Worlds Collide

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Chapter 3: What Hell Feels Like

Gohan knew that he was dreaming, but that didn't give him any incentive to try to wake himself up. He was watching himself again from afar, walking into a dark room where he saw himself laying on his back. He was on what looked like a large bed with dark sheets, his head at the foot of it.

The other Gohan raised his head, giving him a curious look, before a hand reached out and carressed the side of his face. Gohan felt that on his own face, reaching to took his cheek to find nothing there. He couldn't make out who's hand it was in that darkness, but watched it trail down his neck and to his chest.

Gohan was puzzled by the fact that he couldn't see any further than the other's waist, all he could see was pitch black. He felt that hand stroking his chest, moving further and further down his body until it disappeared into the darkness again.

His twin began to make perculiar facial expressions, his eyes closed and his lips slightly parted. Whoever was sat in the dark was doing something to him, something he felt a little awkward watching; and yet he moved closer. 

He couldn't feel anything on himself since the hand disappeared, but could guess as much. His twin began to writhe on the sheets, making erotic sounds, biting his lip, raising his arms over his head. Gohan instinctively reached out, going for his arms. His twin reciprocated, their arms interlocking, one of his hands holding onto his. 

Gohan felt his arms being squeezed tightly, he watched the other's face as he fell into a blissful nothingness. He was clearly having an orgasm, and an incredible one at that. He felt him relax, the grip on his arms loosening. His eyes opened.

Gohan saw himself, but saw someone else as well. 

"Who are you?" he asked.

His twin lured him down to his level, bringing his ear to his lips.

"The thing you fear the most."

Gohan drew his head back up, looking down on his twin has a giggled to himself.

"Are you going to let me out now?"

Gohan's eyes snapped open, he must have dozed off again for a while. He was sat up, back against the wall, Jeice still unconscious. Gohan was sat beside him with a wet cloth to clean up his wounds. The alien hadn't stirred since he found him the night before, but since he was already dead, Gohan wasn't too worried about his condition.

The confused saiyan buried his head in his hands and sighed, running his fingers through his hair, trying to make sense of the dreams that he was having. The other version of himself that had his face and his body, but was... off. He figured the sex side of it was just his own inner frustrations manifesting in his dream.

Speaking of those frustrations, how was he supposed to face Cell now after throwing himself at him like that? Why did he try to kiss him? He hated him... he was confused by his saiyan instincts, which seemed to be growing stronger each day. Gohan was brought back from his thoughts as he heard Jeice groan as he woke up clutching his head.

"Oh man... "


Jeice looked up to see Gohan next to him. He shot up instantly.

"Where is he?" he panicked. Gohan grabbed hold of him before he ran.

"It's okay, you're safe here!"

Jeice breathed a loud sigh of relief, his posture slouching over as he rubbed his eyes.

"How long was I out for?"

"Ten hours."

"Only ten this time? That's something, I guess."

"Frieza's attacked you before?" Gohan grew angry at the thought. It seemed he was beginning to care for Jeice a little.

"Yeah. It's my punishment."

"Your... what?"

"Down here, we look like we're just getting on with it, everything's fine. But what they don't tell yu is that we're all experiencing our own version of Hell. And Frieza's mine."

And Cell is mine. Gohan felt a little better about it as it all finally clicked together.

"No. He's outside!"

Gohan glared towards the entrance, immediately sensing the tyrant as well. He'd seen Jeice scared before, but never like this.

"Go and meet up with Burter, I'll watch your back."

Jeice ran out and flew off as fast as he could, Frieza soon caught sight of him and chuckled under his breath.

"Now I've got you!"

Frieza just left the ground until his tail was grabbed from behind him.


The alien was thrown to the ground. He looked up in horror to see an angered Gohan standing in front of him.

"You thought that was funny did you?" said the saiyan in an even tone. Frieza backed away on his elbows in sheer fright. "I don't need this crap from you as well as everything else, so I'll make this quick!"

He dragged Frieza up onto his feet and Gohan's anger was suddenly unleashed through two powerful punches to Frieza's face and stomach.

"You go near him or his friends again, than I will personally make sure you never walk again," he said quietly and calmly. Gohan dropped Frieza onto the ground and left him coughing on all fours. Gohan had bigger fish to fry. It was time for his training session, but facing Cell again was more than he could handle...

Gohan landed where he and Cell had trained. There wasn't much left of it really, it was mainly just rock, no plants or water. Then he noticed something. Cell was never late. Where is he?

He was on the floor on his front half a second later. A throbbing pain in the back of his head told him where Cell was.

"You're getting even slower than you were before," said the android, pacing a foot on Gohan's back to keep him on the ground. "I thought you weren't going to show up. It seemed like you were in a hurry when you left yesterday."

Gohan hadn't heard a word. He was too busy trying to get himself on his feet. Cell smirked as he watched him squirm beneath him, and released him. Gohan was about to get up until he was kicked onto his stomach.

"Still wallowing in self pity, I see," Cell sneered. Gohan didn't look at him. He sat up and spat out some blood to the side - a bad habit. Gohan didn't have time to rest as Cell dragged him up by his hair and held him face to face; luckily, since Cell had shrunk, the boy's feet were still just about on the ground. "You're so weak, and you've given in so easily - again," the android whispered. Gohan's bad habit came back, and without even thinking, he hatefully spat in his face.

Cell's face suddenly lost all expression, but his eyes suddenly looked fierce and Gohan's bloody saliva ran down his cheek. Gohan's heart skipped a few beats as he realised what he'd just done. He was suddenly thrown into the wall full force. Gohan's vision tripled, but he hardly had anytime to come round as Cell kicked him in the stomach again.

"What do you want from me, Gohan?" asked the android again, wiping his face clean.

"I don't want anything from you!" he said in a hard voice, struggling onto his feet again.

"Why do you throw yourself at me? Why do you want to be abused?"

"I don't want this... "

"Then tell me what you want!"

"I want you to fuck off!" he spat, shoving Cell back.

"That's it! Put everything on me!"

Gohan punched him hard in the face, kicking him in the abdomen with even more force half a second later. He was so angry he could have exploded.

"Its your fault!" Gohan's emotions spilled out all at once. "You took everything from me! You're the reason I feel like this!"

Gohan's punches were off, fuelled by rage, but Cell just took them without attempting to defend himself. It was as if he wanted to feel Gohan's pain, and relish in it.

"Fight back!"

Cell was trying not to let on that Gohan was beginning to hurt him in his emotional onslaught, his punches got harder. When the android wouldn't retaliate, Gohan pushed him up against the nearest wall and held him there by his upper arms. He held him there, breathing heavily, watching Cell try to to catch his own breath after the beating he just took.

Gohan faltered again, and in a way the Cell wasn't expecting - Gohan kissed him.

The android didn't register what was happening, and so didn't respond. As Gohan pulled away, he meant to make a hateful remark, but was frozen in place by the saiyan's advances. As Gohan's lips landed on his again, Cell pushed him away, saying nothing.

Gohan lunged at him again, punches and kicks flying at him. This time Cell did defend himself, blocking most of them before finally landing a kick to the back of Gohan's legs. As the saiyan went down, he brought Cell with him. He climbed on top of him, punching and slapping him. Cell caught both his hands as they came down, spreading them apart and pulling him forwards onto him.

The android felt it again... Gohan's lips moving eagerly against his. It was strange, he'd never been kissed before. He figured that Gohan wanted a response, so he gave him one - a tiny one. He kissed him back, though subtly. It caused Gohan to move against him in a way that he found... rather alluring.

Cell was enitrely capable of having sexual feelings, and the male anatomy required to perform the act he'd never had any need or desire to act upon it. Until now. Seeing Gohan like this, so vulnerable and in need of physical solace, gave him some rather vengeful ideas.

The android shoved him to one side, getting onto his feet and coaxing him in to attack again with a mere look. Gohan did attack again, with more ferocity, but he could practically feel the heat coming off him. Cell had saiyan genes of his own, and was understanding of what was happening. Gohan was acting purely on instinct, saiyans had three main desires; food, fighting and sex. And Gohan was acting on two of them in his rage. He just didn't know which one he wanted more.

Cell caught him by the arm, throwing him against the wall and holding him there. He didn't have to wait long, as Gohan advanced once more, kissing him harder than before. This time, Cell responded in full, grabbing the back of his head. Gohan held him closer, hooking his arm under and grabbing the back of his shoulder.

Cell could feel a rush between them, his own and the one surging through Gohan.

He heard a muffled sound from him, it was as if Gohan's human side crept through and he was regaining his senses. Gohan pushed him away, far enough for him to stop, but he still had him close.

Cell observed the way Gohan stared at him; his eyes seemed fogged over with arousal, which the android could physically feel against his thigh. Gohan closed the gap again, crashing their lips together violently. Cell's hands found his waist as Gohan's arms rested over his shoulders.

Gohan tried to turn the tables, wanting to have the upper hand. Cell saw this coming, and as Gohan tried to switch them around, the android slammed him back against the wall. A loud, muffled grunt erupted from Gohan's mouth as they continued kissing, followed by a desperate moan.

If this was to happen between them, the Cell wasn't going to let Gohan be the one truly in control. He slammed him back again, this time he felt a smile and another lustful sound. Cell was intruigued, it seemed that Gohan was the submissive type - he liked being put in his place like that.

Cell's left hand was removed from Gohan's waist as the saiyan guided it further down his body, reaching between his legs. Gohan's brain had forgotten all reason, he just needed contact, he needed intimacy, for someone to show him some affection. He didn't want to feel so alone anymore. He felt a wave of both relief and hesitation at the same time, another person's hand pumping him through his clothes. He kept his eyes closed, still kissing him intermittently.

The android's hand was moved again by Gohan's, this time straight into his pants. Cell followed his instincts, trailing his fingers along what was suddenly in his hand. Gohan shuddered in his arms, but grew impatient, coaxing him to go faster. His breathing grew short, he didn't care how quick he was going to finish, he needed this.

Cell felt him tense, his hand filled up with something hot, but what he focused on the most was the sheer relief in Gohan's voice, followed by shakey breathing.

Gohan released Cell's hand from his bruising grip. He removed himself from his pants and observed him falling back against the wall again, his face was flushed and his skin showing a slight layer of sweat. Then he finally opened his eyes. Then he bolted.

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