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Chapter 13: Saiyan

"Gohan, where are you?!"

Krillin and Jeice got out of their latest encounter with Frieza unscathed this time. They only noticed that Gohan wasn't in the room with them after Frieza left. Vegeta, Goku and Piccolo were on the receiving end this time, and it was made abundantly clear that Trunks was next; but when Frieza would return, none of them knew.

Jeice ran around the communal area, growling with frustration when he didn't find any trace of Gohan.

"Jeice, over here!" shouted Krillin. "I think he's in his room, the door's still locked." He knocked frantically, waiting for an answer. "Gohan, are you in there?!"

"Oh, fuck this shit!" Jeice broke down the door, unprepared for the sight before him. "Kid?"

"What the hell?" Krillin froze as Jeice circled the bed.

Gohan was alone and out cold, drenched in sweat and covered in bleeding cuts. His shirt was missing, displaying the worst of his injuries on his back. Jeice got onto the bed with him carefully to check the extent of his injuries.

"Shit... Cell's really done a number on you this time, hasn't he?"

Gohan moved suddenly, squeezing his eyes shut and mumbling something to himself; he sounded as if he were in pain.

"Krillin?" Jeice took his eyes off Gohan and fixed onto the frozen monk. "Krillin!"

"Uh, yeah... sorry," he stuttered nervously. He hadn't seen Gohan look this bad since the Cell Games.

"He needs medical attention."

"Jeice... his tail... "

Jeice looked further down the bed to see Gohan's extra limb sprawled out on the bed behind him, sticky and dark with so much blood that it almost looked like tar.

"Help me lift him up."

Painfully reminded that they had been sedated again, he scooped him up by his upper body while Krillin grabbed his legs. Luckily for the gang, they had their own hospital room for situations like this, since they were doing most of the fighting. Goku was unconscious in one bed while Vegeta was protesting and fighting off any help in the bed to the left of him.

"Guys! Gohan needs help!"

Piccolo's eyes widened at the state of Gohan as Jeice and Krillin put him onto the nearest bed, laying him carefully on one side so that Bulma could tend to the cuts on his front and his back.

"What the hell happened?!" Piccolo hurried over, covered in cuts and bruises himself, but he ignored his pain.

"Cell," said Krillin.

"There was a knife on the floor, I think Cell's been cutting him," clarified Jeice. Well, at least they were half right.

"His tail's grown back," said Trunks, looking in from a distance.

"What?!" exclaimed Vegeta. He pushed Bulma away again. "Forget about me, see to him!"

"His tail's grown back before, it's never affected him like this," said Piccolo, observing the way he was sweating and shivering.

"He was just a boy then," said Vegeta. "Having it grown back now can cause a lot of problems. He's feverish because his body is getting used to it."

"It's covered in blood." Bulma held it in her hand to check the damage to his lower spine.

"It's an adult tail, it'll have had to punch it's way out of his scar. It'll need cleaning so it won't stain or get infected. But don't grip it too hard, it's untrained."

The lights on the ceiling were blinding as he stirred. He felt feverish, his body weak from the reappearance of his tail. He didn't really have the strength to move when a blur of green appeared by his bedside.

"Feeling better yet?"

Cell's voice seemed to echo as everything finally came into focus. Gohan observed that he was in the base hospital ward, curtains drawn around his bed to give him more privacy as he recovered.

"Urgh... " he groaned, feeling almost like he was hungover and ran over by a train simultaneously. Cell rested his elbows on the rail of his bed as he leaned over him. "What the hell did you do to me?"

"Nothing you didn't want me to do."

"Please... " Gohan didn't know why he was begging, but he felt anxiety creep over him, he needed to move but couldn't. Cell gave him an unreadable look.


"Make it stop," he said, his voice seeming to leave him at that moment. His hand lashed out, grabbing onto Cell's, the android did nothing, watching him as he struggled against what looked like an invisible force. The hand that Gohan held onto let go, cupping his face; Gohan seemed to calm down as his thumb ran over his cheek.

Suddenly, Cell seemed to pull a knife out of nowhere, and it was driven into his stomach hard. Gohan grunted loudly as the impact winded him, and the a searing pain set in as he looked down; the blade was all the way in him, Cell gripping the handle as he ripped it from him again. Dark red blood leaked out of a wound on the lower left of his abdomen, then he was stabbed again right in his centre. He felt as if he was being lifted off the bed from the angle it went in.

An overwhelming fear crept up on him, his body was in unbearable pain, but his voice was nowhere. When he tried to scream, nothing came out - apart from more blood. Cell still had hold of his head, holding it almost lovingly as he twisted the knife a little with his other hand.

"You're beautiful when you bleed," he said.

Gohan finally screamed somewhat as Cell rotated the knife inside him to one side, more blood seeping out onto his white hospital gown, staining the sheets under him.

"S-stop... " he choked. The android tore the knife out of him again, Gohan felt some of his abdominal cavity coming out with it, he thought he was going to throw up but nothing coming out.

"I thought you wanted it to hurt," said Cell with a nasty smile. Gohan gripped onto the arm near to his face; he was dying, but slowly and horribly.

Cell put the knife down on the bed, sneaking a bloody hand up Gohan's inner thigh. He lifted his down up, Gohan realising that he was completely naked without it as it was pulled up to his chest. His abdominal organs were indeed protruding from him.

"I've often thought of showing your own guts to you."

Gohan looked down when he was trying not to a caught a glimpse of his small bowel, he tried to reach for the knife to end it all quickly but he couldn't reach it. Another scream was ripped from his vocal cords as the android took his small intestine into his hand. He managed to move that time, the pain should have been enough for him to pass out but his mind clung on for some reason. Cell laughed as his hand left him to pick up the knife again.

"Hey, I want you to lie still this time."

He drove the knife into his tail this time, paralysing him, but again it didn't knock him out.

"That's what I live for, that look of fear in those pretty brown eyes," he said as he released his tail, blood oozing from it. The knife was raised to his face, the point stopping at his right eye. Cell's other hand was holding his head in place - he had nowhere to turn. "Such pretty eyes... "

The blade went into his eye, an excruciating pain and a sickening noise took over as his eyeball was gouged out in a bloody mess.

That was when Gohan suddenly awoke to the sound of beeping. He was lying on his side when his eyes flickered open - the light was blinding. It took him a while to focus and get past the brightness, looking around to find that he was in a hospital bed, in hospital garments. The beeping of the machine next to him wasn't that loud, but to him it was deafening, it battered his ear drums painfully. More than anything, he was trying to shake off that horrific nightmare as reality finally returned to him, moving his hand over his stomach to check that his organs were in their rightful place.

His senses seemed to be heightened. He could smell his mother's cooking three doors away. He was starving. He tried to remember how he got there in the first place; the involuntary spasm of his newest limb reminded him quickly.

Gohan looked behind himself to see his tail, then began waving it about to convince himself that it was real. He'd forgotten how it felt to have it, but the more he used it, the more it felt like a part of him again. It was much longer than the one he had when he was a boy, coming all the way down just past the bend of his knee. The curtain to his cubicle suddenly opened, the sound of it sharp in his ears.

"Hey, Gohan," said Bulma. "How are you feeling? You were out for three days."

"I'm fine... just everything's... weird... " he said, his surroundings disorienting him a little still.

"Vegeta said all your senses would be increased now you have your tail again. It's a saiyan thing."

"Can I have something to eat, please?" he asked quickly and as politely as he could over the ferocious appetite that appeared out of nowhere.

"Sure. Just try to take it easy, you're body's going through a lot of changes. Your back looks like it's healed, but the skin around your tail is still a little scabbed over. Even though you guys don't have your powers, it looks like you've still got your healing abilities."

Lucky for Frieza, he thought as Bulma left.

Gohan made his way to his room after taking a walk around later that day. He was getting used to his body and it's new balance with his tail hanging down behind him. He felt taller and more defined than he did before it grew back, proven when his mother gave him his gi back freshly washed; it fit him better than ever, he'd purposely made it too big for himself so that he could grow into it.

He locked the door behind him to see his bed freshly made. He didn't want to think about who had to clean up all the blood, but he was more disappointed that his knife was gone.

"Nice tail."

Gohan turned to find Cell leaning against the wall behind him.

"Thanks," he said bitterly, remembering what he went through growing it back. "What do you want?"

"I wanted to see how well you recovered, I half expected you to have bled to death."

"They took my knife," he said, resenting his friends for it.

"That's a shame. I could always hurt you instead."

"Leave me alone," said Gohan, his voice still as deflated as ever. Cell did the opposite, shuffling over to him and brushing his bangs out of his eyes. Instead of flinching away as usual, Gohan stayed still, his skin seemed to tingle at his touch as his thumb traced over his cheekbone.

"You're taller."

"How observant of you." Gohan's voice had a sudden hateful tone to it. He hated Cell now more than ever, but didn't feel as connected to anything else as he did right now. He felt more saiyan now than he did before, he seemed to be acting on instinct rather than thinking. He had a twisted excitement in his stomach and a warmth appearing in his loins. He leaned into Cell's face without saying or hinting any sign of feeling, brushing his lips against the android's teasingly before finally giving him a single kiss.

"What was that for?"

"I don't have to explain myself to you."

Cell returned the favour, gently placing a feather light kiss just under his jaw by his ear lobe. Gohan felt his heart flutter, waiting for Cell to lift his head back up before he kissed him properly, meaning it more now that ever before. Once Cell managed to follow Gohan's lead, something clicked in him. Gohan gasped against his lips when the android seized him by his waist to bring him up against him.

Gohan's right hand held onto his upper arm and he other went behind his head to pull him deeper into their heated kissing. Cell kept a tight hold of his waist as his other hand wandered further down the the base of his spine. Hoping it would have the same affect as touching his scar, Cell gently pinched the base of Gohan's tail between his fingers and began rubbing it.

Gohan moaned into the kiss, the pressure on his tail wasn't enough to paralyse him, but enough to weaken his legs at least; the sensations it produced were ones he couldn't put into words. As much as he wanted to explore it further, however... Cell wasn't going to be in control this time.

He managed to turn them around despite the weakness in his lower limbs and once he got close enough, he pushed the android onto the bed. Cell laughed out of surprise as Gohan came to straddle his hips.

"Am I finally getting that dance?" he teased.

"No," said Gohan, his face flushed with a vacant expression, but with a hint of lust in his eyes.

Gohan bent down to kiss him again, but stopped just as their noses were touching. Cell didn't move, he wanted Gohan to do it all himself; a tongue ran across his bottom lip, he parted his lips a little in response, letting Gohan invade him, getting to know what he liked as his tongue slid against his own. He tried to put his hands on him, but Gohan objected, and the android let him pin his arms down as Gohan pulled away, biting down on his bottom lip seductively as he left his mouth; then he increased his bite until it broke the skin and Cell grunted as he let go.

"You fucking whore... "

Gohan laughed at him insolently.

"Bite me."

"At least take your clothes off for me," said Cell, provoking a reaction.

"How about something better?"

Cell was left to wonder what he meant as Gohan released his arms and moved down his body. Gohan didn't let himself think about what he was about to do, following his saiyan impulses which new what they wanted. He shuffled further down the bed, reaching with his hand between Cell's legs and uncovered him until the androids hardened length was lying there in front of him.

Cell barely clocked onto what was happening when Gohan's tongue ran up the entire length of his shaft, making him shudder. Gohan smiled against him, placing soft kisses along the underside and feeling it twitch with every single one. He slowly put his hand around the top of it, adding shallow strokes as he continued his torture, lapping a wet tongue against his balls. He heard Cell's voice, picking up the pace with his hand and raising his head to see his face.

"You're close already... " he said in barely a whisper. Cell lifted himself up onto his elbows to see Gohan grasping onto his cock, it took everything he had to maintain his self control.

"Where am I finishing this time?" he asked carefully without telling him what to do.

Gohan answered his question, lowering back down and closing his mouth around him, teasing the head with his tongue and sucking softly. Cell threw his head back - he really wasn't going to last much longer, which was a first for him. He kept himself up on one of his elbows, grasping onto Gohan's hair and feeling his head bobbing up and down on him. He let out a shaky moan, his entire body quivering as he edged closer.

Gohan could feel the cock in his mouth pulsing and his hair about to be ripped from his scalp, but he carried on, Cell's vocal reactions guiding him along until something hot erupt into his mouth. He even felt himself moan as the android's seed poured into his mouth, his heightened sense of taste taking in his flavours. He swallowed all of it and stayed where he was until Cell stopped twitching.

He lifted his head up and moved off him, sitting on the edge of the bed facing away from him. He felt guilt for what he just did, willingly betraying his friends once again just so that he could feel free of himself for a few moments.

But Gohan began to feel frightened of what he was slowly turning into. He wished Cell hadn't gone anywhere near his scar, he wished his tail hadn't grown back; it was only exaggerating all of the things he didn't want to feel - and making him feel less terrible about it.

"Well that was... um... astounding," panted Cell form behind him. The android lifted himself up and covered himself again. "Can I ask where that came from?"

"Best not," said Gohan, no emotion in his voice.

"I can return the favour if you like... "

"No... thanks."

Cell was intrigued now; Gohan seemed to be overwhelmed by all the changes brought on by his tail. It was as if he was losing his humanity to it. Gohan wiped his mouth on his wristband, partly disgusted with himself for enjoying it as much as he did. His saiyan side was winning so far, he seemed to be caring less and less who he was hurting.

"We should go," said Cell, standing up.

"We?" Gohan was confused, his heart sank even lower when he laid eyes on him; it reminded him of the sour taste in his mouth.

"Well, you can't stay here."

"Why not?"

"Because you belong to me." The android smiled at him, giving him a predatory stare that made him feel like he was three inches tall.

"No I don't. I'm not a possession," protested Gohan.

"So you just pushed me down and sucked my cock out of the goodness of your heart?"

Gohan didn't have anything to say back to him. Why did he do it? He was beginning to feel more confused than ever, mentally arguing with himself and becoming visibly anxious - and that was when Cell finally pounced.

"I though you wanted to feel something," he said manipulatively.

"But what about my family?"

"Don't even try to convince me that you care about them. Were you thinking about them earlier when you threw yourself at me?"

"Why are you twisting the whole thing?!" shouted Gohan, trying fruitlessly to defend himself. "Why are you making it sound so sordid?"

"Because it is," said Cell. "And you love how it feels."

"Get bent!"

"I know you Gohan... "

"You don't know me at all!"

"Neither do you by the sounds of it," sneered Cell. "But I know you want to be free of yourself. That you need something to help you forget. And that's me, the perfect distraction from all of your problems."

"And I'm a distraction from all of yours," said Gohan. Cell laughed back at him.

"You'd dare try to crawl inside my head? You won't like what you find."

"I don't like you anyway, so what's your issue? I've got to know you too and lately I've seen that you're just as fucked up as I am. You're not just sleeping with me to get revenge, you're doing it for the same reasons as me."

"Yeah?" Cell was still smirking, narrowing his eyes and placing his hands on his hips - Gohan was starting to get to him.

"You're dead, you failed at your only meaning in life. And I can tell how much you hate yourself for it, the fact that you have no reason to exist. When we've been together have you ever noticed how tightly you hold onto me?"

"That's because it feels good when I fuck you, it doesn't mean anything."

"It's more than that. Is it why you look different than before?" Gohan was referring to his shorter stature and more gaunt appearance; he getting close to something, he could tell by how defensive Cell was being - and the anger that was starting to appear in his eyes. "When you're with me, you're free. And when you're not, you're nothing. And that terrifies you - "

Gohan was against the wall half a second later, Cell's hand closed around his throat. He tried to pry the android off him, but also noticed that he wasn't even looking at him. Cell just stood there, staring out at the rest of the room as he slowed his breathing, not taking much notice of the choking saiyan on his right. It was a good twenty painful seconds until Cell spoke.

"Don't ever scrutinize me again," he said dangerously.

Cell finally let him go. Gohan just about stopped his legs from collapsing under him, rubbing his bruised neck with his right hand to try and hide the fact that he was shaking violently - despite how close he got to Cell physically, he still managed to make Gohan fear him whenever he wanted him to.

"You're coming with me."

"Why?" Gohan coughed as he tried to speak.

"Because you're mine," repeated Cell. "Honestly, what exactly is keeping you here?"

Gohan couldn't answer him. He supposed the only thing that was making him stay was because it kept him grounded in a way. If he was sleeping with him while his friends and family were around, then it made him feel awful that he was doing it; if he was away from them and alone with Cell at all times then his conscience would eventually disappear altogether.

"Oh, I almost forgot. I need to top you up."


Cell collected a syringe full of sedatives off the desk behind the door, Gohan cursed himself for not seeing it before.

"No, you're not giving me any more of that crap!" said Gohan frantically, wondering where his sudden phobia of needles appeared from.

"I'm not giving you a choice with this one."

As soon as Gohan tried to run, Cell caught him by his tail, gripping it tightly. Gohan's body burned with pain until all feeling disappeared from his arms and legs and he collapsed onto the floor at the foot of the bed. Cell got down on one knee over him, pulling him onto his side by his right arm; he found a good vein and administered the drug, then Gohan felt drowsy.

"Why won't you face me like a true warrior... " drawled Gohan, fighting through the sedatives and the weakness in his body.

"Maybe I will one day... but maybe I won't. Either way, I'm the one in control."

"You can't keep hiding forever... "

Cell grabbed Gohan by his hair and pushed the hidden side of his face into the floor, the saiyan grunted under the pressure.

"You're right where you belong, face down in the dirt. And that's where you're staying."

Cell raised two fingers to his forehead - and they vanished.

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