared to follow through on that... "

Cell stood up and left the room, leaving Gohan by himself.

Gohan sat upright on the edge of the bed, trying to come up with some ideas; he didn't let the situation bother him - he was literally using sex to get whatever he wanted, in this case for Cell to bring him a weapon in which to harm himself. It was only 1am, there was plenty of time for him to come up with different ideas to keep Cell entertained through until the morning.

The android returned soon enough, one hand behind his back hiding the knife he chose from the kitchen like some sort of sick present he got for him. Gohan seemed to be trying to look behind his back to see what he had chosen for him rather than at the android himself... it angered Cell a little.

"Am I not enough for you?" he taunted. "You seem to be focusing elsewhere."

"You're hard," remarked Gohan. Cell was surprised he noticed, especially since he was covered up.

"How can you tell?"

"Your breathing's off."

Gohan seemed to be picking up on things that Cell didn't even know about himself. The android simply laughed in response.

"Turn around. And take off your shirt."

Gohan didn't hesitate or give him any back chat for once, standing up by the bed facing away from him and slipping his shirt off onto the floor. He felt a cold blade on his back. It was sharper than he was used to. It ticked his skin as it teasingly ran down his spine. A hand curled around the base of his tail, stroking it in a way that made his stomach flutter.

Then he was pushed forwards onto the bed, landing on all fours. He didn't dare look behind himself, wanting to keep the element of surprise. His pants felt looser, shifting down his hips slowly until a wet finger entered him. Gohan gave a vocal response, he came to the conclusion that he'd never get used to Cell's abnormally ice cold hands.

After preparing him a little more, Cell teased him again with the blade in his hand, dragging the tip over his exposed hip bone, but only enough to tickle him.

"Where do you want me?" he asked in a low voice.

Gohan shuffled off the bed backwards until he was standing again. Cell made sure to hide the blade behind his back again so that Gohan couldn't sneak a glimpse of it.

"Lie down," he said quietly, keeping his back to him as he removed his pants. Cell took the chance to hide the knife under the pillow he was about to lie on.

Gohan descended on him quickly, climbing on to the bed and then throwing one leg over until he was straddling him. He leaned forwards, purposely curving his spine down until his hips were in the air, then gave him an almost sinister look as his tail gave a frisky flick. Cell likened him to a cat.

He came in closer to his face, and in turn lay down on top of him as he finally took his mouth with his own for a few seconds. Cell finally responded to him, slipping his fingers through the hair on the back of his head and adding a little aggression into it. As Gohan pulled back, he took Gohan's hair tie with him, freeing his wild, black hair; now he looked like a true saiyan.

As Gohan pushed himself back upright, he reached behind himself, taking hold of Cell's length. Then he lowered himself onto it slowly. He felt the muscles in his hips spasm a little as he fully impaled himself.

"Can I have my knife now?" he asked.

"No," said Cell with an infuriating smile.

"I guess I'll have to torture you for while."

"You don't know the first thing about torture," challenged the android. Gohan simply smiled back.

"I know you."

Cell gasped as he felt Gohan's tail gliding over his balls, his legs curled upwards a little at the sensation.

"Come on, I haven't even moved yet," said Gohan. "I thought you were tougher than that."

"I should have cut that fucking thing off," laughed Cell as he felt it wrap around his thigh. He always seemed to forget about Gohan's extra limb.

"Give me my knife... "

"Make me."

Gohan rocked his hips subtly, feeling the android spasm inside him after he'd been still for so long. He limited his movements, watching Cell fight with himself; he didn't want Gohan to think he was winning... because he was. Gohan felt cold hands slide up his thighs and settle on his hips. He stopped moving when he began to feel Cell attempt to take over.

"You don't get a say in this," he said. Oddly enough, Cell obeyed him, sliding his hands back down to his thighs to at least give him something to hold onto - and an excuse to bruise him if he held on tight enough.

Gohan picked up the pace, he continuously lifted himself up and slammed back down, rhythmically bouncing on top of him. Cell felt his breath being stolen from him, he'd never felt anything like it. He looked up at Gohan; his eyes were closed and his black hair was sticking to his flustered face. He heard the mattress begin creaking as Gohan slammed down on him harder.

Then Gohan leaned forwards again until he was looming over him, lifting his hips off his cock until it the tip was resting at his entrance.

"Hand it over," panted Gohan, wriggling his hips backwards a little.

"Fuck you... "


Gohan's tail coiled around his cock, pumping it slowly as his hips danced against it, but with such control that he managed not to impale himself.

"Oh, I really hate you" gasped Cell, not expecting Gohan to grab him by his jaw in a crushing grip.

"Give me the knife, you whore," said Gohan.

Cell received a rush of both pleasure and anger at being called that, he was even in two minds about stabbing him with it as he reached under the pillow behind his head. It was a small kitchen knife, but it looked sharp and easy to conceal - it was perfect. Gohan removed his hand from Cell's face and took the blade off him.

"At least finish me off before I have to leave you two alone," said Cell hatefully, Gohan's tail still teasing him into madness.

"Where do you want to finish?" asked Gohan.

"You have to ask that?"

Gohan's tail finally retreated and he lowered himself down again, watching Cell arch his spine as he did.

"Jealous of a knife... that's a whole new level of crazy," laughed Gohan.

"Start moving before I hurt you."

Cell closed his eyes, readying himself for a new wave of pleasure. Gohan didn't know what possessed him to make his next move, but he followed his gut instinct - he took the knife and stabbed Cell hard.

The android's eyes snapped open as he grunted at the sudden pain, looking to see the foreign object embedded in his left shoulder. Gohan didn't even blink as Cell's eyes burned through him, he just smiled insolently.

"What the hell was that for?" winced Cell, feeling his shoulder bleed into the white sheets, bruising from the aggressive impact.

"I just wanted the chance to penetrate you," said Gohan, half jokingly, but half seriously.

"You're fucking deranged... " he said as he yanked the knife out. "That actually hurt," he laughed.

"Good," snapped Gohan. "You know what else I like about you?"


"I can still make you bleed if I want to... "

Gohan's hands found themselves moving up from Cell's chest and resting on his neck.

"What are you going to do? Strangle me?" he laughed.

"Just give me a reason... "

Gohan's hands were moving of their own accord; the android simply lay there as he felt fingertips brushing softly along the underside of his jaw. Gohan's other hand was on his chest again, mesmerised by how different his exoskeleton felt from the rest of him. It was sturdy but a living part of him, the black plating was smooth whilst the green was a little more rough like a shell. He preferred the white of his skin, however, it felt more real under his fingers, but ice cold.

"Is there a purpose to this?" asked the android. He's never been touched so gently before. It was as if Gohan was really looking at him for the first time.

"You're just weird," said Gohan, fascination in his face.

Cell responded by bucking his pelvis upwards; the saiyan on top of him acknowledged it, grinding back down steadily. With his shoulder almost fully regenerated, Cell pushed himself upright, catching Gohan by surprise.

Gohan gasped as his back was seized and Cell's face was right in front on his. He adjusted himself, writhing against him with increasing intensity. Cell managed to hold them both upright, one arm outstretched behind him for support. The android's arm retreated from Gohan's back and made its way up. Just as it was about to grab him by the neck, Gohan got there first - holding the knife to Cell's throat. The android smiled in response, he was impressed; he didn't even see him pick it up.

"Sneaky," he snarled with a smirk.

"Speak for yourself," said Gohan, pressing the blade against that soft, icy skin.

Cell had a glint in his eye that made Gohan's heart beat even faster. His arm snaked around his torso once again and he buried his face into the crook of Gohan's neck, using his supportive arm as leverage as he pumped upwards. Gohan responded, bucking his hips.

"Shit... " he gasped. Cell was pulling him closer without realising he was doing it. Gohan was right up against him; he barely heard the knife hit the floor as he let go, one of his hands held the back of the android's head against his neck as his other arm wrapped around his shoulder.

Gohan could feel himself sweating, hearing his own voice grow louder as time passed. As his body tensed, he held on tighter, and so did Cell. He'd never felt this close to anybody before... he found it terrifying, yet comforting at the same time. He found himself enjoying their newly discovered intimacy, closing his eyes as they continued to grind against each other.

Cell could feel Gohan's tail threatening to break his thigh. He finally pulled his head back to look at him. Gohan's eyes slowly batted open again, to be met with Cell's, then Gohan leaned in to kiss him. He felt something electrifying travel up from the base of his spine to the back of his head as he devoured his lips, and he could tell that Cell felt it too - his claws were cutting into his back.

Cell broke off from him, carrying on a trail of kisses along the underside of his jaw; his hand finally left his back and disappeared between his legs. Gohan almost fell off him when he felt a cold hand around his cock. His arms resumed their position around his shoulders as he became more vocal.

"A- ahh... "

"What was that?" panted Cell against his ear.

"I'm going to die... " Gohan mentally laughed at his own response, he didn't mean to say that.

"Yes, you are," said Cell with a smile that Gohan could physically feel against him. He sped up his movements, feeling him shake.

"I'm literally going to die... "

"You're going to die screaming."

Gohan really liked this game.


He convulsed a little, his knees raised off the bed into a weird squat, Cell was still buried inside him.

"Just kill me... " he begged desperately.

"Sshh... " he hushed against his cheek.

"I thought you wanted me to finish you off," laughed Gohan, his voice quivering like the rest of him was.

"You will... when I feel you die," he said quietly. Gohan moved his hips a little more as Cell pulled his head back to face him. Their noses brushed against each other as they locked eyes.

"I'm taking you with me?"

Cell nodded slightly, teasingly brushing their lips together.

"Not much of a victory for you, is it? said Gohan.

"Maybe I want to die too."

Gohan's heart skipped a beat as he saw a hint of vulnerability in Cell; it was only for a second, but it was there, and he lost himself in it. Then a wave hit him, their eyes wide open and locked at he came hard. The android was true to his word, he did die screaming, but their eyes still fixed in an intense, passionate stare as they seemed to connect with each other. Cell saw an openness in him that he'd never seen before, and soon enough he too was overwhelmed by it all. He held Gohan tight and close against himself as he climaxed, looking Gohan in the eye as he emptied himself inside the trembling saiyan.

It took them a while to come floating back down, both panting and sweating.

"I like dying... " said Gohan, his body aching as it relaxed.

"Me too," answered Cell. The android let himself fall backwards until he was lying down again, his head spinning.

Gohan removed himself from Cell's pelvis shakily, he could feel his seed leaking down his inner thigh. As he took his tail back, Cell could feel the blood rushing back down his leg, and was unprepared when Gohan stumbled and fell on top of him.

"That was um... "


Neither of them knew what to make of it exactly. It wasn't as if they liked each other any better than they did before, but a deep connection was felt for a few short seconds that caused a stir in them. Gohan rested his head on Cell's chest, feeling it rise and fall as he gazed out at the rest of the room. A long, silent stillness followed for about ten minutes, neither of them really thinking about anything.

Then Gohan raised his head, doubting that Cell had even felt him move as his eyes were fixed on the ceiling, not blinking. He leaned forwards, tentatively placing a kiss on his neck. The android seemed to snap back to reality again, subtle movements giving Gohan the confidence to carry on kissing along his neck almost lovingly. He felt fingers combing up the back of his head, encouraging him further; he sank his teeth into the cold flesh for a few seconds, the grip on the back of his head increased. He let go, trailing a wet tongue all the way up to his jaw line.

"Odd," he said, still tracing his lips along his neck. "You have no scent."

"Probably because I smell like you," answered Cell, enjoying the attention he was receiving. He let himself feel the weight on Gohan's body resting on top of him. Gohan's lips and nose were still caressing his skin, and as relaxing as it felt, he had to ask. "What are you doing?"

"Your skin's cold," replied Gohan, fascinated by no matter how much he kissed his neck, it remained cold to touch. "Why is it always cold?"

"I haven't given it much thought."

Gohan finally lifted his head up, looming over his face. Cell remained still, the saiyan's long hair threatening to tickle him as he stared back up at him, his eyes not giving much away. Gohan leaned down, kissing him softly at first before deepening it; that hand returned to the back of his head, and in return Gohan cupped his face with his free hand.

Cell felt Gohan readjust himself slightly, then he began moving rhythmically on top of him, rubbing his thigh against his cock. The android gasped, but Gohan took the opportunity to introduce his tongue, swallowing the next few moans that followed and claiming them as his own. It was as if Gohan was possessed; he wasn't himself, he wasn't shy or running away, he was taking control, and Cell didn't have the heart to fight him this time.

Gohan broke off from him, biting down on his bottom lip as he did, then returned to his neck, still moving his body against him and feeling something wet and hard against his thigh. Cell said nothing, wanting to see where this was going, he didn't even move in response to Gohan's movements, as difficult as it was. Instead, he closed his eyes, not wanting to speculate too much.

Gohan seized his opportunity now that Cell was blind to his motives, slinking down his body carefully. He saw him physically jump as he ran his tongue along his length, he didn't waste time fully engulfing him either. The android's eyes shot open, this was the least he was expecting. He tried not to move too much, but it was proving to be challenging as he felt the back of Gohan's throat; he was sinfully good at this. He resisted the urge to grab hold of his head, instead choosing a vocal response, but even toning that down was becoming problematic, and he compensated by arching his spine up.

The saiyan slowly removed himself, looking up to Cell's face only to see his head thrown back; he decided that was enough for him. He shuffled forwards again on top of him, straddling his hips. He had no idea where his energy was coming from, putting it down to a mixture of adrenaline and saiyan hormones, but he lowered himself down onto the lubricated shaft under him once again. And Cell was caught by surprise for the millionth time that night.

Cell bent his legs in response to give himself leverage, his hands sliding up Gohan's thighs to his hips and then to his buttocks to move him to his liking. Gohan fell forwards, catching himself with his hands pressing into Cell's shoulders; his breath sounded ragged and uneven as he tried to match the other's aggressive thrusting.

Then Cell suddenly threw him aside.

Gohan rolled off the bed, landing on the hard floor on his front with a thud. His head and right shoulder took most of the impact. Luckily nothing was broken, but he had a small, bleeding cut on his hairline. He heard Cell climb out of bed and step towards him as he regathered his senses. A good handful of his hair was used to drag him up onto his knees, the floorboards digging into them.

"I wonder how much more you could possibly take," said Cell aggressively into his ear, holding tightly onto his hair.

"More than you can ever give," challenged Gohan, probably foolishly; he wasn't going to be able to walk in the morning.

Cell threw his head back down, watching admirably as he got down onto his elbows, his hips in the air ready in an effort to defy him even more. He grabbed his hips and slid into him in one move, picking up a steady, rhythmic pace that Gohan could keep up with. Once he had him more or less comfortable, he decided to torture him a little.

With an iron grip on his left hip, Cell thrust all the way into the inviting heat, remaining where he was as he began to massage the base of Gohan's tail. It was safe to say he'd found something, subtly thrusting upward as if to meet his lower back.

"What the... "

Gohan couldn't describe the feeling, it was like he was having an orgasm but he wasn't at the same time. His entire pelvis was on fire.

"You're shaking," observed Cell, physically feeling him quiver around him. "What does it feel like?"

"Like it hurts... but doesn't."

"Are you going to come?"

"I don't know," stuttered Gohan honestly, it was like he was on the edge but already over.

Cell removed his other hand from his hip, sliding it around the front and gliding along the underside of his cock. And that was all it took to push him over. Cell felt him tighten suddenly.

He let out what sounded like a cry at first, but Cell kept squeezing up into him, still gripping onto the base of his tail as he felt him die again.

"What the fuck... " panted Gohan, head in his hands as he tried to stop the room spinning.

"I take it you liked that?"

"I did, but it hurt," he laughed.

"Thought you wanted it to hurt," teased Cell, playing with the length of his tail, still buried inside him.

"I will fucking stab you again," said Gohan, fully meaning it.

"Go on then, whore... "

Gohan saw the knife in front of him right where he dropped it. He picked it up and threw himself backwards until he was upright on his knees. Cell caught him by his wrists, laughing.

"Sloppy," he mocked, smiling against his ear. Gohan was seething for some unknown reason, but Cell took his hand with the knife in it and pointed it at his own neck, turning Gohan a little more to be able to see his face. "Come on, I dare you."

Gohan only hesitated for a second, then he dug the knife into Cell's white skin and dragged it down slowly, slicing the flesh until purple blood came seeping out. Gohan looked him dead in the eyes as he did it, then remembered the android's member still inside him as it pulsed suddenly; this wasn't just hurting him, but it was turning him on as well.

He dropped the knife as he was picked up as if he weighed nothing, then he was back on the bed in the same position as he was on the floor earlier, being fucked hard. Gohan was definitely not walking tomorrow.

Cell didn't sleep often, and even if he wanted to right now, his brain was too wired to even consider it.

Gohan was fast asleep, the covers barely on him as it looked as if he literally went off as soon as his head hit the pillow. Cell stared at him for the best part of an hour, obsessing over the tiny things that he was becoming physically attracted to; such as the place where his neck met his shoulder, and the way his raven hair contrasted with his light complexion.

Cell felt nauseated. He hated feeling this way about someone else. It all seemed like a good idea at the time, seduce the saiyan that destroyed his life in an act of vengeance. But he never thought he'd ever desire him like this. He saw the knife poking out from under the pillow, he didn't know what drove him to it, but imagined that Gohan was influencing him in other ways. He slipped his hand under the pillow, being careful not to wake the slumbering saiyan beside him.

He was curious to know how exactly this made Gohan feel better. Lowering his defences and allowing his pain receptors to feel everything, he put the blade to his right hand; he toyed with the idea a little more, and then he sliced the palm of his hand open.

He discovered that he was a slow bleeder, it seemed to come out of Gohan's cuts much faster than that. Unless he was doing it wrong. Or maybe that was just him and his physiology. As air got into the wound it began to sting and tingle.

"That's not your dominant hand, is it?"

Cell tore his line of sight away from his self-inflicted injury to see that Gohan was awake, still lying beside him.

"I'm ambidextrous," he answered blankly.

That little nugget of information seemed to peak Gohan's interest for a few seconds. Then he watched with fascination as Cell regenerated himself, the laceration on his hand closed up as if it never happened.

"Couldn't teach me how to do that, could you? It'd make it a lot easier to hide it," he said, his voice deflated again as he examined his exposed scars. After an episode a couple of weeks ago, he had faint scars all the way up his forearm which he couldn't conceal. At the time he didn't think anything of it, but now he was back with his friends, he was overly conscious of them.

Gohan's voice seemed to be grating on Cell for some reason. The android didn't take lightly to being influenced into things he'd never considered. He was picking habits up from Gohan as easily a young child picked up habits from those around them. He was angry, but the more he thought about how much he wanted to break Gohan's neck, the more he thought about the events of the past few hours - up until an hour ago, they'd been fucking each other stupid; exploring each other's limits, trading insults and torturing one another in a continuous cycle of abuse. He felt aroused again. He wanted it to go away quickly.

Gohan was pushed into his back faster than his brain could catch up. He was being held down by his neck, but not tightly. The covers were pulled off him and the android settled between his legs and stared him down like he was prey. Gohan felt excitement and fear at the same time, but he knew that this wasn't going to be like the several rounds they had earlier. Cell was in it for himself this time.

For a moment, Gohan was even convinced he was about to die horribly.

Cell waited for him nonetheless, still maintaining some level of regard for their arrangement. Gohan raised his legs, coiling them around his waist to give his consent.

The android entered him in one swift movement. Gohan's breath caught in his throat, not expecting to be filled up so quickly. He adjusted in time as Cell began pounding him hard. Gohan's body was aching already as it was, and he wasn't going to lie, Cell was hurting him.

Cell removed his hand from Gohan's throat, placing them both down at either side of him. He looked down at him, feeling anger like nothing he'd ever experienced. He never thought he could hate someone so much. Gohan's breathing became ragged and laboured, he was having trouble keeping up with Cell's aggressive thrusting. Then he accidentally moaned out loud, and Cell's hand clamped down over his mouth.

"Be quiet..." he growled.

Gohan was released. It looked as if Cell wanted him to just lie still and take it this time. Gohan took to biting into the pillow to muffle his screams, but noticed after a while, that Cell wasn't looking at him anymore, he was staring off into the wall opposite him, looking possessed as he neared his end. Gohan knew that look, it only ever appeared when Cell was trying to detach himself from the situation - another trait he'd picked up from him.

Gohan could feel his loins tightening, he didn't think he'd had anything left in him to give, but he found it hard to keep himself silent. As a last resort, he threw one hand over his face and tore at the pillow with the other; he came soon after, his entire body quivering and exhausted from yet another orgasm.

Cell finished soon after, keeping quiet himself. Gohan opened his eyes, daring to look at him; he got nothing. The android didn't even want to touch him as he used the bed as leverage to pull himself out. Gohan winced as he did, sealing his lips and holding his breath as it happened. Now he was in pain, the last few hours had finally caught up with his body.

He watched as Cell covered himself and stood up, seeming to put a substantial effort into denying that Gohan was there at all. It looked as if the last few hours had caught up with him too. Gohan found some satisfaction in watching him stumble a little, observing his unsteady posture and slight muscle weakness in his legs... he did that to him, the most feared and powerful monster that the earth had ever seen, and Gohan was the only one who ever made him falter like that.

Cell left the room abruptly, leaving the naked saiyan spent and exhausted on the bed. Gohan's breathing had returned to its normal rhythm, and it was then that he looked at the clock. It was 5.53am. Then he realised that he was in dire need of a shower, preferably now so that nobody would see him. Hopefully everyone was still in their beds.

He sat up slowly, hissing with pain as he tried to sit. He was hoping that his accelerated healing abilities extended to post-coital soreness; Cell didn't hold back on him. He scouted the room for his clothes, wiping himself down with the bed covers, or what was left of them anyway. It took him a good ten minutes to get dressed, his legs taking on minds of their own, and he stealthily made a break for the nearest bathroom. Then it was time to face them...

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