Worlds Collide

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This is turning into a PWP slowly... oh well. This chapter contains sex and blood play

Chapter 12: Shiver

Trunks walked into the kitchen as he usually did in the morning, went into the very large fridge for four food packs, laid them out onto different plates and turned to walk out of the kitchen. The rest of the gang had been reduced to living in fear, as Frieza repeatedly gave them doses of a lethal substance that rapidly reduced their powers, making them incapable of overpowering their attacker.

They were locked in their designated area in the base, and every other human down there with them had long since been obliterated.

There had been no sign of Frieza or his men for two weeks now, but they had a hunch he'd be coming back any day now for another round of torture. Trunks walked into the communal area, over to a Bulma; she was watching her six year old son play on the floor with some old toys.


Bulma looked from the present version of her son to the future one. Trunks handed her two plates of food.

"Thank you, son," she said with a smile. He went back into the kitchen and grabbed the other two plates. He wandered into another room where Vegeta, Piccolo and Goku were discussing strategies.

"Here you go, father," he said, handing the plate of food over. Vegeta snatched it off him with and angry grunting sound and began wolfing the food down. "I left Gohan's outside his room, he's still not answering."

"If he continues to miss out, I'll drag him out here myself," scoffed Vegeta, finishing his plate. Goku's eyes narrowed.

"No, leave him. He hasn't had a decent night's sleep in weeks."

What Goku said was true, but Gohan still wasn't sleeping anyway. Instead, he was morbidly wondering how much of a beating a saiyan's body could take before it gave out. Frieza first drugged them four weeks ago, laying into him and the other fighters every day for almost a fortnight before disappearing. At least it gave them all time to heal physically, but the sedatives were still working their magic, suppressing their powers and strength.

Gohan was and wasn't used to feeling so weak. His mental state made him feel this way most of the time anyway, but at least back then he could access his strength when he needed it. He spent the past month helping his mother with Goten and hanging out with Jeice. Otherwise, he spent most of his time alone in his allocated room. Luckily, he got one entirely to himself so he could cut himself in peace.

Today was a hard day especially; he struggled with his more darker thoughts. He'd cut his wrists at about 4am that morning, but now they were clean and healed enough to put his wrist bands back on.

He wanted to talk to someone, but the only person he wanted to talk to wasn't there and he hadn't seen him for six weeks now. He hated himself for even thinking about him, but it was the only thing that gave him any feeling, even if it was mostly wrong feelings.

He turned onto his back again, lifting his knees. He ran one hand through his black hair while the other was tugging at his bed sheets. He'd been resisting Cell for so long that it was difficult for him to be still. Gohan began to mentally argue with himself again. It was as if his human side and his saiyan side were locked in another battle.

One side was wishing he knew where Cell was right now, the other telling him to get a grip. His saiyan half was winning once again. As he closed his eyes, the hand pulling his bed sheets gripped onto the rail of the bed above his head, while the other moved slowly from his head to his belt, then a little lower.

A huge bang snapped him out of his rather explicit thoughts and he sat up and quickly opened the door. Ignoring the plate of cold food on the floor he ran towards the communal area where his friends were. And then he discovered that is was Frieza who came bursting through the door.

"I'm bored, I think its play time," he said sadistically to Goku and Piccolo, and then Gohan caught his eye.

His soldiers followed him in. Frieza grabbed Jeice and threw him into the next room, his men soon following him with Goku, Piccolo, Krillin, Yamcha and Tien. Gohan went to follow them but felt a hand cover his mouth and pull him back into his room, throwing him on the bed. Gohan heard the door shut behind him.

Cell turned from the door to look at Gohan, who stared back from the bed. Gohan started to panic, he was forcibly separated form everyone, he could hear them all being hollowed out of their living quarters by Frieza and his men. He could hear his brother crying out in fear.

"Nobody to save you, now," taunted Cell. "Not that you even want to be saved."

Gohan sprung to his feet and darted for the door, only to be caught by his arm and pulled back.

"Let me go!"

"Or else what?" he laughed. "You're powerless, remember?"

"My friends! I have to - "

"You have to what? Rescue them?" Cell laughed again, ridiculing Gohan further as he suddenly shoved him back onto the bed. "How? Are you going to just break in there and save the day?"

"Please just leave them alone!"

"The real question is... do you really care?" asked the android manipulatively, leaning against the door so that Gohan truly had nowhere to run.

"O-of course I care... "

"You hesitated," snapped Cell, his smirk growing wider.

"Why did you drag me in here?" asked Gohan. "Don't like sharing?" Not that he wanted to be tossed between Cell and Frieza like a punching bag, but he didn't like being separated like this.

"I think you already know." Cell approached him. "I thought that you might need help with those sinful thoughts you've been having."

"What?" Gohan didn't bothering asking how he knew, though he came to the conclusion that Cell was simply attempting to coax him in.

"You don't care for them. You told me that once. That was the reason you killed yourself, to make them suffer." Gohan's head shot to the left, he could hear them screaming in pain. Frieza wasn't holding back... why couldn't he move? "You said that you killed yourself because you relished the thought of your mother finding your dead body, and intent so strong that it landed you in hell... you don't give a damn about them."

"Stop it," pleaded Gohan. He didn't want to be reminded of all the terrible things he'd done, yet something was telling him that even now, he hadn't reached rock bottom yet.

"Yet they wished you back, not realising that you're way beyond help," he continued. "Is this your way of showing your appreciation? A futile effort to try to save them when you're powerless to?"

"What do you want from me?!" cried Gohan. Cell was intrigued - he was proving easier to control every time they met.

"Do you even want to be here?"

"What?" Gohan almost laughed, he didn't know whether that was a trick question or not.

"Did you want to be brought back?" repeated Cell.

"No... " he mumbled.

"What was that?"

"No!" he shouted. "I don't want to be here! Happy?!"

"Now, don't you feel better?" mocked Cell. Gohan shook his head.

"I just want to go to sleep... " he admitted quietly.

"If anyone's going to make you go to sleep, the privilege should be mine," said Cell. "This should be a one way ticket to heaven for you."

"I don't belong in heaven."

"So do something about it."

"Like what?" Gohan rolled his eyes, Cell leaned in closer.

"Do something terrible," he whispered.


Cell grew tired of Gohan's reluctance, dragging him to his feet suddenly and giving him a forceful kiss. Gohan's protests were muffled, but he somehow managed to push him away without his strength, unless the android simply let him.


"Make me."

Cell didn't expect to be slapped across the face in retaliation - not that it hurt. In fact he liked it. Gohan looked startled for a few seconds, Cell's face turned back and gave him a malicious glare. Gohan bolted for the door again, but the android effortlessly grabbed his arm and yanked him back to stand in front of him. Gohan was made to look at the rest of the room as Cell twisted his arm behind his back.

"Let me go," he pleaded a little more quietly. He wasn't afraid of what Cell might do to him, he was more worried about what his own instincts would make him do.

"Come on, Gohan," mocked Cell, smiling against his ear. "Show me just how low you can sink."

"I don't think I can get any lower than I already have."

"Don't lie to me... you're bad at it."

"I don't want this," said Gohan, his voice wavering slightly. He didn't want to admit that he felt safer in this situation than he did with his friends. It scared him.

"Yes, you do."

"Let go of my arm!"

"You don't care about anything beyond this room. And if you did, you'd be struggling harder."

"I don't know what you're - "

"Why aren't you trying?"

"Because... "

"Because what?"

"Um... " Gohan was losing, which was okay. This way it wasn't his fault. This way, it was all Cell's doing. The android had simply backed him into a corner, nothing more. He was trying to convince himself that he wasn't standing there of his own free will when his arm was finally released.

"Because you deserve to be punished, don't you?" said the android slyly. Gohan didn't answer, silently agreeing with the voice hissing into his ear and controlling his every move. "See? Was that so hard?"

He could still hear them in that room being tortured, but he didn't care. He was brought out of his thoughts by teeth lightly nipping at the crook of his neck. His heart began racing, reminding him that he was alive again. He sighed contently, closing his eyes. He didn't mean to give Cell the satisfaction of seeing him finally relax, but it was too late now, he was in over his head.

"It's been a while, hasn't it?" asked the android. Gohan didn't answer, letting Cell move his hands gently along his sides. "I wonder if it'll feel any different now that you're alive." Cell 's question was answered; he pulled Gohan's shirt up and his fingers slithered underneath to feel his skin.

"Your hands are colder," said Gohan quietly.

"You've lost weight."

"Really?" Gohan's eyes snapped open, he hadn't noticed at all.

"Your ribs are starting to stick out."

"Oh... I didn't realise."

"It's all that worrying, it gets you nowhere." Cell's hands came out from under his shirt and round to the front of his belt, where he untied it. Gohan just let him, not fighting it any longer. He relaxed against him. "Let's get to know you a little better."

"Is there anything left for you to find out?" said Gohan.

"There always is."

Gohan's breathing sped up once again as Cell's hand went under his shirt again, this time caressing his abdomen. The other hand was trailing up and down his left side.

"Where do you like to be touched?"

"What?" responded Gohan nervously. He wanted Cell to just get on with it, not torture him further.

"What gets you off? Besides the obvious," taunted Cell, knowing how uncomfortable he was making him. "What do you think about when you're all alone in the dark?"

"Uh... I don't know... "

"There has to be something."

Gohan's shyness took him over completely. Yes, he had many of his own twisted fantasies in the depths of his brain, but the prospect of sharing them was proving to be a difficult line to cross. He couldn't believe he was even considering it. Giving Cell his body was one thing, but his mind as well? He decided to share something small just to get him off his back, so to speak, but rather than pathetically stammer it out to him, he decided to show him instead.

He took Cell's hand from his stomach and moved it to his lower right, placing it on his hip. The android was puzzled at first, wanting to Gohan to talk to him. Instead, he improvised, slipping his thumb under the waistband of his pants and stroking along his slightly protruding hip bone. He heard his breathing quicken again.


"Uh huh," mumbled Gohan.

"Why there?"

"I don't know," he laughed nervously. "It just feels nice."

Cell liked how his hip and his lower stomach muscles twitched under his thumb. Even though he thought it was odd, he kept it in mind. He stopped, his hands travelling up Gohan's sides again until his shirt was pulled off. Gohan was so lost in the moment that he was startled when he was pushed forwards out of nowhere. He landed on his bed, landing with a grunt. He pulled the rest of his body up onto the mattress, but before he could turn around, he was yanked upright by his hair until he was on his knees. Cell was still behind him, getting a good look at his back until his eyes spotted an odd looking blemish.

"What's this?" he asked, moving his hand down his back.

"What's what?" Gohan's back arched as soon as he touched it. Electricity pooled over him. "That's where my tail used to b-be." Cell ran his thumb over it, fascinated by Gohan's reaction.

"I think I've found what makes you tick... " he teased triumphantly. He continued to press on it, listening to Gohan moan and shake the more pressure he added.

"Get off me!"

Vegeta went to punch Zarbon, who easily blocked him. The green alien continued his torture. He was enjoying getting his own back on the saiyan prince.

Jeice lay on the floor bleeding, beaten to a pulp. He was wondering if Gohan was okay, until he realised he wasn't with them.

Gohan could hear them; they were being tormented and beaten, forced to witness the terror being inflicted upon one another. But he still didn't care, in fact he felt quite disoriented. He was naked and he was on his back. But he couldn't ignore those screams. Yet as soon as he sat up, a cold hand appeared, pushing him back down by his chest.

"I need to help them... " That last sentenced trailed off into a soft moan as he felt the android's tongue working on him.

"Ignore it," said Cell, pulling him closer by his hips. He hung one of Gohan's legs over his shoulder and carried on. He felt a finger work its way into him.

"Ah... s-stop that!" Gohan's breathing sped up, he gripped the white bed sheets tightly; if he'd had his strength he would have torn them apart. A pleasurable wave shook his entire body, the android's finger was hitting him in just the right place, his tongue was teasing him mercilessly. His back arched as he came for the first time in weeks, coupled with the fact that he couldn't have lasted more than three minutes at best.

"How long were you holding that back for?" asked Cell, just about taking all of his seed. Gohan was too busy catching his breath to answer, not that he wanted to. "Did you refuse to touch yourself in case you thought about me?"

"Fuck off," said Gohan in a breathy whisper. He twitched when he realised there was a finger still buried inside him. Cell smiled to himself, not that Gohan could see him; the android lay on his front, hiding his face between his legs. Gohan could feel him breathing against his right thigh, then felt him sink his teeth into the flesh.

Cell heard him gasp, the muscles in his thigh spasmed as he released his skin, planting soft, slow kisses instead. His finger began moving again, as did Gohan subtly. Those kisses began moving up gradually until he ran his tongue across his balls.

"Stop!" he protested, twisting his hips away. He didn't know why he was trying to play the hero when he'd already lost. Cell lifted himself up onto his knees, slowly removing his finger from him. He simply sat between his legs and looked down at him.

"Why should I have to stop when you taste so good?" He was soon losing his train of thought as he observed every single curve of the naked saiyan underneath him. "So... before I start fucking you senseless, is there anything else you'd like to bring to the table?" Cell could practically see that he was hiding something as soon as he said it.

Gohan sighed. What did he have left to lose? He raised himself up onto his elbows and reached into the drawer of his bedside table. Before he could take it back, he pulled out a small penknife. He sat up further, using his arm to support himself as he stared at the blade in his hand and contemplating whether or not this was a good idea.

"Do you harm yourself with it?" asked Cell, not holding anything back. He could see immediately how much saying Gohan's problems out loud to him only made him feel more terrible. Gohan simply nodded. "When was the last time?"

"This morning," said Gohan.

"What do you want me to do with it?"

"I don't know... " he lied. Gohan knew exactly what he wanted, but saying it out loud would only make his problems real. Cell took the knife from him slowly.

"Do you think it's really wise to be trusting me with a knife?"

"I don't trust you at all," he answered. And though Gohan looked scared, the lack of trust he had for the android looming over his naked form only made him more excited. Suddenly, he was pushed back down onto his back; Cell was leaning over him, pressing the knife against Gohan's throat.

"Good answer... because I could easily bleed you to death right this second."

"But you won't," said Gohan, not even meaning to open his mouth.


"Where's the fun in just killing me now?" Gohan gave him an almost defiant stare, Cell simply smiled back.

"So, why the knife?" he asked curiously as he pulled back onto his knees again. Gohan let out all the air he'd just kept in.

"I want you to do it." He wanted to take it back as soon as he said it, but he watched as Cell took one look at the knife, and then trailed his eyes over his body. It made him shiver.



"You want me to hurt you?" Even Cell was surprised at the lengths Gohan was going to to punish himself, and he wasn't about to let him down. He decided to push further. "You first." He handed the knife back to him. Gohan looked down himself and then back up at the android; he placed the blade just below his navel and began to slice through his own skin. It was only about three inches across when he stopped, and not too deep, but warm, fresh blood began to seep out slowly onto his flawless pale skin.

"Didn't that hurt?" asked the android, completely enthralled by what he just saw.

"Yeah," answered Gohan, enjoying the rush he was getting out of being watched. Though he still wasn't sure if making something so personal to him into a sick fetish.

"It didn't look like it did."

"Guess I'm used to doing it to myself." He handed the knife back to Cell. "Your turn."

Cell had a look on his face that Gohan could only describe as that of a child getting his favourite toy. Gohan watched his every move, even though he knew it wasn't wise. Cell cut a thin line across his hip bone, relishing in the way Gohan squirmed and whimpered as he did it; maybe letting Cell know where his most sensitive areas were before handing him a knife wasn't such a good idea.

The android watched Gohan's latest injury bleed, then looked him dead in the eyes as he brought the blade to his own mouth, licking the blood off it. Gohan's heart thumped against his rib cage as he watched him do it; that was the first time he'd actually found Cell attractive. He was literally lying under a monster who could kill him horribly without a second thought at any moment, it made adrenaline course through him, it was like he was getting high off his own fear.

Once Cell had finished cleaning the knife, he adjusted himself. He gave the saiyan a sadistic smile which made Gohan avert his eyes to the ceiling. He wasn't expecting Cell to start entering him. His lower stomach stung horribly as the android moving inside him caused him to move. He waited until he was fully inside him, before pulling out and slamming back into him. Gohan let out something between a grunt and a moan. After a while, Cell gathered an even pace, throwing one of Gohan's legs over his shoulder.

The knife found itself in Gohan's hand once again. Without even thinking it through, he reached up to cut his inner thigh on the leg that had been hoisted up. He shuddered as the simultaneous sensations were proving to become addictive. Cell began to drive into him harder, watching blood drip down his leg. He pulled out of him, taking the knife back from him. He sunk further down the bed until Gohan couldn't see him anymore.

Cell cut him again, on the same leg near the last one. Gohan sucked in a breath as he felt the wounds on his leg being lapped at by a warm tongue. Cell reappeared above him, placing the blade on the crook of his neck; Gohan responded, moving his head to the left to give him more access. He knew that he was either about to receive another cut or he was about to die choking on his own blood - he didn't mind which outcome it would turn out to be.

This one hurt more than the others, he grunted as the knife cut into the fleshy part of his neck just above his collarbone. Cell leaned down, letting out an animalistic growl as he sucked all the blood he could get out of the wound. It hurt badly for a few seconds, then Cell thrust into him again, taking some of the pain away.

"Oh fuck... " he gasped, clutching onto his shoulders as he sped up. Cell raised his head, watching Gohan fall further into nothingness. He kissed him hard, which Gohan responded to with just as much enthusiasm. The bed was close to breaking under them; Cell finally slowed again, taking a moment to watch the blissful look on Gohan's face until he had to pull him out of it.

The android sat up again, pulling out of him and helping Gohan onto all fours in front of him; his injuries caught up with him as he moved, the lower half of his body was hurting. A firm slap on the backside seem to distract Gohan from the pain for a few seconds as he was entered again from behind. He got lost in the pleasure again before being dragged back down again as the knife was brought down his back in one swift motion. That one hurt terribly, as did the second and the third as Cell got addicted to the way Gohan's body seemed to fight with itself; it didn't know whether it hurt or whether it felt good.

Gohan didn't see the next one coming.

Cell held onto his hip with one hand as he continued to fuck him, the used the other to press the blade into his tail scar. It paralysed him for a few seconds, he's never felt pain like it. The android drank it in, pressing harder until Gohan's screams rivalled those next door.

"Fuck, that hurts!"

"I know," taunted Cell as he smirked. Gohan tensed around him every time he pressed the blade into his scar, and the way he moved to try and get away from the knife only added to his pleasure.

"Stop it!"

Cell laughed in response, fucking him harder and pressing the blade down even harder until it finally cut into him through the thick tissue. Tears sprang to Gohan's eyes, he was in so much pain that he wanted to be sick. Suddenly, all of the nerves around his scar and his entire pelvis produced a sensation that he couldn't put into words. He screamed, it was painful and his body shook violently. Cell was about to finally take the blade away until Gohan had a powerful orgasm unexpectedly. The knife was finally removed from his back as Gohan's body convulsed then slumped forwards, and Cell let him go.

"I don't think I've ever seen you come that hard... and that's saying something," said the android, watching Gohan lie on his side catching his breath.

"I fucking hate you," he panted.

"It's that hate that makes you come."

"Does it make you come?" asked Gohan. The initial nerves had finally disappeared.

"I suppose it does."

"I can't move... " Gohan wasn't joking either, he was dead from the waist down and his arms felt heavy.

"I guess sticking knife into your tail scar has the same affect as grabbing an untrained tail. No matter."

Cell flipped Gohan onto his back and straddled his hips, reaching down his body as he attempted to finish himself off.

"So making me bleed is a turn on?" asked Gohan lazily.

"Are you really that surprised?"

"I guess not... " Gohan silently watched as the android repeatedly tensed above him; he had his eyes closed. "What are you thinking about?" he asked in barely a whisper.

"Just replaying the sound of you screaming," he replied with a smile.

"Why is it always my pain that seems to get you off?" Cell stopped what he was doing for a second. He opened his eyes.

"Do something about it."

Gohan finally regained some movement in one of his arms, sliding his trembling right hand up Cell's inner thigh; it suddenly occurred to him that he'd never been brave enough to caress him before, worried how he'd take gentle physical contact. The android didn't move, which offered Gohan a little comfort if anything else.

"Have you ever touched yourself before now?"

"No," he answered, still smiling. Talking about it didn't seem to make him nervous like it did with Gohan. "Have you?"

"I'm seventeen," said Gohan bluntly, still tracing his fingers along his thigh. "Keep doing it."

The android complied, carrying on where he left off. Gohan lay there watching again, wishing that he had Cell's confidence; the didn't seem to be shy with his body at all. Then he wondered why his own shyness was still bothering him. What did he have to lose now?

"You close?" he asked, slowly finding his voice. The android had his eyes closed again, but managed another smile.


Gohan pushed all of his fear to one side, moving his hand further up until he was teasing his balls with his fingertips. Cell shuddered, bucking away from his hand for a second. Gohan felt himself relax, the android seemed to like where this was going.

"You really are, aren't you?" He felt his heart hammering against his rib cage as he took it further, fondling him with his fingers. He listened to the android's breathing get heavier, then heard his voice start to make itself heard.

"Fuck... " he muttered under his breath, Gohan was beginning to drive him insane.

"What are you thinking now?"

"You tell me," said Cell, encouraging him.

"You're thinking about me," replied Gohan. "I'm riding you."

"You want to ride me?"

"Yeah... I want to feel you looking at me."

"You want to be in control, like you are now."

"Does it sound appealing to you?"

"It does, actually."

"Now you aren't thinking of me in pain... now you're thinking about being inside me."

Cell let out a short gasp of a laugh, smiling as Gohan told him exactly what to think; he shuddered again as he felt hotter.

"You're so close." Gohan smiled. "What are you holding on for?"

"I'm waiting for you," said the android, opening his eyes. "Tell me when. And where."

"Here." Gohan traced his collar bone and the centre of his chest with his hand, still playing with him with the other.


"Not yet."

Gohan's heart was still racing, he liked how it felt. He saw Cell beginning to sweat and tremble above him, it gave him an odd sense of satisfaction.

"I'm not going to last if you keep touching me like that... " he panted.

"Yes you are," said Gohan, still teasing him with his fingers.

"I'm really not... "

"I thought you wanted a challenge." Gohan had no idea where that came from, but he was enjoying all of this control. Cell fell forwards, catching himself in time; he supported himself on the bed frame.

"Gohan... "


"I hate y-you... "

"You want me... don't you?"


"You're so close," he teased, touching him in just the right place. "You're going to come all over me if you're not careful."

"Stop it..."

"You want mercy?"

"I am going to hurt you - "

"So what's new?"

"I will fucking kill you... "

"Then I win," said Gohan with a smile. "How hard would I have to squeeze until I finally break you?" Cell was trembling violently, barely holding on with everything he had. Gohan squeezed a little harder, hearing the metal of the bed frame twisting in Cell's fist. He almost caved in. "How long can you stay on that edge for?"

"F-fuck... "

"Don't miss, wouldn't want it on my face... "

"Please... "

Gohan laughed a little to himself, biting his lip. Cell was begging him for mercy.

"Come for me."

Cell obeyed as soon as he said it, finally letting go. He came hard, finishing exactly where Gohan told him to in what seemed like an endless amount. The android was left physically exhausted but immensely satisfied.

"I'm going to make you suffer for that," he panted.

"I'd expect nothing less."

"You really are warped on the inside," laughed the android, moving off him and sitting across the bed as he caught his breath. Gohan remained silent, deciding to take that as a compliment. "Never thought you had that in you."

"Had what?" Gohan stared at the ceiling, calming himself down but not moving since he still couldn't.

"You're quite the sadist yourself."

"You asked for it."

"It makes you feel powerful, doesn't it?"

"If you say so," said Gohan cynically. The android took note that Gohan hadn't even glanced at him since they'd finished.

"Sounds like things are easing off in the other room, you'd better put some clothes on," said Cell in a way that made Gohan's blood boil. The saiyan pushed himself upright, slowly regaining more strength in his arms, but he remained paralysed from the waist down, his legs felt like dead weights.

"Shit... " he gasped. The android turned to Gohan to find him startled at the blood soaked bed sheets. "No wonder I'm dizzy... " he mumbled to himself.

"Not sorry," said Cell, smirking evilly at him.

Gohan tried to move his legs, but all he could muster was slight movement in his toes.

"No more screaming... " said the android, listening carefully. "Your friends will be coming back soon. What are you going to tell them?"


"Do you want them to walk in here and find you naked? And covered in that?"


"Not what I meant."

Cell was smirking at him. Gohan looked down his body, quickly wiping his chest clean with the blood stained sheets.

"Where are my pants?" he asked blankly, trying to talk as if nothing happened.

"No idea."

"Cell... " he groaned. He wasn't in the mood for his games right now. He was busy trying to come up with an explanation for what had been going on.

"On the floor next to you."

Gohan reached down the side of the bed, struggling for the next five minutes to put on his pants, praying that the cuts on his inner thigh had stopped bleeding enough for them to go unnoticed. He let them ride a little lower than usual as his tail scar still burned with pain, as did the cuts on his lower stomach.

"You still here?" snarled Gohan. Cell simply rolled his eyes and smirked back; this was the part where Gohan couldn't bear look at him.

"Had enough, have you?" he replied.

"Ah!" Gohan's hand went straight to his lower back. His tail scar was still burning, but he also felt an dull ache in his pelvis, almost like a pulling sensation. Then his vision doubled. "I don't feel so good... "

"Come on, I didn't fuck you that hard... "

He collapsed onto his side, feeling warmer by the second. The pain felt familiar, like he'd experienced it before, but he couldn't quite recall when exactly. Cell simply watched him, not bothering to help him. Watching him suffer only added to his pleasure. Gohan's began panting as the pain got worse and he felt a wave of nausea hit him, then he yelled as he felt a sharp stabbing pain in his lower back that lasted a few seconds.

The android only looked back at him when he couldn't hear him anymore. Gohan was unconscious, but Cell wasn't too concerned; his life energy seemed fine. He stepped forward, standing over him to remove his hair from his face, then he noticed something - a hairy, bloody extra limb that lay behind him. Cell was surprised that an extreme amount of pressure was all it took to make Gohan's tail suddenly grow back.

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