Worlds Collide

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This chapter contains drug use

Chapter 9: Dance

Gohan silently watched his mother put Goten to bed, kissing him goodnight, as he headed to his room. He kicked off his shoes and sat still on the edge of his bed. He stayed quiet, until he was sure that his mother had settled down into her own bed to go to sleep. Gohan wanted to sleep too, but how could he at a time like this? He should have been out there helping his friends, or even looking for Jeice. But the woods were still peaceful for now, so he figured that he'd might as well make the most of it.

"So... this is your natural habitat."

Shit... Gohan sighed and rolled his eyes as he looked towards the window where Cell was standing in his room.

"What do you want?"

"Don't sound too thrilled to see me," remarked the android sarcastically.

"Why would I be thrilled?"

"Ideally I'd want you to be terrified. But I think we're past that somehow."

Noticing that Gohan was refusing to look at him, Cell's eyes wandered down at Gohan's cluttered desk.

"All of this," began Cell, using one hand to turn one of Gohan's book towards him. "Does it make you feel... normal?"

Cell looked back on him with a curious yet somewhat triumphant expression on his face. Gohan wondered whether Cell's question was meant to hurt his feelings or not, but he indulged him anyway.

"Not anymore." Gohan wasn't exactly happy having to remind himself about what goes on inside his own head most of the time. Cell noticed Gohan's eyes lose slightly more vitality, if that was even still possible. Distracted by his own darkening thoughts, he jumped as Cell slammed the book shut on his desk. Just to spite him a little.

"Will you keep it down!" whispered Gohan frantically, fearing that his family would wake up. Cell smirked at him.

"It's okay, nobody will hear."

Gohan didn't question what kind of barrier Cell had put around them; it was quite clear that it was only him that Cell was interested in at the moment.

"What's happening to the planet?" he asked suddenly.

Cell chuckled slightly.

"You mean your friends haven't figured it out yet?" Gohan's eyes narrowed dangerously as the android continued. "Hell and Earth used to be two separate dimensions. Now they've become unstable and are collapsing into each other, every other reality is following in suit."

"How?" asked Gohan, Cell sensing worry in his voice.

"All that wishing you and your friends have been doing. Raising the dead and so forth - it's destroying the balance. Rules have been broken and the universe is being thrown into chaos. Honestly, a four year old could figure it out... "

"And what was the last wish made with the dragon balls? To bring me back," sighed Gohan. Now he felt like it was all his fault for killing himself in the first place.

"Your really wanted to die, didn't you?"

"You really have to ask that?" said Gohan, finally looking up at him. Cell stared back curiously, trying to fathom what he was feeling; difficult, since he didn't really have feelings of his own. "What? Why did you think I did it?"

"To get people to finally notice how much pain you were in?"

"If I went through with it a couple of years ago, maybe. But no, it wasn't some desperate cry for help. I wanted out," he said, then he sighed. "I wanted out so badly that I was disappointed when I came back."

"I wonder why it took them weeks to decide on bringing you back."

"They didn't want me back," laughed Gohan sardonically. "They brought me back to get me away from you. So not only am I alive again after choosing to end my own life, I'm still not away from you. Fat lot of good that was."

"And it ended the world... suppose I have to thank your those suicidal tendencies for that."

"Did you just come here to make me feel bad?"

"Like I could make you feel any worse that you do right now."

"That's the problem. I don't feel anything. I've felt nothing for months now."

"So why did it take you months to kill yourself?" asked Cell as he sat next to him on the bed. Gohan had no idea why he was pouring his heart out to the android, but he supposed that Cell was the only person who had bothered asking him these questions.

"It wasn't something I took lightly. I thought about it over and over for weeks. I even made myself a noose to hang myself with out in the woods, but I changed my mind at the last second."

"Would you rather feel pain or feel nothing?"

"Pain, every time. Hence the cutting. That got worse as the years passed."

"And you just sat in here for months, pretending to work?"

"Not exactly. I used to sneak out into the city and drink my problems away."


"You know, alcohol... dulls the senses. That stopped working too. Wish I had some in here - " Gohan stopped when he remembered a particular collection he did still have. He hoped.


"There was something else. I don't know if my mom found it though."

Gohan stood up and went to his wardrobe. Cell didn't take his eyes off him, fascinated by how much he had seemed to have changed physically since he last saw him. It was as if his body had caught up with him after being brought back. Either that, or it was the blue jeans and long sleeved black shirt that clung to his body in a much more flattering way that his gi did.

Gohan found what he was looking for, hidden amongst his underwear in the back corner. He sat back down next to Cell holding a small square bag in the palm of his hand containing a white powder.

"What is that?"

"It's cocaine," said Gohan, watching Cell look at it curiously.

"What's cocaine?"

"It's sort of a stimulant. It helps me detach form the world for a while. Hell, sometimes I even feel deliriously happy when I take it."

"Take some."

"Huh?" Gohan had to check if he heard that right.

"Take it. If it'll stop you moping around for a while."

"Okay... " he said, raising his eyebrows a little. He was slightly annoyed that the android was referring to his current mental state as 'moping around', but that idea of getting away from his brain was more tempting that he initially thought.

He went over to his desk and sat on the chair, going into the pull out drawer under it. Cell watched as he pulled out what looked like a plastic drinking straw that had been cut short, then he saw him organising some of the powder up into three lines with a ruler.

"What are you doing?"

"There's ways of doing it, but I tend to snort."

Cell understood his meaning as he inhaled one of the lines through the straw. Gohan brought his head back up, sniffling and wiping his nose. He forgot how good it made him feel.

A few minutes passed and Gohan's personality changed; he gazed at Cell relentlessly until the android finally questioned him.

"What are you staring at?" asked Cell, fascinated by the way Gohan was acting. It was like he didn't care anymore, but he was happy about it.

"You're greener than usual... "

"No I'm not, it's that crap you just shoved up your nose."

Gohan laughed in response. He found Cell funny for some reason. He was giggling at every single thing that came out of his mouth.

"At least you seem more lucid now than I've ever seen you."

"No I'm not... it's the crap I shoved up my nose, remember?"

"So that isn't you in there anymore?"

"It's still me in here... somewhere," he said, his eyes wider and less sunken than usual. He folded his arms over the back of his desk chair and rested his chin on them. "You're so fucking green... "

"And you're high. I have to say, you're a lot more fun then you were ten minutes ago."

"I thought your mission in life was to make me miserable," sneered Gohan. He turned back around again to snort another line of cocaine.

"There's only so much misery one can take."

Gohan swivelled back around to face him, enjoying the fresher high with his eyes closed. Suddenly, he felt a pair of lips on his own and found himself receiving it well, kissing Cell back for a couple of seconds. Though he was already on a lot of drugs, it still seemed to stimulate him even more.

"Why did you just do that?" he asked, slowly opening his eyes.

"I felt the urge to, as all."

"You didn't come all the way here to call me names or watch me snort cocaine did you?"

"Oh Gohan, do you really think I'm that predictable?" said Cell with an unreadable smirk on his face. In all honesty, it wasn't the first thing on his mind when he went to find Gohan. But then he found himself reminiscing.

"I know why you came here," said Gohan, rising from his desk chair slowly to stop himself from falling over. He stepped over to stand in front of him, so close that the android could practically taste him.

"Do you?" Cell stared back up at him, noticing how Gohan didn't quite have complete eye contact with him, though that may have been the drugs. "Enlighten me."

Gohan half smiled at him, playing with the hem of his shirt. Then he teasingly began lifting it, revealing his taut stomach muscles and porcelain skin.

"You came for this, didn't you?"

Cell smirked back at him silently, scanning his body with his eyes before they landed on his torso, watching the way he was caressing his own skin invitingly.

"Go on. Tell me that I'm wrong?" teased Gohan.

His breath caught in his throat as he was suddenly yanked forwards by cold hands. That in itself was enough to make his head rush even more. He held onto Cell's shoulders as he felt teeth sink into his skin, leaving a couple of painful hickeys on his stomach.

"Was that supposed to hurt?" he panted as he felt Cell release his skin.

"Not necessarily... "

Cell watched his shirt fall back down again, keeping his hands under it as they crept around to his back. Before Gohan could catch on properly, he latched onto him, dragging his claws down his back so hard that he felt him bleed. Gohan shouted out from the unexpected pain, before his protests dissolved into a deranged laughter.

"You hateful bastard... " he laughed defiantly.

"Saiyan whore," Cell bit back at him playfully. Gohan didn't even know why he was smiling as he felt his shirt begin to stick to his stinging, blood covered skin, Cell's hands returning to his hips. Gohan felt forwards against him slightly, placing his knees on the bed and partially straddling him. "Am I getting a lap dance?"

"I'm not fucking dancing for you," said Gohan. His voice had a spiteful tone to it.

"Come on, show me how much you want to fuck me."

"Who's saying I want to fuck you?"

Gohan gasped as his crotch was grabbed harshly as the android proved his point.

"That tells me exactly what you're thinking," said Cell quietly, their noses brushing against each other.

"Who's saying that I'm thinking about you? I might be thinking of someone else... "

"Because nobody could possibly make it hurt like I do."

"Well... " mocked Gohan, tormenting Cell further with a teasing smile.

"And nobody makes you scream like I do... "

"Wow, I guess you really do hate me... "

"You think?"

"Possibly more than you hate yourself," said Gohan, almost victoriously. Cell paused for a second, taking in what he said, but then laughed back at him as he brushed it off.

"Give me a dance," said the android, as if he was trying to insult Gohan further. Gohan bit his lip to stifle a smile, but he leaned in closer until their lips were touching.

"All the drugs in the universe wouldn't make me dance for you, you piece of sh- "

Gohan grunted as Cell yanked his head back forcefully by his hair. Once he got over the initial shock, Gohan began laughing insolently once more. Cell couldn't help but smile back; he never thought that trading insults could be fun.

"You will. One day."

Cell let go of him, watching him stand and shuffle over to his desk. Gohan took another line before turning back to him again.

"So... do you prefer men?" he asked bluntly, wiping his nose on his sleeve.

"What do you mean?"

"Are you more attracted to men than women?"

"You mean do I fit into one of your little human categories?" Cell smiled as he understood. "I can't say I have a preference. Do you?"

"I prefer men. Had my first hunch when I was eleven. My mom doesn't know."

"Should it matter?"

"It shouldn't, but it does. She wants me to graduate from high school and get married to a woman. Pretty much the same old boring life of everyone on this planet."

"Sounds horrible."

"Was that sarcasm? I can never tell," said Gohan, as he wandered restlessly around the room.

"Please stop that, it's annoying."

"Stop what?"


"Sorry... " said Gohan, rolling his eyes. He approached the android again, sitting on his lap the way he was before. "This better?"

"I told you to stop pacing, not prostitute yourself."

Gohan let out a wry laugh before shoving him onto his back by his shoulders. He leaned over him, holding him down by his upper arms, kissing his neck slowly.

"Really? With your mother in the next room?"

"This can't be any worse than taking drugs with her next door, can it?" Gohan bit down, purposely trying to cause him pain. It was working.

"Stop teasing me, you should know better," said Cell. Gohan sat up straight, straddling him and playing with his hands.

"Why? It's fun."

"Dance for me... " The android smirked at him, but Gohan managed to not let Cell get to him.

"Fuck you."

"At least move around a little while you're up there."

"Are you getting off on this?" laughed Gohan. "That's just naughty."

"And you're not, I suppose?"

"Maybe a little..." he answered with a smile.

Gohan rolled off him, landing softly on the mattress on his back. They lay side by side for a few moments in silence.

"Why are we doing this?" asked Gohan.

"Why are you trying to make sense out of something that makes none?" replied Cell. "That's your problem. You think too much."

"Maybe I didn't take enough coke."

"Is it not dangerous to be taking as much as you are?"

"Probably," said Gohan. "But I'm not exactly trying avoid dying, am I?"

"Well, you're in the same room as me. I could kill you if you like. But I'm afraid it'll be slow."

"I'm not begging you to kill me. That's even lower than rock bottom."

Cell pushed himself up slowly, Gohan staying where he was an staring at the ceiling. He had his hand on his forehead, listening his own racing heartbeat and practically feeling the drugs rushing through him.

"How long does this stuff last for?"

"For me, about fifteen minutes, why?"

"I was just considering whether or not to join you."

Gohan was wondering if he heard that right or if he was hallucinating. He hoisted himself up onto his elbows, to see Cell standing over his desk. There was still two lines left.

"Take some if you want. It's not like it'll kill you since you're still dead," said Gohan as he flopped back down onto his back. He found himself massaging his own forehead as he heard Cell tentatively taking a line of cocaine. Then it went quite for a few seconds.

"Is that it?"

Gohan's eyes snapped open and he rolled himself up until he was sat at the edge of the bed.


"Besides being unpleasant, I didn't notice any change."

"You're kidding me... " laughed Gohan in response. "Cocaine mustn't have any affect on you."

"Well that was an anticlimax."

"Guessing this last one's mine."

Gohan leaned over, taking the final line, falling back and sitting on the bed again, giggling hysterically.

"I'll leave you to... whatever the hell this is," said Cell. But he couldn't help but smile at the state he was in.

"No, stay," said Gohan, wearing the widest smile that he'd worn in years. He stood up, stopping Cell from leaving by grabbing hold of his hand. "I promise I'll be more fun."

"Enlighten me," said Cell as sceptically as he could, without showing his curiosity.

Gohan took hold of his face and kissed him softly.

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