Worlds Collide

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Chapter 7: Betrayal

Jeice was rushed from the arena on a stretcher by two other world medics. It was safe to say Frieza had won fair and square... rules-wise. The alien was barely conscious, but was aware that the battle was over; a slight wave of relief took over the burning pain flowing throughout his beaten body for a few seconds.

"You did great out there buddy! It's only a few broken bones!"

Jeice just about heard a familiar serpentine voice as a blurred version of Burter appeared in front of him.

"It's gonna be okay, Jeice! You're already dead! Heh, you'll be fine!" Jeice wished that was so. It didn't stop the fact that both Frieza and Cell were stronger than him. There was only one person on his mind who he wanted to see... but he wasn't there.

"Jeice, I gotta go, okay. My match is soon. Get better!"

Jeice maneuvered his half-open eyes over to his friend as he walked out of the infirmary. Things were starting to seem clearer. He was still wondering where Gohan was...

"You missed your match," remarked Cell as he returned the bathroom. Gohan was sat on the floor against the far wall, washed and dressed, knees huddled to his chest with his arms around them.

"Yep," he mumbled in response. If he was entirely honest, he didn't give a damn about the tournament that was going on. He wanted to just go back to his cave, curl up in a ball and go to sleep. Forever.

"That's a shame. I was looking forward to seeing you attempt to fight after being fucked so hard - "

"Just get out!" yelled Gohan angrily. He could only just about get his head around that he'd had sex with this creature, he didn't need constantly reminding of it.

"What are you so ashamed of, anyway?"

"Piss off!" he spat.

"Why won't you remove your wristbands?" asked the android, not listening to Gohan's vile attempts at getting him to leave him alone.


"You said you'd tell me. So come on, what's the big secret?" Gohan sighed in annoyance; this was the last thing he needed right now.

"Leave me alone." That didn't really do much good as he heard Cell coming closer.

"Get up."

Gohan looked away, but stood up anyway.

"You've given everything a person could physically offer to me this past week. Why cover your wrists?" asked Cell, noticing Gohan's expression fall even more. Gohan finally relented, removing them quickly and placing them on the counter. Gohan stared off the the side as Cell took hold of his naked wrists. He turned them over to study the underside, to find many, many scars. Cell studied them curiously. "I don't understand."

"What?" Gohan was confused at how it wasn't obvious where those scars came from.

"You have scars all over your body," said Cell. Gohan cringed at being reminded that Cell had actually seen enough of his body to know where they all were. "Why cover these?"

"Because I did this to myself," answered Gohan. Cell still looked puzzled by it, making Gohan sigh as he got ready to explain himself. "Sometimes when I was really, really low, I needed something to help me cope. So I cut myself. I did it for years."

"How did that make you feel better? I'd have thought it would make the pain worse."

"It's like a release. Trading your inner pain for physical pain," said Gohan. "It's hard to explain... "

"So this is what I am to you," clarified the android. "I'm your knife."

"Pretty much... I can't seem to do it since I died. Maybe it's another version of hell, not being able to take comfort in the things that I usually can."

"Interesting... "

"If you say so," said Gohan with a wry laugh. He put his wristbands back on again, covering his scars.

"Your best friend suffered quite a beating out there." Cell smiled. He took the opportunity to stir things around; start eating away at the little piece of sanity the boy had left.

"What?!" Gohan couldn't believe that he forgot all about Jeice's match despite missing his own. Cell came closer, that twisted smile reappearing. "I-I have to go and see Jeice." Gohan turned to walk away, but was stopped by Cell's arm, as his hand slammed into the wall in front of him.

"Meet me here in one hour, I've got energy to burn."

"How?... " Gohan could barely stand after their previous round, wondering what on earth he was going to do now. He just walked away, silently agreeing to Cell's wishes.

Jeice woke up to the sound of footsteps coming towards him. Being dead was an advantage. He was completely healed; on the outside anyway.


"Hey," he said glumly as he came to Jeice's bed side. Jeice sat up slowly, shaking his head to kick his brain back into gear. "What happened?"

"Aaw man," began Jeice, shaking his head. "It's safe to say I won't want to face him again anytime soon. I couldn't lay a hand on him. How'd it go with Cell?"

"U-um... "

"Didn't get anywhere, huh... " said the alien uneasily. Gohan just sighed, not bothering to deny it.

"I don't know what's wrong with me... why can't I walk away?"

"Kid, he's a manipulative, devious bastard! You shouldn't let him control you. He's trying to make you feel as bad as he can."

"I've got to go and meet up with him in an hour ... " said Gohan, regret in his voice. "I'm just going to go. He'll only look for me if I don't."

"Be careful, kid ... "

An hour flew by. The fighters who were still in the game were getting prepared in the waiting room, keeping their ears open for the next match-ups through the speakers, whilst the others sat in the audience box. It was deserted. Nobody else had turned up to watch; maybe afraid of getting beaten up, or maybe they just plain hated them all.

It looked like Gohan had been disqualified for missing his last match, not that he cared much. He hesitantly made his way into the bathroom, to find it deserted.


He was suddenly thrown against the wall and turned round, to be face to face with Cell. I should've known. Gohan was unexpectedly shut up as Cell started kissing him. Gohan went along with it, and wrapped his arms round Cell's neck. He hated to admit that he was enjoying himself; he detested teenage libido. He felt Cell's hands travel up his chest from around his waist, then up to his neck. He wondered what he was doing - until his air supply was cut off.

It finally registered that Cell was strangling him as Gohan's eyes shot open in panic, yet the android continued to kiss him. As soon as Gohan started to whimper, Cell stopped, then let him go. Gohan coughed violently, as Cell smiled with satisfaction.

"You're incredibly easy," he sneered. "Just like a whore... "

Gohan shut his eyes tightly. He didn't want to listen... because Cell was right. He felt a cold hand cup the left side of his face.

"And now, you're a liar. Fooling everybody around you with your pathetic innocent act when all you're doing is betraying them. You deserve to be rotting down here."

"No - " Gohan tried vainly to push him away, refusing to let himself cry in front of him. Cell kissed his jaw line, then his bruised neck as gently as he could. As much as Gohan tried to resist, he fell for it again. Cell hooked his hands under his legs, signalling Gohan to respond, lifting himself to wrap his legs around Cell's hips. The android pushed him against the wall hard in another violent kiss.

"If you don't like what you're turning into then why are you letting me do this?" And by that, he meant squeezing the flesh of his backside, which made Gohan bite onto his own lip. He was indeed succumbing to Cell's charms again. Gohan pushed himself away, letting his legs slide off him so he could stand again. "Since you're disqualified and there's a wait between my matches, we can either train or I can fuck you again... it's up to you."

"Neither?" suggested Gohan, attempting to fight back verbally.

"Please... it doesn't take much for that whore in you to come out."

"Stop calling me that!" he cried angrily.

Cell gave him a mocking smile as his hand caressed his face, before making it's way to his left shoulder. Cell ran his thumb over the scar from many years ago that discolored Gohan's arm. "So many memories." Gohan would never have guessed what would happen next ...



The sickening sound of Gohan's shoulder being snapped and twisted into pieces echoed through the room. Cell threw him onto the floor.

"Training it is then. Let's see how high your pain threshold is."

Gohan was so scared he didn't see the android's foot before it met with his face.

"Gohan?!" Jeice searched frantically for his young friend. He was fully healed, but heard form the others about the fact that Gohan had been a complete no-show at his last match. He checked all the doors, before bursting into the bathroom. "Oh no... "

Gohan lay on his side, unconscious, covered in blood and horrible bruises, his left arm abnormally twisted out of place. He barely even recognised the boy's face anymore; Cell was nowhere to be found.

"HELP! SOMEBODY!" he yelled down the empty corridor.

The fight between King Cold and Cell was getting well underway, from King Cold's perspective, anyway. For what felt like ten minutes of fighting for him was only about thirty seconds in actual time as Cell gained the upper hand on him almost immediately.

Gohan lay in the infirmary. His bruises were healing nicely, and so was his arm. He didn't even need to be knocked out for the pain, he'd been beaten so badly. Jeice was at his bed side, his gloved hands were on his forehead, his fingers were entangled in his white hair, while his elbows rested on the rail of Gohan's bed.

"Come on, kid... "

A raspy voice suddenly appeared from the outside speakers.

"And Cell moves on to the next round!"

Jeice cursed under his breath. Was Cell really that unstoppable? He snapped out of his thoughts when he caught Gohan turning over onto his side to face him.

"Hey, Gohan."

Gohan opened his eyes a little, still dizzy and worn out.

"What happened?" he mumbled.

"Uh... "

"Oh yeah, now I remember... "

"How are you feeling?"

"Like I got hit by a train," he said glumly.

"What did he do to you, Gohan?"

"Beat the living shit out of me," he answered bluntly. "Can we talk about it another time... I don't really want to get into it. Not yet."

"I'll leave you to get some sleep then huh?"

Gohan's sudden silence as he drifted off told him the answer, and he walked back to the arena. About half an hour later, Cell walked into the infirmary, a smirk on his face as he saw his precious toy was fast asleep. He walked over to the sleeping saiyan. Gohan had his back to him, still. Cell ran his fingers through his soft black hair, before trailing his hand across his neck to his shoulder. Gohan didn't flinch against the android's cold skin; then he had an idea.

Cell went towards a cabinet and picked out a tube with a blue liquid in it. He'd heard about it from Frieza during his earlier days in Hell. He picked out a syringe from the drawer and filled it up half way with the blue liquid.

Gohan woke up to the sound of a rustling empty packet. He also sensed his attacker behind him him. He didn't move as he heard Cell walk towards him. Cell brush the boy's hair from his neck; Gohan flinched. Now Cell knew he was awake.

"Hold still... " the android said quietly. Gohan wondered what was going to happen, until he felt a sharp pain in his neck as the needle went in.

"Hey, Gohan?"

Gohan opened his eyes; his sight was blurred slightly as he caught sight of a white-haired figure staring at him.


Jeice's face lit up as the boy answered him.

"How are you?"

"Okay. I had a weird dream, though."

"What about?"

"I can't really remember, but... I heard this rustling sound. Like an empty bag or something... " Gohan felt his memory slipping away from him and shrugged. "Oh well."

Jeice began to look uneasy.

"What is it?"

"Cell made it through to the finals. Just... thought you should know."

"Oh... okay," said Gohan, now feeling uneasy himself.

They all returned to Hell later that day. Cell had won the tournament after torturing Salza and humiliating Frieza. Gohan found that part funny, but he could tell the worst was yet to come. As he sat in his cave he looked at his reflection in the bowl of water which sat on a small ledge.

He was very tempted to smash it into pieces, maybe cut into his own face with it to make it all go away. But he had to know; he moved the loose strands of hair from his neck, and saw what he dreaded. A slight bruise with a small puncture in the middle.

He wasn't dreaming after all... Cell had injected him with something, and he had to know what it was. Gohan walked out of his cave, not even thinking about what would happen if Cell saw him again after last time. Jeice suddenly ran over to him.

"Hey, kid, how's it going - "

Gohan just took off without a word. Jeice looked on, worried for his young friend.

Meanwhile, at the check-in station, King Yemma sat at his desk, filling in paperwork and drinking seventh coffee that morning from his giant mug, when someone suddenly materialised in front of him.

"Hello, old friend."


King Yemma looked down to see a familiar looking Namek in a turban and a long white cape.

"Oh, Piccolo! What brings you here?"

"I'm looking for a friend of mine."

"Goku? He's with King Kai -"

"No, not Goku. I'm looking for his son. And I could do with Goku's help, actually, as well."

Gohan made his way into Cell's cave, which was quite high up from everywhere else; he guessed he needed the extra space to get away from everyone else. Gohan walked further inside. He saw stacks of sheets, a bowl of water, with an empty one next to it from the previous day, and rocks. Lots of rocks. It looked the same as his own cave, but a little bigger. The boy suddenly stopped in his tracks when he sensed a familiar someone stood right behind him.

"He's... dead?"

Goku stared blankly at the floor in shock. All this time, and he never heard.

"A couple of weeks ago. His life force depleted completely and I rushed over to your house, and I found your wife against the door. He killed himself."

"But... why? I thought... he was... h-happy... "

Both of them did. But then again, not many children had lived through the blood and murder that he had to go through. Losing the only thing he had to keep him going looked like the last straw.

"Why didn't I stay?!"

Piccolo's eyes widened. He'd never heard Goku express this sort of emotion before. Then again, Goku had never experienced the loss of his own child before either.

"I want to see him!"

King Yemma's expression became serious.

"I will bend the rules for you only this once, Goku, but you must seek him without my assistance."

Piccolo and Goku nodded, before they jumped into the trap door.

Gohan stood his ground in Cell's cave, sensing the android behind him.

"What do you want?" sneered Cell. Gohan got straight to the point.

"What did you do to me?" he growled, pointing at his neck.

"Where would you like me to start? "

"Stop fucking around!" Gohan wasn't in the mood for jokes; Cell's smile was only aggravating him further.

"I injected you with a drug. It's to suppress your powers."


"It's not as bad as it sounds. You still have enough power to be able to fly and use basic ki attacks. I didn't give you that much... I couldn't have easily stopped you using your powers for days."

Gohan shook his head in disbelief, but a small laugh escaped his lips.

"You're afraid of me... "

"I'll admit that I was. But now I'm not. And I'm not ready to give up on you yet. Not while things between us are getting more... intriguing."

Gohan walked towards him.

"You're a coward," he snarled. Cell just stared back, mocking him with his twisted smile.

"All this time, and I didn't know anything... "

Piccolo sighed. He felt sorry for Goku, but he also blamed himself for his pupil's death. All Gohan needed was help. And he didn't receive any. The two were walking through Hell, getting used to the idea that they were about to confront the boy they grieved for.

"My dad's here," said Gohan blankly, watching Goku and Piccolo talk from where he was, hiding at the entrance of Cell's cave.

"They finally noticed you were gone then? Took them long enough."

"Should I go to them?" he asked. Cell only saw an opportunity to twist the knife in further.

"You think you could go back to them knowing what you've done?" remarked the android manipulatively. "You hurt these people by ending up down here. And you're still hurting them by screwing me behind their backs."

"You really are fucking helpful," spat Gohan angrily.

"Or look at it this way. Do you even give a damn about them?"

"No... they ruined my life."

Gohan said that without even hesitating. He observed his father and his mentor stood still and talking. He started to think about how 'happy' he used to be. Sure, he had friends, but they were his father's friends. Piccolo had only wanted him to fight; one purpose only. He could never talk to him about his feelings as it was 'weak'. The only thing he had to look forward to was spending time with his his father, through his blooded childhood. But he left him to go for an adventure. He'd never heard something so selfish in his life. He lived the next five years as a numb, emotionless shell until he couldn't bear it anymore.

Over the last couple of weeks when he was 'close' to Cell, he'd become addicted to the sensation of feeling adrenaline coursing through his veins. It was like he was on fire. It was safe to say he'd made a decision there and then. He took one last look at his father, before turning his head towards Cell, and he kissed him.

Little did he notice his father's shocked eyes set on him.


Goku didn't even know he yelled his son's name out loud. Piccolo spun round at his friend's cry, to see him frozen in position. Piccolo followed Goku's eyes to see his former pupil being violated in the cruellest way possible.

"Gohan! No!"

Piccolo wanted to fly over, but his body wasn't obeying his mind. At the cave entrance, Cell felt Gohan smile as they were kissing. Every time the android tried to pull away, Gohan would pull him back. It seemed like Gohan wanted to get back at them for something. Gohan let go of him at last upon hearing his father call him for a fourth time. The boy looked down at his father blankly, like he was just some common stranger. Cell looked straight at Piccolo, who was glaring back with a seething hatred. This made the android smile.

"Are you going to go to them?" asked Cell, remembering that he was still stood in front of Gohan. Gohan looked back him.

"Why would I do that?"

Goku's brain finally connected with his body again and he darted towards the cave, only run straight through them. "NO!" He remembered that Cell knew his instant transmission technique. "We've got to find them!"

They reappeared in Gohan's cave, about ten miles away from where Cell's was. They began kissing immediately, becoming more aggressive by the minute, as if they were trying to kill each other through it.

"I always knew you'd betray them sooner or later," said Cell, pulling away slightly. Gohan abruptly put his finger to Cell's lips to shut him up.

"Do you ever shut up?," he whispered. Gohan wasn't in the mood for one of his guilt trips right now. "How long until they find us again?"

"A few minutes. More than I need."

"For what?"

Gohan was interrupted by another kiss, his belt was untied quicky, then the android got down on his knees in front of him.

"What are you do - " Gohan's mouth hung open for a few seconds as he experienced his first reception of oral sex. Now he understood why Cell enjoyed it so much whenever he was doing it to him. Gohan was thankful for the rock he was propped up against, or else his legs would have buckled.

Cell had his mouth around him, working away as if he'd done it a hundred times before, one hand playing with his balls as the other firmly gripped onto his backside. Gohan let out sounds that he would be embarrassed about later, but he quicky caught a wave, his breathing jumping as well as his core.

Cell was already prepared for it, that familiar hot liquid shot into his mouth suddenly. He swallowed every last drop, staying where he was as Gohan rode out his orgasm to the very end until he relaxed again.

"Do that again... " he panted, his eyes still shut. Cell stood again, kissing him slowly.

"Maybe I will, I like how you taste."

The android slithered off, leaving him to fix his clothes.

"We don't have to stop, you know... "

"You really want your father to walk in on us? They're closing in. Surely you sense them too."

"I don't care," he said, approaching him and kissing his neck sensuously. Cell was very intrigued now. This was fascinating... Gohan was attempting to seduce him. He'd never seen him come onto him this strong.

"Saiyan whore... " he remarked, provoking a reaction. Gohan simply whispered into his ear.

"You can hurt me if you want." That offer was very tempting...

"Gohan!" bellowed a familiar voice from outside.

The boy turned his head to see his father at the entrance.

"Go away!"

Goku's face indicated that he was hurt by his response. He was talking to him as if they hadn't been apart for the last five years; except this time his voice was full of anger and pain.

"Can I just talk to you?" Goku caught Cell in the corner of his eye. "Alone?" he quickly added. Cell made his exit as he got the message, but Piccolo couldn't help but follow him.

"Gohan... "

"What do you want?" snarled Gohan, finally looking back at his father. Goku's heart suddenly broke at that point. Gohan had grown up without him, and too quickly for his liking. His son's eyes were even more dead than his corpse was. Goku knew exactly what was going on. His saiyan instincts and heightened sense of smell made it all too obvious - Gohan reeked of sex, and so did Cell, picking it up from him too when he walked out.

"How long has this been going on? You and C-Cell," Goku struggled to get the android's name out of his mouth. Gohan looked away again and began to tidy his cave.

"A week or so."

"But why?"

"Because I felt like it... " Gohan was about to walk outside until he felt his father grab his arm. His arm felt sweaty; another indication of what they'd been doing just five minutes ago.

"Sit down, and talk to me, son."

Gohan snatched his arm back and just carried on walking.

"Cell! Get back here!"

Cell stopped in his tracks. Something evil sprung to his mind. Nothing new for him. He smiled sadistically and turned around to face Piccolo, who was now bigger than him.

"You should be honoured to have that saiyan brat as your friend. He has very soft skin."

"Shut up!" spat Piccolo. "I won't let you touch him again."

"He's not an innocent little boy anymore, Piccolo. That was a long time ago." Cell just loved pushing the right buttons. He saw Piccolo get angrier by the second. He suddenly lunged at him, only to be knocked down by Gohan.

"Gohan, what are you - "

Goku helped Piccolo up.

"You're not Gohan... what did you do with my son?!" Goku tearfully yelled.

"I am your son. This is what you've done to me, dad. And there's no going back."

Piccolo was sick to his stomach seeing both Gohan and Cell at the same time, now knowing what had been happening.

"Just go."

Goku managed to teleport away with one last tearful look at his estranged son.

Gohan was sound asleep. Probably the most peaceful he'd been in years. The truth was - he was unconscious. Cell had knocked him out cold for no apparent reason other for his own amusement after Goku and Piccolo left them. The android had nothing else to do but lay beside the boy, examining every inch of his face; the one thing he once hated to look at.

He still couldn't believe that he'd pushed Gohan so far that he'd gone from a shy naive child, that lived to please those around him, into a feisty, rebellious young man. So maybe it was the saiyan's defiant attitude that made him so attractive... or maybe it was his flawless skin. Cell couldn't understand why he was becoming more and more obsessive over him. Was this what physical relationships do to people?

The android's thoughts were interrupted when Gohan coughed quietly in his concussion. His eyes suddenly shut tighter for a few seconds, as if he were in pain, then relaxed. Cell was wondering if it was one of those absurd things from his human side; Cell never did need any sleep; he observed a dark trail of warm blood run across the Gohan's face.

He watched it trickle from Gohan's right temple, through the end of his eyebrow, narrowly missing his eye, then running across his cheek, then his lips, before turning slightly and falling off his chin and onto the ground. He heard the saiyan gasp, and open his eyes.

"What did you knock me out for?" he drawled. Cell couldn't help but be amused. "I've got to go."

"You'd better get going then, you've been lying there for two hours."

Gohan sat up and wiped some of the blood off his mouth, the off his head to see the damage. He soon has his attention pulled away from the blood on his fingers when he felt Cell lick some of it off his chin. That was... weirdly erotic... He tried to ignore the sudden rush of adrenaline as he felt his neck being kissed.

"Stop that..." he moaned, closing his eyes.

"Stop what?" Cell whispered innocently into his ear.


Cell caught his chin with his finger and thumb and kissed him before he could protest any further.

"I've no idea what you're talking about..." he replied, letting go. Gohan glared at him as he pulled away.

"Do you think the ogres have any idea what we're up to?"

"They don't care. Do you really think we're they first and only ones to fuck each other down here?" he said, his cold hand slowly caressing his neck and chest.

"Quit it." His protests were becoming much weaker. Cell cupped the side of his face and kissed him again, breaking through Gohan's rather pitiful wall of defence. Gohan introduced his tongue, holding onto Cell's arm. He knew that Cell was trying to seduce him - and it was working. Cell pulled back a little, just as Gohan accepted defeat. "I hate you," he sighed.

"Didn't you say you had to be somewhere?" asked Cell coyly.

"I really hate you."

"I remember you saying that you had to go."

"Completely and utterly despise you..."

"You still want to fuck me, though."

"No, I don't."

"You do." Gohan bit his lip as Cell kissed his neck tenderly; a hand slithered round his waist, pulling him closer.

"Stop doing that."

"You know you want to..." the android purred into his ear, pulling at the clothing on his back.

Gohan kissed him harder, but something was nagging him in the back of his brain.

"No, stop," he mumbled. Gohan's plea was ignored as Cell carried on regardless. "No! Get off me!" Gohan managed to push him away and make a run for it. Cell wasn't that interested in what was going through his head right now.

Gohan finally stopped running when he reached his cave, and leaned against the wall at the entrance. He was beginning to question everything he was doing. Now that his father had gone again after voicing his disapproval of what he was doing, he had a bad feeling about it. It felt wrong.


Gohan looked back to see Jeice running towards him.

"Where have you been, I've been worried sick!" he cried, embracing his troubled friend in a hug. Gohan winced a little; the alien somewhat resembled his mother. All of a sudden, the saiyan started gasping, he needed oxygen. Pushing Jeice off him, he realised it wasn't the hug that was causing his sudden breathlessness.

"Dude... your halo's gone!"

What? So that was why... he was alive again.

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