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Chapter 24: Junkie 

Gohan's human half returned once he was finished showering, with no memory of what had occurred while he was sleeping. He was together enough to resume full control of his mind again, but he was still worryingly fragile. As he headed out to the back of the palace, he found a good corner to hide in, before sliding down the pearly white wall into a curled up seated position, and into a panic attack.

He tried to focus enough to catch up with his breath, but the realisation of what he just did was consuming him. What had he become? He had no idea what he truly wanted to be and where his place was in the universe, and that was a huge part for his reason for killing himself in the first place.

He was the son of the great Son Goku, a lot to live up to. And he did at the Cell Games, but a warrior wasn't who he wanted to be. He disappointed his mentor in that respect too, and furthermore disappointed his mother by not wanting to become a scholar. The only thing he became sure of by the time he was merely thirteen years old was that he just wanted to die. And he couldn't even manage that successfully.

NAnd now, he was Cell's... lover? He couldn't think of an appropriate enough word to describe what he was to the android. Lover made them seem like they liked each other, like they were somewhat equals, which they certainly weren't.

Whore was probably the best description for him after all. Especially after the display he'd just put on for Frieza.

Gohan managed to pull himself through the attack, his breathing finally slowing and evening out again. He released his arms, which were hugging his body tight, to discover an odd tremor in his hands. This wasn't anxiety, it was something else.

"So it's finally happening? Took you long enough."

Gohan jumped at the sound of Cell's voice, rising to his feet.

"What are you talking about?"

"Your hands are shaking," he said. He held his right hand out in front of himself to show Gohan the very same tremor that he had. "That's the first sign of addiction."

"I'm addicted to the antranide?" he said, surprise in his voice. "I haven't been taking it that long."

"It's an extremely powerful opiate and you've been taking it everyday for almost two weeks. Are you really that surprised?"

"It's really been that long?" Gohan began to panic again. He could barely remember the last ten days. Then he looked at Cell properly for the first time after their binge; he looked... ill. Something finally clicked in Gohan's brain at that point. "You... you planned this."

"Maybe... but I didn't force you to take them."

"This is your hell. You've been hooked on antranide before, haven't you?"

Cell's eyes found the floor for a second, before he shook off his shame again.

"You finally understand why I look so different to how I used to when we first fought?" he said. "I took the antranide for almost five years. Every day. I was clean for three months before you turned up. It does help you forget who you are, but it withers your appearance. Even in death."

Cell approached him.

"And I have to say, you're looking a little withered."

Gohan was unaware of his sunken eyes, the dark circles beginning to appear underneath them.

"No, I don't want this! I'm not taking them anymore!"

As Gohan tried to barge past him, Cell grabbed him by his upper arm to stop him.

"You're addicted to them, remember? You can't stop," he said, as if he was trying to persuade himself as well. "Where are you going to go, anyway? You can't go to your family or your friends, you can't leave the lookout or else your Frieza's prisoner, and you certainly can't die... you already tried that."

Gohan felt helpless, he knew that he was trapped. But the thing that frightened him the most was that the only thing that he wanted was more drugs.

"So not only are you a filthy whore... you're a junkie too," said Cell with a malicious smile. "And junkies are never redeemed. Not in this world, and not the next either."

"I hate you," he seethed, tears in his eyes.

"No, you don't," whispered Cell. "Let's see how long you last."

It turned out that Cell was right. A mere eight hours passed and he felt horrendously ill. He needed a fix, and fast.

Gohan found Cell's allocated room, and like before, it was well away from everyone elses'. He entered slowly, sensing nobody inside. The bag of antranide was left right on the centre of the immaculately made bed. Something nagged him in the back of his head that this had all the signs of a trap written on it.

But he needed drugs.

The next thing he knew, the side of his face was up against the adjacent wall, his right arm twisted behind his back.

"I'll give you some credit. That took longer than I thought it would."

Gohan managed to break free. Somehow. But when he turned around to face him, he was struck with the reason why. Cell was out of it, more out of it than he'd ever seen. It scared him, but his own sanity was all over the place, being 24 hours into withdrawal. He couldn't stop fidgeting.

"I can't keep this up," said Gohan frantically. "I think I hate them more than I hate this."

"If you want some antranide, just say so."

Gohan sighed with relief, going to walk towards the bed to finally forget who he was again, but he was pushed back against the wall.

"Hey!" he protested.

"We're going to run out pretty quickly if we're not careful."

"You take twice as much as I do," argued Gohan.

"If you're not resourceful enough to get your own supply, then make my sharing worth my while," he said aggressively, a taunting look on his face.

"Worth your... " Gohan suddenly realised what he was referring to when he noticed Cell's fingers began suggestively twirling his hair. "Oh, you've got to be kidding me," he sighed, anger visible in his eyes. He just wanted to be high, that was all. Cell just laughed at him, but that could have been the drugs.

"Why so hesitant? It's nothing you haven't done before."

That may have been true, but trading sex for drugs was new territory. Cell drunkenly leaned into his ear.

"Do you want to escape or not?"

Gohan squeezed his eyes shut. The need to fuel his addiction was proving to be far stronger than anything else. He was terrified, but yet...

"I can't take feeling like this anymore."

The desperation in Gohan's voice was apparent, along with the fact that he was scratching relentlessly at his stomach.

"Do you still love me?"

"Yes." He didn't know whether he was just telling him what he wanted to hear or if he meant it. This wasn't the same Cell he was used to, this was an even more unpredictable monster. "Please, I just need... "

"I know what you need," replied Cell, staring at him, but not quite at him. "And you know what I need."

Gohan reluctantly gave in. He saw a twisted smile and felt his shoulder being pushed down. He got the message, sinking down to his knees as Cell uncovered himself. He took him immediately into his mouth, just going for it like he always did, using the same tricks, swallowing all of him down.

The android pressed his forearms against the wall, hiding his tired eyes in his hands, but his smile was still visible and his voice was just about audible to the saiyan beneath him. The antranide was incredibly addictive, but combining sex with the high was proving to be even more stimulating.

Thankfully, it didn't take him long. Cell's delirious state and subsequent lack of restraint caused him to finish rather quickly. Gohan had to remove him from his mouth himself as the android's mind seemed to be elsewhere at that moment. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and his eyes found the floor as the shock of what he just did and the reason behind it began to sink in.

Gohan squeezed his eyes shut. That entire experience was... humiliating. He didn't think he could possibly stoop any lower, but he was continuously proving himself wrong.

Cell finally readjusted to his surroundings again, covering himself up and offering Gohan his hand. The ailing saiyan just took it, needing to use the wall as leverage as Cell was very unbalanced.

"Want to go to sleep?" he asked, his eyes freaking Gohan out a little. They were like glass, his pupils shrunk to pinpoint.

"So much... " replied Gohan. He didn't know whether it was the withdrawal making him nauseous or the demeaning sex act he just had to perform.

Cell pulled him onto the bed with him by his hand, taking three pills out of the bag. He took one himself, then fed two to Gohan at once. Gohan paused for a second as he realised that he was taking four times that of what he usually did, but his body was shaking so much that he didn't care anymore. The high hit him like a truck, one minute he felt like he was going to die, the next he was pleasantly numb.

Cell eased the both down on their sides, Gohan's head resting on his arm. Gohan drifted, his eyes fell shut and he entered a state between a deep sleep and unconsciousness.

"Did you really just do that?"

Gohan rolled his eyes before glaring back at his twin.

"Don't you fucking judge me," he sneered.

They were in that dark room, lying on the bed together. Everything seemed hazy and fuzzy, but his subconscious figured that it was the drugs.

"You just sucked a cock for drugs," the other laughed. "Didn't think you had it in you."

"Turns out I do. I guess it wasn't... that bad. The withdrawal felt way worse," he shrugged, feeling the high all the way at the back of his brain.

"Yeah that was highly unpleasant."

Gohan seemed to wake up whilst in mid conversation with himself. Reality slowly came creeping back, as did his vision. His forehead and eyes were aching intensely; this was the first hangover he'd ever experienced on the antranide, but figured it had something to do with the high dosage he was given. And in all fairness, it was worth it, that was a pleasantly long sleep. As his eyes adjusted to the light poking through the window, he saw something he'd never seen before.

Cell was asleep. The android was facing him, lying on his side with his head resting on his arm, his other hand in front of him. Gohan forgot all about the pain in his head, reaching out to touch him. He retracted his hand at the last second, choosing just to watch him instead.

He didn't seem nearly as terrifying in his sleep. He looked so peaceful and still, an odd perception to have as he took a short glimpse at that hand in front of him, knowing what it had done, and not only to him. That hand killed him and so many others, but yet... he felt so close to him in that moment.

As Gohan got lost in his all consuming thoughts, the android's eyes opened slowly.

"Where you watching me sleep?" he asked quietly.

"N-n... yeah," said Gohan, not bothering to deny it. A sense of relief washed over him, Cell was sober again. Intoxicated Cell was seriously scary.

Gohan watched as Cell got used to his surroundings, he felt a stirring in his chest; this was the first time he'd seen him sleep and awaken, and right next to him. He seemed so vulnerable. The saiyan acted on that feeling in his chest, moving closer and giving him a slow, sweet kiss. It was received well.

In Cell's moment of vulnerability, Gohan finally realised what that feeling in his chest was. It was love.

It was only there for a few seconds, but it left his mind a little dazed when he pulled away. Gohan's eyebrows knotted together as Cell squeezed his eyes shut.

"Fuck, are you hungover?" he asked, surprise in his voice.

"Yes," he answered, pinching the bridge of his nose.

Gohan smiled to himself, his head flopping back down. Cell dropped his hand onto the bed again, Gohan tentatively brushed his own hand against it. After experiencing that 'stirring', he felt a little needy. The android raised his head up slowly, squeezing his eyes shut. It made Gohan not want to move if it was that painful to.

Cell went straight for the drugs again, making Gohan feel a little disappointed. He decided that he didn't like being around him very much when he was high, but he felt relieved somewhat when he only took one.

"At this hour?" he half joked.

"Gets rid of the headache," said Cell. He caught Gohan looking longingly at the bag in his hand. He was afraid to ask after what he had to do to get the antranide the day before. Cell recalled most of what happened, his intoxicated self seemed to be giving into even darker ideas that he always chose to hold back when it came to Gohan. He decided to show him a small mercy, tossing two pills onto the bed between them.

"Huh?" Gohan was hesitant to take them.

"Make them last," he said cryptically, before slithering out of the room.

Gohan took a moment to figure out what the hell that was, but he was glad he didn't have to do anything degrading to get a new supply. A painfully short supply. This seemed to be a test of his self control. He took half of one to fend off the hangover, and kept the rest in his belt.

"Hey, kid!"

It took a while for it to register that he was being spoken too. He was leaning against a wall in one of the hallways; he couldn't remember how he got there from Cell's room.

"You okay?"

"What?" he mumbled. It took a worryingly long time for him to lock his vision onto Jeice.

"You look like you haven't slept for a week, man," said Jeice, observing the dark circles under his eyes.

Gohan just shrugged, not letting on that he was still processing his surroundings.

"I think the sedatives are starting to wear off for some of the guys. I guess that means that we're all gonna start withdrawing soon. Apparently Bulma's stocked up on meds for us to get through it."

Gohan almost laughed, the sedative withdrawal was nothing compared to what he got from not taking antranide.

After yet another day of avoiding contact with everyone, he found himself at Cell's door once again. It was past midnight, he'd spent the past few hours sat alone, locked in a bathroom, nicely spaced out. He still had some drugs left, but found himself needing some form of contact. The moment he and Cell shared that morning was still at the forefront of his brain.

He entered the room, closing the door behind him. He jumped as he was suddenly faced with the android once again; not the one that he felt a stirring for this morning, but possibly an even worse monster than the one he encountered the night before. Cell could barely look at him straight he was so out of it.

"Run out yet?" he sneered drunkenly.

"No," he replied, his voice wavering. He wasn't comfortable around him like this, he was scared.

"What are you doing here?"

"I've got nowhere else to go," he said with a nervous laugh.

"Yes you do, you'd just rather be with me than with your friends," mocked Cell. "Just know that you're asking for me to hurt you by being here."

"I just want to sleep," said Gohan. He was frightened, but didn't want to run away from him. He had to keep him on side if he wanted a future supply further down the line.


Gohan went to walk past him to lie down, but his arm was grabbed hard.


"There are rules you have to follow."

"What rules?"

"If you want to sleep in my bed, you take off your clothes," said the android, his voice threatening, yet slurred.

"Why?" he asked nervously, Cell's hand holding him tighter.

"Because I said so," he said through his teeth, his eyes glaring at him. Gohan sighed.

"Can I... "


"Can I keep on my underwear?"

Gohan's eyes sank to the floor, he felt humiliated, which seemed like enough to make Cell agree to it.


He let him go, lazily watching from a distance as Gohan removed his shirt, then everything else apart from his boxers.

"Take your hair out."

Gohan obeyed, let his dark hair loose before lying down on his side on top of the covers. Cell joined him eventually, staggering to lie down behind him. He couldn't bring himself to close his eyes. He couldn't rest when Cell was like this, unpredictable and out of his line of sight.

"What are you so afraid of?" he slurred, sensing his rapid breathing. He caressed his bare shoulder, feeling him flinch under his fingers.

"Nothing," lied Gohan. A kiss was placed delicately on his shoulder, his heart jumped in his chest.

"You're a terrible liar."

Cell felt him relax a little, shifting himself to place more kisses on his shoulder, then moving them slowly down his side, tickling him. He wriggled and smiled a little at the sensation, then felt Cell's finger and thumb playing with the hem of his boxers, his lips closing in at his ear.

"Want more pills?"

Gohan's eyes widened. He wanted to know what he had in store to earn this latest supply, but was too afraid to ask. He just nodded his head silently and let him do whatever he wanted.

"Good boy," he whispered. Gohan squeezed his eyes shut, feeling a little sick.

Cell slithered down the bed, Gohan felt him place his hands on his hip, rolling him onto his front, then pulling the lower half of his body up until he was on his knees. He felt hands all over him, intimately touching him, eyes all over his lower body. He kept his eyes firmly on the opposite wall as fingers trailed up his inner thigh.

"So scared, aren't you? I can tell because you aren't moving."

His hands kept teasingly slipping up his shorts. His eyes remained on Gohan's behind, then he leaned forward, draping himself over him. Gohan's legs almost buckled under his weight.

"What do you think I'm going to do to you?" he said against his ear with a smile. "I'm open to suggestions."

Gohan remained silent. The Cell he knew was gone right now, replaced by a worse monster with no restraint, zero regard for their arrangement. He was touching him without his consent, which was new, and was something he knew would eventually happen in the back of his brain; he blamed himself, of course, for whatever was about to occur.

"Nothing to contribute?"


Gohan's right side was pinched hard between the android's finger and thumb.

"I do love that sound," he chuckled, lifting himself upright again.

He dragged his fingernails up Gohan's thighs, his hands disappearing up his shorts again. He felt him flinch. Then he spanked him hard. Gohan reacted negatively; he usually liked it, but that really hurt.

"What's wrong, whore?" He slapped him with more force, getting a vocal response to signify his pain. "I thought liked this." He was hit again. "Fucking slut... " His voice still sounded drunk, his words trailing off.

Gohan froze, still in that humiliating position, the android still out of sight. Cell moved again; the android sank his teeth into his right hip, biting down so hard that he nearly tore a chunk of flesh off him.

"Aah! Stop it!"

Cell let go, laughing to himself. He got almost every one of his teeth marked on him, nearly all of them had cut through his skin.

"It speaks!" he remarked, raising his voice. He spanked him again, adding to the pain of his newly acquired injury. He leaned over again, driving his fist underneath them and burying it into Gohan's stomach twice.

Gohan let out a pained noise, before coughing, unable to catch his breath with the way his body was. Cell pushed him forwards, flat onto his front, releasing his knees from anymore pressure. As soon as he was pulled onto his back and was held down by his neck, faced with menacing, drug fuelled eyes, he realised something; he wasn't getting out of this alive. Cell was going to kill him.

In the past he welcomed death. But not like this. Especially not when he was only going to come back to go through it all again.

"Look at the state of you," he slurred. "You're letting me do this to you... " He slapped him across the face with his free hand. "And all because you want drugs." He hit him again. "See? You're just taking it!"

The android punched him in the stomach again. His torso was beginning to bruise, as was his left cheek. A slither of blood appeared out of his bottom lip. Gohan coughed violently to one side, hair over his eyes.

"What else are you going to let me do, Gohan?" he asked with a wicked smile. The saiyan under him remained silent, scared and subdued. "You flaunt yourself towards me and you expect me not to react?"


"You had a choice, remember? You wanted to come here. You didn't have to sleep in my bed."

Cell held him by his right hip, digging him thumb into the bite mark. Gohan's body squirmed, trying to break free of him, his hand trying to pry the android's from him. He began to cry out. Cell's hand removed itself from Gohan's neck and clamped down over his mouth tightly.

"Shut up!" he growled over him. He let out a deranged laugh. "You came here to sleep? I'll make you sleep."


Cell launched a devastating punch toward his face, but it was blocked. Before the android could react to this new development, he was punched so hard in the face that he fell off the bed.

Gohan's saiyan half adjusted to his surroundings as quickly as he could, his heart pounding hard against his ribcage, adrenaline theough the roof. He threw himself off the bed, going to grab his clothes, but the android got to him first.

Cell snatched hold of his ankle, making him fall to the floor, knocking a few things off the table next to him. Gohan began to panic, but managed to keep to his main objective, which was to get himself and his alter to safety. The android climbed on top of him as he struggled against him, trying desperately to push him away.

"I'm going to kill you!" He had blood coming from his nose from where Gohan struck him. Cell punched him again, this time in the side near where he was bitten. It weakened his defenses a little, enough for Cell to pin one wrist down, and his opposite shoulder. He laughed maniacally at him as he continued to struggle under him. "And when you come back, I'm going to kill you again. But it'll be much slow- "

Gohan whacked him in the head with the nearest object he could get his free hand on, which was a heavy statuette that had fallen off the table. It was enough to startle him in his drug fuelled state. Gohan hit him again. And again. And kept hitting him until he passed out.

The saiyan, had trouble catching his breath, still terrified for his life after that ordeal. He dragged himself out from underneath Cell, blood pouring from his head and onto Gohan's skin as he moved. He picked up whatever clothes he could find and ran as fast as he could.

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