Worlds Collide

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Chapter 4: Just Once

What the FUCK just happened?!

This was hell. This is what hell felt like. But why did hell have to feel so fucking good?!

Gohan stumbled back into his cave, his legs still quivering from his recent release.

"What was that?"

Great... Cell followed him. Of course he did. How could he be surprised after that?

"I don't know... " he sighed sheepishly.

"Yes you do."

"I don't want to talk about it... "

Gohan couldn't even look at him. He was having trouble processing what just happened, let alone hear it out loud. Cell sounded oddly calm about the matter, not phased in the slightest.

"I'm sorry," he said awkwardly.

"For what?"

"Making you... "

"You didn't make me do anything. You honestly think that I couldn't have stopped you? I would have... if I wanted to."

He liked that?! Gohan didn't know which was weirder; Cell not knowing what was really happening... or that fact that he was fully aware of it and complied anyway. The android gave him an unreadable smile.

"I've just been having these... urges."

"So you're finally acting on them. Why me, though?"

"Because... you were just... there."

"You see more of Jeice than me. You tried screwing him yet?"

"I'm not attracted to Jeice."

"Why are you attracted to me, then?"

"I'm not.. I... " Gohan couldn't answer the question. Why did it have to be him of all people? Maybe this was what Jeice was talking about... was this his punishment? "This is my hell, isn't it?"

"Maybe so."

Gohan wondered what would be worse; dancing around the temptation, or drowning in it.

"What's your hell?" he asked.

"That's for me to know." Cell came closer again. "Was that all you wanted? A quick fumble, and everything's better now?"

"No, everything isn't better," said Gohan, annoyance in his voice. "It's ten times worse."

Cell looked at him curiously, and wondered... he approached him as he was clearly lost in his own thoughts, trying to comprehend his actions, and he turned Gohan's face towards his by his jaw, and kissed him without warning. What he was wondering was if Gohan would push him away - he didn't. He didn't kiss him that deeply, or for very long. Gohan didn't say anything when Cell broke off from him, but looked right at him.

"You know exactly what you need," said the android softly, his fingers caressing his face. "What's stopping you from just taking it?"

"I can't," he answered, his voice barely audible.

"You can."

"I'm not using you for... that," he couldn't even say the word.

"You already did," said Cell, a slight smile visible on his lips. Gohan felt his dead heart beat all of a sudden. And he didn't know whether it felt good or not.

"I don't understand. Why would want to even look at me after what I did to you," he said, referring to his humiliation and defeat of the android.

"I've been down here for almost seven years and this is the most interesting thing to happen to me. I find that you've ended up down here somehow, and in unbearable pain to boot. And now this... I like where this is going."

"I'm glad that my pain is so amusing to you," said Gohan flatly as Cell finally took his hand back.

"Why did you kill yourself?"

Gohan paused, actually looking him in the eye for the first time since their encounter.

"What?" he stuttered. He was convinced that this was a joke, that Cell just wanted to find another way to hurt him. And yet... Cell was the only person who had asked him that question - what did he have to lose now? "I just wanted to stop feeling so... "

Gohan sighed, not knowing how to put it into words. In truth, Cell was curious to see how he'd handle talking about his suicide.


It was a shot in the dark, but Gohan's eyes told him that he was partly correct. And he wasn't far off guessing how he'd process it either, as he closed the space between them, and returned his kiss.

"This is so wrong," he said, pulling away.

Before he could run, Cell yanked him back by his arm into another kiss, this time more heated than before. He pushed him up against the wall. He wasn't going to let him cool down, he wanted to see how far he could take this.

"Does this count as training?" laughed Gohan nervously, trying to diffuse the situation.

"It can if you want it to. It's kind of fun."

"We can't... " he protested weakly, even though he was still kissing him.

"Who says?"

"My conscience for one... " he said, holding Cell back by his shoulders.

"Your body says different," said the android, eyeing the obvious bulging in his pants. "You don't even realise how much you're screaming out for someone to hold you."

Gohan leaned in again, pressing his lips against his again slowly.

"Stop thinking, and just take what you want," said Cell.

Gohan encouraged him to come even closer, kissing him passionately, liking how it made him feel. He experienced a sense of freedom, excitement and the thrill of knowing that it was something that he really shouldn't be doing.

"Just once... just this once," he panted. "I just want to feel... something."

He let himself go a little more, cupping Cell's face so that he could tentatively use his tongue for the first time; it was received well. Cell's hands landed around his waist at first. Gohan felt one of his hands fishing around his belt, finally slipping under to grab onto him again as he did earlier.

Gohan moved his left hand down so that he could remove his belt and loosen his pants so that Cell had a little more freedom to move. Cell appreciated the gesture, especially since that also opened his shirt up some more, he kept taking small glimpses at his torso as he worked on him.

Gohan moaned out loud for the first time, Cell felt him getting closer to finishing, he liked the way that he shuddered and held onto his arms a little tighter. But then he stopped... he wasn't going to let him have it so easy.

"Why did you stop?" he asked, his cheeks red, he was so close that he was desperate for him to carry on.

"How far do you want to go?"


"If it's just this once... "

Gohan was unsure how to answer, he had questions of his own. Before he could voice any, Cell spun him around to face away from him, holding him close by his waist. He felt the android shift around with something behind him. Cell took Gohan's right hand guided it down his own body until something hard find itself in his palm.

Well that answered that question.

And since Gohan was in fact attracted to men, it made him feel a little better that there was at least a physical reason for him throwing himself at Cell of all people. He noticed Cell gasping against his ear as he gripped onto him properly - he guessed that this was the first time he'd ever been touched intimately. He simply glided his fingers over it slowly, listening to him attempt to compose himself.

"What do you want me to do?" he asked. He felt him smile.

"Surprise me."

Gohan's body moved before his mind could, acting on a spontaneous urge, wanting to see more of that weakness that was showing itself. He removed himself from Cell's embrace and sank to his knees, he kept his eyes closed as he took his cock into his mouth, not bringing himself to even look at it.

The android certainly didn't see that one coming. His eyes popped open and his hand instantly placed itself onto the wall in front of them as he steadied himself. This felt... amazing. He looked down at Gohan, feeling one hand pumping him, and working in unison with the warmth of his mouth and his tongue running over him continuously.

The fact that Gohan felt Cell faltering, along with his uneven breathing told him that he was at least doing something right; he'd never actually done this before now. Cell just about held onto his voice as he removed himself from Gohan's inviting grip. The saiyan caught a glimpse of him before being helped onto his feet. Cell was... well equipped. He turned him to face away from him again, left arm around his waist, and the other trailing his fingers along his throat and collar bone.

"It's funny," he said breathlessly. "All this time I've thought about a thousand ways I could hurt you and now... I just want to fuck you."

Now Gohan was getting nervous. He couldn't lie and say that he didn't think there was a chance that it would go that far though. But still... Before he could object, the hand around his neck slid into his pants, distracting him long enough for Cell to push him up against the wall again, only this time he was facing it. His turned his head and rested the right side of his face against the cold rock along with his hands to keep himself upright. He felt Cell grinding himself against his backside suggestively.

The hand that was around his waist was suddenly gone, it caressed his shoulder, then inserted two fingers into his mouth. He happily sucked on them for a while as Cell continued to tease him into madness. Soon enough, those fingers left his mouth and dived into his already loosened pants, and slid inside him.

"What the - ah!"

Cell smiled at that reaction, as Gohan's shock began to fade into laughter. That was another step closer to the inevitable, another leap out of Gohan's comfort zone. Cell kept him tightly in place, pushing his fingers right into him, hopefully without hurting him. Much.

"That feels weird," laughed Gohan nervously.

Cell simply kept smiling, moving his fingers in and out of him, carefully at first, but then began to go in deeper, getting a feel for him. Gohan began to moan breathlessly, Cell's other hand left the front of his pants, peeling him off the wall by a handful of his hair, he grunted as his head was pulled back until his ear was at Cell's lips.

"How far are you willing to go?" he asked once more. Gohan wasn't going to lie - he was considering it, however...

"I- I've never done this before... " he admitted breathlessly.

"Me neither," he laughed. Oddly enough, that didn't make Gohan feel any better, plus Cell's fingers were still rammed into him. The android bit into his neck softly. This wasn't how he imagined his first time, even though he died before it could happen. "Do you want to?"

Gohan just wanted Cell to finish him off and be done with it, he nodded his head.

"Say it."

"Yeah," he said as quickly as he could.

Cell pushed him forwards again, Gohan hands caught the wall, he was a little more bent over than he was before. He caught Cell working on himself a little in the corner of his eye, and for some reason noticed that he still had his clothes on, though they were hanging off him. He felt his pants suddenly fall down and bunch up around his shins, then Cell attempted to enter him.

Gohan looked as he felt, shaking with nerves - and excitement. He also remembered not to hold his breath. Cell was half way in when he got a sound from Gohan that sounded like he was in pain.

"Apologies," he said. Gohan just exhaled slowly, relaxing again.

Eventually he was fully inside him. Gohan closed his eyes, letting out a content sigh.

Cell felt warmth for the first time, not sure how long he was going to last as Gohan's intense heat enveloped him. Nevertheless, he began moving slowly in and out of him. The android continued moving carefully, but he so wanted to start moving faster. And he did sooner than he thought he would.

As soon as Gohan's voice became louder than it ever had been, he knew that he truly had him, moaning himself as he heard their bodies slamming together loudly. Gohan could barely keep up, loving every second but at the same time, overwhelmed with how violently he was being handled.

"Someone's going to walk in here," panted Gohan, his voice quivering. He had an unsettling vision of Jeice walking in at that moment and seeing them at it.

"Isn't that all part of the thrill?" answered Cell.

He didn't let up, Gohan was having trouble standing still enough not to have to move his feet, his pants were still around his lower legs and restricting his movement.

"Are you close?" he asked, still ramming into him. Gohan got lost in the moment again, never feeling simultaneous pain and pleasure before.

"Yeah... " He didn't mean to answer, but Cell yanked on his hair, shoving him against the wall again. He was held there by that handful of hair, his head to one side, he could just about see Cell in the corner of his eye. Cell was still buried inside him, massaging that sweet spot he found earlier. Gohan's hips ground backwards as he neared his end - this felt so good. He wrapped one arm around his torso, holding him close again, while the other dove down to his cock to finish him off.

"Hey!" he protested. "Stop!"

"You don't mean that." Cell would have stopped if it weren't for the fact that Gohan was smiling as he said it.

"Oh fuck, I hate you... "

"You don't mean that either."

Gohan could Cell's voice for the first time.

"Yes... keep doing that," he moaned. Gohan figured that he meant how he was unconsciously grinding his hips backward. He hoped that he could at least get him to finish first by going a little faster. which was difficult thanks to the android's hand vigorously moving on him. Cell laughed against his hair. "Do it harder."

Gohan did so, not realising that Cell was messing with him.

"Come for me."

"You first," said Gohan quickly, not sure how long he could hold on for.

Cell moved his hand faster, squeezing harder, burying himself deeper inside, until he felt Gohan finally reach his end, vocalising it loudly. As Gohan spasmed around him, Cell faltered too.

"Fuck..." he hissed against Gohan's ear, removing his hand from his crotch and catching himself on the wall as he emptied himself into Gohan. The saiyan definitley felt him finish, he didn't think he'd feel it as much as he did.

That was so... hot. And so wrong. Gohan came floating back down again, still being held against Cell. He peeled his face from the wall, watching as the android opened his eyes again and kissed him lazily, both of them sweaty and shaking.

"That was... interesting," Cell panted as he removed himself from Gohan's body.

Gohan felt pain. He came crashing back down to reality again. It happened quicker than he expected, scurrying around to fix his clothes as if he was trying to hide his body from Cell; though logically that seemed pointless after what had just occurred. Still... he felt he had to do something to salvage what little dignity he had left.

"What the hell just happened?" Gohan got dressed quickly, the shaking in his legs not helping him.

"I fucked you, like you told me to," answered Cell smugly.

"I've gotta go."

"Want to do it again?"


It was as if Gohan's long absent senses had finally returned at that moment. He hurried away from Cell as soon as his clothes were fixed.

"Same time tomorrow then?"

"I said no!"

"For training... " he said coolly.

"Oh... yeah whatever."



Gohan couldn't look at him properly, but Cell smiled maliciously.

"What you're feeling right now... that's what hell feels like."

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