Worlds Collide

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I realised that when I finally put this all together that there's quite a few handjobs in it. Suppose you can never have too many.

Chapter 23: Dissociation

That was the most peaceful sleep he'd had in years.

Also surprising since he was still on the floor, but as soon as he moved, his back felt horribly stiff. He was alone, which made him feel weirdly sad.

Then he remembered that Frieza was coming today, he scrambled to his feet and left as quickly as he could. Hopefully he hadn't slept in for too long.

"Urgh, he looks more horrible the more I see him."

Gohan was freaked out once more by Frieza's hideous appearance. He was hiding away from him and his forces, along with Recoome, Burter and Guldo.

"You seem anxious," said Cell, leaning against the nearest wall. the others were playing a card game by the looks if things, Gohan taking to pacing around until he found something to sit on. He pulled himself up onto a counter.

"I don't know what to do with myself."

Cell pushed himself off the wall, joining Gohan to lean against the counter, noticing that he was nervously picking at the already chipped paint on it.

"Well that isn't going to help."

"I need to stop thinking."

"Try playing cards with those losers over there."

"I can't concentrate."

Cell sighed, moving to stand in front of him. Gohan barely had a chance to avoid him as he tried to kiss him.

"What are you doing?!" he said, startled but managing not to rouse any suspicion from the others.

"Distracting you."

"In front of people?" asked Gohan, his eyes shifting to the other side of the room.

"They don't care," said the android. "They've seen worse things in Hell."

Gohan sighed nervously, but relented, needing to prevent an oncoming panic attack. He leaned forward, and gave him a sweet, shallow kiss. As he pulled away, he noticed Guldo looking over at them, but then he simply looked away again, his face not changing expression at all. He felt relief.

Gohan kept his eyes on Cell from then on, going in to kiss him again, and getting lost in it. He began giggling after a few seconds.

"What?" Cell was finding that smile contagious.

"They're looking at us," he whispered. Gohan looked in the opposite direction as Cell observed Recoome's almost encouraging stare.


Gohan looked over at Recoome, who gave him a thumbs up before gong back to his cards. The saiyan raised his eyebrows and laughed. Their foreheads came together eventually, resuming where they left off. As the Ginyus continued with their overly loud card game, Cell and Gohan just playfully kissed for a while. Gohan seemed to experience a rush out of being watched, though he assumed that it was his saiyan half coming through a little.

"Wow... I really didn't need to see that a second time."

Gohan broke away from Cell, glancing over at Jeice, who had just entered with Krillin. Krillin seemed a little lost for words and didn't know where to look. That was the first time he'd seen Cell in months, and even then, it was through a window for a few seconds.

"Problem, Jeice?" snarled the android, backing off of Gohan as he sensed his discomfort at being watched hy his friends this time.

"You know what, I'm too tired for this crap right now," he sighed, slumping down onto the battered sofa next to Burter.

"You okay?" asked Gohan, hopping off the counter.

"More sedatives, everybody with powers got a shot at once today."

"No new developments then?" said Cell.

"Nope... "

Cell simply walked towards the door to leave. He looked as if he was thinking about something.

"Hey, Gohan?" asked Krillin in a quiet voice. He made sure Cell was far enough away for him to talk. "You know what you're doing, right? With Cell?"

"Um... " Gohan was unaware of what context that was meant to be in.

"Seeing you guys... together. It's just... "

"Sorry," sighed Gohan, Krillin sensing shame in his voice.

"You coming?" asked Cell. Krillin stared daggers at him as Gohan became conflicted, but he silently left the room with the android.

Gohan opened his eyes again after snoozing for a few minutes, examining the winding shallow crack in the ceiling.

"Finally awake?"

Gohan smiled, everything mellowed and hazy. He laughed, but didn't tear his eyes away from the ceiling to look at the android lying next to him.

"I was resting my eyes," he joked. "This is better than before. I don't feel so out of it." The saiyan was referring to the first time they took the antranide; he only had half a dose this time. The high was much softer, allowing him to relax without losing his mind.

"The first time's always a shock to the system," said Cell, who also halved his dose, though his was still double that of Gohan's.

"Never seen you that far gone before. It was kinda scary," admitted Gohan. Cell rolled onto his side, resting his head in his hand.

"Nothing wrong with escaping for a while," said the android. His hand crept up to Gohan's shoulder, observing the slight pulsing of his jugular which indicated that he was still somehow alive after he was killed. He traced a couple of his fingers along his collar bone, feeling his chest rise and fall calmly.

Gohan finally took his eyes from the hypnotic ceiling, turning his head away to the rest of the room as he stretched a little. Cell followed his gut instinct, placing feathery kisses along his neck.

"That feel nice," he whispered with a smile, his eyes closing again.

"Have you got anywhere else to be tonight?"

"Maybe... "

Cell bit down a little in response.

"No," laughed Gohan. "Why?"

His head was tilted back by a single finger into a passionate kiss.

"You need to be high more often."


"You're being... uncharacteristically kind."

"You have no idea what I'm going to do. You may regret saying that."

"Are you going to hurt me?" asked Gohan curiously, giving him an alluring look as he lay calmly next to him."

"Do you want me to?" The android caressed his throat ominously.

"Maybe a little."

Cell loomed over him, melding their lips together and kissing in a way that Gohan found relaxing, yet invigorating. He felt his leave his face, placing slow, sensual kisses all the way down his neck. Gohan's eyes fell shut, his body melting into the soft covers of the bed, letting the android do as he wished; his belt was soon undone, but he was so oblivious to it that he only noticed when his skin was exposed to the air.

Gohan kept his eyes closed, gasping as one of his nipples was sucked on gently. Cold fingers traced down his centre, from his chest to his navel, each if his abdominal muscles reacting to it. Next came a deep kiss right at his core, hands caressing his sides and his still clothed thighs.

"What are you planning exactly?" he asked, his breath shaking.

"Just a little fun."

As Gohan was about to quiz him on the context of that statement, the android's kisses reached the hem of his pants, which were already riding quite low down.

"I kinda like your idea of fun," he giggled. Cell's fingers were hooked in his pants, holding them further down as his tongue began working away on him. "What makes it fun for you?"

"I like how you squirm," he answered quietly. "And I like how you taste."

Gohan shuddered, his eyes remaining closed.

"What do I taste like?" He didn't hold back in his curiosity.

"I'll let you know."

The antranide was allowing his body to relax. No apprehensions or hesitation, just lying back and enjoying every single sensation without any doubt in his mind that was usually present. After a few minutes, he began panting, biting his lip as his body indeed began to squirm as Cell predicted. He placed one hand on top of the ine Cell had holding his pants in place. His voice followed, his pelvis burned with pleasure.

Gohan suddenly caught a wave, his breath became short and his core convulsed a little as he came with one final moan.

He hoisted himself up onto his elbows, but before he had a chance to open his eyes, Cell suddenly lunged forward and kissed him. He felt something hot enter his mouth along with the android's tongue. As he realised what it was, his eyes opened for a second, but fell shut again as he got into it. He swallowed every last drop.

Cell pulled away and settled down beside him again.

"Now you know."

Gohan fixed his pants as he caught his breath, and then laughed to himself.


"That was... kinda gross," he laughed.

"You asked."

Gohan groaned happily, stretching his body a little as he sunk back into the bed.

"Tell me a story," he sighed contently.

"I don't know any stories."

"Make one up."

"Hmm... how about the tale of the rebellious young saiyan?"

"I don't know if like the sound of this story."

"He was a lost, tortured soul. But he slowly began to find himself, and not in the way he expected."

Gohan turned onto his side, not having the energy to argue against the android's sudeen psych analysis of him.

"He betrayed everyone he ever cared about and he hated himself for it, but not enough for him to stop."

He wondered just how distracting he could be, his hand drifting down the android's body until he reached his waist. He traced his thumb over his lower stomach, the exposed purple flesh felt quite soft. As he pressed down a little, he could feel Cell's impressive abdominal muscles responding to his touch.

"Everyone believed that he was so pure and innocent, if only they knew about his darker side."

"You make someone horrible sound so interesting."

Gohan's finger was teasingly moving over the shell between his legs.

"Oh, he is."

"How so?" The shell was gone, and Gohan was slowly playing with him, watching his face for any signs that he was faltering.

"He appears to be a lost and vulnerbale lamb, but they don't see him the way I do."

"How do you see him?" He began vigourously began jacking him off.

"He's deeply twisted, completely insane -" Cell was cut off as a totally different sound came out of him, he began panting. "And he's promiscuous."

Gohan slowly slid his top leg over him as if to prove him right. He felt Cell's hand slide up his thigh, gripping it tightly. They fell into a kiss, the android began losing himself and lost his train of thought completely.

"Keep doing that... "

Cell's breath seemed to jump, he put his hand over Gohan's as he climaxed, getting him to stop, riding it out as his seed was collected in Gohan's hand.

"Thanks for... sparing my clothes," chuckled Gohan, reaching behind him to wipe his hand clean on the edge of the covers. Cell covered himself again before pulling Gohan back into a hungry kiss. He could've stayed there in his arms forever.

"Well this was the last thing I was expecting."

Gohan's eyes widened as he recognised another person was in the room. He pulled away from Cell, his head whipping round to see Cooler leaning against the door.

"What are you doing here?" asked Cell.

"I've been looking everywhere for you, android," said Cooler. "And I find not only laying with a half breed saiyan, but also being held prisoner by my brother. I was hoping that he hadn't gotten to you yet."

"He hasn't, Frieza doesn't know I'm here," said Cell, lying about already seeing Frieza earlier in front of Gohan.

"So I gather that you already know of his recent return to power. I require your assistance."

"You mean you need my help, do you?" the android smiled gleefully at Cooler's helplessness; he must have been very desperate indeed. Cell ushered Gohan's leg off hum before standing.

Cooler finally acknowledged that Gohan was also there in the room, catching sight of his tail.

"You maybe a filthy half breed but you're still a saiyan."

"Yeah?" replied Gohan uneasily, not sure whether that was a good thing or not. He sat up, crossing his legs.

"As much as I despise your kind, you'll be useful."

"What did you have in mind?" asked Cell.

"Salza and I are the only survivors of our army. The rest are either gone or defected over to Frieza like the treacherous cowards they are. There are many powerful fighters being held prisoner here, including Vegeta, and the one who defeated me, I believe his name is Goku."

"They're all sedated, have been for months."

"We need to get them out, away from Frieza and anymore sedatives. It'll take weeks for their powers to return in full after repeated administration like that."

"Well, the fastest way to get everybody out of here is by instant transmission, a capability that both you and I have. But Frieza and his soldiers will know our location right away thanks to their scouters."

"Frieza still can't ki, but he can still give chase. He won't let us escape without a fight. What we need is a distraction."

"What we need is Frieza out of action for more than a few minutes to be able to get us far enough away without him tracking us."

"We'll need to take out the scouters too. Salza and I can take care of that."

"So you want us to do the hard work, do you?"

Gohan didn't like the sound of confronting Frieza, but it seemed like he wasn't going to have a choice.

"I think I may have an idea. But it's a terrible one," said Cell.

"Elaborate, android," said Cooler, folding his arms over his chest.

"Frieza has a weakness we can exploit right now. Are you aware of his... other 'uses' for saiyans?"

Gohan's eyes widened - he had an inkling of where this was going and didn't lime it one bit.

"I'm aware. I never approved nor understood his infactuation if I'm honest."

"Frieza has expressed a desire to have this one," said Cell, turning to Gohan.

"Seriously?" said Gohan anxiously. "You're going to hand me over, just like that?"

Cooler filled a surprised Vegeta in on his position, wanting to get them out of that warehouse. They were instructed to come together in the communal area the next morning to await him and Salza to go through the plan step by step.

After breakfast, everyone gathered together, apart from the Ginyus who were running late, some on chairs, some on tables, but Vegeta, Piccolo and Jeice all stood. The only ones missing were Chi Chi, Trunks and Goten. Chi Chi wanted to keep the children away from what was going on.

Jeice was pacing nervously, which annoyed the life out of Vegeta, who was expertly hiding his own anxiety.

"Would you quit that already, Jeice?"

"Sorry, I'm just... you know."

"We're all feeling it dude," said Goku.

"Where's Gohan?" asked Krillin.

"Gone to get Cell," answered Jeice.

"Hmph, he has the nerve to show his face around here after what he's done," said Vegeta.

"Yeah, it's gonna be kinda... weird seeing them together," said Yamcha nervously. "What, you're all thinking it."

"Try not to be too uncomfortable in front of Gohan. He's pretty close to running away as it is," said Goku, who wisely analysed the situation.

"Hey Jeice!"

Burter, Recoome and Guldo came bounding in together as usual, uplifting the tension in the room.

"Where have you guys been?"

"Well we've been talking and... well... " began Guldo.

"We're still the Ginyu force, not matter whose side we choose and why we fight, and we want to keep that name," continued Recoome.

"But... look we've had a vote, and it was unanimous," said Burter. "We want you to be the new captain!"

"W-wait, what?" squeaked Jeice emotionally, tears sprang to his eyes.

"Will you accept? Captain?"

"But... for real?!"

"Oh Jeice, that's wonderful!" exclaimed Bulma, a lot of the gang agreeing happily.

"Well... of course I bloody do!" he laughed.

The room erupted with laughter and happiness as the team embraced their new commander, but that elation was short lived as reality came crashing down to them all again.

"Well this is... nauseating," said Cell flatly.

Everyone looked upon him properly for the first time in seven years. When he went to transport them to this awful warehouse for Frieza weeks ago, they didn't see much of him as it was so dark. He was much smaller in stature than they remembered, not much taller than Gohan who sheepishly walked beside him.

"Hey kid! They made me captain!" giggled Jeice, wanting to share his news and take the some of the attention and stares away from him for a moment.

"That's great," he replied quietly with a smile. Jeice hugged him. "It's okay, I've got your back," he whispered, making Gohan relax a little. Gohan went to sit on a table, Cooler and Salza joned them at that moment.

"Is that everybody?"

"Yes, now tell us what the hell is going on," barked Vegeta.

"We think we have a plan to get you all out of here."

Gasps echoed around the room, along with skeptical whispers.

"But how?"

"Do you have a safehouse? Anywhere we can transport you where you'll be undetected?"

"With Dende and Mr Popo at the lookout. Goku warned them not to leave months ago before we were all imprisoned. They should still be there. The lookout is well hidden in the skies.," said Piccolo.

"It's good that we have a ki to latch onto so we can use instant transmission. However, I don't know their energy. Android, are you familiar with these life energies?"

"No, but he is," he said, gesturing at Gohan. "He can share that information with me as I try to locate it." Gohan looked at him for a brief moment, before keeping his eyes to the floor.

"Good. Now, we've had word that Frieza plans to return in ten days, which gives you time to prepare yourselves. Gather your belongings and any essentials."

"Why are you helping us?" asked Goku.

"We share a common enemy in my little brother. I'll need all the fighters I can get to take him out."

"And what do we do about Frieza and his soldiers?" said Tien.

"Salza and I will take out the soldiers and their scouters, but only after Frieza is taken care of by these two," said Cooler, pointing towards Cell and Gohan.

"Wait, you two are going to take out Frieza? How?" said Vegeta. Gohan hated the way they were referring to them, as if they were together. An item.

"A distraction," said Cell, not elaborating. "We have the perfect bait right here." The way Gohan refused to look at anyone told Vegeta all he needed to know.

"Android, please tell me you're not planning on feeding Gohan to Frieza?"

"I'm not. Not entirely."

"Did I mention how not on board I am with this?" objected Gohan. That was the most they'd all heard him speak since he returned.

"Your concerns have been noted," said Cell. "But we stick with the plan. We lure him into another room away from here, then I dangle you in front of Frieza like the worm that are, and then when he has your full attention, that's when I knock him out."

Gohan's friends were startled by the way that Cell was speaking to him, but more worried about what Gohan was being made to do.

"That's a dangerous game you're playing," said Vegeta. "Gohan, if you're not careful, Frieza will take you prisoner."

"He won't while I'm there," said Cell. "After he's down for the count, we give you the signal to take out the scouters and the soldiers. Then we escape."

Cell swiftly turned and left the room, leaving them to discuss the plan through with Cooler. Gohan followed him before any of his friends could try to talk him out of what he had to do.

Gohan sat on the sofa of that battered old room where they usually his from Frieza, but he was alone. Ten days flew by, but only because he'd spent most of that time high on antranide. But only that, Cell hadn't touched him in all that time, the paranoia in his mind speculating that Cell was planning on handing him over after all.

He heard a scrap outside. Cell entered, a trail of soliders' bodies behind him to lure Frieza in. He was glad that Cell was with him, hopefully they would get the job done as soon as possible. Gohan stood up, readying himself.

"Take this," said Cell, hald an antranide seed in his hand.

"Do I really need to be out of it with what's at stake?"

"You really do. Try not to fret, it'll be over in no time."

Gohan just took the drugs, mostly because his body seemed to be craving it.

Frieza entered as expected ten minutes later, closing the door behind him, looking as horrifying as ever.

"Alright, android, you have my attention."

"Good, I have things to discuss with you."

"You brought your play thing, I see. Thought you'd rub it in my face, android?"

"I've been thinking, maybe I was a little... hasty."

Gohan felt the high hit him gradually this time. He stood there silent and obedient as requested.

"You finally handing him over?" Frieza harshly grabbed hold his his face in a bruising grip, bringing Gohan further back into this harsh reality. Fear sparked in his chest, but Cell took Frieza's wrist and urged him to let go.

"He won't perform if you treat him like that."

"Saiyans love it rough."

"Treat him with some kindness, and maybe he'll play along."

Gohan lost sight of Cell again as the android slithered away to stand behind him. Frieza sneered, staring him up and down as if he was food.

"Do you like what he does to you?" asked Frieza curiously. Gohan stared at him blankly, the antranide dulling everything, including his hearing. But he felt Cell's hand caressing his right shoulder from behind.

"He does," said Cell. He pressed hus cheek against the side of Gohan's head, sighing against him and flaunting his contentment. "What's your plan Frieza?"

"With him, or them?"

Gohan relaxed a little more as Cell's arms curled around his waist, holding him almost lovingly against him; he felt shielded in a way.

"How long are you planning on keeping your prisoners, surely it gets boring."

"Well you clearly aren't bored of yours yet."

"That's true," said Cell. "Except Gohan isn't my prisoner."

Frieza watched as Cell trailed his fingers across Gohan's collarbone. Gohan made a mental note to request this treatment in the future when they were alone together; physical affection, and even though Cell was pretending, it felt real.

"You usually have a lot to say, saiyan. Why so quiet?"

Gohan remained silent, Cell still holding him close.

"Hand him over, android. You're making me jealous."

"Tell me your grand plan, and I may just let you touch him."

"You just want my power, don't you? So much that you'd give up your favourite pet."

Cell upped the act, tilting Gohan's head back with a finger and planting a sensual kiss onto his lips. Frieza observed the way Gohan was looking at Cell as they pulled away; his eyes were full of want and desire. No saiyan had ever looked at him like that, and he'd had dozens of them.

"What would you do to him if you had the chance?"

"Subdue him and fuck him, of course. What more to it could there possibly be?"

Gohan felt a little frightened at the thought, but still felt safe and sound in Cell's protective embrace.

"That's it? How many saiyans have you had?"

"More than you could count, android. I don't understand how you could settle for just one."

"That just tells me that you've never really experienced what its like to truly have a saiyan."

"And I take it you're going to enlighten me."

"I will if you tell me what you're up to."

"Hand over the saiyan first. I don't feel very talkative when I'm hungry."

Gohan tried not to look Frieza directly in the eye, but could tell that he was looking lustfully at his body. Cell was aware that they weren't getting out of this with the information they needed, but the other pressing matter was to distract Frieza enough to knock him out, leaving them enough time to take out his soldiers and escape with everyone. He had an idea, one which he'd hopefully prepared Gohan enough to handle.

Cell moved over to the counter, lifting Gohan onto it. Gohan was a little higher than eye level. The android leaned into his neck, pretending to kiss it.

"Close your eyes, keep your legs like that. Concentrate on me," he whispered. Gohan silently agreed, his legs staying wide, the drugs still numbing his anxiety a little. Frieza eventually wandered over to see what was going on.

Plan B it was then.

"Have you ever made a saiyan come before?"

Shit... Nerves suddenly spiked in Gohan's stomach. He wasn't prepared for what was about to happen, but he had to do it. To save his family and friends. Or that's what he told himself as he felt his belt coming off.

"Not intentionally." Frieza's words trailed off as Cell gently ran his fingers over Gohan's crotch. Those nerves peaked again, the saiyan pressed his forehead against Cell's, his eyes still closed.

"You really don't know what you're missing," said Cell, loosening Gohan's pants a little. "You'd be surprised at just how far a little kindness can take you."

His hand slipped into his pants, rubbing his cock. Gohan shuddered, knowing whose hand that was, Cell's hands were always so icy. He got hard fast, now Gohan finally understood why Cell didn't initiate any sexual contact between them for an entire week; it was so that he'd finish quickly. He would be sure to thank him for that mercy later... if they made it out.

"Now you're just tormenting me, android. How is this any fun for me?"

"Just watch him," he said with a smile against Gohan's cheek. The thought of being watched by Frieza shifted his mood for a moment, which Cell noticed, so the android decided to keep talking. He hoped his voice would keep him on track. "To make a saiyan want you, you need to search for what he likes."

He squeezed him in just the right place, Gohan let out his first vocal response. Frieza noticed his hips beginning to move against his hand... and moved closer. He listened to his ragged, uneven breath. He had to admit, this was... interesting. He noticed Cell's quickening breath too, along with his movements speeding up.

Gohan was responding rather loudly, one hand on Cell's shoulder, the other keeping himself upright on the counter. His tail brushed past Frieza's hand, which was creeping towards him. The android watched as Frieza's hand hovered over Gohan's thigh.

"Go on, he won't bite," said Cell, allowing Frieza to put his hand down. Gohan felt that hand kneading his thigh, slowly moving up, but he was too far along to care. Cell was torturing him. Frieza got close to his crotch and then stopped, not wanting to interrupt Cell. "He's so close... aren't you?"

"Yeah... " That was the first time Frieza heard Gohan speak since he entered that room.

They both sensed that Frieza's guard was all the way down, Gohan took it up another notch, grabbing hold of Frieza's hand and squeezing it tight, moving it further up until Cell's hand was brushing against it. Cell's free hand, landed on Gohan's other thigh, as to not arouse suspicion as he prepared to make his move. He only had one shot at this.

Gohan's body began to shake, Frieza could feel his thigh muscles tense and shudder under his hand. His sensual moaning was really getting to him, he was enthralled by it. Cell knew exactly what he was doing, finding that precious edge and keeping Gohan there for a few more seconds.

"What do you think? Should I end it?"

Please stop torturing me... Gohan wanted to come so badly, but Cell wouldn't let him. He had to hold on, they had to time this perfectly.

"How hard does he come?"

"Like you wouldn't believe."

"Cell... please... " Gohan didn't even mean to speak, but he was going to die at any moment.

Frieza was had their full attention, Cell sensed that his guard was gone. The way Gohan moved, the way he was begging for him, saying his name like that, Frieza's eyes were fogged over with arousal.

"Ah... fuck!" Gohan was performing better than expected.

"Come on, Frieza, tell me when," said Cell, cleverly so that all of Frieza's attention would be on Gohan only.

"Now," he answered a couple of seconds later.

Cell finally pushed Gohan over that edge. Frieza watched as Gohan's body convulsed under his hand, listening to those sweet, strangled sounds coming from his mouth. He paid extra attention to how Cell's hand was still moving, prolonging his release.

Cell timed his attack perfectly, shooting a death beam from the index finger of his free hand that was on Gohan's leg. It got him right in the middle of his forehead.

Gohan felt Frieza's hand go limp and leave him as he fell to the floor with a loud thud. The wave began to pass, his breath was shakey but slowing. Cell kissed him as he removed his hand from him.

"You actually begged for me," he said with a smile.

"Fuck you," he panted breathlessly, still enjoying a blissful calm.

They both looked at Frieza, who was in a heap on the floor, his eyes wide open with a clean hole through his head.

"You'd be so wasted on him," said Cell. He shot another hole through Frieza's head.

"I'd rather not have to find that out for myself. We should give Cooler the signal."

Gohan couldn't believe he just did that. He may have been relieved, but his brain was hanging on by a thread, and Cell could sense it.

It all went to plan flawlessly. They all arrived on the lookout, apart from Salza and Cooler, who chose to remain at their own hideout.

Gohan left to be by himself as soon as he could, not engaging in conversation, not answering any questions.

He wondered when exactly he'd come crashing back down again. It took longer than he thought it would, but at least this latest wave of depression waited until they were safely on the lookout.

This wave was particularly bad. The paranoia was strong especially, he felt eyes on him, he thought his family and friends were talking about him behind his back. He tried to block out intrusive thoughts, such as those that made him feel dirty and guilty after that performance he and Cell put on for Frieza not one hour ago.

Suddenly his body no longer felt like his own, his hearing disappeared and his vision dimmed. His arms and legs became numb as he retreated into himself. The next thing he saw was the ceiling of that dark room where he often found his twin in his dreams.

He was safe here, lying on the bed, relaxing as his eyes fell shut so that he could finally rest for a while.

Outwardly, he was dissociating for the first time, paralysed and staring into nothingness as his brain cut off for a few minutes. It was then that his saiyan half finally got a chance to drive solo for a change, his human counterpart fast asleep, safe and sound inside his brain.

Cell followed him down the palace halls as he headed to the bathroom, noticing that he left the door slightly ajar when he entered. The android smiled, Gohan knew he was there, wanting him to follow him inside. Once he locked the door behind them, that was when he finally noticed. Gohan's alter was in complete and utter control.

"I was wondering when we'd meet again," said Cell. The change he could see was unfathomable. Gohan held himself differently, the look in his eyes was no longer full of anxiety, but confidence.

"Are you saying that you missed me?" said Gohan. Even the way he walked was different: he moved like a snake as he turned the shower on.

"I wouldn't say "missed", I just find you interesting."

Gohan smiled, his face not giving much away. It was a smile full of so many things; hate, curiosity, glee.

"Why?" he asked, kicking off his shoes.

"I can usually read you like a book, but now... you're a complete mystery."

"You like solving mysteries, do you?" he said, untying his belt. "I'm guessing that he doesn't talk about me much."

"You talk about your human side as if it isn't a part of you."

"It's not," he said, removing his shirt and his wristbands. "I don't remember exactly when we split completely, but we've been talking to each other in our brain for months now."

"Well Gohan, at least I now have two of you to play with. Things really are starting to lighten up around here."

Cell's words trailed off as Gohan completely undressed himself as if he wasn't even there. Then he let his hair out.

"That's not my name," he said, still wearing a slight hint of a smile. "That's his."

"Interesting. What is your name?"

"I don't have one."

"Aren't you going to name yourself?"

"Nah, I'll keep up the mystery."

"You sure? I've got a few names for you."

"Pet names... " Gohan answered mockingly. He turned away from him and stepped into the shower.

Cell's eyes narrowed curiously. He couldn't believe the confidence that oozed from him, the sheer audacity of his defiance, acting as if he wasn't in the room with him. He waited for a minute or so before following him into the shower.

Gohan was washing soap out of his long hair, with his back to him. Cell could tell that Gohan knew he was there, but he just continued ignoring him, his human half would never have the guts to do that. It infuriated him, yet he liked it. He reached his hand out, with the intention of making him bleed, but his mind flashed back to their previous encounter, Gohan ran from him, lead him on and didn't let him anywhere near him. Cell simply placed his hand at the centre of Gohan's back.

The saiyan didn't react to him, continuing to rinse his hair. Cell's hand moved further down his spine, the hot water running down his skin seemed to make it look even more appetizing. The android's fingers reached the very base of his spine, Gohan turned his head around just as he was about to go for his tail.

"How long have you been wanting to put your hands on me?" he asked, a flirtatious smile on his lips. Cell found it quite mind-boggling; he knew Gohan's body, probably better than he knew his own, but there was a different person in it. It felt like he was touching him for the first time.

"You're mocking me," he said, standing closer, both of his hands on hs back now.

"It feels good... being touched," he said, closing his eyes, the hot water from the shower compared with Cell's icy hands felt invigorating.

"That's because you're a filthy little whore," remarked Cell.

"I told you... " Gohan turned around fully and pushed him slowly against the tiled wall. "That doesn't work on me."

Gohan advanced on him, giving him a teasing kiss, flicking his tongue against the android's lips before letting out a naughty little giggle.

"You saiyans are such animals."

"Mmm... " Gohan reached under him, uncovering him and grasping his cock in his hand. Cell wasn't expecting it, shuddering at the sensation. "I suppose so. It's kinda liberating."

"Where you at all present during that little performance you put on for Frieza?"

"I wasn't fronting, but I was watching. That was all him," he said, his eyes trailing down to what was in his hand, toying with it with his fingers. "So is it me that's giving you a hard on, or was it him?"

"I suppose it's both of you... " Cell just about had a hold on his voice as the saiyan's hand began pumping him slowly.

"Which one do you like better?" he asked, his eyes still down. The android observed his facial expression, it was so different, relaxed and curious at the same time.

"I couldn't possibly choose between you," he mocked.

"Why not?"

"I haven't fucked you... yet," he remarked with a suggestive smirk. He trailed his fingers along Gohan's left side, hoping to distract him, but found the first physical difference between these two personalities. His human half was ticklish, but his saiyan half wasn't. Now things were getting very interesting, he needed to know more.

"You wanna fuck me, huh?"

Cell caught his first wave of pleasure as he picked up the pace, though he insisted on not showing it in his face. This version of Gohan was extremely strong willed and aggressive, and he was determined not to show any weakness. The hand Cell had on his side slid around to his back, pulling him right up against him. It trapped Gohan's hand between them but he still carried on, the enclosed space around his cock was only adding to his enjoyment.

"That feel good?" he asked, watching the android's eyes fall shut.

"It'd feel better if you were sucking on it."

"Some things are worth the wait," he teased, sucking on his bottom lip suggestively. "Imagine that you're inside me right now." He felt Cell's breathing speed up a little, he leaned in closer to his face. He was expertly ignoring his own arousal as he subtly ground his hips forward repeatedly. "Am I top or bottom?"

"You're bent over."

Gohan giggled insolently.

"Don't you want to see how I dance?"

Cell caught another wave, pulling him closer if possible.

"Very much so."

Gohan kissed him again as he prepared to finish him off. The android moaned as he pulled away.

"I do want to dance on you. I think about it a lot when I'm locked away."

"Oh... I'm going to murder you," said Cell dangerously with a smile, his body twitching.

"You promise?" laughed Gohan. "So if I'm bent over, getting fucked by you, what makes you come?"

"When you do."

Gohan kissed him deeply in response, then pulled away and began making erotic sounds, playing to Cell's imagination.

"Harder..." he whispered. The android thrust into his hand more eagerly, their hips ground against each other with more intensity, Gohan felt Cell's claws digging into his back. "Ah, fuck, I think... I'm coming."

Cell fully emersed himself in the fantasy, finally having achieved his climax all over Gohan's lower stomach.

"You won't be having me this time. But what I can't predict is whether you'll take your frustrations towards me out on him, or wait for me to reappear."

"He couldn't possibly take what I'm going to do to you," said the android, covering himself after taking some of the shower water for himself. The saiyan, began washing his body clean again.

"You'd be surprised. He's got a few little kinks that even you don't know about."

"Do elaborate," replied Cell curiously, watching his evey move.

"I couldn't possibly betray his confidence, two people sharing a body can get ugly if we start giving away each other's secrets. But I'll toss you a crumb since I think he'll appreciate this one. He pinches his inner thighs when nobody's looking."


"When he does that, he's thinking about you. He imagines you biting him there."

"I'll keep that in mind."

"He's coming out of it now," said Gohan, feeling his human half putting himself back together to face the world. "It might be better of you weren't here."

"So protective of him, aren't you?" remarked the android, putting two fingers to his forehead.

"He might be weak, but he's me."

Cell latched on to Recoome's life energy and teleported to a spot close by, leaving Gohan alone in the shower.

Well... almost alone.

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